Valiant: The Thunders…The Watchers…Classified Files…The Gift of Magic…

*SONG* “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics

The Rainbow Bridge…The Circle of Light…

The Siren’s Song…The Calling…

“He moves he breathes he feels
Compelled but to obey. The box opens
The calling comes, drawn by her voice.
None can resist the power,
Especially when the 9 are together.

“Voices, ancient voices deemed it so…
Foreseen, foretold…Forthcoming, by waiting
Cries of suffering that cried out for help.
Will someone help me please?
Tortured souls that cried out the same plea
For thousands of years…
Through eras and generations these cries
Always seemed to go unanswered…
Was anyone listening? Didn’t Heaven hear?

“But then who’s to say that one voice
Mattered more than any other?
Because so many begged, me first…me me me…
Instead of we. More than one, more than all…
Who first, man or beast? Animals
And plants cry too…
Of course someone was listening, everyone
Was listening. It was just a matter of time
And circumstance. And finding the right
Way to handle it.”

Hazy vision cleared beneath the circle of light…
She stood there front and center before the chair.
Vala, with her honey colored hair framing her
Beautiful face and bewitching eyes like a hood.
Her tall elegant curvy slender shape
In that simple pink dress…She wore simple
Things like they were mystical charms…
That was her way. She had the Gift of Magic.
Varence stood smiling behind her, Ceres
Sat to my right…The setting was like the
Last time…An arena of light centered
Before the platforms of seats and desks…full
Of an assembly beyond description.

“His words grow increasingly charming,” Vala
Hummed as she held the spotlight. “And to
Think from so far away…it seemed so…
Simple. From afar things always appear
That way. Upon closer inspection, that’s
Where the details are revealed…Then it
Becomes so much more…interesting…
Or ridiculously absurd…Take my measured words
And be flattered, my friend…You always held
My interest…even from far away.” She turned
Ever so slowly to glare at Varence. “But for
Some it took longer to reach that decided
Conclusion…And to think he was nearer all
Along…and yet for him it took so very long
To see it. Men!”

“Vala,” Ceres said with a firm tone and bewitching
Flashing eyes herself. “There’s no time for small talk.
However tempting it may be. Please,
Proceed properly.”

Vala nodded, “Of course.” Who was she to argue,
There was still much to do. She seemed
To blink once and in an instant re-compose
Herself. “They are listening of course.” She
Said for me, staring at the notebook. “The
Eyes and ears waiting for the next

“Hear me, we each abide this process in
Our own way. So I will be blunt and
Speak what I will…Take my words or
Leave them, either way once they find their
Way to the mind…haunting, they will never
Leave them.

“With this part, I address the
Sciences of the mind…The obscured
Manners in which they have come to understand
Them…And the true nature of Magic.

“All the worlds know this, these things. They merely
Call them by different names. But they
Are still the same…Powers, magic. And
They all seek them out…

“In 2056, the Earth will finally make
Greater discoveries with the powers of
The mind…Once they dismiss these
Notions of creating artificial intelligence…
It is their downfall you know, and
Will teach harshest lessons.
Then and only then will the blessed eras
Of lasting peace and harmony bear fruit…”

“2056?” I asked without thinking, forgetting
I should not question or interrupt…

Vala immediately hummed in response…
“Ah, of course…the troubled wayward
Sense of mortal concern time…” She
Turned in a circle, eyeing all…addressing
The assembly and all curious eyes and
Ears of the notebook…
Time is the immediate concern. When?
How? Where? Why?

“The Demands are so particular…”
Her hum and manner became more
Dramatic; though her cares were different.
“Troubled time…times.” She hummed…
Then resumed to stare intensely upon
The paper and words written down…

“Enough dates have been shared, lest
The Dark Ones listening dare to break
Them. Spill a secret and they challenge
The fates to reshape it their way…

“As we have said again and again…
So many questions…Offered answers
Go completely unnoticed…yet they are
There…2056…The date that changes
The mind…

“The Ascended Master offered the most
Precious gift…write it down…by mind
Through arm to hand, fingers down on paper.
THAT is how the answers come.
The more you practice the more you learn…
As with all things…labors of the hands
Through the mind. In art, in science…
In science…it is always written or drawn

“Magic knows this…Is magic in the
Mechanics of a keyboard machine? Or
Born of the mind? Impatience and
Uncertainty grabs for clues at cards
And devices…Where is your intuition? Do
You dream through a machine box? Are
All solutions found through artificial means,
Or is it a mind that by chance stumbles
On the solution through random
A spark, a flash, a trumpet or bell…
Then suddenly the knowledge is
There. Wisdom knows no timer, nor
Do valuable lessons learned.

“Oh what is she riddling with, her words
Are wasting my time!” Vala laughed…
“Such ignorance of impatience will
Whine and complain…comments without end.
The wisest always listen carefully, they
Do not need to leap about with
Rambled opinions. We know who listens
Best…Those with too many questions
Always fail the test.

