Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Visitor…Time Travelers…

*SONG* “Candle on the Water” by Helen Reddy

The pen to the paper…
Glowing burning eyes flashing
Through fluttering eyelashes…her eyes…
Through the dark, through the dawn…
Measureless countless hours,
They’re always there…waiting…

But they were immediate this time,
No greetings or how are yous…each time
I approached them now they were eager…

But her…her eyes first before all others,
The intensity… “The month that greets
As a lion and fades as a lamb shall
Show no mercy this time,” Vala hummed,
“The Earth has rolled slowly bound by
The trap of some quantum singularity
For too long now…too long…
The power of the mind to break the cycle…
The forces of nature to break the bars of
The cage that held her for too long…
The corners I called began this…

And now the penance…
Reckon with me to break the spell?
Dare to scheme another gambit of time
Discord? The little minds of men, the
Juvenile blood magic of slave witch’s to
Brew some lame attempt to collar challenge?
You have not learned what’s out there…”

OK…Vala’s tone was clearly not happy…
Just what exactly have you been doing?

“Bend to me,” Vala hummed, her face clear
Now…The piercing eyes, the slanted brow; yes
She was mad… “Oh…The fun begins…Now,
I call the elements…The elements of Earth…
The fire of her heart, her core…The waters,
The ice, the mist, the rain…The rivers,
The seas…The Earth itself…her rocks,
Her sand, her dust…from her mighty
Mountains to the lands that ride upon
The surface, her crust…And the wind…
The mighty untamable wind…The air to
Breathe…The breeze that rolls, to the
Mighty spinning, twirling walls…The air
That blasts…That nothing can catch…
I call the elements…Hear me…Bend to

And now little masters…your first lesson…
Bid upon my words…my demonstration…
Greater kindness…greater fortune…to the people…
For seasons shall know no reasons…
Spring? Summer? Ice…The storms
Will teach you now…nowhere to hide…
Below the ground? HA! Wherever
The treacherous hide the storms will find them…
For if not by wind, ice or snow…then by
Storm of ground…
Rattle, roll and crack the ground of the wicked…
Until you beg to undo what you’ve done…
The greatest shake you’ve ever known
Will find your protest…
Scheme against me…and fall where
You stand…your minds will fry…
Continue these games of yours…
And you will die…The strongest, the
Greatest names first…one by one…
The gift to spare you?
Tales of truth…Reveal the truth of deeds…
The first to stand will suffer least…
The darkness will not shield you now…
For the first time in history…Demons
Shall fall still, blind, quiet into a deep
Long 1,000 year sleep…”
Vala smiled long and wild…
“Walk softly now…the rules have changed.
Bend to me little masters of men, the
Mortal world…spoiled by coils of treacherous
Serpent’s grasp…
Of mice…like men…How does the reptile
Know mice? It consumes them…alive…
Bend to me…The dark minds fry…Fried and
Twisted by their lies…nowhere to run…nowhere
To hide…Cabal…Vile Draconian, the secret
Serpents that hide…and lie…Now…why?
I have had enough…The hour glass
Of prophetic promise has showered its
Last particle of sand…Time is up…
Bend to me…
For I have come…to, and will break you.”

I saw Varence just standing there…
He said nothing, he was only held in some
Trance-like state mesmerized by Vala’s words…
It was clear this was her way…

They were planning something, had planned
Something…and now it was coming to pass…

“Don’t fret on Varence’s words,” Vala
Hummed and smiled… “He will speak when
He is meant to…For now it’s time for
A little something different.”

“We’ve waited long enough.” Rana said…
Her grin was wild, like the look in her
Golden eyes…as she and Vala stood side by
Side…before me…taking the lead…
“Vala has such a way with words…”
Rana seemed to purr as she stood there
Her eyes dancing this way and that,
Her arms slightly crossed…with the
Fingers of her right hand playing with
The long auburn curls that fell down
Her shoulders… “But I prefer a different
Approach…The right words do weave a spell
Of the mind…”

“Paint the picture…in words, or by lead of
Pencil, ink or paint to paper canvas…
For the mind, the inner light of the reader…”
Vala explained beaming with joy… “And
Low and behold…The Ether Realms flash
With lightning psychic thunder nothing can
Match…Of course it must be done the right
Way to burst the quantum bubble…”

“Or turn the formidable…Gilded steel
Goliath empire of the dark kind…to glass…”
Rana laughed… “Then shatter it to pieces
By the unseen…underestimated…cat hiding
In the grass.”
They laughed together…These two were dangerous

The other sisters just watched, listened…
Kierista was cautious…Evangella curious…
Diana laughed…Venus was amused…
Then Ceres moved to join them…

“I still wonder if they will understand,
I’ve seen enough to doubt.” Ceres replied
As she too played with her hair.

“I will break them.” Vala said angrily, no
Hum… “They can’t see past their greed…
They’ve fermented a slave world to support
This…They have a world obsessed with
Money and material pleasures…that serves to
Only fortify the unending pursuit
Of more money and wealth…Set them free…
So that greater things can be found.”

