Valiant: The Echoes of Thunder…Lightning…The Gods of Rome…

*SONG* “O Holy Night” by Charlotte Church

Miracles…and many splendid things of nature…
Few notice these things…
The coming storm…The ground shakes…
Earthquakes…animals sense the turbulence
In the Earth before it comes…
Little children notice things the greatest
Scholars never see…Why?
Is innocence granted a greater sixth sense?
Are there common laws of nature we have
Yet to understand?

Why with all the miracles of science, medicine
And the most skilled people…do we have
Dogs on rescue units…to aid the disabled…
To work as service dogs with the law?
They’re just dogs…animal shelters are full…
Explain that with no guilt at all.

The world can end with the press
Of one button in one day.
But it can’t be saved in one day.
Miracles exist…They do not have to be obvious…

Bathed in golden white light stood a
Woman of gentle confidence and royal beauty…
With coral-like colored curly hair and
Shimmery crystal blue eyes in a white robe
And dress…Evangella, 2nd daughter to the
Lost king…of the 9 sisters…
She held her hands humbly before her as if
To pray…to make this statement to the eyes,
Ears and mind of the reader…
“The Great Spirit of the Creator
Moves in ways…that are a wonder, defying
Explanation…the mystery is not to challenge…
But to find faith in the hearts and souls
Of flesh and the mind in a physical world…
Faith is the purest strength of spirit
Without ego…Faith moves mountains…
With it there is a guiding light that takes
Us home…home…where we come from,
Where we go to…and where we find our
Peace and absolution…

Find your faith…and you will find your road
Home…No matter what happens…
That’s what you really want isn’t it?
All those questions…have but one simple
Answer…They always have.

2,000 years ago…There were 5 great
Miracles on Earth…
Proclaimed first by annunciation by
Angels, beings of light…in 5 far star
Corners of a world…being reborn…
There were choirs of divine voices
Singing joyful songs of this…but only
Nature heard the song, and smiled and cried
At these births…
In Bethlehem…Ethiopia…Tibet…
Inverness…and a place of what is now
And near a place known as Gallup, New Mexico.

So few noticed or sensed it…not then,
Nor when it happened again…somewhat
Recently…” She smiled a gentle glowing smile.
“You have the right to sense this, or not.
The point to my telling this is but for
One reason only…The rules are different
This time…2,000 years ago the world was
Being crudely forged…and judged accordingly.
Now is an entirely different matter…
There will be no crucifixions…
It’s not about worship…no one religion is being
Judged or praised…
This time its Judgment Day.
Get in the way? Words to argue, to say?
In the arms of justice of it…you may…
Just find the price to pay…is hell.
Think about it. Think very carefully.”

Now…Back to then…on the ship of the watchers.
A masterfully guarded Secret Order,
The team assigned to Earth stood in awe
As the view screen showered a brilliant effervescent
White light so bright upon the bridge that
All seemed beyond conception…
The light cascading something marvelous
And divine…upon them, for those that had
The sense to see it…open eyes see many
Things others can not…

Apollo, Ceres and Camlo stood in wonder
Silently staring into the light…Their
Higher minds captivated by the rarest of
Miracles…occurring on this savage
Slave planet Earth…

None of them could speak, they could only
Stare, watch, study…take in every precious
Moment…The births, 5, scattered among
More humble lands…apart from the bully
Was it real? Such things never happen.
They can not be forced or created…
These miracles are by the whim of the
Divine…Heaven is never commanded by
Mortal physical laws. Fate, destiny is decreed
By Higher Forces…by will of the Creator…
The mystery sought to study and solve
By all things in the universe…
The light is indescribable…words can only
Meagerly offer minor reflection…

Ceres was the first to step closer to the
Screen, Camlo and Apollo could not move. Her
Jaw open with awe… “How can they not
Notice this?” She asked, demanded. “How
Can they call themselves alive and not feel
It happening?”

Apollo stood at the screen, his ego completely
Gone…He was almost terrified with respect…
“They are consumed by themselves…” He said.
“Who sees miracles if it is not strictly
For them, especially those plundered by
The Empire…or those building a new world.
Civilization is always blindly threatened
By what it can not control.” He stepped
Up beside her. “If they would accept it, it
Would be to surrender Ego to a greater power…”

“They move about too much,” Camlo added.
“Flowers, plants, trees…stand still and see
Everything…Moving things, Travelers see
What they want to see…And what happens
By chance when they do notice something rare,
Of beauty, a miracle…such as a Flower?
They pluck it for their momentary pleasure…
And then it dies.”

Apollo nodded at Camlo. “You do have a very
Rare insight…Nothing can exist without the
Simple motionless fauna…nourishing vegetation
Is bound to the Earth, not to move…To serve
Life in various ways…Food, air to breathe…
Taken for granted…Always…Taken.”

Ceres sighed with watery eyes as the light
Began to fade, the miracle finishing its
Eventful birth…and thus ebbing softly to
Blend in to its surroundings…so obviously
Hidden to be like everything. “How can
They not see?” She insisted. “We watch for
This purpose, wait for it. And now we are to
What, sit by and allow it to be consumed…
By civilization? By Rome?”

“It is too early to tell the fate of this.”
Apollo told her… “We can only watch, we
Have to, we must.”

“Play an invisible part to witness this?”
Ceres asked. “If civilization here fails
This test…then it deserves to die.”

Camlo returned to his seat and
Work quietly…The light was nearly gone
Now…and he had to return to his duties.
“A rare gift…But how do we remain calm
After this?”

“All meaning changes.” Apollo added.

“It is a treasure more than just a
Gift.” Ceres insisted, but then she did love
Babies so. “One that must be preserved,

“We watch only!” Apollo told her, ordered
Firmly. “This is their path…We learn from its

“By what?” Ceres turned to stand face to
Face strongly… “Rome? That vile and
Revolting city land! The bullied wisdom
They have…Their hormonal daily lives…Can
You not see the coming storm in this?”

