Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Ascended Master…The Little Old Asian Man…

*SONG* Rock n’ Roll Dreams by Meat Loaf

These are times for things to happen…
Like it or not…It’s a time of Fate…
Moments you wait for…moments that you
Hate…anticipate, desire…
And choices are made…
Led by the past…to forge some brave
Mysterious tomorrow…lots of hope,
And dreams…That’s what rock n’ roll
Dreams are made of. We all have them…
I don’t know where I’m going…
Or why the past happened…
All that I know is that I followed
A guiding light…I don’t have all the
Answers…I just follow this guiding light
To find my own…And, as directed, I share
That in the hopes that others somehow
Can find their own way…For
Whatever fate brings…I hope its
A good, kind fate…That’s all anyone
Can ask for.

“Well said.” Varence nodded then pointed to
The notebook. “See…Finally…After pushing
You to write for so long…”

“I didn’t say that I like it.” I told him.
“But I confess, it does help cope with

“That’s why I wanted you to write it
Down.” He leaned toward me, I admit with
The kind expression of an old friend; albeit
The most insistent friend I’ve known. He
Nodded to the written words. “I accept that.”

“So now I tell the story of the Little
Old Asian Man,” I said respectfully. “The
Ascended Master…Now…After all this time…”

“It wasn’t time for it before.” Varence
Said, gesturing his hands widely. “The
Timing…The constant questions…It all
Takes too long…The thinkers, the right
Ones READ IT…It’s fine to question,
It’s expected…But to question constantly…
Those are never satisfied unless you tell them
What they want to hear…And the point to
That is what, ego?” Varence laughed. “Do
Not think I have not walked this road

I have to interject; I did not expect this…
Not such a kindness from him this

“The goal is to get the message out there
For them to read it…So that when the
Hard times come,” Varence looked down…
Then around, and about the faces of the sisters
In hope… “They can make those choices…
For the better tomorrow…in their own way…
By knowing what has never been told
Before…So what if some don’t believe it.
There are those out in the stars that
Do not believe there is any intelligent
Life on Earth…” He shook his head. “They
Do not care about your science…or dramas…
Because they have their own problems
To contend with…as many will learn.”

I sighed…rolled my eyes… “Ok, ok I
Understand…” Then my eyes looked to
This new woman who stood among them…

She was tall, flawlessly beautiful…but you
Probably knew that…Fair skin, a rich
Amber-brown colored hair that streamed
Over her shoulders and down her back in waves
And curls; the sisters had mesmerizing hair.
Her eyes were blue and sparkling in this
Piercing way…She wore this delicate looking
Ivory dress…But stood strong like a titan…

Clearly she had heard everything about
Robert, about Bobby…They hear everything
I write…as if I spoke it out loud…That’s
How it is for them…There are no secret
Thoughts…Think one thing, say another…
They do not understand that…To them
That’s deceptive…They want, expect, and
Appreciate a focused, sincere mind…

So if you lie to them they know it…
There are no accidents.

“This is Diana.” Varence introduced her…

“I brought her…” Vala continued… “As
I said I would…How?” She smiled… “You
Know how.’

“The point is she heard your story about
Robert…” Varence said, looking down sadly. “About

“I can speak for myself, thank you.” Diana
Said to me, looking me straight in the
Eye as I paused in writing to see her… “I heard,
I listened, yes…I know all about
You…I can clearly sense what all of
Us here are thinking…In part, that
Comes from what I do in matters of
The senate…”

“Diana,” Rana said with admiration, “is very
Direct…very fair…very sharp…She is
Known for one who does not waste time…”

“There is much going on back home that
You are unaware of,” she told her sisters,
And me… “A lot of talk everywhere…
Allow me to get right to my point of
Interest…The ones who caused this
Horror, these horrific things,” Diana pointed
To me, referring to the stories about Bobby…
About Robert…and all the others she saw in
My head; oh yes, that fast she knew those
Too… “So when do we vote to kill them?
Because believe me…If I sat as sole judge
Here today…I would say without hesitation…
Kill them.”

My eyes bulged. That was some heavy greeting!
If those were her first words…then what
Was to come next? I said nothing…I
Could only look to the others for answers…

“Diana!” Kierista exclaimed, the voice
Of reason; she constantly spoke softly. “A
Hello first would be preferred…”

“No, I agree with her.” Rana immediately
Jumped to add her anger. “Finally a
Sensible mind to this!”

“Sensible?” Kierista questioned… “A declaration
Of death, sensible?”

“How could anyone of sound mind not have
That reaction?” Diana insisted, her sweet
Face ironically debating words of rage that cut
The conversation, the entire setting and mood like
A knife… “I come, I enter among you quite
By surprise…I simply turn around in the
Offices of meetings with new land chancellors…
To be standing here…with you…my long
Missed sisters…to be spellbound listening to
Horrifying tales of tortured lives…and deaths
On one of the Watcher’s Worlds…And you
Expect me to offer a greeting of kind surprise?
Disgust and rage is all that you will find
With me…no matter what reasons you

“Again I say a sensible reaction.” Rana
Smiled wickedly, standing there with folded
Arms in a state of rage herself.

“What do you expect of me?” Diana asked
In shock…Her eyes bulging so wide…she
Could hardly speak… “This is a side world
That you sit upon! Why in Heaven’s are
You all here?”

“Oh Apollo here summons us to witness
Miracles.” Rana teased.

