Valiant: Knock knock…The Watchers…Parallel Dimensions…

*SONG* “Solitaire” by Laura Branigan

For some time now things have felt off…
The sense of time warped, twisted
As if nothing makes sense,
Or has lost its synchronicity somehow.
For me it’s felt like time has been
Suspended or distorted since 2009…
Especially May of 2009…
Something has been off,
And whatever it is…that date 2009
Keeps popping back up…
Others have told me this too, so if
You have felt this as well you are
Not alone…
Share those stories, The Bubble Burst
And mysteries will unfold.

Solitaire, that song…it never felt
So right as it has now.
Lost and confused, that sense
Of being alone…waiting for something
To happen…

Into, Upon the Circle of Light…
By the call, by the time,
By choice, by will, by command.
It’s a mission. Can’t stop now.

His voice, deep and strong like
Thunder, but a charm so kind he could
Be my brother…I mean in the
Literal sense by blood, not some polite
Or friendly address…
“And how did it go?” Brishan asked
As he sat there watching me, eagerly…
Both he and Ceres had been waiting.

“Well, it went well I hope.”

“This part we said would not be easy,”
Brishan replied leaning forward towards me.
“It’s no small task.”

“I am sorry if I take too long.”
I told them.

“Not at all, this is excellent.” Brishan
Answered fast. “I am the one who is
Sorry…Remember I can only say so
Much…Too much and I risk imposing
Opinions…Not enough and they only
Ask more questions…It’s a delicate
Balance to turn those wheels to get
Them thinking.”

“For a moment there I thought you would
Mention timing.” Ceres teased him, “As though
Our resident trickster might have.”

“That was his way.” Brishan grinned. “THIS…
Is MY way…”

“But of course,” Ceres laughed, “How could
I be mistaken…”

Brishan simply turned to look at
Me firmly. “We should proceed now…”

“No pause of reflective thought?” Ceres
Asked batting her lashes
Like swords.

Brishan dismissed her sarcasm with a
Gracious nod and grin. “Now…
Remember what I said…write
The words, what we say…No more.”

I only nodded…

“Sasquatch and the Shadow People…
Are just the beginning.” He said,
“Myths for their minds, nothing more…or so
They thought. Because they are real, very,
Very real…They will learn.”

“I still do not see how they could doubt so
Much…they believe in so much garbage…”

Brishan nodded. “Just write it. Tell it.
There is so much more to know…
So much more to come.” He paused,
Looked at Ceres, who was watching too quietly.
He studied her but said nothing about it, then
Turned back to me. “There is a great deal on
My…on our minds. It is difficult to break it
Down and discuss it in a way…that you
Can understand.”

“I understand you.” I told them.

“No no,” he said, “I mean with regards to
Relating it…the correct way. The cause and
Effect process…For instance, this matter
Of sub-atomic research on your world greatly
Concerns us…That is very dangerous…Even
The slightest imbalance, the ripple effect moves
Through other dimensions…But the worst
Is the attention it attracts…There are numerous
Forms of predators out there…The Shadow
People are but a few…There are predatory
Forces that exist that prey upon physical
Beings…neutralizing them is a problem.”

“Still it can be done.” Ceres added quietly.
There was clearly something on her mind,
But Brishan avoided acknowledging it; he clearly
Sensed it.

“I believe it is called some kind of a…
Collider?” Brishan struggled to word it right.

“I believe that’s the right word,” I nodded,
“But honestly I don’t know much about it.”

He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter what
You know, just listen,” he pointed to the
Notebook, “Against our advice time technology
Was introduced…in the hopes of solving problems
On suffering worlds…instead it was misused
And abused in order to further manipulate…
Hidden agendas…that created the fracture
In time…The singularity that trapped your
World and a few others in a dark resonance.
But we have neutralized that problem.
Now…of course the forces that misused that
Technology are seeking other ways to
Maintain control over worlds, your world…
By other experimental research…with
Parallel dimensions…or what you call
Alternate realities.”

“They are still trying to do this?” I asked.

Brishan nodded with a very intense look.
“Secret factions are doing this…In one
Very successful dimension…A very brutal
Reality…The science that mastered this
Science called it the Halcyon Project…
Yes, it comes from a parallel dimension,
But has managed to find its way to yours.”

“What is it?”

“It’s simple really, although the dynamics,
Equations and so forth are complicated.”
He explained. “It involves taking elements
From one reality to stabilize another. Or
Rather, manipulate another. For example,
Taking a scientist from one dimension
To work in another…or even something like…
Taking a species from one dimension
And introducing it or re-introducing it
Into another…Or even something as
Diabolic as taking one leader from
One dimension…to rule another…OR…
Removing or eradicating something
Or someone from one dimension in order
To duplicate the effect in another.”

