Valiant: The Thunders… The Watchers… Classified Files

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The Circle of Light…

Ceres was there immediately in the chair
Beside me, ready and waiting; this was new.

She spoke softly, was calm and composed.
“Listen carefully. Write everything you hear
And see, do not stray from course.
Be objective, temper opinions…but write what
You must, this is important. If you have any
Questions just ask me…I will offer all that
I can…but for now…just write it down.”

There was a hum, a heaviness to the air…
Then the light expanded to encompass a
Broad floor and a tier of raised platform-like
Desks, much like that of a court room where
A judge might sit. Only this light was
Shed on a portion which was directly in
Front of me.

Varence stood in the center of the floor
Between me and the platforms, in his
Clean white shirt…a sophisticated, proud,
Determined look on his face…He smiled at me.

Highlighted on the platforms ahead was a
Crowd, but I could only see three figures
One, front and center, was the tall blond
Brishan in his pale blue uniform. The eldest
Brother of the sisters. He was obviously the
Chief, judge, speaker to be addressed?

To the left was the great black Lion Man
BR’Riel I have mentioned before. He looked
Enormous compared to all, but somehow
Sat beside Brishan comfortably. Another judge?

To the right…Hard to write and see, to think.
A humanoid figure. Large head, fairly
Bald with a simple ring of what looked like
Hair around the top; like a friar. Eyes
Were large, more to the side of the head,
Blue-ish. Hard to think. Their presence,
Stare was intense!

Ceres leaned towards me. “Listen. That
One, stop there. Do not go into much
Detail, try to avoid direct eye contact. You
Cannot handle their mind. Just write.
They are a noble race. They are here
As moderators, reviewing non-human life

“I have seen them before,” I told her, “on the
Ship, the big one, a few years ago…When
That Asian woman warned us of the
Pulse and following days. They tried to
Scan my mind for the light, to see the
Angel. It hurts so bad to look at them.
When they speak…it’s like this awful,
Intense buzzing, screeching sound that
Grows stronger and stronger the more I
See them. The way they communicate,
It’s not with words, I can’t explain it…
I understand but not in words…They
Make my ears bleed.”

“They are an aquatic race,” Ceres said,
“Do not bother with a name, just call
Them the Aquatics. The atmosphere of
Their planet is very dense with moisture,
A water world if you will. They communicate
With something more akin to sonar-like
Telepathy. Highly intelligent, multilevel
Psychic abilities that can transcend dimensions.
They can hear marine life from across
Space, as well as all animal life and human
Life forms…as well as those in other dimensions.
Do not stare at them. Do NOT draw them
Or they will be linked to your mind and it
Could rupture your ear drums and temporal
Lobes. They can cause a great deal of
Physical damage, but they do NOT mean to.
They are a very kind race, very gracious…
You’ve said enough…Brishan, BR’Riel…
The Aquatic ambassador…That’s enough.”

Varence, aware of all said and written,
Watched me close. He became very serious.
“And now it is time for the address.

“For the sake of our friend here, the eyes
And ears of the readers…I will speak in
Simple reference to their understanding
Of time…
For the sake of the assembly here, I will
Begin this as an address to all.

“We speak in this language they can
Understand as processed by our subject
Here and his vocabulary…but it will be
Translated appropriately for whom it may

“It is irrelevant how they decide to interpret
This on Earth…Fact, fake, fiction, imagination?
If anything it is to our advantage to
Leave it entirely up to the reader…a mystery.
If it seems confusing, then our point is
Made immediately and they can simply
Stop reading right now. Intrigued? Then
Onward we go…

“Eons ago a massive project was undertaken
In the hopes of righting a terrible wrong…
A project that involved the deliverance of
Freedom to the universe from a Dark Empire…
But at the same time proved to be fantastically
Ground breaking understanding of life…Of
Ours and all existence and a profound
Glimpse into the higher powers and forces that
Are…creation…The, our, creator…Heaven.
This project, and its agents, became known
As the Watchers.

“We have watched worlds in the hopes of
Firmly grabbing at the chance to change
Things…improve things.
Our advantage is that we have been
Graced to exist outside of time…Details
Classified…This endows us with a far
More immeasurable appreciation of time…”

A brief pause.

“Approximately 4 months ago…that project
Was decidedly ended…voted upon and by
The assembly here…as the fate of all worlds
Was seemingly building to climax.

“The Paradigm of Nine Worlds was our
Prospect of the greatest potential…and thus
So it remains.
144 subjects were selected from 9
Slave worlds based upon their interest to
The Empire.

