Valiant: The Thunders…The Ancient Past…Leo…The Lion Men…The Leonids…

*SONG* “Eighth World Wonder” by Kimberly Locke

“To share a story is not an easy thing to do…
To put it all together…the details, the feelings…
In words!
So many just want the facts…
Just give it to me straight, I don’t have the
Time…Whoa, what a brilliant mind to see
It that way…you learn nothing that way…
Facts without feelings…senseless; easily forgotten…
IF all of history were woven with just facts…
What would the world be?

But if you must…here’s a fact…Your world,
The world…it has to change…Argue that.

So if you don’t have the time…And only
Believe what you see…move along then…
You don’t have to read this…believe what
You like…Free will…” Ceres said as
She strolled about me before the chair.

“So well put.” Varence said to her. “Blunt…
Waste no time.” He smirked and rolled his eyes.
“You are truly not out to make many friends.”

“If I am to be here…play my part,” she
Said standing to face him, “I am not going
To coddle with riddled words such as you do.”

“Ah…Of course.” He said.

“So…” She sighed, crossing her arms. “Continue
With the story then…of our recent adventure.”

“Why stop there?” He asked. “If you have a
Mind to say things your way…Why don’t
You continue?”

“Because it is your job remember.” She said.

He smiled, eyeing me awkwardly…The silent
Question…HIS job? So many mysterious things
About them… “Your words walk a fine line…”

“Would you like me to continue?” Ceres flashed
Her sparkling eyes…with false innocence.
“Should I make reference to the preferred
Interest in giant talking prophetic space
Balls? The great wisdom in all of space
Lay but in the realm and ceaseless
Celestial knowledge of giant talking
Space balls? To pray for deliverance
And salvation from space to a world
More deserving than any other? Why?”

He held out his hand to stop her. “Alright…
Yes, I will continue the story.” He shook his
Head at her… “Oh but the day an interview
Shall come…Is Ceres real? Is Varence real?
Who or what are they really? Are they made
Up? Such an imagination…”

She sighed heavily…it really did look as if
She would scream. “Varence…”

He nodded sarcastically. “Moving onward…”
Then he looked at me more kindly… “I believe
I was at the part with the Lion Men?”

“Don’t play some kind manner with him
Now.” Ceres snapped at him as she stomped
Up beside him; they stood directly in front
Of me. “You use him enough.”

“Use him?” He asked.

“Just say it.” Ceres snapped. “Or I will
Start discussing the little matter of an old
Radio broadcast…And that meeting with all
Those short men and the conceptual idea of
Signing some proclamation of independence…”

“Ceres!” He shouted.

“Tell him…Now.” She insisted… “The assembly
Is listening…” She pointed to the notebook… “And
Those that can read are waiting…Mystery
Man of time.”

He breathed hard…was he, pouting? He turned
To smile at me VERY strangely… “The details
That I placed in your mind…please allow
Me to open them now…and let it flow…”

The deck of the Lion Men…on the
Adam ship…

He stood strong in his stand off with her…
Their eyes locked… “What are you planning
In there, Ceres?” Varence asked pointing hard
To the steel doors that separated them from
The Lion Men.

“Watch and see.” She only said.

He took deep breaths. In truth, he had no idea
What to expect in there with the Lion Men…
The ancient slave Lion Men were not like
Those he knew…Even what he did know
About them was intense…They were not only
Giants…but fantastically wise as well…
Keen senses that stretched far…They could
Read minds or tear them apart without touching
You…Try and lie to them…and instantly
You have made yourself an eternal enemy…
Be arrogant? Play the fool? Scam them
With fantasies and delusions and you risk
Certain death…They did not understand such
Things…How do you put the mind, logic and
Wisdom of the Lion Men into words? You
Can’t…They are truly masterful judges of law…
They either like you or they don’t…and if they
Don’t…My what big teeth they have…What
Big clawed hands…strong arms…Psychic
Senses that could destroy any mind to bits…

So how could such a magnificent giants be
Enslaved then? With a single sex environment…
Stripped of feelings…and love…Fortified
With slave labor…trapped thoughts, isolation…
Eat, sleep…work…self satisfaction to
Appease the senses…The slave mind! Who
Do you think invented, humans? No…
For it could strike down a Magnificent Lion Man
To chains…for humans then it was child’s

“I can’t go in there.” He confessed…his
Weakness for the FIRST time ever. “They
Will see right through me…I have little training
With them…that’s why I held my distance…
And they can not know what I do, it will
Change everything.”

Ceres blinked with shock…her mouth ajar. His
Confession to weakness…utterly captured her
Respect. But there was no time to waste. “Then
Stay close to me…I know their manner well…
Stay close to me…And focus on me, think of
Only me…nothing else. If you feel yourself falling
Look at me…watch me, think of a mirror
Reflecting their eyes upon me only…Do this
And all will be fine…”

She wasted not even a second then walked
Confidently through the steel doors, Varence
Close behind her…This was her job…A lifetime
Of education by the greatest Lion Men created
Within her the most impressive student ever…
She was a Master now…

Inside…what they found…was shocking…
From the Lion Men they knew…so noble, well
Mannered…to this, was pitiful.
Ceres and Varence stopped abruptly inside at
The sight…Everywhere they looked…stretched a
Long wide open hall of open cells…Open
Ceiling above their heads four decks high
Of such barred rooms…Their view ahead
Seemed distant, endless…
Lion Men hunched, curved over…growling,
Groaning…wearing only loin cloths…The thick
Collars and bulky chains that held them to
The walls and floors covered them more…
And the smell! Awful!
Of filthy kept animals…of wet hair, from
Them being hosed down to be cleaned…
And the odors of remnants of rotted food,
Meat and blood from their feedings…
But where did the meat come from?
Somewhere on the ship some sort of livestock
Was kept and raised for this purpose…
They didn’t know what they were for…

For Ceres and Varence it was the worst thing
They had ever seen!
These magnificent Lion Men kept like some
Wild animals! Ceres covered her mouth…
She had to fight not to cry from seeing them
This way…But oh it also made her so angry!
And it was anger which fueled her will
To go on just then…Solid, strong again…
Unbreakable…She stood tall and walked
Down the center of the hall of cells…Her
Eyes studying the crouched Lion Men as
Their senses suddenly perked to the new
Astral visitors…
The great cats’ eyes could see anything,
Easily into the astral plane…remember
That…The magic of the Cat’s Eye, infinite…

She studied them, their huge size and massive
Frames, manes and muscles…Their colored
Coats…tawny, cream—dirty of course…varying
Shades of gray, mostly pale…with darker points
On their noses, hands, legs, feet, tails…
She kept walking, searching for
The one she hoped to find…
Then there he was…The Great One she
Was looking for…from Varence’s story
Earlier…10 feet tall, huge, even hunched
Over…The Dark charcoal Gray One…
Whose dark coat stood out among all
Others…And there beside him, a Paler Gray
Quivering Lion Man…slightly smaller, but
Very old looking…Ceres held her breath, the
Old one…had seen so much, worked so hard…
He was slowly dying. These were his last days,
She could feel it. Her face sank to near tears
Again as she walked up to the Old One…

The other Lion Men immediately began rising
Up to these astral specters…growling deeper
And deeper…laying down their threats
With their rumbling voices by only growling, tilting
Their heads, squinting at Varence and
Ceres, trying to intimidate them…
Varence held tight to Ceres, following her
Instructions, focusing on her…

But Ceres was a rock, solid…she never even
Flinched at the Lion Men’s threats…
She maintained her focus on the Old One
And went up to him as he kept trying to
Stand, but his legs were so weak he
Couldn’t…This poor Old One had been
Worked to death! It made her so angry!
He growled at her. Her eyes became soft and
Wet…tender…As she sent out her telepathic
Song to him, one they all could hear…
A song so inconceivably magical there are
No words for it…it’s a song of the soul…
One few possess…but none could deny…
It was an echo of one she had sung for
Her bear cubs from another time…

The song of sweet everlasting tranquility…
The Mother’s Song for comfort, lullaby of
The soul…One irresistibly sung by a
Magical princess, confident and elegantly
Poetic…The beauty that could charm
Any savage beast.
And then the growls fell silent…
The stillness…All became mesmerized, intoxicated
By her presence…A woman! A female human
On the slave Adam ship? What? How? Why?