“They can do that?” I asked.

“They have done it.” Brishan said seriously.
“I don’t want to alarm you…further…
But trust me when I say your life,
And many other peoples’ lives should have
Been very, very different. I am sure many
People sense that their lives are very wrong…
That things aren’t working as they

“You can say that again.”

“And they are most likely distracting
You with ridiculous antics in your
Media system.” He said.

“Oh I am sure people will LOVE hearing
You say that!” I laughed.

“Why?” He asked.

“Never mind.” I laughed. “Go ahead.”

“The quest for power, personal empowerment
Over the whole is a dangerous game,” Brishan
Said, “Especially in a turbulent time.”

“Well, it’s a physical world.” I told him. “People
Need to survive, unfortunately they need money
To survive.”

“I realize that…and in time hopefully
Your world will overcome these things.” He
Said. “The best thing you need to do is
Kindly say…to others…to accept and
Embrace the present…if you, they or
Anyone is unhappy with who they are…
As a person…then try as best you can
To make the decisions the way you would
For the person you want to be.”

“You want people to throw things at
Me for giving advice?” I laughed. “They
Hand out advice like rain falling from
The sky, I don’t want to lecture anyone.
I always agreed that the best way
To help is through telling stories…stories
That inspire…The way Varence and
Ceres told me.”

“That’s true.” Brishan nodded. He sighed,
Studied Ceres briefly…she still wasn’t
Talking then turned back to me. “Well
Then…Tell me what you know of other


“Yes,” he said, “You had these images in
Your mind that I recall…from your
Dreams…of your group of people from
The Great Hall…remember, there were 7
Of you…in a movie theater…They
Brought you there…There were these men
In some kind of formal attire. They
Had guns, they were sweating…
Desperate…They took you there in the
Night, 7 of you…to a movie theater…
Do you remember?”

He was making me remember.

“Yes, I see it, I remember.” I said.

“Write that down. Share that story.” He
Said. “Let that be the example story.
It’s probably the easiest way to explain
These parallel dimensions.”

“Oh joy another trip down merciless memory

“Please.” He said…encouraged…insisted.

“There were 7 of us left,” I began
As he told me to do it… “It was well
Before 2012…I thought these were dreams…
It was late at night, no idea when.
But I remember feeling happy to see them…
But the happiness was short-lived. There were
These men, 5 I think…I had seen
Them before in dreams. They used to
Take me to these places…facilities…
And show me strange experiments
Going on. Very strange, even

“I remember when they took us…
Kathy was still there…

“Boy did they pick the wrong

“These men had medium olive skin, dark hair,
Clean shaven, they were always very well
Dressed in fine Italian suits…all designer type,
Tan, grey…with white dress shirts, ties, even
Their shoes were shiny and fancy. Their
Hair was always well groomed, shiny and
Slicked back…They were normally very
Well mannered…almost aristocratic…very
Polite…sometimes there was a woman with
Them, but this time it was only men. I
Remember it was odd this time they didn’t
Have their suit jackets on, just the white
Dress shirts…they were sweating, they looked
Panicked, like something was very wrong…and
They had guns…hand guns. I’m no gun expert
But I could tell they seemed very sleek
Modern type guns and they waved them
Around like crazy.

“There were 7 of us…I remember Joe, Julie,
Jacob, Jason and Kathy were there…and
Someone else and me…7. They kept
Saying something about that, there being 7
Of us, that’s how I remember.

“They brought us to a multiplex movie theater,
It was the middle of the night, we were in
Our pajamas of course…except for Joe, he had
On his boxers and a T-shirt, I remember he
Was very unhappy about that…

“I didn’t know their names, but they acted like
They knew us. They gave us no time to talk
Or socialize…The one in charge shouted a lot,
Something I had never seen him do, they
Were usually so polite, not this time. He
Held this gun, pointed at us like he was
Ready to kill. Once we were inside the theater
They brought us to the hall where the
Separate theater’s doors were wide open.
He ordered one of the men to begin? Then he
Pointed his gun at my head and said, “Now
Listen, if you think you cannot die in
A dream, think again…I want you and
The others to go and stand in front of each
Of the theaters…wait for it to start, then
Tell me what you see.”

“I was angry, I was really sick of having
A gun pointed at my head. Go to the theaters
And tell him what we see? What was he
Talking about? This was crazy! I was tired.
But this man was clearly sweating in

“So we did as instructed, each of us stood in
Front of a theater and waited…as his men
Hovered near us, each pointing
Their guns, they were wide-eyed and sweating
A lot.