“My position was that of Earth…The
Seventh Circle…Some will see the relevance
Here. For others, again, stop reading.

“144 subjects of Earth were selected…born
Between 1930 and 1980…of those, 139 have
Been…lost. 5 remain…As foreseen by the
Star Elder and Seer for counsel. This
Has been a grievous loss, but necessary…in
Order to save countless others.

“We are now forced to conclude this undertaking…
By the 5 that remain, their purpose, mission
And future here…We now hold this hearing.”

Varence gestured to me. “This, is our
Messenger…our contact…or rather 1 of 5…
In order to move ahead, I have requested
To release some of our classified files…
Shortly one of the sisters of the Royal
House will be joining me…Damara…
To attest to the current welfare of the
Planet, it’s human, animal and plant life…

“I will be reviewing select data to expose
Some of our observations…Why?
Because it’s time to change the rules…
The rest will soon become clear.”

“Presently and within recent months we have
Been sharing stories with our contact in
Order to awaken and inspire any and all
Who would listen…
Some oppose and ridicule this of course…
As expected…resistance always follows
Any voice with a message…
However wisdom always has a respectful ear.
And now…for my presentation to you
Chancellor of the Assembly…

“On the matters of questions regarding
Earth…as a prospect or threat…
I am merely testifying that it is and has
So far been a slave world…manipulated…
Still changing…growing…that hope does

“That sterilization should not be considered…
But instead allow the Earth…to resume its
Natural course of change…without time
So instead we may focus on the original
And most obvious goal…to neutralize the Empire.

“The Earth is a Micro Aspect of Space…One
Planet among thousands in our universe.

“They, for the most part still question the
Existence of life on other planets…
Considering themselves, by manipulated educational
Data, to be the sole source of life in space…”

Groans…chuckles…and odd inaudible
Sounds from a hidden audience resounded.

The Aquatic humanoid made some…buzzing,
Whistling vocalization to attest to this…Then

Ceres leaned to me. “He is supporting Varence’s
Words,” she whispered, referring to the Aquatic
Humanoid, “He said the voices of the sea,
Earth’s oceans have long sang to the stars of
Slow, selfish of mind land dwellers that
Roam the world with little respect to any
Intelligence other than their own.”

Varence turned to face Brishan. “We all
Know where this region of space lies…The
Territorial claims of the Empire are vast. The
Sirian-Draconian alliance grabs at any
Star system with resource potential.”

“Physical and non-physical.” Brishan agreed
With a powerful deep voice; his tone was like
Thunder, wow.

“Yes,” Varence went on, “They have
Alliances with inter-dimensional races as
Well…Of course…

“For now, however, are aiming to point out
The state of affairs of the physical Earth
In its 3rd dimensional state…

“Now I have presented our recorded
Knowledge of the foundation of Earth
To our contact…
Slave ships of the human race taken
By the Empire crossed paths upon a
Virgin garden world of Earth and…by
Initial clashing of single sexed vessels…
Adam and Eve ships…were forced to
Co-exist, and thus colonize Earth with a
Temporarily freed human race…as well as
With the last remaining Lion Men…

“They built a world…new life…seeded with
Both new and traditional plant and
Animal species…Following the extinction of
The Empire’s classic, colossal reptilian
Fossil fuel making life forms…

“They built cities, admirable, though not
Extraordinary…such as Atlantis, Attan…
Lemuria, Mu, Arcadia, etc, etc…
Then built monumental transmission
Structures on Earth and the planet Mars
As well…to reach out, call out to the stars
For their long lost human ancestors to find

“This attracted the Empire’s attention…They
Sent their great star of death, Nibiru…
A war briefly broke out…The planet
Fell into chaos…

“But the inhabitants of Early Earth had
Forged something Miraculous, by the hands of
Their own Spiritual Ancient Masters…
13 Crystal Skulls, to mirror the forces of
Nature, time and creation…

“This presented unprecedented complications…
Unknown of course to the Empire, as these
Crystal Skulls were programmed to protect
And preserve the planet, as well as its
Inhabitants.” Varence smiled at me.

I was intrigued, looked to Ceres, but she
Only nodded for me to continue writing.

“What occurred?” Varence went on. “Yes, the
Empire conquered the planet…but…some
Of the inhabitants managed to flee into space…
Where they eventually settled upon a world
On the Edges of a region of stars known as
The Pleiades…This knowledge was secretly kept.