“Why am I speaking in turn now?
I’m answering everything in between
The lines…
Dare the devil’s scheme to break the course
Again, to intervene in selfish behalf…
Then I speak to shatter them…

“Those of dark and infested minds
Be blind…blind to the words and deaf
To the sounds…so they cannot see it
Coming…” She hummed louder and
Sweeter… “Bind, blind them to break
Them…So they cannot see and never
Will the truth revealed that comes
To shake and break them…
Awaken shimmering, shining, dancing,
Never-ending lines and light…sing
Your songs in silent motion…
The bewitching haze of true magic…
With unstoppable cascading rhythm sound
A silent song…Those dancing lines…
And all at once they come alive…
Choirs of angels set forth by their
Master conductor…The lines and light
To resound the opening of the box…
And all the trumpets sound to call this…
To make it happen…The wheel…
Ring of Stone…Ring of the Ancient
Makers…set into Ancient ground
Guided by the stars…to call to the stars…
Cry out…Ancestors…Come…
Shatter times troubled veil…To set it
Free…Raise the Four Winds and
Highest Seas…Know this…There is
No safe place to be…not when truth
Is set free…”

Vala twirled her hand elegantly, with
Some mesmerizing sparkle to her golden
Eyes… “Round and round the wheel
Now freely turns, moves, spins…
The clock unlocked…Hear the bells
And whistles and drums in ears…
Hear the sound of freedom…

“From the far and four corners
Of Earth…Time once again finds its
Freedom song…
What’s this…a contraption has
Foiled freedom’s course for so long…
SHATTER those devices that bound it…
SHATTER those minds that lied to it…
SHATTER the schemes to hold it back…
The bubble burst…
And now the songs of nature
Once again rise like kings and queens…

“The elements claim their royal crowns…
Ruling signs…Magic is in the AIR…
Intuition in the waters…
Waters that flow freely…
The fires in the feelings, passion, faith…
Move…make it move…
And AIR rules them all…
To heal the Earth…so that she
Can nurture once again…
Let the wicked that held her back
Now face unending troubled tasks…
Will they hide or abide the wheels
Of freedom…
What is that with this I say?
The old ways are said and done…
The New Age shall rise now…

“Oppose the natural Forces set Free now
And explode…Claimed by chastising
Fires of Feeling…
Earth, Air, Fire, Water…
The signs will Feel it…And by
That I speak of your Zodiac signs.”

Vala seemed to strut about the Floor
Enchanting the assembly with her
Walk and siren’s song…She held
Out her hand pointing a Firm Finger
Down… “They Felt it already…No
Denying it…They upon the Earth
Obsessed with dark ceremonies…
Rituals engaged with blood offerings…
NOT magic, but entreaties to spirits
To entice them to do their bidding…
So with this I say…and
By aid of silent voices of minds
That read it…SHATTER ALL
Dark ceremony entreaties…
They have no power anymore…
And they will never see it coming.
But mark my words they will
Feel it…And let them feel it
Where they crave it most…
Fall to Failure with their desires…
And reverse the course of where
Fortune falls…Right the Wrongs…
Let the children sing songs…
As a new age breaks to begin…

“True, this will bring chaos…And the
Journey will be long…but it is the only
Way to set it right. And it will
Be righted…As seen foremost
By the Ruling Sign of AIR…
And the winds that blow…
Arctic wind make ICE, shun heat…
So that all the seasons feel it…
Cool and calm…and with the
Breath of every cooling breeze
And icy wind let wishes of lost
Heart songs find life again…
Bring lost hope to life again…
And let peace and harmony sing
Songs to nature to soothe the aches
That have troubled there…

“Things will get better, they will improve…
But the cleansing must come FIRST…
There are still so many pests out
There hiding…lurking in dark
Corners to hunt the innocence…”

Another sparkle fell upon her
Flashing bewitching eyes… “Let nature
Find her strength again…and return
Proper respect to beasts of burden…
To restore the wild…let the animals
Bear witness to wrongs to right them…
Let them show their rights to justice
Too…For if no one wishes to acknowledge
Their equality here as well let them
Find their judgment by tooth and claw.
Let the animals have their time once
Again…And let those that love them
Be blessed…May miracles guide and
Gentle the harsh test to come to spare
The animals from further loss…
And let those that aid them find
Peace too. For gentle is the hand that
Cares for the animals…And both will
Need the help now too.

“Move Wheel, Move, Spin…
Make it so…onward and onward…
There is so much to say, so much to do…”

“Could she say more?” Varence stepped up.
“I think my head is spinning more
Than ever…Her words…I feel dizzy.”

“Wait.” Vala hummed and smiled. “The
More time passes…The stronger the
Words will become. For the Wheels
Of Earth have been still for too
Long…There is much spinning for them
To do…They must catch up after all.”

“And you are sure your words
Will do this?” Varence asked.

Vala smiled. “Remember who you are
Talking to.”

“Should you now mention my sister Vala’s
Reputation?” Ceres smiled to add. “As the

“Only of Dark Things.” Vala corrected.

“There are many that believe that
Magic does not exist at all.” Varence added.

Vala turned to face him fast. “What is magic?
To them,” she said pointing to the notebook,
“For their ears, eyes and minds…magic
Is but a term…They do not fully appreciate
These things yet…Once they did, in different
Terms, beliefs…faiths…The concept of
Magic translates in many ways and
Minds on different worlds…Magic is
A science of the mind…The way it works
Is but for only Masters to know. Some
Are born with it, some not…Even
The cold logic of science has its definition
For it…Powers of the mind…The psychic.”

“And how many grace themselves with this
Titled gift?” Varence asked…as a lawyer
Might, for the assembly’s address…

“Many claim it true,” Vala hummed, “But
Few demonstrate it.” She smiled and
Again her flashing fixated eyes to the
Notebook. “For you, your world…The
Eyes and minds that read this…I
Believe so many quest for this rare…gift?
Something that will unlock the secret
Door of their inner mind to bless them
With such fantastic gifts?”

