Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…Starchild…

*SONG* “Heroes” by Alias

There was a stone cold mood of silence…
There was magic in the air…but it
Felt like a fist…

“The words, the wheels, the hours have
Been set in motion…” Varence said firmly,
His expression was unlike before…I can’t
Describe it… “No easy task…I realize what
I ask of you,” he pointed, nodded to me
And my notebook, “I know the toll it
Takes, has taken on you…For years…since
The beginning…more than 20 years…THAT
Is why I am here.”

Ceres nodded with a smile kindly. “That is
How he convinced me to help you here.”

“We do and are aware of EVERY little
Detail…as well as every obstacle in your
Way in all that time.” Varence told me.

“I understand.” I told him. “That’s how
We begin this time?”

“I just want to be clear,” Varence said
Strongly, “I remember…I know the
Dedication…and when you were ready to
Give up…and still you went on. I just
Want it said that I remember what you
Do not.”

“With admiration,” Ceres added to his words.
“He means to commend you. He is making
A point for others.”

“OK. That is what exactly?” I asked,
A little confused.

“My patience is gone.” He said simply.
“That is all I have to say.”

“All things happen for a reason in time,
Over time…” Varence looked amongst their
Faces… “I believe I’ve discussed timing…”

Vala hummed, stepping forward then…She
Gently rolled her head in a circle and took
A long breadth. “Time…can do so much…”

“Your opening words drive my patience
For sure,” Rana then interrupted, moving
Forward, her arms folded; again, a thing
She repeatedly did with aggravation. “I
Should begin the words from now on…And
Waste less time…”

“I see you all appear in a mood,” I
Had to say. “Is something wrong?”

“We have discussions when you are not
Here,” Ceres added then…she seemed the
Calmest voice so far, “It appears we all have
Different views on how to proceed.”

“It seems the more that arrived the
More complicated it becomes.” Varence said.

“I have an idea,” Kierista then spoke;
She was always the voice of reason. “How
Would you like to proceed?” She looked
Straight at me with a pleasant, calm smile…
“Why don’t you speak…of what you
Want to know…That’s only fair…Since
We cannot agree at the moment.” She
Said, looking to each of their faces…

“Fine.” Varence conceded…to which then
They all nodded…

“First,” Evangella rose… “I would like to
Say something.” They were stunned since
She had not said much of anything so far.
She walked calmly up to me, her eyes
Focused on the notebook, my pen. “Since it
Has come to pass…Events in the universe…
Align…More than of Earth…All things
Are affected…at times like these…That’s
How things are…The Apollo that is Varence
Guides with his words…Vala, her magic
And siren’s song…Nothing can match it…
Nothing…We are to assemble for some
Purpose to come…
You look at me now…the voice of faith…
The spirit, spiritual…Religions…Faith
Has a power too…Strong in the universe…
Even on a world struggling with direction
Like yours…Earth…
Consider this my contribution…
Write, read and listen very carefully.”
Her voice, face, eyes were like stone…
Steel…a sword… “Piercing the veil…
Crushing, crashing through the bubble
That envelops the Earth by Masters that
Dare to control things…
Consider these words no spell…but fact…
A warning from the divine…
For those in power that gamble lives…
Shall be the first to feel those risks…
So act carefully…I believe you know
Divine messengers to be known for these
The bells toll…The trumpets sound…
Why? Revelations…
Ancient Egypt once knew these plagues…
Now the world will…
In cities corrupt…The leaders…
Shall feel it first…And I mean those
In power…They know who I speak of…
There’s no hiding…
Those that run…will feel the weight of a ton…
So if you want to save yourselves…
Save the world…
There is a far bigger game at play…
Rome of Earth…
Coliseum of Earth…
You think you have the answers?
You think you are prepared?
Heaven is involved…in that there is
No contest. Have you learned nothing?
Remember Rome…
Or lose a city as an example…
That is all I have to say…for now.”

A pause of reflection…

“She speaks for the first time,” Rana
Said with admiration, “And thunder
And lightning resound…Then suddenly
Things become more clear…” Then
Rana turned to me with a smile, “Now…
Back to you…Please…How do you wish
To proceed?”

I thought for a moment, but honestly I
Didn’t have to think long. “I…These are
Things I would like to know…But there
Are things everyone wants to know…
The stories…The posts…They want it
Done yesterday…There are reasons for
Everything…So if Earth is one giant
Laboratory…a game board…a coliseum…
And maybe the universe in a sense is
Rome…Then what’s the point? Tell me
That. What’s the point to it all?”

“The Starchild.” Vala said, spoke with
Plain solemn words, and then hummed.
“The Starchild…the Starchildren, Starseed…
Call them what you will…The point?
The hope to all of this?” She turned her
Head with a beaming smile about them
All… “It has always been that…The
Starchild…Haven’t you figured that out?
The Starchild…The Earth has them…
Other worlds do not…THAT is what
Makes Earth so special…sets you apart
From other worlds…You want to know
The whys, hows and what fors…
There you have it…The Starchild…
That is the answer you seek.”

She, Vala, waited for me to respond
Before continuing…

“What?” I asked…

“Say, write what you are thinking,” she
Hummed, “Don’t hesitate.”

“Vala.” Varence then tried to say, his
Tilted brow sharp, like his eyes… “There
Are things to address—“

She held out her arm, pointing her
Finger, “I’ll have you silent now. No,
This is my turn to speak with him…
You listen.”

“What do you want me to say?” I asked.

