Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Parable of the King

*SONG* “The Bonny Swans” by Loreena McKennit

It’s always about the music…
Somehow when the right song plays
Magic happens.
I’ve said before that songs answer riddles.
Sound is a power, a force…
The riddles are answered in more ways than one.

The bridge to the Circle of Light.
Wait for the call, the sound, the song,
And the voice answers.

He sat there very pleased, looking
More than an amazing statue of Hercules
With his long blond hair and wise, strong,
Chiseled face. “I think she was right,
It was the right time for that story.”
Brishan said with a smile. “I was going
To wait a while to suggest it, but I
Must say…I agree, it was the right
Time.” He turned to his sister as she
Sat there smiling mysteriously. “I think
Perhaps all that time with Apollo had
A good influence on you…Oh wait, forgive

Ceres slowly rolled her eyes and
Tossed her long wavy golden sunlight hair
Over her shoulder. “Oh please…not
That again. His obsession with timing…”

“Time, light and sound.” Brishan
Praised. “As we were tonight…The
Powers, the forces of the universe that
Shape all things…The power-play even
Has such a strong influence on us here
Right now,” he said, nodding and
Pointing to the notebook, “Can you deny
It? We would not be here right now
If not for…the Light.”

“I tried to tell you many times.” Ceres
Said with, almost bragging with a laugh. She
Leaned forward to me, “You see none
Back home wanted to believe…that
Such a thing would actually happen…
To come from…Earth. They are the
Same everywhere…All worlds are the
Same, they always think that THEY
Will be the ones to find it, make the
Breakthrough…No one ever listens,
Not even the most advanced worlds.
They say they listen and they don’t.
Oh the wounded ego! Because if
It’s not them…Then it means they
Are at the mercy of a Higher Power.”

“I listened.” Brishan told her.

“No,” she said, “You listened…but
You had to see it for yourself…Then
You marched right in and said…I
Want to talk to him, then you did,
Now you have, now you are…let’s
Make that clear…We all make similar

“Fine.” Brishan smiled to me. “I
Confess this is true…But that does
Not mean I appreciate it any less.”

“So impart your wisdom, Brother.” Ceres
Said to him, crossing her arms over
Her chest.

He laughed, shaking his head. “I said
It, the Noah story was well timed.”
Then he pointed to the notebook. “You
Might want to suggest they read it
A few times…The timing might come
In very well again…You never know.”

“That’s all you have to say?” Ceres asked.

He paused briefly and reflected on
Something he secretly knew. “Then
I should like to LIE to them right
Now…And say, for everyone there
Is a Happy Ending…some significant
Course…That wealth will give you
All the answers and everything you want.”

He laughed. “Yes, it’s true…too
Many believe the same things.
Everyone is looking for answers…
WE are always looking for answers…
We are not excluded…
You want to write something interesting?”

“I think there are expectations on you,
Brishan.” Ceres said playfully. “Wise Leader
Of the Senate…”

He grew a little impatient, but held himself
Very well and calm, then looked at me more
Seriously. “Let me share the most obvious
Advice then…If there is anyone who expects
There is paradise waiting for them out in
The stars…think again. The Universe is
A big place…to each their own, think
Of it this way…If you are unhappy
With the confusion, protests, opinions,
Religions, egos…ruling powers of Earth?
Then do NOT go out into space…Because
You will find all that and much more
With greater intensity…That is why
The greatest lesson is the most simple…
Find that peace and happiness in your
Home first…Don’t give up on your
Home expecting to find the rewards
Of a rescue to come from the great
Unknown…Because what you will find
Are VERY cruel, often costly lessons.”

“Well said.” Ceres nodded.

“Furthermore,” Brishan went on very
Seriously… “I think of it this way…If
You want to find the answers, to
Experience things as we do? Tell them
To go out into the greatest, widest,
Grassiest meadow…comb through it…
And find the single one most perfect blade
Of grass. Find the most perfect
Leaf in the forest of trees…How
Long will that take you? Define
Perfect…That definition is very wide.
Of course then you first must
Choose the best meadow…The best
Forest…Where to look first, how…
What to do with that single blade
Of grass, that leaf…Study it? Copy
It? I could go on and on.”

“True,” Ceres agreed, “The debate is
Endless…In school it always starts
This way…Patience is essential of course.”

“Of course.” He agreed.

“Does that help at all?” She asked.

“I like the blade of grass analogy.” I
Told them. “We have something similar…
Finding a needle in a haystack.”

“Why would a needle be in a haystack?” Ceres

“It’s just a saying.” I said. “About how hard
It is to find something that you are looking for.”