“The Crystal Skulls hurled the Earth into an Ice
Age after a massive series of devastating events
That literally cleansed the surface of the

“Some survivors fled into a secret existence in
The Hollows of the planet…While the surface
Survivors were albeit eradicated to one sole
Family group…They were experimented on…
Genetically spliced with various DNA samples
Of other conquered races…And programmed
With the intense desire to breed and fill the
Planet with a new species of metahuman.

“The new metahuman was designed to be
Intensely emotional, intensely aggressive…
Intensely hormonal…There was nothing modest
About this new creation at all.”

It was clear Ceres fought to hold some personal
Comment silent…She said nothing though.

“New plant and animal species arose and
Spread as well…from an ark carrying these
Survivors…It was a joke at first.” Varence explained.
“Amidst an array of rich ecosystems…
The Empire wanted to see how far they could
Push this new metahuman to develop…
In the far-fetched hopes of creating a
New being that could one day transcend
Dimensions and spread their tyranny
To the higher dimensions…” His manner
Became cold. He lowered his eyes at me.
“It was arrogant and destined to fail.
It always has been and will be
Impossible to invade Heaven.”

This was all processed by the skulls of
Course…Forged by their masters, it was
Imprinted upon them to then use any and
All strategies of the Empire to shape
Its own defeat…To encourage bloodlines…
The development of family lines to use
As future weapons against these ruthless
Soul-less invaders. And it’s worked too.”

A brief pause. Varence strolled about
The floor with hands crossed behind his

“Now,” he said with a playful tone. “Let
Me present this concept to the assembly…

“Build a race of metahumans…Control them
Through bullying…and various intimidating
Organized religions…then what do you have?
A mess. Land masses full of segregated
Groups, clans, races, families…powers…
Countries…All seeking to survive and at
The same time best one another…This
Leads to conflict, which leads to war…
Which leads to an endless quest for
Power to dominate.

“Populations clash, cross and grow…
Building a world laden with a complex
History…But still constantly manipulated
Through bullying and organized religion.

“Morality and virtue become taxed
Beyond reason…In a primal state, it’s
Barbarism…The sheer simplicity of
Human nature becomes lost. To witness
This is…maddening. As a Watcher it is

“Then lo and behold…vexed by troubled
Eyes and mind what appears? A princess
Comes to Earth…As a noble fellow
Watcher…And in an instant everything
Changes. By miracle of nature, this
Legendary princess brings with her beauty
And magic, the spirit of a voice to
Change things…with two simple little
Bear cubs…Unlike ever before in all of
History, her influence is so strong she
Influences the sheer limitless force of
Nature…with a Mother’s love…

“You all know the story…of the day
Ceres came to Earth…
She dared to change things…She did not
Hesitate…She knew what was right and
Wrong, no one told her…and she knew what
Rules to break to do this.”

The Great BR’Riel grinned at this as he sat there
Watching her, his prized pupil…and then to me?

Then I noticed Brishan was watching me. He
Smiled at me. I turned to Ceres. “What is
Going on?”

“Just listen, watch…write.” She whispered…
Suddenly I felt like a Watcher.

“Move along, Apollo.” Brishan said
Strongly. “The present…”

Varence nodded. It felt as though this
Was a court somehow… “Ah yes…the present.
But that is my point…Yes, many will
Listen, watch, read, whatever…What is
The point here?

“For ages a new world grows, new civilization,
Through a menagerie of Empires, each
Echoing the great Dark Parent that
Tortures Space…

“An intervention comes from star visitors…
Pilgrims passing by visit the Earth and
Impart a…starseed gift…to change things…

“Time marches on…As a new metahuman
Evolves…Again, for ages, thousands of years
Life is an epic struggle on Earth…
Technology is limited by bullying, slavery,
And the simple science of the Wheel.

“The Wheel…pushed, pulled by carriage
And beasts of burden…For thousands
Of years life passes this way…Until but
Only about 150 years ago…suddenly,
Technology explodes with machines. And
With technology, so does greed and
Power grow…

“The battle for Dominance becomes more
Wicked…Again, echoing the Dark Parent
Empire…Move ahead to what the Earth
Calls the Twentieth Century…and the
Wars become horrific!

“Science becomes the key measure for power…
So what happens? What happens
So suddenly as this technology
Transforms the world?

“The concept of life on other planets
Becomes more than myth and stories told
By old empires…Because as the Earthlings
Face more gruesome wars suddenly
There are these…accidents.