She looked into the Old One’s pale blue eyes…
And with her siren’s song touched his mind
And spirit with words… “I am here to tell you
It’s over, my friend…Your days of slavery will
Soon come to an end. Please believe me. I am
Friend…I cannot tell you much…
My mission and way of passage forbids
Me certain details…But hear my words
True…It is almost over…”

“How do you know this?” The Dark Gray
One beside them raised himself high to ask…
His sparkling blue eyes glaring wide at her;
Telepathically of course, they never spoke out
Loud ever…

Ceres met the Dark Gray One’s eyes
Without a flinch… “Because your brother,
BR’Riel…told me this…to tell you now…
To prepare you and your brothers here for
What is about to come.”

The Dark Gray One rose taller to her words, as
Did all the Lion Men in view…It was then she
Saw the Great Golden One on the opposite side not
Far away, closely watching her as well…His
Features so familiar…not just to Varence’s story
But to a face she knew all too well herself…
From the Paladium…from Rana’s side…like that…
Of the great VIR’riel…And then she knew
The deductions she had made and presented
To the assembly that cast the vote for the
Journey to travel back in time…These Lion
Men of the Adam ship were more than
Brothers to those she knew of Tellus…They
Were cloned! Cloned slave Lion Men to serve
The Empire…from the same parent stock used
On so many ships so long ago…That is why
She was sent to reach them…Talk to them…

The Lion Men listened keenly to her silent words
As they all began to stand baring their heavy
Chains everywhere…

“Because you see…I was sent here…to talk to
You…I come from another time…from a
Distant future beyond your own.” Ceres paused
To choose her words carefully so as not to shock
Them too much… “By your people…survivors of
A slave rebellion that fled to a hidden world
In a black hole.”

The Lion Men eyed each other with fascination.
“Our people?” The Dark Gray One asked. “The
Future? They live…free?”

“Yes.” She said. “When they learned of your
Existence…they sent me back in time to
Reach you…speak to you.”

The Dark Gray One, of sharp mind and intuition
Spoke for their concern and interest. “Your purpose
Then is to free us?”

Ceres spoke carefully. “Not exactly. Warn you
Mostly…that soon, very soon, a time will come
Upon you where yes, your Freedom will come…
But on a different path, one different yet
Very critical to their survival…as well as your own.”

The Lion Men remained cautious but curious…
“Different how?” The Dark Gray One asked.

Ceres looked to Varence behind her…He was nervous,
For the first time ever, she saw it in his eyes.
But her determination was strong and she was
Not afraid. She turned to the Dark Gray One
And stepped up to him more closely…
“In two days your ship will reach a
New garden planet…a newly
Terra Formed world…where you will have
Your chance at Freedom…A chance for
Your own rebellion…But there is something
You must do…”

The Lion Men took interest. “That is?” The
Dark Gray One asked on behalf of them all.

Ceres spoke calmly… “I know your ways,
Your beliefs, your laws…The oaths you have
Sworn to live by…as slaves beneath
The Empire…That as slaves since the time
Your race was conquered you have sworn
To never speak any other language out loud
But your own…Am I correct?”

The Lion Men watched her but did not answer.

“You swore by this as an oath of freedom
By your forefathers. A story passed through
Generations…by your own Spiritual Ascended
Masters…And the great Ariel…From you
Own home world and the Ancient Temple…
Even as slaves you know this, though you
Never knew your parents…In dreams a
Great Winged White Lion Man comes to
You to teach you your ways…The path
Of Light, the ways you follow…that is how
You remember who you are, how you never
Forget…Through stories passed on by
The Greatest One of All…The Lion of God,
And you know him…As Ariel.”

The Lion Men’s eyes went wide…where by
She knew she was right…no one knew this
Secret…Of their sacred Ancient Ascended
Master, whose name would be passed on in
Time…in literature…legends…even into
A described human slave world…The name
Ariel…Lion of God.

“Well?” Ceres asked him, poised with a victorious
Charming smile.

The Dark Gray One need only nod once for
Them all… “This is true…How could you know
This…there is but one way…That one of our
Own told the tale to you…”

“The wisest of them all taught me…” She said.
“On our world, where Lion Men are once
And again free…And they dwell with many
Races…hidden outside of time…Waiting for
The age when they would emerge again
Into the universe…rise against the Empire…
And reclaim their birthright…and with it
Find a new age of peace for all races…
An age of Freedom, Peace and Unity…led
By the lost race of the Mighty Lion Men
That once ruled the Universe.”

The Dark Gray One eyed his brothers, then
Returned his gaze upon this fair, beautiful
Human woman…The strongest he had ever seen,
The only one he has ever seen as well… “What
Then are you asking us to do? How is this
Mighty future you speak of possible?”

“It is complicated.” She said, lowering her brow.
“By a strange way unknown to your kind…
A riddled way of written words passed on to
A chosen one who tells these legends to a distant
Troubled future…of a world you will know
As Earth.”

“Written words?” The Dark Gray One and his
Brothers growled laughter. “What minds of
Humans learn that way…in the future?
Humans have no depth of faith, not as we
Know them…They ridicule everything…They
Believe what they see, not their senses…
This ship we are chained to…Have you
Seen their minds?” He laughed. “The men
Are barely more than animals themselves…
They act big, but think small.”

Ceres laughed. How true his words were! “Some
Are different.” She told him. “Now…and in
The future…there are some that embrace ways
As yours…through the spirit, through the heart…
In Faith, they will believe…if you show them.”

“Show them?” The Dark Gray One laughed
Even louder. “Show humans greater ways?
But how?” He raised his chained strong
Clawed hands. “With fists, by force to see
Beyond their little wit and ways? You are
Speaking of miracles!”

Ceres raised her eyes and chin to him…
Bewitching eyes, her blue eyes sparkled…
“That’s exactly what I have come to ask
You…What your people from the future ask
Of you…of you in your present…that you
Must do this…to survive…to forge a legend…
A miracle…so that one day all will know,
Wonder, dare to dream…and one day see and
Believe it to be true…Of this magnificent
Race of Lion Men…so they never fade from
Memory in time…You MUST SPEAK…”

The Dark Gray One eyed the others leaning
Back, then back to her. “Speak? Speak
Human words?” The idea was vile to them…
To lower themselves to break their sacred
Vows…for what? This woman’s plea?

“Yes.” Ceres told him. “You must speak
Out loud…human words…so that they know…
Despite all their degenerate ways and
Thinking… “It is the only way to make
This future possible…It is the destined way…
The miracle that you pray for…You MUST

The Lion Men stared amongst themselves…
Exchanging discussion, debate in their own
Tongue for what seemed like forever…before
The Dark Gray One looked upon her again…
They had to acknowledge her…her grace, her
Courage, her beauty…This human woman
That had the nerve to appear to them…
To address them! She knew their most sacred
Legend…and she spoke so strongly…never
Wavering…her entire manner was unlike
Any human they had ever known…If not
But for her obvious presence they would render
Her a myth! An impossible human to exist!
Yet there she stood…a Titan…undeniable…

He studied her intently…and she knew it, allowed
Him into her mind to share images of the
Home she knew…The experiences that made
Her…and finally the Great Lion Man that
Was her teacher…This impressed him most
Of all…Then he began to understand the
Connection…his blood brother, BR’Riel…

A silence fell in respect to this exchange…
She held her stance so tall and strong…
The beauty of endless ages…transported
Through time…And he the great chained
Lion, prisoner of a past lost in history…
“Ceres?” He said her name…out loud. “I
Am BR’roul.”

“It is the greatest honor to meet you, BR’roul.”
She said…smiling…The fact that he said
Her name out loud, as she did his…gave
The answer she hoped for.

BR’roul nodded to her…as all his surrounding
Brothers bowed their heads to her…this princess
Of the stars…of the Nine sisters…They would
Forever know the story now…of the Nine to come.

“So when the time comes?” Ceres asked.