“There was no time to think or question, we just
Did as we were told. The main guy hovered
Near me with his gun, he started shaking…

“I watched inside the movie theater at
The screen…Then the picture came…It
Was that TV show “LOST”…
He shouted at me to tell him, for everyone
To tell him what we saw…We all said
The same thing…the TV show “Lost”…

“It was series final episode of “Lost”…
But as I watched it became clear that it
Was NOT the final episode that I remembered?

“I have to admit it was cool, I was so
Fascinated I think my eyes bulged…
Everyone I knew watched that show…
And apparently so did everyone
From my dreams?

“Now tell me,” the man said as he
Took the safety off his gun, “Watch and
Tell me what version is the safest
One, which is the RIGHT one?”

“Right version? What the hell was he
Talking about? So I watched, then
Very quickly it became clear just
How different these versions were.

“Joe shouted, asking eagerly, “What do
You see? I’m watching the finale of
Everyone said something looked off…
What is going on here? How are we
Watching this? What does “LOST”
Have to do with everything?

“So we told each other what we saw,
What we knew…

“I see, in mine, Sawyer and Juliet
Are getting married…then Sawyer goes
On to become the secret big leader
Of the Island! It was so cool, nothing
Like the finale I knew as real…But
What I saw on the screen was vivid, so real!
“I don’t understand, I told them. Did they
Film an alternate ending that we never saw
Or something?”

“The main man just kept shaking, pointing
His gun at me. “Just keep watching.”

“I was really confused. I turned to Joe. “What
Are you watching?”

“Jack and Kate are on the island,” he said
Slowly, distracted, interested. “It’s not the
Finale I remember at all…They…They’re
Taking over the island…with Sawyer…And
I think, yeah…they’re becoming the Others…
And there’s a new plane crash…new people…
It’s like the whole thing is repeating…”
He turned to the others… “What are you all
Seeing in yours?”

“Mine’s nothing like I remember of
The show,” Julie said, “Jack and Kate
Are getting married…They’re all off the
Island…It looks like some destiny thing
Or something, like they all live happily
Ever after.”

“Jacob was very leery to answer. I saw
Him watching his screen with this horrified
Look on his face. “That’s not what I’m
Watching.” He seemed very disturbed.
“It’s like some horror finale…That it was
All some evil experiment or something…
The island is a lab to test people.”

“What?” Joe asked with a scowl.

“I don’t know how to explain what I’m seeing.”
Jacob said.

“Mine is different too.” Kathy said. “This
Is not the finale I remember. This is saying
It was all a dream. The plane never crashed,
Almost like a ‘what if’ thing…”

“Jason said something similar. “Mine too.
It wasn’t real. Like they flew through
The Bermuda Triangle or something and
Experienced some…alternate reality?”

“The version I was watching was fascinating,
But I wanted to see Joe’s…The man with
The gun nodded and let me go see…I
Stood in front of the theater with Joe…it
Was amazing, another totally different finale!
So real, like it was an original ending…
I didn’t understand. How could there be
All these different endings? “What is going
On? Why are they showing us this…LOST?
All these different series finales? How is
This possible?”

“Joe could not take his eyes off the screen.
“Man, this is so cool, though. I like this
Ending a lot better than the one I saw on

“He was right, it was interesting…a whole
New plane crash with new characters…
Very similar to the ones we knew…
Another doctor like Jack…another
Fugitive like Kate, but blond…another
What are we watching?”

“Julie seemed utterly bored with her screen,
Like she did not want to be there at all.
“I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a
TV show!”

“The main guy started shouting to his
Companions in another language, it
Sounded like Italian? To bring us together
In the center to talk. He pointed his
Gun at us, at my head first… “You
Talk, then you choose. Talk. You have
5 minutes! Go!”

“What the hell is their problem?” Julie
Said bitterly. “What are we doing here?”

“5 minutes?” Joe spat. “So much time.
Like I’m supposed to pick what in 5 minutes?
I could spend 5 minutes picking my nose.”

“That’s so nice!” Julie groaned. “You’re sick!”

“Jacob eyed the other theaters, it was clear
He was catching on fast…guiding the rest
Of us. “All these versions of the series
Finale… “Lost” is a popular show…Everyone
Had talked about it A LOT.”

“So what are we voting on a better finale?”
Julie asked angrily. “The show is over,
Who cares! What does it matter now?”

“It sure matters to them.” Jacob said.

