Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers’ Messages…The Sasquatch…

*SONG* “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart

To whom it may concern, for the eyes and ears
That watch for clues, that seek answers
And see the signs in this dark age…
Nothing is as it should be…
These messages are for you.

They…are above us, apart from us…
And they have been watching us for a
Very long time. But no one, no matter
How great of power nor might of science
Can give enough answers to save every
Troubled soul.

Everyone is an individual, and with that comes
The ceaseless quest for independent answers…
It’s never enough, it can never be enough
For any one person. But if we can all
Humbly unite and connect the dots,
Put the puzzle together from the vast
Sources of individual secrets…then perhaps
By some miracle a peaceful solution can
Be found…and what we don’t know
Today can come together to solve
The mysteries for a brighter tomorrow…

They are called the Watchers…and here
They offer to share stories, not to preach
But to teach us…Please, all that I
Ask is that you read ahead only if
You want to…

The hum, the vibration of the Ether,
The call comes…Across the rainbow bridge,
The bridge of the mind, body and spirit
To the circle of light where they wait…

“And now…we begin.” He said sitting there
Calmly, the tall, broad strongly built, handsome
Brishan, with long straight blond hair that
Hung like some spiritual headdress down
His shoulders to his waist, over his pale
Blue form fitting uniform. “All has been
A preparation for the now…That’s how it’s
Done, that’s how it has always been
And must be done…A process, because
There are no easy come quickly
Answers…These things take time,” Brishan
Said with a smile. “I’m sorry but that’s
All we can offer at this time.”

She sat beside him very regally, her
Sparkling ice blue eyes shining like
The heart of the blue of a candle’s flame…
Powerfully beautiful, that sharply witty
Smile, her long sun-golden hair
Hanging in a curly wave over one shoulder…
The enchanting Ceres who appeared ready
For anything. “At least it should be
Kinder this time, now that our resident
Loki is pre-occupied…”

“Loki?” I asked.

Brishan laughed a smile. “She refers to Varence,
Our resident trickster…” He turned
To her playfully, “How many names does
He have here?”

“Oh you would be surprised.” Ceres laughed. “A
Custom of his people to change their
Names over time.”

“Loki?” I asked of how I knew that name.

“It is just a mocking name.” Brishan
Answered. “Loki means trickster.”

“They call them…nicknames, I believe.” Ceres
Answered calmly; in fact she was
Calmer then I had ever seen.

“Another term for him…” Brishan said.

“Oh.” I nodded…that was interesting. “Where
Is he?”

“He was sent on a special mission to Earth.”
Brishan answered as he then took a glass
From a small table next to his seat
And took a drink.

I held my breath as I watched him.
“What is that?”

“Water.” He said with a little surprise.

I know it seemed ridiculous but I
Had never seen them do something so…
Normal? I didn’t know what shocked me
More…his drinking, or what he said of Varence.

“We do need to drink.” Brishan laughed.

I shook my head. “Varence is where? How?”

“We sent him to Earth for…a specific
Job.” Brishan explained, wording it very
Carefully so as not to say too much.


Brishan looked to Ceres, then back to me.

“We have been working on ways
To do this, but so far…until recently,
It was forbidden, and limited, but just
Know we are exploring…options.”

“But he will be seen…?” I asked. “What

“No one will catch him.” Brishan assured
With a smile and a nod.

“They wish they could,” Ceres laughed,
“Oh they wish…But I must give credit
He knows what he is doing…
Even if it does torment my nerves.”

“Alright.” I had to laugh… “And he
Is of flesh and blood?”

“Yes.” Brishan smiled.
“He was sent to make things happen,
That’s all you need to know.”

“Well.” I laughed, “That should be

They smiled to each other then turned
Back to watch me carefully.

Brishan especially nodded to the pen and
Paper…Then he saw my confusion in my
Mind’s eye. “We should begin.”
He said with a smile, “I
Would like to be more direct in our approach this
Time. This is how I do things…unlike—“

“Unlike the great riddler of words you know.”
Ceres teased.