“The blade of grass, the leaf,” Brishan
Said with a pleasant smile. “is more appropriate
With regards to finding answers…Think
About it.”

“But isn’t everyone looking for their
Own answers?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.” Brishan said. “As I said…
Think about it for a while…”

“It’s interesting.” I said.

“Are you going to start offering tutorials
Now?” Ceres teased him. “Bring in an
Instructor from one of the Academies?”

“That might be an interesting idea.” He said,
Considering it.

“I was not being serious.” She said, shaking
Her head with a smile.

“Well,” Brishan seemed to arch his brow.
“There is much going on there now…
They ask questions…”

“To which we can only offer so much.”
She replied.

“There is much going on right now,”
Brishan tilted his head at the notebook,
Then me, “Isn’t there?”

“Yes, there sure is.” I answered.

“Distractions.” Brishan simply said. “Even
Those who think they know…are distracted
From…the truth…beneath the surface.”

“Interesting choice of words.” I had to say.

“I try.” He laughed, then turned to Ceres.
“What would you suggest next then?
I was impressed with your choice and timing
With the story about this man Noah.”

“Do not even suggest Apollo’s influence on
Me,” she told him a little bitterly, “I
Have my own mind.”

“That is why I said it,” Brishan
Told her honestly, “What would you
Suggest next? Another story?”

“Something simple.” Ceres replied, playing,
Twirling with the golden tendrils of
Her hair. “Something Easy…”

“Something general,” Brishan lifted his
Finger, “A parable…Perhaps one of

“They did work well.” Ceres smiled, the
Expression on her face suggesting a
Good memory. “Father had wonderful

“Good kings do.” Brishan smiled and
Nodded. “Good things to share…particularly
With other Leaders. A grand idea…the King’s
Parable! Should you choose one or shall I?”

She gently touched her chin with her elegant
Looking fingers. “You have appreciated my
Choices and timing so far…Allow me
Another chance…”

He gestured casually with a smile of
Contentment. “Proceed.”

Ceres did not have to think very long
Before a sly smile spread across her
Face… “I know just the one…Not that
This will be a habit mind you…Not that
We are offering educational classes from
Our home, mind you…Consider this as
You will…The King’s parable…”

She nodded once to me then I knew
To start writing… “When I was a young
Girl…my world suffered troubled times
Too…but as I have said, before days…
Then our world was going through a
Turmoil too…But no one knew it…Not then,
Not right away, especially the very
Young. Some things never change.

“Very simply then, I will tell it…Tell
Them here to take it as it appears.
Please, do not add to or take
Anything from it…or that ruins
The purpose.”

A pause as she waited for my
Hand to catch up with her words as
I wrote them. “Go on.” I only said.

“Our world then was struggling…
There were mysterious signs…Although
I was intrigued…there was much father
Kept from us, the children…Political
Offices always spare the young these

“I am not sure of the exact time of this
Parable…only that it was a great
Frustration for Father.” She laughed.
“How funny it is now to say this…So
Long after…History does appear to
Repeat endlessly…Disguised of course…

The towns and villages across the land were
Plagued by misfortune…Although
There was a barter system in place,
There was still the acquisition of wealth
By means of Gold. Though not as
You know it. For us, our people
Then, it was Gold, highly compressed,
Highly purified heavy gold pieces.

“The climate was unstable, for a series
Of years this affected crops…Families
Were struggling, resources were being
Drained…Instead of the barter system,
Society was following more of the
Ways of acquiring Gold…You can
Imagine…the greed, the fighting,
The competing…Things were growing out
Of control…even violent.

“So my father went out into the villages
And towns to confront complaints
And protests…And he devised this means
Of helping the people and teaching them
At the same time…

“The first town he came to was
Loud and angry and greedy. So he
Proposed a solution, a contest…

“That he would offer 10,000 pieces of Gold…
This was the equivalent of what I
Believe you would call one ton of gold?

“He would toss a bag of children’s rollers, or
Small throw balls as you call or understand
Them…out into the center of a field…

“And as we were told this story at the dinner
Table…Father threw the bag of rollers out
Into the middle of a field, or meadow rather…
The rules of the contest were simple…
One member from each family of the town
Was allowed to compete…The first person
To retrieve the bag of rollers, intact, to
My father would win the prize…The
10,000 pieces of Gold.

“Now it seems simple of course. But,
Here were the rules…if the bag
Was torn or broken in some way,
And any of the rollers were lost…
The game was over…

“If anyone was hurt or injured in the
Contest…then the game was over, and
Those responsible or involved in the
Injuries were to pay my father 10,000 pieces
Of gold.