“I hated that one.” Kathy winced
About the one she watched. “I actually
Didn’t like that or the one I saw on TV.”

“This one I saw made more sense than
The one I saw on TV.” Jason said.

“The other guy was quiet, he never seemed
To say much that I remember. “I
Have no idea what to say,” was all he said.

“Why are they doing this?” Julie asked.

“I kept looking around. Then it struck me.
“This is one strange movie theater.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Joe asked.

“I used to work in a movie theater when
I was younger…” I told them. “Look at
The theaters…this hall…Where is the
Concession stand? Movie theaters always
Have popcorn and candy…I don’t see
Any, do you? This looks more like…
An office building with auditoriums…I mean
It looks like a movie theater but doesn’t.”

“Maybe it isn’t a movie theater.” Jacob

“Then what is it?” Jason asked. “Some
Kind of research place or something?”

Then Joe blurted out the craziest response.
“Those aren’t other versions of the
Series finale…They’re other realities…
Like that TV show “Sliders”…Those are
The “LOST” finales from other realities!”

“You’re kidding right?” Julie laughed. “That’s

“That makes sense though!” I whispered.
“They’re so elaborate, they could never
Film so many different endings.”

“But why?” Jacob asked. “One for
Each of us?” He scowled. “Mine was
Weird, awful…I can’t even describe it.”

“I hated mine.” Kathy said.

“Mine was cool.” Joe laughed. He turned
To me… “How about yours?”

“Mine was OK, cool.” I said. “I have
To admit…I liked it better than the
One I saw on TV…It still felt weird though.”

“One minute!” The man shouted.

“My God this guy needs a valium or
Something!” Julie shouted, she never liked
Being pushed around.

“What do they want us to do, pick a
Version…that’s better?” Jason assumed.

“They must.” Jacob said.

“How do we do that?” Julie snapped.

“They obviously want a happier ending.”
Joe laughed.

Julie pointed to the theater she
Watched. “Mine was boring as hell!
No ending is that happy. Send
Them there!”

“They’re looking for a better place to go?”
Joe asked. “Why?”

“What for?” I said, going further. “Did
You see them shaking and sweating?
These guns…everything…They’re scared to
Death of…something.”

“Apparently we don’t have time to think
About that now.” Jacob said.

“Just send them to the one I saw and let’s
Get out of here and back to bed already. This
Is nuts.” Julie said.

“No!” Joe protested. “Send them there?!
To what some picture perfect happy
Ending…like they deserve that, a happy
Ending? With how they’re acting?”

“We don’t have time to argue this.” Jacob
Said. “And we can’t play games
On these guys!”

“Look,” Joe said angrily, pointing his
Finger…biting his teeth. “You want
Justice? Send them to that one, that
Picture-window doorway whatever…
That makes sense!”

“We didn’t have time to argue
With the main guy in charge…

“I don’t know.” Kathy protested.

“They’re so desperate!” I insisted.

“You’re always asking for out
Opinions.” Joe said. “Then listen
To mine. Send those guys there!”

“Without further thinking or questions…
When the main guy stepped forward,
Joe spoke first and urged the
Men to all go to his window.
Where he watched…He spoke for us…
Telling them that was right
Version of “LOST”…That’s what they

“We were amazed how eagerly they
Accepted that answer. There was no
Argument, they let us go…and
Very quickly fled into that theater

“We were shocked and stood watching.
What the hell happened? Something
Was going on with these theaters,
But it was too much to take in
So fast…doorways? Other versions
Of a series finale to a TV show?
It made no sense. A few moments
Passed of silence, we just grew
More scared. What were these guys
Running from anyhow?
Part of me wanted to run after
Them…What would have happened
Then? Was it a dream? Was it
Real? Before any of us could speak
Or theorize anymore…I woke up…”

Brishan studied my face. “You see
That is what I was talking
About…parallel dimensions…but with
Slightly different variables…”

“Slightly different?” I laughed.
“Those kinds of endings make a
Big difference, don’t they?” Then
It hit me…The power of those
Variables…The influence, suggestion,
The effect…struggles and happy
Endings…Even in something as
Seemingly insignificant as a TV show
Has a big influence…on one, two…
A population, a world?
“That’s not dangerous,” I said,
“That’s power!”

“Exactly!” He said. “That’s what
We’re studying now.”

Ceres could stay silent no longer…
I could feel the time-window
With them fading…She looked
Desperate, upset…more and more.
“Bill, I need you to do something
For me.”


“I need you to tell a story,” she
Said, “And I need you to tell it

“A story?”

“Ceres…” Brishan said cautiously.