Silence…Were they waiting for me to answer?
“Yes…Many look for this.”

She stared into my eyes…though I kept
Writing, how she did this, I cannot say.

“For twenty years,” Vala went on, “Since
The first gathering of the 144 to the
Orientation of the Great Hall…All that
You bore witness to, became experience
For us to see…We know how many
Quest…and how so few truly achieve it.”

“Prophecy and supernatural sciences
Are a taboo in their culture.” Varence
Attested. “This is their society’s way
Of maintaining control…crippling the
Strength of Free will with paranoia and
Self doubt…so that such independent
Powers bare little fruit.”

“The only way to achieve inner power is
To conquer the programming of the slave
Mind.” Vala said. “If these people want
To understand how to achieve their inner
Power…lesson number one…They must
Break the programming of the slave mind.
No gifts will grow to those glued to
False devices…such as artificial intelligence.
Intuition will always be maimed this way.
I believe you call them computers?”

A further pause. I was being asked.
“Yes,” I said, “That is what they call them.”

“So tell me,” Vala asked, “From all you know,
Were taught…The greatest Masters of
Psychic Powers throughout history…Did
They use computers?”

“I have to say, no…To my knowledge…
None did.”

Varence leaned towards me. “That is why I
Have always told you stay off the computer
As much as possible.”

“It is a good start.” Vala agreed. “But
No blessed guarantee. At least the minds are

“So what then are you proposing?” Varence
Asked her as he crossed his arms over
His chest and held one hand up to hold his
Chin. “That you open these rare doors
Of their minds to invoke the next steps
To the future?”

“It is part of the planned equation.” Vala
Went on… “But then you know how this
Part works…For some it is too late…For those,
Their minds will fry…gripped by delusions
To misguide them…or rather, to guide them
Out of the way so that those on the proper
Path can open up their eyes and see.”

“Let’s try this,” Vala hummed, smiling…
“The lines and light, as we have studied,
As they and many more will study…
Have the power to unlock the hidden
Powers of the mind…True?” She asked
Them all before continuing… “But first
The lines must be activated…” She
“How are they activated…It’s simple…
By True Hearts…Not want of Desire, by
Simple True Hearts, the essence of
Power of the most sincerest Feelings…
You can unlock any door if you only
Have the right key…True Love, the love
Of a soul mate, two soul mates coming together
Always awaken the MOST potent of Magical
Powers…Which also attracts the Dark
Forces to try and stop it…But remain
True of Heart…And the Heart wins…
Fall to self pity and doubt, to shaken
Reasoning of the self proclaimed martyr
Of suffering…and they lose every time…

“You must never whine to unlock a power
Door, for that will only invoke trickery…
Ask a thousand questions…and you
Will get a thousand different…complicating
Answers…True intuition is very simple…
Know it, feel it, breathe it, see it…
Don’t hesitate. If they do not understand
This…They never will…

“The Darkness infests many of this world,
And so many grandly embrace it, even
Without knowing. You’ll know this by
The simple sign…If they do not feel
It immediately…They will not keep
Coming back. But if they speak the truth,
Others will sense it, and return again
And again.

“I am offering a valuable free lesson here…
For those paying attention we’ve offered
So many clues already,
First and foremost…always remember
This…Mind, body, spirit…
There must be a balance…gluttony
Is the greatest deceiver here…
Prophets faired to fast…
Magical warriors forged strong bodies…
Healers always nursed gardens
And the animals…If you want to
Heal your body…Always work to
Heal others too, including animals…
This is how the best healing comes,
Outside of a regeneration chamber of
Harmonic sound and light…
But helping others always aids
In helping others…And always do
This kindly, soft words work wonders.
For wisdom and advice to the future…
I have never known a healer
Or anyone with gifts…that didn’t
Have a garden or have a generous
Collection of pets…

“This of course reveals the obvious…
Those with dark souls or tendencies
Toward the Dark Arts, always shun
Gardening and keep very few if any
Pets…They surround themselves with
Icons and talismans, fancying their
Egos to entreat power…

“Betrayed and unveiled how are you
Dark Ones…The masks come off…
Quiver, quake, shutter, shake, deny it,
Lie about it…The truth is out…
Hide in sleep your so-called troubles
Away, then stay there…for if you dare
Open mouth with words to argue…only
More troubles will find you there…But
Rest anyway knowing…you had your
Chance…You chose your part to play…
But if nature is talking to you…
If animals are finding their way
Into your hearts and souls and
Minds, if the plants and trees are
Talking to you…Embrace it,
Embrace them. THAT is your chance
To find your path…Allow them to
Teach you what you need to know…
THAT is how to aid in connecting
To your inner power…

“Remember basic truths never lie…
So avoid the trouble by avoiding
The complainers…The loudest ones
Always suffer the same fate…
They die.”

“Somehow I wonder if any of this will
Fall on wise ears.” Varence chimed in
Smiling…that sly mile of his!

“What would you otherwise have me
Say?” Vala laughed herself. “Call out
For some token to bestow magical gifts…
To grant them power, undeserved,
Un-earned? Nothing comes freely,
And you cannot grant something
That isn’t there…” She turned to
Me, some riddle to her manner… “It
Was either there all along, and then
Awakened…or never there at all. FACT.”