“I need to show you something first.” He said
Carefully as he turned and pointed with a small
Rectangular device to display a 3 dimensional
Holographic image of the Earth. “This,” he
Nodded with a sigh, “is the most recent
Projection of the coming Earth changes…
Just write what you see as you normally
Do, do not stray, keep it simple.”

What I saw was shocking, it was so white. The
Ice caps were enormous and stretched so
Far I could barely see land masses free
Of white. “Where is the equator? Where is

Brishan stared at the projection like a
Stone statue…no expression. “It is as
You see. This is the current projection of
What will come to be…now that the time
Line is moving free.”

“We warned you that their toying with such
Things would have a harsher effect.” Ceres said.

“But it wasn’t that bad before.” I said. “That
Was not the forecast they showed me before.”

“No,” Brishan sighed, “It was not.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“It changed.” He simply said. “This is
Nature’s plan…”

I studied the hologram. “But, the
Only land masses I see are Central America,
Broken pieces of South America, Africa and
Australia…Where’s the rest? There’s hardly
Any land. Where are the tropics?”

Ceres held her breath and arched her brow.
“There aren’t any.”

“What?!” I said. “But the land…What
Kind of population could that possibly sustain?”

“Approximately 300,000…safely.” Brishan said.
“500,000 would be a maximum…and difficult.”

“Plant and animal life?” I asked.

“The Arctic species would thrive.” Ceres said.
“The most versatile species…bears…wolves…
Sheep, goats…deer…A variety of birds would
Adapt…The more fragile tropical species
Will not. No reptiles will survive the Ice.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say?”
I asked.

Brishan turned to me abruptly. “That is
Why we need to discuss certain things now…
Right now…The meaning will become
Clear…in time.”

“What could possibly cause that drastic
Change?” I asked them nervously.

Brishan leaned towards me firmly. “Just
Write what we discuss now. Nothing more.
This is not a debate or a lecture…It’s
About awareness…cause and effect thinking.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s alright. Just trust him.” Ceres said. “It’s
A means of how we are taught in school…
Learning through awareness…reactions to
Problems…solutions through instinctive thinking.”

Brishan waved the device, and the hologram
Vanished: no distractions. “Populations are often
Led by suggestion…unconscious reactions…
Such as peer pressure, the popular views
And opinions and so forth…discouraging critical
Thinking or recognizing flaws to a constructed
System…intimidating free thinkers…”

“The way of the bully.” Ceres added.

“Speculation is discouraged usually by
Rewarding those that excel in a desired
Game…or enterprise.”

“Brainwashing.” Ceres added again.

“Praise and celebrate the champion of a
Course of action…and many follow to
Embrace the same…” Brishan explained.
“And there you have a controlled society.”

“A slave world.” Ceres said.

“Now,” he went on to explain, quite calmly
With a soothing deep voice. “We…need to
Encourage free thinkers. Let them discuss
Things as much as they like. Let the
Skeptics challenge with doubts…
Tell those who are afraid to speak
That they are not alone…There are many
Others who feel as they do…And when
They see they are not alone…They will
Find strength in numbers if they can
Learn to listen together. Tell them to
Share their stories…share them. Don’t
They feel better and feel less afraid
When they discover they are not alone?”

A brief pause. He waited for my answer.
“Yes, I would think so.”

“So what are your people the most afraid
To talk about?” He asked, leaning one arm
Upon his knee and pointing. “Experiences,
Things they have seen they cannot
Explain…Things they feel that no one else
Does? Why, because they are afraid
Of being laughed at? Laughed at for
Being different, for seeing something most
Do not see?”

“Most of them miss a lot.” Ceres
Agreed. “Until it’s too late.”

“You have programmed a history and
Education system.” Brishan noted. “From
What I have seen fear is a powerful
Control system. Why?”

“The way of the bully.” Ceres repeated.

“Now let me ask you,” Brishan went on
Pointing, as though he were a teacher,
Teaching solely for me. “With
Regards to origins, your society tells you
That humans evolved from apes?”

“Ridiculous!” Ceres said.