Vala turned to me humming, a victorious smile
On her face… “My lawful sister…I brought
At the most perfect time.”

“You did this, Vala?” Diana asked, even
More horrified. “You force me to endure THAT?
To hear THAT?”

“There are great reasons to bring us together,”
Vala told her sister playfully, “For those
Graced to hear…by eyes that read…ears of the
Inner mind…To learn.”

“Learn what?” Diana asked as she stepped
Closer to me curiously; curious of who and what
I was.

“The concepts of inspiration and the arts…
The riddled words.” Varence laughed…being
Himself again.

“Don’t start that again,” Rana spat, “I will
Slap you…I will slap that attitude far
From view!”

“So the watcher’s amendments break and
You waste no time to break laws of non-
Intervention?” Diana asked.

“No, he did that before,” Ceres then replied…
The coy smile of sarcasm on her face as
She held her chin… “When he stripped off his
Uniform to torment me with his bare ego.”
She rolled her eyes. “He has returned to
The manner of his youth…The jester of
Reason with the excuses of riddle-some

“They need to think!” Varence pleaded…

“They’ve had enough time to think.” Rana
Said. “I say the time has come to let the
Lions loose to claw the life from their

Diana could only shake her head, looking
About her sisters…resting her eyes on
Evangella…who silently did the same. “Where
Is the sense here? Does this go on endlessly?”

“That depends on your perspective.” Rana
Said for them all… “Does this strike you
As a world of reason? You heard him tell
The story.”

“Why do you, they, let this happen?” Diana
Asked fearfully. “Tell the lion men to kill them.”

Rana laughed. “I am grateful for her words!
Listening to this has tested the limits of my mind
Far beyond patience.”

“It’s a slave world,” Vala directed… “You are
Thinking of life on free worlds…Now you
Are experiencing the torment of a slave
World personally…Understand?”

“Appeal to the eyes of the reader…” Varence
Said, pointing to my notebook… “To the
Minds taking in these words…THINK…
Share your reaction with theirs…The
Best changes are inspired…learning…
Reading about all sorts of different things…
Then deciding what to do with it…”

Diana just shook her head before resting
Her eyes on me… “Who is this exactly?”

Varence smiled, lowered his brow… “This is Bill
…Of Earth…He looks like us, doesn’t he?
Yet you see the light there…flaming
Of some divine fire buried behind his eyes…
A divine being put it there…”

Diana thought carefully as her eyes
Studied me. “The messengers of the Prophecy
Of the Star Elder? This…is one of them?”

I had to pause at their conversation…Now
They clearly knew more…but how much
Exactly? “You realize people will read
This…sitting at their desk, at their computers
Or print-outs…and ask…Where is this going?
The questions…comments…interest…”

“I am not a figment of imagination…” Vala
Said sternly, her humming absent for the
Moment. “And believe me I will crack,
Rattle, roll and quake the feeble minded when
The time and chance come…”

“Pause please…” Varence begged then…
“Remember…allow me to dance through
The mind…Paint a picture of me…Grant me
The tone of a voice to hear…Build it…
Read it…Believe…Remember what she
Said…You have to know…Believe, understand
That somehow in somewhere it does exist…
That’s not a riddle…That’s how we
Reach you…from another place…”

“The reality will be soon enough.” Rana
Said. “I am no figment either.”

“And now…Bill…” Varence directed…

There it was again…His tone, his manner…

“Relax,” he said… “I know I push…He
Says to you…Tell him to come here and
Do it in person…And I say…No…I’ve
Been there…if they saw me or not, oh
Well…It’s more powerful this way…
Lest you constantly ask for help…and
Never do it on your own.”

“Just ask me your question.” I said.

Varence held his laugh with a solemn
Smile and regal stance; his hands held
And folded behind his back… “Alright…
I applaud your insistence now…That’s
Good…So then tell me…of all those
You’ve met…eyes open by light of
Day and eyes shut by night in dreams
That shook you with awe and confusion
And fear…WHO…among all of them…
Has been the wisest one you have ever met…?
Other than me, of course.” His smile
Slid wide and sly…

“He had to ass himself, of course,” Ceres
Teased, “Opportunities!”

I didn’t have to think long. “The Ascended
Master. The Little Old Asian
Man…The one I mentioned on the
Radio show.”

“Could you please,” Varence leaned to
Me, his eyes full of playful enthusiasm,
“Please elaborate on that story now…”

“You mean the whole story?” I asked.

“How is that relevant now?” Rana
Could have screamed.

“Yes,” Varence only said calmly…
“Please…Please share that now.”

Alright…For whatever purpose…It was
An interesting experience…
“Sure…I will share that.”
I had to wonder what purpose he had
In asking now considering their current
State, and mine…the grim story…the
Endings that haunted me…and their
Rage in hearing it…
Then it struck me… “Ah, I get it now!”

Varence nodded…Ceres rolled her eyes
Then joined his smile similarly…

“Ok then…The Ascended Master…
It was BEFORE I started writing the
Posts…I was looking for answers…as always
I looked for them in drawing…
By trying to see what was in the
Paper and what it was trying to tell me…

I was frustrated because on a weekly
Basis I was trying to pick lottery numbers…
To see the correct sequence of numbers…
To see into patterns…It was stressful
Because my family was always pushing…
You have this institution so win the lottery
Would you please…Everyone wants that…
I definitely did so I could run and buy
A farm somewhere…live with some friends
Or something…and hide…
Then I wouldn’t have to worry about
Work…dealing with the whole art world
…And the endless work that yielded
Only demands with little results…
The art world is vicious…greedy…competitive…
Over critical…ETC…who wants that?

