A note from Brianna

Monday 21st was a pretty good example of the song Manic Monday for a lot of us.  In the evening I felt as if into the spin cycle of the washing machine.

I woke up today with the feeling of running away. And that is highly atypical.  So, stuff is in the air, absolutely.  And, as I write this, news keep “falling” like a tornado… airport bombing, subway bombing…  They are really going for it.  Triggering the scare effect. The fight of flee.

Most of you may have read my comments. I fight back. I don’t do “flee”…

Well, this time I’m going to ask something very unusual, coming from my classic activist…thing.

Do not engage !!!

Keep an eye on evolving “news” if you feel compelled to, yes. But at this time do not engage.

Aim higher. Observe, and keep your balance. It seems they are hurling a bunch of events at us.

Heck, I would not be that surprised if the sky turned green. Or pink (I’d rather pink, thank you).

Also, and this may sound annoying, I know, but…  This week is filled with “galactic” events. That  some of us usually celebrate with various rituals.  The 23d is a powerful full moon, and so on.

What I do put out here is : please, this time, go neutral. No rituals. No invoking, no drawing, nothing.

No using the various symbols some of us use.  What I feel is they are really hacking these right now. Trying to harness the energy we could create with rituals.  For their use.  My personal feeling is that by remaining absolutely NEUTRAL this period we will deprive them of this added “power” they are betting on.

Let them starve energetically !

Crystals, incense, essential oils, of course.  Whatever makes you feels good. We sure need the added comfort.  But no “rituals”. Keep it basic.  Passive resistance Gandhi style if you will 

The only symbol that feels “clean” is the infinity symbol.

Or use Bill’s artwork. Pure energy and more. This is all we need to get ourselves thru this time.

And keep close to each other.  Comment, talk, share, and vent if needed 



  1. I felt someone or perhaps something trying to use the energies of today’s full moon in a very unfavorable way…thank you for posting this. It is very reaffirming of what I was picking up on this morning. Blessings,Brianna. ❤

    • Thank you sister ❤ It's clumsy, and was written direct from heart and feelings. I do not mean to be any kind of "expert" on anything, just going thru the same times as we all are. This came in very strongly, and it's just about right now. This period.
      We'll get old symbols cleaned up 🙂 And my feeling is we actually do not need all kinds of rituals. It's time for Truth. Naked and plain truth.
      Oh, I never said we should not "hum" ;D Sounds and vibrations, oh yes.

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