Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…Nibiru…

*SONG* “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks

It always happens in the spring…
After a long cold winter, the starry nights,
Nothing on the trees…
Everything is supposed to be new…
The grey becomes green…The ground comes alive…
The flowers and the trees, the new life…
Even the birds seem to sing new songs…
It’s supposed to be new…Fresh…
Perhaps that’s why the darkness seems
To descend upon it…to feast on and spoil
That newness…craving to spoil it…
Hope is promised by the daylight…
Then the night comes…and the dreams…
Riddles…new puzzles to put together…
And the nightmares…

I could never figure out why…no matter
What I did or tried…You watch a Disney
Movie about a dog…some sad story…
Anything to put your mind in a safe place…
And still the monsters come…
Pray for innocence and some tranquility…
And still the beast comes…
I watch The Horse Whisperer…
Then in dreams I see Aliens…Space…
The stars…spaceships…messages…
Some visitation that makes no sense…
Avoid, deny it…and it jumps right in your face…

Is there some coded message in horse movies
That seek to torment with alien schemes?
If someone sees a code there please enlighten me
Because honestly after all these years I
Don’t see the connection…
All I see is something trying to tell me…
Face the facts…and it will get easier…
Because I certainly don’t think horses
Watch alien movies…
But then maybe it’s the simple fact that
Animals simply see and sense things that
We don’t…
People will laugh and make fun of their
Pets…dogs barking at something that isn’t there…
My dog barking at an empty tree?
The cats staring at the ceiling…
Following invisible shadows…
Bees bouncing at the window…
Pets staring, watching an empty corner…
What do they see?
Is something there?
Something has got their attention…

From the corner of the eye nothing looks the same…
Shapes and colors take new form…
Something always seems to be watching
Over your shoulder…
But talk like that is crazy…

One thing holds true…
On good days, when everything feels right…
When there’s a good mood, you feel safe
And happy…the animals always seem content…
Nothing feels like it’s looking over
Your shoulder…and the world,
If only for a little while…feels right…

There’s definitely more to things then meets
The eye…that’s the truth…

Into the mind, the box unlocked
Becomes the bridge…the mind’s eye…
Down the arm, the hand, the fingers, the pen…
The bridge becomes the door…
And the Golden Light comes…
And there she stands, waiting…Rana…
Her Auburn crown, shimmering eyes of
Golden fire… “And now,” she says, “It’s time
To talk again…Shall we begin?”

Could I protest, the pen obeys command…

“And now for something a little different.” Rana
Said with a smile.

“Is it ever not different?” I wondered.

She laughed…this was going to be interesting.
“You know me well already.” Rana said
As she gestured for her sister to step into
The light…

Then Vala stepped into the light…Her long
Honey colored hair…those bewitching eyes
That seemed to glow with this warm
Wild delight like the colors of twilight…
She was humming again…looking very
Determined and formidable. “Hello,” she
Said, sang, hummed…standing tall and
Proud. “It’s been a while since we spoke.”

“She’s been busy…” Rana smiled, “studying
And observing things.”

“Only fairly.” Vala hummed.

Then Rana gestured and nodded, and again
Another sister stepped forward…That dark
Blond wavy hair and crystal blue eyes. “Damara,”
Rana smiled, “will be here for assistance with
Us this time…”

“Assistance?” I asked.

“Do not worry,” Rana assured me, “It will
Be fine. Before you speak, know this to
Bring peace to your mind…Varence is here,
Ceres is here…They are all here watching…
Just relax. In fact more are here
Watching and observing than you know.
Do not be nervous…That is why we have
The light focused upon this circle and
Chair…so as not to alarm you of the
Assembly we have gathered to watch this.”

“Just how many are watching?” I asked.

The three sisters smiled mysteriously at each
Other… “Many.” Vala smiled and hummed.

“Just be calm.” Damara said, stepping
Forward calmly. She was so kind, she had a
Soft way about her that was so relaxing.
“This is for your protection and
Peace of mind so as not to shock you…
It’s very important to keep you calm right now…
We understand this…your people,” she lowered
Her eyes slightly sarcastically, “do not. But
That is their disadvantage…”

“One that we are counting on,” Rana
Said, “And quite expected…They never learn.”

“Now you know we are here to ask you some
Questions,” Damara went on, “Now usually
This is a rather casual process…but this time
Is different. Because of the nature of the
Information we need…We just want to be
Careful…with you…for your sake.”

This felt oddly strange…even for them… “Just
What exactly do you need?”

“We understand that since this light was
Placed into your head that there have been…”
Rana thought for a moment for the right
Words… “Interrogations? Certain groups have
Repeatedly questioned you on what happened
To you…with this Angel’s gift?”

“Yes…” I answered.