BR’roul nodded, then spoke the words out loud.
“We will know what to do, yes.”

She smiled, beaming with a magical joy.
“Thank you.”

With a toothy grin the Dark Gray One smiled.
No further words needed to be spoken, they
Understood, the pact had been made…The
Lion Men were noble that way…They never
Broke their word.

Ceres turned to leave…fighting, holding back…
“Oh, but I wish I could tell you so much more!”
She started to cry. “I wish…I wish I could take
You with me…and show you a world…where
Your people are free…where the stars are limitless…
Where hope is more than a dream.”

“But you cannot say more.” The Dark Gray One
Said. “Ceres…I…we…understand.”

“BR’roul…” Ceres said tearfully to the giant
Dark Gray Lion Man. “There will never be a
Race as magnificent as yours…never…And
Many, countless throughout the stars will know
This…They will!”

The Dark Gray One only grinned…his smile
Was a precious reward. “Go now, Ceres…Go now.
Thank you. We understand…You cannot say
More…You have said enough. We thank you…
We understand…And when the time comes…
We will speak.”

She smiled to him, extending endless telepathic
Gratitude…then she and Varence left quietly…
Without looking back…for looking back then would
Have torn their insides apart.

Outside the steel doors, Ceres froze…trembling,
Even her eyes seemed to shake…as she looked
To Varence. “One of the hardest things I have
Ever had to do.”

What could he do but admire her? “Ceres,” he
Said kindly, with all the respect he could, “No
One could have done that but you. No one.”

She accepted his respectful praise with a smile.
“Thank you.”

“That’s all I can say.” Varence smiled. “But oh,
If words could say so much more…I would
Say them without end! Gratitude. Time is
The cruelest law…and you are the fairest justice
Of them all.”

They lingered in the dark hall silently for what
Seemed like hours…just thinking. The Lion Men,
Their fate, haunting their minds…the scales of mission
Felt so heavy…things had to be done…The pressure
Was overwhelming, every step a monumental
Maneuver through time, carefully weighed, planned…
One misstep and it would all come crumbling
Down. So much to consider.

Varence finally broke the silence as they stood
As astral specters beneath the dim dark light
Of the hall. “So…” He said to her. “What’s next?”

How much time had passed? It was measured
So differently for them…She turned to him,
“What time is it…for them, the crew?”

He laughed at the question, the calculation
Seemed ridiculous for what they had done. He
Looked at his pocket device of miracles, then
Read its meter of measure… “I believe it
Is morning now for the crew of the ship. We
Were in the cells, the den of the Lion Men
For quite a while…and we’ve been standing
Here even longer…Yes,” he nodded, “The crew
Should be waking for morning meal now.”

“What does that mean?” She asked.

Varence thought of how to explain the translation…
“Their scheduled slave-work hours…They will
Wake for morning nourishment; gather at various
Common areas throughout the ship…to eat first,
Then begin their required duties for the day. Why?”

Ceres returned her thoughts to their previous
Interaction with Jansen…of how he had somehow
Managed to hear her voice, or sense it…
Or whatever mystery had occurred. “I must
Understand what happened with Jansen before…
I need to see him…to look into it some more.”

Varence frowned at her words. “The risk of
What could happen. I told you, he never ever
Said your name in all the days of his life
That I watched them…”

Ceres held her chin, thinking. “But you could
Not have seen all his thoughts. Perhaps
He hid them from you, from everyone?”

“I would have known.” Varence attested. “He
Could not have hidden such an…experience. I
Am telling you…it never crossed his mind.”

Then a flash, a revelation struck her mind.
“The attack of the Eve ship, the Eden vessel?”
She said surely. “During the attack you said
The dropships were launched? He hit his head?”


“Then the memory was lost to him!” She

Varence’s eyes widened at the conclusion.
“That could be…”

“Don’t you see?” She asked. “That’s our
Opportunity…That allows me greater chance
With him to study…And if it by chance faults
Some accident of exposure, I can reset his
Thoughts…so that when he is knocked out
I can tell his mind to fall into a deep
Sleep and bury all details and forget!”

Varence had to nod. “An excellent scheme. Yes,
That could work.”

“Let us go then.” She gestured. “Now I have
The allowances I need. I want to study Jansen.”

No arguments then, Varence led her to the lift
Then upwards to the commons’ deck, where the
Localized crew gathered in a very tightly tabled
Cafeteria for morning meal.

There, they waited only briefly as the crew
Began to arrive…gather at programmed nourishment
Dispensers to fill trays of specialized foods
For healthy maximum performance. There were
No indulgent meals on the Adam ship, no fatty
Or excessive sugar-type sweets…Everything was
Of vital nutrition only…That’s a key reason
Why the men were all in excellent physical

Ceres and Varence positioned themselves in a
Vacant corner of no crew traffic as they waited
For their subject to arrive…
Again Ceres noted some of the rather common
Flagrant sexual flirtatious behavior… “Do they
Ever stop?”

“Do fools ever surprise?” He laughed.

“And this is normal?” Ceres asked. “Of the
Earth, even presently as we know it?”

“They are quite flirtatious, yes.” Varence answered.
“For many, a simple hello is practically an open
Invitation to sexual interest.”

“That is idiotic, ridiculous.” She shook her head.
“What will you tell me next, that they
Jump into carnal indulgences upon first
Encounters? Declare themselves soulmates in
A day? Proclaim themselves eternal long lost
Lovers…by one simple act of politeness…
One hello?”

Varence laughed to himself…and held his
Lips tight. His silence told her the answer.

“Tell me you are joking!” She snapped. “My,
But they are so but easily fooled and gambled
By fantasy! The next thing you will tell me
They fall quickly, lustfully in love with an
Image at first view…without even
Exchanging words or interest?”

Varence’s eyes danced with laughter as his
Mind fought to answer. “The ceilings are
Rather high in here, don’t you think?”

“No wonder they embrace salvation from
Space balls!” Ceres laughed… “No wonder
The Empire holds them slaves so easily…
If other races from the stars witnessed
Such behavior they would find it

“Temptation is an easy game to play
With hormones.” He told her. “Whispers of love
Could distract any slave.”

She stared at him, knowing his history…
The infamous rebel Apollo! “You must find
That amusing.”

“Sad actually.” He told her. “It makes conversation
Very delicate…When they are constantly pre-occupied
With notions of pairing up.”

“No wonder you enjoy the Five so well.” She
Smiled mysteriously at him. “How different they are…”

He smiled back, said nothing…Then eyed the
Band of familiar blond friends entering the arena
Of long tables…Jonath, Janeth…accompanied
By a few others…then Jansen and Hollis, who
Held his partner guarded and close with one
Arm over Jansen’s shoulder…clearly
Telling everyone they were a couple, as his eyes
Watched the crew around them carefully for
Any interest to Jansen…He looked like a
Savage beast guarding him. And Jansen
Showed no protest at all…

They watched as the group gathered, trays of
Food and drink…then sat themselves at a table
As far apart from the rest of the crew as
Possible for privacy…Many eyes noticed this,
And Ceres and Varence did note that many
Eyed the couple with clear jealousy…It was
Clear then why, as Ceres could sense their
Minds… “Loyalty and devotion is rare to them.”
She noted to Varence. “I believe their programming
And hormones discourages paired monogamy…so as
To forbid any spark of love to start those
Wheels of free thought from turning!”

He simply nodded as they slowly moved closer
To their subject…to one of the few empty
Tables nearby. They sat down and watched
Them eat—Hollis never stopped smiling once…
The others, especially Janeth laughed loudly…
But Jansen looked different…

Ceres watched him hard her eyes staring
Deeply into him. She had to
Know how he heard her name!

Jansen sat at the table not touching his
Food…as Jonath sat opposite him at the table
Watching him as Ceres did; then it was even
More clear…Jonath had strong secret feelings
For Jansen, he always had.

But something was different about Jansen now…
He did not laugh, he only stared off into
Space…clearly dumbstruck still by Ceres
Mysterious voice…
But Hollis never noticed it, until now.

It went on and on! The more she stared
The more intense it became. And for a moment
Ceres could swear… “I think…I think
He knows we are here.”