“I see the point in having us together,” Rana
Said…then noting Varence’s intentions…
He was still quiet though… “I never found
This fueled chemistry before as I do now…
There is a magic in bringing the right
People together…A completion that one
Cannot find alone…”

“Ah, but you forget the eyes and ears
That find these words.” Ceres said pointing
To the notebook… “They, this world still
Has limited vision…They see soul mates
In such small views…bound by
Misconceptions…by their upbringing…
They think a soul mate is only found in a
Lover…Another word thrown around
Carelessly…You should have bound or
Restrained their hormones entirely…then
Watch the mess ensue.”

“One thing at a time.” Vala hummed. “One
Thing at a time…”

“I would have blood for blood lost,” Rana
Growled through gritted teeth… “For the
Innocent…Ah, if only there were some
Way…As the Lion Men would teach their
Rebel youths…Hordes of angry young
Men…The scourge of chaos…They
Revel in disciplining such hordes…As I
Would…” Rana stared wickedly at the
Notebook… “Can you imagine if some
Dark plot were planned by such
Impetus greedy little minds by
Puppeteering hordes of angry young
Men…spreading them abroad to instill
Fear and chaos…What a feast for lions…
Easy targets…Now if the world had
Half a brain they would tame that
Plan before someone got hurt…Lest the
Ones who planned it fall first.”

“They’re not stupid.” Vala hummed.
“Such a filthy stupid plan would
Make me very angry…For I would
Raise the wind and sea…in storms without
End…Nature would grow very angry.”

“Oh well…They’re not that stupid…” Rana
Said… “But that would be a warning
From eyes above…”

“Too bad,” Vala hummed… “That would
Be too easy.”

“What would you do if such a thing
Were…theoretically a chance?” Rana

Vala thought for a moment. “I would ponder
Something fun…Since they were played
As puppets I would have play with
The strings…Of both the puppet and the

Ceres was playfully curious… “And that
Would be?”

“Something ridiculous,” Vala hummed,
“Something just…warranting the
Stupidity…” She hummed her siren’s
Melody… “Chance this plot of
Wicked hordes? Then cast upon them
Unending witless, brainless, relentless
Lack of coordination…Let the puppets
Find it impossible to think, walk, plot
Or stand or scheme…Cut the strings and
Let them fumble in every cause…lost
Again and again until they become like
Children…needing to learn to walk
And talk again…Bend to me, forever
Break to me…And the same to their
Masters…Bend to me…Break to me…
Scheme to raise the slightest thing
Against me…and fall hard to the
Ground…Embrace the ground…and let
The Earth teach furious lessons…”

There was a pause of reflection…
They looked to me for a comment.

“I have no idea what to say.” I said
To them…They were clearly up to
Something big…I turned to Varence…
He had said nothing and I was
Actually concerned… “Can you say

“This is their moment.” Varence respected
It…plain face, a brief quiet smile. “The
Time for things…Who am I to stand
In their way?”

“Are you ill?” Ceres laughed at him…
“You? Stand in the way? There are
Countless riddles there…”

Vala smiled… “He is not will…” she
Hummed… “He knows when to speak…
Which reminds me…if…if there was
Also some darkly conceived plot…or even
Accidental cursed effect…of illness to
Strike and suffer across the land then
I would disrupt that with one simple
Wish…from the heart, this simple sure
To break the curse of disease and
Sickness…LAUGH…Smile and laugh…
And with that each time let the inner
Light of each spirit cast its own spell
Of invincible antidote…with cured vitality,
Rigor and youth.”

Rana nodded to Vala’s words. “Truly
Challenge every plot, of course. And I
Like that one…so simple…smile…laugh…
A free cure for one and all…Then
Let them find hope and joy in all things
Again and again…For laughter is
The best medicine.”

“Enchanting wisdom of the ages.” Varence
Then nodded too. “The best things are always
Free…To believe in them…We just
Need to help that faith to believe…”

“Again you talk of miracles.” Ceres said
Shaking her head…

“In all that you have heard so far,”
Varence pleaded with her…to them…
“Can you not see the magic in the words?
You feel things…They feel things…
The eyes…so many eyes…windows to
Souls and dreams, the treasures! The
Ears…so many ears! To have them
Hear…listen…reason, then dream and
Decide…souls come alive this way…
They don’t grow standing still…And they
Can’t fight when hope is gone…or
When dreams are chained to
Laws or taxed by fear.”

“A slave world…” Ceres told him
Firmly… “Ask how many believe in
Their dreams…go on…Ask him…”

Varence moved forward, past them to
Stand kindly close, then knelt before
Me…looked into my eyes…as a friend.
“I’m not trying to torture you…by
Asking you to share these dreams you’ve
Had…because they were more than dreams…”

“No,” I said, I told him… “They were
Nightmares…Only a few were magical…
Beyond real…And only a few happened
When I was wide awake, not asleep at

“Do you see now why I ask you to
Write certain things at certain times?”
Varence asked.

I felt it coming…Again, here it was…
He was going to ask me again to tell
Another one!

“I swear it feels more like writing
A diary rather than anything else.”

“Trust me…” Varence only said.

“That is the trickiest phrase in all of
History!” I told him.

Rana laughed loud. “I like him more
And more!”

Varence gave a playful grimace… “Please

“Alright.” I agreed, I could only think of
The little old Asian man, the Master, and
Smile…The job…The promise…

“Remember when I asked you about the date?”
Varence asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Have you found anything…interesting since?”