“Of course,” Vala hummed, “How could they
Resist…Who would not? We all want to know
The same thing…The difference is
That…WE…are not reckless in our ways
About it…When concerning matters of
The mind and those gifts…We respect it,
Not wantonly threaten or invade the
Mind, or intimidate to get the information…
To do so is arrogant, ignorant…and futile…”

“Aimlessly stupid.” Rana laughed. “Which is
Why they did not get what they wanted.”

Damara rolled her eyes at them. “The
Point is that we are not like that, we do
Not wish to do anything that will traumatize
You with this…”

“But we still need to know things.” Rana

“Carefully!” Damara emphasized.

“When concerning matters of the mind,”
Vala hummed, “The nature of the information
Must be considered always with great care…
Invade and shock, and the box will
React accordingly…This gift you were
Given must be respected…and for those
Who have caused you distress for it
I now cast upon them shattered return
For their lack of tact…For if they
Can not see it or sense it then may
They share such suffering…by equal
Same conduct…Let them find no
Peaceful respect understanding from
Now on and when they speak…For if
They will not listen…Then let deaf
Ears only hear their voices now…
And if they wish to be stupid…then
Let them find greatest stupidity in their
Lives then they ever knew…After all
This is a time of equal and fair
Deliverance…But for those of wiser
Mind and sense to see…then let their
Own mind be opened further with
Sight to see and understand so that
This light can shine forth on all the
World…until it becomes such a bright
And shining, invincible light…that
No darkness finds rest in shadowy
Corners…and that the Dark Kind
Be cast out and blinded by the light…

Blind The Darkness and Dark Kind
With Ever bearing, Ever shining Light
Of Truth…by this light given thee…
Through the words, and lines and light
And the artwork granted…Let it
Grow and grow and glow constantly now…
Find roots in all the hearts and minds
That its eyes fall upon…and like roots
And trunk and tree and branches
Of the seeded tree of life…sprout
Leaves of prosperity, tranquility, shielded
Peace…and songs of love to ease all
Troubled souls…so that they find rest
And all the answers they seek by
Truly resting with peace in the heart
That knows no more doubt or worried
Fears and heartache…Find faith…
Now friends…and hear the songs of
Angelic voices of Heaven that were put
Forth and placed with this light…
Shine light shine…with invincibility…
For now is the hour of its power to
Burst forth and change all things to
Make them as they should be…”

Rana smiled to her sister’s words…
Those magical verses… “And now may we
Begin with needed questions?” She
Turned and nodded… “Damara, would
You wish to begin?”

Vala hummed softly, “Light the fuse…”

Damara very calmly stood in front of
Them…looking into my eyes and head, seeing
Into the deepest parts, more than I knew…
“I see it…as I have in the others…so
Amazing…” Her eyes were keenly studying. “It
Is identical as in the others…although in the
Other two much slower…less active. I do
Not believe it was activated the same way. There
Must be some other aspect of its essence
Regarding the person…The same potential…But
There is something different and unique in
Each of them…How he activated it…How
Long ago was this put there?”

“Approximately 16 years.” Vala told her
With fascination.

“Fascinating.” Damara said…I felt a bit
Like a test subject…

“The time, Damara!” Rana urged her. “The
Window is measured, remember? We have
Only so much time…Proceed…Ask him…now.”

Damara looked past me…to the light… “I see
Many have tried to access it…” She said,
Talking to it, beyond me? “It is alive…on its

“Ask him, please, now.” Rana insisted.

“The interrogations…” Damara said carefully,
Kindly… “Please tell us…of your interactions
And experience with the Shaman one of Nibiru…
Please tell us what she asked you?”

There were no feelings to resist…They had
Some kind of sincere appeal and reaction to

The light, the box opened to answer…
“That night was strange but calm…
It was late April…in 2013, or the year
The vessel knew as such…The dates are
Wrong…The calendar is corrupted…No dates
Or times are aligned…only the stars know the
True time…The vessel is but trapped in
And held to the world in this dimension…
We see accordingly…It was April…

Events undone corrupt the time…The
Powers and Thrones above see this…This
Bares trouble to correct…Those
That hold the dimension in prison, time
Suspended…watch…for the Deliverer…

Nibiru…The False Star…fallen…The orb
Ships of the collective…of Ancient races born,
Bred and inducted into a single created
Race…Nibiru watches and waits and studies…
Nibiru awaits the harvest…incorporating
Information by flesh through science…
In attempts to forge a masterpiece to control
The universe…
Sirian science…Their masters, they exist
In this form primarily…

Those of the race of the Wolf, the Dogmen…
Consist of many absorbed races…
Draconian…human…The feline races of the
Lion Men and chameleons…and all subordinate
Races conquered by the Empire…with the exception
Of the great Avian and Hawkmen races…
Nibiru was born after the Fall of the Birdmen…

Nibiru is of the true time line…They can
Not conquer alternate dimensions…yet…
Though attempts have been made…resulting
In the destruction of those dimensions…all
Lost information…Failure…They are greatly
Frustrated and angered by this…They can
Not absorb alternate time lines…
This Earth is safe for the moment…
The vessel is safe in this dimension…
That’s why it was placed here…
Until the time lines converge upon which
Activation occurs…The Angels come…
The War of Heaven and Earth…
And Nibiru comes…”

Their eyes were wide as they looked at
Each other…making mental notes…

Vala studied cautiously, “Proceed carefully.”