So on the side…I was constantly questing
For the dream lottery win…But to
Grab the jackpot…Crazy. But you can
Not give up on dreams…”

“What’s a lottery?” Kierista asked…

“A cash, monetary win of a large sum…”
Varence explained to them… “Won by a
Game of chance…A series of numbers
Are drawn…The gambler plays a series of
Numbers…If they have the ticket that
Possesses these drawn numbers…They win
This large sum of money…in theory a dream…
But then local government takes this…
Greatly reducing the prize…Overall it’s a
Dream most have to escape their system.”

“Oh.” Kierista frowned.

“Please continue…” Varence instructed.

“Weekly I had a ticket of numbers I
Picked…” I went on to them…writing,
Telling it… “I played these numbers in
The hopes of winning…Basically for what I
Invested…I broke even…I won, I lost…
But couldn’t get the full jackpot…I
Should explain this was a game of SIX
Numbers…They called it the pick six…
The closest I got was five out of six…
About four or five times…It was very

Then on one Wednesday night…The
Drawing to come was the following night,

I went to bed, meditating…like usual,
The lines and light of the artwork in
My mind…and dreams and prayers and
I had been pushing myself very hard, as
Far as I could…with the art work, picking
Numbers…To chase my own secret dreams,
Like anyone…I just wanted to run
And hide…
I was tired of dealing with everything…
The endless demands and criticism…
It felt like I was being choked from every
Angle…family, friends…the art gallery…
Even constantly trying to fulfill this
Mission of the angel and the art work…
And whatever else was to come…

Not to mention the steady dreams and
Nightmares…of strangers…suicides…
Monsters…being watched, studied…hunted…

The night came…I struggled to sleep…
I barely remember what happened then…
It was a very strange night…but that was
Typical…And I had a dream that was
More than a dream…
Like those rare, magical, unexplainable
Dreams…it was powerful…VIVID…

Sudden…and crystal clear…I was someplace
There was a mild breeze, there was daylight…
I looked around…Two of my friends were
With me…One from the very real world, and
The other…from the dream world…
A girl and a guy…We stood on this…
Porch…But it was like none I had seen…
We looked at each other then I looked around…
Studying everything…

The porch was as long as the house…and it
Was HUGE…as huge as the building…There
Were big round columns spread out every
Fifteen feet or so…There was a very
Lush smell of greenery…I saw hills
Past a very neatly kept lawn that rose
Sharply to big mountains as far as I
Could see…This house was in a valley…
But…there was NO ROAD…No
Driveway of any sort in view…There
Was only one, very narrow well-worn
Path that led from the porch into the
Weeds about twenty feet away…It
Appeared to be a path used by horses,
Or donkeys or something…Possibly
A footpath…But clearly not a path
For vehicles…

I immediately was confused…The house,
The porch…was like a palace! This was no
Cheap home…It was well kept…The
Lawn and bushes that I saw in full sight
Were all tended well, and recently…How
Could there be no road to such a place?

And clearly, immediately it did not feel like
A dream at all…I asked my one friend, from
Real life what she thought…She
Was intrigued but had no opinions…So I
Asked the other friend with me, us…who I
Only knew from the dream world…He
Was scared, nervous…confused, and gave
No answers…

So we stood there for a while looking
Around…in front of these two massive
Ten feet tall sold looking black doors…
I could not make out any form of stylized
Architecture at that point…All I knew
Was that it deemed like a big family house…

Then one of the front doors opened
And there stood a pretty young Asian
Girl with long hair, a content smile wearing
A simple white dress…She nodded and
Pointed to me and said, “The Master
Will see you now…”

I stepped forward, we all did…but the
Asian girl informed us that I was the one
He wanted to see? So they waited, and I
Went in very nervously. Who was this…
Master? And why did he want to see me?
So I asked this girl…but she only smiled
Silently…no answers…and gestured for me
To follow…I was growing tired of these silent
No answers…

But I looked around…That’s when the
Magnificence of the house struck me…
Everything was a sight to see…Asian
Art work…sculptures, paintings, statues,
Tapestry…This giant Jade dragon that
Was impossibly awesome to see…and the
Furniture! Thick, blocky of a dark wood
That set stylishly perfect on dark polished
Marble floors…It was fantastic! I had
Never marveled at Asian art work before,
But then I had never seen a collection
Like this before…I could nor begin to
Imagine how old it was, how long it had
Been there…But it felt OLD…It was
Then, as she led me onward through
The front hall that it struck me…THIS
Was a house that had been there for
LONG TIME…It was spacious and huge.

I was so struck by the collection of
Art that I forgot about asking questions…

Then she led me into what appeared to be
A dining room? There was a long, thick
Black polished table…maybe ten chairs
Along each side…Then; there at the very
Far end at the head of the table I saw
Him…This Little Old Asian Man…
He smiled when he saw me…

She led me down the right side of the table
Where she then gestured for me to sit
To his left side…
He had the kindest…wisest…calmest
Air about him…Smooth shaven, no beard,
Full head of silvery hair,
No jewelry…No talismans…There were NO
Adornments on him…He wore plain clothes,
A simple, dark blue button down, long sleeve
Shirt, and dark pants…shiny…They almost
Looked like pajamas?