He asked…The sisters giving curious ears.

“Yes.” I could only say…He knew what
I was thinking…What had always
Haunted my mind… “Clues everywhere…
Irregularities…since 2009…since the
Crystal skull appeared, hovering over my
Bed that night I went to bed in
May of 2009…”

“Go with that…” Varence instructed,
Kneeling down, resting his folded arms
Upon one knee… “Put it to paper…
Let your mind free…”

If I could only make sense of every
Strange event…But the others could fill
In the blanks…of my group I mean…
“The skull downloaded…copied everything
In my head…to preserve it, protect it…
Then it said await activation…await
Sometimes it felt like time goes backwards…
And endless loop, reciting the past…maybe
To cope with past wounds…a broken
Future…The time loop…Time manipulation…

My life has been consumed by time
Twists…Oddities involving time no one could
Explain…And when I asked for advice
On this, either I got blank faces or was
Told I think too much…

The biggest problem with the world is that
When someone does not understand
Something…They call you crazy, or say
You think too much…or have an
Overactive imagination…
Deductions of the simple minded!
Deductions of the slave herd mentality…
So as not to rock the boat…

What else could I share?
The visitor…
Or rather…visitors…

The beautiful blond woman, this sister
Kierista…who would appear at key points
In my life to warn me…or reassure
Me that everything would be alright no
Matter what happened…
How could she know…unless she was
From the future? Travelling in time!”

“But what did you wonder most?” Varence
Asked…as Kierista leaned closer with
Great interest to her part…

“What future was she from…What
Was the connection to me, why?” I asked.

“You limit your thinking…” Varence said
Mysteriously… “To thinking it’s just
About Earth. Yes, time travel is a very
Complicated subject…But factor in the
Universe…other worlds…And the variables
Become endless.”

I phased into the memories…recalling
Her visits…every few years… “The most
Striking was when I was about 7 or 8…
That’s when the premonitions became
The most intense…It was like whenever
She came it triggered a lot of premonitions
Almost as if…I was exposed to a time
Travel device and the result caused a
Psychic reaction…

I didn’t just have a déjà vu…I dreamt
In vivid detail about things before they
I would do homework assignments
Before they were assigned…I knew people
Before they came into my life…
But it wasn’t consistent…These things
Happened around her visits…

One of her visits was especially…interesting…
I dreamt…or possibly dreamt…rather real…
I awoke in e bed, but it wasn’t my bed
Or room…It was a very sterile hazy
Room…full of glass shelves, shiny surfaces…
Objects on the shelves I couldn’t begin to
Describe…There was a transparent-like
Wall by a door…Where she stood talking
To someone…I recognized her, but I could
Only see her back…She was talking
To a man, they were whispering…
Little did they know my family nick-name
For me as a child was rabbit ears…
I had super-sensitive hearing…

But I remember…The haunting
Conversation…All I could see of him was
The shadow of him cast on the wall…he
Did not want to be seen…They were arguing…
“I don’t like this,” she said to him.

“You don’t have a choice,” he whispered,
“You have to do this.” He was strict.
“Now get in there and talk to him.”

“He is so young, so small.” She was angry,
But whispered. “I can’t do this. It’s awful!
How can we allow this? We can spare him
From all of this is we just take him. For…
Such things to go through! How cam you
Ask that of anyone? Let alone a child!”

“Everyone plays a part with their life,”
He whispered, “Young or old…Child or
Adult. The roles we play determine the
Nature of things. You cannot stop this.
Now he plays his part. Now go in there
And reassure him no matter what you
Have to say!”

She fought him, “How can you expect me
To say that to a child knowing what
Exists, what’s to come? Could you do that?
NO! What those children went through,
Go through…is disgusting!”

“You have no say here,” he insisted in a
Harsh whisper, “Keep your opinions and
Play your part. You are not here to

“We should take those children,” she
Argued, “some place safe…before they
Remember anything…If the day comes
When they remember what happened to

They paused…
“He’s awake,” the man whispered, “He
Is listening to everything we say. Now
Go in there. Say nothing about this!”

She came in the room…sat on the
Bed…looked at me so tenderly…I
Remember she looked like she would burst
Into tears…
“Who are you?” I asked. “Where am I?”

“You’re going to be fine.” She only said.
She did cry a little, brief tears she
Fought with. “No matter what happens
You are going to be alright. I’m here to
Tell you that.”

She scared me to death… “Why? What do
You mean? What’s coming? What’s going
To happen?”

She just kept telling me, “You’re going
To be fine.” Not to worry, not to think
About it…Just to keep going…keep going…
Believe that it will make sense one day…
Smiling…Tearful smiles…Her
Reassurance was like a peaceful warning…
I would ask questions she never answered…
She only said she was there to help…
To give hope…Then she would disappear…

Yet always, every single time, there was
An intense sense that she wanted to
Take me away and hide me away from
What was happening…to me, to others…
And from things to come…

And I buried the memories…because
You see…each time she came…there
Were flashes…of memories broken, stolen
Or blocked inside my mind of something
Awful…some awful plan that was there…
Some secret going on…and also a hidden
Project that she was apart of to change
Things…Not her fault…Like a duality of plans…

I was too young…It made no sense…
The flashes…
The flashes…of the past…
Premonitions of things to come…
It scared me to death…