“What if I were to tell you that humans
Did not come from apes at all?”

“I would not be surprised to hear that,” I
Said, “And I think a lot of people
Would agree…But how?”

Brishan smiled mysteriously. “Varence
Told you the story of the Adam and Eve ships…”

“The scoundrel certainly waited long enough
To share that story!” Ceres exclaimed.

“Yes,” I nodded, “That was amazing.”

“We will talk about that more,” Brishan
Said, “And other stories we would like
To discuss, but for now…” He paused reflecting
On his thoughts. “Your people have legends,
Particularly native tribes…age old tales of
Something called…the Sasquatch?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I’ve heard of them…I think
I’ve even had some experiences…and some
Friends also have told me things…privately,
Stories they are afraid to say out loud. We
Also call them, Bigfoot. You know about them?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “The Watchers have
Noted these…beings.”

“That was part of Varence’s duties,” Ceres
Added as she tossed her hair over her
Shoulder. “In my opinion they fall under
The classification of a humanoid-being
Rather than a beast.”

“You know about them?” I asked. “What
Are they exactly?”

Brishan’s eyes wandered as he internalized
The words and a way to explain it. “They
Are an amalgamation…In some sense
An evolutionary product of the simian
Creation…on Earth…An infusion of
Many things…In essence, a primal
Reflection of nature. It is a complex
Definition, all life is really…particularly of
Something new.”

“Many argue the existence of Bigfoot.”
I told him. “Science calls it…the
Missing link between man’s evolution
From apes…They say it’s because we
Share the same genes as apes.”

“Of course they would say that,” Ceres
Laughed, “Your science is skewed towards
The beliefs of humans’ origins on Earth.”

“They are not that.” Brishan said. “You
Will soon find that DNA sequences can be
Shared by many things…That does not
Explain the Sasquatch by any means…”

“I’ve often wondered why they say that,”
I told him. “I mean if we are so similar
To apes, chimpanzees…then why do they say
They experiment so much on pigs…Organ
Transplants…pig hearts in primates…It
Confuses me.”

“Well precisely,” he went on, “If the
Human brains were so superior…then explain
The powers of the killer whale’s brain…
The dolphin…No, Sasquatch is different.”

“How different?”

“I’ve read the notes on your experiences,”
Brishan said as his eyes watched mine.
“How about you elaborate by telling me,
Writing for them, in the notebook, on
Your experiences…then we can review the
Aspects of confusing data.”

“Me again?” I said a little irritated, “Haven’t
I told enough stories?”

He laughed. “There are a lot of fascinating
Accounts there…Details that say a lot. Please
Tell me.”

“Brishan, my brother,” Ceres said warmly, “Is
Here because HE wanted to speak with you
More closely…Please tell him, it would mean
A lot.”

I was floored that this powerful man was
Interested in me, my awkward, clumsy
Little stories. “Alright, if you really
Feel it would help…”

“It would.” He said. “Please tell me.”

I paused briefly…For some reason
Certain memories began jumping back
Into my memory. How strange! I couldn’t
Help but wonder if it was their effect on
Me…exploring memories…

“There are several things that happened
Involving my bedroom window as I
Grew up.” I told him.

“Please explain.” He said.

“Well,” I started slowly, “When I was
Growing up I was always afraid to be in
My room alone…especially at night.

“I became obsessed with having pets in
My room, for company. All kinds…I
Had hamsters, guinea pigs, mice…
But I especially loved keeping
Birds…parakeets, I really loved those
Little parakeets, they were so cute.”

“Birds are colorful little characters.”
Ceres pointed out. “Extremely under-
Appreciated.” She nodded for me to continue.

“There was a series of…episodes,” I
Continued to explain… “They always
Happened at night, ONLY at night…
When everyone else was asleep…so no one
Else could see…And when I tried to
Tell, it usually was very hard…At least
For me. They always dismissed it as
A child’s over-active imagination.
But I’m telling you this was no imagination.
It made no sense…and confused
Me for years…

“But the animals knew, they
Were like my…alarm bell? And
The other animals, our dogs
And cats were always stranger too…”

“Interesting.” Brishan said.