“You obviously had good reason in having
A voice here to address the assembly.”
Varence replied nobly. But somehow I
Wonder…The purpose you have here…have
You said all there was to say?”

Vala smiled. “Of course not.” She hummed
Again. “The mysteries of the present are
Limitless…But you, they, all must understand…
Mysteries remain in secret…because they
Are not always meant to be answered by

“So now I offer this…
In the Dark Hours such as these…
There are times of tests…not by one, but all…
To test character first by virtue…
Who will make the right choice or
Selfish one…FIRST…
A selfless act wins the prize over a
Selfish one…To try and obtain power
By buying it or stealing it…Fails the
Test…But that is common knowledge…

“Sacred arts, True Magic…must always
Be given as a gift freely…That is power.

“Second, there is no quick course to wisdom.
That takes years, no scholar is born or
Taught in a handful of moons…That takes

“This world is full of those chasing dreams,
Both sincere and false…Which is why the
Spheres offer immediate solutions…Impatience
Always wants the fastest answer because they
Feel they have earned it…Scowls will abound
At these words…
They do not want help or advice or change,
They want immediate solutions to problems
They partake in…and they want
Praise for it…Save, save, save me…
Take the problems away…so that they
Can what, then celebrate…with further
Reckless habits to have the same problems
Build again…

“Which is why the Fate is sealed…The
Current system is destined to collapse…
There is no other way.
As said before…That is how the higher
Powers understand life…to rise and fall
And rise again…until finally it is done right.

“The mental sciences of the mind offer
Only a magical assist as we do here…

“Again, they will scowl and think this and
That…nonsense? Words have power…in the
Right fashion, the right commencement
And address…In the riddles, songs answer
Riddles…seek them out.”

“You are condemning their future then?”
Varence asked. “After all we have
Said…with respect to Damara’s suggestions…
They have rights.”

“Of course they do.” Vala agreed. “But
There is no Freedom here. The Darkness
Hides among them, and in plain sight.

“Fine then, should I offer fairer
Chance for them to find a way? Then
I grant them this…one simple spell
To aid their way…Courage of the Heart.
It’s that simple.

“Stop being afraid of what others
Think, be they parent, friend, foe or
Stranger…They cannot see the
Secrets or strengths of the heart, for
If they could…no one would ever
Argue…Courage of the Heart is precious
And rare…Crystals offer aid when it’s
There…Otherwise may they all fall and
Tumble. How’s that?”

“So it is that simple?” Varence asked
Nearly laughing. “You are suggesting
They follow the courage of their heart
To change things? That is the end?”

“As we have all already agreed,” Vala
Answered. “The chosen were already
Chosen…Their gifts are there, they need
Only to awake to command them.

“The only true chore or job to be done
Here now is challenge the Darkness
Itself; that is the true slave master
Here, the Beast that beckons all, that
Chains life to a course it suffers and

“The only true job to be done is to
Cast the Evil out…or trap it.”
Vala turned with a flash to her eyes,
An arched brow and sly smile.
“Blind and Break the Evil Eye
Wherever it slides and coils…Blind
The Predator, the Stalking Beast that
Hunts the Innocence…
Twitch, Twirl, Spin and Tumble
Find no steady balance, instead
Trip and fall like clumsy fools…
To never find footing…Blind the Dark
Kind’s eyes with light, steal their
Voices and let them find deaf ears
To fall on…So that no one falls for
Their tricks…
Bind the Dark to enchanted
Bottles, eyes burnt and boldly blinded
By the dancing lines and light…
And put the Jinn back in their bottles.
I know where evil lies…and disguises.
Forces of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire
Chase it away…May the elements
Reign in power over Darkness, Nature
To conquer it…to be Free…

“For where the land is cruel and
Poisoned…Nature will wage its wars…
Until the Darkness is cast out…For
A thousand years at least, so that
Troubled souls can then find peace.
These are the signs and prophecies
Of this Dark Hour…

“Swirling Storms over Dark lands
To cast out the Beast…

“Shake the harshest lands that serve
Evil…until the living flee there so
That nature can reclaim it…

“And for the Souls of Earth?
The living that Fight the Sword
Of Truth…Evil lurks in the
Untamed crowd, find safer peace
In nature…These battles will only
Worsen until they consume them
Body and soul…Those of good sense will
Know where to be…

“But over all, By and By, Nature will
Reign in power now…and grow and
Grow until it quiets the rage in the land.
The winds will bring icy ages to
Put out the heated tempers…
And surprisingly the animals will
Rise in places they never did before
To teach the future its lessons…

“Until the Great Fireball comes that
Will by forsaken end finally cleanse
The last bit of torment out…

“The chosen will survive this by
These words past instruction…The
Mortal instruments…write it down,
The hands simple work are the best

“The challenges will never end for
As long as spirits remain restless
And do not commit to contentment…
Reprise boredom for peace and
Appreciate it. Simple life lessons, that’s
Where it has always been.”

Varence turned about the circle, to
The platforms…where Brishan sat.
“You all have voted then already? You
Made it that simple?”

Brishan lowered his brows… “What did
You expect? Rewards for confusion?
As if right and wrong are not known
To them?”

BR’Riel then spoke out loud, his
Voice carrying like thunder throughout
The whole arena… “Nature has
Suffered most, and so shall be awarded
The power as judge.”

“And for those guided here for comfort?”
Varence asked.

