Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…Origins…The Adams and Eves of Earth…

*SONG* “Wild Child” by Heart

The simple magical power of a smile…
Of a hello…by the right person at the right time…
Is it cosmic? Divine? Destiny?
Something so simple…is it written in the stars…
What power does it have…over anyone,

“Varence?” She said calmly…coldly, impatiently.

“Yes, Ceres?” He asked…smiling that smile of his.

I can not believe I am saying this,”
Ceres said rolling her eyes…her legs crossed
As she held her hand over her legs, playing with her
Fingers… “Tell the rest of the story…Please…”

He sat calmly…looked at her…still smiling…
“As you wish…”

On the Eve scout ship…
The women, Sara and Nira, had left the room
Shortly after Jansen woke…Nira pulling
Her close friend and partner aside as she saw that
Strange smile appear on Sara’s face…She had
NEVER seen her react in such a way, it concerned
Her…and she urged them to step outside the
Examination room where they could speak privately
And watch the men from the observation window.

All of the women, the Eves, had gathered outside
The examination room…hovering by the two
Large glass windows to stare with increasing
Obsession at these new men; and their
Behavior was becoming increasingly more and
More obsessive.

Nira pulled Sara to the side to whisper as she
Studied her face. “What has gotten into you?”

Sara could not take her eyes off the men,
Especially Jansen…Ever since he had
Opened his eyes…those crystal like…
Golden colored pale glossy soft colored
Eyes…Something inside her head snapped…
She had no words for it…She had
Never felt it before, it was foreign,
New…yet old, and very powerful. “What?”

“You are staring at him.” Nira said.
“You do remember our orders?”

But Sara was in another world, a realm
Of feelings exploding from new places…
She studied him, Jansen…as he sat up
And began talking to his friends…
“They are nothing like the men we were
Told about…Did you see the way his eyes
Opened…So much feeling inside them…
So alive…not cold or cruel at all…And
His body…his shape…How is he shaped that

Nira blinked mad with concern. “Do you hear
Yourself? Do you hear what you are saying?”

“What?” Sara asked. “You are the
Medical specialist…Aren’t you fascinated
By them at all? These men? Look at

Nira fought it at first, then found herself…
Scientifically…medically speaking of course…
Watching, studying them…The tall broad
Built, chiseled Jonath…That curly blond
Hair, his bright blue eyes…The leaner,
Solid quiet Janeth, his blond wavy hair…
Modest expressions…and Jansen…his
Face…that face of his, his eyes…Then
She too fell under the spell that Sara
Had…That all the women had…as they
Clung tightly to the windows watching

Inside the room…Janeth, Jonath, Jansen
And the Great Gold Lion Man remained
Gathered around the table where Jansen
Lay sitting up…ignoring the activity at
The windows for the moment.

Jansen held his head trying to think,
To remember… “What happened exactly?”

Jonath hovered very close to him, his hand
On his shoulder, smiling…He was overjoyed
To see his friend, awake, so much so he
Fought hard to control the emotions he had
Growing inside him. “There was an attack,” he
Said calmly. “The Eve ship…must have fired
On ours…There were fires, explosions…
The ship shook…Something must have
Struck somewhere near the dropships…
Safety systems shut the doors…You were
Thrown, slammed against the thick barred
Cells where the Lion Men were…Everyone
Was thrown…You were knocked out, hurt…”

“The Eve ship attacked us?” Jansen asked
Weakly, confused.

“It was quite an attack too.” Janeth attested.
“The way everything shook…Those sounds!
The alarms…The explosions…I am…I am
Surprised we survived, that we made it to the
Surface alive at all.”

“What?” Jansen grew nervous…as his mind
Started recalling things before he blacked out…
The explosions… “Hollis…was at the door?”

The Great Gold Lion Man growled at the
Memory…as he thought of his people still
On the ship…

“Yes.” Jonath said, looking down. “He was
Screaming for you when the doors shut…”

“Hollis was at the door…” Jansen weakly
Repeated…remembering his face at the tiny
Window… “The attack…The ship…”

Jonath looked down…trying calmly to say
The words all reason told him may be the truth…
“There were no communications with the ship
When we landed…Only two ships made it
To the ground…”

“What about the mining crew?” Jansen asked.

“There was an attack on the encampment,”
Janeth said…politely, deliberately
Avoiding the explanation of what the
Miners had attempted to do to their
Wounded friend… “Some kind of creatures
Attacked us…killed most of the men…
The Lion Men broke free and saved us.”

Jansen looked up at the Great Gold Lion
Man… “You…you spoke. I remember
Hearing their voices…”

“You do?” Jonath asked.

The Great Gold Lion Man stared down at
Jansen…he had seen this human before…
All of his people knew him…He was not
Like the rest at all… “Yes, Jansen…
We can talk.”

“You know my name?” He was shocked…

The Lion Man seemed to grin, leaned a
Little closer to him… “And I know you.”

Jansen’s mouth fell open wide… “You do?”

“You spoke to us many times…through
The closed doors…We heard you…” The
Great Gold Lion Man said. “You apologized
On the day of battle…The fight games
When one of us was nearly killed…
Do you remember?”

Jansen was stunned. “You heard me?”

“Yes.” The Lion Man said. “I have liked
You for a long time…I was not going to
Let the miners hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” Jansen asked, turning to
Jonath, his closest friend. “What is he
Talking about?”

“It’s nothing.” Jonath dismissed, avoiding his
Eyes. “It’s over. They’re all dead now.”

“Your face…” Jansen said, noticing the bruises…
“What happened to you? Were you in a fight?”

“Several of the miners tried to wrestle
Him away from you.” Janeth confessed.

“What?” Jansen was confused. “Why? What

“It’s over now.” Jonath only said. “It
Doesn’t matter now…We have other things
To think about…”

“Like what to do now…” Janeth further
Went on… “Especially if we are in fact
The only survivors…and the ship was…

“WHAT?!” Jansen exclaimed.

“The attack was…intense.” Jonath looked him
Square in the eye… “The ship may have

Jansen began to tremble…His head, his heart
Pounded… “But…But Hollis? The ship…gone?
No…No it can’t…No, it can’t be gone…It
Can’t be. NO!”

Jonath held him by the shoulders…The
Gentle giant wanting to just let his own
Feelings free… “You have to consider…
The fact…That we may be the only
Ones left.”

“It’s true.” Janeth agreed…
The Great Lion Man raised his head high
At the words…lifting his eyes to the
Ceiling, to see and sense far past the
Limits of the room…Were the human’s words
True…? His people? He sent out his mind
To feel for the answers…

Jansen pulled himself to the end of the table…
Shaking…his mind fell to pieces…wayward
Words tormented by the notion…Hollis…gone?
“No, it’s not true.” He began to cry.

Jonath saw his tears and moved behind him
To hug him, to rest his shaking still. “Please
I’m not trying to upset you.”

Jansen began to cry harder…Tried to push
Jonath off him, he didn’t want the touch
Of comfort right then…But Jonath only
Held him tighter as he cried harder…
Pushing his head against his, “Please don’t
Cry, please…”

“It can’t be true.” Jansen cried…

Outside, at the windows…Sara stood with
Nira now with vexed fascination…They looked
At each other then back at the men in
The room…
Sara’s eyes went wide, with shock, fear,
Pain, regret…Suddenly she was flooded
With emotions…a tidal wave she had never
Felt before… “Is he…Is he crying? Those
Are tears on his face! Why is he crying?”

Nira was shocked too. “They are so emotional!
Look at them!”

Then Sara grew upset…She did not like
Seeing Jansen cry at all…The words…
The feelings…It hurt. “What’s happening?”

Then…the other women to the side were
Reacting…Their faces shocked, as they gawked
And whispered amongst themselves…
These men were not like they were taught at all!
They chattered about how they looked…
The tall one…with the curly blond hair
And those blue eyes…So strong…So sensitive!
His eyes were glassy and wet as he held his
Friend! The emotions!
Janeth…with his wavy blond hair and green eyes…
That sad face…his sharp features…quiet
Yet strong looking…a thinker, yet so passive
And emotional.
These men weren’t fighting or lashing out, they
Were huddled together…closely…feelings!
The women were shocked!
And Jansen…Jansen with his wavy blond hair
And gold colored eyes…That face of his so sweet…
Appealing…so attractive…and now he was
Crying! Tears!

One of the officers from earlier, Nora,
The one who had insisted they follow the
Shoot to kill on sight orders…turned to
Her friend Maren… “Do you see that one?”
She said loudly. “The sweet one with the
Pretty face…He is crying! Remarkable!
His face is so adorable,” she went on and on
Loudly, “I love how he is so emotional!
Look at him!”

Sara heard her and turned sharply, immediately
Filling with some odd new rage… “All of you,
I want you out of this section at once!
Back to your stations!”

“But those Lion Men in the loading
Bay?” Maren questioned.