“Not everywhere!” Apollo corrected. “Some
Of those lands have potential…”

“Some?” Ceres laughed. “Are you joking?
All of them are important without measure!”

“So we pay attention and do what we must.”
He told her… “We must…”

“Again I say these rules are
Impossible!” She crossed her arms in
Front of her, tapping her foot angrily. “Have
You learned nothing?”

“You are too temperamental.” Apollo told her.
“You can not plot to intervene without
Seeing the promised intent…the long term

“Oh I see the weight of Rome’s confidence…
And where it is climbing.” Ceres told him…
“That bully needs to be put in its place.”

“And you would forsake the purpose
Of miracles…To punish Rome?” He asked.

“They worship idols!” Ceres shouted. “They
Name gods for every move and gesture
Just to appear blessed!”

“Ceres!” He commanded loudly.

“Do not shout at me.” She informed him
With a coldness in her eyes…as she stood
Defiant to anything he would say. “You
Can not even wear clothes.”

He laughed. “I admit, my reasons are

“You flatter yourself.” She said.

“I ask only…to wait,” he said, “to see
How it goes. To give it a chance to progress.
“It has only just begun…”

“The weight of such things, these miracles,”
Ceres went on impatiently strolling about,
“That such gifts and blessings are imparted
On such savage worlds…I will never
Understand why Heaven touches worlds
In barbaric state with this…this way.”

“It is the way things are.” Apollo sighed,
Retreating to sit in his chair. He did
Appreciate the event…he only wanted time
To see how it would unfold.

Camlo said nothing but did glance at
Their discussion…He seemed quietly
Entertained by their dramatic reactions.

Ceres paused to stare at the view screen as
It returned to a calmer vision of the blue
And green Earth, a simple looking
Planet from space… “Watchers…this
Is a tormented assignment…to witness
Something…” She shook her head in
Frustration. “To do nothing…is awful.”

“To step in and guide,” Apollo said
Quietly, amazing himself with reason, “Then
They learn nothing. If you immediately
Give them all the help and answers they
Need…They never learn…Then they
Become dependant spoiled brats…They
Might as well sit there and do nothing
Then…vainly expecting everything they
Desire to be handed right to them.”

“Such as Rome.” Ceres said flashing and
Blinking her eyes sarcastically. “Bullies…
Build a world, glamorize it…Then force
All to do it their way…They ignore anything
That does not fit their purpose…”

“Are you acting any different?” He dared
To ask. “You are saying your way is best,
Are you not?”

“I only want to protect this gift, that
Is all.” Ceres told him. “Not tell them
What to do. I’m afraid for them…”

Apollo solemnly watched her…her expression.
She was sincere, he knew that. “What
Can we do? It is not our world, only
Our post…We are only granted this
Perspective above…or else we too would
Never know.”

Ceres stood thinking on his words, her
Thoughts, the past they knew… “That
All worlds are touched this way…
Is a blessing and curse.”

“Curse?” Apollo asked.

“They say…” Ceres said with longing, the
Desire to understand, “We are taught to
Watch so that we may understand where
We come from…where we go…what is
Possible…Faith, hope…love…”

“True.” He only said, looking down.

She turned to him. “How often have
You heard of happy endings? By this I mean.”

“With divine intervention?” He asked.


Apollo thought slowly, then answered sadly.
“Not often…most commonly, as you know,
We are taught it often comes with harsh

“Exactly.” Ceres nodded.

“But these miracles,” Apollo said, gesturing
Towards the view screen, “These divine
Gifts, the Hand of God…They are
Protected, they are of no normal birth…
They come with a mission most are
Never born with.”

Ceres shook her head. “I still feel the
Overwhelming need to protect them.” She
Then lowered her brow towards the view
Of Earth. “That world is primal, scarred
By the Empire…Savage…The Darkness
That dwells there…This is no simple
Evolving planet…It was colonized,
Then invaded, conquered and re-shaped…”

“And Heaven is reaching to touch them
As it would anywhere else,” Apollo
Said, “To simply extend its hand to
Give them the chance to see it exists,
What can exist…and what various
Potential it has.”

Ceres laughed at him. “The great Apollo,
Suddenly he is the voice of reason? The
Boy that mocked all things taught to
Him…The man who stripped to his
Bare skin to taunt me…Proclaims words
Of limitless understanding?”

“Taunt you?” Apollo scowled. “It’s not
All about you. It’s not all about them.
I removed my uniform to refuse the
Rules so that I could think!”

“The Great Thinker.” She said.

“The Free Man.” He explained. “That
All should have equal chance…I am
Not declaring myself better than
Anyone, nor my views! Everyone
Should be allowed that equal freedom,
Should they not?”

Ceres fought to react…his reasons were
Sounds. “What am I allowed to say?”

“I know you are frustrated.” He said.
“Give it a chance.”

She stared fearfully at the planet… “That
World…The way it’s growing…I have
Only studied the animals…They are
Marvelous…And now I have only but
Glimpsed its early…civilizations…And
I do not like it. I do not like watching
How…these people…evolve…It has
Been brutal enough…When the Elvar
Came, and their superiority…This
Constant stance of superiority, and
The oppression of the lesser ones…In
The animal kingdoms it’s harsh enough.
Civilization is a bully…and humans
Are puppets…Did we all come from this?
It’s disturbing!”

Apollo nodded. “It clearly is.”

“And what they’re doing…in Rome…”
Ceres said with grief, “This whole
Manner of worship…To entreaty Gods…
The spiritual manipulation…is an
Abomination! They make sacrifices!
To entities that by most do not
Exist…And this whole gory patronage
To Baal! That serpent devil! The
Servants of Baal, the Cabaal…
The blood offerings of innocence, the
Young, pure, untouched…The ceremonies
And ritual abuse in his name to bind
Favors to that…thing…is horrifying!
That temple should be burned!”

“They do not know how ancient that Evil
Is.” Apollo told her. “They do not know,
They think they know…They don’t.”