Vala hummed, her eyes sparkling…the
Long waves of her honey colored hair framed
Her expression like a hood; like the
Witchcraft drawing…But her eyes were
As gentle as they were fierce…Then she
Smiled…that siren’s song in her voice
And words, “You are so easily satisfied…
That’s rare to find…”

“It’s the company here.” I told her.

“Good answer.” Vala hummed. “Fine…I’ll
Tell the story this time…”

“Starchild…The word is magical, isn’t it?
Why? Oh…And lo and behold many
Will ask…is it me? Am I the one? Am I
The Starchild? It’s me. It’s me…
There’s no one Starchild…there are many…

Oh yes, once upon a time there was ONE
Special child born…Sheltered by a
Primitive tribe…Was his life easy? No.
He was raised by a shaman and
Struggled to blend in his whole life…
Always feeling different…always apart…

With a heart and mind beyond his
Time…he was different from the day he
Was born…Not of the Earth, not of the
Elvar…both, yet completely new…

From the beginning his charming eyes
Always looked up…To the sun and skies
By day and beyond…Both the twilight and
The dawn were horizons of the future to
Him…riddled with visions and premonitions
Of things to come…

And by the night, his eyes remained quietly
Locked on the stars and the moon…and
Everything beyond…Space was a
Vast open mystery…hiding a distant
Home…Where his true parents lived
Out a happy life…a life of love yes,
But one empty of a child they lost…

You see, despite the miracles of the
Star pilgrims…They could not travel home
And back in his life time…They couldn’t
Then…So he, his life was bound to
Earth by a magical, but lonely twist
Of fate…

Unfortunately that is the Starchild’s legacy…
To feel apart in spite of any company…

Do not mistake this for the longing
To fit in…to find one’s place…THAT is
In everyone’s life…
No, this is different…

Different how? You see, he…was compelled
To find his place…so he worked harder
At making life more sense…as a whole…
He didn’t whine or complain…
He made a difference with his life…
And his life affected countless other lives
In an endless chain of events…that
Ultimately made life better for the whole…
He studied the ways of the shaman…
And taught others to learn…
That’s the difference.

And then over time…he, 1…became
2…in his children…and the 2 became 4…
The 4 became 10…and so on…Until there
Were hundreds…and then thousands…

Now, not all were prodigies…some were
Just simple, simply content people…But
They did spread…And they did contribute
To the new breed of humans on Earth.

But the Elvar did come back…
To search…And they did find their lost
Bloodline…But how…will surprise you
By dreams…
By echoes of their deeds…
Where does inspiration come from?
Whispers, messengers from Heaven?

Now…Imagine this…
Throughout history…Famous names
That moved the soul…
What if famous composers or artists…
Created music identical to that of other
Worlds? Would it surprise you?
A piano sonata…echoed through
Space…shared in arts by that of another
World…Would that surprise you?

Why no, that’s only on Earth…Is it?
That would attract attention…

The Earth is not alone in its shape,
Size or design…nor in its life forms…
Finding something unique or original…
Something new…Now that is a quest
Minds are most unique…
Or can be…when they dare.
The dreamy mind…The eyes to the stars…
The starchild makes things happen…
Something to think about.”

“So that’s the story of the starchild then?”
I asked. “They make things happen?”

“Well, it’s a never-ending story.” Vala
Hummed, “With never-ending variety.
You want a story then? Because if
You’re looking for a story of the first
Starchild…you may be disappointed…
By the time they came back…They
Did not find the son…but they did
Find his children…

But they didn’t want to go…
And the effect they had on the world…
Was so fascinating…The changes that
Took place…
So they gave them the option to go or
Stay…Believe it or not, they did not
All always want to go to the stars.
Some were quite happy here…on Earth.
Does that surprise you?”

“No,” I said, “Not really.”

Vala gently shook her head while
She hummed, “It’s not always so
Complicated…that doesn’t make it less

He did live longer, he was different
That baby, the child…But then that’s
The gift part…he wasn’t just a Starchild
But a love child as well…and that too
Brings gifts.” She moved closer, gently…
Smiling, beaming…

“I would rather not take this route with
Words right now.” Varence interrupted.

Vala grew impatient. “I am speaking.
Be silent. I will not warn you again.”
Once she had him quiet, she hummed
Again…returned her eyes to me then
Went on. “I want you to tell them.
We know…we watch…And so do
Many others…more than you know…”
She laughed, then looked upwards…her
Eyes spinning, seeing past the room
Into the void of the unknown which
She knew well…

“We’re not always going to say it in a
Story…Sometimes we will just say it…

For instance…Your relatives in the
Stars…Each time they came back for
Their descendants…The more magical
The story became…The influence of those
Starchildren…The way the Earth grew…
Was reborn…The way civilization rebuilt
Itself…It was a learning experience
For all…

And the star people began visiting
Other tribes around the world…
Egypt…African tribes…Asia…South
America…Your Native American tribes…
Not to mention the few that stayed
Behind to hide among you to study
What was happening…
The secrets they imparted…
The mysteries…
The riddles that they hoped future generations
Would one day put together…

Why would they do that? So they could
Offer some shred of clues and hope
Without drastically influencing the rise
Of civilization…
So that this new breed of human
Of Earth could evolve on its own…

Then of course there was the Dark
Kind that was monitoring the project
Population…with their experiments
And abductions…
They, the Dark Ones, were so proud of this
That they spread into 8 other worlds
To duplicate what was happening…

People will say what they will about this…
Object to anything and everything…
Pardon me then, Earth Science
Knows all the answers…
They never change their views…
They never say, “We now know…”
Over and over…Do they?”
She laughed.