“Out, I said!” Sara shouted angrily, pointing
With intense hostility at Nora. “Back to your
Stations! Get out! Nira has to examine
Them, to make sure these men carry no
Contagions! Do you want to go on report?
Follow protocol now! She has to examine them.”

Nira was taken back by Sara’s anger…
And words… “I do?” She whispered as
The women reluctantly left the section…
To leave Sara and Nira alone…

“Did you hear that?” Sara said angrily.
“Just a little while ago Nora wanted to
Shoot them…and now here she is drooling
Over him like some idiot! Now suddenly
She is fascinated with him! Who does
She think she is? She has no right to look
At him that way at all…I could pull her
Hair out!”

Nira’s eyes went wild… “And she is overreacting?
To these Men?”

“I won’t hear it!” Sara shouted.

Nira’s eyes traversed the windows…Sara, and
The men… “But you…can look at him that

Sara turned to her sharply. “I want you to
Examine them…To see if you can find
A reason why…they are so emotional.”

Sara and Nira entered the room…
Surprising the men…Jansen remained in
An unsteady state, crying, staring off at
The walls…

Then suddenly the Great Gold Lion Man
Started leaving the room… “Something
Is happening above…I need to speak with my
Men…” Then he was gone…

Nira moved closer to Janeth and Jonath…
Holding out her medical scanner…trying
To find something to read for? She had no idea
What she was doing then…but found reason
To ask them questions… “Are you always
This emotional? Is this normal for men on
Your ship?”

“Normal?” Janeth laughed. “No. They are all
Types on our ship…We are from one of the
Science trams…Usually we work in the greenhouses.”

“Science teams?” Nira questioned… “You
Men think like that?”

“Yes,” Janeth laughed, slightly offended. “We
Do, can think…Did you women think only
You could do such things?”

Sara went softly, quietly over to Jansen…
Her expression becoming tender as she
Watched him cry…As she drew near, Jonath
Held him tighter, protectively…Seeming to
Guard him…as if to say, ‘watch your step…’
She stood in front of him but Jansen
Wouldn’t look at her… “Are you…alright?”

Jansen thought of Hollis…The room, the world…
The new strangeness of it all…how everything
Had changed in his life so fast. Then he
Turned to her. “How would you feel?”

Her mouth fell open…No one had ever asked
Her such a thing before. The Eves never
Behaved this way…ALL emotions were suppressed.
Feel? All that she knew was she saw tears
In his eyes…pain…and it hurt her.
“It hurts to see you this way.” She said
As silence fell in the room… “I’m sorry…
I’m sorry if we have done anything to hurt
You…Please,” she said, “Please stop hurting…
Please don’t cry.”

Jansen…Jonath…all of them were stunned at
Her words…They were sincere…compelling…What
Strange thing had awoken in Sara? Whatever it
Was…it struck a deep chord in all of them…
Then Jansen met her eyes…and something grew…
“Thank you…” He could only say…as she held his hand.

Outside the Great Gold Lion Man joined his
Men…as they waited for him, his words…
They gathered around him, as he lifted his eyes to sense past
The sky… “There is a great battle going on above…
Many have fallen…of our brothers…many
Yet still…”

“Is there anything we can do?” A gray Lion Man asked.

“We can only…wait.” The leader told them.

On the Adam ship…
Chaos and destruction was wreaking havoc
On the ship…
On the bridge, the commander stood angry
And unsettled with a bitter faced Cain and
Desperate Hollis at the strategy table…

The ship shook violently at the missile
Impact as the three men clung to the table…
“At this rate we won’t have a ship for
Purpose at all if we don’t act fast!” Cain

“And what would you suggest we do?” The
Commander asked angrily.

“Set atomic detonators to one of our fuel cells,
And fire it at the Eve’s ship’s engines…” Cain
Smiled wickedly… “That should give them a
Lot to think about…and hopefully take them

“If we do that, we will be stranded on the planet!”
Hollis insisted.

“It will buy us time…” Cain argued, “We
Can make repairs…it will take time, but we
Should be able to recover.”

The commander thought furiously, “Do it.”

Cain made the order to the men at the stations…
But they only weakly argued back… “We are
Losing crew all over the ship, it will take time.”
A subordinate told him.

“Make it happen!” Cain yelled…

Just then a panting, desperate tall blond man
Dressed in white entered the bridge. It was
The chief medical officer, Abel…He held tight
To the shaking walls as he locked eyes with
The commander… “Sir…the casualties…we have
Lost hundred of men! Thousands! If this
Continues I fear no one will survive…”

The commander went wide-eyed… “How many?!”

“Nearly half.” Abel told him in shock…

“All the more reason to strike hard and fast
At that Eve ship!” Cain yelled…

The commander grew pale…Never in all his
Years, in the entire history of the Adam ship
Had they encountered such a tragedy. And
There were no new embryos in stasis to
Incubate to replace the lost men…they were
On their last generation of laborers! “How
Can we function with half a crew?”

“We can’t!” Hollis told him…his mind still
Clinging to terrified images of how he last
Saw Jansen…thrown against the cages…
Knocked out…the way his face went…
Motionless… “We should consider landing
The ship!”

Cain grew very angry. “Still entertaining thoughts
Of your precious partner, Hollis? Pull yourself
Together…The dropships were LOST! He’s dead.”

Hollis exploded. “Shut your mouth, Cain. You
Pathetic, bitter grunt. Just because no one will
Tolerate your tantrums, don’t curse everyone

“The two of you, pull it together!” The commander
Shouted… “The fuel cells? Any progress on the

“In process, sir.” A stations crew member answered.

But Abel was desperate, panicked…overlooked with
Incoming wounded to the medical bay…He had
Never seen such carnage before…All reasoning
Seemed gone…The rational minds of his superior
Officers, only obsessed with retaliation…No one
Was considering the terrible suffering overtaking
The ship…nearly half the crew, GONE! He had to
Do something…Ignoring the commander he raced
To a nearby station for communications, pushed
The crew man aside and began a transmission
That stunned the entire bridge to silence…
“Eden Vessel,” he pleaded into the com, “This
Is the Adam Ship…This is Chief Medical Officer
Abel speaking…We have suffered heavy casualties…
We are of no threat to you…I beg of you, please
Cease your attack on our ship…I repeat, we
Are of no threat to you…We can find a
Reasonable solution to end this…There is no
Reason for further lives to be lost…Please
Answer me?”

All the men were shocked silent…Abel had done
The unthinkable!

The commander was speechless…Hollis could
Only stare with bulging eyes, his jaw hung open…
But Cain frothed with rage… “How dare you
Break protocol! And without respect to
Command?” He screamed, baring his teeth…Without
Thinking Cain withdrew his sidearm, aimed it at
The chief medical officer…and shot Abel at close
Range with his deadly weapon…blowing a huge
Hold out of Abel’s skull…Then the man
Fell dead to the floor…as the bridge crew
Just stared.

The commander went wild with anger then, “Have
You lost your mind?” He shouted loudly. “Who
Gave you the order to do that?”

Cain defended angrily without regret, “He
Broke protocol! He violated ship’s law! That
Was inexcusable!”

“So you made yourself the Chief Command?”
The commander screamed. “He was the ship’s
Chief medical officer! No other can replace him!
His skills, especially now, are paramount!”

“He broke the law!” Cain only repeated.

Hollis withdrew his sidearm and pointed it
At Cain… “Stand down officer!” Then
Cain responded by aiming his weapon at
“Are you the authority now?” Cain shouted.

“Stand down!” Hollis shouted.

The commander grew angrier… “Enough! Have
I disappeared from sight? Does my word or
Mind mean nothing?” He hit his fist upon the
Table, then waved his arm… “Guard?!” He
Ordered for the large uniformed man standing to
The side…Six large, powerfully built law
Enforcement crew-men, specifically bred and
Programmed to be large enough and strong
Enough to subdue any and all crew members.
They immediately came to the commander’s
Side…He pointed, “I want you to take First
Officer Cain to his quarters and lock him down…
I am stripping him of all authority! No one is
To obey a single word from him, is that
Clear? From this moment on he is cast out
Of all duty…less than a crewman, less
Than anything…He is a criminal, and is to be
Treated as such…Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir!” The guard said as he they commenced to
Surround Cain with armed weapons… “Stand
Down, you worthless trash!” The men told him.

Cain panted, weakly lowering his weapon…
He had never expected this… “But sir!”

“Remove him from my sight!” The commander
Ordered… “I do not wish to see him again!”
The guards did as they were ordered, then removed
Cain…as he attempted to struggle against
The strong men. But it was pointless. Then he
Was gone.

“You are now First and Second Officer.” The commander
Told Hollis. “Do not disappoint me.”

“Yes, sir.” He struggled to say, shaken by what
Just happened.