“In the Southwest of North America
A space vessel accidentally crashes…
Engrossing the local government and
Scientists with the feverish thirst to
Understand and dissect it…mimic it…

“While at the same time around the world
Other strange space visitors begin to
Appear…abduct subjects…There are
More crash accidents…more encounters…
Until all the world powers are
Independently questing to best each other
By imprisoning this extra-terrestrial power,
Their knowledge…their science…to
Improve their own…”

Varence throws back his head laughing.
“Accidents. The world powers form secret
Science groups to investigate and master
These…accidents…While at the same time
Denying they happened, or that the
Science exists at all.

“Oh the web they weave within this…Each
Power, each country marvelously making
Each their own unique…discovery?

“Why there is even a mysterious visitor to
A world power…A stranger at the Pentagon
To urge guidance…warn of dangers…
To advise…”

Varence shook his head. “Accidents. Now,
For the assembly…for the eyes and ears
Of those to find this address on paper in
Their minds…let me just ask…

“Advanced races…from the Stars…visit a
Primitive planet. Accidentally crash? And
The survivors are taken, imprisoned, their
Sciences studied, copied…And you honestly
Believe an advanced race would allow this?
For their people and far superior science
To be played with by a world of a
More primitive existence?
That they would secretly forge deals
Separately with world powers…That
Would play against one another?
They are fools of Earth if they believe
Any of these things were accidents…

Plotted…yes…Planned to every detail,
To which World Power to appear and
When…yes. Abductions to involve fear…yes.

“Let me put it plainly. If space visitors
Of any respectable intent were to
Appear…and such accidents did occur
They would not ever agree or consent
To secretive deals.

“Those of Higher Esteem from other worlds
Would never make contracts that would
Harm innocents…FACT.

“The Watchers’ subjects and their mission
Never intended to loose lives. Those were
Taken. We were merely studying those
That were already being experimented on.

The Alien Agenda, as they refer to it
On Earth is such a vast complicated
Scenario that it is ridiculous.

“Governments involved with extraterrestrials?
Preposterous. Why? First of all…These
Alleged space visitors that accidentally
Crashed were already around long before
The present civilization.

“Aliens do not exist…because they have
Been around a lot longer than modern
Earth humans. FACT.
They were the creators of the Mythic
Fall described in Earthly religions…
That consumed the ancient world and
Transformed it to what it is today.

“Lies. Lies. Lies and more lies…All told to
Protect the greatest secret of all…That
Earth was not the first, nor the last…
That the governments have no control in
These matters…They are but pawns played
On a stage…

“Why not one of the world powers nor
Its secretive elusive groups that deal
In alleged alien sciences have any
Clue in what they are dealing with.

“Some suspect this, true, that there is a
Far greater scheme at work…but so
Far none have made the alliances to
Find better…

“So again I speak plainly for the
Great thinkers…Every race so far
Encountered, every race they have struck
Deals with are all pawns of the Empire.

From the Watchers files…
My observation…
Shoot a monitoring ship down, have it
Crash…introduce the alien element to
The local population…watch and let
Them fumble around with it like children
With a toy…Will they get scared? Will
They be kind? Or will they plot
Selfish gains?

“If you question my words or what
I remotely suggest…Then ask yourselves
These questions…

“How far has science come on Earth
In the last 150 years?
Has life become better with it?

“Weapons of War…Atomic power…
Lifestyle with technology…Are people
Any healthier now than they were
150 years ago? Are you so sure?

“And to those secretly working with
Your alleged alien contacts…Their
Technology is magnificently superior…
Do you honestly believe they cannot
Save the planet?
Ships that come from the depths
Of space…cannot save a planet?
They make deals that ultimately
Corrupt and further segregate World
Powers? They would offer tidbits
Of knowledge and watch a world
Of elitists thrive and remote
World countries plunder with
Suffering and die? What respectable
Space traveler would interfere like
That with those wide-scale

“You either watch and don’t interfere
At all…or you fully involve yourself
The best way you can…with absolutely
The LEAST amount of suffering
Involved…like say 144 subjects
Instead of millions.

“The Good Forces work together this
Way. They do not inflict pain or fear.
If they visit, they visit kindly. If they
Take, they give back with beneficial

“What is my point? The alleged
Extra-terrestrial forces working secretly
With world powers are not to your
Benefit. They never have been. They
Were not by accident. They did
Not occur suddenly. They did not
Allow their people to be taken,
Enslaved, held prisoner. It was
Well planned. And they fell for it
Like a child for a new toy.