Damara spoke calmly. “Who spoke to you on
This ship of Nibiru?”

“The Jackal woman…The Shaman of their
Science of Mysticism and Metaphysical
Research…She wore its talismans…The
Headdress of the Jackal, the Wolf God
Of their ancient Sirian Homeworld…Coal grey
Fur…silver and gold adornments…The robes of
Their science chief officer…Eyes that burned…
Glowing yellowy-green…oval pupils…The hypnotist…
Her face Sirian of design, their prime
Form…Coat of coal grey, smooth fur of like
The headdress…Fur face…The vessel laughs
At this…Held vertical by magnetic suspension
To the interrogation table…The hum…
The pulse in the air to suspend the will of
Thought processes…To insist truth…
Maximum strength at the controls to ensure
No resistance…They laugh this way, they
Believe nothing can resist them…
The light obeys no demands this way…
They do not understand this…
Further intensify the controls…regardless of
Damage to the body…The light responds

She, the Jackal Shaman…Intense of mind,
“What are you?”

The Vessel answers, “Human.”

The Jackal denies this while studying all
Readings on the wall screens…Images of the
Brain…his brain…

All readings make no sense…

“You are not human.” She says. “What
Are you?”

The vessel can only answer, “Human, I don’t
Know what you want me to say.”

“What are you?” She asks again, magnifying
The controls.


“You are not.” She says angrily. “We have
Human studies and manifest…No humans
Think this way…these are not their thought patterns.
What are you?”


“You are not.” She says angrily…Very angry now,
Very angry…Such resistance is impossible…
“Why aren’t you dead? How are you still
Alive? Why aren’t you dead? You should be dead!”

“I don’t know what you want me to

“Tell me what you are.” She persists. “Who
Made you? Where did you come from?
What put this in you, what are they?”

Laughter from the vessel…The eyes spin
And blur…The radiation is poisoning…
Retreats within the light… “I’m not telling
You anything. You can ask me a thousand
Times and every time I will say the same

“Tell me.” She growls, the nature of her
Primal form bares its teeth…fangs…

“You are not in control…You will see.”

“You are of the Earth,” she says, “The Earth
Is nothing! Wastes of flesh…They will feed us…
They are experiments only for our consumption…
Why are you there? What are you?”

“Human. I don’t know what you want
Me to say.”

“You can not lie to me,” she says, “Who
Made you? Tell me!”


“Heaven does not exist, it is a concept,” she
Says, “A myth for those to believe in…
What made you? Are you from a higher
Dimension of beings? Who are they?”

“I’m not telling you anything.”

“We will find them.” She says. “We are
Nibiru…we will master all things.”

“You are not the Creators…You are the takers,
You absorb things…That is all you do. You
Learn nothing this way.”

She stands back…Eyes blazing the fire of
Her rage…insulted… “We will have all you know…
Or we will kill you…”

“No…You will try…And you will fail.”

“We will not,” she says, baring her teeth…
“We will have all things…”

Laughter…like a drug… “You will fail…and
You will learn…Your time is coming to an end…
The end of Nibiru.”

She growls. “We will never end.”

“Return me now…I’m not telling you

“And if I do not?” She says…


The vessel is then returned…To his bed…asleep…
Poisoned…sick…The light must protect, preserve
And repair the vessel…reconstruction…

The three of them stood, their eyes wide
Watching…Rana looked to Damara, who held
A medical scanner before her…examining
Readings…She showed the device’s screen
To Rana, who was stunned… “What is that?”

“I have not seen this before…” Damara
Said nervously; she was growing frightened…

“Those readings…?” Rana could only question.

Their thoughts were all the same… “How is
He alive? How is this possible?” They could find
No answer…
“I’m concerned to pursue this…perhaps we
Should stop?” Damara said to her.

“We must know.” Rana held firmly, then
Turned to Vala… “I think you should
Proceed from here…”

“This could be dangerous,” Damara argued,
“Why is this…The other 2 are in a
Catatonic state…The remaining six are
Still in transition…What is doing this?”

There were many voices echoing
From beyond the circle of golden light, those
Of a large assembly watching…

“Vala,” Rana instructed, “Proceed…”

Vala moved forward cautiously. “How long
Has this plan been in motion?” She asked softly,
Without her usual humming.

