Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…Voices called to…The Gods of Earth…

*SONG* “Bleed For Me” by Saliva

The hours and the days keep moving…
Twisting, turning…
It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it?
At some point it has to be different…
In all the events, the history of the world…
Civilization has culminated to this…2016…
The world has to change…
Everyone sees that, right?
What’s right, what’s fair and just…what’s due…
We, the people of the world, past the leaders…
We are smart enough to make it better
Without being told, aren’t we?
Do laws really need to be written
For us to know…what’s right?
If we can know this much…
Then anything is possible…
Ignore anyone who says…it can’t be done.

Make it happen…

The light…The box opens…The door…
The Golden Light showering down…
And the lines spinning, twirling, building
The rainbow bridge…
There she stood again, her face, that expression
So fierce and determined…more than ever.
That auburn hair, the golden streaks in the
Curls of the crown-like hair that sat upon
Her head, her posture so tall…Those gleaming
Eyes…The wild smile…Rana.
She was waiting…Something was about
To break…through.

I felt summoned, sitting in the chair with
The pen to render whatever she wished to say…

“Hello,” she simply said kindly, yet Ferocious…
Like the Lion Men who shaped her… “Again
It’s time, Bill…For us to have a little talk…”

I wanted to say, ‘Uh oh…’ But there
Seemed no time for small words.
She lowered her head, her brow, her flashing
Cat-like eyes… “Don’t be scared now…Just
Write what I say…do not deviate a single
Word to lend fear or frustration…Just write

I nodded…There wasn’t much else to do.

She turned, her eyes commanding past the light.
“They will join us for this passage as their
Presence is necessary.”

At that, Varence stepped forward calmly in
His dignified attire…The white shirt, dark
Pants; and boots I think…Then Ceres, in
Her glamorous red dress, her wavy blond
Hair drawn over her shoulder like usual…
And that wild untamed yet regal expression
On her face…Her eyes and smile could mesmerize
And freeze any army…Both of them were
Ready for this…

“Now remember,” Varence said plainly as he
Crossed his arms over his chest, “Rana knows
Everything that we do. We have all discussed
Everything at great length.”

“Yes,” Ceres sighed, “Fill his head immediately
With the dimensions of your wit…For indeed
He knows…something is coming.”

“The three of us will talk with you now.” Rana
Told me… “Just tell, write, for us what we
Want to know.”

“He will say it.” Varence said confidently as he
Raised his eyes, lifted his chin.

Their attitude made me nervous.

“Do not worry.” Rana assured. “Trust me…
The timing is right.”

“Perhaps he would feel more relieved if Vala
Were present.” Varence suggested.

“This will be fine.” Rana assured. “Vala is
Busy presently with a task.”

“Doing what exactly?” Ceres asked.

“Spellcrafting to shatter schemes that
Would further prolong things.” Rana only said.
“Imparting a sense of confusion to those
That would plot…scrambling thought processes.”

“Ah,” Varence laughed, “she’s compromising
The intelligence of those in authority.”

“She’s making them more stupid then?” Ceres

“In effect…yes.” Rana smiled.

“That should hardly be difficult.” Ceres
Laughed louder. “That should hardly require effort…
Will the animals begin dictating reason soon
Then or will the monkeys further scratch
Themselves raw with hormonal dysfunction and
Shortness of wit?”

“Ceres…” Varence rolled his eyes.

Ceres crossed her arms over her chest then
To mock him… “Compromising their
Intelligence? Seriously? These feeble minded
Monkeys?” She laughed. “Ah, please allow
Me to correct myself…The furry little
Primates have far more dexterity leaping
Through the trees and eating fruit with
Their feet than those feeble minded
Apes in suits that bully and oppress
This world…Perhaps there should be a
Time, a day at least…when animals find
Rule over the Earth.”

“Ceres…” Varence leaned his head towards
Her, his eyes rolling to an angle… “Can
We please slip past insult finally here?”

“I apologize for insulting the animals.”
She coyly responded. “If tangible words
Could only find and fill them with voices
These bullies could hear with their arrogant
Ears…That animals can’t think?”

“Ceres…” Varence only said, before turning
To Rana, “Are you going to direct this
Now or allow her to rant on tangent?”

“I see no reason not to let my sister
Speak.” Rana answered. “She has good

“Don’t appeal to her to make some merciful
Plea for kindness…Oberon,” Ceres snapped,
“They have prolonged things long enough.”

