Junkers: People From Other Planets Are Listening

From Brianna: Basically (wish someone takes this vid and subs it in English), Junkers (actual head of the EU) says that we have to be careful what we do because the people observing us from other planets are concerned.
He adds ” I’ve seen and heard people from other planets expressing their concern about what is going on in the EU”

Good job Vala, keep going strong, we gotta fry their brains asap!



  1. yes, David Wilcock and Ben Fulford, It told Ben off! You forgot to mention “Corey Goode” LOL! I called him on his crap the other day! Yes…a LOT of EGOS! Sounds like we both have really good discernment and intuition. Stay Safe! (I see we are both “unicorns” 🙂 ❤ )

    • Well, Corey and his various blues and other alliances come right under Wilcock.
      Anyway, discernment always. No matter what you read, or how well intentioned the blogger or “channeler” may seem to be. Some are nicely hacked without even them realizing it.
      If it doesn’t “feel” right, chances are … it’s not !
      Yup, Robin, we are Freedom Fighters 🙂 I’ll do my best to scrap the word “warrior” from my vocabulary. War is what the dark empire (or enter any name you wish for the creeps) does.
      We seek Freedom.

  2. Yes, I see it growing. A lot since the end of February, actually.
    I am keeping an eye on “world events” always. Watchful for geopolitical “trends”, opinion manipulation, and “natural events”. Weather patterns.
    What I cannot watch at all is mainstream media. It’s just too awfully noisy. I get enough from RT English, including some very VERY good shows they have.
    Like “watching the Hawks” or Thom Hatmann’s “The Big Picture”. The rest I get from alternative sites. Difficult to sort out thru a LOT of disinfo out there as well.

    And this I wanted to talk about also : beware of massive amounts of disinfo being put out on some blogs. That is also a growing trend. Lots of bull. Distracting stuff.
    Don’t even get me started about David Wilcock or Ben Fulford. It’s a LOT of crap, always with bits of truths sprinkled here and there. If you do read their stuff, do it with the greatest discernment possible ! Please !

    Signs of big egos are always a telltale signal, apropos 🙂 As is hate speech of some form.

    And since i broached the subject, may as well go all the way : be wary of sites that tell you all is well, you have nothing to do, just BE, all is taken care of !!!
    Very dangerous.

    Walk in your Truth, speak with your heart 🙂 ❤

  3. Good ol’ Atlantis Corporation. Grrrrrr……Am I the only one who has noticed the extremity of violence recently? It’s in every nation…blasting 24/7 via mainstream and even social media…ever since BREXIT. They’re all DEAD MEN WALKING…Don’t let them trap us in fear. We are going to reflect it back to them! They are proud, arrogant, and now THEY are SCARED! They are showing us their WEAKNESSES…that’s for sure!

  4. Filmed a few days ago, during a full EU parliament session over Brexit.
    Of course when he says “we”, he refers to them, the bunch of “leaders” over us, the little folks.
    And he mentions “seeing, hearing, and talking to leaders of other planets”,
    To translate more accurately. I was in such a hurry to send this that I didn’t really translate well enough.
    Notice also how no one even raises an eyebrow. Nothing.

    That site usually just posts funnies, slurs and fumbles. They put it under “drunk Juncker” or something like this. I picked it up by sheer luck (or not 😉 ).

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