At a nearby station, where a crewman monitored
Activity on all decks…The man was receiving
A panicked message…He turned to the commander.
“Sir…crew at the lower decks, at the Lion
Men’s holding pens are reporting a situation…”

“What is it?” The commander asked…

“Damage to the deck…” The crewman said
Fearfully; they all feared the Lion Men. “Has
Struck hard at the Lion Men’s holding cells…
Fires, explosions…Most of them…are dead…
The two remaining cell blocks…containing just
Over one hundred Lion Men…are reporting…riots.
They have broken their chains and collars free…
Torn off the cell walls! They are attacking wardens
Of the deck…Many men are dead…They
Had to seal off the entire deck to prevent
Them getting loose on the ship…They are
Working together…Sir, they may take down the
Doors and get out!”

The commander went wide-eyed…Oh that was
Just what he needed, more chaos! They had
Absolutely no time to deal with those beasts
Now! He thought fast, turned to Hollis. “I want
You to get down there and handle the
Situation…This is the last thing we need
Right now…Go down there…De-pressurize the
Deck, and blast the lot of those beasts into
Space…We cannot have them running free
Right now terrorizing the ship!”

“You want me to kill them all?” Hollis
Asked with concern…

“Yes.” The commander ordered. “Do not lose
Your mind right now officer…Do as you are
Told…Get down there…and deal with it.”

“Yes, sir.” Hollis answered respectfully, then
Left for the lower decks…scratching at his
Head, his hair…The entire reasoning of his world
Had washed away…His mind was a mess…
Emotions were tearing his insides apart…The attack…
Jansen…Cain shooting Abel…The lives lost…
The Lion Men, gone? What would tomorrow bring?
And as he took the lift down, alone, he collapsed
Against the wall holding himself…emotions
Overriding every thought in his head, every
Order…all programming…The emotions…feelings…
Suddenly eclipsed everything…as he found
Himself crying, pushing his head against
The wall… “Jansen…” He whispered in tears…
“Alive…You’re alive…You’re alive…You’re alive…”
Then all of his insides were falling apart…
Words? Orders? Feelings? What were they?
Nothing made sense anymore…

As he reached the lower deck, he pulled himself
Together, wiped the tears from his face and
Forced himself to appear as a man of authority…
How impossible that was!

At the deck of the Lion Men, he was met
By a lone desperate crewman…A warden
Of the deck…who, under normal circumstances
Was responsible for the care and maintenance
Of the Lion Men’s well being…
But the man was panicked and alone…eager
To greet Hollis… “They’re going to get out,
They’re going to get out!”

Hollis patted the man on the shoulder… “Relax
I am under orders to de-pressurize the deck…
Flush them out…”

“Oh…” The warden said with relief… “Please do it
Fast…Hurry…” He lingered near the lift afraid
To move…as he watched Hollis slowly move
Down the tall dark hallway…lit by
Red flashing emergency lights…

Hollis could hear the banging, the roaring
Ahead…The Lion Men were, in fact, out of
Control…But he was too overtaken by emotions…
To be afraid…all he could think of now
Was Jansen…

He reached the end of the hall, where two
Large, thick, heavily re-enforced steel doors
Remained sealed…A control panel to the right
Held settings for the entire deck…Hollis
Withdrew his officer’s key to activate the master
Controls…His mind lost between duty, orders
And the feelings overtaking him.
He feebly began pressing codes without
Thinking…He blinked hard fighting tears
Welling up to blurry his eyes…He was losing
All control of his senses…

Then…there was a voice…A very deep, gritty
Animalistic voice…that came from the steel
Doors… “Hollis…Hollis?”

He breathed hard at the sound of his name…
Who could have spoken? He slowly turned to the
Steel doors, to the two tiny windows held high
To eye level…
There at the windows stood a tall charcoal
Gray Lion Man with silvery blue eyes…
Eyeing him…closely…his eyes piercing deep
Inside his head like needles…He watched
His face as the Lion Man spoke again, “Hollis…”

He froze, went pale, wordless…shook…The beast
Spoke words! He saw it! “You…?” Hollis
Could only say…

The large Dark Gray Lion Man grinned. “Yes,
Hollis…I spoke…We can talk…”

“But how?” He panted… “What? Why?”

“Hollis…” The Lion Man stared heavily
Into him… “Jansen…is alive.”

His eyes exploded. “What? How do you know

“His ship landed safely on the ground,” the
Lion Man told him… “He was hurt badly…
Your friend, Jonath protected him…He cares
For him…”

Hollis was absolutely shocked. “What?!”

The Lion Man just eyed him heavily. “He’s
Different Hollis…As you are now…Feelings
Are changing you…You’re waking up…”

“How could you—“

“My brothers that were with him on the
Ship…saved him…and your friends, Jonath
And Janeth.” The Lion Man said.

Hollis could hardly form words. “How could
You know this?” Empty reasons fought his
Thinking. “You are telling me what I want
To hear!”

The Lion Man looked heavily into his eyes… “No,
Hollis…I am telling you the truth…You love
Him…your feelings are consuming you…”

Hollis began to cry hard. “Stop!”

“I can help you find him.” The Lion Man said
Deeply, but sincerely… “You do want to
See Jansen again, don’t you?”

Hollis cried, wiped his eyes…trying to
Fight everything… “Yes.” He said like a
Little boy… “Yes.”

“I will help you, Hollis.” The Lion Man said…
As his brothers gathered behind him…
“We do not lie…Help us…and we will help
You…We must live…We just want to be free.”

Hollis could only cry.

“Think of Jansen, Hollis.” The Lion Man said…
“Now, will you help us?”

There were no words, no thoughts, no time…only
Feelings…Feelings that now commanded all of
Hollis’s actions. “Yes, yes I will.”

“Open the door. Open the door…and together
We will be free and I will bring you to your

No hesitation…Hollis weakly turned, and
With his officer’s key…opened the large
Steel doors…and let the Lion Men out…

The large Charcoal Gray Lion Man stepped
Out tall and proud, glaring down the hallway…
As his brothers began streaming into the
Hall…He turned and looked down
Kindly to Hollis… “You are a good man now,
Hollis…Thank you…I will keep my words
To you…You will see…”

Hollis could only cry like a little boy standing
Small beneath the Giant Lion Man…

“Now,” the Lion Man said, “Come…There
Are some things we must do…And then…I
Promise you…I am going to bring you to
Jansen and your friends. Believe.” He touched
Hollis’s shoulder in good faith…

But Hollis could only cry and cry…All of his
Insides were destroyed…As he put all
That he had now in the Lion Man’s hands…

On the surface…
Outside the Eve scout ship, the Lion Men had
Gathered around the taller, Golden leader as he
Stared up at the clear blue sky…his senses seeing
Past the blue into the stars above the planet…
“It’s happening now,” he told his men, “our
Brothers have taken over the Adam Ship…”
He paused, sensing what was going on… “Great
Destruction is taking place between the two ships…
Many lives have been lost…many of our brothers
Have been lost…They, the Adams have fired one
Of their fuel cells as a weapon upon the Eve Ship…
Causing much damage…Many lost…The Eve
Ship will fall…soon…Our brothers will land
The Adam Ship soon also…Many have been lost…

One of the tall Whitish-gray Lion Men stepped
Up to their leader… “And we…what are we to do,
Put our trust in these humans? Or are we to be
Free of them finally?”

The Golden leader turned to him calmly, “They
Are slaves, like us…They do not understand
Things as we do…No, we do not put our
Trust in them…We show them how things
Are…or they will destroy themselves…
This world…and our chance for freedom.”

“Show them…what?” The Gray one asked.

“How to live.” The Great Golden leader only
Said… “Not all of them are bad…I have
A friend in Jonath…in Jansen…and we will find
Friends in these Eves…It is what we must do…
It is what we must teach them…Show them
The way…”

“To act as some mighty guiding, guardian angels?”
The Gray one laughed.

“It is what we must do…” The leader simply said.

On the Eve scout ship…
Sara walked slowly down the hall, holding her arms
Tight as she left the examination room…She was
Wide-eyed with painful confusion…Her entire world
Had been shaken…All reason, law, understanding
Torn apart…by these new feelings growing
Inside her…Feelings she never knew but
Were always there…so powerful, she nearly
Trembled…There were no words…Only the
Images of Jansen’s face, his tears, his emotions
And this burning desire within her to comfort
Him…protect him.

Nira came quietly up behind her… “These men
Are not what I expected. Not what we were

“I know.” Sara replied softly…

“They make me…”

“What?” Sara stopped and turned to ask her.

“Feel.” Nira said. “Feel things…I never knew…
Imagined…The more I look at them, the more
I can’t stop looking…The more I want to see…
The more…I want to know.”

“Me too.” Sara confessed. “Me too.”

Locked inside the medical examination room,
Janeth attempted to open the door… “Sealed…
Are we prisoners then? These women…why is
It that I feel like…some experiment
Being studied?”