She kept staring at the screen. The
Intuition of her senses flooding her
Mind with visions. “That world is going
To grow worse, I can see it…Influenced
By that devil, all those dark spirits
And dark kind…Corrupt, masking
Itself with luxurious things to envy…
Enslaving minds with greed and lust…
Innocence will be some toy to abuse
And use…And Bullies will rule the
World…I can only imagine what
Will happen when technology falls
Into their hands. Metahumans?
Metamonsters!” She shook her head
“The Plague of Space.”

“You know there is the chance for
Potential.” Apollo firmly said. “You know
What your sisters said…The chance to
Defeat the Empire…When they produce
The right arrangement of DNA in
Offspring…Salvation may come in future
Generations…We but only need to wait…

“Suddenly your mind finds greater
Patience than mine!” Ceres exclaimed.

“Again, I say…What would you do?”
Apollo asked.

Ceres stood strong…her mind working
Furiously to find ideas. There had to be
Some possible path to find…Yet her mind
Stood apart from others…She was still
At heart, the Mother Bear. “I would
Rather prefer the animals to teach
Lessons…That those who saw the love
And respect in them would find greater
Wisdom and grace…in those I would
Find hope…”

“You would see the potential in an animal
Lover?” Apollo laughed. “Now those are
Brave words…But they exist in the simple
Lands…But not in Rome…”

“Yes,” she agreed, “Rome is the greatest
Threat…They stand above all the others…
And so we should make appeal to the
Top itself…”

“You speak of the Roman leaders,” he
Said to her, leaning forward in his seat,
“The thirteen families that form their
Government and rule their world? You
Would make an appearance to their

“Well not directly of course,” Ceres
Said, “To their dreams, yes…through
What affects them most…Their oracles…
The vessels of their desire that tempt
Them and their decisions.”

Apollo smiled, fought to laugh, and rested
His elbow on his knee. “Now that
Is interesting…The idea? How then? Or
Who? Should I dare speak a name…”

Ceres eyed him sideways silently with a
Smile…her intent clear…

“Magnus.” Apollo said…he knew, he saw
It in her eyes. He didn’t have to guess
Due to recent events.


Apollo laughed. “You suggest to change
The fate of things by making appeal
To the mind of a man with fragmented

“The Man is a beast.” Ceres said. “He
Should be broken.”

Apollo shook his head. “I do not have
A good feeling on this…The risk at making
Such a reach at all…You know they
Sense our tinkering already…We can not
Leave the ship! To make a further, greater
Attempt by speaking to one of such
Influence like that…We will condemn
Ourselves to the confinement of this ship forever!”

“What would you do?” Ceres laughed.
“Find some scribe to write a book
About all of this? To paint pictures on
A wall? Write poetry or songs to change
The world? A minority you would affect
At least! Even then, those that would
Listen…would sit and scratch their
Heads for days to find reason to
Believe you…They would ration doubt
And personal ideas first before seeing
Anything in plain sight! They can
Not even look out their front doors
And see what is happening! Or barely
Remember the day before! Their logic
Is corrupted by self-misery and indulgence…
Few can see past that!”

Apollo had to nod…That was true in
Most places…What she said was so true…
Story telling is an artful risk…of delicate
Timing…No one wants to do it. Such
Things are a suicidal mission. “So how
Do we do this then?”

“You are the master at timing, aren’t you?”
Ceres asked, waving her hand.

“Your idea, my suggestion on timing?”
He laughed. “You ask me?”

“You always have said the timing must
Be so precise, with the right choice…”
She tilted her head at him. “If it were
Written, if you were to command the
Words…how would you do it? Too soon,
It’s wrong…too late is a bad mistake…
Your riddles with time would drive anyone

“Then what are you saying to do?”
He insisted.

“Sometimes you just have to react!” She
Told him, stepping closer. “Sometimes
You can not hesitate…”

A cynical expression filled his face. “So
You say it then and I will follow.”

Her eyebrows arched with delight.
“We bring him here…To stand before
Us through a dream…Then impart
Waking ideas.”

“To the ship, here?” He laughed. “You’re

Camlo turned to watch them with shock,
But said nothing.

“Do it now,” she said, “Scan for the
Moment when he is asleep, then use
The astral crystals to bring his mind

Apollo fought the words for a few seconds,
Then did as Ceres requested… “I have him
Asleep…with his slave…”

Ceres sighed with disgust. “Have him
Dream some attire then, I do not wish
To see more of the low-life than needed.”

Apollo set the panel coordinates…studied
The appropriate manner of the dream, then
Suddenly…right before them stood a
Finely robed Roman Magnus…

The bridge was quiet at first…Ceres stood
Beside Apollo as he sat in the Captain’s chair
As they watched the confused Earth man…
The scene was intimidating, for even by
Roman standards. The bridge with its brightly
Colored shimmering lights and dynamic
Structure appeared…quite heavenly for
Any mortal man…

Magnus stood in the center of the room
Beneath a pale bluish-white light; the
Light that held and summoned him. He was
Not nervous at all, arrogance kept his posture
And chin high…he was only confused. His
Eyes fell on the mighty chiseled tall
Man in the throne-like seat before
Him…and the exquisitely beautiful
Blond woman in the red dress beside him.
There was no language barrier as he asked,
“Where am I? What is this?”

Camlo watched quietly, deliberately silent.

Ceres was the first to speak as she folded
Her arms. “Dare to guess?”

“Before the Gods?” He asked, hopeful.

Ceres turned to Apollo to answer that…
Smiling wickedly.

Apollo lowered his brow intensely, trying to seem
As imposing as possible. “We watch your world,
That I can tell you.”

“The Gods then,” Magnus said with solid
Voice; the man never trembled. “I am—“

“We know who you are, Magnus.” Ceres
Told him strongly. “Do you think we
Would summon someone at random?”

“You know me?” Magnus seemed pleased.

