Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Parable of the King

*SONG* “The Bonny Swans” by Loreena McKennit

It’s always about the music…
Somehow when the right song plays
Magic happens.
I’ve said before that songs answer riddles.
Sound is a power, a force…
The riddles are answered in more ways than one.

The bridge to the Circle of Light.
Wait for the call, the sound, the song,
And the voice answers.

He sat there very pleased, looking
More than an amazing statue of Hercules
With his long blond hair and wise, strong,
Chiseled face. “I think she was right,
It was the right time for that story.”
Brishan said with a smile. “I was going
To wait a while to suggest it, but I
Must say…I agree, it was the right
Time.” He turned to his sister as she
Sat there smiling mysteriously. “I think
Perhaps all that time with Apollo had
A good influence on you…Oh wait, forgive

Ceres slowly rolled her eyes and
Tossed her long wavy golden sunlight hair
Over her shoulder. “Oh please…not
That again. His obsession with timing…”

“Time, light and sound.” Brishan
Praised. “As we were tonight…The
Powers, the forces of the universe that
Shape all things…The power-play even
Has such a strong influence on us here
Right now,” he said, nodding and
Pointing to the notebook, “Can you deny
It? We would not be here right now
If not for…the Light.”

“I tried to tell you many times.” Ceres
Said with, almost bragging with a laugh. She
Leaned forward to me, “You see none
Back home wanted to believe…that
Such a thing would actually happen…
To come from…Earth. They are the
Same everywhere…All worlds are the
Same, they always think that THEY
Will be the ones to find it, make the
Breakthrough…No one ever listens,
Not even the most advanced worlds.
They say they listen and they don’t.
Oh the wounded ego! Because if
It’s not them…Then it means they
Are at the mercy of a Higher Power.”

“I listened.” Brishan told her.

“No,” she said, “You listened…but
You had to see it for yourself…Then
You marched right in and said…I
Want to talk to him, then you did,
Now you have, now you are…let’s
Make that clear…We all make similar

“Fine.” Brishan smiled to me. “I
Confess this is true…But that does
Not mean I appreciate it any less.”

“So impart your wisdom, Brother.” Ceres
Said to him, crossing her arms over
Her chest.

He laughed, shaking his head. “I said
It, the Noah story was well timed.”
Then he pointed to the notebook. “You
Might want to suggest they read it
A few times…The timing might come
In very well again…You never know.”

“That’s all you have to say?” Ceres asked.

He paused briefly and reflected on
Something he secretly knew. “Then
I should like to LIE to them right
Now…And say, for everyone there
Is a Happy Ending…some significant
Course…That wealth will give you
All the answers and everything you want.”

He laughed. “Yes, it’s true…too
Many believe the same things.
Everyone is looking for answers…
WE are always looking for answers…
We are not excluded…
You want to write something interesting?”

“I think there are expectations on you,
Brishan.” Ceres said playfully. “Wise Leader
Of the Senate…”

He grew a little impatient, but held himself
Very well and calm, then looked at me more
Seriously. “Let me share the most obvious
Advice then…If there is anyone who expects
There is paradise waiting for them out in
The stars…think again. The Universe is
A big place…to each their own, think
Of it this way…If you are unhappy
With the confusion, protests, opinions,
Religions, egos…ruling powers of Earth?
Then do NOT go out into space…Because
You will find all that and much more
With greater intensity…That is why
The greatest lesson is the most simple…
Find that peace and happiness in your
Home first…Don’t give up on your
Home expecting to find the rewards
Of a rescue to come from the great
Unknown…Because what you will find
Are VERY cruel, often costly lessons.”

“Well said.” Ceres nodded.

“Furthermore,” Brishan went on very
Seriously… “I think of it this way…If
You want to find the answers, to
Experience things as we do? Tell them
To go out into the greatest, widest,
Grassiest meadow…comb through it…
And find the single one most perfect blade
Of grass. Find the most perfect
Leaf in the forest of trees…How
Long will that take you? Define
Perfect…That definition is very wide.
Of course then you first must
Choose the best meadow…The best
Forest…Where to look first, how…
What to do with that single blade
Of grass, that leaf…Study it? Copy
It? I could go on and on.”

“True,” Ceres agreed, “The debate is
Endless…In school it always starts
This way…Patience is essential of course.”

“Of course.” He agreed.

“Does that help at all?” She asked.

“I like the blade of grass analogy.” I
Told them. “We have something similar…
Finding a needle in a haystack.”

“Why would a needle be in a haystack?” Ceres

“It’s just a saying.” I said. “About how hard
It is to find something that you are looking for.”

“The blade of grass, the leaf,” Brishan
Said with a pleasant smile. “is more appropriate
With regards to finding answers…Think
About it.”

“But isn’t everyone looking for their
Own answers?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.” Brishan said. “As I said…
Think about it for a while…”

“It’s interesting.” I said.

“Are you going to start offering tutorials
Now?” Ceres teased him. “Bring in an
Instructor from one of the Academies?”

“That might be an interesting idea.” He said,
Considering it.

“I was not being serious.” She said, shaking
Her head with a smile.

“Well,” Brishan seemed to arch his brow.
“There is much going on there now…
They ask questions…”

“To which we can only offer so much.”
She replied.

“There is much going on right now,”
Brishan tilted his head at the notebook,
Then me, “Isn’t there?”

“Yes, there sure is.” I answered.

“Distractions.” Brishan simply said. “Even
Those who think they know…are distracted
From…the truth…beneath the surface.”

“Interesting choice of words.” I had to say.

“I try.” He laughed, then turned to Ceres.
“What would you suggest next then?
I was impressed with your choice and timing
With the story about this man Noah.”

“Do not even suggest Apollo’s influence on
Me,” she told him a little bitterly, “I
Have my own mind.”

“That is why I said it,” Brishan
Told her honestly, “What would you
Suggest next? Another story?”

“Something simple.” Ceres replied, playing,
Twirling with the golden tendrils of
Her hair. “Something Easy…”

“Something general,” Brishan lifted his
Finger, “A parable…Perhaps one of

“They did work well.” Ceres smiled, the
Expression on her face suggesting a
Good memory. “Father had wonderful

“Good kings do.” Brishan smiled and
Nodded. “Good things to share…particularly
With other Leaders. A grand idea…the King’s
Parable! Should you choose one or shall I?”

She gently touched her chin with her elegant
Looking fingers. “You have appreciated my
Choices and timing so far…Allow me
Another chance…”

He gestured casually with a smile of
Contentment. “Proceed.”

Ceres did not have to think very long
Before a sly smile spread across her
Face… “I know just the one…Not that
This will be a habit mind you…Not that
We are offering educational classes from
Our home, mind you…Consider this as
You will…The King’s parable…”

She nodded once to me then I knew
To start writing… “When I was a young
Girl…my world suffered troubled times
Too…but as I have said, before days…
Then our world was going through a
Turmoil too…But no one knew it…Not then,
Not right away, especially the very
Young. Some things never change.

“Very simply then, I will tell it…Tell
Them here to take it as it appears.
Please, do not add to or take
Anything from it…or that ruins
The purpose.”

A pause as she waited for my
Hand to catch up with her words as
I wrote them. “Go on.” I only said.

“Our world then was struggling…
There were mysterious signs…Although
I was intrigued…there was much father
Kept from us, the children…Political
Offices always spare the young these

“I am not sure of the exact time of this
Parable…only that it was a great
Frustration for Father.” She laughed.
“How funny it is now to say this…So
Long after…History does appear to
Repeat endlessly…Disguised of course…

The towns and villages across the land were
Plagued by misfortune…Although
There was a barter system in place,
There was still the acquisition of wealth
By means of Gold. Though not as
You know it. For us, our people
Then, it was Gold, highly compressed,
Highly purified heavy gold pieces.

“The climate was unstable, for a series
Of years this affected crops…Families
Were struggling, resources were being
Drained…Instead of the barter system,
Society was following more of the
Ways of acquiring Gold…You can
Imagine…the greed, the fighting,
The competing…Things were growing out
Of control…even violent.

“So my father went out into the villages
And towns to confront complaints
And protests…And he devised this means
Of helping the people and teaching them
At the same time…

“The first town he came to was
Loud and angry and greedy. So he
Proposed a solution, a contest…

“That he would offer 10,000 pieces of Gold…
This was the equivalent of what I
Believe you would call one ton of gold?

“He would toss a bag of children’s rollers, or
Small throw balls as you call or understand
Them…out into the center of a field…

“And as we were told this story at the dinner
Table…Father threw the bag of rollers out
Into the middle of a field, or meadow rather…
The rules of the contest were simple…
One member from each family of the town
Was allowed to compete…The first person
To retrieve the bag of rollers, intact, to
My father would win the prize…The
10,000 pieces of Gold.

“Now it seems simple of course. But,
Here were the rules…if the bag
Was torn or broken in some way,
And any of the rollers were lost…
The game was over…

“If anyone was hurt or injured in the
Contest…then the game was over, and
Those responsible or involved in the
Injuries were to pay my father 10,000 pieces
Of gold.

“If a fight were to break out of any
Kind, the contest would be over, and any
And all involved in the fight were to
Pay my father 10,000 pieces of gold…

“And finally if anyone was hurt in
Any way during the contest…As if they
Fell or were knocked down or pushed,
Or even slipped and fell on their own…
Then the contest was over…and no one
Would win anything.

“It was simple, everyone had to play…
Everyone had to play fair and play kind
Or there was to be absolutely no
Reward or prize of any kind.

“Now, it seems simple doesn’t it?
He just wanted it to be a safe, kind
Contest where no one would get hurt.

“But…the people were so impatient, hostile,
Angry and competitive with one another…
Everyone was struggling in the towns
And villages at the time…

“Now he wanted to help everyone…but
Everyone wanted to be helped more
Than anyone else…During tough times
Few consider others…They always want
To be helped first…

“So…when the contest began…my father
Tossed the bag of rollers out into the
Middle of the meadow…The horn was
Blown for the contest to begin…

“And what do you think happened?
This town, the people, were so frantic
And greedy that they became nervous…
They panicked…And no one moved
At all. They were too afraid of
Breaking the rules…Now of course
They all wanted to win…But the
Desperation made them…too nervous,
So not a single player moved at all…
And the contest ended with no

“So my father moved on to the next
Town…issued the same rules…
Again the town was too nervous, and
Panicked…and no one moved.
No one wanted to pay the fine of
10,000 pieces of gold…and everyone was
Too afraid of getting hurt…

“Town after town he went to…the
Same thing happened…No one
Moved. People complained but he
Would not change the rules…
Then…my father came to a town…
Struggling just as much as any
Of the others…But, the people of
This town were different…

“No one knows exactly if they had
Planned this, or if it simply was
Their nature…

“When my father began the contest…
Something very different happened…
Instead of racing blindly to compete
For the bag of rollers…All of the
Players WALKED slowly and calmly
Out into the field…One man picked
Up the bag…brought it to my father…
And when he gave it to my father
He said, ‘Here is the bag…AS you
Can see it is safely intact…’
My father proclaimed him the winner,
But the man said, ‘No…we all
Agreed to play this way…and we
All agreed to share it. That way
Everyone wins something.’

“My father was utterly delighted
And impressed and said, ‘Now that,
Is the correct way to win the game.
Everybody wins.’

“It was a major event and symbolic
Victory…Teaching a valued lesson to
The towns about their greed and unity…
About all the games in fact…The only
Way to play a game or contest
Correctly is if everyone wins something.
Especially during tough times…
Because no one should be rewarded
More than others…That only creates
More envy, more greed and resentment…
But when they share the victory
And the winnings…fairly…equally…
Then they not only find relief but
Reclaim their unity and support
Each other.

“It was major turning point in
The spirit of the people, inspiring all
Other towns and villages…from the
Nobles to commoners…And it
Helped neutralize the class system…

“It even affected all manners of
Competitions…and sports…Because
People began to see the importance
In everyone winning…Was there really
A need to have ONE renowned winner
That stood above the others? No.

“And in fact it actually inspired more
People to perform better because they
Saw the importance in everyone’s
Common needs…greed and laziness
Didn’t just hurt the one, it hurt them
All…They were inspired to do better,
Work harder…for the whole…And
In time it actually proved to make
Life a lot easier.

“How’s that for the king’s parable?”
Ceres asked. “Interesting, don’t you

“I really, really like that story.” I said.
“And it really worked? It really
Helped inspire the people to change?”

“In time, yes.” Ceres said. “I would
Like to say it happened overnight…
But it didn’t, it took time…But
Eventually yes it did help all the

“You see,” Brishan said, “some people
Like getting more than others…It
Happens everywhere…Even on our world
Now among the refugees, their villages…
There are those that cling to their old
Ways…And on other worlds among the
Stars…But, when they see a system
That works…It eventually does
Motivate others. This is something you can
Not force however.”

“Though in some instances it should be
Forced.” Ceres laughed.

“Attitudes and habits are very hard
To break…” Brishan nodded. “I believe
Most initially insist on the fast
Easy answer…But no one learns anything
With easy answers. Have you seen this?”