Jonath laughed as he sat on the examination
Table closely behind Jansen…still holding him
Tight; in fact tighter than before. “We are
New to them…that is all.”

“You don’t feel their eyes on you?” Janeth
Laughed. “The strangest feeling! I feel like
I am being…pawed by their minds.”

Jonath laughed. “Maybe you are.”

Jansen wiped the tears from his face, though it
Was hard to move beneath the weight of Jonath’s
Strong arms. “Why are you holding me so tight?”

Jonath buried his head against Jansen’s “I
Don’t want to let you go.” He fought the
Confession. “I’m worried about you.”

“Hollis could be gone…” Jansen nearly
Cried again. “What is there for me to do?
To think? Are you trying to comfort me or
Something else?”

Jonath fought every word weakly. “I care
About you…That’s all.”

Jansen began to understand, felt it in his
Friend’s arms…There were feelings Jonath had
Been hiding…He had to shake his head in
Disbelief…He felt like some favorite toy, and
Yet he was oddly touched. “You don’t have to
Squeeze so tight…I need to breathe, you know.”

Jonath laughed. “Oh you make me smile!”

There were those words again! “Yes, I seem
To do that a lot,” Jansen laughed, “I must
Be a magic box of smiles…That is what I do.”

“Stop.” Jonath told him, “Now you make me laugh!”

“The two of you!” Janeth laughed. “Get a bed somewhere!”

In the hallway Sara stopped to lean against
The wall…then held her head. “I can’t think
Anymore…Everything inside me is turning
Inside out!”

Nira touched her softly. “What is doing this
To us? What are we? What are they?”

“I don’t know.” Sara could only say. “Nothing
Makes sense anymore. Nothing!”

Suddenly Nora was racing up to them from
The flight bridge, along with several other
Desperate looking women…She quickly came
Up to Sara, who was Second Officer to the
Commander… “We have a situation…a problem.”

“What is it?” Sara asked, still holding her
Aching head.

“Communications from the Eve Ship.” Nora
Explained. “The attack on the Adam Ship…
They fought back…with a massive detonation of
A fuel cell on our engines…The Eve Ship suffered
Heavy damage, there were many casualties…
The ship is under severe collapse…They are
Evacuating as many as possible in scout
Ships…At least half the crew were lost if
Not more…The ship will crash somewhere
In the middle of the continent…”

Sara was shocked. “We will be stranded here
Then? No repairs are possible?”

Nora seemed oddly composed. “The damage
Was severe as I said…As many as possible
Will be landing shortly…but that is not the

Sara laughed as she eyed Nira’s similar reaction.
“What do you mean that is not the problem?”

“Lilith is on her way first.” Nora explained.
“We vaguely explained about the three men we
Found…She intends to execute them as an
Example for the crew…of the evils of men.
She has ordered a public execution before
All assembled crew of the three men!”

“What?” Sara’s eyes went wide, her face pale.
“But they didn’t do anything!”

“Our ship fired on theirs first!” Nira added.

Dagna, another officer of their science team,
With long brown hair and olive skin and
Beautiful features desperately appealed to her
Superior officer. “We can’t…we can’t let her
Kill them…They haven’t harmed anyone…They’re
So sweet…The crying one…The tall one with the
Blue eyes…The smaller one with the funny
Expressions…The men are not evil, not these!”

Sara’s insides raged wildly in panic…The desperation…
The tenderness she felt for Jansen…to protect him, it
Was overwhelming. “We have to hide them, we
Have to hide them in the jungle…We have to
Stop Lilith!”

“Stop her?” Nora asked with similar panic… “There
Isn’t time…ships will be arriving very soon…Lilith
Will arrive first, in less than ten minutes!”

Sara looked at all the women’s faces…every
Single one of them shared the same expressions,
Not one wanted to obey Lilith’s orders, not one!

“We have to hide them!” Sara ordered. “Gather
Emergency supplies…Tell everyone to assemble
Full gear…We have to go, and we have to go NOW!
Move…go quickly! Five minutes, we have to
Be out of here…GO!”

The women raced wildly about the ship, gathering
Items and supplies with flawless efficiency…as if
Their own lives depended on it…Fifty of
Them moved like a unified army, working together
So fast it was impressive and measureless.

Sara rushed to the science supply rooms
With Nira and Dagna, where they assembled
Backpacks of food supplies, med kits and weapons…
Then they raced to the examination room where
The men were held…

Sara entered first and fast, surprising the men…
With a backpack slung over her shoulder she urgently
Ran to Jansen…The sight of him crashing
Her insides to pieces…so much so that her
Legs felt like flimsy rubber as if she might fall.
But somehow her feeling also gave her fiery
Strength as she went to him…Her face
Turning so soft as he looked at her.

“What is it?” Jansen asked her, as he and
His friends huddled close together at the women’s
Sudden entrance.

Sara only took his hand. “Come with me, please?”

“Why?” He asked. “What is it?”

Nira then came forward. “Our First Officer is coming
Down…There was massive damage to our ship…It will
Crash soon…They are evacuating…to the ground…
They know we have you…Three men from the Adam
Ship…They intend to execute you as an example
For everyone.”

“Execute us?” Janeth panicked. “What for?”

“For being men.” Dagna told them… “Our
First Officer is ruthless…She wants to demonstrate
The evils of men by killing you.”

“But we did nothing!” Jonath argued. “We are
Only a science team. Not fighters…we have
Never hurt anyone.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Sara begged as she pulled
Strongly at Jansen’s arm… “Please, please…we
Have to go.”

“Go where?” Jansen asked, shocked and confused.

“Into the jungle.” Sara instructed. “We have
To hurry. We have to hide you there. Please, there’s
No time…I won’t see you get hurt, I can’t.
Please, let me hide you. Hurry, we have to hide you!”

Confused and shaken, Jonath, Janeth and Jansen
Gave in to the women’s desperate plan. Sara
Griping Jansen’s hand so tight they were nearly
Glued together. Jonath close to their side, they
Ran from the room…into the hall…into the
Rear exit bay…Where they fled down the open
Ramp to the outside…with groups of armed Eves
And clusters of Eves carrying supply bags and
Boxes close behind them.

Outside…Sara, Jansen, Jonath and the others
Encountered the waiting group of Lion Men
Who seemed oddly aware of what was happening…
They paused briefly before them…

The Great Golden Leader stood front to face
Them as the group of humans gathered before
Them… “Your Eve ships are coming down…before
The crash…”

“Yes.” Sara answered him with surprise.

“You are taking my friends in the jungle to hide
Them.” The leader went on…

“Yes!” Sara again answered, stunned.

The leader grinned. “And we will help you. Come,
Let us go together…”

The tension, the pulse of desperation was
Growing as the strange army of humans
And Lion Men raced for the thick nearby
The Great Golden Leader in front…
Sara racing close behind him, never letting
Jansen’s hand leave hers…as Jonath held
So tight behind Jansen’s back he could
Barely run at all without tripping…

They raced together, every human face sharing
The fear to hurry, to hide as fast as
Possible…Dagna kept looking back and above
For the sights and sounds of the scout ships…
Nira eyed every direction for fear of what
She knew lurked in the wilds…The monsters
Of this world, this region were fierce and hungry…
How were they to hide in such a savage place…

As the group broke upon the line of thick
Lush canopy of trees…they heard the sounds
Of movement from greenery to the right…
Something big was moving towards them…
For the movement and scent of panic in the air
Had caught the hungry senses of a pair
Of giant twenty-foot tall bipedal predators…
Who boldly and hungrily emerged from the
Wood upon them…

They were two colossal beasts…A hunting pair,
A male and female giant carnivorous team
Of insatiable predators…Beetle black
Green in color, with pale blue ear lobe flaps
Set behind two gaping hungry jaws of
Razor sharp teeth…with two oddly small
Clawed arms…Two massively thick four
Toed clawed feet and wavy tails…with a
Shiny row of hair-like greenish-black feathers
That trailed the spikes of their backs on end
Raised in excitement…as the monsters
Descended upon them in thundering seconds…

It happened so fast…The humans froze
In shock…Sara clung to Jansen, as Jonath
Held them both tight…as they bent to
Try to back away…Dagna, Nira and Janeth
Right behind them…
A few women screamed while others aimed their
Rifles at the beasts…

But…you see, there was no need for such
Fearless, bold and standing tall against them…
The twenty angry Lion Men roared together…
The Golden Leader stood in front of his
Human friends to protect them…as the rest
Of his Lion Men commenced their assault…

The giant predators lurched forward, clumsy
Things…leaning their gaping jaws at the
The Lion Men leapt wildly through the air…
Some upon the monsters’ backs…others
At their throats and legs…
Crashing sounds of heavy weight, the
Giants fell beneath the Lion Men’s strong arms
And clawed hands…
The Whitish Gray Lion Man aimed his powerful
Hands upon one beast’s jaws to pry and twist
Them open with a pop…as two of his brothers
Used their jaws to tear its throat apart…
As did another trio of Lion Men upon
The other giant…Splashes of blood sprayed
The air…as the monsters lost their breath
To shredded necks…Then it was but frenzied
Quick hungry play…Giant drumstick-like legs
Were torn off…backs were bent, broken
And snapped…a huge tail was bitten off…
Their guts slashed open…
Very quickly the two large predators
Became but two huge piles of bloody flesh…
And the Lion Men were grinning and
Laughing with bloody jaws…
That was fun and easy for them…
Some even took delight in a mouthful of
Fresh meat to snack upon…while others only
Danced about roaring at the victorious
Defeat of such easy play…

For you see, there was nothing a team
Of Lion Men couldn’t take down…Nothing…
Two hungry dinosaurs? HA!