“Always and forever…The Ancients knew this…
Ever since the Hawkmen fell…They…have always

“But the Great Races fell hundreds upon hundreds
Of thousands of years ago,” Vala
Said, “Why allow this loss to bring upon this
Path of suffering and destruction?”

“This is how flesh must learn of the Creator…
And this is how Creation understands the
Physical…The rise and fall…and through it
All…lessons to bridge faith, mind and spirit…
The Laws of Creation.”

Whispers…many whispers past the circle
Of golden light…The assembly was

Then the Great Lion Man VIR’riel stepped
Forward with conviction…To the face of the
Vessel…eagerly… “What are the coordinates
Of Nibiru? Where are they?” He asks with his

“We have the coordinates…irrelevant for you
To know.”

“Where are they?” VIR’riel insists.

“This is not the course to ask!” Rana orders

Damara was nervous. “This must be respected,
This connection…though the readings are stable.”

“Readings are irrelevant.”

“Do not ask him your demands!” Rana ordered
The Lion Man. “Step back.” She pointed
To Vala… “Proceed.”

Vala hesitated, there was concern in her eyes…
“Why is the timing now, what have you
Been waiting for?”

“The alignment of worlds…The circle…
The ripple effect…like the Waters…through
The universe…for all to feel.”

“But other universes are threatened by
The Empire?” Vala asked.

“As said…the ripple effect…for all to feel…
All universes…”

“This is meant to unite other universes?” Vala
Asked curiously.


They were intrigued… “And those that have
Questioned you, interrogated you?”

“They have learned nothing…I tell them
Nothing because they know nothing…all
Answers respond this way…”

“But they do know what has happened to you…”
Vala said… “They know about…The Light…”

“They know of the act, the gift…not
Of the Light or what it is, we are…”

“But the man in black asked you about
The nine worlds?” Vala asked…

“I told him nothing but what was placed
In riddle word into the verses posts…
It was not the time for them to know.”

“But 9 were chosen, given this same
Gift on different planets?” Vala asked.


“Why?’ Vala asked. “Why allow 2 to fail?”

“They did not…Intended…5 to lead, 5
To heed…The other 7 to do their deeds…
9 is divine, 9 breaks the sign…
2 to fall, fell asleep…distractions to
The intended purpose…The remaining 7
Would then rise…7…7…7…”

“But the others are not active?” Vala asked.

“They will be.”

“And this Hand of God?” Vala asked. “The 5

“Yes…The 5…The Hand of God…And 5
To serve and protect them…5 and 5…
5 to lead…5 to heed…The 5.”

Rana sighed as her sisters looked to her.
“Do not look to me, I have no sense for

“Why 13?” Vala asked.

“13 moons…13 crystal skulls to embody
All knowledge of this aspect…Balance…
Sight, senses…and the elements…This
Aspect appears in many places.”

“But the skulls were made to protect the
Planet?” Vala asked… “Why allow it to fall?”

“To rise and fall…then rise again, that
Is to understand Knowledge…”

“So the skulls allowed this?” Vala asked.

“To assemble Knowledge, yes…To Tempt
The powers to control them…13 families
To rise to attempt to tame their power…
Bait…Lure…Enthrall them…and then
Destroy them…”

“Destroy them?” Vala asked.

“When False Masters attempt to control the skulls
The end will begin…and has…”

“But they have controlled things…” Vala

“They think they have…To rise and fall…and
Rise again is to understand the flesh and
Physical as I have said.”

“And the time lines?” Vala asked…

“Vala,” Damara interrupted, “These readings…”

“Every time they delay…There is collapse
And then return…The Final alignment
Controls this…The time of the Leonids…
Will see it come true…”

“And then?” Vala asked…

Eyes toss, turn, roll around…
No further information can be given
At this time.”

They sensed the turning point…
“Wait…” Rana begged…

“The window will close…retreat for now…
Eyes of the rainbow bridge…
The window closes…
The time of the Leonids will see it…
Now the window closes…”

The window closes…
Time to change the Locks again…






  1. Oh, THAT’s what the incest-icide is for… Here in America, you’ll find them right next to the bibles… in the “birth control” section… 😀

    Happy thor’s-day everyone!

  2. Thank you all so much. It will take me about a week to sift through all this new info! But it’s all good. The video I posted…yes Feila…I feel it is an invocation …something to do with the Skraeiling.

    Interesting because the Spirit Wolves were here the other night when I posted this…and ODIN…I heard him speak to me…We were also having one hell of an Electrical Storm! Afterward, I swear I smelt burning fur or was awful! So I lit an orange cinnamon candle. So, yes! An invocation!