I should note, I was in pajamas myself…
A plain white T-shirt and white pants…

She sat me down, smiled…very pretty…Then
Patted him on the shoulder…He smiled back to
Her…It was so sweet, oh he had the sweetest
Most joyful smile…His eyes beamed with joy…
It was VERY casual, very calm…and very
Friendly, all of it. I sensed this younger
Girl was his granddaughter, or great-grand-
Daughter, who knows…but there was a
Family connection…

So I sat there…He turned, looked me right
In the eye…That smile of his…It was
So amazing, I had to smile too…I know it
Sounds ridiculous but it made me wish that he
Was my grandfather, that’s how good it

We just sat there smiling for a few minutes…
Him staring me right in the eye, and
It did not bother me at all. He was in no way
Condescending, or threatening…There was
Absolutely no intimidation, no sense of him
Saying I know more than you, no contest…
He was simply KIND…and it felt wonderful.
All of it felt totally wonderful.

“I have been wanting to meet you.” He
Said smiling, holding up his index finger.

I was stunned. “You have?” Shock! “Me?”

“Yes you.” He said smiling, I swear his smile
Only grew…and he seemed amazed that we
Were sitting there, like he had been waiting for
It? “I know about you.”
Then, I saw it, noticed the papers on the
Table in front of him…all written in
Asian characters I could not read…And
Beside him…a pen, and a notebook…
All I knew was, whatever was written
On those papers was about me…

“Am I in trouble or something?” I asked,
Feeling like I was in the principal’s office.

He laughed. “No.” And laughed. “No, of
Course not.” He spoke perfect English, no
Accent at all.

“You…are the Master then?” I asked, referring
To what the younger Asian girl had said…
All I could say was, “You mean like an
Ascended Master?”

“If you want to say that, yes.” He smiled,
Nodded; I swear he glowed with joy, vitality.

I was only more stunned. “What could you
Possibly want with me? You must know

“No one knows everything.” He laughed. I
Swear he enjoyed every moment of this
Like it was the greatest show on Earth, I
Thought he might jump up and down in his
Chair or something, he was so enthusiastic.

And there I sat totally confused…The
Happier he became, the more shocked and
Confused I got; and still am to this day
Remembering it. “I have no clue why.”

“You know why.” He said…pointing to my
Head… “Right there.”

I could have rolled my eyes a thousand times…
He knew…of course he would know about the
Angel… “OK…I shouldn’t be surprised…though
I don’t understand it.”

He nodded. “You’re not supposed to understand it
Now…That’s how it works.”


He smiled for the um-teenth time, patted my
Arm like an old friend, or grandfather…
“You listen to me…You will understand…
One day.”

“I hope so.”

“You will.” He nodded, he kept nodding. I swear
He was so happy I thought he would pop.
“And I know what you’ve been doing.” He
Pointed at me…for the first time a very gentle
Manner of reprimand in his face…briefly
Though…then his smile came back…

“You do?” I asked. “What?”

“Playing the numbers.” He said. “Picking
Numbers…You are using so much energy on that

I looked down, I admit I felt embarrassed,
Ashamed for that at that point… “I have, yeah.”

“You are spending too much energy, wasting
Time on those numbers.” He told me.

“Wasting time?” I asked.

He paused…A bit of a serious expression…
“They are never going to let you win…
Not like this…not this way…You know that,


He gently pointed up… “They.” He simply
Said, referring to the Heavens… “You were
Given a gift…a job to do…You can’t hide
From that.”

“Why?” I was tired, scared, afraid to hear it.

“Listen,” he smiled…I swear he was the
NICEST, KINDEST man I had ever met. “It’s
Not about the money, it’s not. When you need
It, it will be there…What you need will be there.
Trust me.”

“Can’t I just have a fortune cookie or
Something and pretend…” I said weakly,
“And just keep trying to win and hide?”

He laughed loud and then patted my arm. “No.”

“Can’t I try?”

“You need to stop playing that lottery, Bill.” He
Told me. It’s pulling your dreams in the wrong

I wanted to cry. I did.

“Listen to me.” He held my arm… “I want to
Make you a deal…You’ve been having a hard
Time picking numbers lately…right?”


“All that energy you’ve been using that’s why.” He
Said. “So here is the deal…I will show you
How I pick numbers…You go play these
Numbers…If…If my numbers come out…Then
You do I ask…I’m the boss…Now you
Have a job to do, so you do it…OK?”

I laughed…What were my options? “OK…”

So he held out his hand… “This is how it
Comes…” He pointed to his head, my head, then
To his… “From the mind…down the arm…
Through the hand…through the fingers…
Through the pen…the ink…onto the paper.”
Then he opened the notebook…took the pen
And started to write…

He explained…Numbers…related to time,
The weather…Temperatures…Dates, the
Calendar…then wrote…
“These are female numbers
05, 10, 15, 20, 25…and these…03, 33
Are male numbers…
Play these female numbers…and if you
Win…You do the job.”

I hesitated…

“What are you so scared of?” He asked
VERY kindly…holding my hand…

“People…” I told him… “I’ve had to deal
With attitudes, egos…criticism all my life…
I don’t want to deal with it anymore…
Who does?”

He smiled…That inner light… “You have
Nothing to worry about, trust me…All of
Your life prepared you for this.”