The Golden Leader smiled as he looked down
At his stunned human friends.
“That didn’t scare, did it?” He laughed.

A point had been made there…As Jansen,
Sara and Jonath looked at each other
And the others…These Lion Men were
Jonath had to smile to the leader…
“Somehow I think you enjoyed that…”

The Golden Leader grinned… “I told you,
Jonath, Faith…Believe.”

Then the group regained their wits and
Found new bravery…behind the Lion Men of
Course…as they fled quickly into the jungle…
Now there was new courage and a growing
Plan…Hope to win…to survive…
And the chances seemed to improve with
Each moment…That their friendship and
Feelings both could find sense after all…

Sara clung tighter to Jansen…as
Did Jonath…it was quite an interesting group then…
The group followed the Lion Men deep
Into the jungle…until they found a space
Far enough away at twilight for the Eves to
Set up a camp of tents as the Lion Men
Positioned themselves like sentinels listening
To every sound, watching every movement
The Golden Leader seemed to command
Everyone easily, no one was about to doubt
Him…not after what they had just seen
Earlier…But he did seem to have a motive
In mind for their position…more than for
Reasons of safety…that would become clear
In time…

There was a narrow flowing freshwater stream
Nearby…and while the camp was set up…Sara,
Jansen and Jonath, ever so glued together now…
Took containers to the stream to fill with
Water…giving them some time to speak…

At the edge of the water Sara watched
Jansen carefully; closely…she hadn’t taken
Her eyes off of him in hours…his profile,
Expressions…his chiseled features, the way
He moved…She was becoming more fascinated,
If not obsessed with him with each movement…
“Do you know these Lion Men well?”

As he knelt to fill containers with water, he
Looked at her with a half smile…he too had
Been watching her…as she watched him, he
Noticed…He noticed everything about her…
Her beautiful face, soft nose, full lips, doe eyes,
Long lashes…Her long flowing, shiny dark
Brown hair…Her curves, the way she moved…
She was utterly amazing to watch! “Know them?
No.” He laughed… “No one has really known
Them before…other than what they were
Used for…for labor…for fight games…for

“Law?” She wondered.

“On the ship,” Jonath explained hovering
Close to Jansen taking filled water containers,
“Those that break the laws are thrown
To the Lion Men…They would decide their fate…
Some, the innocent, would never be
Touched…while others…the criminals,
Could be mauled or torn apart…”

“No one ever really knows why,” Jansen told
Her… “Its how it has been for generations
On the ship…I don’t know when it started…”

“That’s interesting.” She said, kneeling
Close beside him…so she could see his
Eyes more clearly.

Jonath sighed as he eyed the trees, listening
To the sounds of dusk, the coming night…
“Some call them the Angels of Death…
Angels of Law…By some instinct beyond
What we understand…”

“Angels?” Sara questioned…She knew the
Term differently… “But aren’t they supposed
To be higher beings?”

“Aren’t they?” Jansen said to her, “In ways
We don’t know…Higher beings…More than us?
Look at what they have done, can do…”

“I suppose…it is something to think
About…” She said.

Jansen paused and turned to her. “Why are
You helping us? You could have just let us
Go, saved yourselves?”

Sara choked on the answer… “I had to…
Wanted. Everyone did.”

“Why?” He asked…Jonath watching them closely.

She looked away shyly. “I had to help you…
Be with you…I don’t know, I had to…When
I’m with you…you make me feel…I couldn’t
Bare to see you hurt, to see you cry…it
Was destroying me…I cannot think. I
Had to be with you.”

Jonath sensed it, and bit his teeth… “Your
People feel this way about us?”

“I can’t explain it,” she confessed, looking
At Jansen, “Your eyes…You have some
Power over me…I never knew…I need
To know you will be…safe.”

“But Sara,” Jansen said softly to her, “You
Don’t know me…”

“I want to.” She told him desperately…
“It’s like I need to.”

Jansen smiled. “I have to say…I want to
Know you too…and I too, don’t know why.”

Again Jonath sensed it…And touched Jansen’s
Shoulder, “We should head back before it
Gets too dark…”

As they stood to leave…Sara touched Jansen’s
Arm… “I know this is a strange thing to
Ask…But I have to know…Do you like me?”

Jansen smiled… “Yes, I do like you Sara…
There is something about you…It’s just…magic.”

She smiled, beamed with an overflowing
Delight as they left to return to camp…
Those simple words nearly lifted her off
The ground…The world seemed to be growing
Larger…and her emotions stronger, tingling…
What would the future bring? She had no
Idea, but was dying to find out…

Once they returned to camp, a group of
Them gathered in the large main tent…
The three men, and several of the women…
Sara, Nira, Dagna…Nora, Maren, Lora…
With the Great Golden Leader of the Lion Men
To discuss what to do next…

“The Eve vessel will crash soon,” the Golden
Leader said to the women, “What will happen

The Eves looked nervously at each other…
Nira was the bravest to answer… “It will crash
Somewhere far to the south, center to the
Continent…It will create a massive crater…
But…the elements on the ship are what is to fear…
The elements we use to terra form worlds…
The micro organisms, bacteria, trace elements
Of life…the micro genic accelerators…the
Chemical components…under a volatile explosion
Will create a devastating cascading…effect…”

“As our ship has the ability to create life,” Dagna
Continued, “Under such influence…negatively
Speaking…it will neutralize life on the ground
In order to make way for new…”

“The largest life forms will be affected most.”
Nira explained… “The animals…various

“In other words,” Dagna said, “It will be like
A genesis effect…preparing life to start over…”

“How will this affect us?” The Golden Leader

“At this distance,” Nira answered, “We…
As higher, more advanced life forms should
Not be affected…But much of the planet and
Animal life will…like a virus, it will spread
Across the planet…But we should be careful
To monitor for signs of contamination…”

“We do have science, medical vaccines that
Should protect us,” Dagna went on, “Should
Any fall side…The cellular regenerators
Will repair any damage.”

“And we will have the scout ship…” Nora
Added… “Should we need to leave the surface,
Or move to a distance for any reason…”

“But we will have to use what technology
We have to…rebuild the ecosystem…” Nira
Told them… “With any plant and animal life
Necessary…Choosing kinder plant and life
More suitable for us of course.”

“We should be careful.” Sara suggested. “But
Considering what we have…in supplies…There
Really should be nothing to worry about.”

The Golden Lion Man grew anxious… “I do not
Trust this…Your sciences concern me.”

“I find it fascinating!” Janeth exclaimed.
“As a science man…May I take part in
This…view your technology and how you do this?”

“Of course.” Dagna smiled. “We will show you.”
She and Lora moved close to Janeth…It
Was clear they held a strong attraction to
Him…one he did not oppose at all.

Then the Whitish Gray Lion Man rushed into
The tent. “A group of humans approach…
Our brothers have moved to secret posts to
Observe…for if the need to strike…”

“How many?” The Golden Leader asked…

“Several…” The Gray one answered… “Dozens at

“Are our brothers from the Adam Ship among
Them?” The Golden Leader asked.

“No.” The Gray one told him… “These…are
From the Eve Ship.”

“They found us?!” Dagna exclaimed.

“Their scans!” Sara spat. “We should have
Guessed…running was pointless…”

“You must face them now.” The Golden Leader
Warned… “It is how it must be…”

An awkward silence…moments…The call of voices
Of women, familiar…Then, the opening to the tent
Flap widened…And there entered Lilith, followed
By Commander Alana…and two dozen armed
Eves…their hair held back in shiny ponytails…
The Commander’s Guard…

“What have you done?” Commander Alana
Demanded of her subordinates…eyeing
The group…freezing in shock at the sight
Of the Lion Men… “What are they?!”

“Lion Men…” Nira bravely said as the women
Made a strong line in front of the men
And the Lion Men stood together…

The Eves from the main vessel were taken
To frozen shock…none moved but aimed their
Weapons ready to fire…But Commander
Alana held out her hand to stop them…She
Was intrigued! “Amazing!” She was immediately
In awe…for reasons beyond her understanding…
Tall, beautiful…the darkest skin, but so
Beautiful she was quite the leader…and like
All the women was struck fast by the
Presence of such things…Then she saw the
Three blond men and became even more
Intrigued… “And these are the Adams?”