“No, I understand.” I told them. “I have
Seen that a lot. We are always taught
That after high school people change…
I have yet to encounter that…If anything
They become more who they are…it’s
Just a matter if it’s good or bad.”

“Well, that’s the same everywhere too.” Ceres
Said. “But I believe that’s more related
To how we are born…with personalities I

“Time takes care of that.” Brishan said
Solemnly. “For some it takes longer…but
Eventually most do see and understand
The same reasons.”

“The key is to overcome distractions,” Ceres said,
“To keep going. Have a goal, pursue it…
Listen, learn and watch…but be persistent.
Be patient. Be devoted.”

“We realize this is hard on you,” Brishan
Went on, “Of course nothing with a good cause
Is done easily…And criticism is everywhere…
It’s a poisonous distraction. Do not give in to it.
If you surrender to criticism you will find
Yourself surrendering to a lot of things, a lot
Of things!”

“Just deliver the message and keep going.” Ceres
Nodded with a smile. “It will get better.”

“Seriously, persistence, devotion and
Dedication and good work…Those are all
Good things.” Brishan said. “Who would
You seek advice from…Someone who whines
And complains constantly, someone who begs?
Or someone who keeps working on their
Goals and dreams that show results?”

“You’re right. I know.”

“Just watch those distractions…”
Brishan smiled.

“Why do I get the feeling you are about
To impart another mysterious message?”
I asked.

He smiled. “There are so many things
Happening…here…out in the stars,” he
Gestured kindly, one generous wave of his
Arm, “and on your world.” He pointed to
The notebook. “Now…if you want my
Suggestions? My ideas or hints? Who
Am I to say…We cannot tell you or
Anyone to do anything…Yet, in times
Of chaos and upheaval…on worlds
Where it seems things are about to collapse…
The planet always shows the same signs…
But frequently people are too busy arguing
To notice things in nature…And when
They do it’s too late.”

“Ah.” Ceres laughed, “And here Brishan
Is attempting his serious overtone of
Mystery.” She shook her head. “Just
Say it…or would you rather throw
A sack of balls in a field?”

“Funny.” He said.

“It’s just that, well…encouraging things
Like protests…civil war, or revolutions
When peaceful resolve makes more sense…
It all seems rather pointless…when one
Should be more focused on geological
And atmospheric instability…and erratic
Patterns in electro-magnetic fields…
Or strange ailments…like numbness
Or headaches.”

“Oh that wasn’t mysterious at all.” Ceres
Threw back her head with a laugh. “Dare
They dive next into further research
On such things…Oh wait, should I find
A sack of balls first? If only animals
Were entertained so well with balls for
Hours on end…Good sense and logic would
Be everywhere.”

“You spend too much time with the
Bears,” Brishan laughed. “With all the

“They are honest and furry,” Ceres said,
Holding her chin high. “Well, mostly hairy
That is…The rest just wish they had hair.
They’re just simple and cute, that’s all.”

“That’s a fairly…odd analogy.” Brishan
Laughed at her.

“Don’t judge the animals harshly.” Ceres
Smiled playfully. “They could teach anyone
A lot.”

Brishan turned to me very kindly. “Let’s
Be clear…and simple for now. Consider
The stories we have recently shared…read
Them a few times…ponder things…That’s
All. Go rest…for next we will talk about
Your dreams some more…”

“Yes, I have had some interesting ones!” I told them.

“Yes,” Brishan and Ceres nodded
Together. “We are VERY interested to
Hear about these new developments…
These dreams you had…Voices from
The stars? Of constellations?”


He nodded. “It’s time to slow down
A little then…Rest…It’s in the stars…
That is something you cannot Fight
At all…when the Stars Align…
Things happen.”




Or Some Such

Ben Naga

Just as the separate frames that constitute a reel of film conjure up a continuous reality. (With this reality itself but an illusory imagining of the director, the writer, the actors.

I recall reading of a Buddhist master who, when asked about the nature of reality, enlightenment or some such – I don’t remember the exact question – I have slept many times since then – said nothing but snuffed out a nearby candle and relit it immediately.

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Ancient Cataclysm…

*SONG* “After All the Love Is Gone” by Alias

Long Ago…It was a dark age.
Deny what we were told to see, hear and feel
The Lost Days…

The dazzling cities masterly crafted
Of diamonds and gold…marbled and gemstone
Monoliths…The city streets moved with machines
And the lost sciences of the Ancients
Granted the First People of Earth conveniences
Unlike we know now. It was more.
Everything was more…

They were perfect by comparison, they were wise…
Not slow and dumb meandering and
Grunting about like animals.
The Ancients were beyond us,
And they knew what they were doing.
They lectured, preached and debated
And worshipped with many faiths and
Religions…The Glory of Empowerment
For one instead of all, that is how they
Lost their unity…

It was not on purpose of destruction,
They were just trying to find their own
Answers, their own way…And that is the
Most common practice in the stars…
All the religions have answers, to each
Their own, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The greatest danger came by accident…
At the wrong time, at the wrong place…
By the most indulgent…That made the
Beast…Beings of a Higher Dimension
Worshipped by wayward religions fell
For the glory of worship by the flesh.
And were born into super-beings of flesh…
They we call Nephilim…

The Nephilim filled the Earth in the last
Lost days of the great cities of the Ancients.
Born to build the first cabal,
To control the Kings and Queens,
And their kingdoms and the temples…

They didn’t see it until it was
Too late…And those that did see were
Silenced…They either disappeared or
Were too afraid to speak out and protest…

The Smartest Ones kept their Mouths
Shut and watched and listened and
Learned silently…like the Ancient Masters,
Who forged 13 Crystal Skulls to hide
These secrets and protect the Earth…
For a future when valued lessons
Learned could be rewarded for future
Use…To save a World From history
Repeating itself.

The greatest Victims were the Young.
The innocent who revere too quickly
And easily…and act out just as fast…

But there were some, who led simple
Lives…like a man called Noah, who
Just never fit in…and lived outside
The mainstream of society…alongside
The wild innocents of nature, the
Ones who suffered most at the
Hands of men…the Animals.

The Light…said there was a decree
From the highest power…That at
Such times, at any place throughout
The stars…That when the Nephilim
Walked among the mortals…And
Corruption Fell…A time of Chastisement
Would come…A cleansing…A renewal…
The cataclysm.

This is no special law nor unique
Circumstance of Earth. It includes any
And ALL worlds of the stars…
Universes are but a host for fleshly life…
And such things have happened in
Many galaxies…Because where there is
Life, there are those that search for
Answers…Those that search for power…
And those that fall victim to it…

The Quest always seems to fall upon
Those not looking for it…because those
Searching for power always seem to
Stir the greatest Trouble…and thus
Make the greatest monsters…

Here the story continues…

On the Bridge of the Watchers, the ones
Sent to Fix the Timeline. The Great Lion
Man Ascended Master BR’Riel sat in the
Captain’s chair silently watching with fierce
Eyes. He had never seen such an event
Before, many heard the stories of worlds
That fell this way, but few ever actually
Witnessed these measureless events…

From their perspective, time apart and
Moving fast, the Fall came quickly…
The people gorged themselves in recklessness…
In worship through various ways…
Faith can take many forms…
Chaste, Sin, Suffer, Glory…
Sex, Greed or Sacrifice…anything
And everything to entreat and lure
Beings from greater dimensions…

There was utter chaos, as governments
Crumbled to riots and revolutions by
People torn apart by the clashing of
Beliefs and prejudices…The Nephilim
Giants in their temples easily
Manipulated mortals with their powers…
And as the Wars of Mortal men were
Fought between Temples, between
Governments of distant lands…All the
While the Nephilim were living in the
Attention of the Dark Empire who
Fed off these transfigured worlds…

Heaven versus Hell…Again, unseen as always
Another war was being fought much higher…
For the sake of protecting Heaven from
Being violated by these abominations that
Were neither Higher beings nor simple Flesh…
For if the Nephilim breached the gates
That separated the physical from the
Non-physical…The potential danger
For invading the Highest of Heaven’s
Order would be devastating…

The Light by Seraphs were sent and
Gifted to prevent this at all costs…
At any time or place…without hesitation,

BR’Riel took it all in…The crumbling
Earth…The Ancient Mortals that ran wild
As their Nephilim Overseers laughed
And enjoyed every moment of pain
And suffering…And the Invaders came…
To consume, to harvest any life on
The planet that held any knowledge…

First and Foremost, the Greatest and
Most Prized Treasure Invaders craved
Was this knowledge…Find it, seek it
Out…Then Take it, Harvest it, then
Move on to the next world to find it again…
The endless cycle…The Fall, the
Corruption…The Invasions…And they
Always fall for it, time and time again…

History repeats itself this way
Throughout the stars…

And the Watchers Quest to Find the
Elements to Break the Cycle…

To watch this process repeat itself
Over and over is agonizing…That is
Why Angels fall from Grace…And why
Those that see it, sense it, grow so
Numb…How many times must it happen
Before it breaks?

BR’Riel could only watch, his Lion Men
Disciples surrounding him in awe…
As Ceres stood in the center of the bridge
Before the view screen covering her open
Mouth with both hands in shock…It was
Happening so fast! She was terrified, she
Was angry, she was crying…They had
All just witnessed the miracle with
The elephants…and now THIS!
“No…No…NO!” She kept crying.

Apollo furiously studied the scans at
The panel. The data coming in was
Overwhelming. The sound disturbance
Alone was deafening…The weapons fire,
The screams, the loss of life…It was as
Though everyone wanted to be involved
In the chaos firsthand to experience it,
Crave it, continue it…

“Have any gotten off the planet?”
BR’Riel asked him.

“Scattered vessels have fled,” Apollo
Told him, “But they are all being
Stopped and captured before they get
Very far…” He grimaced at watching
It all play out all over AGAIN…
“It’s pointless.”

“Are there no safe havens?” Vala asked,
Horrified by watching the agony.
“Evacuation routes? Hidden bases?
Anything for these people to run to?”

Apollo laughed. “To run from THE
Empire? Surely you know that answer…
Remember your world.” He knew she
Was as disturbed as he was from the
Loss of her world as he was his…Only
The degree of violence varied…

“This is terrible,” Vala groaned at
Watching the view screen. “This is awful!
It is like watching Hell!”

Apollo winced. “Here it comes! An
Electro-Magnetic Pulse…Suspension
And Neutralization of ALL Power…
Now they cannot even Fight…If I
Remember correctly, it escalates at
This point.” But then he began to
Scan the readings on the panel and
Scowl… “Something is wrong. Something
Is very wrong!”

“What is it?” Vala asked.

“The Planet…” Apollo said.

“What about it?” Vala went to stand
Behind him to study the readings.

“The Planet,” Apollo exclaimed, “There is
No geological activity…The weather
Patterns are not significant…I
Do not understand…These readings…
There is nothing there?!”

“What are you talking about?” BR’Riel asked.

Apollo was panicking, his eyes bulging at the
Readings… “I do not understand…The Planet
Fell into utter chaos…ALL of nature went wild…
The weather, the storms, earthquakes, volcanoes…
Even the sky turned black! A strange
Stellar phenomena with the sun, like an
Eclipse…It was crazed…But here…now…
Nothing is happening but the Invasion and
Civil chaos…Nothing?”

But Ceres remained focused on the Ark…
The animals…She was completely
Concerned by them… “Have they sealed it yet?
Have they sealed themselves in? The
Scout ships, the darts for the Harvest
Are swarming the planet…They are headed
For the Ark…”

“I thought the Harvest ships only took
Human life?” Vala asked.

“They consume anything carrying an
Abundance of life, even animals if their
Numbers are significant.” BR’Riel corrected.
“Remember their mission is to Harvest
The essence…and any and all biological
Matter unique for study.”

Ceres’s insides were roaring. “They are NOT
Touching those animals, not my animals,”
She cried. “Not my little ones! Never, NOT

Apollo scanned the Ark. “They are struggling
With the seal…The Masters designed the
End wall to close…They aren’t strong enough
To close the door…”

They watched the view screen as Noah
Was struggling with his wife and ropes
Harnessed to the elephants as he pleaded
With them to pull to raise and seal
The door… “Pull girls,” he kept urging
The elephants as they leaned their
Weight on tree trunk-like legs to
Raise it shut, but it was so slow
Going. “Pull!” He kept crying. “Pull!”

The children cowered in fear on the ark…
What was this, they had no idea what
To think of it all…All the animals,
From the heaviest and mighty beasts at
The bottom to the flying, chattering and
Shrieking birds in the high rafters to
The rats, rabbits, mice and squirrels
That scurried in the hallows and out
Of reach corners…The animals were
Going crazy rapidly as they clearly
Sensed the danger outside…Fear was
In the air everywhere…growing worse
And worse.

“They’re so frightened,” Ceres cried as she
Could not take her eyes off the screen. “They
Are all so frightened! I told them I
Would keep them safe!”

BR’Riel grew impatient, then turned to his
Men, “Two of you go down there
And seal that Ark. Apollo,” he commanded,
“Send a blinding flash of light to distract
The world below, and the Watchers
At present below as well. Enough of
This, let us see it done!”