“He couldn’t!” Varence defended.

“Look at him!” Ceres insisted.
Then Jansen stared even harder in
Their direction.

“Are you alright?” Jonath kept asking him, trying
To break his trance. “Hello?”

“What is it?” Jansen asked, aggravated.

“What is it with you?” Jonath asked.

“Nothing. Nothing, I’m fine.”

“It’s about last night, isn’t it?” Hollis asked. “That
Voice, that something you heard in our

“Voice?” Jonath asked.

“He heard something last night.” Hollis
Tried to explain… “A voice…”

“You heard voices?” Jonath seemed curious,
Yet concerned.

Then Janeth entered the conversation. “You
Heard voices?” He asked. “Are you unstable,
Have you lost your mind? If someone were
To hear you…hear you say such things
They would report you…Then…you would
Run the risk of being reprocessed.”

Hollis grew nervous… “You need to let
This go…stop thinking about it.”

“I can’t. I know I heard something.” Jansen
Said, holding his head. Oh how it had begun to

“Look at yourself,” Janeth said, “You’re
A mess. You can’t even eat. Someone will
See…Someone will report you…”

Jonath slammed his fist down on the
Table. “No one is going to say anything.
Will you please all shut your
Mouths…You’re scaring him. And making
Me angry.”

Jansen kept holding his head…The ache
Only grew worse! Not only echoes filled his
Head, but now there were strange,
Mysterious pictures…of some long haired…

“Look at him!” Janeth insisted. “Can’t you
See it?”

Hollis had to admit it… “I’m afraid
To say it…but maybe you do…
Need to see the doctor?”

Jansen’s mind grew only more distant, lost to another
World…The ache in his head, the sensation…His
Friends’ voices were only echoes, even Hollis seemed
Far away. He kept holding his head, clawing
At his temples, his hair…the voices from last night…
He kept staring and staring…some place far
Away, yet still there…the tables, the crewmen
Eating their morning meal…and then…
His eyes…flashes…to the empty tables nearby…
Flashes…flashes…There were two people sitting
There…watching him? A man, tall, pale, dressed
Strangely in a white shirt and black pants,
Pale creamy hair and strange eyes…and beside
Him this…person with long golden hair wearing
This long red robe-thing? Not like any man
He had seen…soft, these amazing shining eyes.

He pointed at them. “Look!” Jansen said to his
Friends, “Do you see them sitting there? Those two
People! The one with the long hair and red robe!”

His friends turned but saw nothing…
“Jansen?” Hollis asked, touching his shoulder
With care… “What is it?”

“Something is wrong with him!” Janeth insisted.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Jonath exclaimed.

“There are two people right there!” Jansen kept
Pointing. “Can’t you see them? They’re not like
Any of the crew! They’re not supposed to be here!”
His friends drew close to him to hold him still
As others began to hear…they tried to calm
Him down…Hollis especially grew more nervous.

Jansen watched as the two people eyed him
With fear, looking, talking fast between
Each other…They looked worried. The golden
Haired one especially…but they were so
Beautiful looking. He was torn between crazed
Fascination and fear himself…Then suddenly…
They vanished…as fast as they appeared.
“Where did they go?” He said shaking his head.

Hollis held him still in the chair, both arms
Around him. “Just calm down…quiet, quiet,
Don’t say anything, everyone is watching us.”

“There is something wrong with him!” Janeth
Insisted. “Take him to the medical center now!”

“Are you insane?” Jonath grew angry. “Do you
Know what they will do to him?”

“Everyone is watching!” Janeth grew nervous.
“They will think something is wrong with us.”

“There is something wrong with you,” Jonath
Said, biting his teeth, “You have no nerve at all!
He’s just tired, overworked, that’s all.”

“Will you be quiet!” Hollis ordered them. “The
Two of you enough.” Then he turned to his
Beloved partner, holding him as Jansen started to
Shake. “You alright? You alright? Just relax,
Calm down. Talk to me…Tell me what’s wrong.”

Jansen only tightened his shoulders, leaned into
Hollis and gave into the spinning feelings
And pictures inside his head. His head fell down
Against Hollis as he started to cry. “I don’t know.
I don’t know what’s wrong. You have to
Believe me. There were two people there, there
Were…Last night I heard that voice…I did. I did.”

Hollis stroked his head. “Alright. Ok, I believe you,
Just calm down now. Just look at me, don’t
Think about it anymore. Just calm down.”

Jansen cried harder. “You don’t believe me…
None of you do. You think I’m broken. Hollis
You don’t believe me.”

Hollis held him, shaking his head. “I do not
Think you’re broken!”

“I do.” Janeth said. “Something is wrong. I’ve
Heard of this…deterioration…It happens
Sometimes, they—“

Jonath grew angry and slammed the table. “He is
Fine! He’s tired. He’s just over-tired! It’s not
The deterioration!”

“Well something is wrong!” Janeth insisted.

“I’m breaking!” Jansen cried. “What if it is the
Deterioration sickness?”

Hollis shook. “No it isn’t! You are FINE! Jonath
Is right…You’re tired, you’re just tired. Look
At me, alright? You are not breaking!”

Just then two guards walked up to the table…
Tall, broadly built…like the miners, very stone faced
And strong. “Is there a problem?” The first
One asked as all noted Jansen’s behavior.

“No.” Hollis told them. “We are fine here.”

The chief guard nodded to Jansen. “It appears
Your friend there, sir, needs to go to the
Medical center…” His words sounded more like
Commands, rather than a suggestion. “May we
Assist you in taking him there…NOW?”

Hollis swallowed as he and Jonath locked eyes…
They saw their choice was set to them…He held
Jansen tight. “Thank you guard…your help
Is appreciated…of course…”
They were immediately guided away…Jonath
And Janeth following closely, nervously.

Apart and unseen…Ceres and Varence followed
Them at a safe distance.
“What just happened?” She whispered.

“I do not know.” Varence was at a loss for
Words. “This is…impossible…He saw us…both?”

“What is happening?” Ceres asked… “Is it the
Time alteration? I feel no symptoms, do you?”

“No.” Varence said. “But it is not our fate, not
Really…as Watchers…Time alteration symptoms
Are erratic behavior…aggression…déjà vu-like
Hallucinations…I sense nothing…but then we are
Stable…We would not experience symptoms…”

They followed very carefully, Ceres eyeing Jansen
Vigilantly… “First he heard me…Then he saw me,
Saw us both. I have to know why this is

“So do I!”

“What is this reprocessing? Deterioration?” She

“The deterioration is a breakdown of the
Slave mind,” Varence said… “It is either
Emotional or violent…The reprocessing, I can
Only guess…”

They followed the guard to the medical wing…
There Jonath and Janeth were forced to wait
Outside as the more privileged First Officer was
Allowed to escort his partner inside the examination
Room to meet with the Chief Medical Officer Abel
As Jansen was guided carefully to the
Exam table. Once he was set down, Hollis
Dismissed the guard…There was no protest, so
They saw no need to stay…Then Hollis was
Left alone with Chief Medical Officer Abel
And Jansen.

Abel studied Jansen as he kept crying, lost…
His senses were a mess! Hollis held his arm
Around him faithfully. “He claims…that he
Heard voices…saw people…that were not there.”

“I did see them!” Jansen cried. “I heard

“Her?” Abel asked.

“I have no idea why I said that.” Jansen
Said as he froze, eyeing the doctor.

“A peculiar word to use.” Abel laughed, “Let me
Just look you over.” He took out his scanner
And began taking his vital signs and further
Readings…he found nothing of note…at first…

Ceres and Varence lingered nearby, invisible
To the room. She was very suspicious of
The doctor…and his…tools. “What is he
Looking for?”

“I suspect brain deterioration,” Varence said.
“Breakdown in brain activity…irregular
Thought patterns.”

“Are you worried about the timeline?” She asked.

“No.” Varence said firmly. “This is new…if there
Was a sense of repetition, déjà vu then I
Would be concerned.”

Suddenly Abel took his scanner and
Waved it over Jansen’s face, his eyes. “This
Is interesting.”