Lilith angrily pointed to the human men, “Guard
I want them shot immediately!”

“Wait!” Alana said…as she moved closer. “I
Want to see them first…” The women allowed
It, but Sara held tight to Jansen, as did

Alana approached her Second Officer Sara…
“I can see it…You move to protect him.”
She was smart, and intuitive…but her
Insides were even more amazing…emotions
Long locked away flooded her senses…as she
Stared intently at the handsome Jansen and
Jonath… “These are men? They look so…
Innocent…sweet…Not at all what I

“Shoot them!” Lilith ordered.

“I said wait!” Alana spat…

“Commander, they are contaminating you.”
Lilith argued. “It’s clear none of you are
Thinking clear…” But even the Guard began
To lower their rifles as they too stared in
Fascination…All the women’s emotions were
Very quickly frothing with life…ideas…racing
Hearts…But Lilith grew impatient and angry,
Grabbed a rifle from the guard near her
Then bitterly raised it, and aimed at her
Prime target…Jansen, who captivated Alana and
Sara…The seconds slowed, yet reactions
Flared like lightning…Alana shouted…
The Lion Men’s eyes grew wide…as did
The human men…Jonath immediately grabbed
His beloved friend to block him with his own
Body…Jansen was shaken, his jaw dropped
From the shock…Why was he the constant
Target of attentions?
But it was Sara who roared to react with
Flashing speed…
Lilith aimed…But before she could fire…
Sara had already withdrawn her sidearm,
Aimed and fired it with perfect precision…
And shot Lilith in the center of the head…
Then dead, Lilith fell…to a strange relieved
Silence to the group…as if the entire threat had
Been ended so easily; and in fact it had…

Alana bore no argument…She was startled,
But she too was oddly relieved…As she turned
To Sara in surprise…squinting… “What is happening?”

The Golden Lion Leader simply grinned…
“The Noise has been silenced…So that you
May think…Feel…” He pointed to Lilith’s
Body… “She was a bad Noise.”

Alana went wide-eyed… “They can speak?”
She asked of the Lion Men…

“Much more than that…” Nira said…

Alana looked to Sara, who stood in shock at
Her own actions…With one hand she still held
Her side arm tight, and with the other she
Held Jansen’s hand tight…Alana saw this…
“He has a powerful effect on you…” She
Said with an odd admiration…

Sara’s insides were a maelstrom…raging…
As she looked into her commander’s eyes. “I had
To…I had to protect…I didn’t even think…
I just reacted.”

Alana, born anew…with rising new feelings
Of her own…had to smile…as she looked
At Sara and Jansen together…there was
Something right about it, the sight of them
Together…and she suddenly saw a future unlike
She ever imagined…for all of them…
And liked it…
Then Alana saw the tall Jonath holding
Jansen close protectively and sensed his
Feelings also…She had never been so
Intuitive before! This tall man cared deeply
For him as well…powerful feelings…Love?
The feelings…The sensation of love was
Changing her…waking tremendous things
Inside her…as she turned to Jonath…
“You love him too…You love him too.”

Jonath fell silent, choking at Alana’s words…
He could never say the words…he was
Too terrified to…

A shaken Jansen looked to his friend…
Dumbstruck as if it suddenly hit him.

But Jonath couldn’t say anything…as he
Looked at him he wanted to cry.

“What is going on?” Jansen asked…
“Jonath you never said…”

The Golden Lion Man leader laughed…
“Humans…Freedom Feels…Slavery only
Complains and doubts…Set them Free
And suddenly they can see…Now if only we
Had it so easy.”

Then another Pale Gold Lion Man entered
The tent…Urgent… “They come! Our
Brothers are coming from the Adam Ship…
They landed…”

“Are they alone?” The Golden Leader asked…

“They bring Men with them,” the Pale Gold
One said, “As slaves.” He laughed. “The men
Are but followers now…Sweet Justice…”

In Moments the Giant Charcoal Gray Lion Man
Entered of the Adam Ship…To greet his
Brothers with warm embrace…Freedom! Many
Others followed…The last one hundred Lion Men…
Followed wearily by trails of broken spirited
Men…bullies turned into frail fools…
They entered the camp of the Eves with new
Found fascination…The men and women
Eyeing each other, the numbers…in new
Found fantasy amazement…More Men! More
Women! Faces…expressions…The Eyes…The
Hair…The chiseled forms of bodies…The
Curvy lines of female form…Voices…glances…
Looks…Trapped eyes…Locked, here, there, everywhere…
Emotions were exploding…

Amid the wild emotions of the scene…
Through the Lion Men…emerged a fragile
Looking Hollis…ushered in, as promised by
The Great Charcoal Gray Lion Man…

Hollis entered the tent…saw the crowd…
Meaningless new faces…and then there he
Was…Jansen…New life, strength to race, run
And embrace him tight…He was lost and found
At once as the two of them stood there in
The center…Hollis holding Jansen for life, not
Letting go…only his feelings fell free then as
He cried… “I found you. I found you!”

Then Jansen held him tight. “I told you
As long as you want me, I’m here for you.”

That would be for a long time…For Hollis
Meant what he said…permanent…and it was…
Then Sara was holding him…And her
Beloved Nira was holding her…And Jonath
Somehow bear-hugged them all…

Alana was absolutely speechless at the
Scene…as she gazed up at the Golden
“That’s quite an interesting group there…”
The golden leader said… “No doubt they
Have strong purpose ahead…We call that
Destiny…As you will find yours, Alana.”

Then there was the thundering sounds of
A roaring, tumbling sky…
Everyone raced outside…to see the burning,
Falling star of the Eve Ship…Falling…
Burning…crashing to the ground…An impact
That would forever change the continent
Of Africa…

The Lion Men gathered apart from the
Humans…They would find their freedom
Now…A strange new road lay ahead
For them…

Hollis held Jansen around the shoulders
As they watched the burning sky…Sara
Still holding Jansen’s hand…Jonath hovering
Behind them…He wasn’t about to leave now…
Nor was Nira…What a group they made!
“What is going to happen now?” Hollis
Asked…amazed…afraid…though entirely
Relieved with joy that had his Jansen…

“I’m dying to find out.” Sara said.

“I’m not giving up now.” Jonath said. “Not
After this.”

“Oh what a sight it was!” Varence said
“I won’t forget it…And I must admit
I was glued to every second…
For generations…”

“Generations?” Ceres wondered. “You’re
Stopping there?”

Varence smiled. “Oh wait…For they became
The first of Earth, the Eden…
The Ancients…that built the cities…The
Ancient Masters…And The Fall…Wait…





  1. I’ve been thinking to share this story for at least two weeks. Pity that I didn’t take down the right address, neither the concerned “names” at that time, hence could not find again the very source. Then it took me more than one hour to trace back my footprints by all means to get it. There are in fact many many similar stories which are availabie on web. However, after typing the possible key words, and watching quite amount of the similar videos, I just could not give up getting the very one that I insist on finding back.

    Since the first time when watching this video, I’ve never ceased being amazed by this VERY “ALCHEMICAL” MIRACLE OF “LOVE” & “TRUST” reflected by this life being. Without watching it towards to en end, I could have no way to imagine how this propagandist Petra could have possibly looked like before those sufferings, neither how she can regain her very NATURAL BEAUTY, even CHARM after receiving such luck & LOVE. Honestly, this is so shocking to me, even reminding of my own very senses when looking at the mirror.

    After hesitating for a couple of weeks, then still want to post it here….for I’m so eager to thank you all, via this example, letting you know that how you the ones have effectively been rescuing this one, even certainly not only this one, from the very dark abyss of despair. Now I can even sit here, typing the computer, sharing this story with you.

    I ask myself, why this story/video ? Merely owing to her charm, and beauty ? the big distinction before & after ? This NAME somehow catches my eyes, as well as its etymological root, significance, the very geographical location of this story, the PLACE of same name, etc.

    My amazing ANGELS, may I have this honor to have you all to celebrate these miracles, this gathering, to thank you all in this banquet ?! Though the very names are not named here, you the very ones know who you are & HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE all your very TRUST, LOVE, GUT, UNDERSTANDING, and all kinds of HELPS, even much beyond !!!

  2. Thank you, sweet Robin. nice songs, videos are the awesome remedies for this difficult moment. I even cannot stop listening to….Pity that how hard I’ve tried, I just could not find the very song, or picture to sufficiently express something to you and to the tribe….May this picture warm All The Hearts !!!

    Dear Martin….obviously, you have been SO appreciated and are being so instenstly “called!!!”