I laughed, “Oh that feels terrible…” I
Could only remember years of grief…

He nodded…pointed, “You come with me.”
He stood up, reached over and grabbed
A handful of dates from this dark
Wooden bowl on the table…Then began
To walk…towards this wide open back
Of the house…
I followed him, afraid he might fall or
Something…but he walked fine, slowly
But fine…without a cane…

The younger Asian girl appeared then…
And we went out onto the back patio
That opened to this massive magnificent
Garden…There were these gorgeous, huge
Japanese red maples…Groomed trees and
Bushes of all kinds…Flowers of all kinds,
Scents in the air…Koi ponds full of fish,
Beautiful! Sand gardens with rocks…
It was just the most stunning gardens ever.

So then he slowly, carefully went down
The steps…He told me to stay there…
So me and the Asian girl waited by
The railing…and watched him walk out
Into the middle of the garden…

I was totally confused by this. What
Was he doing? Why?

So then he stops…right in the middle of
The garden…Whistles…And these three
Huge yetis, Bigfoot, Sasquatch…call them
Whatever…materialize from the bushes
In front of him carefully. My jaw drops…
I turn to the Asian girl… “Are these what
I think they are?”
She just smiled silently and wide…

So I watch…as he takes the dates, one
By one and very kindly, slowly, gently
Gives one to each of these giant Yetis…

And these enormous Yetis took the dates from
Him so carefully…so as not to hurt him at
All…They were ENORMOUS! At least eight
Feet tall each, three and a half feet wide…
They could have picked up a tank
And tossed it around that garden…and
Yet they were so gentle with this man…

And I knew…they protected him…
His house…Nothing is ever going to touch
Him…And I could feel more eyes in
The trees…There were more of these Yetis
Out there watching everything…watching
Him, me…everything…
And they can do things beyond what
We know…
That’s why science can’t catch Bigfoot…
Or catch a solid film of Yetis…
Science does NOT know everything…
It is a fragment of understandings yet
To come…The secret of Bigfoot, Sasquatch
Is this lesson to the modern world.

He paused in feeding them…Turned to
Wave at me, smiling…And I smiled…
I got his message loud and clear…

He is an Ascended Master…Perhaps
THE Ascended Master…
I know I will see him again…he granted
Me those final words…
I smile every time I think about him…
That confidence…That joy…
He knew so much and was never
Condescending…Tell me who knows
More than this man, I won’t believe you.

So I woke up…I played his numbers…
They came out…It was only 5 of 6 so
I didn’t win a lot…just enough to pay
Some bills…buy some art supplies…
And when I cashed in that ticket…
I thought about him and said, “OK…
OK I get it…Here I go…”

And so here I am…Writing with the
Pen, the paper…the notebook…just
Like he did…as I saw him do…
Half the time I have no clue…
You read it…you wonder and have
Questions…so do I…

And until he tells me to stop…I keep doing it.
If you don’t believe me…Fine…
You had to be there.

“Now that’s magic.” Varence said.

“It is.” Vala smiled to agree.

“I’m still preferring to beat them senseless.” Rana

“It will happen…”Ceres smiled… “That, and
More…The time is at hand to
Send a greater message…a demonstration…
Perhaps with the most wicked place
On Earth…Which city might that be?”

An angel with a crown…
An Ascended Master…
Mysterious messengers…
Who else could be involved?






  1. This grid is at present undoubtedly being implanted some malevolent interfering waves. At this moment, I guess pictures may be a better medium to convey the messages which may keep away from them. These are what I want to bring to you, the precious ones…..

    Brave: fate and destiny

    Dao-de-jing 10 by Lao Tzu
    (source :

    (Possibilities through the Dao)

    When the intelligent and animal souls are held together in one embrace, they can be kept from separating. When one gives undivided attention to the (vital) breath, and brings it to the utmost degree of pliancy, he can become as a (tender) babe. When he has cleansed away the most mysterious sights (of his imagination), he can become without a flaw. In loving the people and ruling the state, cannot he proceed without any (purpose of) action? In the opening and shutting of his gates of heaven, cannot he do so as a female bird? While his intelligence reaches in every direction, cannot he (appear to) be without knowledge? (The Dao) produces (all things) and nourishes them; it produces them and does not claim them as its own; it does all, and yet does not boast of it; it presides over all, and yet does not control them. This is what is called ‘The mysterious Quality’ (of the Dao).

  2. My dearest ones, despite of my silence this week, I’ve been trying keeping up your messages. This week…personally, I feel quite uneasy, for the dark attacks and the overwhelming blessings are doing combat in a very sharp way and this is causing very violent energy storms.

    Though I cannot talk much this time or in the following days, I anyhow would like to show my highest appreciation here and right now for your super bright passion and courage which have been lifting me up, as well as the very messages that you have brought to me !!!

    I anyhow feel much much happier thanks to your warm company, and get so surprised for the SPRING should have been coming. I literally feel being just awakened /reviving from the hibernation or death.

    The English term of this month seems to indicate something which corresponds so well to what we just sense from this board. Here, I want to express….I’m with you, my beloved family, fighting the evil, the malevolent !!!

    The Water, the Gate that Dreamwalker just shared are the vey messages to me, reminding me of this term also from Lao Tzu / Laozi

    (The placid and contented nature)
    The highest excellence is like (that of) water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving (to the contrary), the low place which all men dislike. Hence (its way) is near to (that of) the Dao. The excellence of a residence is in (the suitability of) the place; that of the mind is in abysmal stillness; that of associations is in their being with the virtuous; that of words is in their trustworthiness; that of government is in its securing good order; that of (the conduct of) affairs is in its ability; and that of (the initiation of) any movement is in its timeliness. And when (one with the highest excellence) does not wrangle (about his low position), no one finds fault with him.