“Must you say this now?” Varence

Vala turned to him almost wickedly.
“Silence.” Her eyes were vicious.
“He’s so afraid of what I will
Reveal…I am talking…And everyone
Is free not to listen or read…

But allow me to tell this…
There are reasons…They left clues…
The Starchildren are a magical element
To the events going on…

Why did I call those 4 corners?
Of all the places…The reasons…The races…
Mark my words…

The circle of stone…
The sands of the Middle East…
The ancient lands of the Mayans
With their rain forests and exotic
Rare things…The Medicine Men…
And the Four Corners of American

The legends and lore are based in FACT.

Now I’m telling you clearly…
The Dark Empire fears things
And has weaknesses…
Consider that please…

The races that suffered in your
History…The Jews…The black race…
Why the red skin race lost their
Lands, nearly strangled from existence…
They have a power they fear…
In their customs, in their faith,
In their magic…even in nature
Itself…Plants that are toxic to them…

Use what I’ve said…
Hidden in the words are the
Answers…It’s the best way to reach
You…So that you find the strength
In finding them on your own…

Trust me…Because we don’t have
All the answers…But you do, or will…
That’s what they’re waiting for…
For the right ones to finally come
Together…To put the pieces together…
So that both sides can find the answers…

Because BOTH sides are struggling with
Then they’ll come…Don’t you see…It’s a
Journey shared by both sides…They want
Answers…you want answers…So they
Share the clues they have in the hopes
You can help solve them…Being this
Miracle new race that you are.
That’s why the Dark Ones steal
And abduct some…The experiments…
They all have the same questions.”

“That’s the big picture then?” I asked
Her. “Because it’s a big game board.
Big questions, searchers…They don’t
Know everything…They experiment
To find the same answers to questions
That everyone has?”

Vala nodded. “That’s why they’re so
Interested in the Angel…What he did
To you…They wanted it to happen.”

“They did?” I asked.

“Now consider,” Vala hummed, nodded,
“Why he brings us, my sisters together…
The Divine Power Struggle at work…
The Female Aspect…The Goddess…

The Draconians have a queen…
The Dark Female Aspect…
To defeat them you need the Equal
Divine Female Force of Good to fight it…

The Goddess Aspect is sorting itself
Out in the universe to do this…
The women will understand this…
It’s a complex aspect…
To find the balance, the right power…
Because there are many sides to it…

The Mother…The Sister…The Daughter…
The Friend…The Nurturer…The Lover…
The Warrior and the Protector…
The Magic…The Intuition…
The Dark Side…The Way of Peace
And Light…

To fight the darkness this power
Must sort itself out…

Men have it too…Think about it…
But the injustice, the battle right
Now is with the Goddess Energy…
That is why it must fight to
Find its balance…to win.
It will make sense…Believe me…

The Gathering is coming…
And those answers will come…
Just as the stars will come alive
Over your world as it happens.”

“That is enough!” Varence ordered, his
Voice like thunder as he moved quickly
To stand between her and me.
“Weigh your words against the timing
And what they can and can not see…
The timing!”

“No,” Rana then demanded, standing
To join them in front of me, “let her speak.
SAY IT…Enough of your games and
Its timing…if we are to come together
Let’s say it out loud in front of him
So that he knows…writes it…Tells

“Rana…” Kierista begged her to be

“No!” Rana said to all of them, then
Looked at me. “I’m saying it, so write it.
I don’t care what they think…we’re
Here together sharing stories for a
Purpose…Yes, you learn from stories…
But if you do not get the point they
Have no meaning…So here I say it…
Tell them to sort out their own petty
Problems…Fix things to join the bigger
Game hidden from them…
The prejudices and injustices are
Everywhere…Do you think there are
None in space, think again. Have some
Ridiculous notion of paradise in space
And you will be swallowed by a beast.
Stop coddling them and just say it!”

“I do agree on this.” Vala hummed.

Varence looked at Ceres for support…
They had been here the longest…But
She simply smiled sarcastically with her
Eyes and said nothing…
“I take the time so that all may see…
Explaining to them is a delicate matter…”

“Say they are sensitive and I will scream,”
Rana said ferociously… “Say, talk of
Peace and love and I will claw your
Eyes out. Save that talk for paradise.
There is no paradise here!”

“We really must be practical.” Ceres
Said calmly, her tone suggesting her
Experience gave reasons. “Consider the
Subjects and matters of the past and
Present…What choices are there?”

“The potential is there!” Varence insisted,
Pleaded with them…

“You are fantasizing about potential.”
Rana responded…

“We must call them to gather,” Vala
Reasoned solidly, “Just as you bring us
Together…You, we…must do what we
Can to bring them together…” She pointed
To me… “They must gather also…
It’s the only way to find the
Answer…The ancients put the
Knowledge and weapons in the crystal
Skulls to use…For the right ones to
Use…The visitors gave the natives in
The past the messages to hide in the caves
Around the world to put the pieces

“Vala…” Varence said, biting his teeth,
Fighting his temper… “You are pressing
A delicate switch…”

“Things will explode regardless!” Rana
Insisted. “Yes, yes we know…The wrong
Ones do it and it’s over…They don’t know…
He doesn’t know…You don’t know for
Sure…sooner or later the risk has to be

“That’s why we arranged this radio show
The events leading to it…” Varence said.

“You did that?” I asked.

“Everything needs a little…PUSH.”
Varence said slyly. “Just tell Roger
To go with the flow…and it will happen.
Stop worrying. The road is long…
We’ve all taken gambles…one right
Decision will lead to another and another
And then in time…and things will be
As they should be…Its not about
Getting what you want here…It’s about
Getting where it should be.”