  3. hey tribe…

    wow its i guess official now… over germany has to build an roof now… because since today it is an insane asylum !!!
    yesterday the german finance minister stated with a straight face… that if germany or the eu would close the borders… we would have severe cases of incest damage… ii am not kidding here (i wish i would)

    i was actually yesterday trying to find out if that was satire… but sadly it wasnt…

    • Honestly, what I just heard via radio or in the street cannot but let me down. I hence appreciate more you the resonating and resonated ones who are gathered here. What an angel you are, dear Stefan and thank you so much for keeping updating us these most precious 1st hand messages !!!

    • Interesting post dear Feilla. I was scrolling through the pictures of the princess until I reached the tattoos photos. Something about them reminds me of Bill’s artwork. The animals, the lines.

  4. Thank YOU all the SWEET ones !!! I can imagine it’s in fact a quite tough time to most of us, however, being in this tribe, one(s) fall down, another(s) give(s) aids, even speak on behalf, or remind, or bring the light and warmth, further more, we piece up the pieces of puzzles together for seeing a much bigger picture. I cannot thank you the ones who would like to pour relentlessly nutritious essence here. Your perspectives are so fascinating and precious to me !!!

    Robin, that song….sounds to me, particularly at this very moment just like a very invocation. I should be unable to stop listening to it again and again. Quite strange that it should sound so familiar, even just like that of the very homeland…in the East ???

    Stefan, this boy with such awesome linguistic talent is as well amazing me, even prompts me so to know to have more fun in playing with linguistic codes….For my throat chakra is still blocked, this kind of very passion to create and share, along with this resonance with you, the sweet ones, are the very catalyzer, impelling me to speak….

    Dreamwalker…..without you, I cannot imagine how could I have this chance to taste all these in this most great banquet in my life….I really cannot thank you enough for all this series of miracles that you just have been bringing in my life !!!

    Here, before tomorrow is coming, I would like to remind… is going to be the beginning of SUMMER (June 9th, 2016….God…I didn’t realize until now that it’s the very 69), the 5th day of 5th lunar month in CN lunisolar calender, the Double Fifth Festival, in contrast to its Western analogue of Summer Solstice. It’s one of the most important CN festivals, so there are quite kinds of activities, special foods for celebrating it, and commemorating some eminent ones. I share this here, for this festival has lots to do with dragon, water, anti-toxic. Besides, it’s believed that the magnetic field would be quite extraordinary that even supports to make eggs stand vertical at the very noon.

    In the last comment, I forgot indicating that I kept seeing the pattern of 8 the last two weeks, thanks to Robin’s reminding and inspiration. Quite interestingly, in CN character, the 8 is written as 八, yes, looking exactly like mustache ; whereas in ancient seal style, the character 5, on the contrary looks like 8.

    For what a gourmand I’m, and for the ceremony or banquet, we should never let the nice foods be absent. So pls allow me to share this with you…something that I miss so badly. Very interesting that I never thought to describe the shape of this kind of stuff in this way, tetrahedral!!!

    May you/we all have a nice dragon boat festival !!!

  5. Feilla your posts always make me cry with happiness ❤ This light and sound healing process you presented is so needed right now… thank you!

    Dave – your video on analyzing "facets" of someone's personality reminded me of the process that the First Nations used to do here in North America. It would start with a vision quest at around 13… and this was very important. Through that process they would get their first spirit guide, and would acquire more throughout their lives. These can also be seen as being "facets" of a person's personality… but are also, as it says there, "intelligent energy" – so for all intents and purposes could be viewed as a separate yet connected being. Another layer is that these are often past lives – for example I am closely connected to "raven" and this may have been a past life at some point. I had dreams of a past life as a samurai and I find this persona has been useful in understanding the discipline of the samurai. That African shaman guy…. well don't mess with him… and he just says "SELF CHANGE"… holy cow…

    These guys will show themselves when you're ready – you may have even acquired a few already (or many for all I know!). I don't see it as a "clinical analysis" thing, so much as a mental / creative process of understanding more of who you are. But also a way of having helpers along the way. Remember we are never alone.

    It helps to write down your experiences in a journal or a blog so you can refer back to them. I've posted mine to my blog – it's all out there… maybe someone will take it for their own and get rich off the book… whatever… shrug.

    Here's a song I heard today on Democracy Now that seems to be very fitting today… especially for those of us of the "fire" nation… 😀

  6. Beautiful Feila. IT’S ALL GOOD…don’t you worry about a thing. ALL is done IN LOVE. ❤ And sometimes we HAVE to confront our loved ones, even forcefully, not to attack the BELOVED but the PROGRAM. For SHE is the "Dark Mater", the Dark Mother, the Black Madonna, the OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY…and NO ONE and NO BODY and NO CREATED THING can control Her… for She is Sovereign.

  7. My dear ones, last night, I just left some words here in tears, after reading, watching what you just fervently shared here. Pity that that draft was just gone….and I have to restart another thread.