“Earlier,” she said glassy-eyed,
“With the Bell Tolls…I tried
Relating to you, to tell you my story
With the Bears, my Bears. Do
You remember?”


“I tried to tell you,” she said, “but
Varence took over the telling of it…
You need to know there was
More to the story, much more…
It wasn’t just about the Bears,
But something…we, I did…
Do you know the story of Noah’s

“Yes?” I was intrigued…

“The Ark…wasn’t just full of pairs
Of animals…it was an ark full
Of pregnant mothers…Not males
And females, but of pregnant
Mothers…I need to explain,
Because it’s happening again…
Will you tell this story for me, will
You tell it right now? It’s
Important…and right now it could
Make all the difference.”

“Of course I will…” How could I say no?



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 29OCT2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (29 October 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Shadow People…

*SONG* “It’s A Sin” by the Pet Shop Boys

Everything feels out of sync,
The Dates on the calendar mean nothing
The hours and the minutes on the clock
Make no sense half the time…
The Bubble Burst…
And the more time passes by
The more faces you see, voices you hear…
The complaints pile up
And the less everything means.
You have to survive…Individual answers
For individual problems.
The miracles today are kindness
And those to connect with who don’t
Endlessly complain or criticize but lift you up.
There’s your answer.

Pulled and drawn into the circle of Light
The Watchers wait…
If you don’t want to read or listen
I don’t mind, I’m only doing this
Because I said I would.

He was waiting. She was waiting.
“It seems a lot is going on there,
So much on your mind.” Brishan said,
His statue frame and chiseled face
So serious. “It will get better…”

“It’s always about the IF…” I said to him.

“Do you know what the point to this
Part is?” He asked.

“I can guess, but you will tell me anyway.”

“To go farther.” He said firmly, unbreakable
In every way. “This has to be a process…
It has to be. Nothing appreciated comes
Quickly. So we sit and we talk and we
Hope that the words reach the right ones…
That the thing is right. Ignore those whose
Haste demands your attention, or insists
You give it all so fast…they will never
Learn anything.” He leaned forward
Pointing his finger at the notebook…
“So we reach farther than before…
Just when you think it’s over the next
Level opens and you climb higher…
So now we push the limits and cover
Things we dared not talk about before.”
He waited watching me, I swear sometimes
This felt like torture. But he had this
Sense that was so kind…like a brother
That cared.

“They cry out to be rescued, to walk away
From the world…they said that gave them
Only pain and grief. Rescue me. Save me…
Take me away to a paradise…A paradise
They have created in their mind…Paradise
Is a different thing to many different people
And worlds. Ask me what paradise is…Do
You think your people will agree…because
I am telling you they will be surprised.” He
Studied me carefully. “You don’t want to
See the stars…you want the Earth happy…
You want to see nature sing…Horses,
To watch them run…To see the seasons…
To have people stop bothering you. That’s
Why they picked you and the others. Because
You don’t want to lose those things. That…
Is why I am happy to talk to you.”

Moments of thoughtful silence.
Then Brishan reached over to the table beside
Him and grabbed what appeared to be a
Piece of fruit, then took a bite of it and
Chewed it as he watched me. It was reddish
Orange, almost like a peach or apple, it looked
Normal enough, tasty enough.

Ceres crossed her arms as she sat beside him
Watching him in disbelief. “What are you

“I’m eating this fruit.” He said plainly.

She squinted, scowled…tilted her head
In amazement then asked… “Why?”

“Because I’m hungry.”

“You gave that…little speech,” she said
Still squinting at him… “About moving forward,
And now…you have him writing about
Watching you eat…a piece of fruit?”

“Yes.” He said.

She looked at me, then at him, turned
And then looked all about only to look at him
Again. “And I thought Varence mastered
Riddles…Brishan, I don’t understand you.”

“I know.” He said.

“I pray this is a significant precursor,” Ceres
Said shaking her head, rolling her eyes, “Because
This is quite strange. What’s next, a meal?
A banquet or party? Do you intend on sharing
Food stories…or is this simply some
Meaning meant for a secret to grasp?”

“Trust me.” He said.

“Those words are a gamble on any
World.” Ceres laughed. “Spare them the
Hidden meanings…Would you like a larger
Bowl?” She laughed to me. “He has
Quite an appetite.”

“Thank you,” he said, “This is fine.”

Ok, I’m writing about watching Brishan eat
A piece of fruit…They eat, they drink, they’re
Real, I get the point…

He shook his finger at me as he chewed
Another bite. “No speculations, just write
What you see and we say.”


He took one last bite, chewed, swallowed…
Then spit out what appeared to be a pit
Or large seed or core of the fruit and smiled.