Two towering golden Lion Men in white robes
Rushed to the Ark with transport crystals…
Moving so fast they were not seen…with
God-speed, like Angels with Lion’s Faces they
Arrived at the Ark and without delay or
Difficulty lifted the heavy door and sealed
It shut tight…

Just then rioters crashed upon the
Scene to storm Noah’s property and
Beat at theArk…The reckless people were
Now trying to get Noah
To help them. How ridiculous! The
Lion Men took it upon themselves to
Act as great Watchmen then to roar and
Scare the crowds away.

The Great Magnificent Lion Men were acting as vigilant
Guardian Angels…They raced about
In flashes as though they had wings,
Terrifying everyone away. The people screamed
And cried but the Lion Men kept the
Ark safe…while the Watchers in the ship
Above watched, BR’Riel in particular was
Quite entertained, in an angry way.

But Ceres only grew more vexed and
Impatient. “What do we do? I don’t know
What to do!”

“The Invasion ships are swarming
From the Mother Craft.” Vala said at the panel.

“Have the readings changed for the planet?”
She asked Apollo.

His eyes raced furiously over data. “Whatever
Technology they were dabbling with…
Some sort of sonic pulses…has ceased…
The tectonic plates beneath the western
Oceans are destabilizing…The crystalline
Network below is severely damaged…
Deteriorating fast…without the sonic devices
They were using…everything is falling apart
By the electro-magnetic pulse…”

“How long?” Vala asked.

Apollo began to sweat. “The Planet just
Moved 5 degrees…” He said nervously. “10
Degrees…The poles have now shifted 15

“That’s too fast!” Vala said. “Is this what
Occurred before?”

Apollo recalled the erratic readings from
The first time his Watchers Post
Experienced this. “When the blinding light
Flashed…the readings were so intense, so
Fast we lost track of everything…Before
We knew it the World was entirely
Engulfed…The crust, the surface was
Literally ravaged by earthquakes, volcanoes,
The ground swallowed everything…and
The oceans soon followed with the deluge.”

“The Ark!” Ceres exclaimed. “What about
The Ark?”

“The crust is swallowing the Far Eastern
Cities…Tsunamis on every coast!” Apollo

“How did the Ark survive?” Vala asked him.

“I have no idea!” Apollo shouted. “The planet
Has now moved 20 degrees!”

“The Ark!” Ceres shouted, turning to BR’Riel.

“Tsunamis on the Eastern coast are
Towering…” Apollo warned, he turned to
BR’Riel… “They are heading for the Ark.”

“At this rate it will be crushed.” Vala said.

“No!” Ceres cried.

“You have to do something!” Vala warned.

“We have no weapons on the ship.” Apollo
Told them. “Nothing that we have could slow
This down, not at this speed.”

Vala turned to the Great Lion Men. “You
Have to use the planet as a weapon.”

“What?” BR’Riel could not believe his ears.

“Ships are swarming across the planet!”
Apollo told them. “Taking lives everywhere!”

“Build a bridge to Nature,” Vala said.
Her knowledge of sciences of the mind were
Unmatched by even the wisest elders.
“The Tesseract Principle…Harness the
Full power of your mind…Build a
Bridge to the planet’s crystalline network.
It’s alive; talk to it…it’s the only way.”

“What am I to say?” BR’Riel asked.

Vala turned to Ceres. “Go through BR’Riel,
Let him build the Bridge with his mind
To the planet…and talk to it…the way
You did with the bears…if you want
To save them you have to do this…NOW.”

There was an awkward moment of hesitation,
Then BR’Riel stood and focused his
Great and powerful mind on the planet
As Vala had said…with the vast crystalline
Network…He had never attempted something
So immense before…But he did build a
Bridge…Moments… “I believe I have
Contact with the crystalline network…I
Am sensing a…force, an essence of the planet…
It’s vast…”

Vala urged her sister… “Now, go through
The Bridge…Talk to it.”

Ceres was utterly overwhelmed. “And say

“Do it!” Vala ordered.

Hysterical, crying, Ceres sent her mind
To BR’Riel’s…to find the bridge and cross
It, to feel the planet…

“Talk to it,” Vala told her, “send it
Your feelings…show them to the planet…”

“I’ve never done this before!” Ceres cried.

“Do you want to save those Little Bears?”
Vala said intensely. “The elephants…think
About the elephants.”

“STOP it!” Ceres cried, trying to hold herself

“Think about all those pregnant
Mothers on the Ark, Ceres…” Vala taunted
Her. “The Lions, the Bears, the Wolves…”

Ceres’s mind raged wildly as she heard the
Cries of the animals on the Ark…She felt
Their fear…The roars of the cats, the
Weight of the babies they carried…
The rumbles of the elephants…the terror
As they swayed…The devotion they felt to
Their herds, the love for their babies that
They carried…

“See their eyes, their minds,” Vala
Said, further exciting her, “How they feel,
How you feel for them…Their fear, their
Tortured lives…their desperation, their
Spirit…To be Free, They run, They hide,
They think, They Feel! Tell that to the
Planet! Show it what you Feel!”

Ceres’s mind was racing, flooding, overflowing,
Raging with emotions…The sounds of the
Animals…The wild innocence, the abuse
They suffered…They had feelings…Their
Instinct…To live, to survive…And that
Wordless intense drive to protect what
They carried inside them…new life…
The Mother’s Love…

All at once it struck her…and the planet
Echoed its cry. Thunder and Lightning
Filled the Skies…

“The Tsunamis are approaching the Ark!”
Apollo cried.

“No!” Ceres screamed. Her mind exploded,
Bound to the planet now…her emotions
Poured into it…resounding throughout
The crystals so powerfully that the tidal
Wave of energy within the crystals now
Transformed into a new force, one
Of nature and the Mother’s Love…A Mother
Earth was born…And the fury now
Rose above and below every elemental
Force to control it…

Vexed with panic and the unstoppable
Need to protect…Mother Earth filled with
A furious passion…and became one with
Ceres’s will…Protect the Ark.

The Skies above the Ark began to swirl
And spin…The elements falling to command
By the Earth…And the wind rose with
Ferocious speed to form a Super Tornado
Over the Ark…Shielding it from
Everything, and obliterating everything
Surrounding it at the same time…

The Mighty Wall of water of the oceans
Swept across the land…and met the
Force of the Super Tornado, then split around
It to cover the hills and last sparkle of
The gold and marbled cities…
The Ark was saved…but the cities lost…
Atlantis fell…Attan fell…and Lemuria
And Arcadia…All of the Ancient Cities
Were lost…now buried, sunken, swallowed forever.

The Super Tornado continued to shield the ark
As the oceans now covered the Planet…
Rain, sleet and snow showered the world
As Temperatures soared out of control.
Nothing was temperate, nor arctic,
Nor tropical, everything was a violent mess.

BR’Riel sat in the captain’s chair
Utterly mesmerized by this indescribable
Force upon the planet…Nature was alive
And raging…as Ceres remained in her
Furious state bound to it…guarding the
Ark…It was beyond words.

Apollo panted nervously, as they all did,
Watching the supernatural power. Yet somehow
He managed to follow the readings on the
Panel. Triangular ships darted about the
Earth in small Fleets searching for any
Remaining life to take. “The Mother
Craft is moving closer to the planet!” He

But Ceres and the Earth remained as one,
Her eyes saw the invading threats in the
Skies and the Earth reacted without
Hesitation…Lightning struck at the ships,
Lashing out at them with ravenous fury,
Exploding them to pieces one by one…
It was a war, but not of the mortal means. It
Was a war of the supernatural powers of Nature
Of the Earth protecting itself from the
Alien assault…Mother Earth was having
None of it.

“The planet just moved,” Apollo told them,
“30 degrees now…It should stop there…”

Suddenly the two Lion Men that had
Been sent to the surface re-materialized on the
Bridge, desperate and panicked as they
Moved to BR’Riel’s side.
He turned to his men with concern…his
Eyes asking them silently, “How did it go?”

The golden Lion Men looked horrified. “The
Magnitude of destruction was…overwhelming.
We have never seen, nor felt such an
Immense loss of life…”

BR’Riel went wild-eyed…He could sense
It, feel it too…The ethereal realms
Surrounding the planet echoed of the
Screams of death, in all forms…The people,
And yes the plants and animals too. So
Much had been lost so fast! You just had
To be there…

The entire bridge watched as the massive
Super Tornado continued to shield the
Ark from the flood of the moved oceans…
It was the only vessel of life of the
Humans and animals left…
All the ocean life had been severely
Impacted as well…only the sea creatures
That could hide in the cavernous depths
Of the waters could be spared from the
Merciless destruction of above…And it seemed

All of this only enticed the ship of the Dark
Empire’s interest as it moved closer and
Closer to the planet, taking its own readings
The same as the Watchers did. But they
Were no match to the Watchers’ science
As their ship remained hidden above
All physical dimensions…

“What is that ship exactly?” BR’Riel asked.

Vala, of keen interest, quickly scanned and
Analyzed the Pyramid-like vessel. “There
Are multiple highly complex readings…The
Ship is comprised of an array of lifeforms…
An infusion of many races, many species…
Primarily Draconian and Sirian in origin.
This is a base, there are many
Compartments…A science vessel, but it also
Echoes a hierarchy…Reptilian, a powerful
Female presence…A Queen?”

“A parent vessel?” BR’Riel suggested.

“The Empire does not send their most
Important base ships to harvest common
Worlds.” Vala said strangely. “Something
Else is going on here.”

“The planet’s rotational shift has slowed.”
Apollo informed them. “Yes, it’s stopping
Now…New ice caps are forming
At new poles…VERY quickly. There are
Massive ice storms spinning about
The two poles…”

“I am sensing something VERY strong.” Vala
Said of the Mother Ship hovering over the
Planet. “This is no ordinary base star…
This is Nibaru.”

“The Master Legion?” BR’Riel was stunned
But outraged. “The Destroyers? Why would
They be here?”

But Ceres remained apart from them all
Bound to the Earth, its elemental forces…
Guarding the Ark…Somehow through it all
She managed to clearly hear her scared
Animals…The shrieks of the birds…The
Grunts, roars and cries of the big cats,
The elephants…The whimpering of the
Wolves…The terror of the horses and the
Sheep…Her heart reached out and sang
To them…lullabies to their spirits. And
The Earth heard this singing and it too
Began to calm down…
The waters calmed, the tornado
Eased down just enough to let the
Waters gently slide under the ark…
Spinning it, carefully, slowly,
Raising it until it was at the surface
Of the waters and the tornado began
To dissipate into gusts of wind
That blew against a rocky sea…

Then the ark was simply floating
On the waters…as it was meant to…
Adrift, alone…with its precious
Cargo…And Ceres just kept singing to it,
To the animals, keeping them calm,
Singing to them until they were lulled into
A quiet deep sleep…where they could
Find peace and dream…She told
Them to forget and rest…They had
Been through enough. Still she stood there
Crying…The ark had done its job and
Saved the animals. But the sheer
Numbers that had been lost were
Awful. She would never forget them
For as long as she lived. And in that
Moment she vowed no matter what,
No matter what it took, she would
NEVER allow such sacrifices to be
Made again. That was the worst feeling
Ever, to pick and choose? There
Was no winning that way…The only
Comfort she found was in knowing
That one day later, in the Earth
She saw…the animals would fill the
Earth again, and new varieties would
Spread. Everything would be new.

BR’Riel studied the view screen of the
Massive pyramid ship hovering near
The planet. “It’s not moving, what is
It doing?”

“It’s scanning.” Vala told him. “It’s searching.
I think they know something happened
Here…something unnatural.”

“Is that what happened in the
Time you knew?” BR’Riel asked Apollo.

Apollo turned to him. “Yes, they were
Quite taken by the events. Even though
They lost most of their Harvest ships…
They could not let it go…So they
Lingered…and studied what happened.”

“So this then drew their interest?”
BR’Riel asked. “They stayed because
Of it?”

“In part, yes.” Apollo said, “But remember
It’s different for them…They are conquerors,
They never stop…They just keep looking
For more.”

“They are ravenous.” Vala said with

“We should leave as soon as possible.”
BR’Riel ordered.

“But the ark?” Ceres said. “Will
They be safe?”

“Apollo?” BR’Riel asked him.

He hesitated to answer. “They will be safe…
For the purpose served. The ark will
Come to rest in the mountains far to
The East…Nothing will bother them
For now.”

“For now?” Ceres said angrily.

“The Empire will leave and send science
Ships later with their…minions,” Apollo
Told her… “Where they will begin…their
Generational experiments on the humans.”

“And the animals?” She asked.

“Ceres!” He said.

“We are done here.” BR’Riel ordered. “It’s
Time to leave.”

“But—“ Ceres cried… “Shouldn’t
We at least wait until the ark has
Come to its rest safely?”

“This is not a nursery mission, Ceres.”
BR’Riel said firmly. “We’ve already
Surpassed the mission’s intentions…
It is done…We must not speak
Of this.”

“But the Postulate will know, surely?”
Ceres warned them.

“The Postulate does NOT monitor these
Sorts of missions.” BR’Riel said. “They
Cannot. It would create ripples in
Time…Watchers to Watch Watchers,
Watching us? No…they do not know,
Will not know, because I am here.”