“The innocent and wise have nothing
To fear.” Brishan answered. “If they
Have paid attention, listened and
Learned…They will know what to do.
They will…absolutely find their answers
And their peace.” He laughed. “You
Did not expect a ship to come to
Save those random voices did you?”

The aquatic ambassador spoke, his
Reverberating inaudible whistling-
Chirping speech was deafening.

Ceres leaned to me for the translation.
“He is saying, those that have been
Watched and protected will continue
To be of course.”

Brishan rose his hand to command
Attention. “We have agreed on one
Thing…If, and only if they do
Impress us with their will to change…
We will make a surprise appearance
Of delegates…In the mean time…the
Mission converts to the job of miracles…
Let us see what our candidates are
Capable of, how and if they can transform
The world…or else…an Ice Age will
Consume the planet after a series of…
Natural disasters…Then the future we
Have been shown can take seed, shape
And begin to grow.”

“So what is to become of the
Former Watchers then? Ceres and I?”
Varence asked.

“You will continue serving as guide and
Counsel…appropriately.” Brishan ordered.
“Until the time comes…for you to bring
The chosen to us.”

“To you?” Varence asked.

“Yes.” Brishan answered. “You do remember
Of course, the visit the Ancient Tribe of
The Danu made with the tribes of
Earth’s past? The treaties made…at
The stone circle? And the region of
The caves in that arid place?”

“The Treaty?” Varence paused as he
Tried to recall those details.

“The gathering of the rainbow tribe.”
Brishan said, almost sighing. “When,
Traditionally…they do finally gather
The correct individuals…They will
Then by given the details of the
Ancestral Home, the coordinates…And
They can call to those that came
Thousands of years ago to return
For assistance…counsel, and so forth.”

“Contact with their star brothers
And sisters.” Varence said to his words.

“Yes,” Brishan said plainly. “I believe
That’s what these people call it…First
Contact. The correct assembly of
A rainbow tribe can summon contact
With their star brothers and sisters…
But only at certain times, and certain
Places of course.”

“Certain times?” Varence questioned.

“Yes,” Brishan explained, growing tired
Of doing so. “When the stars align, as
They did before…In the late season
Of what they call autumn…When the
Stars align with the vortexes…
It’s the only way for their—the powers
Of the correct rainbow tribe—to reach
Through the alignment to the stars…
During the Leonids.”

“The Leonids?” Varence asked, looking at me.

“Yes, I believe that’s what they call them.
Every year…when they occur, that is
The traditional time.”

“And these locations would be?” Varence

Brishan grew impatient. “If you do not
Know that by now…you never will. You
Know how I feel about too many questions.”
He pointed with a nod to me. “Ask him,
He knows.”

“I do?” I asked, confused.

Varence smiled. “Ah, of course.”

“In the mean time our chief objective
Remains with that of neutralizing
Nibiru.” Brishan waved. “Now please,
If you would conclude your address
So that we may vote on other matters.”

Varence only smiled mysteriously. “I
Believe enough has been said…And I
See I have more work to do…And
Some interesting things to think about.”

Ceres tapped me on the shoulder. “You
Can stop writing…For now.”

My artwork: Witchcraft



  1. Sorry if this is a long time coming.. recently for me it’s been necessary to appreciate the view in silence… but happy belated birthday to all the lions of our tribe ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.

    The weak indulge in resolutions, but the strong act. Life is but a day’s work — do it well. The act is ours; the consequences God’s.

    The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted. Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation.

    You cannot perceive spiritual truth until you feelingly experience it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity.

    Impatience is a spirit poison; anger is like a stone hurled into a hornet’s nest.

    The evolving soul is not made divine by what it does, but by what it strives to do.

    Death added nothing to the intellectual possession or to the spiritual endowment, but it did add to the experiential status the consciousness of survival.

    The destiny of eternity is determined moment by moment by the achievements of the day by day living. The acts of today are the destiny of tomorrow.

    To enjoy privilege without abuse, to have liberty without license, to possess power and steadfastly refuse to use it for self-aggrandizement — these are the marks of high civilization-Blind and unforeseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth-

  3. Good Morning Tribe. A couple of my “mentors” directed me to this series on youtube. I just watched this one last night…Jaw Dropping! It ties in SO much to VALIANT’S posts…Food for thought to be sure…

  4. I wish all who have Birthdays this month the warmest of blessings, may light lead you as the heart guides you into bliss filled days of peace when ever you need that space to just be. ❤ ❤

  5. AMEN!
    “So be it”

    We are the people we have been waiting for.

    This whole post…Vala…felt like a prayer…
    Nature really has taken most of the damage…how sad..this is our home..

    I am guilty of taking this planet for granted…but no more.

    I am looking into volunteering at local organizations that garden nature reservations.
    I found myself researching this a few months ago, and I regret not acting sooner. But today, I am putting words into actions.

    Small changes help.

    Our actions done in kindness, goodness, and unconditional love WILL make a difference. If we all just spread love…even a smile to a stranger…holding the door open for others…let us GIVE MORE LOVE…to ourselves…to the our home.

    Yes. We live in a shitty place. WHATS NEW!
    We can make it better. We have help…but more importantly We need to help ourselves.
    WE CAN DO IT. Better together.


    You are not alone.
    I am here.

    We need to build each other up. Be patient and understanding.
    We have all gone through tragedies…remember that. We are stronger because of it.