“What?” Hollis asked, studying Jansen…who
Had grown silent…into a trance-like

“There appears to be something in his eyes.
Abel said, hovering the scanner over each of
Jansen’s eyes. He turned to the First Officer. “Sir,
Would you please wait outside for the
Remainder of this examination…Nothing
To be alarmed about…I just need to focus,
That will be easier without the First Officer here,
Please excuse me for saying so…”

Hollis smiled, “No, no, it’s alright. I will
Wait outside…But if there is something
Wrong…Please tell me…”

“Of course.” Abel said…strangely. He watched
Hollis leave…then gestured very gently
For Jansen to lay down…Then he pulled up
Some odd medical tray of digital devices
Linked to the screen…And began probing
Jansen’s eyes…
As he watched the screen, so did Varence
And Ceres…
The screen displayed highly magnified detailed
Images of Jansen’s eyes…The irises…The retinas
Then finer workings of the interior optic
Nerve…The farther the machine looked…
A strange pulsing light began to appear…
Abel was fascinated…

Ceres and Varence looked at each other in
Shock…They had seen that before…That was
The first echo of the light in the girl first
Brought to Tellus…that which the Angel
Had touched, given her with…And when her
World was destroyed…she lost her senses and
Fell into a deep trance-like state.
The light they also knew from Bill’s eyes,
Their own charge and subject of Earth.

When Abel tried to probe deeper all of the
Equipment began shutting itself off…
Every electrical device malfunctioned…He
Could not turn anything back on…

Abel reverted to more physical tools…to
Probe the eye to view this…

An instinctive reaction took over…
Suddenly Ceres thrust out her arm to point,
Her mind attacking Abel…his arm snapped
Back, bones began to break and crack…
Then she tossed him across the room where he
Hit the far wall and fell unconscious…

“Ceres!” Varence exclaimed, rushing to Abel…
He scanned him quickly as she stood there
Numbly… “You broke his arm in six places,
His shoulder…The socket…”

“Repair the damage.” She ordered as she
Slowly stepped up to Jansen…to look into his

“What are you doing?”

“Just do it.” Ceres ordered as she
Hovered over Jansen who lay there now
Wide eyed in a calm trance. “Do as I say…
Repair the damage…I want you to put
This in his mind Firmly…He found nothing
Wrong, nothing…Jansen is fine, just tired.
Order him to send him to his quarters to
Sleep and get lots of rest…To really rest up.”

“Ceres!” Varence exclaimed.

“Do it!” She ordered…To which he complied,
But still managed to watch her like a hawk…

The moments then became a magical
New discovery to her…She looked into Jansen’s
Eyes…then saw what she now expected…
The same light as seen before…in the future…
On other worlds…far apart in space and time…
The mystery was building…
She smiled…then softly sang a quiet song
To quiet Jansen’s nerves…to make him
Forget…to put his fears into a dream to cope…
So that when he hit his head he would only
Remember through dreams…so that he could
Fulfill what the light deemed he should do…

When they finished…
Abel awoke…Jansen awoke…
Ceres and Varence returned to the invisible
Astral plane…And miraculously…All returned
To normal on the Adam ship, much
To Jansen’s friends’ relief, especially Hollis
When he was told that, everything was

Ceres and Varence watched Jansen
And Hollis and their friends smile and leave…
Then Varence impatiently turned to her…
“Do you mind explaining to me what

“Someone very important has been planning
This a very long time.” Ceres said slowly…
Smiling mysteriously. “I understand now…”

“You do?” He laughed. “And that would be?”

“They were chosen long ago.” Ceres
Told him in this magical tone… “And
Scattered across time…at specific points,
Specific individuals…to do very specific
Things…There is no random order to
Things at all…It was truly planned…
For some that is…While most are but
Along for the ride to learn…”

“So then things are inevitable?” Varence

“Yes.” She said. “I must admit the
Details in his mind, in the minds I’ve
Seen are amazing…The assembly was right…
We had to watch this…The Watchers…
The Alignments occur to reveal themselves
For specific individuals to carry out the
Great scheme of things…
The Roar of Leo…that changes things…
The return of the Lion Men…
The Leonids…the Showers of Light
To organize them…The gathering…
The Calling…
To the Stars…
The Ancient Home World…
The One the Pleidians have been
Searching for…”

Varence smiled… “So now what? Now
That you have fulfilled your…mission…
Do we address the assembly? Do they
Announce them?”

“Oh but we have more little trip to
Make…” Ceres told him… “To finish
Bursting the bubble…To journey into
The future with our current friend…
To the year 3126…to fortify his
More lives will shake…so that the right
Ones can awake…Leo is about to Roar.”






  1. Okay I see it din’t post but it was an open depression inside of a circle…inside the depression was the Pleiades constellation! An EYE reflecting the Pleiades!

    I found a video this appeared on July 4th but was posted on July 5th.

  2. Wow Tribe getting busy! We are getting busy today! 😀 I will be looking into these this afternoon. ❤ Feilla, I really wanted to share this with you…remember the pic you sent me of the Whale (Cetus) you said this was coming for me…a CROP CIRCLE! The eye of the whale was inside and down in the window! How do you do it??? Link below…

    And Dave, you too! So much is synchronizing now! Did your Beloved collect a LOT of cat figurines?

    Wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year…Blue Spectral Storm Year of Liberation!


    • I honestly have no idea why, Dave but this popped into my head while reading your comment about ” THE OLD MAN IN THE NURSING HOME…” 😀

      Well, GREEN MAN, are you ready to dance again??? ❤


    During the event, forty-two literati gathered along the banks of a coursing stream and engaged in a drinking contest – cups of wine were drifting down from the upstream, and whenever a cup stopped in front of a guest, he had to compose a poem or otherwise drink the wine.
    Your sharing to me feels like this, cleansing, soothing, inspiring, self-inspection….How can I thank you all enough !!!

  4. As some unexpected synchronicity just occurred when I consulted again this work, I guess it is not only significant to me. It might look somehow familiar to some of you, too?!

    Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion

    On this late spring day, the ninth year of Yonghe (AD 353), we gathered at the Orchid Pavilion in Shaoxing to observe the Spring Purification Festival. All of the prominent people were there, from old to young. High mountains and luxuriant bamboo groves lie in the back; a limpid, swift stream gurgles around, which reflected the sunlight as it flowed past either side of the pavilion. We sat by the water, sharing wine from a floating goblet while chanting poems, which gave us delight in spite of the absence of musical accompaniment. This is a sunny day with a gentle valley breeze. Spreading before the eye is the beauty of nature, and hanging high is the immeasurable universe. This is perfect for an aspired mind. What a joy.

    Though born with different personalities – some give vent to their sentiment in a quiet chat while others repose their aspiration in Bohemianism – people find pleasure in what they pursue and never feel tired of it. Sometimes they pause to recall the days lapsed away. Realizing that what fascinated yesterday is a mere memory today, not to mention that everyone will return to nothingness, an unsuppressible sorrow would well up. Isn’t it sad to think of it?

    I am often moved by ancients’ sentimental lines which lamented the swiftness and uncertainty of life. When future generations look back to my time, it will probably be similar to how I now think of the past. What a shame! Therefore, when I list out the people that were here, and record their musings, even though times and circumstances will change, as for the things that we regret, they are the same. For the people who read this in future generations, perhaps you will likewise be moved by my words.

    source :

  5. As some unexpected synchronicity just occurred when I consulted again this work, I guess it is not only significant to me. It might look somehow familiar to some of you, too?!

    During the event, forty-two literati gathered along the banks of a coursing stream and engaged in a drinking contest – cups of wine were drifting down from the upstream, and whenever a cup stopped in front of a guest, he had to compose a poem or otherwise drink the wine.

    Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion

    On this late spring day, the ninth year of Yonghe (AD 353), we gathered at the Orchid Pavilion in Shaoxing to observe the Spring Purification Festival. All of the prominent people were there, from old to young. High mountains and luxuriant bamboo groves lie in the back; a limpid, swift stream gurgles around, which reflected the sunlight as it flowed past either side of the pavilion. We sat by the water, sharing wine from a floating goblet while chanting poems, which gave us delight in spite of the absence of musical accompaniment. This is a sunny day with a gentle valley breeze. Spreading before the eye is the beauty of nature, and hanging high is the immeasurable universe. This is perfect for an aspired mind. What a joy.