  3. Thank you sooooo much, dear Robin. You do make this garden super fertile !!! Sorry also for my carelessness of posting that video about Lily by Heather Dale. That video was just popping up when I was thinking of you, the very White Lily Lady. I was so excited, posting it without having listened to it towards to the end first. The myths about Avalon are so complicated that I still cannot make out on the most basic level. Though being unable to do some basic search for the moment, I at least can share some Eastern interpretation of this super significant flower no matter in which culture….

  4. Thanks, Feilla. ❤ Very synchronistic. An interesting little note about DEER for those of you who may not know. It has been speculated that DEER came to be seen as the carriers of ancient medicine people back and forth from the "Spirit World", "Underworld", "Land of the Dead", because it was from their droppings that psychedelic mushrooms grew, which in turn were consumed by the shaman. In psychedelic trance, medicine persons were often carried by DEER through the cosmos.

    Pulque: A highly potent alcoholic drink made from fermented San Pedro cactus combined with psychedelic mushrooms.

    (Be careful with that Pulque' Dave 😦

    "A Whiter Shade of Pale"… I remember the WHOLE story, Dave… Are you only remembering what you wish to remember? And… have you come to understand what "the Precious Mat" really was?)

    • Thank you, dear Robin…As to deer, another concerned painting also fascinates me so…

      Wilhelm Karl Räuber (1849–1926) : Vision of St. Hubert (detail) 1892

      In terms of time, when can we be released from the pain that it causes ???

  5. As always, I’m overwhelmingly moved and rattled up by all these enthusiastic sharing. I regret so for being unable to put more all these feelings and thoughts into words here for the moment, for the strong astronomical effects somehow causes a quite intense syndrome, faint, dizzy, nausea, sleepy, force-less, etc….even almost no force to stand up. My very intimate neighbor just verified me her similar situation…We both wonder why other people can be so few affected.

    Despite of the following shorts words, some feelings that I shouldn’t hold up to say…

    Tathstu7, your synchronisitic discovery, sense, words are all so magical, which to me far beyond touching. I’m sure I’m not the only one who expect so badly to hear more from you. Particularly, nourished with so much novels, along with this super magical writing capacity, as all you are gathered in this garden, your words are just bringing the alchemical-like effects.

    Thanks to Stefan for how busy you are, you would just spare time to take care anyone who is coming, keeping this garden warm.

    My beloved Biranna, I seem to hear the very similar calls from THE DESERT, either in Africa, or in Central Asia…The video that Robin just brought looks somehow significant in many aspects. Recently, a very strange sense is just concurring, feeling like home-sick towards Persia. The musics by Emir Kusturica for Emir Kusturica are so impressive, pity that I could not have known them a little bit more until 2002, owing to a very sad event. So this music just evokes a series of memory, helping me to trace back, and to card my concerned memory and moods.

    My native background, owing to the geographical and diplomatic limits, to me is so isolated from the outside world. Before leaving abroad, my sense of myself and this world was so different from now. Balkan was undoubtedly somewhere so remote in all senses. Then coming to this semi-sphere of this planet, I should realize there are so many bonds which tie me so with that peninsula and people on it. Pity that I still cannot recall any past life time.

    Here, I want to take this advantage to thank you all for…for you all are making the very miracles on me, such an individual so lack of linguistic talent. Just owing to this magical glues which not only appeal, but also gather us here, following your magical sharing in all kinds, particularly your delicate words, I feel this “sponge” can finally relatively sufficiently soak up the very essence in this side. It’s quite different from the sense of being merely a “reader!!!” However, some very dense inner cultural contradiction, struggle, conflicts are inevitably occurring as well as consequence.

    Thanks to both super precious and powerful priestess and priest, Robin and Dave, for all this series of very spiritual food, sustenance /nutrition and the very magical timing you bring them here have just been triggering a series of magical effects…undoubtedly. So, Dave, your magical Priest Call/Invocation is taking effect that this comment can be carried out here.

    In regards to the theory of Yin and Yang, I would like to say… I didn’t realize in the very recent days that owing to my this very Yin character, in contrast to the rather “normal” majority, without you the resonating and resonated ones here with me, I would inevitably just continue to doubt, even censure myself to die for my eccentric senses, thoughts, even behaviors….

    Robin, as the songs brought by Brianna, the one(s) by Heather Dale also evoke so much moods deep inside. If I can put them into one sentence, that is how much I regret or that at least in my sense, I have never known anyone in my native culture, who is capable to put all those beautiful profound cultural inheritance in the other side into such romantic form of songs in this present era, without saying films.

    Here, popping up this song, it seems to you, Robin…

    This song….obviously is one for all of us who are resonated with each other, being so willing to gather here.

    One being gotten last week

    The other ones given in synchronicity with Valiant & Lida’s this post….

    Which seems to correspond to what Valiant’ just said…[The group followed the Lion Men deep 
Into the jungle…until they found a space 
Far enough away at twilight for the Eves to
 Set up a camp of tents]?

    I just happened to hear about this, long-lived people, Hunza/Hanza :

    Have a nice week and super magical astronomical connection, my super beloved ones !!!

    source :



  7. After watching video–Going out on a limb to get to the fruit of the tree. Deeper view is put your truth out there and you will be taught a deeper truth from within. OR IN OTHER WORDS SHARE_SHARE_SHARE


  8. I feel the same, Dave. The name “Jesus” has become so corrupted…I personally prefer to call him…Yeshua. 😉 ❤ No offence intended here, but I don't believe that our souls were ever lost or in need of "rescue". Remember what I told you about what "sin" actually means… "To be out of balance". Which, we all certainly have been. We only need "salvation" in the sense that we need "direction", that whole "Blind leading the blind" scenario…so true! 🙂 (She loved everyone, or so I've been told, I'm inclined to agree, but she loved/loves Him 😉 best, as in COMPLETELY) ❤

  9. Special thanks to Mark Bentley…check out his facebook page, “Galactic Mayan Weather Report”, if you would like to know more. ❤

    Galactic Mayan Weather Report

    ***Yellow Warrior Wavespell***
    Yellow Magnetic Warrior
    3rd July 2016
    "We are the Captains of Spaceship Earth… We have the capacity to overcome our limits."
    – Jason Silva
    Blue Cosmic Storm
    We have entered today into the 13 days of the Yellow Warrior, an intensely charged pursuit of our higher purpose.
    Please take the time to watch this video below by Jason Silva, one of my favourite inspirational creators. It is only 2 minute long and captures the Quintessence of the Yellow Warrior Wavespell.
    These next 12 days that follow, are offering you a mighty chance to take that leap of faith and break out of the mental slavery that has been created through our deep conditioning and take on the mighty task of turning our lives from one of Mediocrity into one of grand design.
    YOU are designed to live a hero's journey, one that involves risk, sadness, pain, success, joy, BLISS, ECSTASY, but first you must truly drop deep into your body and find your calling.
    So take the time today to listen to the silent whispers of your inner warrior and allow that whisper to become a roar.
    NOW is the time to allow your heart and imagination to soar with your inner potential and do not let so called "realism" shut down your dreaming of a rich life that truly makes an impact on the collective human condition.
    What many call "Realism" is in fact the shadow/fear state of limitation in fancy clothing, pretending to be a voice of "reason"… but when you Fearlessly Question that so called "reasoning" with heart Intelligence, you will fast begin to find the threads of realism unravelling and showing itself for what it truly is, purely fear based propaganda that has been implemented to stop the rising of the individuals within the collective and continue this mediocre existence that serves the corporate shadow state so well.
    So get REAL! Really Real! Commit to the next 13 days to truly embody your inner warrior and fearlessly question your lifes purpose and what you feel is your inner calling. The greatest questioning needs to be done within yourself, so don't get lost in questioning everyone else.
    Remember that you do NOT need anyone else's permission to step into your power and shine! It will make people nervous, many will question your behaviour and your dreams, but it is NOT your responsibility to justify your pursuit for truth and beauty, but rather your moral obligation to do all that is in your power to break free of the mass delusions and truly activate and embody the magnificent being you are here to be.
    Heres to the Hero's Journey…. Its time to SHINE!
    In deep devotion,
    Mark Bentley
    Kin 199
    Blue Self-Existing Storm
    If you enjoyed this post, then please feel free to share and LIKE our Galactic Mayan Weather Report Facebook page to keep up-to-date.
    You can check out more of my work and services offered through my website below:
    If you are in Western Australia, check out my next live workshop below:
    Surfing the Zuvuya – A Galactic Mayan Workshop

    The Hero's Journey

  10. Good Morning Tribe! Happy Yellow Warrior Wavespell (13 days) of Intelligence! TIME to put our heads together and go for it! 🙂 ❤

    KIN 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior:

    "I UNIFY in order to QUESTION
    With the MAGNETIC tone of PURPOSE
    I AM guided by my own power (intelligence) DOUBLED"

    This one is ESPECIALLY for you, VALIANT! 🙂

    • My best friend is an Electic Warrior. When I saw this I couldn’t quite remember it clearly and thought it might be his, so to speak, “birthday”.