“Are there Good Allied Forces in
The Universe? Yes, of course.
But they are not, nor have they
Ever…worked with your self-glorifying
World powers.”

Varence stepped carefully closer to
The notebook…to me… “Now before I
Pass this address of the assembly
To Damara…let me state this quite
Clearly…see it however you wish.

“Both the Good and Dark Allied Forces
Are aware of Divine Intervention…
They seek it out for very different
Reasons…But one thing is clear, one
Thing is very true…both respect it
And are afraid of it…Because it
Does not come lightly or without
Warranted cause…It takes something
Truly Powerful or Tragic to gain
The attention of the Higher Powers.
So remember that…” He pointed to
Me… “My friend, listen…if it,
Something bothers you…tell them
To back off because believe me a lot
Of people are listening…Not just
Earth. That’s why the Ascended Master
Gave the instruction…Take your
Time. Ignore anyone who says it
Can’t be done…And if they cross a
Line…Tell them…” He nodded to Ceres.

She turned to me. “Believe me, they
Will regret it. And there will be no
Second chances.”

“We,” Varence gestured around to the
Assembly, “are making something
Happen here…Like it or not.”

He turned and walked very casually
Closer to Brishan… “And now,
I would like to turn the address
To Damara…who will speak on
Behalf of the Welfare and Health
Of the current state of the Planet

Damara emerged into the circle of light
Very elegantly, her long wavy golden hair,
Flowing purple dress…she was a vision…
But did appear a bit distressed. “I have
No idea where…to begin?”

Varence laughed. “Why not with the
Notion that many still even question on
Earth whether or not life in the Universe
Exists out in the countless number
Of stars…” He gestured ridiculously. “Countless
Number of stars…other intelligent life? Why
Only on Earth of course.”

Brishan scowled. “Seriousness please.” He
Nodded to his more gracious sister. “Damara…”

She took a long deep breath. It was
Clear her tone would be different than
Varence…though what she would say…
You could sense would be shocking.
“May I have a 3 dimensional
Model of the planet for the assembly
To view?”

Immediately a large glowing orb of light
Appeared then transformed into a
Recreation of Earth; it was about 4 feet
Off the ground and 8 feet high.

Damara kindly pointed. “This is the
Planet of discussion, Earth. As you can
See it appears much like any other
Habitable planet…Oceans, continents,
Cloud formations…”

She walked slowly around the model,
Her eyes moving from its image to the
Assembly beyond view of the light. “I
Will take some wordy course to reference
Issues here…I would prefer to be direct.

“This planet is in chaos…

“All life, in order to exist in healthy manner
Must positively balance all aspects of
The essentials of life…Time, Light, Sound…
All are insanely out of balance on
Many levels…

“The atmosphere is deteriorating as a
Result of pollution and instability
In the planet’s core…The natives have
Been manipulating geological instability
With harsh sonic technology…which is
Causing more harm then good. It’s
Delaying the inevitable at best.”

“And that is?” Brishan asked.

“The planet is attempting to reset itself,”
Damara answered, “Due to all the toxic
Elements and poisonous influences that
Are harming it…A shift of the poles
To encourage re-alignment…Thus cleansing
The surface of toxins…

“All planets that sustain life have an
Essence this way…A life force, one that
Becomes a vessel to carry and produce
Life…Various crystalline elements act
As nerve and intelligence pathways…with
Metals acting as conductors of
Energy to nourish this…much like
Blood in a more fleshly body…All of these
Are suffering intense damage, from years
Of abuse. As well as from the draining
Of resources excessively for various misuse.

“This has gone on for some time, but more
Rapidly and intensely in the last 150 of
Their years…Which is why it is in a state
Of collapse…The cascade effect is absurd.

“But more directly, we are here to address
The life forms, the inhabitants distress?
The humans of Earth.”

“First,” Brishan asked on behalf of all,
“We must ask the question…with
Consideration to the history…The experiments…
Are they human?”

Damara paused, looked among the space
Beyond the light… “With regards to their
History…and all genetic engineering
And manipulation involved? The metahuman
Project? I would have to say…yes,
They are human.”

There was a rumbling of inaudible
Comments from the invisible crowd beyond
The lit circle.

Brishan looked at his sister seriously.
“We must be absolutely certain of
This conclusion before proceeding, you
Do understand?”

Damara looked kindly at me. “Yes, I
Understand. And yes…they are human.
A new breed of human, but still…
They are human…not some monstrous
Creation for diabolic purpose…They merely
Suffer from the slave mind existence. Properly
Re-directed…that could easily be changed
And they would then become much like
Any other human race…Freedom does
Grace itself with gifts we know. So
The assembly must be clear…These are
Human beings on Earth.