Ceres was not at all happy with his ego.
“Quite well…if you had a worthy head
That worked you would show more

“What?” Magnus asked.

“She only means to say we have some things
To discuss with you.” Apollo said, holding
His hands out beside himself before her as if to
Temper her attack. “We just wish to have

“Well of course,” Magnus said with pride,
“I am the voice and law of Rome…As
You wish.”

Ceres laughed. “The man speaks with
Immediate ego. Have you ever seen
Such a thing from one so small of mind?
If your Zinn were here…the performance
Would be ridiculous!”

“Performance?” Magnus asked. “Zinn?”

Apollo shook his head. “It’s nothing…
We wish to discuss this…manner of Rome
With you…Ceres, here, in particular…”

“Ceres!” Magnus declared. “The mighty
Goddess of Spring? The animals! The
Oracles never spoke of her vision of

“Please,” Ceres frowned. “Offer no flattering
Words…Nothing you could say would impress

Magnus was confused. “Then why am I
Here if not to partake and share with
You wisdom? Are you here to praise me?
Or foretell punishments you wish on

Apollo and Ceres eyed each other. “The
Way he thinks is disturbing.” She said.
“They will write novels on his ego one

“Magnus,” Apollo directed, “Why do you
Speak this way? Why do you measure
Rome the master over the world. What has
Moved you to do this?”

“Moved me?” Magnus asked. “We Romans
Stand alone above all others. We are not
Untamed barbarians…ravaging the countryside.
We are and will build a civilization to rule
The world…Isn’t that the wish of the
Gods for Rome?”

Ceres could hardly refrain her disgust. “No
It is not. Nor would any god wish for a
Bully to trample innocence for pleasure
Or indulgence.”

He was confused. “But Rome is of the Elite.”

“Magnus,” Apollo fought to laugh. “Why
Do you insist on controlling all things?”

“They are beneath us.” Magnus answered.

“Do you hear him?” Ceres scoffed. “Do
You hear his voice speak as though it
Were the sun and the moon and stars?
Apollo tell him!”

“Apollo?” Magnus said with praise. “Ah,
Of course the Perfect one of the Gods!
Of course!”

Ceres could hardly control herself. “I may
Lose my voice to screams! Perfect? Of
Course? Who fueled this insanity? Where
Did he find your name?”

Apollo was curious himself…though he had
Watched the mortal world, he knew the
Oracles influenced all manner of worship.
Still…his name? “How did you hear of
Me? Of us?”

“Perfection is obviously infamous.” Ceres
Laughed. “As is stupidity.”

“The oracles.” Magnus only said. “Do you
Not speak with them?”

They stared at each other for a few
Moments…Ceres and Apollo with puzzled
Intuition. Then it struck them…Something,
The same thing of which influenced Rome
Itself of course…was speaking to these
Oracles… “Do you serve Baal?”

“Why of course, Baal is the Master of all
Things…” Magnus told them. “The Alpha
And the Omega.”

“Omega?” Ceres grew angry. “No he
Is not…That beast is an ancient evil,
One of the oldest of the Fallen…One
Of the very first!”

“Evil?” Magnus questioned. “What is that?”
He laughed. “Evil is but the enemies
Of Rome.”

Ceres nearly spat. “Do you hear this? The
Animals have far more wisdom than this.”

“Magnus,” Apollo said with amazement,
“I have watched your world…your views
Of good and evil are misguided…You do
Not see others fairly.”

“Why should I?” Magnus said. “They are
Beneath me, beneath Rome.”

“The man is an idiot!” Ceres declared.

“You wished to summon this.” Apollo told her.

“I did not expect such immediate stupidity!”
Ceres replied in shock… “I thought for at least
A moment some common word would
Spring from his lips…like, hello.”

“The man is influenced by his upraising.”
Apollo tried to reason.

“You’re making excuses for stupidity now?”
Ceres asked. “The man wearing a drape?”

“You said you know who I was?” Magnus asked.

Ceres jaw dropped. “I have never seen
Anyone like this…so oblivious to the obvious…
It’s all about him!”

“I do not understand.” Magnus said.

Apollo’s eyes widened…He wanted to laugh
But found even that ridiculous… “Magnus, you
Do understand that there are others’

“Romans of course.” He said.

Ceres could not believe her ears. “You
Were right, I confess…this was an
Unimaginable wasted idea.”

“What words do you wish to impart
Upon me?” Magnus asked. “I do not

“I think we should summon monkeys to
Reason with.” Ceres said. “Or perhaps rats…
Yes, rodents would find greater sense in
The slums of civilization!”

“Slums?” Magnus took offense…He then
Met eyes with Apollo. “Dear Lord your
Woman makes no sense…She is a goddess
Of Rome, and yet considers only its waste?
You really must correct your woman.”

Ceres’ eyes nearly exploded. “What did he
Say? What did that writhing, slimy thinking
Little maggot say to me?”

Apollo held his chair, fearing the moment.
“Consider his manner, Ceres…A young

“Your woman speaks unjust of me,” Magnus
Said with irritation, “She does not appreciate
My greatness and what I have done for
The Gods and Rome.”

Ceres thought her ears would explode…
“What did he say to me?”

Apollo grew nervous… “I think we
Should allow Magnus to return to his bed

“Lord Apollo,” Magnus only went on, “I
Must insist your woman grant me the
Respect I deserve…”

Ceres jaw dropped…
Apollo’s eyes grew wider…The tension grew
Thicker…as he turned towards her…
But she wouldn’t speak, her expression
Remained locked in some frozen state…
Then her silence became more unnerving…
No one spoke…For moments that felt
Like hours this continued…As a furious
Blue flame grew within her eyes…

Then suddenly Magnus vanished…And
The view screen displayed the image of
Their leader, Dorin, who had of course
Been secretly observing it all…He
Immediately reprimanded them. “Have I
Not been clear with my instructions on
Interfering? I clearly expressed what
These rules are…And here you boldly
Invite an innocent naïve soul on board
Our secret vessel to interrogate him
And lay upon him some ideas on how
To change his world?”