“Finally.” Rana declared. “Pray he not lay
Into no riddling words or I will slap
Him to the floor.”

“Then,” Varence said to me, kindly,
Heavily, “Your next job will begin…
You have to finish this part first.”

“Oh joy.” I said. “I can imagine how
This will go over.”

“Listen…” Vala hummed, her eyes
Focused with the sparkle of a witch’s brew…
“Call them…I call them forth…
Through the fog of fears and doubts…
I call them to rise and see…Let the
Clouds lift, split and depart…
And like the sun…The rays of lights to
Shine…and grow and glow…The inner
Light…Fire of works and lost story of
The soul ignite…Blast cast and
Last…Through the mind and soul…
Stay to life in the heart and soul’s
Memory…Rise to life…Brighter than
The sun, the stars, the moon…Find yourself
And in that find the magnet…The
Magnet’s power…Then feel the magnet’s
Pull to where it belongs…Let the rest only
Ride with the magnet and its pull…
Let it find the peace there…Let the soul
Become the magnet and find it’s true
Mate…By these words spoken and
Unbroken repeat them and their power
Will grow…and the gathering will then

“Excellent.” Varence smiled, nodded
To Vala’s words; oh how he marveled
At her way with words. Wink. “Now
It will spread everywhere whether
They know it or not.”

“Go now…” Vala told me… “Find fate
In the words with the radio show…
Listen carefully.”

“One thing I ask before you leave.”
Varence cocked one eyebrow and
Watched me carefully.

“Yes?” I asked.

“What’s the date you know?” He asked

“February.” I answered. “It’s February 2016.”

He smiled…He smiled slyly to them then
To me. “Are you so sure?” He laughed.

Pause. Reflect. Consider the radio show.


My artwork…Souldance…

My Note: that Radio show with Roger was recorded 2 days ago and is set to be placed on the internet over this weekend…especially Valentines Day (how fitting, that’s Valiant’s birthday!) I will send the links as soon as I receive them….Lida, Valiant’s Mom. With a special Happy Birthday to my son!

…..there will be a lot of answers there. Please listen when you can!





    • Love it so much…thank you !!! I could listen to the melody played with this kind of instrument the first time just in the south of FR, during the spiritual journey, guided by our sister Lisa. It’s a long hair male musician who was playing it right in front of a church under the twilit street light.That scene along with that beautiful music just so deeply impressed on my mind !!!

    • Oh yes, Hang Drums are amazing. Like Feilla, I was privileged to actually hear them live once, on a street. Indeed, “strange” and magic sounds. And these guys move all over the world with it. ❤

      • hold on u two know the guys from the video ?

        yeah the sounds and music have some thing special… i cant put a finger on it… some times i wondered what other creatures or beings would call music and how it sounds and what they use to make music… but bill lifted that veil for me hehe

        • I did not see these 2 guys, but I really would like that.
          For me it was a group of 3, and one girl was dancing to the sounds of the Hang Drums. It was very nice, in a rather busy street. The place where they sang was very peaceful compared to the rest of the street, like people where stopping to watch, or at least walking in silence, not talking loudly ! Beautiful moment !

  1. ah toilet paper… the apocalyptic gold…

    what i never get is that there are guys selling anything for the “apocalypse” but no one is selling a lifetime supply of toilet paper… i mean there is food that holds up to 25 years…

    im sorry had to be a bit silly ^^ whats life without a laugh ?

    the farsight institute had some rv sessions about similar topics the 2008-2013 one we have dogged it seams but the thing around atlantis seams to have happened

    well if ur bored or it interests u have a look u might find a clue or some thing

  2. Hello Tribe 🙂
    This night I had a dream of a volcanoe erupting. It’s not the first time, but I feel it worth mentioning because there was a big difference from this type of catastrophic dreams I’ve had from time to time all my life.
    Up to this night, I was always in an observing position. Being SHOWN stuff like this.
    When I was 5 or 6, there was a huge earthquake, and a weird moon above, I remember it so clearly. But I was on a hill, being shown.
    Then there were floods, tsunamis… lots of times. Once I was flying a few meters (feet) above the water, being shown how the whole planet was flooded.
    There were a few times (less often, most of the times it was water) when I was shown asteroids falling down.
    In the first ones, I was always totally passive… just looking. Later I was upset, and would always say “NO”, this is not right. This is NOT how it should happen.
    The images so vivid, so clear. Except for the earthquake, that was at night (that weird Jolly Joker like moon), the others were daytime happenings, and the sky above was alway blue, sunny. In contrast with all the horror happening. Yet I never felt “fear”. Just seing, then later on, protesting.

    This night, the volcanoe… I was there when it was happening. No ashes, again a sunny sky. Just lots of deep heavy lava, flowing down. I was not alone, this time there were people around. And I took them sideways to a safe place, where I knew lava would NOT reach us. Where I knew we could take shelter, and wait it out.
    Oh, and there had to be even the funny side. I was yelling at a guy “and DO NOT forget to take toilet paper” !!

    Feels good. And felt to share it here 🙂
    The weather is still eerely hot for this season. Spring warm. Like all the big freeze and deep snow are a distant memory. Nice.

    Big hugs ! 🙂

    • My super resonating Princess, when reading your words, this just occurred to me …

      It’s our dreamwalker who helped me know whom I had met during the mediation. This goddess showed herself to me not only once. I cannot thank HER enough as every time she just brought me a very threshold, as well as helped me shed my old shell.

      How happy I’m to have you here with me on this path of Water-Fire Trials for that very change/shift/transmutation ?!!!