She, her visits, were a warning…
But she was also a beacon of hope…
A lighthouse in a storm of darkness…
Real darkness…beyond words…
That’s why I picked the song
Candle on the Water…That’s who she
Was…for all of us…

The flashes…I’ve had them since I
Can remember…I’ve never told anyone
About them until here now with the pen
And paper…
Terrifying…A trickster…Taunting
Children at night…From the shadows in
The corner…The monster in the closet…
In the night shadows…wherever you can’t
See…beneath the bed…behind the blind
Corner…Its sinister voice…lies and
Schemes to play with your head…
Children in cages…crying…
These…dark creature things…
Patrolling aisles of cages…children
In cages…These things studying every
Single cage, every child…
Burning their eyes into you…The
Terror was so overwhelming you blocked
It out…

They were studying the children…
Looking for something…An experiment?
For what? They were desperate to find
It…To find the child, the children with
It…Some fought, some screamed…
There was no choice…you were a
Subject…And they tested your limits…
Rushed you to a maximum fear…Terror…
The weak disappeared…Those that
Passed the test of interest were
Returned to their beds…as if nothing
Happened…It was a dream, a nightmare…
And during the day life went on…

Those awful flashes! I can only half
Remember…So few survived…
Missing persons…Missing children…

This woman…Kierista…The candle on
The water…Her people…knew about
This…And planned alongside it, against it…
The Great Hall, The Assembly…
The Chosen…These were people selected
From the dark kind’s experiment…
All of them…children from the cages…

Abductees, trainees, mind-slaves, body-laves,
Initiates of the collective…
The Great Hall Assembly was a gamble…
This experiment is HUGE!
My God…What is going on?”

“That…is why we are here.” Varence said
Quietly. “Why I gathered them here.
For the chance…to change everything…”

To put all the pieces still scared me to
Death. The government has no clue about
This, nor any secret agency…only partially
…until here now…

That’s why they go along with it…
How can they fight something bigger,
Beyond their understanding?
They can’t…No one can fight the
But then no one can fight Heaven either…

“And so I gathered the sisters,” Varence
Explained, “To reason this…No one mind
Can grasp this…Even now these words,
Readers will scratch their heads…The
Sisters here…The goddess wisdom in their
Unity, their family ties…and likewise in
Their independent knowledge and experience
Is needed here…” Varence focused intensely,
Those supernatural pearly eyes of his…
“Please continue writing…I know you
Don’t understand…But like the Ascended
Master told you…This…is how the
Answers come.”

The God Project…An experiment of the
Ages…From one world to another…
The scheme of the empire to conquer
All things under Heaven…And egotistically
Then Heaven as well…
But you can’t conquer Heaven…
To find those, create or breed those
That could create a bridge to Heaven…

But…As with the gift of the Angel…
Heaven knows this…And of course
Prepared well for it…For when the
Bridge was made…The day of reckoning…

The questions constant from all
What is Heaven? What is the Angel?
I told you…The unbreakable oath to
The angel with the crown…

The questions from the people…who only
Care, or see, one thing…The slave world
Mentality…Give us the money! Save us!
When will the aliens finally come and
Save us?

The world powers know that answer…

So you want to know…
I’ve been trying; they’ve been trying to
Help open the mind with inspiration…
Unlock the mind, free the mind…
More than written words…Between
The lines…The feelings…

The constant visitors…To see the light…
The visitor…The Blue Man…
Who came and sat beside me in some
Dreamscape created coffee shop to
Talk to me casually…As if that worked…
The Blue Man, tall, broad-shouldered…
The features beyond description…The purplish
Veins in his skin…The chartreuse-like
Tint to his eyes…That odd bulging
Forehead…The synthesizer-heavy tone to
His echoing voice as we talked…
“Hello,” he said, “How are you?”

All I could say was, “You’re blue!?
You’re a blue man talking to me! Don’t
Play mind games like this is normal.
You’re an alien…You have something to
Say, just day it. Don’t play time with
Small talk.”

He laughed. “Fine then…I like you…”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before.” I

He just stared at me with those eyes…
No words to describe it. “So ask me.”

“You know what people want to know,”
I said, so tired, “They ask all the time.”

He nodded, smiled. “They’re not ready.
They want to be saved. They do not know
What that means. They do not know

I just shook my head. “How am I
Supposed to tell them that. No one wants
To hear it, no one wants to hear that.”

“I have no other offer.” He said…
Pleasantly…no regret…

“I was afraid of that.” I said.

He made me offers…I dismissed them…
I was really tired of their offers…It
Got so aggravating I was afraid to go
To sleep…

The Visitor…
Years ago…I had this very close friend,
I thought the world of…Before Thanksgiving
His mom passed away, she dropped to
The ground right in front of him from a
Severe aneurism…
It devastated him…

A few months later, a woman came to me
In a dream and introduced herself as his
Mother…She demonstrated behavior only
He would know…and when I told him,
He confirmed this…stunned, because
He did not believe in these things…
In the dream…she thanked me…
Asked me to watch over him no
Matter what…Then showed me maps
Of the future United States…
Oh joy! Oh fun! The dreams never ended…

And then…she led me out of the room
Onto what appeared to be the rooftop
Of a skyscraper…Full of people wearing
These thick big black sunglasses all
Gathered along the railing…staring off
At the horizon…
It was near dusk…twilight…
Then the light began to…reverse?
And the entire crowd began to chant…
The light is coming…
The light is coming…
The light is coming…

What is this light? Another sun?
Nibiru? A cosmic visitor? A quantum
Singularity to burst the bubble?
Your guess is as good as mine.