“So that’s it then?” Ceres asked with

“That is enough.” BR’Riel told her. “You
Must let Nature do the rest.”

“I am never going to let that
Happen again!” Ceres said, gritting her
Teeth. “Picking and choosing like

“We will keep searching for a way
To stop them.” Vala told her sister kindly.
“To stop them from invading and
Harvesting worlds…One day I will return,
And when I do…It will be for their
End. But for now, you must never
Tell what happened here.”

“Stories will be told.” Ceres laughed…
“Humans did survive.”

“And how do they pass on stories?” Vala
Laughed. “You know how that works…
They will weave tales and myths…
And each generation will add to them…
And also forget things…That’s how
Religions begin…They need to believe
In something.”

“That’s appalling.” Ceres groaned, still
Fighting tears.

BR’Riel lowered his brow firmly. “It is
Done. And now…you will watch as
We have taught you, as I have
Taught you…And in that time
You will want and know what
To look for…”

So they returned to that present
Time…when the Bears were changed…
And BR’Riel went and stood in the
Wilds of the Earth to speak with
Nature…And what did nature say?

Thank you…Thank you for this gift…
The Gift of the Mother…

“Great Lion Man…One day…I promise
For what you…your student has given Me…
I too will give you a gift…

The Time will come…

I will change the World…All Worlds…”

The World Will Change.




Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 19NOV2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (19 November 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Message from Mike Quinsey 11th November 2016

Message from Mike Quinsey – 11th November 2016 – “the election result will have no standing”

For the people of America the result of their Presidential election was a complete surprise as it was much closer in the end than had been anticipated, and Trump gained a late rush of strong support largely from those who were undecided until the last few days. Neither of the two candidates was particularly well received for such an important position as the President of the United States. However, within a probable period of 3 months or less there are likely to be events that will overshadow everything else that has taken place so far. The new united States of America is waiting in the wings to be announced, and it means that the election result will have no standing where it is concerned. In the circumstances it is expected that Trump would resign and thereby make way for new candidates in a new election. In that event Paul Ryan is considered to be the most likely one to be appointed as the interim President until new elections can be held.

These events were inevitable and major changes cannot be stopped from taking place, as they are already written into the future and will manifest quite soon. It will be the turning point for all of Humanity, as they move onto the path that will free them from the control of the dark Ones. It will enable Humanity to take great steps forward that will see the introduction of beneficial and welcome changes that have been held back for a long time. So many events have been waiting an opportunity to reveal the true future for Earth and its inhabitants.

These are the end times of the Solar Cycle that has lasted over 25,000 years and in that time virtually all of you have had many lives on Earth. You have come through them as much greater souls than when you first started the cycle. Evolution is the key to the experiences you have had where lessons are often repeated to ensure they have been well learned. As a Soul Group they have succeeded where previously cycles have ended in failure. Each time those souls who were not ready to ascend entered another cycle to continue their experiences, with a view to gradually evolving and creating another opportunity to ascend. There is no pressure placed on them and each soul is allowed to evolve in its own time. However, they will continue to be supported by souls that have dropped down from the higher realms for that purpose. However, some of them also come from other civilizations and are all volunteers. Such instances are commonplace among those who have already ascended.

When the revelations begin to be released about your true selves, many will find them difficult to believe and there will be both shock and joy. Be assured however that those empowered to bring the truth into being, will leave you in no doubt that they are truthful. The changes to the Earth will bring you benefits that are guaranteed to greatly lift up the quality of your life. It will be an era when you will have all the essential benefits that ensure a comfortable level of existence. One where you do not have to worry about your well-being as standards will be much higher than previously. Many old forms of transport will disappear to make way for those that are reliable and non-polluting where the air and earth are concerned. Your seas and water supplies will also be cleansed in next to no time by use of advanced technologies. Healing will eventually be carried out using sound and light only, so there will be an absolute revolution in this respect. So the future holds much that will delight and also astonish you, and you will absorb the higher vibrations and remain in perfect health.

As you start to “dream” of the future benefits so you will attract them to yourself. The more souls that do so, the quicker you will be able to use them. It is also worth mentioning that eventually the need to spend the best part of your life working will also become unnecessary, as much of what you still do manually will be carried out by robots. Even now their development has advanced considerably and they are already carrying out minor tasks. What was mostly science fiction in the last century is rapidly becoming your reality, and it has the ability to change your way of life so quickly. Also what has been held back from you for a long time is entering your reality, and it will be sped up when the dark Ones who held it back are removed.

It is best to keep an open mind if you want to evolve quicker when new ideas and facts are presented to you. One that may concern many people is connected with the birth of a new family member, when it is learned that the baby’s body is entered by a spirit that prior to being born has chosen those who are to be the parents. The choice is made bearing in mind what type of life experiences they wish to have until they are an adult and can make their own way. Selection is made of the lessons that they wish to learn, and sometimes it is ongoing and they may incarnate several times with the same parents. All is not however testing and hard work as karma will also include those good times in your life, when you get the breaks and achieve your desires. Also bear in mind that your life plan is considered, and your choice of parents would be those best suited to give you what you needed to succeed.

Some readers may doubt that they chose their parents as they may have had a hard childhood. Be assured that even in such circumstances there are no mistakes, and for whatever reasons you chose them it was to give you the experiences you needed. It may also include karma where you have some unfinished matters that have to be cleared. When you start to think in terms of karma you will find it helps to find a reason for your life experiences. All are of value and some most important to your progress where your evolution is concerned. You cannot escape it except to end your life before time, but this type of action only creates more problems for you. Take life seriously and do your best at all times and hopefully you will have been able to clear it for all time. Some of you may doubt that you chose your parents as you may have had a hard childhood, but know that it can work both ways as parents may also have lessons to learn.

Because these are the end times souls will be very busy trying to raise their vibrations, and to increase their chances of rising up out of the lower vibrations. Many will succeed and intuitively know when they are on the path to success. Be gentle and kind to other souls and make allowances for their lack of understanding if they are lacking love for other Human Beings. All souls mix together on Earth and all learn from each other so take note of when you lose control, and having found the reason ensure that you are unlikely to repeat it.

Matters are reaching a point where major things must happen very soon as there is mass unrest among people who have little or no idea of what is going on. They become very much on edge and this is a recipe for matters getting more out of hand. Guidance is needed and sufficient help to let them know that the future is going to be wonderful and alter their perception of life as it will be very acceptable.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Animals of Noah’s Ark…

*SONG* “Animal” by Def Leppard–vvf0

Back to the lost story of a lost time…
This story is shared not to condemn
But learn from the past…
So that history does not repeat itself…

On the Watcher’s ship…The vessel sent
Back by the Tribunal to repair an intervention…
Poised higher in dimension to avoid detection,
The mighty BR’Riel, noble Ascended Master
Of the Lion Men’s Temple…sat in the
Captain’s chair quietly pondering all that
Had transpired…At the time, everything
Was beyond their control…The Watchers
Had now become players to
A higher power…perhaps a divine plan
To a timeline that seemed incomprehensible…

“Tell me of the cities of this Earth
That we now fall witness to.” He ordered
To the now quiet humbled Apollo. “If we
Are to serve a purpose here I would
Like to know as much as possible.”

Apollo turned slowly, glancing at the fair
Ceres briefly…She would not even look at
Him without a scowl of disgust…Then
Looked up to BR’Riel’s magnificent shining
Silver blue ethereal eyes. “What would
You like to know?”

BR’Riel seemed to moan his thoughts…
“Anything…Everything? This world was…
So new…corrupted so fast…Were there
So few true hearted souls that walked
This world? None opposed or foresaw the

Apollo blinked, thinking fast on what he
Recalled…But the memories seemed haunting
Now as he had done nothing…He had only
Watched the chaos brew…The guilt he bore
In this was overwhelming, even though
Duty did not condemn him this, only his
Soul did. “Of course, as on any world
That falls, however numerous they may
Be…there are always those that attempt
To change things, right wrongs…and so

“Then what happened to them?” BR’Riel asked.

Apollo laughed. “The same as on many
Worlds…It’s the same everywhere you
Find corrupt systems…Those that oppose
The mainstream are ridiculed publically…
Harassed, isolated or imprisoned, or
Executed…to demonstrate the power of
The corrupt government.”

“But these cities,” BR’Riel said with admiration,
“Cities of gold and diamonds and marbled
Stones, precious jeweled cities…of polished
Emeralds reaching to the sky…These
Buildings and monuments are marvelous…What
Happened here?”

Apollo thought heavily. “What vast lesson
Learned? How many worlds across the
Stars succeed? They aimed too high
To impress and attracted equally great
Dark treasure hunters…

“It started out quite noble and good,
When the Adams and Eves settled and
Spread across the land. They had their
Parents’ sciences to aid them…

“The first cities rose with hope and pride,
Atlantis the treasure city of hope and
Dreams and limitless sciences…

“Attan, or Ettan as it was also pronounced…
The trade port and crossroads city…

“Arcadia, the pleasure city…of gambling
And indulgences of everything imaginable
Of flesh and the mind…

“Lemuria…with its emerald towers and
Super sciences…minds were its treasure…
You want me to tell you what
Happened here? The great corruption
Of great powers? Nothing special
Happened here…What happened here
Happens everywhere…The only difference
Is the outcome on each world…some
Rise, some fall…some grow past their
Weaknesses and greed…while others
Succumb to temptation…or fall to the
Dark Empire…

“The only ones who learn are those
That learn to listen and watch, and
Above all see themselves for what they
Are and should be…if virtue finds them.”

BR’Riel groaned at the words…but his
Senses had already reached out and scanned
The planet below…The decadent behavior
Of the people echoed across the psychic
Plain…as all behavior does. No secrets
Hide themselves to those with higher
Senses…Lust and greed and gluttony
Carried on the ethereal winds of this
Earth…What higher beings called sin,
Mortal man called common beliefs…
Sin is just a word to some people, while
To others who hold virtue in higher
Regard…discipline, patience and
Self control and faith are the true
Aim of greater reward… “The endless
Conflicts of civilizations.” BR’Riel grumbled…
“I am tired of watching this.” He
Turned to Vala, who had taken another
Seat at the panel beside her sister…
To study the planet with fresh eyes
And mind. “What do you see, Vala?”

“I see a lot of minds pre-occupied
With themselves…” She answered. “However,
There are some…interesting elements.”

“Oh?” BR’Riel asked.

“There is an organized group of
Disciplined minds…but they are in retreat,
Apart from the world. In hiding,
Seclusion…in a temple…13…That number,
13 Ascended Masters…in secret
Meeting. They seem to know quite a lot.”

“The Temple of the Ancient Masters.”
Apollo said to her words. “Ah, I remember
Those…They were students of the
Last Lion Men…A noble, elite group.
They shared much promise…But the
People shunned them and their teachings.”

“Why?” BR’Riel asked.

“Because the Ancient Masters practiced a
Regiment of intense disciplined training.”
Apollo answered. “The world was too taken
With having a good time. They had
Their various religions…Anything that
Withheld pleasure and affected guilt
They shunned.”

“Of course.” Vala laughed. “Why bother
To learn when it’s so easy to have fun.
Quick answers…so the partying can

But Apollo was distracted by Ceres as
She furiously attended all of her
Scans and diagnostics of the animal
Life of the planet. She was quite
Aggravated. He carefully paused to
Turn to her. “How are you doing?” He
Asked her kindly.

She refused to acknowledge or even
Look at him.

“Ceres?” He asked again quietly as the
Attention of the bridge fell upon her.

A long fragile silence, then she lifted
Her head and turned to her sister. “Is
There an idiot talking to me? Because I
Swear I sense the most irritating
Sound of STUPIDITY!”

Vala smiled and silently laughed as
Apollo sat back and rolled his eyes
And sighed. “Are you going to continue
Punishing me for this?” He asked.
“As I have said, I did not invent
The scheme of this ark…it was
Done beyond my intent. I was merely
Following the timeline!”

Ceres dropped her jaw, tossed her golden
Hair over her shoulder and held up
Her hands. “There it is again! The
Sounds of an IDIOT! That voice!
The sound of incarnate mindless reason…
Do you hear it? It is killing my ears!”

“Ceres please.” Apollo begged.

“The deaf are truly gifted.” Ceres said
To her sister as Vala laughed quite
Entertained. “The muted…are blessed
By God for more fortunate communication.”

“Ceres!” Apollo winced and grabbed his
Face with regret.

She leapt to her feet and spun, meeting
Everyone in the room dramatically. “Oh
May the Heavens forgive me! It is the
Voice of the Lord God Apollo speaking!
How dare I insult his magnificence!”
She slowly turned to glare at him,
Her ice blue eyes burning with
The coldest fire. “Dear Sir, Dear Lord
Thy God of magnificent eternal wisdom…
Pray, forgive me for I am but the
Lowest…The truly lowest Brilliant Idiot!”

He stood to face her. “How many times
Must I say it?”