      • sorry for my typo ! that sentence should be….It’s SHE who has brought, guided me crossing the very thresholds, in various of phrases of my life, helping me shed my old shell, manifesting rather a renewal one !!!

  3. 2016.02.17. STC

    Wow….honestly, before posting them, I had a whole day long hesitation, as I almost had no idea at all about these manga / animation, though it’s in fact the second time they popped up themselves and just caught my ears, my heart. All that day long, I heard a female voice urging me to post it and assure me it’s not my fantasy and is quite OK, I hence dared submit it. The sequence is also set by some invisible order, obviously.

    So, honestly, it rather feels like being a messenger, acting in some kind of unknowing circumstances. I would like to share this awareness here, as each one of us is literally bringing a piece for making a big puzzle more and more clear.

    For example, looking at the CN corresponding term of that “Air””bender”, we in fact have few way to sense anything to do with “bender”…thanks to Brianna, I could at last sober up what this is “indicating.”

    Codes for reminding, awaking, conforming are everywhere, as well as the calls in various kinds are popping up just for us….So what’s that which just gathered our….If we hope keep going….

    Also thanks to Troy’s comment, when reading it, clicking the link of this page, I could have chance to read the first part of this page/ post, and just found the term “wheel” given at the beginning of this session by Varence. I had no way being not shocked for this “coincidence!” The “wheel” of four elements /directions could catch my eye in this way, as several years ago (probably in late 2010 or early 2011), in the exhibition halls of Celtic relics collected in this museum (, there were so many bronze plaques which were just cast in this form and since then have haunted me.

    Several years ago, when visiting some ancient Greek sites in somewhere in the North-Africa, there was one colleague whose research is just on the “nymphs!” According to him, each one of them in fact represents one clan.

    Another coincidence, I’ve been shown the number “7” so frequently this week.

    Thanks also to Stefan, as what he is aware of, the “numerology” is really something that I’m crazy to learn more and more….Like him, the “lullaby” now to me seems as well a very incantation for healing, even recalling.

    In my sense…this “Airbender” can really accelerate something in some alchemical way. Thanks to all who carried this out and we hope it keeps going…for there are the ones who are working on helping us recalling and realizing more and more, as that time is coming?!

  4. Analysis of Song of the Sea: Salvation by Folklore

    It seems the turn of fire trial coming…not negative at all. As this just pop up itself, I guess it’s not only for me.

    If you are resonated, these are OST of the animation, adapted from manga, Avatar: The Last Airbender :

    Though I didn’t have chance to read, neither to watch them, they somehow remind me of the film X-… that Valiant mentioned in his post on Feb 4th.

    The wheel of four elements / directions is also a very emblem manifested permanently Tomm Moore’s work, the song of the sea.

    • that song i realy do LOVE !!!

      oh boy… to be a child again and being tucked in and to listen to it… when everything was ok…

      thank you feilla =)

  5. I don’t know if this makes any sense…as Valiant seems to be speaking of something that has some correlation with what I’ve been searching, also along with the tread of Osiris, such as Mozart’s the Magic Flute.

    It somehow occurred to me that at about 10 when I heard and knew this work of the Magic Flute first time, there was a voice reminding me that there are some important keys-codes implanted in this story for me. I’ve taken it seriously all my life, but dared not to think there would be one day when I can really decipher that I’m supposed to make out. I even almost forgot this reminding in the last decade, until this rencontre with Osiris.

    If I’m not insane, I felt being affected by some waves which interrupted my alignment with the messages that I was reading last week. On last Wednesday, right the day before this post by Valiant, I just found this page (, however, had difficulty to concentrate on reading it literally. Or more precisely saying, I in fact felt losing somehow the capability of reading and writing the non-mother-tongue language, including mails and news.

    Owing to my cultural background, my sense and knowledge about European Royal hierarchy is quite shallow. The first time when reading the discussions about the Magic Flute, I could not make out why the Queen of Night (the anti-Masonic Roman Catholic Empress Maria Theresa) was taken as the symbol of the darkness. After reading Valiant’s this post, along with other concerned knowledge which just occurred, I finally had a better vision. This reminds me of the concerned topics discussed in the video of Tsarion, presented by Stefan.

    This is such an interesting subject in terms of Matriarchal aspect in Fart-East. Here, I just give a condensed interpretation. As I know, though both CN & JP are still relatively Patriarchal societies, the MOTHER has always played the very important role in each MAN’s heart and life, whoever he is ; as we say, wife can possibly be replaced, but never can be MOTHER.

    There are so many significant codes here in this plot, music…As I’ve investigated in it for weeks at least since that visit of the exhibition of Osiris, or rather have searched for the answers for at least a half of my life so far, this is such a conundrum that I seem to be haunted to be pulled to find the very key to decipher. Then it occurred to me, for knowing it better, I have no way but look it again. At least, before discussing this with you, I should take some looks at some certain important parts. Owing to my limited condition, it’s really not easy to watch the whole opera all along again. When looking for some short cut version, I happened to find this one

    God…this makes this story so clear…particularly on the theme of that “trial of water and fire.” In fact, since last week, along our discussion on “Osiris and water,” I noticed that the Egyptian music that Brianna gave is of this very title : Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman – The Awakening/Force and “Fire.”

    That “fire” since then has obsessed me…My intuition told me this has to do with some cult, the very Osirian cult !!! I was not wrong, but as it’s the very occult, and how curious I’ve been about it, I just dared not to expect to be able make it out.
    OK, returning back to the very subject, that animated plot summary of the Magic Flute. Pls trust me, this video is so adorable, even funny that I cannot help but laughing all along when watching ; further more, it’s so inspiring, even makes the very points in such an remarkable way.