    I feel somehow quite lost or disconnected the last days and so sorry for what Bill and Stefan just suffered. The inundation, though results in quite victims, even death, I should feel Gaîa does need to neutralize which has been intoxicating her and her kids. In spite of the rain which has lasted for at least one month, even such inundation which was just occurring, I still feel my heart just cannot cease summoning the water for cleaning all the poison which has been spread. I’m so pissed for now this is even not enough for them, the darkness, for they even make more use of bio weapons of various kinds….

    I’m so ill and tired that can barely keep up with what I’m supposed to grasp. Then one other day just passed by, however I feel nothing is well finished.

    The last days, when I felt so lost, disconnected, even lose any sense of orientation, there seems a series of guidance to be given via ….For my mind is quite blurred, twisted by various kinds of sources, I should share before any hesitation or regret which would occur, even interrupt. Honestly, how frustrated and in-confident I’m for I cannot tell if these are really nice selection for you, my beloved ones…

    This video is my very remedy in the last days…for how much I want to turn back to the deep ocean, to clean myself, clean the ocean, clean all the trauma, the toxic….

    So…when seeing that “echo” here…..

    When searching the address of the last one, popping up this one…It has appeared on my board for weeks, and I should have never clicked in. Now owing to the sound of some oriental musical instrument which is just plucking my heart chords…

    Just because I’m so disconnected from this, even all realities, how much I appreciate that you, the precious ones are here, drawing me well here with you in this warm cradle from floating alone away in the unknown time-space.

    This morning, it just occurred to me that a song with the lyrics of a poem having to do with moon, was just written by the very same respected poet. In this New Moon, and despite of my frailness in various aspects, may this song bring

    English Translation, though not perfectly made :

    For among the precious ones, there are some who have so much to do with eagle/condor…I don’t know if this make any sense to share this here….one of the novel trilogy, which is so used to be adapted into TV soap shows….
    My favorite TV version, in spite of some very serious error in the translated lyrics :

    The author is so knowledgeable that in his fictions, he is used to touch the very historical elements.

    Another echo to one of the very precious ones…

    Last night, despite of my silence, absence, I was too intrigued and touched by the beauty of this Romanian song, even the other works by the same artist. Just because this is a language I had few chance to reach, how happy I feel and how much I appreciate that I could not have missed it, thanks to the very precious one in this tribe.

    Dear Mary and Nando, what your serenity and tenderness have brought, surely touches not only Lida, but me.

    There are sisters that I miss so badly…yes, just like that super precious big one that Dreamwalker just called off, Leslee, and Lisa, Tauno, Suzanne (Christaline Blue)…and MIldalove, Mechee, Terraseed. I can never forget it’s the animation, “Never ending story ” which triggered our first conversation…How are you, my beloved sister from New Zealand?!

    In regards to dreamflight, there are only few pieces which can maintain in my humble memory. Most of them feel like in “schools,” among which there is one which is quite impressive that my hands just got blisters, looking like some kind of internal cleansing reaction? Several weeks ago there was another unforgettable dream having to do with bees, though I didn’t see any one of them, but the numerous big bleeding stung holes on the superior half of my physical, mainly the region between shoulder and chest, and upper arms. I was wearing a veil in ancient Persian style, in some palace. It felt like some kind of initiation. I once tried to search for some concerned dream analysis, however, I don’t think I do get the very sense. Some videos brought by Dave seem to help elaborate….despite of my so insufficient mind.

    That song of Hunchback, God help the outcast, God… the one which has never stop playing or being sung in my heart for a at least a whole month. Dave’s thoughtful selection of the German version speaks so much….By this way, Stefan, I believe even, particularly in your mother’s eyes, you have no way to be thought like that. We all know how that external malevolent interference has been set. However, just because we know what an authentic angel you are, it hurts more to confront with this, Anyhow, thank you for sharing this and giving us this chance to give you the super BIG HUGS for mending your heart !!!

    This term looks so repeated….

    Then the turn of this one….

    Another video distinctly given on purpose…
    For it just has popped up not only once….I have no way to neglect it.

    I was just wondering where I’ve ever heard this music, then it should occur to me the video, brought by our precious Ben Naga almost 3 years ago ?!

    This one….for pleasing Bill, even bringing more healing energy with nice cheerful animation of horses…I in fact never watched it, but happened to see this MTV when it popped up about one or two weeks ago.

    Wow…now, my youtube is just bringing me this totally new one that I’ve never heard, without saying watched….so just dedicate it to all the beloved twins, ONES, here….For it’s quite late here, I should not watch it, even check the lyrics until the morning…May you all have a good night and nice dream(flights)!