“And they deserve the rights and liberties
Of ANY life form, regardless if they were
Anything less than human. I would like
That to be stated clearly.

“I am aware of the history…How their
Ancients cried out to the stars for their
Lost ancestors to come…only to have the
Empire swarm upon them and render
Them enslaved, humiliated degenerates…

“If the Empire had never come, if there
Had been no cataclysm, no Fall…
Whether or not they are human would
Never have come into question.

“I was asked to study the problems here…
So bluntly I state them…

“They are corrupted by power…
Materialism…They are obsessive, needy,
Afraid…These are typical
Of an enslaved world, even some
Non-enslaved worlds…

“But they, at least there ARE some, that
Are passionate, selfless, loyal, spiritual
And highly creative…and their intelligence
Is adaptable…Those are all promising

“BY far the most disturbing and
Destructive qualities are their prejudices,
Sarcasm and need to attack or bully
One another. The need to dominate is
Present everywhere in the universe. The
Ego is without end, even free worlds
Suffer from that.

“There are some aspects which are disturbing,
But not unnatural, to their pitfalls…such as
Their lack of self control…particularly
In their diets and sexual indulgences…

“In our surveys we have found at least
15 percent of the population is openly
Homosexual…Furthermore, an additional
15 percent is severely in denial of their
Homosexual nature…thus creating
Havoc and various social and physical
Problems in their culture…from
Anything as simple as prejudice to
Outrageous acts of bullying, violence
And war.

“At least another 30 percent are very
Clearly bi-sexual…living extreme lives…
These are often the most promiscuous…
Their behavior is highly responsible for
Tyranny…Greed…Reckless indulgence,
Bearing fruit to disease, anarchy in
Social affairs…They literally want it all
And make offensive endless excuses to
Have what they want. This is primarily
Seen…very frequently in ruling type
Officials…And they are very secretive,
Even vicious about it.

“The remaining 40 percent fall under
The heterosexual lifestyle…which can
Literally manifest any destructive or
Beneficial quality…

“The reason why I break this topic is
Due to their culture’s obsession with
Sex…it’s everywhere…in every aspect
Of their daily life…and greatly if not
Completely influences their decision
Making. You cannot go anywhere
On this planet without encountering its
Trials, tests and tribulations…And if
You find this offensive…Do NOT go to Earth.

“Socially…the planet is a psychological
Mess…Due to traumas, prejudices, verbal
And physical abuse…Insecurities…I could
Go on and on…

“With regards to the state of health…
By far the plant and animal life
Suffers indiscriminately the greatest.
No question. These are viewed as sources
Of fuel, resources…or just plain sport.

“There is a belief that ruling powers
Have poisoned the population…That is NOT
The case…
Some of their more recent scientific
Experiments and more recent technologies
Have caused additional damage, true…
But by far, clearly by far…
The culprits of disease are more
Simple and sinister as well…

“First, you must consider their genetic
Disposition…It has been tampered with…
The recklessness, the indulgences…the
Lack of self control…all weaknesses
To their suffering…

“And you cannot deny, you absolutely
Must consider how they absorb their
Nutrients from where it comes…
Their farming practices have
Completely poisoned them…

“Plants and animals have been manipulated
And cultivated to such a degree they
Are not natural, but in fact beastly
Mutations with unimaginable…limitless
Consequences…And they absorb these
Nutrients, it only further antagonizes
Health issues…Obesity is outrageous…
Plants with excessive, even toxic levels
Of vitamin and mineral qualities…
Animals with mutated unstable DNA
Matrixes…Absorbed by an evolving
Metahuman race…
It is a radical, offensive formula
For health crisis…

“And then you include the obvious
Insane levels of sound discord, which
We all know destabilize any physical
Body’s essence, weakening it to disease…
Then what you have is one giant
Nightmare of endless health calamities…
Diseases and viruses thrive here…

“And then…there is the presence of
Extra-terrestrial diseases…no
Doubt introduced into the population
To study its effects…

“The metahumans, at least some, demonstrate
Marvelous healing abilities…but they
Are taxed to extremes!

“And this is all mirrored in the
Environment…It’s everywhere.”

A pause…Reflection…

The Aquatic delegate made some
Inaudible statement.

Ceres whispered to me the translation.
“He is asking then…the people cry
Out for help…What is there to do? How?”