    Despite of such a slack observation or studying, as well as the super rich metaphysical codes, I just realize that right parallel with our reality, this story is telling that what we were told or taught earlier (just like what the Queen of Night taught to her daughter, Tamina) might not be true at all, even totally opposed to the very truth (as Sarastro’s negative image described by the Queen of Night into the very Light Symbol, reflecting the Freemasonary martyr, Ignaz von Born).

    As my reading about the concerned discussion is in fact limited, according to my shallow sense of the majority of opinions, the two roles of Queen of Night and Sarastro seem to be labeled in a too simplified way. In my personal sense, this opera does illustrate the equality of both male/ Yang and female/Yin oppositions, however, we after all did see the mother love in the beginning, despite of the desire of possession and domination, as well as how the image of Sarastro transforms from a “dark sorcerer” into a “wise guru”). I think what the authors want to interpret is the “cycle,” as the “change” is the very dynamic nature in/of cosmos, such as dark turns to light, then or likewise, light turns into dark. None is a permanent state !!!

    I personally regard and hope this is the very end of the dark cycle, and am so eager to pass this very trial of water and fire, overcoming this 3D duality. I guess it’s why I get almost overwhelmed by water/sea/ocean for more than one month. If I’m not wrong, not only I, but the resonated ones are benefiting from / acquiring Osiris and Isis’s blessings, who are guiding us to transit at the very moment on the very path to into the New Cycle, getting the very renewal life.

    May this lovely and sweet song brings us all the very strength, inspiration, faith and the power of renewal SUN, gathering us and guiding us towards that warm, peaceful, abundant and beautiful HOME…

    It might be the reason for which I’m quite used to see the Egyptian Scarab pattern during the meditation in the last weeks.

    As I’ve been haunted by the Ancient Egypt since the end of last year, it might be worth sharing this picture here…

    There are still something mystical in the Magic Flute which is worth discussing….it’s numerology….the interpretation as follow was gotten from a CN source, as it’s easier for me. It’s recited from Johann Dalchow / Gunther Daua / Kerner (1991/92). Progammheft zu“Die Zauberflöte”, Tiroler Landestheater, Saision Nr. 1, p. 20.

    3 : trinity
    5 : pentagon, love
    8 : reincarnation / recycle which has to do / reflects this, (this last part and link is my own association of ideas)
    18 : SUN

    If you are interested in more other symbols / motives in this opera, that I didn’t discuss, this page is giving some sights :
    You see…even serpent, monkey are indicated….

    Another topics that I’ve been pulled to talk is still the “sea” or “ocean!” This is the thread inspired by our young sweet lady, Terraseed. In my impression, Terraseed might not start showing herself until quite lately, however, I found that our synergy is used to happen along with the “sea” code. That Portuguese song, the Portuguese heritage from mother side…are just reminding me of something about my mother island which has something to do with Portuguese.

    The former name of this island, Formosa, was rather given since the middle 16th century, when Portuguese sailors sighted it. At that moment the majority on this island was still the “Austronesian aborigines.” The name “Formosa” eventually” replaced all the others in European literature and was as well in common use in English in the early 20th century.

    If what’s given by both my grandpas is correct, the time when my ancestors of both my parents’ sides immigrated to this island from south-east of China is rather in early 19th century. Before this arrive, this island had been once colonized by both Dutch (1624-1662 in the West) and Spanish (1626-1646, in the North) in 17th century. Then in the 1st half of 20th century, it was colonized by Japanese authority (1895-1945). This kind of history inevitably affects our identity, as this is something that could vary along with the political situation.

    Honestly, though both my bio an cultural heritage are rather CN-Han, I don’t know why…at least during my not short sojourn in Western Europe, I can tell I do have special fate with Portuguese and people from Madagascar. This is used to be sensed during the short encounter, the much opener exchange in contrast to FR. Besides, it’s interesting that most of the minerals in my collection are just rather of Madagascar origin.

    In regards to the new age topics on my mother island, it’s believed to have been once one part of the lost continent MU. However, a very embarrassing sense that I cannot deny, my love and attachment to Atlantic ocean, and Mediterranean, particularly Aegean seas are just transcend that to the ocean by my mother-island. I in fact had chance to stand just at the sea shores by the Aegean sea…I could imagine why the darkness would just try hard to destroy it. When staring at that sea, I seemed to have a blurred vision of the ancient loving Carthage people…

    As I don’t know when would be my next time to share here, I would like to present a nice selected piece of a lovely animation on Celtic myths here with you. As it keeps showing itself in the right panel of my youtube page, I have no way to skip it. If I’m not wrong, there are so many precious codes well implanted in it….Pls enjoy this watching! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, for the “Flute” is also a very symbol in this animation !!!

    Song of the Sea – Saoirse (means “freedom”) Song scene

    An question which deserves our more speculation… about what’s the very “Magic Flute” to us ?! The answer seem not difficult to acquire!