    • i was beginning to miss u =)

      but hey what i experienced is (sorry for the words) chicken shit compared to what bill is going thru…
      im already over it =)

      but thank u anyway my dear for the nice words and videos and pictures in it BIG HUGS !!! =)

      so let me give u all a nice song for this day… (i kinda find it fitting ^^ ) so everything is OK AND STRONG AS AN OAK 😉

      wish u all a great day

      ps… i like this guy he got realy nice linguistic skills =)

  8. WINDOW[S] looking in on you you??
    TEARING ME APART???????????


    • In a hole ? Scoot over and make some room, I’m coming over for a cigarette and a talk 🙂
      Is it “attacks” or is it “your thoughts” mulling shit like “this is never ending”, “nothing is going to happen” ? They have whole crews of little creeps specialized in inducing these kind of .. thoughts.
      So, if you want to talk, Dreamwalker has my e-mail. Feilla too.
      Hang on, bro. It’s a bit … hectic right now, I know. We need to tighten the tribe (who so wishes).
      Big hugs ! BIG !

      • im kinda fine…

        its that raining cloud over my head that doesnt want to go away… its so strange since two weeks i kinda feel home sick to a place or to some one i dont know…

        than this sunday some thing strange happened… my mom called me realy angry and told me an envelope was missing where the rest of her xmas money was in was missing… and she thought i took it… i started to get realy nervous because from her view im the only one that has a key and since im always low on money so to speak a motive… i dont know how many times i searched the place that envelope was at… i didnt find anything… and the misunderstanding got close to escalation… in an last attempt i found that envelope and it was at an realy bizarre place that was so against the odds…

        while that was happening i was realy thinking i got attacked here in a realy strange way… but all went well in the end

        but its more like the whole system thats giving me dark clouds over my head… all the injustice here…

        anyway dont worry i know that there will be sunshine once the clouds are gone 😉 with the chance of a nice rainbow =)

        • Missing …somewhere (even someone)… yes, I know. I know exactly.

          The missing money, yup, that sounds like a real shit “trick”. They are doing their best to “play” people against each other. Misplacing important stuff, letting anger surface, blame game playing out … Pointing fingers.

          As per the injustice down here… Yes, that makes me angry too So angry because some rather simple solutions are possible, for a start (until we get this planet cleaned up) These planets. All of them.

          Rainbow is always there, above the clouds. Have Faith that this is a given ! It’s there. We need to do a better job at reaching for it 🙂
          More hugs !

        • Well Stefman this might cheer you up a bit… did you know that you sent me a rainbow? Then after that a shooting star… breaking up… real big… just overhead (looked like fireworks, but without the pop at the end…)

          What are the chances of seeing those two things in the same day?

          Anyways… thank you…

          • that sounds like an amazing view ^^

            but i didnt do anything ^^ i see these things as a wink or a hind from universe 😉

            so dont thank me… thank the place ur living in because universe is the provider =)

  9. Sunday hugs everyone !
    This song is by a friend of mine. I wish I could find a version with English subs, but not. The words are very nice. The Romanian lyrics are posted in the about section.

  10. These first two humans — the twins — were a great trial to their Primates parents. They were so curious and adventurous that they nearly lost their lives on numerous occasions before they were eight years old. As it was, they were rather well scarred up by the time they were twelve.

    While we were all greatly concerned with what these two little savages were planning, we were powerless to control the working of their minds; we did not — could not — arbitrarily influence their decisions.





    ’03 Bonnie & Clyde
    Uhh uhh uhh.
    You ready B? Let’s go get ’em..
    Look for me! Young, B
    Cruisin down the westside – high, way
    Doing what we like to do – our, way
    Eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason
    all of my dates been blind dates
    But today, I got my thoroughest girl wit me
    I’m mashin the gas, she’s grabbin the wheel, it’s trippy how hard
    She rides with me – the new Bobby and Whitney
    Only time we don’t speak is during “Sex and the City”
    She gets Carrie fever, but soon as the show is over
    She’s right back to being my soldier
    Cuz mami’s a rider, and I’m a roller
    Put us together, how they gon’ stop both us?
    What ever she lacks, I’m right over her shoulder
    When I’m off track mami is keepin me focused
    So let’s, lock this down like it’s supposed to be
    The ’03…

  14. When and where to look for Leonids 2016

    This year’s Leonids meteor shower will begin in the late night hours of November 17, but will really reach its peak just after midnight on November 18, 2016 and continue into the early morning hours.

    i 2016, a waning full moon will obstruct visibility as they the Leonids zoom by in the night sky at 15-20 per hour.

    In North America, both Canada and US East Coast residents will have the best viewing in the southeastern sky, expected sometime after midnight on November 18 and peaking between 3:30 and 5:30 am ET.

    • Eh… uh… what was the joke?

      And before you answer remember that if there is a punchline involved, it may take me some time to catch on….