    We are to change and being changing this world, and this way may be an incredibly alchemical one (recipe)….

    A message which might related to….

    Just at the very same time, my attention happened to be caught by this picture…

    The Green Knight in the Woods, Linocut Print by Michael Smith 2015
    source :!product-page/c1hs9/a8c45bf3-22d8-221c-599e-bf466cbb0ef9
    Just at the moment when typing this part, in my ears coming this melody….

    I may need you help on this, as this is the very riddle / puzzle for me…

    On the other hand, almost one week ago, when I saw this picture, I could not wait to share with you, particularly our super elegant Tiger Sister…

    Tajdar – Prince of The Himalayas – by Holly Sierra

    White Tiger in CN astronomy and astrology reflects the direction of West and corresponds to the element, Metal which generates the element Water.

    I guess…this might be bringing messages to us, too !

    Besides, I want to thank the angel who just shared this with me, as it (rock and roll / metal style Canon) as well corresponds perfectly to this present wave !!!

    Another precious message brought by the very same messenger….about the Goddess Iris

    A sync with the very one(s)…

    In the end of this comment, here is the song I would like to share…for I’m quite sure I was indicated to share it here….for it’s also the very message to “us all!”

    Hayley Westenra – Haru Yo Koi (春よ,来い)

    If I can finally have more willing to stay in this world, it’s all because you are here with me and make me feel home, wherever I’m and will be !

    May we taste this dessert together to celebrate this Spring reunion !!!

    • The artwork you posted is beautiful. Im happy you shared =) Ive also been experiencing feeling the uglies this past week. The energy lately had heavy winds from one direction then the next and the mind was busy playing tricks and self-sabbotage..those suicidal thoughts that can take one so far down. Today was different was like being in the eye of a storm. I could sense the energies swirling about yet no thing could touch me and the mind quieted. I remind my self of I AM, that soul..the undeniable power of knowing wholeness is the truth, not the dream within the dream where the little mind tries so to control. As much as it feels comforting to come here and be reminded “youre not crazy”…At the heart of all the “happenings” there’s no separation..there’s no need of the reminding…just a deep remembering of the truth of wholeness. “I know that I know nothing”…but. maybe there’s just no-thing there to know 😉 ❤

      • i know times are bad and everything seams so hard… but hold on tight there… i can see this joke on earth crumble as we speak at so many fronts they slowly lose control… its slowly but steady slipping out of their hands…

        just a little example… yesterday got one big hypocritical politician busted with crystal meth… but the funny thing he actually had “immunity” to a certain degree… but the police busted him anyway… so for me one problem less to take care about…

        just look around ull know it when u see it… its crumbling all over… i have the feeling they are trowing the kitchen sink at us because they are getting very desperate…

        and remember it drives them reptile brains nutz when they lose control and see it all slipping out of their hands 😉

        back than when i played my beloved online game where i posted a video of… before i left the game i joint some friends that settled right in the middle of the space of an huge power block (thousands of other players)… it was a little station run by the sisters of eve… if i can remember correctly… it was sort of a safe haven in the chaos… that station was a neutral port opened to every one… so they couldnt kick us out of the area… once we where familiar with the area and hostile fleets… we started to behave like local trouble makers… soon we found other allies in the area that didnt belong to the huge power block… so the area wasnt that hostile anymore… that meant for us we could be risking more and even set up gate camps… at some point every time a huge fleet had to pass our system we could bite of a few ships here and there of their fleet… at first it was an annoying thing to them but after a while they saw us as a threat because their people hated to pass that system… most of the times they didnt catch us and had to witness how we came blatantly and shoot up stragglers in front of them… all they could do was watching… they where to slow as to catch our fast ships and our hit and run tactics… untill they where so feed up with it that they actually had planed operations (they called it back than “taking out the trash” funny enough we had spies inthere huge alliance) in our little system with huge fleets to teach us a lesson or two… so we where out numbered and stayed docked at station… nothing to win here for us because we already won they had to set up huge fleets just to keep a hand full of people docked while outside where 100+ people camping the station that where needed else where… so in the long run we taught them to fear our system because we will demand our fee for them to pass thru… plus we made them bleed so they had to move a force into our neighborhood just to keep us from embarrassing with losses…
        plus other alliances had some more wiggle room with a force bound to our location…

        so have a look around i bet u folks will see the crumbling also around u 😉 they are losing control 😉

        how to they say the night is the darkest just before the sun rises again ? 😉 so hold on tight there… they are starting to get scared 😉

        • Wow!

          The light of a lighthouse is measured by its candle power

          That looks like a fun game. Funny thing – sounds like you were one of the resistance. 🙂 As above so below…

      • “eye of the storm” is exactly what I’ve been feeling too. In the middle it’s very quiet, and all around there’s chaos.

        I also somehow answered those suicidal thoughts with the understanding of just how amazing every one of us is. To think how far we’ve come… what we’ve had to put up with… and yet we still carry on…

        thank you

  3. These Ancient ‘Hand Prints’ Were Not Made by Human Hands

    The Wadi Sura cave in the Libyan Desert features a number of stencil paintings dating back to between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago, including over a dozen tiny human-like hand prints. Since its discovery, the hands were thought to belong to human babies, but an anthropologist now says they’re not human at all.

    Sorry folks, it’s not aliens. It turns out, the iconic stencils were made using the forefeet of reptiles. Such is the conclusion of a new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, led by Emmanuelle Honore from the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in the UK.