Ceres shook her head, then quickly
Cupped her hands close to her breast.
“Forgive me Thy Eternal Glorious
Shining one of Heaven…My reason is
But too weak to fathom the greatness
Of the words you utter…you speak…I
Pray that one day the Fates grant me
The forgiven path to forge steadfast
Thought and reason…” She feigned false
Tears to cry before continuing. “I am
In the presence of Grandeur, of
His mightiness…His deeds and words
Are spoken so divine to my ears…”
Then her eyes rolled with rage as
She clenched her teeth to growl,
“Or…but are they the words
Of The Most Fantastic Idiot that
Found two legs to hold the skull upwards
Of the King of the greatest moron
Beyond words?”

Apollo rolled his eyes and sighed. Should he
Speak? Dare the chance? There was nothing
Else to do. “What would you have me do?
Take us further back? Rewrite the
Timeline completely?”

“There are no choices now.” Ceres simply
Said with anger. “We are here…We are
Bound to fulfill these actions…Questions
Are pointless.”

“Should I crawl and await to be beaten
Then?” He said to her, as everyone watched
Their exchange; they were quite
Entertained by them!

Ceres took a step closer to him to
Fiercely stare him down. “Do you have
Any idea what will happen now?”

“The Bears will survive.” Apollo weakly
Said to her as kindly as he could. “The
Animals will at least survive this.”

Ceres pinched her eyes shut tight, “Some
Yes…” Then her expression fell to her
Horror and pain as her eyes could only
Look up and away from him. “There is not
Enough time to gather them all. At least
50 percent of the species will be lost.
I cannot even take samples…Zinn
Surely won’t…During an extinction event
There isn’t enough time to take them all.
The animals are spread out across the
Planet…Noah is building the ark
On ONE continent, ONE…Therefore I
Can only assemble those that can
Be gathered there…A majority
Of the species will be lost…FOREVER…
If I am fortunate, if I am lucky
I will be able to gather half…That
Is the best I can do.”

“But they…will survive.” Apollo told
Her, attempting to encourage her.

“How do I pick and choose?” She cried.
“How? They do not deserve this. Can’t
You see that?”

“I am sorry.” Apollo pleaded. “There is
Nothing more I can say, there is
Nothing more I can do.”

She turned to stare at the panel, at her
Scans. “There is nothing anyone can do…”

BR’Riel tried to appease a softer mood…
“How is this Noah progressing? Show me
This mate of his. It appears he had no
Children? I believe you told him, Apollo,
To save his family?”

“Yes,” Apollo said, “That is correct. The
World was too corrupt in his eyes…he
Chose to have no children…But his wife
Was some sort of…youth counselor at
One of their educational Academies…
She grew attached to six children
That had been abandoned by their parents…
She was overtaken by their suffering and
Eventually persuaded Noah to adopt them…
And took them on the ark with them.”

“Ah, I see.” BR’Riel said with a nod. “An
Interesting circumstance…and fortunate…”

Ceres groaned as she returned to her station
To select the animals. “Let me continue,
There is much to do. The best selections I
Can make are based upon the species
I knew when I arrived…” She shook
Her head in grief as she sat down. “The
Loss of all of these species…is just…
Absolutely terrible.”

Vala watched her sister with such
Sympathy as she observed everything with
The best impartial view she could… “I must
Interrupt, I apologize…” She said. “But there
Is still a critical issue to address…We
Cannot stay here forever…Apollo has said
This man built this ark…” She nodded
Towards the view screen as it displayed
The man’s slow progress. “Time is pressing,
Events shall unfold…How is he to build
This grand ark so quickly alone?”

Apollo thought fast… “The Temple of the
Ancient Masters…I can think of
No others that could accomplish this
With the needed speed and skill.”

“We have no time to spare to debate,”
BR’Riel seemed to growl. The specifics, the
Complications just seemed to grow more
And more. “We were sent to intervene
Upon the Bears and now it has mounted
To this vast undertaking of saving a
World by limited means!” He turned
To one of his nearest men. “Go to this
Temple of these…Masters…and do what
You must to inspire their aid in this
Ark’s construction. Speak as little as
You have to!” He growled firmly. “Just get
It done simply and fast! Go!”

At once the Golden Lion Man beside
Him departed…vanishing by their advanced
Mental training and psychic powers…
He would visit the leader of the 13
Ancient Masters, Astopheles…A towering
Golden Lion Man in white robes…
Visiting a collection of the most
Advanced minds on the planet? He did
Not have to do or say much at all.

“Now,” BR’Riel said, “Show me this wife
Of Noah…I would like to see these…
Children of men that captured her

“But—“ Apollo tried to reason…

“Show me!” BR’Riel only said…
No one argued with BR’Riel…The
View screen immediately displayed
Sara as she sat in a classroom
With the six children.

It appeared to be some sort of therapy
Session she was engaged with…3 boys
On one side of her, 3 girls on the other…
Their ages ranged from 12 to 15 years
Old…sitting in seats in a circle.

“Today has everyone completed their
Assignments?” Sara asked them as
They all appeared to be only just
Settling into their exclusive meeting.

“Why do we always have to write about
Our feelings?” Japeth, a 14 year old boy asked,
With very dark skin that appeared to
Be recovering from some brutal beating;
The other boys, all of his classmates,
Endlessly tormented him because
Of his appearance.

“Because writing it down helps.” Sara
Told them.

“It’s not making my life any better.”
Ham, the youngest said,
He was 12 and very stocky in build.

“You have to trust me,” Sara said kindly.
“It will help you…”

“Is it true?” Shem asked, the
Little boy with the almond
Shaped eyes, “Is it true what
We heard. That your
Husband is building some gigantic
Boat to fill with all sorts of animals
To save the world from some
Terrible end?”

Sara politely tried to discuss the topic, “He
Is working on a project, yes.”

“So he really is building some kind of
Giant boat?” Kara asked, a pretty 14 year old
Blond girl who was just starting to show
The signs of pregnancy. “Why?”

“Does he really think the world will end?”
Japeth asked. “Why? My parents said
Our people had made contact with
Visitors from the stars? This is a time of hope?”

“The rulers can’t agree on anything.” Shem
Laughed. “They probably made it up to
Win the elections…”

“We are getting off topic here.” Sara smiled.
“This is about you…not world affairs.”

“I want my baby to meet the Star People.”
Kinthia said with a silly grin, as she rubbed
Her very pregnant belly.

“How can you sit there smiling like that?” Kara
Snapped at her as she sat to her left. “There
You are 15 years old…your parents threw
You out for getting pregnant by sleeping
With your Temple’s high priest!”

Kinthia could only blindly smile with pride.
“He chose me because I am special.” She
Said stroking her belly with her long brown
Hair. “His seed is a gift…Look at me, I
Think I may be having twins I am so big!”

Kara curled her lip in disgust. “You are
Stupid. He didn’t choose you because you’re
Special. He chose you because he is an
Over-sexed old pervert, he chases all the
Girls our age…He talks about virtue and
One-ness with God…so he can have sex
With you. Then you get pregnant and your
Pious parents throw you out! You are stupid!”
Kara started getting angry as she typically
Did. “Look at me, I did not have a choice…
My father gave me to the local merchant
Overseer…for the materials he needed to
Fix his boat! All our parents are selfish
And stupid! All they care about are themselves…”
She pointed to the young 12 year old
Amber haired girl beside her. “Look at Lora,
Have you been listening to what those group
Of boys from the military academy did to her?
She was assaulted, Kinthia! And what
Do her overzealous parents do? Out of
Shame they throw her out and call her
A whore!”

“My parents would have loved that.” Shem
Said. “With all the orgies at our Temple
They revere the youngest for sex.”

“Our religion teaches us that we have to wait
For a holy union.” Ham said quietly.

“Holy Union?” Kara laughed. “Your Temple?
They speak in tongues! For marriage,
They wait until you are at least 18 and
Your name is called…Then they randomly
Pick tiles from a giant urn…and that’s
Your holy union? They are on drugs, Ham!”

“We always take potions and herbs
At our Temple.” Japeth said.
“That’s how we see the spirits and follow
Our guides, that’s how we know what to

“They are drugged out of their minds!”
Kara protested. “All of our parents
Are delusional with these weird beliefs!
And we pay for it! Can you imagine
If we were in Lemuria with all those
Snake cults and sacrifices there?
No wonder we have so many Lemurian
Immigrants! The people there are disturbed!”

“The high priest gave me a gift.” Kinthia
Said, rubbing her belly. “My baby is special.”

“You’re stupid, Kinthia!” Kara only said.

“Children please.” Sara said… “You need to
Understand…self respect, self worth…”

“What is there to believe in?” Ham said
Quietly. “We are outcasts…Our parents only
Want perfect children. The other children
Will only play with us if we all believe
The same thing.”

“That’s because we have no rights as
Children.” Kara said. “We are possessions,
Not people, not until we are older…”

“Why did I have to be born this way?” Shem
Cried. “They keep telling me everywhere
I go I look…abnormal…That the gods
Punished my parents with me…Why do
People say that?”

“Because they are all stupid!” Kara said.
“The whole world is stupid. They, our
Parents, pretend to have the answers,
And they don’t! All they do is repeat
The same stories their parents told them.
No one questions anything because it’s
Too hard for them to think.”

“I just want to be normal.” Japeth
Said looking down. “I want to be like everyone

“Children please,” Sara begged. “You need to
Listen to me, you are all worth more than
This. There is nothing wrong with being
Different…People just don’t understand.”

“They make up anything they want for
A religion as long as it makes them
Feel good or guilty.” Kara snapped. “No one
Thinks at all.”

Sara held her head…It was frustrating
Trying to get them to listen…Each were
From such different families, such different
Religions…She was fortunate to have
Gathered these few to talk…Most of
The abused children ran away and fell
Victim to worse circumstances…She turned
To Lora, the last of the little group who
Had not spoken… “Lora, did you have
Anything to say?”

The little girl looked wide-eyes, scared and
Far away…numb and sad. “I just want
To be some place safe. I do not want to
Be here. I do not want to be anywhere.”

On the Watcher’s ship, BR’Riel commanded
The view screen forward…He had seen
Enough of the scene…To see children
So young speak that way disturbed him…
Perhaps because for all the long years of
His life, he had so rarely seen children…
Then to see them talk of such problems
Was appalling, as it should be to
Anyone of higher morals…For it to seem
Common to anyone was horrifying.

All of those on the bridge watched as
The view screen displayed Sara and
Noah sitting on their bed that
Night preparing for sleep.

She was frustrated. Noah was exhausted
From the heavy labors he suffered from
Laying out timbers all day following
The schematics he had drawn out
For the ark…The more he worked the
Harder it seemed, building this ark
Was an impossible task!

“I noticed more animals in the yard today.”
Sara yawned. “Where are you finding
The time to gather these animals? I
Have not seen so many since I was
A little girl…The wild goats, the deer…”

Noah hesitated to answer. “Heaven is
Sending them.”

“What?” Sara asked.

“God is sending them to me,” Noah
Yawned as he put on his nightshirt and
Climbed into bed.

Sara laughed. “God is sending YOU these
Animals to save on this boat?”

“Yes.” He yawned quietly.

“Then God has forgotten a few…” She
Laughed, climbing into bed beside him. “All
Of the animals gathering themselves in
The yard are females, my husband. God
Only wants you to save the females? This
Great plan to save the animals…only
The females? I’m not arguing the pleasant
Idea…but…how will they survive if they
Cannot reproduce? They cannot reproduce
Without males and females…”

“They can if they are all pregnant.”
He said softly, closing his eyes.

She sat up with surprise. “What?”

“They’re pregnant.” Noah said. “They carry
The seeds of new life inside them.”

She scowled, gestured in frustration. “How?
How are you supposed to build this
Enormous boat for these animals…And
Now you tell me God is sending you
Pregnant mothers to save? You are supposed
To do this so fast? That is absurd.”

“It will happen.” He said, ignoring her words.

“This calamity is coming that fast?”
Sara asked. “For you to do this?”


Frustration filled her mind, and yet
Some intuitive sense of fear did as well.
What if it were true? Just what if?
Something deep and strong filled her
Heart…and though she could not
Explain why, she began to believe him…
She thought of the children that she
Counseled, of the young girls…They
Were pregnant too…something strange
Was going on. “Noah?”


“Do you expect me to go with you on
This boat?” Sara asked.

“Of course.”

“Then I want to bring the children
With me.” She said with sudden conviction.

“What?!” He sat up, then stared at her.

“I want to bring the children.”

“This ark is for the animals, for us.”
He said. “I was told nothing about
Anything else.”

She looked at him intensely. “They did
Not ask for this life, they did not ask
To be born…No one does…Nor did they
Deserve to be cast out. You want to save
The animals, I want to save the children.”

“I cannot go against God’s orders!”

“And what orders were they?” Sara

“To save the animals,” Noah gestured,
“The pregnant mothers, me, my family,
That is all.”

“The young girls I counsel,” Sara stared
At him with strange horror, “They
Are pregnant…”


“You heard me.” Sara was growing

“I cannot—“

“What?” Sara snapped, then yelled.
“Because you are afraid of being a father?
Of repeating the abuse that you
Suffered by your family? Now let me
Tell you something, Noah…If this ark
Is to be a vessel to save life then you
Will allow me to take these children
With us…We will teach them better
Ways…or I am not going with you!”

“Sara!” He protested.