Apollo scowled, angry at being disciplined
And angry at Dorin’s indulgently kind
Words of Magnus and Rome. “All orders
Were clear, sir.”

“Then what are you doing?” Dorin asked.

There was a hostile silence as their
Leader waited for a reply.

Ceres suddenly exploded. “Perhaps if
Your race’s extravagantly intelligent
Views on the universe weren’t so fixed…
There would be no need for such positions
Of Watchers…After all it was your
People’s enormous heads that intervened
And spared a once fated reptilian
Race from extinction…allowing them
To not only survive but become the
Scourge and threat of all things!
Then nothing would have suffered
Or needed to be corrected at all.”

Dorin, enraged by her comment, then
Commanded… “You are to be
Confined to the ship silently and
Absolutely from now on until such
Time is ruled otherwise. Do not make
Contact unless instructed, is that
The screen went blank…

Ceres and Apollo eyed each other…

“I am never involving myself in the
Affairs of the people of this world
Again.” Ceres snapped…and she didn’t,

Apollo sat quietly as she stormed
Out of the room…thinking…
He would pray for miracles and
Chances from then on…That’s how
The silence of their positions began…

Depart to the present…
Just a few words…

Beneath a golden light Rana and
Vala stood…sharing words…
“So much is happening…frothing
To culmination right now on Earth…
If anyone notices…
The wrong ones will be quite easily
Distracted…by anything, blind of course…
In many ways…and will argue
Like children that everything is fine.”
She nodded to Vala.

Vala hummed her siren’s song…
“May, the Merry First…celebrations…
Festivals of Magic…
We know what you’ve been doing…
The rituals…The ceremonies…
The sacrifices…The pleas and curses…
For the troubled hearts
I offer this…
Remember you can break any curse…
Blood, Sweat and Tears…
A drop of Blood by sincere heart…
A drop of Sweat by sincere brow…
A Tear drop, Tears of joy work best…
Though any sincere Tear will do…
Placed upon a candle’s wick…
Light the Flame
White as Light, Bright as Light
And banish all curses of darkness
From thy life…
Let Peace and Prosperity find you
And set you free…and protect you…
The deed will be done…
Mark my words…the age of
Darkness will end…one way or another…
Fight it and wind will blow…
And Freeze.




  1. i agree with u =)

    it should be about time to hit the hundreds monkey mind 😉

    its a nice first step… but still a long way to take down the debt money system and money it self… also to push to finally bring out all the hidden tech that can turn this place into the paradise it should be… so we can finally heal our selfs body mind and soul… so we can clean up the mess and heal earth and nature

    • Oh yes, you’re very right. But the one thing I realized about protests is that people meeting in this way, exchanging ideas and thoughts grow faster !
      Not all, but lots get very good insights. It… expands the minds. Opens new horizons, new possibilities.
      I’m not talking about the clash with police/light a series of trash cans on fire thingie :)))) That’s just learning to make barricades 😀
      I’m talking about the calm moments, when people sit together, and chat. Those are magic !
      The debt money system is kinda taking itself down right now. But we will have to push all this a bit. It cannot go the way “they” want it to go. No more. No longer.
      It’s our time now.
      Vanilla and stawberry ? 🙂

  2. Have to share this, it will open even if you don’t have a facebook account.
    France. Paris, but not only, other cities in France have started moving as well 🙂 It’s been a bit over a month now, and they’re still going strong.
    Germany took the streets too, and an incredible 90.000+ turnout in Hanover against TTIP ! Well done.
    London, always. D.C did a nice little week of Democracy Spring too 🙂 So, people are on the rise. And it’s anti system. This is the great part, whether we like protests or not, people are realizing it’s a systemic issues, and are rising against it.

    • Brianna, was that your idea to extend the reign of ARIES? That’s something I would do 😀 😀 😀

      Actually I think what we’re seeing here is something that should be a regular thing of politics. Go down to the public square and talk rationally to the people in charge (otherwise known as “the people!”) and educate yourself about the needs of the people. It might look a lot like a demonstration, or possibly a party, but things are getting done. Should be a regular part of everyone’s civic duty. 🙂

      Honestly that fighting thing should not be necessary.

      Here in DC there still seems to be an idea that protesters are somehow a lower class of person. Soooo much brainwashing going on… 😛

      • Fighting is not necessary, but the fooking po-lice always seems to start it.
        And then they whine like football (soccer) players that buhuu they got hurt. Sheesh.

        Seriously, they are geared up like robocop or the ninja turtles, we ? Nothing. And they WHINE ? Crap.

        Yup, people in “charge” should consult the people on a regular basis. The whole “political” system is wrong, totally wrong. Personally I do NOT recognize them as “legal”. They mean zero, exactly zero. Their laws mean zero. I do not acknowledge their so-called “power”. as something valid.
        And yes, the system is pushing hard on the idea that protesters are some form of low life, violent prone misfits. So what ? Who cares. We’re not here and now to be “liked” nor to be “popular” 😉 We’re here to change things. All of it 🙂
        Shall we ?

  3. I wonder if the Jedi ever have the problem where they give an answer before someone asks the question? Jedi standup comedy would just be… weird…

    Q: Which website did Chewbacca get arrested for creating?

    A: Wookieleaks


    Q: Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?

    A: To get to the Dark Side.


    Q: Why is Yoda such a good gardener?

    A: Because he has a green thumb.


    Q: And why can’t you count on him to pick up the tab?

    A: Because he’s always a little short.


    Q: How do you get down from a bantha?

    A: You don’t. You get down from a goose.


    Jabba the Hut is fat.

    How fat is he?

    So fat, Obi Wan took a closer look and said, “that’s no moon.”

    😀 😀 😀

  4. Again you all completely blow my mind and senses with your ability to not only ‘grasp the situation’, but with your keen insight and logic…your devotion to step up to the plate to HELP make it all right, even in your corners of the world! This will only spread just from the power of your wonderful, heart felt intentions…until it is felt all over!
    That is how it’s done!