“Oberon? That again?” Varence said with
An irritated arched brow. “Are we ever to
Move past that?”

“Why does she keep granting you this
Name, Oberon?” Rana asked curiously.

“Ask Venus of the literature…” Ceres
Told her, “Of the poet-writer Shakespeare
And his wicked play of inspiration to
Stories in the minds of an earlier time…
To move their feral minds to creativity.”

“But Oberon is a word for—“ Rana began
To say.

“It was in jest!” Varence exclaimed. “No vital
Importance other than clues to move them
Into an age of thought…through words
And poetic expression rather than indulgences
Of the flesh.”

Ceres roared with laughter as Rana
Grinned sarcastically. “Move past? After
What images you have shown us of their
Current affairs?” Ceres attested. “Are you
Honestly trying to defend that their
Civilization has moved beyond carnal
Obsession? We have seen the results
Of your current tests…We have seen
Your so-called media entertainment examples…
The obsession with fame, wealth…lust…

Varence rolled his eyes. “Is this a further
Judgment or are we to move on with this?”

“It is all relevant.” Rana agreed.

“The way they challenge the worth of
Animals intelligence…” Ceres nearly growled.
“Whales…The information THEY detect in
Their communication…sonar…15 million
Pieces of information? Try 20…in some
Species far more…Perhaps more
Demonstrations are required of species
And what they are capable of.”

“They will only find excuses to dismiss
Anything that happens.” Varence told her.
“As always…They will not acknowledge
Anything unless it is extremely obvious…
That is how they maintain power, you know

“Which is why I keep insisting on further
Demonstrations through nature.” Ceres told him.
“What they call facts are debatable…
Their hormones obscure logic and clear
Thinking…They, those who can not control
Themselves should be castrated.”

Rana laughed.
“Ceres please!” Varence argued. “Must
You say that now…”

“Sterilized at the very least.” Ceres went on…
“You have these games of experiments
Going on constantly…You know that at
Times of judgment…with all the worlds…
Virtue is foremost, the FIRST test…that
Which is judged FIRST is loyalty…dignity…
Testaments of faith and morals…Those
That do not demonstrate this…have
Always been the first to fall.”

“I was intrigued on the behavior involving
The morals with marriages…” Rana laughed…
“You yourself were ashamed of the data.”

Varence’s eyes fell down… “They are crudely
Forged…indulged, true…But that is not how
To reach them through this…”

Rana met Ceres’ eyes with some heavy
Scheme in mind… “I wonder what they
Would do if…suddenly…the unfaithful…
Found themselves plagued with endless
Torment…if their violated laws of loyalty
Were suddenly met with…troubled end?”

“How many would fall then?” Ceres asked.
“How many would find themselves free
Of problems and instead with reward…if
All those that committed adultery suddenly
Fell to penance?”

Varence rolled his eyes in speculation… “That
Level of wrath would be…impossible to calculate.
If that were the first chastisement…
I can not imagine the downfall…”

“But it would be an interesting trial, would
It not?” Ceres smiled. “Who would quiver?
Who would shutter with rants to change?
Who would argue…What right would anyone
Have to judge their acts of loyalty?”

“True loyalty, like faith,” Rana stated,
“Is but basic understanding…If they
Can not even grasp but one basic virtue…
Then what’s the point?”

“There are many who appreciate such things,
And even obey and live their lives this way.”
Varence defended. “They are not all wild
Reckless or overly indulgent.”

“Then those people…” Ceres smiled, “would
Have nothing to worry about.”

“And how would you do this?” Varence laughed.
“Have the animals sniff out the unfaithful?
Punish those with less moral respect?”

“Why?” Ceres asked wildly. “Are you saying
No animal could sense something wrong
With a person? Ah…but even beasts of
Burden…man’s best friends…have been so
Innocent, accepting and forgiving…They are
So incapable of sensing into the hearts
Of anyone…They are just animals after all…
Aren’t they?”

I had to pause and put the pen down…
The tension was palpable among them,
And I was afraid my pen would explode.

“May we please proceed past this for now?”
Varence asked… “If you mean to start
Judging aspects of their world this
Way now…”

“What?” Ceres laughed. “Would the world
Come to an immediate end? Would the
Earth…Stand Still…from fear of being
Judged by their behavior?”