Ceres was shocked. “That’s disgusting! Brishan
Really…I can’t believe you did that. What’s next
Another demonstration of strangeness?”

He smiled at me.

“I do that.” I said referring to the spitting
Out the pit part.

“I know.” Brishan grinned.

“Are you mimicking me or something?” I asked.

“Maybe.” He only said.

Ceres squinted intently at him, then me…
Then sighed heavily. “What sort of start is this?
This is ridiculous!” She stared at him with
Silent confusion. “Would you like something
Else to spit out on the floor?”

Brishan only grinned. “The meaning will
Become clear.”

“I think I understand.” I told him.

Ceres touched her brow. “Please elaborate,
Words escape me…I see only spit on
The floor.”

“It’s that time of year…October,” I told them…
“October…that’s when I saw the Red Light
In the sky…That’s when it began…That’s
When it comes…That’s when…The Bell Tolls
That I wrote…began.”

“I suspected this.” Brishan said staring
At me…

“Dare I ask again,” Ceres protested,
“Your meaning?”

Brishan nodded at the notebook… “Now
We proceed. We showed you the
Projection of the coming Ice Age? We
Need to improve that number.”

“I get it.” I told them.

“I am mystified.” Ceres said, shaking her head.

Brishan sat quietly then, sat
Up more proud and straight. “Now…
Last time we began…with Sasquatch.”

“But there are countless stories out
There about Bigfoot.” I told them.

“No, you said and wrote the right thing.” He
Said with a gentler tone. “It was perfect.”

“I am utterly fascinated to see where and
How you will go with this.” Ceres said.

“As I have said,” Brishan explained, “It
Is here that we explain things we could
Not, would not explain before…Now it’s
Time the Sasquatch is part of it…
It always has been their mystical
Foot soldier if you will…for the
Savage land…But I am also talking
About other things…Secret projects…
Project Pegasus…Halcyon…Parallel Dimensions
And the Shadow People.”

“You want to cover all of that?” I

“Brishan…” Ceres said with concern…

“They are all connected.” He said. “And
Must be addressed now. Especially with
The dangers of the outer layers of
The planet’s atmosphere deteriorating…
The risks…If we are to encourage outside
Assistance…We need to see that number
Improve…Although we cannot control the
Ice Age factor.”

“True,” Ceres agreed, “The Ice Age is
The planet’s natural means of protection
Of healing…by Cold Fire.”

“Cold Fire?” I asked.

“Cold Fire is another method of natural cleansing.”
Brishan explained. “Most assume it’s done only
One way by fire…But if a planet is in a state
Of such physical distress and deterioration…then
Heat would only further damage the planet…
Whereas cold helps bind the atmosphere…And
Intense freezing cold temperatures serve
Equal if not more efficient solutions…Have
You ever heard it said…so cold it burns?”

“Yes.” I said.

He nodded. “The same thing.”

“Super cold temperatures create an ice age
And will on a molecular level, over time, break
Down matter…turning it to dust when it thaws.”
Ceres explained for him. “While it is harsh
On species, especially vegetation…it is kinder
To a damaged atmosphere, which is vital. Plus,
There is the matter of a highly unstable caldera
On your planet…if that caldera erupts it
Would destroy all life…or at the very least
Most of it. While the Cold Fire method
Should…by our calculations greatly appease
The geological stress. It is a trade off, but it
Is better than losing all or most surface
Life. And then there is the factor of it being
A Blue Planet, seas of life…Most oceanic
Species are already adaptable to the cold…
The tropical, more fragile ecosystems would be
Eradicated…But over time, following the
Ending of an Ice Age, would return slowly…
Different yes, but they would return. You
Must understand the Planet’s survival mode,
Its essence a living breathing vessel for life…
It does not want to destroy life…but find
The best possible solution for it to remain
A vessel for sustaining life…even if it has to
Sacrifice some to preserve the whole for a

“I see.”

Brishan nodded. “Now we must proceed with
Further revelations…This is NOT a means to
Scare you, understand, but rather, educate.
Skeptics will argue this, but those of internal
Empathic understanding will sense the truth
In it…Awareness creates the knowledge
Needed for survival…Those that resist
Change run and hide from anyone or thing
Threatening their…conceptual happiness.”

“I can see that, I think most can.”

“Most?” Brishan laughed. “If that were true
The current state of Earth would not be so
Volatile. People sense the danger, the end
Of an age…of the old ways…Fear of
Change, of the unknown…of surrendering
What they comfortably knew…is terrifying,
And with that comes violence.”