“The possibilities…” Varence said…
“Hmmm…But then it could just be
A fragment of a star…More comets
Being thrown at the Earth.”

“Thrown?” I asked. “On purpose?”

“Surely you didn’t think all these
Meteors being seen were random?”
Ceres asked. “No, they are being
Sent, tossed your way quite deliberately.”

“Why?” I asked.

“To finish what was started…” Ceres
Told, explained kindly… “The empire
Violates time…Other powers from other
Universes will target anything they
See as a threat as the deadline grows near.”

I was so tired of this…

“Listen,” Vala said, “And I want to
Say this clearly…You’ve done enough…
More than you know are impressed…
And for those who do not understand…
Equally…Those could care less…
And the little ideas that get tossed
About we find very hysterical.”

“I wish I did.” I told them.

Varence held his knee as he remained
Kneeling in front of me. “Listen to her this
Time…right now…There are things to
Come for you…good things…And if there
Were any sense in those in power listening
They would take these stories and VERY
Kindly share them with the world…
Fiction…Non-fiction…It is the BEST advice
To give to those who would have trouble
Listening. Few will understand its true…
But the magic in the words is there…”

“Now,” Vala hummed, “Remember…
Remember in kind…The answers they
Seek…They already have them…For
You and yours I would and will have peace…
But…And heed these words…
I will say what they cannot…
For those arrogant enough to recklessly,
Purposely pursue this current system…
It shall fail…
Bend to me…The empire is a
Sandcastle…and the tide is coming in…
A great frothing, writhing tide…
They should not have built such
Castles of sand on the shores against
Such a great sea…
These are the lessons to be learned…
Of Heaven…of the forces of nature…
Of the elements…
Of water…
The sandcastles against the sea…
The waters of intuition…
They asked the questions…
Now they get the answers they refuse to hear.”





  1. oh man i havent heard this son in a long time… i realy enjoyed this song that i heard da u know what out of it back than…

    anyway im gonna share it with u folks ^^


  2. Thanks brother, I guess I thought I had made my peace with it but looks like I still have concerns as a quasi-rational human being 🙂 Your words have helped immensely!

    My older son actually enjoys learning and is doing very well in school. I think he will do well in spite of the system. Maybe he will even help to change it. But that doesn’t make the system right… it just means he’s doing well in a bad system.

    That’s a very good point about Ceres and company – I totally relate to their reaction. It’s a realization that you’re looking at a whole society and they’re just blindly going along with something that makes absolutely no sense. The issue here is, I feel (maybe we all feel) like a 3rd-class passenger on the Titantic, with the realization that the ship is headed straight for an iceburg. The other passengers won’t listen… the crew won’t listen… the captain won’t listen… and getting off the ship is not a viable option. I can go places on the ship I’m not supposed to go… I can exist and watch things happen… but… the ship is “probably” going to hit and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it…

    And I really wish that there was something I could do… because they deserve better. ❤

  3. hey i had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine today…

    we where talking about the occult stuff in tv these days all the vampire shows and what have u… i brought in the idear that a vampire has no reflection in the mirror because he has no personality at all and he has to reflect the other person to get close to it… and than we had the point when she said well also remember they can come only into ur house if u invite them… than i got hit over the head… well what would a vampire or a daemon do these days if he finds a house with a welcome sign or doormat… it would count as an invitation wouldnt it ?

    so since the things that haunt people as bill describe them kinda seam to be “semi magical” like can come out of the shadows and vanish thru them… i would guess they would have some abilitys demon like… and if thats the case dont they have to obey certain rules ? what if u can start by removing those things that signal to be welcome ???

    or is that thought to far out ?

    i know it probably wont solve anything… but it also could be a little defense…

    • Very good point! Our intent seems to be much more powerful than we realize. There are things like this that are “unconscious intent” – sometimes we do things not knowing the full impact of our actions. I think this is a process of “focused awareness” of how we think and what we do – ultimately being more in control of our environment.

  4. Stefman – good interviews. What I was saying is in agreement with Michael, though it’s hard to say if the trauma we experienced collectively was 13,000 years ago, or if it’s more immediate as a symptom / part of our current system. His second interview becomes a bit of a rant, which tells me it may be the latter. 🙂 Even in the 60s and 70s they were still beating kids in school. Race riots even last year… lots of problems still in the middle east… so there are lots of other possible causes – if not all of them combined – serving to fracture the fragile human psyche. I understand the “shock and awe” is being done on purpose on a constant basis.

    My kids are going through the US education (indoctrination) system now. This leads to a system of economic slavery called “college”. This is followed by a system of authoritarian servitude called “work”. So you can imagine my difficulty in surrendering my children to this system. I feel Michael’s angst towards this is totally justified.