A silent pause among them…

Rana held up her hand… “It is not the time
For that yet…however we are aware…
No, as I have said…right now…I
Would like to have a little discussion with
Him…” she nodded towards me, the
Notebook… “On a little matter, you,” she
Gestured to Varence, “Made us aware of…”

“If that is what you wish.” He answered.

“What did you want to ask me?” I said.

Rana smiled…her eyes wild… “I would
Like to hear about this…dream…that
You had…”

“Yes?” I asked.

“Tell me,” Rana stepped closer, “about
The Gods of Earth.”

“What?” I asked.

Varence stepped up beside her. “Do not
Fear…just tell her, through this,” he
Nodded to the notebook, “write the words
About the dream.”

“Am I being ordered to say it?” I asked.

“No, of course not.” Rana smiled pleasantly.
“Just tell me…Tell us about this dream,
I would like to judge for myself if it
Was, in fact, a dream…or something

“Just tell her, please Bill?” Ceres asked

I fought the pen, the paper…but when
These moments came it was their will
That came first…If they wanted to know,
I had to share it…like writing in a journal
Or diary…They knew my thoughts…but
Wanted it written down…
“Fine then.” I told them. “So here it

It was a couple of years ago…In the summer
Of 2014 I think…my mind is a mess with
Memories lately…it’s like time is fighting for
Sense in my head…but I believe it was in 2014…

I went to bed like any other night…
A normal night…but what is normal anymore?
The room smelled strange that night…
Like a campfire…smoke, scented…
Like sulfur or something…I remember
Feeling pulled to sleep…feeling really
Tired…weighted down.
The air in my bedroom felt thick…
I felt dizzy…a little sick…
There were echoes of a woman’s voice…
Chanting…some language…calling…
The words… ‘Oh Gods of Earth…hear us…’

The next thing I knew I was being
Pulled, beyond my will, and suddenly I
Was standing in flames…some huge
Fire pit-like altar? Some sort of platform…
But I didn’t feel like I was being
Burned, it was like I was summoned
Into the flame and held there…and I
Was standing in front of these people…

First, I saw the old woman…She was
Nearly naked, only wearing some crude
Leather-type skirt…She wore a collar…
She had long wild grey hair, appeared
To be in her late 60s or early 70s…
Her eyes were white, as though
She had cataracts…she couldn’t see?
She wore talismans…was covered in
Some kind of tribal-like tattoos?
She kept chanting until I was
Firmly held in form into the fire…

I kept coughing, gagging, waving
My hands at the smoke…staring
At the flames in shock because they
Didn’t burn me…It was the strangest
Feeling…like being in two places at
Once by no choice…confused…

I saw the old woman…and past her
These people…This place was in, under,
Some huge tent…and there was a
Huge group of people…over one hundred
At least, they were all nearly naked…

I noted at least three skin types…
White, all very tan; from being mostly naked
I assume…Black…And olive skinned types…
They ALL wore collars…They ALL were
Marked with similar tattoos…
Mostly on their arms and chests…
Some on their faces…
The only clothing I saw they wore
Were small loin cloths on the men…
And some kind of skirts on the women…
Some had arm bands…like cuffs that
Could be chained…
To be honest it looked like some sort of
Strange leather-fetish convention…
But nothing like I could imagine…
It was daytime, but the light was hazy,
Orangey…as though the sun was
Different…The air was dry, like it
Was a desert climate…

The people, they ALL just had a distinctly
Different feel to them…They looked human,
Like us…but it did not feel like Earth
At all…
This was some kind of event…There was
Some festival going on outside…
People kept entering the tent…
They kept pointing at my white T-shirt…
Like it was some…marvelous garment?
Clothing of the Gods? I heard
Someone mumble about it…

They spoke English, barely broken…
And some other language I had never
Heard before…
There were ages from teenagers to senior
Citizens…I saw very few small children…
There were no overweight people at all…
They seemed pretty fit-looking, as though
They were a hardworking, laborous people…

They were in awe of me standing
In the flame…and this woman who
Had brought me there…
She must have been some kind of
Shaman or Witch…She had a table
Beside her with all sorts of things…
Feathers…She kept holding out her
Hand to me as if to hold me in
“Oh great Gods of Earth speak to us.”
She kept saying.

I was like, “Huh? What the hell
Is this?”

Once the crowd calmed down…and the
Old woman could contain her excitement
They quieted down…Then people
Started whispering questions…The old
Woman ordered for silence to keep
Control…She then began asking me
These questions…
“Oh great Gods of Earth why have
You abandoned us?”