“It’s understandable,” Ceres said with kindness.
“Who wants to surrender a…dream…for a
Tide of unsteady changes that means they
Would never see their own paradise. It’s a
Conflict of individual happiness versus the whole.”

“Now we must move on with revelations.” Brishan
Insisted. “No doubt many are seeking as
Many answers as possible to current dilemmas?”


He nodded, then looked to Ceres for amicable
Support. “That is why I wish to just
Be blunt. We have stories to share…that you
Will tell. But first, we must acknowledge
Secrets that are not being recognized.

“From our studies on various worlds, the
Watchers observe the same descent…over
And over. The pattern is so typical, so similar
That it’s ridiculous really. How so many
Can’t see it…” He shook his head laughing.
“Denial is a quite comfortable weapon, or
Shield…to say…it isn’t real, that
It isn’t happening…It ALWAYS happens this
Way…then it falls apart and they see it
When it’s too late.

“So no games or soft spoken explanations…
Not now, it’s too late for that.
You’ve shared stories…and no doubt you
Have received a variety of responses.”

“Yes, for sure you can say that.” I

“Don’t be surprised.” Brishan said very
Calmly. “Now here are the factors to
Watch for…As we discussed last time…
The elusive Sasquatch…The Forest People…
Highly intelligent, adaptable…adept at
Various telepathic, psychic abilities…
Marking those of more advanced mind…
While evading those more primitive…See
Past the shell to sense what they are…”

He shook his finger, “The physical body
Is a reflection of the inner being…
Adapted for its environment, shaped to
Survive…The Sasquatch is a versatile creation,
They are of nature…and so, they require
The appropriate shape…They are
Chameleons…They can blend in, seem
Invisible, or if necessary make your senses
Believe they aren’t there…To the eyes.
But the intuition is beyond physical senses…
It knows…As animals have this sense…They
Know when something isn’t right. The
Sasquatch surpasses the natural order…That’s
Why animals are terrified by it.”

“And believe me I am not happy how it scares
The animals.” Ceres added. “But we do
What we must…At least before as Watchers…
We could only watch.”

“So what other things are you trying to
Say then?” I asked.

“I realize this is a sensitive topic,” Brishan
Went on, “So I will open, or rather start it.”

“When every civilization goes through ages
Of change…it…

“The Shadow People are that warning
Sign,” Brishan went on mysteriously…
“They are largely the supernatural force
That haunts and taunts.
They prey on the weak and naïve…all ages,
Age has nothing to do with wisdom…
They prey on fear, torment this
Way, proudly…They make you believe
They aren’t there…

“They can be anywhere night or day.
Shadows can exist anywhere there is a
Light source…And so they move this way.

“Like the Dark Kind you wrote about.
They have a very different agenda…
None of our research reveals a hierarchy,
Although we have documented three
Different kinds…

“The shadowy, faceless entities which
Resemble people…And hide this
Way…however they do appear more
On the lean side.

“Then there is the shadowy ones you
Call the Dark Kind…These can
Emerge as a physical being…Appearing
As many shapes and size until they emerge
With often a violent assault.
Then they have a very reptilian, what
You call a gargoyle like appearance. They
Also feed off fear, terror, violent, extreme
Emotions, especially carnal desires…
Their appearance, presence usually
Involves a physical assault…
A very real physical assault. But because
Of their terrifying appearance, they
Can scare someone to death…

“Their appearance, the sight of them is often so devastating
It blocks memory, the mind’s way of
Self preservation, self protection…

“The third, and most imposing is an entity
Known as the Dark Ones…Appearing as
A black mass of cloud, hovering
They can be of any size…But when they
Come it’s serious. Most commonly they
Are referred to as demons, for they
Certainly act this way. If there is a
Hierarchy, then these are probably
The greatest…And are the most lethal
To deal with.

“You need to open people’s eyes to them
Because they are very real, and
Very dangerous. Denying they are real
Is pointless…because they have greater
Power this way…thus creating greater
Fear…They get great pleasure from this…
But remember knowledge is power…
Knowing what they are can help you.”

“But you must be aware of them.” Ceres warned.

“I am.” I told them. “I’ve seen them most of
My life…unfortunately I’ve tried telling people…
But most don’t believe…They think it’s an overactive
Imagination…something we’re told as children
Called the Boogeyman.”

“But that’s how they gain power, and fear,”
Brishan insisted. “By stalking the weak, the
Young…They fool many this way…NOT
Listening to children, to their fears or what
They see is the worst mistake many make.
It’s happened before. Do not think it’s just
Your world.”