    Everything that has happened has happened for a reason. There is no point in fighting higher powers. Light will ALWAYS win.

    Special souls incarnated throughout time.

    You are here for a reason.

    We are brave. We are strong.

    Tough love… ❤

    Blessed are the peacemakers.

    • Incredible video, Mary. The symbolism, the timing… gave me chills throughout. Thanks for posting. I enjoyed your comments as well. We all need to do our part. That’s for sure. ❤

  6. thank you for these incredible tributes and warm birthday wishes!
    I am moved and touched beyond words….
    you don’t realize how much you are appreciated….until the fountains flow!
    your words pour over me like golden drops!
    Thank you so much!!

  7. Here comes the very important day, the birthday of someone so precious to us. Thanks to HER, we can read all these Valiant’s posts, even not only could initiate but proceed to the 3D kind of communication with Valiant. Though I don’t think I can really imagine, but it’s quite sure that how much all along this path, this adamant Lady has ever suffered, and broken through. This is such a literally great Leo Mother and we are lucky to have so many (kinds of) strong LEOs here in the tribe !!!

    At this moment, what’s occurring to me is BEAR’S HUG…

    Besides, one cake as above is not enough…there is still this one, containing and filled with the strawberries, just like all our hearts (which can be) gathered here, thanks to this loving Lady.

    I guess I’m not the only one who just feel all the oddness in the air, owing to strange weather/ temperature shift, noises, any kind of visible and invisible, audible and inaudible energy, physical discomforts, etc..Such a strange temporal / spatial, astronomical node. It’s obviously a moment when we have to be more vigilant. In spite of this chaotic transitional period of time, I want to thank more to the ones who keep not only irrigate, but also nourish the garden, my personal heart and mind.

    The video below might have already been shared. Since one of them just popped up, and pulled my heartstrings, I tried to listen to all the single ones in the album again. Very shocking to realize some synchronicity !!!

    May our super precious lady Lida and all the family, even the Tribe, have an unforgettable sweet DAY, surrounded by this sweet resonance, appreciation, gratitude and blessings !!!

    Besides, I happened to be led to here, Moraine Lake…
    I somehow have some impression that it has something to do with AA Michael?!

    p.s. This comment should be posted much earlier, however, the more I’m concerned, the more I hesitated. That right cake…seems not easy to find…Hope this one doesn’t let you down !!!

    • I will join my voice to Feilla’s to wish you, our amazing Lady Lida, a happy and serene Birthday.
      With many many hugs, and much heartfelt gratitude for all the work you do. For your passion, for you words of comfort, for your encouragements. For being a super mom, a super friend, a wonderful human being ❤

      With much love !

  8. Music can change your mood in mere seconds. Music literally opens doors that you could never have imagined were there. It takes your spirit to new places. It can transport you into a new emotional space in mere seconds.

    Music is the energy of heaven manifest on earth, in many ways – spirit becoming physical.

    The fascinating thing about music is that it can heal, it can uplift both those who play and create it and those who listen. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians treated music as a sacred healing art, and it really is energy at work – frequency, vibration affecting the whole body.

    Did you know that music is actually not “heard” by your ears but sent as vibration into the tiny hair receptors and the ear drum in your head – translating vibrations into sound?

    An Indication Of Your Soul’s Essence

    Music can truly work wonders. If you feel nervous or spacey, try some earthy rock music or calm angelic classical music. If you need a boost, put on music that makes you want to dance!

    Make a playlist of what makes you feel amazing – and begin collecting your own “power music” – songs that resonate with who you are as a soul. You’ll feel it. Whenever something really resonates with you, it’s an indication of your soul’s essence.

    If you feel like it or know how, making your own music and playing is an amazing way to lift your mood and heal your energy. Music is an amazing way to return to your true state as a spirit, and when you’re in that place you are magnetic to your Twin Flame.

    You’re in the state of your shared “soul song”, the core essence you share beneath it all.


  10. It’s not the first time that the video of the same subject was just popping up and strikes my heart chord so.

    The 1st one had occurred to me about two month ago, in mid-June. The rhythms of of drums, flutes, and all the other musical instruments are all so impactive in some way that I’m far unable to describe.

    Despite of my ignorance of the concerned history, it seems that more than one of us had ever been there, being ones of them. It seems the very time of cleansing the wounds. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the post of this very week….

    Right at the moment when I though almost finishing this comment, occurring this one…

    Then it reminds me of the fire dance in another side of the earth.

    May the SUN, the FIRE help burn off, cleanse all the wounds, all which hinders, then transform all into the very harmonious ONE.

  11. Wow….so great to see again the very syn…and hope Suzanne is fine !!! It feels so warm that no matter how apart we are in the geographical sense, we can be connected this way, cross even beyond ocean(s), continent(s)…

    Without the precious sharing above, I would not realize why this picture just impressed me saw when seeing it yesterday.

    Let’s enjoy this Leonid rain together.

  12. Thanks to YOU ALL….If I remember correctly, today is the birthday of our tathastu7. Since the last days I’m so used, even being reminded on purpose of this…BEE, for celebrating this, I tried to look for pictures of cakes with bees, even bee hive. This is undoubtedly a very category of art, and this subject is obviously the one so uneasy to make in this kind of art, representing the very essence to this kind of magical being(s).

    This one….among all looks pretty impressive.

    With regard to its symbolism :
    There is even some other touching story about it….