“If a fight were to break out of any
Kind, the contest would be over, and any
And all involved in the fight were to
Pay my father 10,000 pieces of gold…

“And finally if anyone was hurt in
Any way during the contest…As if they
Fell or were knocked down or pushed,
Or even slipped and fell on their own…
Then the contest was over…and no one
Would win anything.

“It was simple, everyone had to play…
Everyone had to play fair and play kind
Or there was to be absolutely no
Reward or prize of any kind.

“Now, it seems simple doesn’t it?
He just wanted it to be a safe, kind
Contest where no one would get hurt.

“But…the people were so impatient, hostile,
Angry and competitive with one another…
Everyone was struggling in the towns
And villages at the time…

“Now he wanted to help everyone…but
Everyone wanted to be helped more
Than anyone else…During tough times
Few consider others…They always want
To be helped first…

“So…when the contest began…my father
Tossed the bag of rollers out into the
Middle of the meadow…The horn was
Blown for the contest to begin…

“And what do you think happened?
This town, the people, were so frantic
And greedy that they became nervous…
They panicked…And no one moved
At all. They were too afraid of
Breaking the rules…Now of course
They all wanted to win…But the
Desperation made them…too nervous,
So not a single player moved at all…
And the contest ended with no

“So my father moved on to the next
Town…issued the same rules…
Again the town was too nervous, and
Panicked…and no one moved.
No one wanted to pay the fine of
10,000 pieces of gold…and everyone was
Too afraid of getting hurt…

“Town after town he went to…the
Same thing happened…No one
Moved. People complained but he
Would not change the rules…
Then…my father came to a town…
Struggling just as much as any
Of the others…But, the people of
This town were different…

“No one knows exactly if they had
Planned this, or if it simply was
Their nature…

“When my father began the contest…
Something very different happened…
Instead of racing blindly to compete
For the bag of rollers…All of the
Players WALKED slowly and calmly
Out into the field…One man picked
Up the bag…brought it to my father…
And when he gave it to my father
He said, ‘Here is the bag…AS you
Can see it is safely intact…’
My father proclaimed him the winner,
But the man said, ‘No…we all
Agreed to play this way…and we
All agreed to share it. That way
Everyone wins something.’

“My father was utterly delighted
And impressed and said, ‘Now that,
Is the correct way to win the game.
Everybody wins.’

“It was a major event and symbolic
Victory…Teaching a valued lesson to
The towns about their greed and unity…
About all the games in fact…The only
Way to play a game or contest
Correctly is if everyone wins something.
Especially during tough times…
Because no one should be rewarded
More than others…That only creates
More envy, more greed and resentment…
But when they share the victory
And the winnings…fairly…equally…
Then they not only find relief but
Reclaim their unity and support
Each other.

“It was major turning point in
The spirit of the people, inspiring all
Other towns and villages…from the
Nobles to commoners…And it
Helped neutralize the class system…

“It even affected all manners of
Competitions…and sports…Because
People began to see the importance
In everyone winning…Was there really
A need to have ONE renowned winner
That stood above the others? No.

“And in fact it actually inspired more
People to perform better because they
Saw the importance in everyone’s
Common needs…greed and laziness
Didn’t just hurt the one, it hurt them
All…They were inspired to do better,
Work harder…for the whole…And
In time it actually proved to make
Life a lot easier.

“How’s that for the king’s parable?”
Ceres asked. “Interesting, don’t you

“I really, really like that story.” I said.
“And it really worked? It really
Helped inspire the people to change?”

“In time, yes.” Ceres said. “I would
Like to say it happened overnight…
But it didn’t, it took time…But
Eventually yes it did help all the

“You see,” Brishan said, “some people
Like getting more than others…It
Happens everywhere…Even on our world
Now among the refugees, their villages…
There are those that cling to their old
Ways…And on other worlds among the
Stars…But, when they see a system
That works…It eventually does
Motivate others. This is something you can
Not force however.”

“Though in some instances it should be
Forced.” Ceres laughed.

“Attitudes and habits are very hard
To break…” Brishan nodded. “I believe
Most initially insist on the fast
Easy answer…But no one learns anything
With easy answers. Have you seen this?”

“No, I understand.” I told them. “I have
Seen that a lot. We are always taught
That after high school people change…
I have yet to encounter that…If anything
They become more who they are…it’s
Just a matter if it’s good or bad.”