    Always, always do what’s best for you, for that is the secret to why it WORKS!!
    You are all some of the best Spiritual Warriors I’ve met yet! This is who the Higher Powers will work for, and with! My fearless friends who love enough for everyone and work for the greater good.

    I am so moved to be in your awesome presence!
    Keep having courage and faith. This is what it is all about.
    May our Guardians and Helpers watch us all unto the Grand Finale!
    We can still do this…


    • Thank you Lida…you are such a great support to Bill and to all of us. I SO hope to meet you someday. ❤ I'm not giving up or giving in to the Empire, no matter what it has cost me and it HAS cost me everything. I'm standing my ground and holding my head high…Looking forward to the Grand Finale!

    • Big big hugs Lida ❤ You always have the right words to lift us. You are a grand Lady 🙂 Merci Madame !
      Wind billowing, Fire raging… Space folds … hmmm, getting interesting.
      Can we put that "Time Freeze" idea on the agenda ? My war/hike/all weather walk boots are ready.

    • thank u lida =)

      but u know it is a two way street 😉 it is so mutual

      well i heard this phrase once in a movie about rome… i think gladiator was the movie

      “what we do in life echos in eternity”

      isnt that fitting ?

      much love and positive energy =)

    • hey lida =)

      may i be so selfish and ask u to get my mail address from troy ? because i have a question that i seam not to be able to answer my self =/

      by the way i registered now… meh dont like all these register services =/
      if any one wonders mail is still the same only the name was taken so i guess thats why i chose the stc

  5. Brianna – exactly what I’ve been going through… and I’ve tried to post a few times and been blocked with the helpful “an error has occurred” message. 😦 Don’t give up guys… these are just minor distractions!

    Thank you to everyone for your great insights – I’ve known about the dark/white magic issues but I think they’re being brought to the forefront now.

    Lida (and Bill) and Robin – thanks for your comments explaining the situation, and explaining the difference between dark and light magic. I agree that this is a big factor right now. What seems to work better for me is “water” rather than “fire”. Any time I am near a lake or pool, things seem “pop” better. Incidentally a whole week of rain is unusual for this area…

    My personal position in dealing with these “dark forces” is taking a page from my “samurai / spiritual warrior” self… do not engage the enemy until you KNOW the enemy as well as you know yourself. This doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself and my friends… because I will… but like the great Japanese sword, I won’t “cut” without cause… but rest assured that the “spiritual warrior” spends many hours sharpening his “sword.” And this doesn’t mean I won’t “fix” things that are broken…

    Stefman – Brianna may have been referring to a certain “shortcut” caused by a certain “lazy” “person” who wanted to slightly “speed up” our “progress”. “I” had “nothing” to “do” with “this”! 😉

    In other news, a train derailed recently in Washington, DC, which may be a metaphor for the larger picture… 😀 😀 😀

    • yeah i had tuesday a realy deep hole i fell in… i got realy mad about the humans around here…

      i realy wish i have had a father who taught me…

      “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”
      ― Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

      dont get me started lol
      and yeah i wanted to write over the past few days but never got to it =/

      i still get mad about the idiocy blaming climate change and co2 and than NOT to plant as many flipping trees as possible… i also found out some realy smart people wasted money to build a synthetic tree that binds co2… i wonder if these people did not know about real trees

      oh and didnt nasa made a recent study that they where surprised that high co2 levels let plant life explode…. i guess they could have asked to folks that cut down plants at highways and autobahns… could have saved a lot of money

        • great video… would have been better without all the political traitors in it…

          what i dont understand how the people can still watch these clowns with a straight face and also how they can sit there with a straight face…

          can u folks remember how al gore was crying and begging OH SAVE THE WORLD !!! and lets see what did he exactly do over the years ? did it make any difference but higher taxes to fight global worming and co2 ??? boy i guess if they would funnel just 1% of these taxes to the project of wagari maathai… guess that would have a huge impact… but i guess its way better invested in chemtrails and synthetic trees…

          how did david icke put it “the rest of creation is shaking its head in disbelieve” or some thing like that…

    • Hey Dreamwalker 🙂 Yup, I hear you on trying somethings and they totally refuse to work ! These days it seems as if anything I do that is not relevant to … aaa.. to free us (yeah, big words, but what else) is totally boring or simply not working.
      Petty conversations ? No can do. No can do any type of mundane talk anymore.
      Much less “mundane” activities.
      Here too we have creepy weather. Cold, rainy, bleak. Should be hot and sunny.

      Yes water. Water is a wonderful conduit. It helps “get your thoughts together”. Being around or in water is amazing. It can really free your mind and let great insight flow in.
      Fire is a bit different. Fire can be a great insight helper if you, per example, sit around a fire and get lost watching it, clearing your mind.
      Whereas rituals are concerned, I’m kinds done feeling a need for them. When I shed tears I feel them fall on the ground. Maybe a tree will grow 🙂 Oh, I do “hum”. Especially when I feel a clutter of “creeps” around.
      Right, you don’t “cut” without a cause. Keep that “sword” sharp 🙂
      Speed up “progress”… oh yes. YES. I wish we could freeze time for the planet, and do our cleanup operation. Get this done already. Geez…

      • Oh yeah, before I forget… happy May 4th guys! 🙂

        This is OUR day. The day of the RESISTANCE. ❤ ❤ ❤

        “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

        ❤ ❤ ❤

        “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.”