“I remember in the
Spring, I will never forget…
The moon was full those nights…
And all the animals were acting up
Every night…By day they had their
Moments too. Usually they were calm
And normal…But at that time they were
More keyed up…nervous, especially the birds
In their cages, they just never calmed

“But for years it always happened in the
Spring…March, April, May…

“During one full moon when I was about 16,
I went to bed around 11pm…covered the
Animal cages with blankets or old towels…and
Went to bed, nothing unusual. The moon was full
And bright…so bright that it lit the room even
Through the blinds that covered the windows…

“I had a large parakeet cage to the left of my
Bed…with 4 brightly, different colored
Parakeets…They were so
Much fun to watch, I always loved
The birds, such little characters.
On the other side of the room I had
A guinea pig, a rabbit, and two hamsters…
I was always addicted to having so many
Pets…They were often better friends than
Most people.

“But I remember very clearly that night
More than any other…because of the animals,
I always noticed more things by watching
The animals…I loved watching them, their
Movements, their behaviors. Despite what
Some people believe animals all have very
Distinct personalities…You just have to
Know how to watch them.

“I had gone to bed, the animal cages were
Covered but I couldn’t sleep. The moonlight
Filled the room through the windows, it was
So bright maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep.

“The house was very quiet, but I could
Hear the animals move in their cages…
The rabbit nibbling on his chew toy…
The guinea pig scratching himself…
Then there was the silence…At first I
Didn’t think much of it…like everything was
Frozen…Then outside the windows I heard
Something, I’m not sure how to describe it. It
Was more than the wind, more than the usual
Night sounds, some kind of movement.

“The room felt frozen still, very eerie. Then
There was an explosion of activity in the parakeet
Cage. Wings flapping, the little birds making
Tiny screeching sounds like they were
Fighting over seating arrangements or something.
I kept hushing them, telling them to relax,
Be quiet. But they only grew louder,
More active, flapping fluttering wings like
They were fighting over perches or something…
I used to call it fighting over seating
Arrangements. I kept telling them to be
Quiet, to go to sleep, talking to them like
They were little feathered people. But they
Wouldn’t listen, it was like they
Were fighting and it grew worse and
Worse and louder.

“So finally I couldn’t take it. I got out
Of bed, turned on the light, uncovered the cage
To see what’s the problem. All 4 of them
Were all worked up…but not fighting. It
Was like they were in a state of panic?
I kept studying them to see who the
Troublemaker was, but they didn’t appear
To be fighting, they seemed frightened, very

“I looked over at them other animals’ cages…
The rabbit, the guinea pig, the hamsters…were
All tightly balled up, motionless, curled up
In the farthest corner away from the
Windows. They were breathing hard, but
Frozen, as though they were scared to move?
It felt like they were…hiding? That’s
The only way to describe it.

“Something felt very off, very wrong. I
Studied the parakeets…They slowly calmed
Down a bit, but they were clearly scared
Of something. But no one was fighting?
They too, were all squeezed
Together in the farthest corner away
From the windows…like they wanted
To get as far away from the windows
As possible. Something just felt WRONG.
That’s the only way to describe it.

“I kept studying all the animals. They all
Appeared this way, frightened, terrified.
Why? Why were they all trying to
Get away from the windows? It was very
Obvious that was what they were doing…

“So I turned off the light and stood there,
This eerie feeling trying to understand the
Animals. They were so frightened. They looked
Like they were either trying to hide or get as far
Away from the windows as possible. Why?

“The moonlight filled the room, my eyes
Slowly adjusted to the change in light…
Then the parakeets became frantic again.
Flapping wings, screeching…But the other
Animals were motionless, completely silent.
What was scaring them? Why?

“Then…as I stood there trying to understand
What was happening by the parakeet
Cage…I saw it…A shadow moved past
The windows, it was HUGE! First it moved
Past the left window…it appeared to be
The shadow of a VERY large person…
Walking, moving very slowly…Then it
Stopped in front of the window directly
Opposite me…It was massive, enormous! The
Head came nearly to the top of the window,
The shoulders at least as wide as the
Windows…It had…no neck, it seemed?
A somewhat pointy skull…And it just
Stood there, opposite me…outside, the
Moonlight distinctly giving it shape.