“Well, that’s the same everywhere too.” Ceres
Said. “But I believe that’s more related
To how we are born…with personalities I

“Time takes care of that.” Brishan said
Solemnly. “For some it takes longer…but
Eventually most do see and understand
The same reasons.”

“The key is to overcome distractions,” Ceres said,
“To keep going. Have a goal, pursue it…
Listen, learn and watch…but be persistent.
Be patient. Be devoted.”

“We realize this is hard on you,” Brishan
Went on, “Of course nothing with a good cause
Is done easily…And criticism is everywhere…
It’s a poisonous distraction. Do not give in to it.
If you surrender to criticism you will find
Yourself surrendering to a lot of things, a lot
Of things!”

“Just deliver the message and keep going.” Ceres
Nodded with a smile. “It will get better.”

“Seriously, persistence, devotion and
Dedication and good work…Those are all
Good things.” Brishan said. “Who would
You seek advice from…Someone who whines
And complains constantly, someone who begs?
Or someone who keeps working on their
Goals and dreams that show results?”

“You’re right. I know.”

“Just watch those distractions…”
Brishan smiled.

“Why do I get the feeling you are about
To impart another mysterious message?”
I asked.

He smiled. “There are so many things
Happening…here…out in the stars,” he
Gestured kindly, one generous wave of his
Arm, “and on your world.” He pointed to
The notebook. “Now…if you want my
Suggestions? My ideas or hints? Who
Am I to say…We cannot tell you or
Anyone to do anything…Yet, in times
Of chaos and upheaval…on worlds
Where it seems things are about to collapse…
The planet always shows the same signs…
But frequently people are too busy arguing
To notice things in nature…And when
They do it’s too late.”

“Ah.” Ceres laughed, “And here Brishan
Is attempting his serious overtone of
Mystery.” She shook her head. “Just
Say it…or would you rather throw
A sack of balls in a field?”

“Funny.” He said.

“It’s just that, well…encouraging things
Like protests…civil war, or revolutions
When peaceful resolve makes more sense…
It all seems rather pointless…when one
Should be more focused on geological
And atmospheric instability…and erratic
Patterns in electro-magnetic fields…
Or strange ailments…like numbness
Or headaches.”

“Oh that wasn’t mysterious at all.” Ceres
Threw back her head with a laugh. “Dare
They dive next into further research
On such things…Oh wait, should I find
A sack of balls first? If only animals
Were entertained so well with balls for
Hours on end…Good sense and logic would
Be everywhere.”

“You spend too much time with the
Bears,” Brishan laughed. “With all the

“They are honest and furry,” Ceres said,
Holding her chin high. “Well, mostly hairy
That is…The rest just wish they had hair.
They’re just simple and cute, that’s all.”

“That’s a fairly…odd analogy.” Brishan
Laughed at her.

“Don’t judge the animals harshly.” Ceres
Smiled playfully. “They could teach anyone
A lot.”

Brishan turned to me very kindly. “Let’s
Be clear…and simple for now. Consider
The stories we have recently shared…read
Them a few times…ponder things…That’s
All. Go rest…for next we will talk about
Your dreams some more…”

“Yes, I have had some interesting ones!” I told them.

“Yes,” Brishan and Ceres nodded
Together. “We are VERY interested to
Hear about these new developments…
These dreams you had…Voices from
The stars? Of constellations?”


He nodded. “It’s time to slow down
A little then…Rest…It’s in the stars…
That is something you cannot Fight
At all…when the Stars Align…
Things happen.”





  1. Synchronicity between this Parable of the King and GCR/RV rumors? Why not choose that timeline if it’s a potential? I’d love to share in unlimited potential with all……… Bears included, of course…..

    • Hi RC… I tend to take anything said by the intergalactic panhandlers (i.e. the RV!) with a large helping of salt… but I did appreciate Valiant’s socialist counterpoint. Very refreshing! 🙂

      Back in the 50s there was a meeting with (another?) Valiant Thor and President Eisenhower. It seems Mr. president was receiving quite a few other-worldly characters at the time… anyways, I imagine the contents of Val’s proposal to him might have included something along similar lines…

      • Thanks for the greetings Dreamwalker and Robin……….I agree on the grain of salt in that regard. I don’t invest too much energy in the quagmire that is that mode of thinking. I do feel that being in a constant flight or fight scenario obviously restricts our abilities to develop. How we go from our current predatory financial system to something more healthy and inclusive, I don’t know. I felt this parable, was just that, a parable. A concept, a seed, to blossom into another stepping stone towards fulfilling our potential………..I have read the Valiant Thor stuff before. When I first came across Bill’s posts, (The “secret agent man” era. I’ve silently been reading these posts for a little while ) I did think they were the same “person”. Admittedly, the idea of Bill being from New Jersey as opposed to Venus sits much better with me…..