  6. Been really silent. Very intense, energetically. Very. I know you guys can feel it, so hang on, and don’t let the unpleasant part of it get to you (people get really irritable fast). One thing I feel important right now : do not “force” yourself into anything you don’t feel like ! And plenty of rest. Daydream time, sleep, whatever works best for you 🙂
    Now, I’d like to know WHO used the “fold” shortcut to navigate this way !!! 😀

    SOLAR SECTOR BOUNDARY CROSSING: On April 29th or 30th, Earth will cross a fold in the heliospheric current sheet–a vast wavy structure in interplanetary space separating regions of opposite magnetic polarity. This is called a “solar sector boundary crossing,” and it could trigger geomagnetic activity around Earth’s poles

    • welcome back !!!

      i was thinking the other day where is brianna

      yeah i had this week one of those irritated moments…
      i got into a climate change debate the other day… its funny how angry people get when u show them the thinking errors… i just said “well if they are so concerned about the change and co2… why dont they use all the taxes and plant trees everywhere… since they looooooove co2 oh and they bind water… since water level would rise”
      but yeah its hard to talk to people that have their heads in the sand… grrr

      what did u mean by “fold” shortcut ?

      • Hey Germany 🙂
        Oh boy, do I know what you mean (about the argument). So unnerving when we talk to people and not only do they refuse to see what is going on, but like with you, they get angry at us on top of it ! Grrr 😀
        Or when I hear something like “yes, it’s terrible what they are doing, BUT we are to small to change anything ” WHAT ? Too SMALL ?
        SHIT ! We are not too small, we are many. It would take a few days to bring them down. A few days. And with about 10 to 15 percent of the people. That would be enough.
        Too small my ass (sorry, but really !). Victim mentality. Trauma, yes. Oki, trauma, but get over it and DO something. Sheesh….
        As you can see, I’m very calm 😀 😀 😀 So ready to get MOVING. Nothing else interests me. Yes, some good food sometimes, that’s it 🙂 Chocolate and vanilla or vanilla and strawberry ice-cream 😉 Hope you finally found some.

        Space fold : referring to the space event that took place last Friday/Saturday, as per the link I copy/pasted (from Spaceweather,com). “Folds” in space can be used as shortcuts to travel from one distant point to another. And I was (am) wondering WHO traveled using this occasion 🙂
        Maybe a Galactic shipment of ice-cream for you !

        • uhhhh check out that clif high video above…. realy interesting thing… 😉

          yeah i tell the people al the time STOP cooperating with the system… take ur money from the back the day it arrives… just stop cooperating… if u have a shop or anything refuse service to these people…

          but u see they all have luxury items to lose their hip lifestyle and their status and what not… its ok for them to be slave as long as they can live decent… people over here dont even get when u count the taxes and all the hidden taxes together… they pay more than 70% of what they earned…

          wasnt the independence war started over a tiny tax raise by the brits ??

  7. Sorry for my long silence & thanks to the lovely and awesome ones for untiringly keeping pouring the precious energy water and planting the seeds of faith, hope and love here. It still takes me some more time to be off line. However, I shouldn’t miss this fest this time….and would like to shared this kind of blossoms with the super beloved ones here….This seems relevant to what Robin just shared ! My sister, I cannot thank you enough for your super resonance, support, understanding and more. Thanks to Valiant & Lida’s precious post and comment, Stefan, Dreamwalker, Tomaz, etc…..

    Have a nice fest today, my dear ones….

  8. Thank you Lida. I have had a terrible toothache the past few days, so I slept most of the day meaning to recommend a white candle. Glad you posted. All my worry was for nothing, such a relief that you covered it. ❤

    • HAHAHa LOL i wish u could see my face right now… guess what ? i had a white candle already here like a tallish one 😉

      i dont know how u stand on alcohol but if u would just use it for the tooth… get some gin or vodka and keep it in the mouth there where the tooth is and see if u can flush it a bit around the tooth…

      or try if u can emerge into some thing u like to do keep ur mind busy and away from the pain…

      but yeah tell me about the teeth =/ strange isnt it… look at pets and animals normally they dont have trouble with the teeth at all… guess we wouldnt have problems if we wouldnt eat all the processed stuff with sugar food…

      • oh and before i forget… i dont know if u like tea…
        but green tea is a nice thing to have… but not the teabag shit… the leaves in “gunpowder” form are nice but see that u get tea that has not much pesticides or better non at all in the process…

        now comes the cool part about tea… if u have green tea u can us the same leaves for multiple cups… every time u put hot water on the leaves there are different compounds that u can flush out of it… i personally like the 2. and the 3. time u pour water on it… i usually dont drink the the first cup…

        anyway see if u like it… but green teat has antibacterial parts and even antioxidants… while we need oxygen it also leaves… i dont wanna call it waste products… but when ur body cells “burn” the oxygen it leaves “free radicals” and these damage ur other cells over time… so green tea helps to avoid this a bit also does vitamin c and some other stuff that i cant remember right now…

        but have a look if green tea is some thing for u… also a better way to get a “coffein” push… since tea is way more gentler and has a longer time in ur system…

        also tea helps ur body to flush out waste products out of ur body…

        also before i forget this… since u folks over the pond also get so much fluoride in ur water and everywhere see if u get some omega 3 fatty acid pills it helps to unclog ur pineal gland 😉 there are also ways to use plant omega 3 to assist

        • Thanks Stefman. I have been swishing with a mix of water and peroxide to keep out bacteria and infection, I’ve also been applying whole cloves for the swelling and numbing effects. I’m feeling much better this morning. I didn’t know about green tea. I’ll check my local health food store A.S.A.P. That is awesome that you had a tallow candle. Natural is always the best way to go. I learned the hard way, to make sure the candles are labeled as having no lead in the wicks. And thank you, Feilla <3. I love your sweet spirit! I will get to your links when I get back. I'm sure they are excellent. Now I'm off to my local farmers market to find organic produce. What a way to start Beltane. 🙂

    • Don’t forget about oil pulling, first thing to do in the morning, coconut oil is recommended for the taste, but any oil will do. Best of Luck!