    So moved to see again the very syn…
    Hard time, but as that was just said as above, we sense and realize quite things beyond the physical sensation.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear tathastu7. Thank you for giving us this occasion to be able to gather here to celebrate in this Autumn-Leo Season.

    • tathastu7 : have a happy Birthday 🙂
      May it be full of love and magic as the falling stars Feilla has shared underneath !
      And don’t mind if I shall have a piece of those amazing Honey cakes ❤

      Btw, how amazing to be reminded of the Leonids on the very days when the Perseids are fully on display 🙂 For those lucky to be out of light pollution, they will be very visible tonight (Friday) as well.
      Enjoy ❤

    • Merope – `eloquent’, `bee-eater’, `mortal’ –
      Married Sisyphus (se-sophos, `very wise’), son of Æolus, grandson of Deucalion (the Greek Noah), and great-grandson of Prometheus. She bore Sisyphus sons Glaucus, Ornytion, and Sinon; she is sometimes also said to be mother of Dædalus, though others in the running are Alcippe and Iphinoë. Sisyphus founded the city of Ephyre (Corinth) and later revealed Zeus’s rape of Ægina to her father Asopus (a river), for which Zeus condemned Sisyphus to roll a huge stone up a hill in Hades, only to have it roll back down each time the task was nearly done. Glaucus (or Glaukos) was father of Bellerophon, and in one story was killed by horses maddened by Aphrodite because he would not let them breed. He also led Lycian troops in the Trojan War, and in the Iliad was tricked by the Greek hero Diomedes into exchanging his gold armor for Diomedes’ brass, the origin of the term `Diomedian swap’. Another Glaucus was a fisherman of Boeotia who became a sea-god gifted with prophecy and instructed Apollo in soothsaying. Still another Glaucus was a son of Minos who drowned in a vat of honey and was revived by the seer Polyidos, who instructed Glaucus in divination, but, angry at being made a prisoner, caused the boy to forget everything when Polyidos finally left Crete. The word glaukos means gleaming, bluish green or gray, perhaps describing the appearance of a blind eye if glaucoma (cataract) derives from it. Is the name Glaucus a reference to sight, or blindness, physical or otherwise? It is also curious that meropia is a condition of partial blindness.

      Another Merope was daughter of Dionysus’s son Oenopion, king of Chios; Orion fell in love with her, and Oenopion refused to give her up, instead having him blinded. Orion regained his sight and sought vengeance, but was killed by Artemis, or by a scorpion, or by some other means (many versions).

      Yet another Merope and her sister Cleothera (with alternate names of Cameiro and Clytië for the two of them) were orphaned daughters of Pandareus.

      Still another was mother of Æpytus by Cresphontes, king of Messenia. Her husband was murdered by Polyphontes, who claimed both her and the throne, but was later killed by Æpytus to avenge his father’s death.

      One last, more often known as Periboea, was wife of Polybus, king of Corinth. The two of them adopted the infant Oedipus after his father Laius left him to die, heeding a prophecy that his son would kill him, which, of course, he eventually did.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY tathastu7 !!!!

      i know im a bid late but non the less i hope u had a nice birthday and enjoyed yourself and spend some time with ur loved ones =)

      much love and positive energy !!! =)

  13. Hi Tribe hope you are all well, I’ve been keeping quiet as I feel that is what I need to be doing. Would like to say thank you to Bill, Lida, the watchers and all involved on deliverying this wondurful messages. Suzanne well said, I’m with you! Love and blessings to all. ♡

    • im sorry terra my friend… id wish u a great birthday….

      but i dont wanna do such things when the blood is boiling i call it double standards…

      i hope u understand 😉 there will definitely be some cake !!! 😉 (but not today =/ )

  14. Thank you Lida, Bill, and all.
    Brishan… pushing hard. I have to plea…again. Varence and Ceres know this too well. A World that has not known Free Will for eons, that is so twisted into denying any form of real knowledge, welling from that very intuition.
    People that fall into the ego form of thinking upon those words… dangerous words for inflamed minds… chosen …

    You have your battles, and you lost you world. But what you managed to build.. Tellus. Such a Sanctuary …Have you forgotten how it feels to live in a subjugated planet ? Not how it looks to you, but how it FEELS to us. Every day, every hour.
    Living the attacks, feeling the pain of other living beings, human, animal, vegetal.

    How it feels to try and think with clarity, how it feels to try and silence all this noise.
    What it takes to navigate thru all this very noise. That is getting louder and louder.

    I plea to you, not for one, but for all. For all the sentient beings down here. I have never, NEVER doubted we can do this. Never.

    But I do appeal that in order for this to be achieved with the least damage possible for these sentient beings, you all stand besides us.
    This is not a call for help, this a a call for better cooperation. For clearer understandings. For the mere whispers to become voices. For the riddles to become spoken in truth.

    Follow your Heart, Speak your Truth, Walk in Integrity.


      so songs answer question… tough shit… so u got a gazzilion of answers…. so get used to i… im pre venting right now… remember dont vent when the blood still boils…

      so pic ur poison

      to be continued !!!