    Another link having to do with Celtic. I in fact hesitated for days to share, then Brianna just gave me the reason to share it here :

    • isnt it a word play… that is the shown u there… and if its a play on word for the ones able to see… why not count the music as language it self since math is a universal language and universe loves geometry… and since masons are having it with math and geometry why not count the music as words and language as well if its a word play ?

      thats what popped into my mind

    • Part of the so-called “Illuminati” agenda, also mentioned in the “Hidden Hand” posts from 2008. There are lots of things surfacing now that were also mentioned in that material. Some of it is what I consider “wishful thinking” on their part, looking back I can see how there would be impending disaster.. for 3 years straight… sigh…

      • yeah ur so right with that…

        yeah but think about it this way as well… universe has a word in all of that… and since they are behind their plan ^^
        universe seams to cause trouble behind the scenes… and of course we do to 😉

    • thanks for the link =)

      i like bills voice so much…
      it reminds me of an saying (supposed to be realy old) i cant remember the exact words…

      but its like “light might deceive… but sound always tells the truth”
      interesting thing i noticed about that saying… they made a tv show about an book called “childhoods end ” i couldnt finish the show because it realy upset me… because from my view they tried distort the saying by showing an nasty being that first used his voice before it showed it self and that voice was the medium it used to lure the people in

  6. So it is “the” day 🙂 5.35am over here, officially the 14th.


    And a song to play with le cake :))) May each bite taste sweet, peaceful, and loving. Magic in a yummy form, oh yes 🙂

  7. Hello, I would like to lesson to Valiant on the radio show – what radio show is it that he will be on? Feb 14th – correct?

    • Hello Lilly!!!
      When I am sent the link to the show, sometime tomorrow….I will let you all know.
      Yes, I was assured it would be uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 14th. It was recorded Feb. 9th.
      The Site name is under Roger Sylver, MaximAxiomRadio, or SolidSylverSounds.
      If dreamwalker emails me…I can forward it to him, so he can post it.

  8. first i have to thank u all for ur view and perspective

    lida and bill dont get me wrong but ill congratulate on the birthday its bad luck here when said to early

    what i love about u guys is… that every time we can talk and discuss stuff here and we bring all the things and parts of the puzzle together on the table and see what we got =)
    its like as if we all made pictures of some of the same things and some of different things… and all these pictures and senses that paint an intre different picture than any one of us could have on its own =)

    i have a been a bit under the weather yesterday and today… and yeah thanks to u guys again =)

  9. In regards to what Stefan is confronting with…though I might have skipped this topic for times, honestly, in FR, we are in fact just confronting with more and more similar situation. This is a country who has been quite open to receive refugees, and I can only appreciate this generosity, being a foreigner.

    I came from an Island where the most population’s ancestors were also immigrants. Our ones in the New continents might also have ancestors who had some kind of immigrating histories, just like Lida….The cause, motive, decision, courage, all the factors cannot but have haunted me.

    As it’s already at the very late hour of a day, I may be unable to stay in good awake state to express well here….Just want to leave anyhow some words before sleeping.

    First, to Lida…I anyhow would like to address my highest homage and appreciation to you for that we all know how great you are to be Valiant’s mom. I guess most of us could have met this kind of circumstances where our parents could not understand our unearthliness / eccentricities at know, or even could have never been really aware the very concerned difficulties that we have ever met. Or, like me, I just have tried hard to hide that part, to make myself look less abnormal, preventing from freaking them out. The truth is I’ve regarded myself as someone seriously mentally ill and really have difficulty to adapt to, even to survive in this world with all these wired thoughts, sense from others. Mother like you on the contrary not only know him so well, but have dedicated so much all along with him shoulder by shoulder, step by step !!! Then we have chance to read these posts, see his pictures, even communicate with him…So, this is also a very day which deserves our praise and gratitude to you !!!

    Dear Mechee…you know…your words are just revealing some kind of fairy or eleven vibration, so airy and transparent….just like the morning dews. These vivid description, sharing are just bringing into the grass, even forest. When you said your are Britain….I just had a waha…that’s why !!! You know…it has always been this kind of very elven or fairy energy which can just heal me, rinse any kind of dust on/in me!!! I cannot thank you enough for the magic that you just brought. You and Brianna…are both so…eleven, airy whereas our brother Stefan is so water like !!!

    Terraseed…you in fact invoke me some stories about sea…I would like to keep you guessing for some moment…

    Where are you, our adorable – gorgeous David bear ?

    Here, I have to thank Troy for bringing all together here…really cannot thank enough…So…see you all in dreams, and in air in that radio show !

  10. Steffan, I feel your pain and frustration too. As here in britain we having pretty much the same cards being played. Ive decided that is all part of they last fire works before they have to admit to some “stuff” and will send positive thoughts to the grid. It does bother me but when these thoughts and feelings come trough me i remind myself that it is actually part of what has to happen in order to achieve the objectiv. Dont know if that will help you or not, i guess all i can say is to be strong and anytime you need you have a hear here to listen. Hugs

  11. Everyone,
    I will make sure Bill receives all of your Birthday wishes. It will bring him much joy!!

    mechee, I am so very sorry for the loss of your furry baby.
    I know he misses your hugs and kisses too, but he is safe and healthy and young once again. Perhaps, soon, he will come visit you n your dreams to let you know he is OK.
    I have lost so many too…and wept profoundly whenever one passes over. Yet they always come back to check on me in my dreams and let me know they are fine and will see me again!
    When I pass, this is where I want to g too/…to be with my furry children! Because I know I will be greeted by a huge multitude of them and they come running, once more, to see me!! And we can all; be healthy and free together!

    Shedding some tears for your sorrow as I write.

    • Thank you so much, Lida. Omgoodness…’re so sweet. That’s how I see it in my imagination too, all my furry babies running and jumping all around me. I saw him for a split second, right before I woke up yesterday, but I haven’t been to sleep since, so maybe tonight…..hopefully. (I’ve cried on everything and everyone……crying in the shower is prime real estate in “tearville”)

  12. I wanted to swing by and say HI!! I have a lot of catching up to do, but first……HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a big HELLO to everyone. Lida, Thank you for “YOU” and for your Valentines gift……. and Bill, “Another page turner, ma-brothaa!”