  9. you all such wonderful insights!! Sound, logical.
    Always use what ‘works for you’ as we are all individuals with individual needs and perspectives. If it feels wrong….don’t do it, it won’t work. Use your own common sense. N no one owns you or should have such effect as to tell you what is right for you. It’s why we are all special and unique.
    And even diamonds have imperfections…it’s what makes them unique!
    …yes, with their own special signatures!!
    We have goodness within, and some bad…it is what we do with it that matters.
    Do no harm, wish no evil….yes Robin, it is intentions that matter!!
    Stefman, your humility in such matters shows your good heart!! Close your eyes and get the warm fuzzies….eat your vanilla strawberry ice cream (strawberry is my favorite), pat your cute little kitty on the head and enjoy her/his purr….we have 6 ourselves, all sweet and wonderful.
    All good stuff!

    Rituals…good and bad, of course. The bad guys do only the bad ones. The good guys have to counter them with good, deflective ones. One drop of blood of the pure of heart, one drop of sweat from a good soul, and one heartfelt tear of such a one is all it takes to drive back the evil! Such power! And no ‘one’ need die for such a well-intended ritual.
    Yes, use a white candle too…light it with a match, great input Robin!!!

    I always said that anything that requires the spilling of blood…innocent blood…can’t be good. Look at how that worked with all their Wars!!!

    I am so delighted you all have your heads and hearts in the right place.
    Your are our hope! You restore and strengthen our faith!!
    Keep on doing what you are doing.
    Watch, learn, then do…that’s how it is done!!!
    Let the corrupt and selfish fiddle while ‘Rome’ burns. And they will burn with it.
    We won’t do that! Never again….

    Be safe today especially my friends!! And we will see TOMORROW!


    • =)

      well we have to thank u two as well =)
      since its u two that give us once a week a lighthouse radiating hope and light into this mess =)

      u two have my gratitude and all my best wishes =)

  10. oh and what i forgot to mention yesterday… im happy to live in a world where u folks have children because they gonna grow up with amazing parents !!!
    and become an even greater light than u already are =)

    i wish u all a great weekend =)

    ps: meeeeehhhhhh found no vanilla strawberry ice cream today
    my expression when i was at the frozen goods counter

  11. Just a quick note ❤ . Magic is two things ENERGY for one, and all magic and it's effects are based on INTENTION. If your desire is to to do good then it will be done. A tear, a drop of blood, the sweat of your brow are all part of your energy signature. I believe that what Vala is saying here is to give something of yourself, your energy to your intention. Should you choose to perform the ritual be sure to light the candle with a match…always use sulfur. Sulfur is a purifying agent. The wax of the candle acts as a drawing and grounding agent of the less favorable energies, and the flame purifies and releases your energy and intentions. It is only the "loosers" that resort to human and animal sacrifice because the truth of the matter is that they are weak and cowardly. It costs them nothing, personally, to shed the blood of innocents. Hope this helps.

    • wow thanks that makes way more sense to me =)

      by the way wouldnt that thing be prefect for the may the first thingy ? since there might be some dark rituals… so what vala gave us could counter the evil u know what they try to pull off 😉

  12. Hi Stefman, I think this ritual thing needs some time for reflection 🙂 I’m not one for religions or rituals personally, though I have found that intent/ visualizations seem to work for me. Diversity is key, and we’re all different… so what may work for one person may not work for someone else. I have previously visualized my “samurai” self cutting through the cords that connect spirit. These cords represent energetic contracts. By cutting them, I felt “free” of their energetic connection. Some serve a purpose, of course…. not all are “bad”.

    Only you can know if you’re a “good” person – you should be aware that the prevailing religious doctrine makes us think that we aren’t “perfect” now, and so this can have a real impact on how we manifest our reality. If your glass is always half empty, it will never be full… so you will always want more. Keep filling that bucket with money – it will only help when you’re knocking on the gates of heaven!!! (really, AA Mike has no need for money…)

    Well my question is, how can you you be “less” than what you are right now? You can’t… we are always 100% us. So whatever you “gain” is added to that 100%… but it is still 100%. Its’ more like input/output. You take in, and you give away. The improvement of self is the process of expanding your consciousness. You take in knowledge, and then you use it somewhere else. That “energy” is part of you, and will carry your signature long after you’ve spent it. And as I understand it, the universe reflects back what you send out. So if you send out “bad” energy the universe will reflect this back to you, sending out good will reflect good. That’s a bit simplified but this is the basics. Who benefits most from this process? You do, of course. 🙂 from what I’ve read of your posts, I would consider you to be a good and caring person. (-_-)

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Probably it has something to do with this process…

    • thanks for ur view of things =)
      i realy enjoyed the new perspectives about the 100%

      hey some thing funny on the side… i heard today cern had a rodent problem… some poor weasel bit the wrong cable and the whole thing shut down!!!

      so i guess im having a look if i can find some vanilla strawberry ice cream tomorrow 😉

      also realy cool interview

      • before it slips my mind again… please check out the interview if u find the time… its a bit about venus how it got captured the electric universe (snakes in the sky… lightning) also about expando earth (makes sense with the electronic universe) because of the rattling earth…

        maybe u find some clues 😉
        clif realy does and outstanding job explaining it…
        videos he mentions :

  13. i dont like to ask question that might seam dumb in retrospective…
    but here we go…

    about the curse breaking… how do i know that my heart is sincere ? i mean i dont consider my self as a good person… but im working everyday to be one
    and if i would ever be considering my self as a good person that would mean that i dont have to work on my self anymore what i would see as arrogant… since there is always some thing one could do better =/

    also i dont have much knowledge about magic so forgive me that dumb question… but since there is blood involved wouldnt it count as blood magic ?
    i just ask these questions because i dont have much knowledge about that all… and thought that well why do we need to make a physical “ritual” since we are as much spiritual as physical… wouldnt it be enough if we imagine to break free from the curses ?

        • Dear Robin,
          We were talking with Troy yesterday and your name came into our conversation regarding honoring the God and the Goddess. I am sharing this with you for a reason , we had some missions on activating and healing some places on Earth recently. I prefer talking with you on e-mail , feel like we will be working together in another mission, what do you think?
          ( ( SUN ) )

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