        • Hi RC- Lida might take issue with the idea that her son is from another planet… but if not the actual person then perhaps a spiritual successor. ❤ And why folks from Venus would want to settle in New Jersey is beyond me! 😀

          Very good points about the financial situation…. it's precisely that… an idea needs time to take seed and grow…

  2. Beautiful as always Feilla. Precious One! I so look forward to your comments! Green candles when lit, especially on Thurday’s, bring much centering for me into my heart chakra…really removes obstacles.

    Just a video…I listened to this song quite a bit back in 2009 when all hell broke loose. What happened??? I have heard the same thing from so many others. Did CERN open a portal into another dimension and allow a flood of “Dark Forces” into this paradigm?

  3. Some other pictures of some adorable ones who heal, comfort, warm up hearts….

    This is such a fascinating site, making the winter rather beautiful, pure than cold…

  4. As tomorrow, Sunday is coming another energy apex, this gives me the reason to dare to share this picture which just caught my attention. You see the character,he 合 printed on that ROUND cup, along with the SQUARE moon cakes containing a full moon like core. In Chinese metaphysics, round is the symbolic form of SKY, whereas square of EARTH. With regards to 合, it can be both verb & noun.
    verb. close combine suit; to agree with
    4.[Formal] proper; appropriate
    whole; all

    • Wow such synchronicity 🙂

      Triangles everywhere right now…

      That symbol taken literally is also “home” – the square and the triangle…

      Pointing up…

      but where could all those other triangles be pointing?


      • You’re seeing triangles too Dreamwalker? Wow! I just a acquired a very nice one, it is quite magical, a candle holder. Oh how I love thrift stores! That is incredible that you are dreaming of constellations that are speaking to you VALIANT. I woke from a dream about looking up at Ursa Major…in my dream the outline of the Bear was there…I heard a voice say, “You are under the protection of the Great Bear.” Also many dreams of the constellation Orion as viewed from Earth…beams of light shooting back and forth through Orion’s Belt followed by large tornadoes breaking out on the ground up ahead. Another dream, that was most recent, of being in a white room. A picture of the Pleiades was on the table…two light beings there..a man and a woman. They said something about a Pleiadian Portal.

  5. Besides, several days ago, I used to see the concerned pictures which I know so well are reflecting my/our connection. I feel so warm to realize something, to miss you all who let me to have found, met here….

    Lion Wears the Crown by Annelie Solis
    source :

    via at–

    source :

  6. Dear All :
    Though I’m not available to speak much here, still want to share somethings with you that I’ve thought to for at least two weeks.

    My dreams in last week (before last weekend) feel like a series of courses among which there was some in which I seemed to have taken some kind of very developed train in a city that I guess in another timeline.

    As Susan, I feel so hard in this course, as most of times, I feel so incompatible with this reality. There was only quite few moment I could really feel peaceful, OK. It in fact occurred once in a circumstances where I felt so awful, I was trying to envisioning getting gathered rather with you all in another occasion or reality. I’ve felt so sleepy and need much more sleep. Physically, I realize how cautious I’m, I just cannot avoid toxic foods, air, water, etc. and am suffering the very allergic symptoms.

    I happened to come cross some info which seem to resonate with what Valiant had indicated…

    or my attention was once caught by….


    source :

    Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – Eternity
    source :

    This was in fact found before Valiant’s last post…so swan(s) feel like a very symbol for this very present moment?!

  7. So simple a request made by the King and one I have always told others slow and steady gets the job done no stress no one better than the other for their is no I in team, never has been never will be. Ceres gave us a glimpse of the inate power we hold within. The gentle Lion Man gave us a glimpse of the power of the mind which created a Bridge which allowed the connection between the human feminine side inner power and the light being that is our home Earth now Mother to all living things within upon and above her realm of being. There is this part I hold within that gets so angry because I never understood what my mission was, fumbling in the darkness fighting the cloaked one for all those years. Standing to face him I realised I was no longer scared of him and carried on with this life. Now here I am still fumbling in the darkness waiting for the cycle to end praying that this time collectively enough of us pull humanity through with eyes ears and hearts wide open connected as a force that stands united with this amazing Earth being a beacon to light the universe as it has never been before. Thank you Dearest Watchers and to Bill and Lida xx

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