“What are you talking about?” I kept
Telling her, them. “I am NO God of
Earth! There are no Gods of Earth!
What are you talking about?”

“We called you here.” She only said. “You
Wear the robes of the Gods of Earth…”

“My T-shirt? Is no robe of a god!” I told
Them. “It’s only a T-shirt!”

“Only gods wear white robes.” She said.

“It’s a T-shirt!” I kept telling her. I
Even laughed; this dream felt ridiculous.

“Please,” she begged very seriously, “Please
Talk to us. Why have you abandoned us?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“Who are you people?”

“We have been loyal, faithful, we have
Given you the best we have…” She told me.

“What?” I asked…I was totally confused.
But it was clear they were very serious…
I kept studying their faces…They were
Not at all ashamed of being barely naked
And collared? And there were many more
People gathering outside the tent to stare.

It was then, when I saw through the tent
Opening, past the crowd…That I
Saw IT…There, out in the courtyard
Among the tents of this festival…
Which appeared to be in the heart
Of some strange desert city; the buildings
Were sandy stone, not normal! I saw
It…A huge bronze statue of a
Man dressed like some ancient
Roman gladiator…with a face I
“What is that?!” I yelled, pointing
To the statue…

The people seemed shocked that I asked.
The old woman then told me, “That
Is the greatest God of Earth…He
Brought us the power of lightning
And motor cars…and ships…and
Flying things.”

“What?” I was shocked. “That is no
God of Earth. That is a former ruler, president
Of America! Who told you this?”

“The Great Gods of Earth…” She
Answered…very confused. “They came
And gave us lightning…and they took
The best of our gifts…We gave them
Our children…whatever they asked…
They said Earth needed these things
We had…our children to serve the
Will of the Gods of Earth…”

I was shocked, sick, appalled…I could
Only say, “Look…I don’t know how…or
Why…or who exactly has been talking
To you people…But there are NO Gods
Of Earth…only people…someone has
Been lying to you people.”

The people started getting angry. I noticed
Some of them did not seem surprised
At all at what I said…While others
Were absolutely devastated…They started
Arguing, shouting…demanding the old
Woman ask me questions…But she herself
Was so shocked she fought to control herself…
It was like their entire belief system had
Just been shattered…It made me
Nervous, but I was just angry.

“You are telling us there are NO Gods
Of Earth?” She asked me carefully.

“That is exactly what I am saying.”
I told her, all of them, as kindly
As I could. I felt awful for these people.
What the hell happened to them?
What was going on?

They just kept arguing, getting louder…
The old woman looked even more confused…
She had no idea what to ask me…
It looked like they started wondering
Who I was, what I was? I had to
Be something? Especially for them to
Summon me that way? But I had no
Idea what to think myself or what to say?
It was by far the strangest dream-experience
I ever had…
The old woman lowered her hand
Weakly…this seemed to let me go…
I was coughing like crazy, choking
On the smoke and smell…then I
Slipped away and the next thing I know
I was waking up back in my bed,
Coughing, choking…confused…I woke
Up completely at a loss for words…
Gods of Earth?

Rana was sitting in a chair in front
Of me, her legs crossed…her hands crossed
Over her knee tapping her fingers…The
Most twisted smile…arched eyebrow…
“The Gods of Earth?” She asked
Sarcastically. “How interesting.”

“You asked me to tell you this dream?”
I asked…

Varence stood there, his arms crossed over
His chest…also smiling sarcastically…
Watching me…watching Rana’s face… “I told
You…Do you see now?”

“The Great Gods of Earth…” Rana repeated,
Then looked to Varence and Ceres…
“You were aware of this?”

“Among other things,” Varence answered,

“Disgusting.” Ceres said, shaking her head,
Looking away. “Are you surprised?”

“So what was it, this dream, exactly?” I
Asked them.

Rana blinked wide-eyed, pretending to be
Innocently surprised. “What so you think
It was?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.”
I said. “I remember people that looked
Like this…from the assembly in the Great Hall…
The collars, the tattoos…But I don’t know
Who they are or what this dream was…”

Rana stared at Varence. “How long?”

“For some time.” He mysteriously

“For resources?” Rana said to him.