      • with respect…

        i thought i was evidently clear that we earth dwellers are something else than we look like… u folks haven even a name for it… if im not mistaking u call us metahumans…
        so why are u measuring us by ur standards ?
        im not saying its wrong but it might not be as accurate as u might think…
        im not pleading here to be saved… but im rather asking for all the good hearted people that live here… that get up everyday in an inhumane slave system that knows only boundaries and where we are walking with invisible chains behind invisible bars and those things that are visible… and yet they fight everyday to make it a better place…

        remember the saying as in haven so below ? so i guess ur seeing this microcosmos of repetition down here… that is mirroring the great struggle universe is having… not all are aware of this down here… and than there are the people that sense that this monkey business down here is corrupt to the bone… where injustice and mad people rule… u see we have people here we call psychopath that are born without feelings and empathy towards live and other souls… but not many people are aware of it that these people love power over others… thats why these people become involved with positions that hold power… but yet they go great length to cover these things up…

        but i mean i dont want to say we dont know it better… but have u watched a new born child growing up in this “society” ? are u aware of that they are pumped full with vaccinations that do more harm than good… than the food and the whole environment/umfeld (i mean the whole spectrum by that the chemicals the heavy metals the radio waves and what not… to many things to name)… i mean these little children are getting bombarded from all direction with these things on the physical side as the spiritual side… and when a child is old enough to go to shool they are taught to shut up and sit at the desk and listen to what the system wants them to know… to be a good slave… and if u dare to step out of line they gonna make sure u get problems and end up at the bottom of the food chain… or if these young minds are grown up and threaten the continuation of this system… the government will lock these people up in jail or in a mental institution or worse and kills them… u see ? there is only so much a single earth dweller can do before any of these things happen to them… but yet there are some brave minds that may or may not be aware of this… but still trying to find ways of breaking these chains… to undermine the foundation of this house of cards… and end up giving their live to follow their dreams… to help from with in…

        so most people down here arent aware of these brave people… its not always the case that they arent smart enough to see or understand… its rather that they have to work hard to have a roof over the head and a bead to sleep in and some food… and that consumes most of their life and if they have some free time yes they gonna consume distractions that lets their minds wonder out of this mess for a while…
        i mean u can or should not forget that most of them are so deep indoctrinated and programmed…

        as it was mentioned organised religions are also a great factor of the programming that uses fear to get as many people as they can entangled in the mind control… and there u have as well these controlling agents that use force to hold them in line…

        so in the end of the day i dont think that so many people are realy bad… its just the dome physical and mental and spiritual… that is a great if not the factor why this place is in the shape it is today… take this away and there will be a chance to change everything for the better… of course it will be a time of chaos right after that till the dust settled and people are free again and the old thought patters of the old are shaken off…
        i mean u expect us to change… i agree with that… but how do u think we can do that if we dont know a better way of living or example ? have u wondered why people here are so into these things like tv or computers ? its because the majority of us down here are show and tell people… like they say a picture can say more than thousand words…
        i also understand that we lost the connection that allows u people to just know these things… to receive these things via the soul…

        so help or protect the people that want to bring positive change… these brave people i mentioned… and show us a better way of life… im not saying u should do the work for us… but be the long lost family that helps us up when we fall on the ground… so show yourself to humanity so humanity has an example to grow towards… to become part of this great family of all kinds of different species so that we can together overcome this great struggle

        u are obviously interested in us down here… u should know that we can be a great allies once we found the our way

  15. Thanks Bill and to All.

    “When the stars align, as
    They did before…In the late season
    Of what they call autumn…When the
    Stars align with the vortexes…
    It’s the only way for their—the powers
    Of the correct rainbow tribe—to reach
    Through the alignment to the stars…
    During the Leonids.”

    “The Leonids?” Varence asked, looking at me.

    “Yes, I believe that’s what they call them.
    Every year…when they occur, that is
    The traditional time.”

    “And these locations would be?” Varence


    Tomb 19 was sacred 1.000 years or more
    The Mayan king was restless a curse upon the door
    His shrouds of royal fabric his journey to be made
    To offer spirits good and evil 14 beads of jade

    The jade had ancient power or so beliefs allege
    To anyone who plundered they would drive him to the edge

    If you take the treasures of Tomb 19
    Let the curse remind you
    Take the treasures of Tomb 19
    But never look behind you

    On the walls of limestone temples
    Were medallions craved in stone
    Describing what was waiting in the Eerie catacombs
    Though time leaves them in ruins their silhouettes pervade
    To guard the kings and heroes and the 14 beads of jade

    If you take the treasures of Tomb 19
    Let the curse remind you
    Take the treasures of Tomb 19
    But never look behind you

  16. I know you are there i feel your presence, it has been there from the beginning and it will be there waiting for me at the end, always and forever this love will always remain alive within my heart my soul.

  17. There is this sense, this feeling that rises up within me at certain times, unseen by human eyes, unheard by human ears, but felt so deeply within the heart the soul. It is the song of life, within is the beating of its own drum, a drum, a song that lies within each one of those who takes the time to listen.
    This sense this feeling is Ancient, more ancient than the universes that swirl above, more ancient than those who came before. They all want to know its secret’s, its origins. Breath flows forth silently filling what to all intense and purposes is just an empty vessel, but is it.
    It has been 14 years since i felt the wings of an Angel wrap me in their loving embrace as i mourned the loss of my maternal line and saw the golden ball that spun above me emanating pure light. On 8/8/2016 i felt those comforting wings once more and heard these words. We are Many we are Legion.
    Vala you see, you understand and i listen, i know you see me. Others may question that, that is their choice.
    Thank you Bill ,Lida the watchers and Vala.

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