I was amazed the vocalization/telepathic
Communication didn’t bother her.
“How can you or anyone tolerate that?”

“Time and experience,” she said, “You
Adjust. It even amplifies one’s own
Abilities over time…However some, like
Varence, must block it out or they will
Suffer ruptured ear drums or brain
Damage as I told you before.”

“The Question then comes to point here.”
Brishan said to Damara. “For all the
Debates held…what is at stake…can
The planet be fixed? Can it be healed?”

Damara studied the image of Earth.
“Can it be fixed? Yes. However…
They are extremely set in their ways…
From all observations…if the damages
Are repaired right now…within
100 Earth years…They will be back,
Or more likely even worse once
Again. Should we intervene…Who
Will listen becomes the question…”

Brishan thought for a moment…
“Apollo…you wish to say something?”

Varence stepped humbly up to Damara’s side.
“There are further issues to discuss
Here…We are only opening the
Surface here for discussion…to share
With our friend here…”

I avoided all eyes and just kept writing.

“Since the secrets of this world are
So limitless…and wide,” he answered,
“I would like to suggest Vala issue
Her own personal statement for the
Assembly…I am sure you will find
That SHE has some very interesting
Things to share…”

“Very well then.” Brishan nodded to me…
Sending his mind’s words… “Pause…
You need to rest…and we will conclude
This next time. Thank you for your time.”

my artwork: Wheel






  2. Thank you Bill Lida, the Watchers who inspire my heart and soul, who give me the courage to push through. As an Eve/ Feminine i shall stand until the very end for if i am able to help even 1 to grasp the greater picture, to read between the lines, and to begin to create peace along side me then i shall know my life was worth so much more than others think is worth.

  3. Thank you Feilla…Beautiful pics and THAT CAKE! Oh MY! I wanted to clarify to the Tribe here that the video link I shared “Complicated” was NOT directed at Dave, or any one else here personally. I like the song because it reminds us to be real. If I were to direct the song to any one personally, it would be my Beloved. He’s a great guy…but sometimes…well…he just seems to cave in too much to peer pressure. I love him when he’s just being himself. It was so nice the first time I got to see him in casual clothes..including sandals! LOL! Sandals…Get it?? John??? Something about the KINSMAN Redeemer…and the unlacing of a shoe 😉 ❤ Be sure to save that clean white shoe string it is good for…tying things off!

  4. Revelation 3:7-8
    “To the Church in Philadelphia
    To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of the One who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What He opens, no one will shut; and what He shuts, no one will open. I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut.”

    Happy Lion’s Gate Tribe 🙂 ❤

  5. Under such super high astronomical impulse along with other effects, exterior chaotic-like circumstances, I guess it’s a moment not easy to all. Here, thanks to all who have shared comments upstairs, including our new friend, mdex777, keeping pouring water, nutrition in this garden.
    Today, it’s the very Lion Gate, as well as our fantastic Robin’s birthday…….It’s really not an easy mission to be able to bring a cake which would be impressive enough for this super legendary & magical lady, particularly well resonating with this lion gate !!!

    Strange that in the course of searching with some key-codes, the nice cakes I can find are generally covered with colorful butterflies. However, these butterflies are too beautiful to be regarded as one part of food, I hence don’t want to put any one of them here, but this…

    With regard to CAKE, this one could finally be found and presented here, for it seems to integrate all the concerned threads, key codes, timing, time, even show the very gateway on the very top. Yes, this fantastic and magic characters are the very ones that our mystical Robin carries….

    This might be a very guest whom that we are so honored to be able to have in this 88, or DOUBLE INFINITY, LION GATE birthday party.

    Atztec Crystal Skull

    Today is all the father’s day on my mother island, for the pronunciation of 8-8 sounds like papa. So this party is as well dedicated to all the great-loving fathers.

    HAVE A NICE FESTIVAL-PARTY, my sweet tribe !!!

  6. Such an odd day, this saturday… Hope everyone is feeling ok.
    I cannot really write what it feels like, but thanks to a magical sister, I will share this song, so fit. Specks of light are dancing in the air along specks of blackness… such a fight.
    Be strong, rest, don’t push it as they say. Be safe ❤

  7. We are not wholly certain as to whether or not God chooses to foreknow events of sin.

    But even if God should foreknow the freewill acts of his children, such foreknowledge does not in the least abrogate their freedom.

    One thing is certain: God is never subjected to surprise.