    Though born with different personalities – some give vent to their sentiment in a quiet chat while others repose their aspiration in Bohemianism – people find pleasure in what they pursue and never feel tired of it. Sometimes they pause to recall the days lapsed away. Realizing that what fascinated yesterday is a mere memory today, not to mention that everyone will return to nothingness, an unsuppressible sorrow would well up. Isn’t it sad to think of it?

    I am often moved by ancients’ sentimental lines which lamented the swiftness and uncertainty of life. When future generations look back to my time, it will probably be similar to how I now think of the past. What a shame! Therefore, when I list out the people that were here, and record their musings, even though times and circumstances will change, as for the things that we regret, they are the same. For the people who read this in future generations, perhaps you will likewise be moved by my words.

    source :

    Your sharing to me feels like this, cleansing, soothing, inspiring, self-inspection….How can I thank you all enough !!!

  6. Thanks again to Robin’s precious interpretation of the prophecies about crane, white buffalo, red swan, etc…which encourages me to share this which seems reminding
    me on purpose of something. I first knew to pay more attention on this kind of bird thanks to Martin for he noticed it in one of Valiant’s art works of prophecy. I am sure our erudite Robin knows Heron’s symbolic meanings much better than I do….

    Heron silhouette by hansdewaay

    Symbolic Meaning of the Heron
    • Calm
    • Grace
    • Solitude
    • Patience
    • Longevity
    • Versatility
    • Tranquility
    • Good Luck
    • Partnership
    • Intelligence
    • Domesticity
    • Being Present
    • Determination
    • Independence
    • Resourcefulness

    As a guide, meaning of the heron reminds us that solitude can be a healthy practice. It’s okay to be alone. Conversely, the heron encourages us to recognize the times in our lives when it is imperative to be among other people – particularly people who love and support us. The heron carries a message that says we cannot always do everything by ourselves. There are times in everybody’s life in which, to quote the Beetles, we gotta “get by with a little help from our friends.”

    Speaking of social behavior, the heron is a teacher in the area of domesticity too. It’s all in the nesting. Even though it’s fiercely independent, the heron makes concessions when it comes to making way for its offspring. BUILDING A HOME IS A MATTER OF TEAMWORK for herons. Both the male and the female are equally engaged in making the nest, and preparing for their progeny. There’s a lesson there.

    The most capable and staunchly independent among us must occasionally concede – some areas of life require a partnership. Further, when that partnership is formed, it’s a good idea to take equal share of the responsibilities. Most importantly, the heron illustrates that a partnership can flourish with both parties make an equal investment in their futures.

    Who knew the meaning of the heron could be so forthcoming with life-lessons? To be sure, it’s a regal bird with limitless capacity for extolling profound wisdom to those of us who are inclined to receive it.

  7. thanks

    Hard period of time, obviously not only to me. May this pictures help all the beloved ones purging well all the old wounds, regrets, sadness, strengthening that FAITH of happy ending/lasting ; whatever that veils are there still covering our eyes, affecting our minds (of course including mine), we are just to reach these precious HEARTS. I’m definitely not the one who am capable, neither qualified to tell what’s true or not, neither what’s right or wrong.
    But just like what that film, A Beautiful Mind is inspiring, I guess few ones are really capable, or qualified to tell which part is merely illusion [whatever if it’s set by the darkness on purpose], or rather the inspiration. At least, I’m sure I’m not the one. What I didn’t see doesn’t prove neither mean at all what the other see is false or merely an illusion. However when one suffers this kind of pain that we cannot imagine, we at least won’t forget the possible effects, the very pain. We might not be able to know what’s the better way to help, but our willing to listen, our empathy to know, even to understand that individual can moderate more or less that pain, solitude and helpless. In this circumstances, any kind of judgment or dispute is nothing but to lead to separation, and this is not what I am, neither anyone of us is willing to see. Honestly, what matters to me is that WE THE ONES CAN SHARE, KNOW EVEN UNDERSTAND MORE THE PERSPECTIVEs OR FEELINGs OF ANOTHER ONE VIA HIS OR HER SHARING. None can be always right or wrong, and it in fact doesn’t matter at all to be once wrong.The point doesn’t lie in what’s wrong or right. The most important is that thanks to RELIANCE, TRUST, WILLING TO SHARE, to listen to, we TRIBE, this BIG ONE grows more and more knowledgable, stronger and stronger, wiser and wiser via this kind of sharing, gathering !!!
    There are ones…when we read them or when they read us, we know there is much more beyond the synchronicity. Owing to my very limited knowledge, literal communication, psychic ability, this kind of synergy is such a confirmation, even triggering again and again the very series of alchemical effects, something like being upgraded, downloading via that kind of non-material sharing.
    In such a difficult period of time, though I’m so unavailable to speak more, but am so willing to pour some cleansing or refreshing water here to all the precious ONES, including seeds, flowers, herbs, trees, birds, raptors, felines, bears, bulls, dragons etc. here….

    Here, a greeting to our garden lady, MildaLove for you are so concerned about. However, there seems a long time when we don’t have your new message. Pls let us know if you are around. Mary…your words have always been that energetic and have always been so expressive. If we can hear more from you, that will be too awesome! My super sweet Terraseed, I just realize that your vibration feels like that this is such a renewed one, a much more powerfully healed and healing one, though you are used to be so tender, just like a sprout. Now you are blossoming. Your medical background seems not only significant in this reality, for you are used to heal in various ways and there are ones who have benefited from you, your knowledge and love. Suzanne, your stories of transformation are undoubtedly the very key plot for the Tribe, and marked a very turning point for the collective.

    There is a period of time that we don’t have news from Brianna, Stefan, Nando, tathasthu7… May all the precious ones be much better than fine. Robin, so sorry for that your computer is crushed. For how important you are, the not only knowledgeable but magical you are, we are sending you the very blessing for the nice outcome which is significant not only to you, but to us, too. Not only Robin, each one of us gets fine, gets stronger, we the BIG ONE, gets at the same time stronger, and more powerful. I of course cannot miss my greetings to the very two super depended and respected two gentlemen here, Dreamwalker and Dave. This garden can grow fast thanks so much to you !!! Neither no way to miss the highest appreciation and gratitude to Bill & Lida, too for this way showing towards the happy ending, in contrast to the present chaotic circumstances is so significant, even not only to reach the poisitive future, but to help getting more the pieces of puzzles of the past and present.

    There are ones who might have left relatively less footprints here, but are very precious not only to me. So dear Tauno, if we can have more threads from awesome you here, it will be so great. I cannot miss my seniors, Leslee, Lisa, Konstantinos, Ben Naga more. Tough knowing Babaji not much, I’ve been aware of the light of this precious one who has both American Indian and Caucasian inheritance, thanks to Dreamwalker. David, you are always that precious one in my mind. Here, not only a greeting but also blessings to lovely you.

    Nil….I’ve realized some synchronicity with you not only one time. Though you are used to leave comment rather on the pages of dreamflights invitation, I would like to take advantage of this occasion to show my appreciation to you, for you are somehow a very messenger. There are ones whose names I didn’t name as above….It’s pity that according to the condition that I can know, this is really my final count down to be available to leave my comments here this way. Though today, it also takes me a big risk to do so…What I want to say is thanks to all the precious ones, and I know there are still the new ones who just came or are going to come. If I have chance to know you a little bit more before that coming retreat, it will be so significant to me.