“I couldn’t move, I could not move or blink.
But the parakeets went absolutely nuts!
I could see them flapping around trying
Desperately to get as far away from the
Windows as possible…pushing themselves,
Squeezing against each other into the farthest,
Highest corner of the cage to get out, get
Away from the windows…
That thing! Outside…It felt like it was
Watching me through the windows, through
The blinds…but how? And I could not
Move…somehow I managed to tilt my
Head…Then it tilted its head, mimicking me?
There was a heavy breathing sound it
Made through the glass, awful…inhuman.
Like a grunting? The feeling…was the
Worst ever. It was studying me and I
Could feel it. It was like it could see
Right through the blinds and shades as if
They weren’t there at all!

“And whatever it was, it absolutely
Terrified the animals like crazy! I have
No idea how long this went on, at least twenty
Minutes or more…The feeling was awful…
Like I was being sized up?

“It was the parakeets that snapped me out
Of it. They were so scared to death I couldn’t
Take it. Somehow I managed to whisper
Desperately, ‘Go away!’ Then it very
Slowly turned and left…

“The parakeets soon calmed down…Then
The other animals…What was that thing?

“I somehow managed to get to bed, a restless
Sleep. The next day I told my family, no
One believed me but my sister. I was
Totally confused. What was it, a person?
A burglar? Why were the animals so scared?
I had heard of Bigfoot…but come on, in
New Jersey?

“So the next night it happened again…
The animals…sheer panic…The mysterious
Hulking visitor at my windows in the moonlight
Scaring them…Again I went to stand by
The parakeet cage…to watch it. I was
Too terrified to open the blinds and see
What it was…I wanted to just rip them
Open but I was too scared of what I
Would see. The parakeets went absolutely
Nuts…as this thing appeared to watch me
Through the covered windows…There was no
Good feeling about it at all.

“Then finally, I guess it was too much,
The parakeets made strange sounds and
Started falling to the bottom of the cage.
I grew angry and yelled at the thing
To ‘get out of here and don’t come back!’

“It slowly turned and left…Then I
Turned the light on to find the parakeets
Breathing hard on the bottom of the cage.
Then I saw that one of them was upside
Down, not moving…dead. Of course it was
The prettiest one, my favorite…The light
Yellow and blue one…I was so angry.
Why…What could have scared them so bad,
Scared one so much it scared the
Poor little bird to death?”

“What do you think it was?” Brishan asked.

“They say Bigfoot, Sasquatch is the
Missing link.” I told them. “If that’s
True…then why does it scare animals
So bad? How could they know it was there
Through the blinds?”

“You know why.” Brishan only said.

“It’s no natural creature…Or else
Animals would not be scared to death by it.”

Ceres only smiled silently as Brishan
Looked back and forth between us… “Did
Anything like that ever happen again?”

“I started noticing things…over
The years…with the animals…when
They grew restless at nothing, stared at
The woods…Something was there…

“When I was 18, my senior year…A
Friend of mine from high school who shared
Similar experiences as me…told me a story
That happened to her right near my house…

“She had gone to her girlfriend’s house
After school one day to ride her horses. They
Would sometimes go riding in the woods near
Me…through the fire trails…the dirt roads
That the Wildlife Department used
To manage brush fires and study wildlife
In the Pine Barrens…That’s what they call
The state forest preserve of New Jersey…

“One afternoon after school when she
Was about 15 or 16…They had taken her
Friend’s 2 horses through the woods for a
Typical leisure ride, nothing special…They
Were not drinking or doing drugs, just
Riding…making small talk, gossip,
Discussing boys, that sort of thing.