      I love Yellow Warrior days as they always help me so much to break through my massive introversion to go out and express the truth I wish to share.

      My friend is the an extremely amazing singer, musician, actor. He also has a very very strong resemblance to Robin Williams. I wonder if Robin was a Yellow Warrior? He could easily be many other things as well though too 😀 I might go check on that now hehe.

  11. I just synchronisticly came across an article that gives this story some scientific backing. I’m sure you all will find this very interesting! It’s about the discovery of how the animal and floral life very rapidly evolved after the dinosaur extinction.

    This recent story shared by Varence has had a massive impact on me. I’ve recently have been experiencing a big awakening and huge breakthroughs and extra motivation in my spiritual practices and this story just takes it all to a whole much higher level every week I hear more. I’ve never felt so emotional in my life, especially from reading a story, and that’s saying something since my main pastime has been reading fiction throughout my life, reading around a thousand novels at least. It’s been shocking and wonderful how it’s gotten me into such a buzzing state of high energy and bliss. I’m really so thankful! Even if this story was not true, it’s still a masterpiece… and if it’s true… no wonder there’s so much attention on this planet and this time. It just speaks to me on such a tremendous level. It was wonderful reading Ceres reaction to it! Such a change from her natural state and teasing of Varence. I actually love her normal state, that sharpness and powerful side of her like a mother protecting or scolding her child, but this little change, that somewhat meekness and eagerness to here the rest of the story, quite touched me as well ❤

    • Just to add a bit. This science postulates that it was that the dinosaurs were gone that was the main reason evolution occurred so quickly, as in the pressure was off. However, Varence story seems to add a far more deep explanation to the whole thing. Why did all the big dinosaurs become extinct when others did not? Does the leaving of the dinosaurs truly explain how everything after the fact changed and so much evolution occurred? It seems to me that the changes were brought on by something far more impactful than the effects of a simple meteor.

      • Also, since there’s been a wonderful sharing of music going on here that’s brought me a good deal of joy as well as broadening this somewhat younger guys horizons, I felt I’d share a song that had gave me another synchronicity with Valiants posts. I mostly listen to classical and vedic music these days but since a few of the friends I grew up with became DJs and producers of music they send me some things they’d think I’d like occasionally. This particular song came to me and strongly captured my attention a few weeks before Valiant began his Thunder and Lightning series, and oddly enough, this song that I had been a bit addicted to in those weeks has the very same name! You can imagine my happy surprise 😀

      • tathasstu7

        thanks for sharing =)

        i wouldnt say that the dinos are totally gone.. they are still here just in a different shape 😉 look at the birds or chicken… they have more in common with dinos than anything else walking the planet… also look at the reptile life forms they have also so much in common… but if one wants to see it from the angle that got described in the story it makes so much sense that they didt not all die off but rather got “reshaped” into some thing that might come in handy over the long run…

        i mean look at the plant life or the animals… everything is so interconnected…
        there is pretty much for everything the body can have a plant to heal… and what not

        ps: sorry didnt have any coffee yet

        • I completely agree! This article even mentions that it was primarily the land dinos that were effected, and not the flying ones, which there’s a lot of science to back that they became the birds. There’s also a lot of science lately stating how they’ve discovered that many dinos, even the T-rex and and raptor type families, had feathers. Even in this story of Varences, it’s mentioned that these big dinos that attacked had feathers in the midst of the spikes across their backs. Certainly many of the land dinos changed shape or survived in some form as well. There’s quite a few in science that says that haven’t changed all that much from their original forms, and some more that mostly just became smaller. All this fits with the Eves descriptions of what would happen when the ship crashed, seemingly somewhere in Africa.

          I’ve heard in my studies before that the transition from a large reptilian dominated world to a world of having a more equal spread of representation was just the external expression of reptilian life form originating consciousness having less of dominating influence, and the consciousnesses of all the other forms becoming higher. Also, some Pleiadian channels and others have called this world a living library, where the consciousness of all the various beings of this galaxy and beyond are connected to through a network of light and are represented. There’s so many that have called this place a sort of central node, or so to speak, a central train station from which many places meet. Kind of like an all roads lead to Rome sort of place that happens to be in the middle. It’s said that this is one of the reasons the dark forces took such a special notice of this place and chose to use it for some of, if not their biggest, experiments and plans. Valiants work seems to attest to these same ideas as well.

          The dark forces may have taken notice, and tried to use the place as a means to enter and assail the heavens, yet it seems far more like they were inevitably drawn here as if it was some kind of focal point that would unify everything and all beings. Ah, it’s just so fascinating and magical! I can’t even begin to imagine what is actually to come, yet can’t help getting lost in fantasizing too often. I just keep having to remind myself that self work is what I should be focused on 😀

    • Thank you for speaking with your Heart, tathasstu7. Sometimes we all get … immersed in so many ideas, or varied directions that we become even a bit noisy, I would say. You brought calm and concise words here 🙂

      When i was reading of the Eden ship coming down, I was thinking uh oh, that’s going to make a helluva crater. For some reason I imagined it crashed where we have now that big lake, Lake Victoria. Source of much needed water. Water can fill a big crater… over many many years.

      There is also an area in the desert, I think in western Egypt, where there are very strange “vitrified” stones. Greenish or bluish-green in colors. Some were used in jewelry by the ancient egyptians. But I guess that could be a remnant of something that happened much later than this story. Around the Fall.
      Thank you for the song 🙂 ❤

  12. Thanks for sharing the video Brianna. I was thinking about “The March of the Cambreadth” a Scottish (?) call to arms. One of the lines in the song…”Midnight Mare…”

    Midnight /Black?… Mare/Mer? The Black Sea? I’ve read several links regarding the Black Sea…fascinating place! VERY mysterious. 🙂

    Thanks, to you Dave, for the links… fascinating I must say. 🙂 The videos are very nice too. ❤

    A couple of video links below for you, Brianna and Tribe. The second is about the uprooting and forcible removal of the Gypsies from their homeland. Some translation here for members who may not know…"Caminhando" means "Road"…"Montana" means "Mountain". The people are singing of their longing to follow the road that leads them home to the mountain of their birth.

    In South American indigenous shamanism…each mountain is alive…a spirit…the Spirit of the Mountain, that often manifests as a Woman who appears to be drunk. To have an encounter with her, is a sign of favor…all the more reason to show respect, even to an "Intoxicated Lady", as she may not be what she at first appears. The Medicine people of South American cultures, recommend that a person discover the highest mountain or peak nearest their place of birth and/or make a pilgrimage to it for guidance and assistance throughout their present Earthly incarnation. On the other hand…there is the Woman Drunk on the Blood of the Martyrs and the Saints mentioned in the book of Revelation (Unveiling) again…be very cautious regarding that one…for she also, is not all that she appears to be. Perhaps we should consider cutting off her supply of power, through meditation to end the martyring and sacrificing of ourselves and others to "the LIE".

    One more thing to note here…ZION…is not a place so much as it is "The People"…those who serve love… in love…through love… and by love…simply for the sake of LOVE.

    • Yes, the Black Sea is special in it’s own way. Small, but lots happening out there 🙂

      And the gypsies, who knows their real story. The language is such a mix by now, and a very interesting one. Did they really come from India, way back then, following Alexander’s army, as told ?



  14. When reading this great post, i had a totally different music in mind. But the day was somewhat… hectic. And I suddenly “felt” this song. It’s an old Gipsy song. Many versions of it, including a beautiful Kurdish one I love. But I find this one more fitting.
    This song came to me in a magic summer night, by the Black Sea, sung by a gipsy guy and his guitar. He did not look like much, but when he sang, magic happened.
    And this song, he did it from some very deep place. It was amazing.
    It’s called Ederlezi.
    Happy day and evening Tribe ❤

    • For those interested, here are the lyrics. Romani is a very ancient language. From people who wandered a lot. The Traveling folks.
      Romani Lyrics

      Sa me amala oro khelena
      Oro khelena, dive kerena
      Sa o Roma daje
      Sa o Roma babo babo
      Sa o Roma o daje
      Sa o Roma babo babo
      Ederlezi, Ederlezi
      Sa o Roma daje

      Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
      A me, chorro, dural vesava
      Romano dive, amaro dive
      Amaro dive, Ederlezi

      E devado babo, amenge bakro
      Sa o Roma babo, e bakren chinen
      Sa o Roma babo babo
      Sa o Roma o daje
      Sa o Roma babo babo
      Ederlezi, Ederlezi
      Sa o Roma daje

  15. Thanks and love to you and your family Bill. Great song! ❤ Deepest gratitude, love and appreciation to you Star People, Lion Men and to you Golden Lion Man. I love this new series! Please, continue to TELLUS the Tail 😉 .

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