    • Ok, it’s the prints of young crocs. Possible.
      Now, one question… how did they carry these young crocs out to the Wadi ?
      Cuz there ain’t no crocs in the desert 😀 In the Nile river, oui.
      A Wadi is a desert spring. Gets filled (and can flash flood) during fall/winter. And starts drying out in the spring season. No crocs 🙂
      Thanks for this, you got talking about my beloved desert ! ❤

  4. Hi Brianna – I posted the latest POOFNESS newsletter which seems to illustrate what you’re saying regarding the Galactic Federation, the RV, etc. in a nice little package. 🙂

    Wes Penre talks about the “split” between the mechanized human and the natural human (for lack of a better term…). The end game is “protected cities” with high levels of security. The chips they embed to gain access to the city would be “voluntary”. We already carry primitive versions around with us inside our credit cards and cell phones.

    In this projected timeline the “other” (because there needs to be an other to support it) will be “primitive humans” who opted out of the system.

    The philosopher’s stone is a handy tool to have here.

    There’s a secondary “shorter term” con happening at the same time – “NK” demonstrated how this is done with his own RV scheme. Why he’s not in jail right now is only because he’s hiding out in Indonesia, and his victims are too scared to prosecute.

    • thank you for the post my dear dreamwalker =)

      its an amazing spark of hope on the horizon… but it sounds to good to be true to me… from what i heard about the macros…. its the ones that want payment of energy as in blood spilled by marked sacrifices on certain grids at certain times…

      anyway the problem that i have with that is… we need to clean house on our own so to speak… how can we grow if we dont overcome it by our self… i mean dont get me wrong any help is more than welcome to do this thing…
      also the idear to throw money and gold and what not at the problem doesnt change a damn thing if the old mechanisems are still in power…
      the best idear to change that from my view was and is bitcoin since u cut the middle man out no money changers no %based money no bank no nothing only u and the party u want to do business with…

      but non the less im hoping on change and any spark of hope is welcome !!!

      im so sorry i dont wanna force my view on to any one

      so thank u so mutch for posting it =)

      • Precisely! And you’re welcome 🙂

        You’ll also notice that these things are mentioned as already happening, it’s a done deal. They haven’t asked anyone if it’s okay, or if anyone agrees with them… they’re just going ahead with it regardless. It is authoritarian in nature. I DO NOT CONSENT!!!

        There is help available but not from a physical or monetary standpoint, since these things are already under the control of the “powers that were”. No point in playing poker with the devil if he not only holds all the cards, but controls what’s written on them. 🙂

        • Well said ! Oh boy, yes… NK, that other con-artist..eeech. I’ll save more comments for the post you made. These sick schemes have to be exposed. At least make people think… And, yes, remove their CONSENT if they ever gave it !

      • Yes 🙂 Peace, Purity…
        Oh, and btw, “purity” THAT has been heavily distorted too. It was always meant as purity of Heart, of intent ! They turned it into the whole crazy “maiden (virgin) SHIT.

        And second btw, what is “purity” in men, then ? I mean accodring to the distorted versions ? I really don’t know. Anyone ?

        • yep the corruption and distortion of language is realy a bad thing…

          i agree with u that its all about the heart and the intention… its like are u using a knife for cooking or a tool its not bad at all… its rather helpful but if u use the same thing with bad intentions it becomes a weapon…

          yeah the thing about men yeah its strange isnt it all the double standards…
          i think its about mixing energys… like the saying u are what u eat… so if ur using it in love with a person u realy love how could it be a bad thing… but if ur using it to so to speak scratch an itch… well than it becomes such a degrading thing… while if ur realy doing it in a loving way it can be uplifting…

          after all we are talking about creating a new life… which is some thing divine… so it comes back to the whole use it as a tool or a weapon idea…

          what i also find realy strange… think about it… religion talks about an all seeing god that is always watching u… so if ur going to prey u kinda wanted to be clean like physical… but well if he sees u all the time what does it matter ??!!?? since god sees u anyway so whats the point… ? hehe

          on the other hand it makes way more sense to have ur inner intentions “clean” u know when u pray u wanna have a loving and free mind and not having all the bad things in ur head… so i would say its all about the heart and intentions…

        • Brianna a lot of what you’re asking about has to do with programming. We are taught that life should be very similar to a National Lampoon movie. Babes, beer, high- paying job, expensive car. And when it isn’t like that there’s something wrong with us.

          Whatever happened to just enjoying life and not being a total jerk to people?

          Having to deal with social anxiety is something I’m realizing now tends to cancel all that out – it’s an exhausting cycle that ends in economic slavery. The short answer is, sadly, there isn’t one – other than “monk”, but in “real life” there are honorable people.