    For the ones who need a rest, a healing moment…

    A state though hard to reach….may it brings all the beloved ones some alchemical effects…

    Thanks to a thread brought by an angel…

    For that precious 88 LION GATE, the Father’s Day of my mother island, as well as the birthday of ONE of our super Precious Ones…

    • Feilla…you are AMAZING! This pic you posted looks so like the ring of the Mayan Court of Sacrifice ball ring…hmmm…it is supposed to represent Venus, but who knows, right? I would have missed the connection to the 7/7 and the 8/8 Lion’s Gate if you hadn’t brought it to my attention! Thank you! Also of note here, the Crane being four different colors reminds me of the legend of White Buffalo Woman that she turned four colors first red, then yellow, then black, and then white. Also, in Hiawatha’s prophecy, The Son of the Evening, he mentioned that the Girl With The Wind Beneath Her Wings would (fly?) upon a RED SWAN…I first arrived here in Maine on a RED AIRPLANE…hmmm…Seems our Native American Prophets knew what they were talking about. My old laptop crashed so I’m using my old one, very slow.

  8. Dear Robin, I didn’t realize until now that there is the very synchronicity, particularly that crop circlet between us, even not merely between us. Sorry for that how much I’m to say, time just restrains me so.

    How awesome, precious, and important you are, just like a diamond. Promise me to be OK, to enjoy the happiness which is definitely around you. I was once reminded that all we want are all going to come true to us, but in a form / shape somehow a little bit different from what we could expect or thought. It’s so nice that we have fond the sweet ones, our spiritual family with whom we can exchange this way. In CN, we have such a proverb that daily life is just occupied mainly by the daily necessities, such as firewood, rice, oil, salt, etc…Or this might be some kind of the very Oriental philosophy, that beauty, whatever its kind is can anyhow be realized in any even the most simple, plain or sober stuffs.

    That Vega….in Chinese, is called Weaver Maiden, the 7th daughter of a celestial/ancient king/emperor referred in a myth having to do with THE DOUBLE SEVENth FESTIVAL, taking place on the 7th day of the 7th month in the year according to CN Lunar Calender. This day is as well CN valentine’s day. There are so many concerned iconography left in the ancient funeral art. I’m so sure you are such a very KEY who have been helping to make out more about it.

    This day is used to be regarded as an astronomical /energy node, though I’ve never compared it with the Lion Gate. Anyhow, this year, we the TRIBE won’t miss this precious energy gate !!!

    There is a CN film having to do with an very important myth which is going to be released, too. It’s adapted from a very famous novel, Investiture of the Gods/ Creation of the Gods/ The Apotheosis of Heroes or The Canonisation of the Gods, a 16th-century Chinese novel and one of the major vernacular Chinese works in the gods and demons (shenmo) genre written during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) . Honestly, I’ve no taste at all to take this film, so would like to spare you that US trailer which is very different from its CN analogue. The last one is not better, but at least left some sparkles which just reminded me of somethings.

    May you all have nice week, despite of the present global dramatic circumstances !!!

  9. Direct Contact with Pleiadian Aliens [FULL VIDEO]

    Other thinkings…

    Luke Skywalker = Lucifer, Bringer of Light
    If this is the story of the dark empire… a long time ago in a galaxy far away… did the light really win? The father, the son, and the holy ghost…

    Twin Flame – can be a “trap / hack”, one might spend their whole life in an unfocused state searching for their twin flame… reserving their attention and focus for someone who never materializes. What if twin flames are all around us? Can we love others as a twin flame, even those who harm us?

    Along the “shadow people” idea – what if we create the dark entities that attack us? If this is the case, an experiment might be to pay attention to what you’re thinking just before the attack, and write that down in a notepad. This goes along the idea of someone who is involved with a “poltergeist”. The poltergeist is not powerful itself, but somehow uses the energy and “power” of the person they’re attached to, to make things float in the air, make it rain inside, etc. This would suggest that the poltergeist is the “dark side” of someone, using the energy of that person to create chaos. So what does conscious manifestation actually look like, and how is that similar to the activity of a “poltergeist”?

  10. Latest crop circle appeared on July 22, 2016 I hope this link will be available to all here. If not, and if you are interested go to Red Collie Returns facebook page. He has some great insights.

    Found this in my notebook this morning… I don’t remember where I copied this from…so to the readers out there…NO COPY-RITE INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED… 🙂

    ‘QuetzalCoatl is associated with the sky, the stars, the sea, water, abundance, and the cultivation of the arts and sciences of civilization. Representing the union of Heaven and Earth, the imagery of the plumed serpent, as well as that of the PLUMED JAGUAR, abounds everywhere in Teotihuacan- on ceramic ware, murals, and the great sculpted figures of the citadel of QuetzalCoatl.’ (Caps. mine)

    In Mayan astrology, Capricorn is Jaguar. I find this interesting to those fellow Leos, such as myself, that have a Capricorn Ascendant. Is there a connection between the Plumed Jaguar and Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn? The astrology right now has Saturn in Capricorn…The Purging (Purification?) of the Priesthood. Perhaps the crop circle maker is saying “Itzamnaaj Balam…I AM THE TRUE MAGICIAN JAGUAR” ❤ 😉

  11. Good Morning Tribe! Great videos Dave…love the music! How do you do it? 🙂 Had an “ear worm” thought of what you have been saying about the Yin/Yang…Did you know that 6 and 9 (69) were the numbers of Osiris and Isis…I don’t remember which numeral was assigned to whom.

  12. About the two minute mark as Neo asks the question HOW CAN I TRUST YOU? SEE HER IF YOU CHOOSE AS THE ANGEL WITHIN YOU AND THERE IS LOTS TO THINK ON


  13. Dave,, Feilla, Stefman, Dreamwalker, Brianna, Suzanna, Mary, Bill, Lida, Star People, Lion Man, Angel with the Crown, and all of the Tribe here…LOVE…LOVE…LOVE…ALL OF YOU! WE ARE STRONG! WE ARE UNIFIED! WE ARE ABOUT TO ROAR!!!!!! TO YOU “NASITES” (not a TYPO 😉 ) OUR ROAR WILL PARALYZE YOU…AND THAT ROAR IS L-O-V-E!!! SIRIUS HAS RISEN!


    Thank yo so much for your insights into how those “things” affect a person, Feilla. I’ll be on the look out…that one (or that bunch?) they were subtle…I love those BIG Cats ❤ Dave…again…I just can not THANK you enough…even in my confusion and pain…it worked out for my GOOD…I so wish I could give you, and all ALL of you a BIG HUG!




    ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has a recurring metaphor: Alice going down the rabbit hole is a philosopher’s quest for true knowledge.

    Could it be that Wonderland is a world of philosophers? Can it be a world where one can go back to the ‘unmoulded’ brain of a child? In ‘Sophie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder, the philosopher tells Sophie she must think like a child to be a true philosopher. Wonderland is the place to do this, to release your inhibitions, to release pre-conceptions of ideas and to start really questioning to gain true wisdom, true knowledge. In its insanity, in its complete separation from the world of adults, one can begin the long journey to true knowledge.

  15. Dear Robin, so great to see your return. Thanks also so much to the loving ones who have given the hands, expressing the TRUST, empathy and understanding. Robin is not the only one who has suffered this. It’s a long time that I’ve never thought to ROAR, but this time I don’t hesitate, neither anyone can obstruct it any more.

    Just because I myself experienced something relevant, being excluded after having reminded of something, that trick of that very darkness is so easy to be recognized. Pity for that this kind of astral PARASITES (whatever it’s AI or not) are not all gone, this time I won’t spare any effort to appeal to all the beloved ones for VIGILANCE. That’s why our precious Dave has so untiringly reminded of this via that film, A beautiful mind…

    When this happens to any of you, my beloved ones, I won’t give you up and I want you to hear not only mine, but all the loving ones’ awaking calls.

    “Love you too!” by Jutta Kirchner

    When someone gets tainted / contaminated by this kind of parasites, or whatever it is, it fuels the ego, misleads the mind, and gets nourished by these negative even furious emotions, memories fomented by ego. I have never thought to belittle ego, for it’s exactly what DEFINE us as an unique INDIVIDUAL. Sorry for that I have never been able to buy into the mainstream new age theories. Ego is not the very core of problem. The problem lies in how we regard, discover and learn more from it. Nevertheless, we are still not to spare any chance to permanently examine, discern, even interrogate our own minds. The loving and beloved ones’ sharing hence are so precious to call back the once lost one. So one day, when I possibly get lost again, pls never hesitate to call me back.