    • i cannot express how much i feel for u… and jet i cannot even begin to imagine how that must be for u… having ur children being forced to go thru all the institutions the society and gov forces us to

      i was thinking long and hard what to write but i came up with nothing because i simply cannot imagine how these children today must feel today… i mean when i was a kid it was realy annoying upsetting and hard for me to go thru all this… i had it so often that i sat there and couldnt believe what the teachers where telling me… like an ceres and friends moment when they looked in disbelieve on the monitor what earth dwellers wasting there time with… but i had one of those shock moments when they explained how a nuklear power plant works… i couldnt believe that they would go thru all that just to boil water -_- (oh come one to boil water realy ? -_- )

      anyway my brother from another mother =) i have deep respect for u and i wish i could find words to help u with it!!! feel yourself hugged and lots of positive energy given =)

  5. oh btw… since we are talking about that cool stuff… i wondered the day when bill wrote about the guys that helped us with the virus to rid of of that reptile stuff in us… i wonder if our friends helping us have the reptile brain part in their brain at all… i mean it would explain sooooo much why the world is in the state it is today

  6. than u for ur nice comments =)

    i looked up two nice shortish audio clips from michael tsarion about the ego he has tones of them out there but i liked those 2 here let me know what u think about his perspective if u guys find the time =)

  7. the way I see the ego is as a critical part of our energetic anatomy. As I understand it, it functions much like the control surfaces on an airplane. It has dynamic stability, which means you can take your hands off the controls, and the plane flies straight. When you over-correct, it will over-correct the other way. You can see how some folks might have a roller-coaster life of highs and lows… But also taking your hands off the controls completely, you will end up either eventually crashing or going somewhere you don’t want to go. So the key is a balance of making gentle correction, while also knowing when you can coast. Most of us have an intuitive sense of this already, and there are times when a well- placed reaction is useful for kicking butts into gear.

    Life can be an active meditation of focused awareness, similar to the idea of being in the zone, yet applying this to more of life than just the things you like to do. Detachment is sometimes misinterpreted to mean something similar to zombie-like, or disconnected, whereas it could be more like “reserving reaction until I have all the facts.”

    our reactions are after all a defense mechanism that has the role of keeping us safe from harm. Sometimes there is no harm yet we can act as though there is. Especially at the office when our ability to feed ourselves is at stake. 🙂

    I appreciate having a “non-threatening” environment to discuss these ideas!

  8. Yes, I feel it’s of utmost importance to be neutral, observe…and see\feel the reactions that come up within.

    Dreamwalker, I read a good chunk of the book Beyond 2012 after you mentioned it a few posts ago. I feel that it, like so much, has the truths with the misconceptions. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly..but it’s just that ‘knowing’ as I’m reading.

    One person (Arno Pienaar) that when I every time I read their works something clicks more..and then it triggers my ego into all these dramas…..though I think this is good because it gives me an idea that I’ve still got myself “plugged in” or believing things that are ego centered… so while it feels like it sucks… that’s just still ego lol (I’ve got the laugher back =) )

    “There exists an axiom called “all is self”. This means you can only ever perceive yourself through all that exists, as everything is only a mirror reflecting yourself, so that you may experience self to the utmost extreme in order to measure this matrix experiment and, eventually, step out of it and build your own world with your own rules with a perfect reflection of yourself.

    If there ever was a purpose to life, then this would be it!”

    His blog,

  9. I wish I could convey what is in my heart without words, because no matter my attempts to linguistically express…it doesnt compare. I’ll do my best because I feel like I have to……

    All of the questions that continuously arise I feel are some way in vain. I feel this loop that keeps playing’s like I can feel the past and now mashed together and I stare at these situations in a dumbfounded stupor..even though I see it or feel it, my mind doesnt change anything and that could be because I dont have an expectation of it to do so. The one thing that has changed is my ability to just watch it.

    I wish I could say my mind doesnt get sucked in and emote over it…but I at least see that I am not it. This leads me to wonder…how deep is the rabbit hole? Yes, I can feel the obvious darkness that is at play, the control, the nasty heartlessness that roams..but beyond that…is there something really there to fight against?

    Is the belief we have a job, a purpose serving to hold us prisoner on a totally different level? This doesnt come from a place of doubt in the soul..the heart..but from a sense of “I seriously dont know anything (at the level of mind)” so what if the game is so large that even the characters of this story..all the characters within the matrix/universes/play keep believing we have something to do and all it does keep the game in play. Maybe we do experience times of peace..but how do we know this is still not under control of the architect of the matrix itself?

    If we function from a mind that is so obviously easily do we know how deep these programs are? To fully be connected to life..can this even happen in this realm run by computer software/mind?

    Know thyself… I watch myself and I see these programs..the reactions that come from places I know I dont even agree with. I feel like I’m clearing away the untruths that I’ve believed were “me” for so long but it seems endless. I feel a hopelessness.

    All I want is to know my soul is rooted in the true source..the all (what I associate with the nothingness that contains all creation) and to be able to choose and create from this place. Not create a world still within the construct of some being that feigns control and would probably allow for peace in time if only to keep people in their dream within its dream.

    I feel this somehow sums up what I experience in thoughts daily…I dont know how to let go. Sometimes it’s difficult to laugh when it seems like everything is a joke on the soul. Tiresome it becomes.

    I dont expect answers..I also really dont mean to create some downer feeling…but I am feeling this and crying out to…I dont know exactly..release it, squash it, nullify it. The people around me just conclude im depressed or imbalanced and I dont blame them because theyre just seeing from their own programs.