      For example, in the latest video I JUST clued into the fact that the “woo woo” of the pigeons could also refer to the new-age “Woo Woo”… verrrrrrrrrry clever! 😉 😉 😉

  15. So many things I would like to say but NOW is not the TIME…

    I only will say to you Bill, that you are not alone, THREE is a MAGIC number…and to you Lida, you are the “GOOSE” that laid the Golden Egg… 🙂

    I can only leave you with these…it is up to all of you to decode the words and symbolism…


      • There has been much intermixing of the blood and the legends/mythologies of Viking with Native peoples in this region of my country. One name for the majority of Native American tribes here is THE ABANAKI…meaning “PEOPLE OF THE DAWN COUNTRY”…I wonder who the “PRINCESS of the DAWN” is ??? Seems she has a DRAGON at her back…and a connection to Wolves… 😉

  16. …you have no idea how much this took out of him, then me…knowing what he has been thru to get here. I knew of this ‘interrogation’ soon after it happened. Like the next day. But with all this detail.
    He truly did become physically ill then. Some resurfaced again after he wrote this, and it scared me. But his determination to do the right thing for the right reasons is beyond description…he will recover. They will not let him down!
    He has tremendous Faith and Hope…in what he does for US! All of us.
    Makes me cry too, Mary. Every time I look at him. My Valiant son!!

    Believe me…he appreciates all of your support…it gives him strength and courage!
    And the ‘differences’ in you all are wonderous!
    You are all so special.
    Thank you for being here…at this time!

    • well i dont know how i know it… but i have a strong feeling that if damara is around ur son is in the best hands that i can imagine !!!

      and let me thank u two again for what ur doing =)
      and also all others that comment here =)

      and mary yes that “song” sounds way to familiar to me as well =)

      thanks for the new riddle robin =)

      ok guys i got to go back to the daily nonsense… i hopefully catch u all later… if not have a great weekend

      and thanks to u all again 😉

    • Thank you so much, both of you. This one… pinned me.
      Thank you is such a small, mundane expression, I wish there was better wording to express how grateful I am, to both of you. This was an immense wringer to put in writing.
      Loving hugs to both of you. Soothing hugs. Not much, and all I can from afar.
      For now.

  17. Thank you Bill and Lida – what Bill has been through… I am thankful he is still here to help create these posts.

    Hi Mary – you said it. Most of us started life not knowing why we were different, but KNOWING – in our hearts – that we were. Having the group here to share with – to know that we are all the exception to the rule – is a great help to me too. It’s more valuable to me than I can even express.

    With regards to Hidden Hand… I may be wrong, but I feel this material has its usefulness from a perspective of understanding. However, we should temper that by our own research and understanding. For example, he makes reference to the bible, and various writings of other religions. Well… I believe “they” had a hand in corrupting the message in the first place… so in a sense he is only referencing his “own” material. 😀

    It’s stuff like this that does tend to make it seem as though everything is headed off a cliff anyways… so why bother trying? Well… that’s their game.

    Are we still trying?

    Yes, we are. Because… as in Bill’s post here… we know better.



    • TRUE THAT! Thank you! We really do know better. ❤

      Words cannot fully express my gratitude for everything and everyone.

  18. First of all..WOW. I thought yesterday was Thursday (the day Dreamwalker posts here in California–thank you btw!! <3) only to realize that it was Wednesday. I felt really eager to read this post. Now I can see why.

    "Let it
    Grow and grow and glow constantly now…
    Find roots in all the hearts and minds
    That its eyes fall upon…and like roots
    And trunk and tree and branches
    Of the seeded tree of life…sprout
    Leaves of prosperity, tranquility, shielded
    Peace…and songs of love to ease all
    Troubled souls…so that they find rest
    And all the answers they seek by
    Truly resting with peace in the heart
    That knows no more doubt or worried
    Fears and heartache…Find faith…"

    This brought tears to my eyes. My chest and throat…welled up. Finally…words offering reassurance. I've always known that we will be okay. Faith…love…never will fail me. But it has been SO HARD FOR ME. I have been so lost…I don't want to fall into society…unhappy…broken. lost. confused. no freedom.

    I am in the process of forging my path. Thankful beyond words to the people in my life. My parents..unconditional and never ending love. But why..since a young age…did I feel like I did not fit in? Why did I always follow my own drum beat…I always listened to my heart. Once…I asked my guardian angel to send me a sign when I was in middle school…seconds later an earthquake. I recognized the message and fell asleep calmly.

    I don't care anymore that I am different. I'm not trying to hurt anyone…but to help others. I thought working corporate was the goal for me…nope! I learned that pretty quick. hahaha
    Anyway…thank you for that. I had to pause and just cry….it's time.

    I'm going to have to reread that second half of today's post, but I'm also excited to hear from everyone's thoughts. ❤

    Also, I read this the other day…but need someone to discuss this with!

    I would love to hear your thoughts

    Love you all so much

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