    It’s first time to feel rather happy to have so many eyes looking at me, than frightened, or so shy to hide. For I do realize who I’m stared and guided with LOVE, LIGHT, WISDOM. There are the very ones that I don’t name here, but want to appreciate and praise here for these are the very treasures that you have never ceased giving me !!!

    I myself has also suffered this kind of contamination. When it occurred, I was trapped in specific terms, and could not help interpreting it in a very disoriented way. Then, I lose trust, not only distrust myself, but also the ones who love me. I separated myself from these loving ones. I hence started to practice reading rather the whole, the energy, rather than word by word. Some reason for this is my quite humble strength and time. I might not be right, but it seems that vast reading are not consequentially brings the very accurate knowing, without saying the literal comprehension; without saying that so many false, even mind control codes are indeed so malevolently embedded /implanted on purpose in these wide spread messages, whatever it’s channeled or by other means.

    Now, being attacked so many times, I’ve learned more and more how to discern or recognize these kind of whatever tricks, toxic, parasite, black magic, etc.

    Here, I want to thank specifically the supports of the sweet sisters and not only…I don’t know how to call these gentlemen for you are not all merely brothers to me. The more we have ever gotten trough and along, the more we get strong to be ONE. Now we not only found each other, we help each other to recall each individual but our collective memory…though it’s just only my beginning. My moods are not only just touched, for you are giving me/us the very confirmation. So, let’s envision together that ASSEMBLY. Here, also want to invite to send our super LOVING AND BRAVE STEFAN a blessing for bringing him the more condensed miracles, breaking the difficulties and get again the means to leave his beautiful messages here with us.

    I’ve prevented from naming the ones, for I don’t want you, neither our connection to be more targeted. Your comprehension, and that 默契 (accurate understanding via telepathic exchange?, pity that how hard I’ve ever tried, I just could not find the very good English corresponding term) to me are even much more powerful than elixir !!!

    This time, I won’t miss expressing my highest appreciation, gratitude, homage to that lion/ lionman/ lion king/ lion sage/lion elder….

    Dear Dave, your latest comment is coming, though I still didn’t read, neither watched them, I’m drowned in hot waterfall like tears.

    • Beautiful… thank you Feilla!

      In this video they talk about some information brought forward by Edgar Cayce… and I think there is some energy – in whatever form it takes – that would prefer we not get to our destination. Well – thank you for creating such lovely positive experiences… so that whatever negative still exists no longer has the “time” to exist! 😉

      And I also hope you have a lovely ❤ ❤ ❤ day!






  17. Good Afternoon Tribe… Whatever “IT” was that had a hold of me lost it’s grip on Thor’s Day. Thank you for being so honest and supportive of me through these past couple of months. I am deeply grieved at my reactions…ALL is Forgiven…and I choose to forgive myself. 🙂

    I wanted to share this wonderful prayer for us all…I choose start over NOW, with a clean slate and a clean conscience.

    • What a beautiful cloud !
      A friend took a picture, I think about a week ago, with a Lion face cloud, here above Bucharest.
      And 5 years ago, we were struggling to save wild horses in Romania’s Danube Delta. And we did ❤ Amazing people here, and some help from Cherokee friends and a few other Native Americans !
      thank you for the Slavic-Celtic article, you're such a source of knowledge 🙂

      Happy saturday, Tribe !!! Take a break if possible, shut out the noise, it's getting quite loud out there 🙂

  18. The Roar of Leo…that changes things…
    The return of the Lion Men…
    The Leonids…the Showers of Light
    To organize them…The gathering…
    The Calling…
    To the Stars…
    The Ancient Home World…
    The One the Pleidians have been
    Searching for…”


    THE TIME IS COMING… Thank you David, you have helped me more than you could possibly know…<3 ❤ ❤ It's all good.

  19. Significance of the number 22…

    22 is the number of days that a pregnant cell develops corpus luteum, and the ‘X’, the female chromosome

    22=X According to the Pleiadians 22 is a “master” number associated with imprinting and delivering into this version of physical reality a master teaching – a message that involves an encoding

    9+13=22 the sum of the two numbers which represent Quetzalcoatl’s prophecy of 9 hells and 13 heavens

    11:11 …11+11= 22… 2 x 11= 22

    July 22 is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene… 😉

    A few videos to enjoy…the first in honor of the Magdalene…We are presently in the Red Moon Wavespell of Universal Water “I UNIFY in order to PURIFY…”

    The second two, I am posting in honor of both Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, and today July 22, 2016’s Spell Code KIN 215 Blue Resonant Eagle “I CHANNEL in order to CREATE…”

  20. Been trying to leave words of gratitude since this morning, after reading this post, and had to retreat in silence for a while. Let it sink “in”, savor, enjoy, and also feel their pain, and hope. And .. much more.
    Mary, perfect words… my heart soars. Yes, indeed !

  21. Thank you Valiant and Lida! 💛
    Much love to you both, our loving tribe, the Watchers, the Lion Men, and anyone reading this.

    My heart soars!

  22. As a reality in human spiritual experience God is not a mystery. But when an attempt is made to make plain the realities of the spirit world to the physical minds of the material order, mystery appears: mysteries so subtle and so profound that only the faith-grasp of the God-knowing mortal can achieve the philosophic miracle of the recognition of the Infinite by the finite, the discernment of the eternal God by the evolving mortals of the material worlds of time and space.

    Donna Summer ~ Let’s Work Together Now {1974} – YouTube

    “Let’s Work Together Now”

    Different faces other races
    New conditions old traditions
    All are one

    From the humble to the mighty
    Those in need and those with plenty
    All are one
    Yes we all are one

    Let’s work together now
    Towards a better kind of world
    One for our children’s child
    Let’s work together now
    Respect our neighbor’s way of life
    We’ve got to harmonize

    Learn to give without return
    And you will find yourself
    With all the friends you need

    All these problems on this earth
    Are only due to selfish acts of men’s on greed
    Let’s stop all this creed

    Let’s work together now
    Let’s make a better kind of world
    Think of our children’s child
    Please work together now
    Respect each person’s way of life
    Let’s start to harmonize

    Different faces other races
    New conditions old traditions
    All are one

    From the humble to the mighty
    Those in need and those with plenty
    All are one, yes we all are one

    Let’s work together now
    Let’s make a better kind of world
    Think of our children’s child
    Please work together now
    Respect each person’s way of life
    Let’s start to harmonize
    Let’s work together now
    Let’s make a better kind of world
    Think of our children’s child

  23. Chills ran through my body then tears flowed when these words flowed into my heart.
    (As she sent out her telepathic
    Song to him, one they all could hear…
    A song so inconceivably magical there are
    No words for it…it’s a song of the soul…
    One few possess…but none could deny…
    It was an echo of one she had sung for
    Her bear cubs from another time…)

    As the words flowed between Ceres and the Lion Man it bought me back to what was given to me over two years ago about five races of Angels. I do not know if there is any meaning in it but i have put it here in case there is.
    On this Earth there are Four Races of Human. In the Universe there are even more Races of beings which are far removed from what a Human looks like. Why you might ask am I telling you this, I am telling you this as I want you to think outside the box of learning that has been long taught on this world to keep us unaware of the environment we live in, the Universal environment we live in. In the dense environment of Earth that which in many places has been passed down generation by generation has bought us to the point where we no longer question who we are where did we come from.

    There has been a lot written and depicted about the Angelic Realm but what if I was to tell you there are Five races of Angels that watch over us all. All with love and kindness nudging and encouraging us along our path to enlightenment. Matthew gave me these five Angelic beings and their names.

    Lion are named Michael.

    Adamic are named Adam.

    Ram are named Jesus.

    Cherub are named Zion.

    Eagle are named Olmim.

    Thank you Bill and Lida each new unfolding touches something deep inside.

      • Thank you Troy yes i remember his art with one piece that appeared in a dream back in 2013. Last night i saw patterns very much like the ones used in Bills art work that appeared as panels. How to explain…
        a wall in front of me solid but patterned/colored as i looked at the wall, panels almost transparent appeared then the wall became solid again. this happened many times like a glitch in the matrix. Doorways or windows?…


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