“You will put them on that boat, Noah!”
Sara shouted. “Or I am not going at all!”

The compromise was made then…
Sara would take the children, and
Noah the animals…He fought her
Some, but could not deny her
Passion to protect as well…Still, he
Had the monumental undertaking
To build this great ark…

By dawn’s early light…Noah would
Find his answer fulfilled. Astopheles,
The infamous Elder of the Temple
Of the Ancient Masters came to
Visit Noah…with the sudden and
Miraculous offer to assist in the
Construction of the Ark…Refined,
Built and designed by the greatest
Skilled Ancient Masters and all the
Talent and supplies they had…
Very rapidly a powerfully and perfectly
Constructed ark was built
…Almost as if a Higher Power
Had given him the hands to do it.

On the Watcher’s ship they watched on their view
Screen, as if it were but some brief movie
Or documentary on television like we know…They
Watched on the bridge…as Astopheles and
His students of the Temple built the Ark
With Noah nearby assembling the numbers of
Animals that kept coming and coming…

Noah had asked the Ancient Master why
He had suddenly appeared to offer this assistance,
But he gave only a simple answer… “I was asked
To help.” That’s all he would ever say. Was it
A miracle? Everything just seemed to be happening
On its own…guided, gracefully with great
Humility. And Astopheles did not ask about
The ark…or about finding a place to board it
For his safety or the temple…He seemed to have
His own concerns to worry about…
In fact he was secretly making preparations
For 13 secret crystal skulls to be put in
Order for the days to come…but that’s another

On the bridge they watched as Noah
Gradually loaded the large rectangular ark with
The animals…They just kept coming…
Some in pairs, occasionally a trio…of
Various kinds of wild sheep, elk, deer and
Buffalo…the first wild horses and giraffes…
The gentle herbivores came first very quietly,
Most came softly in the twilight and night
Time hours, as they were so afraid of men
And those that hunted them for pleasure, sport
Or food, or for their skins or hooves or horns…
All the wild animals had been decimated
This way as people sought them out for
Their body parts to use for potions or adornments…
What were animals good for anyway? Few
Understood this.

Then came the greater beasts, the rhinos and
Hippos and wild boars…until they were

Then again by night, and the softer daylight hours
The greater predators came…The saber tooth cats,
Like lions and tigers and some with spots…
Then smaller hunters such as the dire
Wolves, the foxes, badgers, the smaller cats
And raccoons and weasels…and then of
Course the Bears…But at that time there
Was but one species of bear on Earth…it was
Large and somewhat short faced with a golden thick
Brown coat and massive paws, they were quite

All were mothers of course…pregnant with the rarest
Of large litters…Frightened and scared, mysteriously
Guided to this foreign human metropolis secretly
To hide in this big box-like boat…guided by
A song only the animals could hear…soft
And sweet and loving. A voice that re-assured
Them they needed to go, that they would
Not be harmed, but saved…and taken to a
Better place where they could be free, and have
Their babies free…

And almost comically all the while the tiniest
Of animals came…The mice and the rats, the
Chipmunks, hamsters, rabbits and squirrels…
Scurrying into the ark to hide in the cracks
And crevices…Busily building nests and stashes
And hordes of seeds and nuts from ALL the
Trees and shrubs and berry bushes and
Fruit trees…to serve as their food supply…
And quite conveniently as a seed supply
For all the green things…so that one day
When the ark was done with its purpose
All those stores of seeds and nuts could
Also be spread across a barren land to
Start things fresh with things to grow. How
Funny that it was the tiniest of
Animals that unknowingly found this great
Purpose…Almost as if everything on that
Ark was a well rounded supply for the
New world. Good planning I guess.

But on the Watcher’s bridge something
Was wrong…Ceres watched the view screen
Nervously, her eyes noting every animal that
She had called and sung to…

Vala saw her frustration. “What’s wrong?”

Ceres grew more frustrated. “The elephants,”
She said, “The Mastodons, where are they?”
She rushed to the panel to scan for them,
Then found them still in their herds to
The North. “They aren’t coming, why aren’t
They coming?”

“How much time do you have left to
Gather them?” BR’Riel asked her.

“I don’t know.” Ceres moaned with worry.
“I have to fix this, I have to get them,
I have to see why they aren’t coming.”
Without hesitation she found her projection
Crystals, and with the Lion Man guard under
The guarded projection light she went to
The Northern forests and plains where the
First wild elephants roamed, giant and woolly
In small family bands.

She went to the first herd she had marked
That held the female carrying twins. The
Gentle giants swayed nervously but accepted
Ceres’s presence unlike any other. She sent her
Mind to the great mother she had marked to
Speak to her…then she understood, she knew.
They didn’t want to leave their herds! These
Elephants, although massive and beastly looking
Were no common animal. They were sensitive,
Smart and loyal…and unconditionally loyal
To their kind. She tried to sway the Mother’s
Thoughts, but the great elephant would not move.

Ceres was so moved! How sweet their minds were
Behind those ferocious rumbles and trumpeting
Calls they made. They were so devoted, they
Would not move from their herds!

She went to the Mother, who allowed her to
Come so close…and looked into her great wise and
Kind eyes. “Oh please you must listen to me,”
She told the elephant, “Something very bad is
Coming…I know how much you love your family
But you have to come. I just want to protect
You and your babies. You’re going to have two little
Elephants, don’t you want them to be safe?”

But the Mother elephant only let out nervous
Rumbles and cries…Ceres sensed it, she didn’t
Want to leave the others behind.

Oh Ceres began to cry! The emotions that
Poured from the Mother elephant…The nervous
Cries from the others! They all knew something
Terrible was coming, they all knew and sensed it!
The feelings were overwhelming…The anxiety, the
Pain…the feeling of being left behind and loved.

Ceres begged her, “Please come, please.” She
Said, stroking her trunk. And with every
Bit of strength within her she began to sing
Silently to the elephants…She promised, she
Swore to protect the Mother elephant and
Her babies…that they would be safe, and loved,
That no one would hunt them…They would go to
A new place. Oh how she wished she could take
Them all, but they only had enough space for
A few. It destroyed her inside. To pick and
Choose which ones to save, to talk to! They were
All scared and hurting and worthy of saving…
But she had no choice. “Please come, please?”
Ceres cried, tears streaming down her face. “For
Your babies to give them a chance? Please come…”

But the elephants would not move. Desperate,
She visited the other herds nearby, only
To find the same reaction. The elephants
Would not leave their herds, the mothers
Wouldn’t move!

She panicked, she didn’t know what to do.
Ceres prayed, she cried, she reached out
With her mind and sang the most desperate
Song pleading for them to listen, to understand.
“Please come, I’m not trying to pick and
Choose whose best, I just want you to live,
I want your babies to live! Please come!”

But the elephants wouldn’t move. She had
No choice but to return to the ship, to the
Bridge, devastated and in tears…She had failed,
It may have seemed like she had lost the
Elephants, but to her she had lost
Everything…They were so sensitive and devoted!
She had never seen such loyalty in an
Animal…Oh how people could learn from these
Animals! That love should be unconditional
Was absolute…Yet she was NOT trying
To pick and choose with conditions, it was
Beyond that…There was a higher purpose
Here, If only they could understand.

As she stood on the bridge, Vala at her
Side to console her…Even Apollo expressed
Great sympathy…As did the great BR’Riel
And the Lion Men…but then the Lion Men
Knew the nature of animals, this did not
Surprise them.

Then it happened…A miracle…As if by
Some light beyond reach, something touched
The elephants…Then Apollo pointed to the
View screen. “Look!”

The elephants…The elephants were coming!
Four mothers suddenly left their herds and
Suddenly began making the trek to the ark.
Those great elephant Matriarchs, some things never change.

Ceres cried and touched her lips. Oh God she
Wanted to kiss them. “Thank you!” She
Cried out as she wept, “Thank you!” She
Stepped forward and sang to them…to
Encourage and guide them…She turned
To BR’Riel crying. “They’re coming! The
Elephants are coming!”

Then the Lion Men were grinning and
Even the great BR’Riel grinned and cried.

Vala held her sister, “You see…I knew
You could do it.”

Apollo turned to her, even his eyes were wet.
“You can shout at me all you want…
You are amazing…This is something that
Will not be forgotten.”

But all Ceres could say and cry was,
“They’re coming. The elephants are coming.”

They watched for hours as the elephants
Came and then arrived at the ark…Just as
Sara was bringing the children with their
Bundles and supplies to the ark as well…
It was a sight to see.

The timing of events was of little distraction
Compared to what miracles were filling
The ark then. It had truly come to fruition,
The gathering of the animals of different
Kinds, pregnant no less…And then the
Nervous wayward coming of Sara with
The children who came more out of
Curiosity then anything…

Then once the assembly was complete…as
Darkness plagued the land with wind and
Rain and snow…It began.

The countries of the world broke into
Chaos from fear of the signs in the
Skies and the land. The desperate,
Panicked cries of fanatics and false
Faith healers…The martial law of
Governments committing crimes on their
Own people…Explosions, pure chaos…
And rain, darkness…sleet and snow…

Then the dark shadow fell…of the
Unseen force coming…Descending upon the
Earth…All hell broke loose…

Cities warred upon cities, civil wars,
Looting…riots…complete chaos…
And the invasion came amid this
For the Harvest…To reap those abroad,
Anyone in view…

They watched in horror on the Bridge
As this awful Descent fell upon the
Earth…Then the Ships came…
The Great Triangle Ships…The Darkness
Fell everywhere.

Apollo went to his panel to view the readings,
His eyes bulged with great alarm.
“They’re targeting the Ark!”

Ceres boiled with rage… “Like Hell They Are!”

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 12NOV2016

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (12 November 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock knock…The Watchers…The Story of Noah…

*SONG* “Original Sin” by Taylor Dayne

Outside of time and space
Refugees from war torn decimated worlds
Found sanctuary in a secret place…
Where they forged a civilization beyond conception
A society, a federation that pledged
To Watch over, and learn from other worlds
In order to one day save the universe
From an Ancient Evil, a Dark Empire
That threatens to control and destroy
All life.

These unified lost refugees in their
Newly formed secret society became known
As the Watchers…
And they have been Watching US, and all worlds
For a very long time.

You are absolutely free to believe whatever
You choose…I share these stories
Because I was asked to…

Months ago I related a story, a gift
To me…magical, that I passed on to you
Of a Watcher named Ceres, of an ancient
Royal human bloodline…It was the story of
How she came to Earth to serve her duty
To Watch the animals of Earth. Of her own
Heart and mind she saved two bear
Cubs from death, and in the process altered
Theirs and the order of nature by
Fortifying the spirit of unconditional
Protection and love to the weaker Mother
Bear transforming her into a legendary
Ferocious mother. This is the further
Expanded story of…Ceres and the Bears…

She, Ceres, had infused the love for
Her baby bears into their Maternal instinct…
Unknowingly creating an unstoppable Blind
Rage into Nature. Elders and Ascended
Masters of Tellus, the Watchers hidden
Homeworld…were forced to hold a tribunal,
To punish Ceres for breaking their
Most sacred universal law of non-intervention.
But the hearings at the Capital were
Plagued by heated debate…
The damage would have to be undone.
The only way to do this was to send back
An elite assembly to a time when
The bears were still new, as a means to
Reset their original nature.
So the Watchers of Earth were sent
Back to an earlier time, with these
Ascended Masters…

To the days before a great cataclysm
That reshaped the Earth, before an Ice Age,
Before a flood, before a pole shift that
Eradicated all surface life and traces
Of human existence…
They returned to a time just prior to this
Devastating apocalypse…
To a time where cities of Gold and Diamonds
Filled the lands…where Emerald Cities
Rose green and glistening to the sky…
It was not an age of sticks and stones,
Nor rags and tattered frayed garments
Where people roamed like animals
Grunting for food and struggling to
Spark a fire…
But it was in fact an age of glory…
Of Kings and Queens and finer things,
Much grander than we know now.
These were the days of Atlantis…
Of Attan, Arcadia…and Lemuria…
An age of Super Science…
A superior age built by the First Fathers
And Mothers that escaped a Dark Empire’s
Slavery…The first Adam’s and Eve’s Empires
Of Earth.

It was an age of luxury and technology
Beyond compare…but it was also a time of
Wild reckless indulgence, of gluttony and
Greed. Everyone lived like royals…
Morals were of sparse understanding.
The lands were full of many religions,
Many cults and scientific practices as the
People struggled to understand who they were,
Where they came from.

They called to the stars for answers,
And the stars answered the people’s
Cries…by Dark Messengers…of an
Empire they had, unknown to them,
Escaped thousands of years earlier…

The Dark Kind answered…The Dark Ones
Answered…and with them secret Alien
Visitors who entreated and tempted the
Leaders in order to consume this Lost World.