          • Point blank, Dreamwalker !
            In this slave colony, they do not use real chains anymore. They invented and use a “carrot” type tool that keeps people totally subservient. Money.
            If anyone still has a doubt about this, Oxfam did it’s yearly survey, and in 2015 it showed that 1% of the people owned more, yes MORE wealth than the rest of the 99 % ! This alone is telltale.
            Oh, and their latest scheme is to get a “cashless” society ! Not “moneyless”, cashless. Total control of what you think you “have”. I heard that in Holland most shops are now shocked if you pay with an actual bill ! They want plastic. They carry no change !!!!
            What to do ? They are 1% ! WE are billions. Need I say more ? And no, it never takes ALL the population to change something, it only takes a small percentage.
            Oh, and… I have to broach this… Some will really hate me, so be it.
            This whole .. “Reval” thingie… A monstrous scam ! Monstrous. “prosperity packages” ? An “ascended Master” acting out as a planetary BANKER ?
            Seriously ?
            There is no sweet way of putting it. It’s a very very sick scam. Meant to “roller-coaster” emotions based on lack, which is the worst fear we ALL have. They’re always coming, and always “delayed”. Keeps you hoping, feeling good for a while, as all problems and struggles will be solved.
            Them bam… nothing. Of course.
            Money does not have to be coming in ridiculous amounts to each of us to “solve” planetary problems, that’s utter SHIT. Money, as it now exists, has to go.
            And, btw, there actually IS NOT enough cash on this planet to make “prosperity packages”, because most of it is virtual money. Inflated sums in computers. This money actually does not exist in real paper bills or coins, do you understand ?
            The trillions of Dollars, Euros etc… They DO NOT EXIST. They are just numbers in computers, a massive planetary enslavement scam.
            Now can we get down to really making this change happen ?

            Sorry, I had, really HAD to say this. It’s so important to get to the bottom of this dirty barrel they present us !

      • True but I noticed similarities to Valiant’s account – time around 3 am, this one kind of fits the description but bigger I guess – the eyes even reflect the light from the camera flash. You’re right it does look like a baby dragon – hopefully that’s as big as they get!

        • the 03:00 thing is strange since its not a global time and the 03:00 zone circles around the globe… also we have a saying here that 00:00 is the ghost hour where they are supposed to be active… but its an saying

          what i find also strange the more i look at the creature… it looks to me as if its build to walk on two legs since it looks as if the arms/legs at its front look to be weaker in build compared to the others… and the thing on its back looks like wings or some thing… or it could be tree branches… tail looks also to be build for walking… but than the picture is way to bad to be sure… and u cant rule out the imagination playing a trick because u cant see for sure

    • dreamwalker….
      we happen to live on the outskirts of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. So this is an alleged neighborhood critter! Heard some very strange sounds in the woods around us….right across the street. Like noting we have ever heard!
      So this photo…Wow!!


  5. and you all ‘rock’ too!
    You have it all down pat….I am so impressed and happy to be among you!

    and yes, Stefman, you thinking is just fine. My idea of Karma was to have the pay back during the lifetime of the transgression….so they will never forget what they done wrong, and will serve as a lesson and warning to those who have! Make THEM fox their erroneous and evil ways NOW!!

  6. Thank you Bill for the meatloaf song!! On wednesday afternoon I said to myself that I should listen to meatloaf ad I like them. I quite like rock’n’roll!! And took the words out of my mouth.. sorry for the folk who do not agree. This post helped me feel better for feeling that way sometimes towards team dark. Once again spot on my weekly thoughts. Magic is deffenatly in the air..lalala..lala😎

  7. omg… i was just looking in a book of mine where i written down quotes i like and think that they have lots of truth and sanity in it…

    i just realised one of the quotes was from an… i think 3000ish yeas old prophecy of the tuatha de danann….

    “Then she added a prophecy in which she foretold

    the approaching end of the divine age, and the beginning of a new one in which summers would be flowerless and cows milkless and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there would be trees without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgments and legislators make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another, and men would be thieves, and there would be no more virtue left in the world.”

    and what michael tsarion added after he has read this quote… was u just have to look out of the window… to see what was foretold happens today…

  8. first of all i have to say sorry for showing u folks this dark side of me….

    but i have to agree with diana and rana to a certain degree… but from my view death would be way to good for them… id rather be for balancing the karma bill in their lifetime… they caused way than enough toxic messes here if its mentally or physically… so there are alot of things to clean up… so why would we damage more humans in the process to clean it up… if we can have the people clean it up who caused the mess willingly and knowingly…

    i know this sounds cruel… but im not willing to sacrifice more souls for these evil u know whats…

    specially when they play the karma game and most people are unaware of it and the rules and the mechanics…

    im sorry to drag u folks into that dark place of my mind…

    but it had to be said =/

    • Stefman I don’t see this as being dark at all – this is a compassionate stance and I agree 100%. If it involves shovels so they can dig themselves out of the manure they created, all the better! Sorry guys, there are no easy exits on this one…

  9. Yesterday I had a big,… reminiscing of 2012 – 2013 street marches and protests. Dreamwalker knows, he was on the receiving end of pics and clips I sent from then 😀 And it was a bit of a headscratcher, why ? Why… now.
    Then I read the post this morning 🙂 Because when you are on the active side of protesting, you learn ! A lot.
    You learn to deal with fear, to deal with anger. You have choices, either to be full of hate, or to be determined, but not full of bitterness. Big moments, big lessons.
    Oh, you also learn to make fun of some situations. To de-dramatize them 🙂
    You learn that you can even have a big laugh in the middle of chaos ! With the (few) ones still around you, when most have fled already. And THAT is fabulous !

    And since this morning, I’m humming chants again. When you engage, you chant 🙂
    Because it’s neat, and it gives you impulse and courage. 🙂

    Weee will no longer bee-eee
    A dark empire colonyyyyy
    We will no longer be
    A dark empire colony
    Ale ale ale ooooo

  10. “When you here the clock and bells strike the hour of 2 the battle between Angels and Demons will begin…”

    Listen the the homeless woman..for she speaks truth…her name was…Rhonda…

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