“For gold, precious mineral deposits.” He told
Her. “And some rare minerals not found on
Their planet…Other planets, all planets, do
Possess rare minerals and things that others
Do not…it is what makes them unique…”

“If only intelligence and virtue were
Valued as well.” Ceres laughed. “Always
Taking advantage of lesser societies…
Implying superiority. The sheer arrogance.”

“What is the state of this slave planet
That summoned him?” Rana asked him.

“Similar circumstances to Earth.” He answered.
“The 9 worlds, the paradigm…In a state
Of instability…change…on the verge of a
Polar shift…violent tectonic activity…
It will collapse as with the others.”

“But the program?” Rana asked. “The
Project…The light? The chosen?”

“They did not succeed as well as some
Others…” Varence explained. “The Watchers
Of their world reported a very weak
Resistance to their programming…They
Gave in…The few that didn’t were at this
Assembly that summoned him…The old
Woman shaman that called him…was one.”

“So few of them put the pieces together?”
Ceres asked bitterly. “I thought the
Administry of Science selected stronger

“It is a slave world.” Varence told them.
“Look at their society…collars? They
Were raised with no self worth at all…
Bred for slavery…for labor…They were
Not thinkers…Only a handful that
Embraced concepts of magical spirituality
Ever made it past the first trials…
What did you expect? Prodigies?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked,
But they would not answer me, they
Only eyed me carefully.

“What about the Starchild Project?”
Rana asked him. “Divine intervention?”

Varence shook his head. “The Watchers
Never intervened…no visitors from the Early
Colonies ever visited them…There were no
Star children on that world.”

“But they were visited by Heavenly beings.”
Ceres said to them. “Angels…One was

“A child yes.” He agreed. “But they never
Made it through the transition…Not like
This, not like him…No bridge could be

“Then what is the point of the program?”
Rana asked him. “What will happen to
Their planet?”

Varence looked down. “There is a high
Probability of collapse…Unless a higher
Intervention takes place…to realign the
Planet…evacuate the population…it will fail.”

“So yet another fails?” Rana was angry.

“There are still a few others.” Varence said.
“And we still have…” he gestured… “What
Progress and gift yielded within his mind.”

“ONE?!” Rana spat.

“There are possibly two others.” He told her.

“Ridiculous.” Rana rolled her eyes. “There
Is not time for extended chances.”

“What else is there?” Ceres asked.

“Am I a toy here or something?” I asked.

A pause. “We apologize.” Rana said to me.
“There is too much to explain…We simply
Are not seeing enough results…It is
Too much for one…or two…”

“You can not be sure of that.” Ceres

“Only so much of resources of a planet can
Be drained before it collapses.” Varence said.

“Are you saying…” I started to ask.

Rana looked at me straight. “Yes…That
If a planet is mined to an excessive
Point…No matter what state of science…
It will collapse…No technology can
Amend this…Once too much gold is
Removed…The planet will resolve this
By resetting itself…Nothing can stop that.”

“I told you this was a hopeless mess!”
Ceres said.

“So what do I do now?” I asked.
“Have I said too much?”

“They will not touch you, Bill.” Rana
Said firmly. “Not unless they want
Serious trouble.”

Varence smiled. “Be comforted in the
Secrets you still hold, my friend…by those
Given to you from the time travelers…
About certain technologies you saw
In the distant future…that’s invaluable.”

“Again you gamble with him.” Ceres shook
Her head. “I should like to shake the
World wild with nature!”

“You’ve said enough for now.” Rana said to
Me… “Take rest…But tell them this…
I should like to meet these…Great
Gods of Earth…We will definitely be looking
More deeply into these…Gods.”

“How entertaining.” Ceres laughed. “Should
I find some larger bananas? Perhaps
Libidinous herbal treats? Or should we just
Resolve to throw them smaller monkeys to
Play with? Perhaps sing songs or
Divine riddles of praise and inspiration
To import greater knowledge of scoundrels?
Or maybe they will spare us all the
Effort and resort to worshipping rodents
And vipers with backwards deformed fangs!”

Varence rolled his eyes. “Always precious
Insight of wisdom, thank you, Ceres.”

Rana held out her hand… “Go now.” She
Told me… “Allow me these parting words…
Buttons will be pushed…Tread carefully…
Watch the animals…And when I say
Watch…I mean especially watch what you
See…not told…Because more will be
Witnessing things they have not seen before…
Fire and ice…Things of the sky and
There are no measures of normal anymore…
Deeds done today…will pay tomorrow…
Next time we will discuss…Nibiru…
Go now.”