    I havent been very tuned in, bit ive been thinking about all of you. My beloved 15 yr old furry brother is now a beautiful free spirit, protecting us on the other side. I’m a big ol’ball-bag. I cry at the gym, in line at the store….”drop of a hat”….and right now, crying. Wednesday morning sucked, but he was in my arms when he passed. (I’ll see you soon, my grumpy keggers)

    Celebrating all the life around us. Isn’t it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Beautiful Feilla…..your video just expressed everything I want to say, but I can’t because some things are felt so deeply…. words can’t describe. (I’m just going to type and see) As I sit on my back porch, i stare out at the big ceder tree where we buried our furry friend on Wednesday, next to his best friend, who’s been waiting patiently for three and a half years. Anyway, I didn’t notice until I took a deep breath……all of a sudden, im surrounded by birds and butterflies. All around me, the birds are singing so beautiful. All at once. There’s a slight breeze and my wind chime seems to be setting up the musical tone. (Alert: The squirrel that tortured my dog Keggers, just ran overhead…perfect timing, as I needed that laugh) DAMN IT…..I miss my friend!!!

        So so so sorry for the somber post. If I drank, I’d be so drunk right now.

        • God…my sweet angel Mechee. Before submitting the last comment, I was in fact hesitating if share this link as well…as I’m so afraid of causing more your sorrow. As Lida, when sending the last comment to you, my tears just could not be held…

          Nice to sense this kind of beautiful “synergy”…So, thanks to this, I dare to share this here….

          We are so “together” !!!

          • Such beautiful images in nature. How incredibly clever. Thank you so much for sharing. The squirrel Pictures remind me of the little boogers who played with and teased Keggers. Makes me giggle. Thank you for that……sincerely. 🙂

            (….nope….crying again. Now, crying and giggling…)

  13. Hi Stefman, I wanted to carry your question over here regarding dealing with immigrants in your community, since wordpress has closed comments on the previous post (ant-spam measure…).

    So the main thing to remember is “keep your eyes on the prize”. This is very important right now.

    Having said that, we currently find ourselves in two different worlds simultaneously. So your question about what to do:

    -do you react to the immigrant situation and defend yourself
    -do you focus on the “higher realms”

    I notice there are answers in Valiant’s post to your question, reading between the lines.

    You probably don’t need to take a leadership role in the more “3d” kinds of things, because at the end of the day it could be seen as a distraction from our primary goal (whatever that is!). You do however need to protect yourself from harm. It comes down to where you spend your energy, and what’s important to YOU.

    I hope this helps… stay safe! 🙂

    • So sorry Stefman, I did not a chance to reply to your questions before WordPress shut down the comments (didn’t know they could do that),

      But dreamwalker has made some excellent points. It is heartbreaking and very scary to see the immigrant situation going on in Europe right now. Who to believe. Who to trust.

      You must always do what feels right RIGHT for YOU! NO one else can do that for you. So if you need to sty away from the conflict, absolutely do so. Bil has warned how crazy it would get out there, and that for our own safety…to stay out of it. Let’s face it…we can’t be any good to anyone from a jail cell, or a hospital bed. It only creates more hardship for our loved ones. Being a strong silent force is a good thing.
      And shows strength and courage at the same time. It also keeps your focus so you can react appropriately! And do the right thing.

      Many years ago, right before I was born…in Germany…my parents were working with the underground in Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic now). The police were coming for them…to throw them in jail. One had previously questioned both my mother and father and threatened to kick my mother in the stomach, so she would drop the child she was carrying! ME.
      The night they decided to flee the country, they were tipped off of the impending arrest…so they wrapped up their son (my brother), took only what could carry…and left. IN the middle of the night. Leaving their families behind….
      They fled to Germany where they eventually went to a refugee camp, where I was born.It was 1948! The camp was outside of Stuttgart.
      Had they not done this…I would not be writing to you all, Valiant would never have been born…and so on!
      Things happen for a reason. I am sure of that.
      So have Faith i knowing that you are where you are for a purpose and follow your instincts!

      Be brave. Your friends are with you through this.

  14. Happy Birthday Valiant and Robin’s mom, as well as the homage to Lida, Valiant’s mom who gave birth to him, bringing him to this world and have supported, worked along with him dedicating in such a deep devotion. So…obviously, Valiant’s this birthday will be quite festive, being celebrated with so many cherishing and cherished ones, with the hearts all gathered together !

    That day, Sunday, is in fact also the 7th day of the New Year according to the lunar calendar. As 14 is double 7. These multiple 7s seem to be bringing more magic ?!!!

    Happy Birthday & Valentine…

  15. by the way didnt the scientists had yesterday a press conference about einsteins idea about gravity waves and that they found them… so the “we now know” part has on a funny way been fulfilled 😉

  16. Thank you Bill. Thank you Lida. ❤
    Tribe… 🙂 Since a brave heart is fueled best by a peaceful soul, and because a week-end is starting, here is a bit of music for …thoughful toughts 🙂
    Add a sprinkle of passion at will 🙂

    • Wow, dear sister, honestly, I was thinking to look for something like this to you, for you…it should turn out that it’s rather you who brought it first…What an Elven hand which pulls this in !!!

      Some synergy was/ has been happening….Two days ago, our awesome Bulgarian sister, Beti who in fact doesn’t read English just shared this video with me, for bringing me more healing energy….As Valiant’s post just indicated as well this “rain forest,” it might be worth sharing it here…

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