So here this story begins…with a Watchers’
Ship…led by the Great Leader of the Paladium,
And last of the Lion Men, BR’Riel…
A host of his disciples…The accused, Ceres
And Apollo of Earth…And Vala, Ceres’s sister
And Master of the Mind Sciences Academy…

In order to travel secretly in time, to
Avoid any and all detection by the Watchers
Of present…as well as any Alien Dark Kind
Of the Empire they must reside at a
Higher dimensional level to stay
Completely hidden…

BR’Riel, the Great Black Lion Man sat
In the captain’s chair observing the view
Screen…A dozen of his Lion Men apprentices
Surrounding him…all robed in white, they
Almost appeared to be like a court of
Heavenly beings, like angels with lion’s
Faces, noble, good and grand with fantastic

Apollo sat at the panels piloting the ship
Guiding them from the knowledge he knew
Of his station on Earth from ages before…
He knew of men, of the people’s ways…
Though nothing of the animals as that was
His associate Zinn’s job…yet still he could
Guide them.

Ceres stood center of the bridge, robed in
White, her apprentice’s garments, as her
Uniform had been withheld for trial…Her sister
Vala there for support…yet also as a chief
Specialist of Mental Sciences unlike any other;
Few could compare to Vala with powers of
The mind, both from her teachings and
Exceptional talents. The two golden blond
Sisters were legendary in their beauty
And skills…The scene was extraordinary, if
Not surreal.

Apollo positioned the ship at a safe
Anchored spot…Then took a deep breath as
He awaited orders from the Great Lion Man

BR’Riel watched the view screen…The ancient
Image of Earth looked innocent enough from
So far away…The vast blue oceans and green
And brown land continents…The swirls of
Cloud formations…It appeared to look the
Same as countless other inhabited worlds;
Believe it or not many worlds in our universe
Look the same at a distance.
“To what age have you brought us?” BR’Riel
Asked Apollo. “Where are we?”

Apollo took note of the readings on the panel
And continents below them on the view
Screen. “It is the autumnal season…The
Atlantean continent lay below…
These are the last days of Atlantis…before
The cataclysm…”

The Lion Men grumbled and talked amongst
Themselves by their language then telepathically
Consulted with BR’Riel. Something was wrong,
They had not been informed of what their
Senses told them…There were temples on
The Earth below, Lion Men temples!
BR’Riel growled… “My people were on
This planet? My men say they sense the
Echoes of Lion Men on Earth!”

“The Adam ship that in part colonized
The Earth held the last slave labor lot of
Lion Men.” Apollo quietly answered, looking
Down to his lap; he wore the blue uniform of
A cadet as punishment. “Just over one hundred
Survived…but there were no females of that
Kind…The last of them died ages ago.”

Although he wanted to explore this further he was
Bound by the Watchers Law to follow protocol
And strictly assess just the animals,
Specifically…the Bears. He then
Ordered Ceres to take a position at
The paneled seats, to quickly summarize
The animal life of the current Earth.

Ceres humbly sat at the familiar-like station
And began processing readings of animal
Life on Earth…Her mind moved quickly,
The computer was a mere processor. But
As she took in the data, she became
Distressed and confused then turned to
Apollo. “Zinn held this position before me,

“Yes.” Apollo simply answered.

“The animals…” Ceres said with confusion
As she studied the data. “This is the state
Of the planet BEFORE the cataclysm?”

“Yes.” Apollo nodded strangely.

“Life should be abundant.” Ceres said
With irritation. “I see the long extinct
Traces of reptilian leviathans…The rise
Of classic mammalian species as on
Most worlds…but there are so few of them!
The planet is FULL of people…Where
Are all the animals?”

Apollo studied his data yet recalled
His own memory of the past and present
He knew… “Before the cataclysm…
And Dark Kind’s invasion…The people
Used many species…for food, for ritual
Sacrifice…for experiments…for farming. I
Do not know the full details of the fate
Of the animals then, or now, that was not
My position…That was Zinn’s job.”

Ceres became more angry. “Over 80 percent
Of these species are on the verge of
Extinction! The people used the animals
That much?”

“Apparently so.” Apollo said. “Perhaps that
Is why Zinn was so bored…He frequently
Commented there was little to watch.”

Ceres breathed harder as her eyes
Devoured and explored the readings. What
She saw was horrifying. “The oceans have
Been drained of life…The land animals…
Their populations are sparse…There are
So few left, with the exception of these
Insane numbers of abominable genetic
Creations on farms…FOR FOOD? Where are
The wild ecosystems? The herd animals?
They are so remote it is ridiculous!
Although I see the human population is

“I do not know how to answer you.”
Apollo said. “As I have told you I did
Not study the animals…only the people…
And how they used them.”

“I see the Bears are on the verge of extinction
Here as well!” Ceres snapped. “How is that
Possible BEFORE a cataclysm?”

Apollo thought carefully retracing his
Memories of events…He had so been
Disheartened by it all…By the people’s
Behavior then…They were corrupt, lazy
And greedy…over indulged in everything…
The various religious cults were insanely
Worshipping every fantasy notion they
Dreamed up under drug induced vision
Quests…They saw Gods and Monsters in
Everything, and equally regaled themselves
As gurus in spirituality and divination…
There was an abundance of seers which
Saw into space…or rather, dreamed up
Stories of what lay in the reaches of the
Stars…There was a fine line between fantasy
And reality then. The only commonality
In the world then was in their shallowness
And materialism…A strangely familiar

“Well?” Ceres demanded to know.

Apollo tilted his head in wonder, then dove
Into studying data at his panel as he searched
For the memory. “I do recall
Something…There was a man, before
The cataclysm…He did catch my eye.
I remember…He was touched by a light,
Or so they said he heard a voice, and
Was visited by a mysterious messenger…
And he built this great…boat…that
Somehow, rather miraculously, survived
The cataclysm.”

“A man built a boat?” Ceres laughed,
Shaking her head. “Are you joking? How
Could that possibly affect anything?”

“Well he built this great boat,” Apollo said,
“And as I recall he filled it with all sorts
Of animals…That’s how they survived the
Cataclysm and repopulated the Earth.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Ceres said. “How is that

“I believe his name was Noah.” Apollo said
AS he searched the data for him. Then he
Became disturbed. “Something is wrong.”

“What is it?” Ceres asked.

Apollo scowled in confusion. “These are the
Last days of the great cities, of Atlantis,
Attan and Lemuria…The elections will end
Soon…The Darkness comes…I see Noah…
But he has not built the boat!”

“What?” Ceres asked.

“You don’t understand.” Apollo explained.
“That boat was essential…There was something
Magical about it! It survived a torrent of
Awful things…Without that…ARK…There is
No future…all other life is destroyed. Noah
Needs to build that boat, and he hasn’t yet…
Something is very wrong.”

Ceres studied the view screen, the image of Earth,
Then turned to the Great Lion Man BR’Riel, her teacher,
As he sat in the captain’s seat. “This is ridiculous.
It makes no sense…There are hardly any animals…
And now he insists a great boat saved life
On Earth by carrying it through some awful

BR’Riel studied the Earth carefully, as did his
Lion Men disciples… “This was a neutral zone
In space…yet…I sense a Draconian presence.”

Apollo turned to him… “There was a great snake
Cult at this time…The people, with their sciences
And cults bred these enormous snakes for worship
And sacrificed to them…In particular, the Eves…
Or rather, a secret order of female seers…
It was influenced by the Dark Kind that were
Lured to the planet by their blood sacrifices.”

“That’s insane and barbaric!” Ceres exclaimed…
“What woman would worship a giant snake?
They consume their food ALIVE…”

“There were so many religious sects they
Worshipped nearly every idea.” Apollo said.

BR’Riel thought carefully. “This Noah, you
Said that he was touched by a light?”

Apollo nodded. “Yes, it was the First act
Of divine intervention I witnessed…There was
A blinding light upon him…Then soon
After he began building this enormous
Ark to hold a collection of animals. He
Was an agricultural scientist studying the
Diverse species…and their extinction. But
His specialty was with the birds. He kept many
As pets, in fact he trained them and flew
Them often…The people called him the Bird Man.”

BR’Riel was intrigued. “Show us this…Noah. Let
Us observe him.”

Apollo set the coordinates into the panel and at
Once the view screen displayed the home of
Noah…as he worked in his home…It was
A modest looking estate compared to the palaces
Around him. A stone home, similar to Ancient
Greek construction…It was fueled by natural
Solar power and something akin to windmills.
He had a home laboratory where he studied
In great detail the genetics of animals…all
Kinds, especially mammals and winged

They watched as this handsome middle-aged
Blond man in robes was cataloging and
Diagramming the state of current animal life.

“The planet is undergoing a highly unstable
Transition.” Apollo narrated. “Scientists of
The age were attempting to manipulate the
Weather and control tectonic plate movement
With sonic technology…unknowingly they were
Causing more harm than good…both to a very
Volatile region in this western ocean, some called
It the Ring of Fire…”

“Sonic devices destroy the crystal matrixes
Of a planet’s core.” BR’Riel responded. “They
Were unaware of this?”

“They became aware…too late.” Apollo said.
“Still they pushed ahead…and destroyed one
Third of the planet’s crystalline nerve network…
And then the upper levels of the atmosphere
Deteriorated…from pollution…and the
Sonic weapons…”

“So of course the planet’s rotation became
Unstable, then shifted.” BR’Riel responded
Unhappily as he watched the screen… “So then
The planet responded by moving, shifting its
Axis…They…with their self-proclaimed
Sensory awareness were oblivious to the fact
That the planet as a vessel for sustaining
Life…was in fact itself…alive?”

“Correct.” Apollo said.

“The idiocy of geniuses.” Ceres laughed. “So
Obsessed with their over indulgent brilliance
That they were blind and stupid.”

Apollo laughed. “Correct…As we have learned
From other worlds…The traditional mistakes
Of civilization…They make very intelligent mistakes…
Over thinking and not seeing the simplicity
Of answers.”

On the view screen, in Noah’s home…
There was an interruption as his wife
Came home.

“His mate?” BR’Riel inquired.

“She was a youth counselor at the local
Educational academy…” Apollo explained as
He observed readings and recalled the
Memory. “Their society was plagued with
Your predictable wanton, reckless youth…
The children ran wild, like little monsters,”
Apollo explained. “And the parents,” he laughed,
“Were of little use…Few even regarded the
Idea with concern at all…It was as if they
Made babies for pure entertainment…”

“Filthy and barbaric of course.” Ceres
Replied as she tossed the wave of her blond hair
Over her shoulders… “Still, we are here about
The animals!”

“Watch,” Apollo nodded and gestured towards
The screen.

Sara, Noah’s wife was not your typical
Woman of the day. She was strong
And independent, sometimes too bossy…
But absolutely devoted to her job and duties…

She entered her husband’s home
Laboratory, his obsessive
Behavior…He sometimes went days
Without eating. “So how is your work

“The animals are vanishing at an
Alarming rate.” Noah told her.
“We are supposed to be an advanced
Society…and what happens…The
Animals disappear first. This is appalling!”

“You should see the children I see every
Day.” She told him. “THAT is appalling…What
Is happening to the world? No one cares anymore…
About the animals…about their own children!”

Noah mumbled as he studied tissue and DNA
Samples at his desk. He was observing the last
Samples of the last baby rhinoceros which he
Kept in a stable nearby; a sub-species now

“Noah, did you hear me?” His wife asked.

“Yes, my love…The children.” He said.

“Are what?” She grabbed his arm for him to
Look at her. “Have you heard a word I said?
You haven’t come out of your lab in days
Since that night…the light came to you.”

“I have to do this.” He said. “It’s important.”

“And what is it you are doing exactly?” Sara
Demanded as she faced him sternly, her sweet
Face and long dark hair made her seem like
A stone judge. “Are you listening to me at all?
I am trying to tell you about my work…MY
Work…about the children…”

He sighed not knowing how to answer her.

“I don’t know what to do with you anymore.”
She said. “You won’t listen, the moment I
Even mention children—“

“You know how I feel about that.” He replied
Fast. “With the state of this world…The greed,
The chaos of society…The corruption of our
Governments…Our neighbors are consumed by
Shallow pleasures…They don’t even say hello
Anymore…Except to offer solicitations for more
Parties…The orgies…”

“Dallas, your best friend asked about you
Today.” His wife said fast. “I saw him and his
Wife on my way into the city. He said he hadn’t
Seen you in days…And then he tried to speak
With you and he said you ignored him.”

“The man is having sex with his children’s friends!”
Noah snapped bitterly. “A man of his age!
His children only just entered the academy!”

“Dallas?” Sara said in shocked horror. “How do
You know this?”

“It was the subject or our last conversation.”
Noah grumbled. “He was so proud about it…
How virile and young his stamina was…”

“With Elyssa?” Sara was in a state of horror.
“His daughter’s friends?”

Noah froze to face her coldly, numbly. “Adam’s

“His son?” Sara’s eyes bulged. “But…the boy is
Only sixteen!”

Noah watched her face carefully. Why was she
Surprised? There were no moral laws on such
Matters…Even marriage held little meaning to
Most anymore…People whined how difficult it was
To be with ONE person…the same person…
Commitment was so unnecessary…at least in
The eyes of the world they knew. “You ask
Me to be a father…in a world like this? Do
You truly trust your neighbors? Do you trust
The schools? The other children?” A silence
Passed unsteadily between them. “Tell me
Then…what shocking news you were going
To tell me about your work with the children?”

Sara hesitated but held firm to her beliefs.
“There are still some of us who want to raise
Good children for a better future.”