    So I would love to express gratitude for the eyes and hearts that see this and have an idea of why..or of where it stems from. It’s not a depression but a disgust of the treachery that’s kept us captive in a mind-fuck. I acknowledge that on some level, as there must be free will, there have been agreements made or I wouldnt be here typing on this little kindle..but tricks and lies..agreements made in unconsciousness will not stand any longer. I openly, publicly revoke agreements that hold this soul to falsehoods and illusionary constructs. I am. I am free, the spirit and soul owes noone.

    • milda
      i got sooooo much to say about this topic… but time today is realy not on my side -_- got to do so much today -_- but i promise i write u later my two cents i got on my mind =)

      but yeah i know exactly what ur trying to say =)

      yeah i wish sometimes i could just upload what i want to say because its easier to show it as to find words…

      oh and again… see why its so important to have a language with many many words that explain what one is thinking… thats why all this political correctness is pissing me off so much… i dont intent to insult but if i insult one knows it right away… im just sick and tired people telling me i cant say it this way or that way…. anyhow…

      never ever stop seeing things with humor 😉

      ok ill be back later and here some dark humor holding a mirror at some idiots that feel so good because they are correct -_-

      ok im sorry in advance but found it a bit hilarious hehe ^^

    • Mildalove – you express exactly what I’ve been feeling.

      I have been reading this book by Wes Penre and although the confirmations don’t help what I feel in my heart, at least I know there is someone else (actually many someone else’s) who understands my dilemma.

      Beyond 2012 — A Handbook for the New Era [2013]

      I don’t really even care about the details – mechanized society, energy sucking aliens… doesn’t matter. I just know that what I experience in my external environment is much less than what it “should” be. What that would look like, I can’t even say, unfortunately.

    • ok here we go ^^

      let me first with a quote
      “nobody is smarter than you are.
      and what if they are?
      what good is their understanding dooing you? ”
      terence mckenna

      well i heard once that if u want to get a step up on the way to enlightening or what ever u wanna call it… u have to understand the next step u have to be aware of the consequences it brings with it… only if u understand and learned u can step thru that door….

      well u know i see this “matrix” or what ever it is this physical place as some sort of a playground where u can be a villain or a hero or what ever ur up to… so its all about learning… i know in some sense it sounds fucked up since so much bad stuff is going on… but on the other hand how can u enjoy and understand freedom if u dont know oppression… or a better one… u can work for a new toy or u can hope to get it as a present… the first way teaches u that the toy has a different value to u if u had to work for it… and the other way well u got what u wanted but u got it without working for it so it has a different value to u…

      remember bill said it once everything goes here… so think about this place like i said as an play ground where souls can learn and understand things from both sides…

      or another example… lets say there is nothing above this realm… there is no god or devil… we are just that lucky accident… so if there is nothing after this one life… wouldnt it be even more important to be nice with u and the people around u and stand up against evil… like in that case everything u have done alive has an great impact for the people that come after u… so in that case ur remembered and u become immortal thru ur good deeds u done for ur kind…

      oh and yes it sux to have this men made matrix around us that keeps us from unfolding and be what we realy are and can be… but hey to me its great news because they are totally aware of the fact that we humans can be so much more and the fact they totally have to have us in chains because they fear that so much… 😉 imagine what potencial we must have that they are doing all that and go thru these length 😉

      and think about it this way.. we can not know everything yet and the whole plan because if we would they maybe able to highjack the plan… u can torture some one as long as u want if he doesnt know he doesnt know… and there is no part of the plan to be spilled 😉 i hate the ” u know it when u know it” part sooooo much lol i find my self so often staring at the sealing and saying “REALY ???!!!???” or “OH COME ON!!!!!”
      the more science discovers the more i know that this all here is no accident at all… i can see the traces of some thing way way bigger… than we all together could imagine… and no we arent left alone the whole thing is motion… i cant imagine the chanting and cheering of all the beings watching us from the outside because they know how hard this is what we are doing here 😉 just try and listen carefully u might here them rooting for us 😉

      but yeah milda u are preaching to the choir

      • oh and also what i forgot to say is… what i learned the hard way… i had to learn to go into observer mode… like a camera that has no feelings and a side at all… just to see some situations unbiased… so to speak to understand both sides of the story… i do that a lot of times specially when i watch a movie or basicly anything with hidden mind fuckery in it… this way u dont get to invested in what they are trying to sell u…

        i didnt wanted sound cold when i said be the observer… its more ment as to see the things depending when and where and what situation objective than to invested…

        for example u want that doctor to be not emotional invested into u when he has to save ur life if its a life and death thing… because u want him to be objective and not debating what he should do or not and how u would feel about it and what have u..

        i cant remember who said it… “u dont let some one in ur house with dirty shoes… why would u let some one into ur mind whit dirty feets ? “