  8. At the 2:24 Mark of of Bangkok video And the end of Grease you better shape up video with the faces behind card board cutouts and very :gently: if you will another “BEAUTIFUL MIND”
    STEPHEN HAWKING you will gain a larger perception of what a persons total package or inner soul is which includes the ego.

  9. Compare these two video’s if you will. As always your perception is what counts. Maybe ask yourself if you want humans controlling your brain or Divinity Guiding you through the maze if you will. This answers many questions but requires a spiritual view which will be tough to see “UNLESS” the ANGEL within you provides the help.. ALWAYS LEAN ON IT. TALK TO IT EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS NOT LISTENING BUT HEARS ALL AND SEE’S ALL WITHIN EACH PERSON. EXPERIENCE WILL BE THE ONLY WAY FOR A DEEPER TRUST.

    THANKS to all of the ones that have provided this site and all on this site have “CHOSEN” to open their minds and become free thinkers and having everyone’s back.

    Have posted on many sites at the direction of the one within as it cannot and will not be any other way for me. It will stored by their guardian angel within until the time is right to present it to their intellect as it NEVER misses an opportunity at the spiritualization process.


  10. The above caused my heart to constrict for this i know to be true in every sense, i feel it deep within my soul. Creator will only allow so much before either cross the line. I have said and hold deeply to this for to cross the line that is drawn is not worth contemplating ever.

    This passage brings tears even now as i write this, knowing that Damara is in our corner and sees our struggles and that the aquatic moderator is aware and hears what we carry in our hearts. The distress that flows from the Oceans most beautiful intelligent souls the whales and dolphins.
    Within each civilization there have been those who stood out, those who have always had faith in what is unseen by the naked eye.
    We ARE Human, we ARE proud, WE belong, WE are family which is why I stand before Creator, for Creator is WATCHING, LISTENING as he has done from the day i was born. As he has done for each and everyone of us universally.
    When i read about the healing powers of sound, light, time, this bought a meditation to mind that occurred in 2013 where I found myself near the wall of a mountain on this wall was a very old print of a hand into which I placed my own. The wall opened enough to allow me in. With what light I could see were stairs leading down. In my mind I said let there be light and light flowed down wards along the left of the stairs. When I reached the bottom there was an opening which I walked though. What I saw took my breath away, I was in a large cavern and before me was a circular pool of crystal blue water while above me a huge dome which was made of crystal with many facets. As I stood there taking in the whole expanse of the cavern I realized that around the pool were crystal bowls of many sizes raised at differing levels. My heart started to race as I realized they depicted the stars in the sky above pertaining to the time of Lemuria. I looked around and saw a channel which allows water to flow into the pool and followed it up to its source. I managed to prize off the large rock that had stopped the waters flow. On returning to the pool I noticed mirrors which had been placed at certain angles, as the water reached the seven channels which were above their own bowl they began to form droplets which when they hit the bowl produced a note of different resonance and as they flowed into a rhythm music began to fill the cavern. It was then the lights went out and starlight began to shine onto each mirror intensifying as the light was reflected toward the domed crystal ceiling.

    “BY far the most disturbing and
    Destructive qualities are their prejudices,
    Sarcasm and need to attack or bully
    One another. The need to dominate is
    Present everywhere in the universe. The
    Ego is without end, even free worlds
    Suffer from that.]

    As to this passage Damara has shown this in a way that hits home, i see this in the children that are being raised today, and it is becoming a major problem, the children are our mirror, a mirror we all need to look into in order to begin teaching another way.
    As a child many of us suffered at the hands of these attacks, as parents we try our best to protect our children from this. Sadly once they hit school attitudes alter, we find our parents words flowing from our mouths and cycles repeat once more.
    This one touched me and continues to as i read and read it again. Thank you to all that are watching who are speaking and listening as Valiant writes what the sisters and Varence

  11. Thank you. All who spoke up. Thank you Bill and Lida, for these transcripts.
    Thank you to the Aquatic delegate for his compassion.
    How can we help .. you to help us…

    • indeed thank u all =)

      i dont know about all u earth dwellers here…
      but for me it felt as if a vail was lifted… like everything became a notch clearer… hell even the time feels less laggy… (or less time dilation… sorry trying to find a word for it)
      and also i feel relieved a lot… dont know how to explain… i know there is alot of work cut out for us to clean up the mess but it doesnt feel as hopeless as it felt before =)

  12. Thank you again Bill and Lida. Not only do I stand with you, I stand with the Watchers too. I’ve asked Ceres to look into my eyes. Love and light family.

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