“One minute they are talking, having
Fun riding…Then all of a sudden the horses
Come to a dead stop on the fire road…
They couldn’t figure out why. The horses,
Twitched nervously staring off into the
Woods to the right…

“When she looked into the woods, she
Saw what she described as… ‘It looked
Like a bear; a big brown bear digging in
The brush maybe 6 to 10 feet away.’
Now the woods here are thick with
Underbrush…sticker-bushes, briars, thorns,
Weeds…It’s not easy at all to walk through
In some places…

“So they stared at this ‘thing’ digging
Into the brush. It was HUGE, nearly
As big as the horses…It was brown,
But had no tail…and almost seemed
To have a butt or something…like a
Person? But it was massive, very thickly
Built. She watched it for a few moments
Thinking, ‘What the hell is that? A
Bear? There aren’t brown bears in New
Jersey…especially bears THAT big.

“Her girlfriend was on her left and couldn’t
See it as well. All she cared about was
Getting the horses to move…she kept kicking
Hers, shouting for the horse to move.

“But the horses would NOT move…They
Only watched intently at this ‘thing.’

“Then suddenly the thing made some
Awful grunting noise, and she swears
It suddenly… ‘stood up’ like a person
Would…At which point she freaked
Out thinking, ‘What the hell is that?’

“The creature turned slowly to look
At them, but before she could make
Out any details of a face or form…
The horses neighed and shrieked and
Started stomping like crazy at the
Ground…Then, before they could even
Scream…the horses bolted… ‘They
Bolted like hell,’ she said, and
Jumped into a run unlike she had
Ever experienced.

“They tried to control the horses, but
She said nothing could stop them, they
Totally ignored the girls on their backs,
Any reins or side kicks or commands…
The horses only ran full speed down
The dirt road…

“But what really terrified her was
When she clung to the horse for
Dear life and looked into the woods
To the right… it scared her to death.

“This thing, this creature…whatever it
Was, was following them. Built like a
Huge bear, so massive, the way it
Moved was insane for its size…

“It leapt over fallen trees, crashed
Through brush and ran and jumped
And ran, bouncing off the trees like
Some huge gorilla or something. And when
It bounced off the trees, the trees shook
So hard like they would snap. For its
Size and strength, despite how thick
The woods and brush was this thing
Kept up with the horses at top speed.

“Those horses ran like hell and that thing
Kept up with them no problem at

“Those horses were so scared to
Death they ran so fast and hard
When they came to the end of
The fire road upon a busy main
Highway they ran right into traffic…
Somehow…cars swerved, honked,
People screamed…But the horses
Crossed the road and ran all
The way home and didn’t stop
Until they were home in the corral.

“They never saw the thing again. But
She did try to go back later to look
For it when she found the nerve.”

Brishan looked to Ceres, who did
Not seem surprised.

“What kind of thing could do that?”
I asked. “What could keep up with
Those horses and be so big? Nothing
Can move through the woods like that
Here…in New Jersey?
If it is Bigfoot, Sasquatch or
Whatever…Why does it scare animals
So bad? It scared them to death?!
Now the animals clearly sense
Something…something unnatural.

“My parakeets and pets, sense it
Through a wall or covered window?

“Dogs and cats run from it.
Horses are terrified and run from it.

“If it is a missing link…why would an
Animal have this sort of supernatural
Power over them?”?

“Because it’s more than animal.”
Ceres said. “It’s more than natural.”

“What you need to know and be aware
Of,” Brishan said, “Is that they
Have powers beyond human…humans
On Earth that is…most at least. They
Know your people are looking for them,
They laugh at this. You will not find
Them until they want to be found. NOT
Until your numbers reach a critical point.”

“They are observers.” Ceres said. “They
Are meant to find those who
Are different…tagging them for
Their superiors…They are drawn to intuitives,
To mark them. But there are
Different clans and tribes, not all
Do this…But they were bred this

“You need to pay attention to those
Details…” Brishan said. “Because
They know your species is on a clock.
They know what’s coming. So when
You hear about them, just know
They have a job to do…When they
Disappear then you start to worry.
Keep watching the animals. They will
Always tell you what you need to
Know. Remember that…” He sighed.
“We’ll discuss more of what you
Need to know next time. These
Are signs to know.”