“Some.” He corrected. “Not most.”

“Something has to change.” Sara said. “And
Someone has to be the one to do it, to speak
Out for it.”

“A handful of like minded people are not
Going to change a world of selfish fools.” He said.
“Our days are numbered…The scientists all
See it coming.”

“Well some of us have to live today, Noah.” She
Defended. “As I was about to tell you…At work
I have been counseling this group of children…
It’s awful…6 of them…3 boys…3 young
Girls…I have never seen anything like it. Their
Parents abandoned them…”

“And this should surprise me?” Noah laughed.
“With all these bizarre religious sects today?”

Sara grimaced then continued. “There is a boy
Who was brutally beaten because his skin is
Too dark, another because his eyes are too
Small and slanted…and another because he
Is too large and overweight…And the girls!
Young girls! All thrown out by their parents
Because they were taken against their will
And are pregnant…One is only 12 years old!
Such pretty girls…Babies having babies.”

Noah looked down. “That is awful yes.”

“They have no home…They live at the hospice
Because there is no where else to put them.” She

He studied her… “Are you trying to suggest we
Take in these abandoned children?”

Sara merely met his eyes sold and strong…
Yet hopeful. She was indeed suggesting that.

“You cannot be serious!” He nearly shouted.
“We have no room. I am no father…I
Have no mind for such things…You know
How I was raised, I barely survived my
Own parents…And you expect me to father
These strays? What could I teach them?”

“You could teach them what not to be! What
They could or should be.” She defended. “Or
Simply just learn to love them…The way you
Do your animals.”

“You are a woman of faith in miracles!”
Noah laughed. “Will a star fall next out
Of the sky with the divine messengers to show me
How to save the world?” He laughed louder.
“Ah yes, Noah…you are a good man, here
Save the human race…save the animals…
Teach them things, show them things. Tell them
There is a greater power to believe in
Because the world they know is crumbling to
Pieces every day…Time to build a better one!
What should I build, Sara, what should I
Build to save the world? Tell me…Someone
Tell me…Because surely I have absolutely
No idea what to do, how to do it…when or
How…All that I know is that we are running
Out of time…There is a light in my head and
I have absolutely no idea why or what to
Do with it!” He slammed his fists down on the
Table then stormed out of the room…seeking
The quiet company of his pets, who loved
Him quietly without conditions…

Watching from the ship…the captain’s chair,
BR’Riel studied the screen carefully… “A light
In his head? What is he speaking of?”

Apollo thought carefully. “Earlier he was
Visited by a blinding light…I could not see it,
All that I know is that it appeared and
Apparently left something in his head.”

BR’Riel sat back carefully… “I have heard
Of this before…Among people there were stories,
Legends…of visitations by divine messengers…
That placed a light in the minds of select
Individuals before our world was plundered.
They never knew why…They were unable
To understand its meaning…only that it
Happened…Before the Conquerors came.”

Vala, who stood at the center of the room
Thought fast of her teachings. “I have
Read about such stories…Also, this happened
On other worlds that fell to the Empire
Before they were consumed…It was a
Mystery…They did not know what to do
With it…Yet still, it speaks of hope…of a
Higher power…”

BR’Riel studied Apollo…considered their
Objective and mission…of the Bears…Yet
This current development suggested a greater
Problem… “You said this Noah…built some sort
Of vessel?”

Time seemed to slip into a surreal stream,
The hours, minutes, moments to the dimension
Of Earth became like a filmstrip…And
Apollo’s mind began to turn…He recalled the
Day Ceres came to Earth, of her beauty and
Charm and glamour and wit…of her
Wonder and confidence…The way she
Acted without hesitation…out of love
For those little bears…The way she took
Them in and sang for them, defying the
Laws of the Watchers by her passion and
Faith in knowing what was right and wrong…

Apollo had been a wild rebellious boy, bruised
And scarred by the loss of this home, his
Family, his world…Tamed by the Academy
Of the Watchers…enlisted to serve a
Hellish role observing and recording a
Remote planet Earth…Why? By the Great
Star Elder?

He winced at himself, at his own actions on
How he had watched and done NOTHING…
While Ceres had only just arrived on Earth
And within moments saved two little bears,
Raised them with lullabies and loving
Care…then imparted them with her greatest
Gift…and defended them ferociously.
She was a Titan…Then by this he felt strong,
Then he knew what to do…

Without asking he turned back to
His panel, accessed the whereabouts of
Noah…as the man sat lonely, confused
And afraid in his stable with his pets…
Quietly struggling for answers to his own
Endless questions…

Then Apollo took the crystals of
Projection and reached out with his mind
And spoke to Noah…

“Noah…” He called out to him with a
Thundering voice that echoed through
Dimensions…yet one, only Noah could hear…
“Noah…Noah listen to me…”

Startled, in shock, in awe…Noah sat up to
The voice and listened…

“I’ve been watching you Noah. I know you…
I know your mind, your heart…your deeds…
I need you to do something, Noah…
No questions…No hesitation…
I want you to build an Ark, Noah…
A great Ark to carry the animals…
All the animals…And your family…
From a terrible cataclysm coming…
Now listen carefully and do as I say…
Build it four times ten cubits high
And forty more times cubits long…
Build it fast for a dark hour is coming…
A dark hour where the sun shall not shine
And the skies will weep for 40 days and
Nights with rain then snow…then it will
Grow very cold…You must act very quickly…
Do as I say Noah…do not hesitate,
Do you hear me?”

“Yes,” Noah said to the voice that spoke
From above… “Yes, I hear you. Who are you,
What are you?”

“Just do as I say, Noah. All that you need to
Know is…that I am, that I have Watched
And seen your deeds…and I know you are a
Good man. The world has grown corrupt, Noah…
And a dark hour of a great chastisement
Is coming…Darkness will fall upon the Earth,
Madness will come…The people will look for
Peace and search for answers and they will
Not find them…so in this I ask of you to
Save the animals who have harmed no man…
Save them so that they can fill the Earth anew…
Great waters will soon cover the Earth…
You must act quickly.”

Noah thought fast and heavily… “But, the
Animals how am I to gather them, yet
Alone…build this ark?”

Apollo thought fast from what he remembered
And knew of the cataclysm…The pole shift that
Brought the rains, the snow and moved the
Oceans to flood the land…But he had never
Studied the animals! Man was all he knew…
He remembered how the Adams and Eves
Paired off…of how on his Homeworld, farmers
Traded livestock in pairs at the markets…
“There is nothing you cannot accomplish,
When you put your mind and heart to it, Noah.
I have faith that you can do this…so do it.
Do not hesitate…Take the animals in
Pairs…one male and one female of each of their
Kind…and fill the ark with them…I will
Send them to you…Do not hesitate…
You must move quickly…the darkness is
Coming Noah…The rains are coming…
And the snow…Soon waters will cover
The Earth…Go now…You must move quickly.”

Noah immediately went to his workshop
To feverishly begin drawing up the plans as
The voice directed…And he did as he was
Told…he did not hesitate, for he was motivated
Unlike he had ever known…

On the Watchers’ ship’s bridge…There was a
Silence of mixed shock and rage…BR’Riel
Sat in the captain’s chair stunned silent…
He could not believe his ears, what Apollo had
Just said and done! They had come back
To save the Bears…and now this?

But Ceres was the first to speak, or rather
Scream and shout with new fury.
“What have you just done?”

“What choice did I have?” Apollo defended
Sharply. “I was here…he built the boat…he
Should have built it by now…I was merely
Following the orders of the timeline…”

They all watched Apollo with wide eyes and
Amazement…Their most sacred law of non-
Intervention had just been violated beyond words!

“If he does not build this ark,” Apollo
Defended… “There will be no future life on
This planet at all…No generations to come…
There will be NO BEARS AT ALL!”

BR’Riel had to admit, there was truth in
Apollo’s reasoning. Yet still, the manner of it…
The suggestive dialogue was…boundless. He
Could not argue this…for the Earth was full
In the future he saw…He could only sit and
Stare and say nothing…That’s one of the
Reasons Lion Men rarely spoke others
Languages…He just sat, stared, listened and
Watched…What would the Postulate say of this?
The Senate? He would be forced to say nothing
About it to anyone.

But Ceres saw other concerns to scream about.
“You impulsive reckless idiot!” She yelled as
She stood to face him as he did her. “How
Arrogantly stupid could you possibly be?!”

Apollo scowled angrily. “I did not defy the
Timeline! This is what happened! The man
Built an ark and filled it with animals…
That is how they survived and repopulated
The Earth for the next ten thousand years!”

“What fool could believe 1 male and 1 female
Could repopulate a species?” Ceres shouted. “Do
You have any idea of the disastrous effects
On their genetic integrity this would be? Such
A compromised gene base would utterly
Eradicate their DNA! The inbreeding would
Totally destroy species, the mutations would be
Incomprehensible! They would undergo such
A metamorphosis…it is unimaginable! Their
DNA will crumble to bits, trash…Their life spans
Would shorten so dramatically…They would
Hardly have lives at all! If any even survive
The catastrophic mutations!”

“It is not as though it would be any kinder
To humans, Ceres…” Apollo defended. “It
Was the beginning of the Dark Kind’s toying
With their DNA to begin with…Besides, I did
Not do this…I told you…The man built the
Ark…it was built by now…I am merely
Following the directive of the timeline!”

“By playing God?” She screamed.

“I did not decide this.” He repeated. “It
Happened this way…I cannot explain
Why it hasn’t happened already!”

“Perhaps…” BR’Riel calmly interrupted with
A thundering noble voice… “This is a
Greater scheme we were meant to assist…
We were all brought to this point in time
To play a part for some higher reason…”

BR’Riel’s words fell heavily upon them…
Silence then.

Still Ceres could not sway her anger. Apollo’s
Deductive reasoning was madness! If this
Was the course, no wonder the animals she
Knew in the future were so wild and strange!
Her mind frothed with rage and logic
Desperately seeking a solution. “There is
Absolutely NO WAY to appease the survival
Of these species this way…1 male and 1 female,
The idea is ludicrous! That such a man
Should find this scheme to impart on
Some innocent mind…it is REVOLTING! If
There was a way I would leave these
Idiot men off that ark completely!”
Then…it struck her…the brainstorm…no men?
How…the females she observed, the mothers
Raised their infants ALONE…The males merely
Impregnated them… “Save the Mothers!”

“What?!” Apollo spat.

“That’s the solution!” Ceres declared with
Eyes wide dancing with ideas. “It is
Mating season…The females will be heavy
With babies soon…I can search for the
Females with the greatest pregnancies…
The largest litters…That will give them more
Offspring quickly…more pairs, more diversity…
As many as possible! That’s it! Fill the
Ark with pregnant mothers…That’s the best

“If a cataclysm is coming soon…” BR’Riel
Reasoned… “It is the best option.”

“And what if the offspring are all females?”
Apollo laughed.

Ceres grimaces. “I will be able to tell what
They carry inside…I can sense the sexes
Of the babies…Besides those chances are slim.
I will select them…And I will send them
To Noah, to the Ark.”

BR’Riel nodded…The plan was sound…
“Go…make it so…Let us see this done
As quickly as possible…so that we may
Return also as quickly as possible…And
No one will speak of this outside of this
Room ever.”

And so it began…Ceres, in her flowing
White gown and robe, with her long golden
Hair and sparkling eyes went to visit
Noah that night bathed in glowing white
Light…accompanied by two towering
Lion Men guards…that resembled some
Ferocious Noble Ethereal Angels also in
Their white robes and sashes…

A mesmerized Noah awoke from an
Exhausted sleep where he had passed out
At his desk to the sight of the most
Beautiful vision he had ever seen in his life…
She must have been an angel, she had
To be…with two fantastic warrior angels
To protect her…

And with a kind song-like voice she spoke
To the humble awestruck man…For
If you ever saw her this way, wouldn’t you
Be speechless?

“Noah…” She said softly. “I’ve come to
Help you…This deed set upon you, I know
It’s difficult…It must feel impossible…
But you must listen to me…I will
Send you the help you need…But I need
You to do something for me…for the
Animal’s sake…Do not take the 1 male and
1 female…on the ark…Instead I will
Send to you pairs of pregnant mothers…
They will carry the seeds of life of
Survival…Aside from the birds that you
Love so much…those you must take in
Males and females…for they lay eggs…
And the frogs and the turtles and the lizards…
But leave the serpents out, let those beasts
Swim…But as for the mammals…
Take only the pregnant mothers…You
Understand the nature of animals and
Why it is better to do this…
Save the pregnant mothers, Noah.
Will you do this for me?”

Noah swallowed in absolute awe…Her
Words were a song. Oh, how beautiful she
Was. “Of course I will.” How could he
Say no? The light of her presence
Was indescribable.

“Thank you, Noah.” She said with a tearful
Smile. “I will help you. I will send them
To you. Do not let this matter
Concern you. You just build the ark…
As best you can and quickly…And if
Anyone says it cannot be done…
Ignore them. This is important, Noah.
Believe…There is nothing you cannot do.”

And Noah began to build that ark…
With a fuel unlike anyone ever knew…



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 5NOV2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (5 November 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.