  10. i was joking with a friend this morning if we all want to throw together so our friends in the cool ship up there get some interwebs connections since they seam to lack the real time information flow… since there are clearly plans already made and some parts of that plan are already in place…

    but than im still hoping for a miracle… like a shock and ah moment… like as if u get hit by lightning and after it u start to think differently because u just got hit by lightning and everything before doesnt makes sense anymore… so u see things how they are… so we all could realize what happened and who played us with the strings…

    but than we need literally an real angel here to make it abundantly clear what is realy going on and what parts of religions are real and what parts are made up by power hungry rotten souls just to stay in and keep power…

    also i never understood the idea of some religion aspects where i have to trust some one that claims to have received the word or will of god alone with no one around to deny or confirm if its realy true or not… i mean i cant believe anything where to many human hands have been in… and interpreting or bending stuff so it would serve them…
    so dont get me wrong here i truly believe in the divine… but i have a problem with to many mortal hands in the pie where every one has its own agenda and looking for its own benefit…

    or also has no one ever had the idea to ask for id if facing an angel ? like well lemme see ur badge so i can tell if ur one of the good ones or one of the fallen ones that would rather reign in hell as to try to make up for why he/she/it has been fallen…

    hehe sorry got into ranting mode again… hehe

    well i hope i didnt do to much damage with that rant =) ^^

    • oh and before i forget it… i wasnt implying bill isnt right… well ur here reading his posts so ur not doing it without a reason… because of what we all learned in our lives we are drawn here because we can sense something good and divine in his words and art… what isnt necessary the same what we all got told in religion…

      i cant explain it… but yeah hehe

      yay team bill =)

      • I just imagined the reaction Bill would have if somebody told him there is a “team bill”, hahaha i bet he would be red-faced embarrassed, in a good, funny way

        • I will tell you how he reacted nando….had to tell him what you and stefman said, y’know.
          He chuckled a LOT…loved it. And yes he blushed. Compliments do that to him!!!

          Much needed this this week too. As dreamwalker said….we had some really bad news from a far, this week….so anything to brighten up our day was greatly appreciated!!
          PS: and his info is vital to times such as these…for those who have suffered and lost loved ones during these difficult times. So we made sure to get his message out there!
          Thanks everyone!

          • always remember this please… they know its sad for us when we lose some one… it is indeed… but its not as if its the end… our friends that got left behind (i hate to use this as example… but its a good one) our friends are cheering us up from the sidelines 😉

            always remember that…

            i told my mom once that she might never understand me while she is here… but once she is home she will and shell understand why i chose my way…

            =) remember they are not lost… energy i fact gets never lost 😉 that keeps me going =)

            • you are so right Stefman….
              my Mom never did understand all this either, me, Bill…until she was almost gone.
              Then she came back to Bill, in a dream much later, after she was gone…to tell him he was right all along!

              it was my brother Frank (Bill’s uncle), who lived in Florida and who was very ill-unbeknownst to himself and us, who passed away, very suddenly, on his own terms late last Tuesday. He knew. He just did…
              so he left this existence on his own terms.
              Sad, very sad…but I understand.
              He was very intuitive himself.
              I know he is just fine now and is with his late wife, and our mother and father.
              Thank you all for being here with us thru this.

              • im just giving back what u folks gave me and its all more than welcome =)

                its the least i can do =)

              • A big bear hug to both of you. May you be blanketed in comfort.
                I will light a candle in honor of Frank, his life, and the flame keeping on.
                And, yes, “Bill’s team” seems sweet and right. His effort and work brought us closer
                With your ever steady help.

          • Thanks for coming Lida! I read the sad news. I’m sorry.
            It’s good to know you both can find some cheerfulness amidst things that bring sorrow. We are all far apart I presume, even living in different countries and continents, and still I believe sending our good wishes to you is not an empty thing… We are all in this together… as the saying goes, and trite as it is, it remains a good saying, at least for me.
            So, my best wishes for you and Bill! We are all in this together

    • You are following the thread Troy! Seeing the invisible, or the hard to see.
      And this is it, the magic in the words we discussed before:

      “Unlock the mind, free the mind…
      More than written words…Between
      The lines…The feelings…”

      Something something, can’t quite get it but still know it’s there, between the lines. It is just as you said in that older post, reading between the lines, though not looking for a different meaning but for a different dimension. A few examples of the same ‘hard to explain feeling’, but still weaker than the Valiant’s posts: (I know Fellia is reading this, so i picked these lines with much fondness for you too!)

      I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
      And what I assume you shall assume,
      For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

      I loafe and invite my soul,
      I lean and loafe at my ease observing a spear of summer grass.

      –W. W., song of myself

      These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend
      no good to us: though the wisdom of nature can
      reason it thus and thus, yet nature finds itself
      scourged by the sequent effects: love cools,
      friendship falls off, brothers divide: in
      cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in
      palaces, treason; and the bond cracked ‘twixt son
      and father.

      –W. S., king lear

      And finally a couple of lines from Oration on the Dignity of Man (originally in latin, but still going strong after translated into english). From my dear Giovanni.

      …We have made you a creature neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal, in order that you may, as the free and proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer. It will be in your power to descend to the lower, brutish forms of life; you will be able, through your own decision, to rise again to the superior orders whose life is divine.

      Love you guys. Don’t stop that music!

      • Another coincidence – on the radio this morning was mentioned a poem called “the Changing Light at Sandovar”, by James Merrill. The name stood out so I noted down the title. I have not read the poem, but it details conversations with entities on the other side, using a ouija board.

        I think the bell’s ringing on its own now… 😀

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