“Remember…” Ceres said leaning forward
And folding her hands in her lap, as if to pray,
“Remember all the stories we’ve shared…That
You’ve told, that we’ve told you…The animals
Can see and sense things others cannot.
Pay attention to the animals. They are your
Greatest asset clues. To ignore them is
A big mistake. The animals…they know…
Remember the Creature that came to your
Window? The animals knew, even if they
Could not see it…They knew.”

“The parakeets knew first.” I said. “The birds
Always know first.”

“Birds are highly sensitive to any electromagnetic
Field…This includes all forms of psychic type

“I believe we’ve received research on this,”
Brishan said… “The birds’ sensitivity…Isn’t
Your science aware of this?”

“The problem is not all people appreciate these
Things.” I told them. “They would rather
Turn on the news…or ask a scientist or
Doctor for advice.”

“And that has served your world so well.”
Brishan said in jest. “Those great claims
Your science makes…and what is the
Current state of your planet? If they
Were so well informed and aware…problems
Would be far less of an issue.”

“People who love their animals pay attention.”
I told them. “But they still don’t understand
What they see.”

“You can have the most complex technology
That exists in the universe,” Brishan laughed,
“And no matter what its purpose
It still cannot compare to the simple and
Explicit powers of nature and its animals.”

“The Shadow People…The Dark Kind, those
Gargoyle-like creatures…The Dark Ones…I’ve
Seen them all at some point.” I said. “Most
People dismiss it as a trick of the eye.”

“No, they’re simply telling themselves they
Do not want to see it, because they do not
Want to believe it.” Brishan said. “Because
If they admit this…then they have to admit
They have no control over it…Another
Misconception no doubt instilled by a corrupt,
Mismanaged education system…and
Deceptive religious teachings. They probably
Say such things only happen to bad people.”

“Yes.” I laughed. “They do say that. They
Say that and much more…Bad things
Happen to bad people…good things, like success
Only happen to good people. But I have
Rarely seen this. More often than not I’ve
Encountered some really corrupt people
Having amazing good fortune…not always,
But a lot.”

“Dark forces have a lot to do with that.”
Brishan said. “Unfortunately that system
Thrives in societies guided by a monetary
Type structure…It’s very misleading.”

“True,” I said. “There is no justice when
Paychecks are involved. People often cannot
Get medical care if they do not have
Enough money.”

“That is absurd, that is a crime.” Brishan
Said. “Medical care should NEVER have
Anything to do with money ever. Doctors
Do not get paid on our world, that would
Be diabolic.”

“So you are saying…these Shadow People
Are the cause of this?” I asked.

“No,” Brishan responded calmly. “They are
More like…supernatural foot soldiers of
The Dark Empire…supporting anything that
Entreats the corrupt ways. They do it for
Pleasure…They have no need for money…
They feed off the ecstasy that fear
And suffering brings.”

“So how do you stop them?” I asked.
“How do you get rid of them?”

“They said you studied various metaphysical
Techniques…The powers of lines…sacred
Geometry, symbols…mystic lines, to hide this
In your artwork.”

“Yes,” I answered. “But that was more so
Achieved with the light the Angel put in
My head…somehow it took everything I
Knew and studied and put it all together
And out came this new form of artwork.”

“And does it work?” Brishan asked.

“If the heart if true it does.” I answered.
“But if they try to use it for selfish reasons,
Love spells, power…indulgence, the
Excessive kinds…then the lines and light
Don’t work…or have the opposite effect.”

“That seems appropriate.” Ceres nodded.

“What sorts of activity have you
Witnessed with these…shadow beings?”
Brishan asked with keen interest.

“From childhood on…I used to see them
In school, it scared me.” I told them.
“I don’t like discussing it because
Talking about them attracts their

“Of course.” He said. “Go on.”

“Well, I used to see them jump into people’s
Bodies…it was like a shade was pulled down
Over them when they jumped inside them.”
I carefully tried to explain. “Not everyone,
They seemed to select people somehow…
But every time they took over, walked into
Someone’s body their posture would change,
They often stared right at me…as if to
Say they knew I saw them…Then they
Would make the person act really
Strange…either say nasty things…pick
On someone…fight…anything to start trouble.”

“I once witnessed this at a friend’s
House at a party…” I told them. “I saw
This shadow-thing enter this girl…It
Was like a shade came down over her…
Her posture changed, her facial expressions…
She looked just…evil. NOT ONE PERSON
Noticed…But I saw it, I swear I did.
It’s funny because at this party they
Were all talking about how psychic
They all were…they were playing with
This Ouija board—a type of game board
Some people use to talk to the dead.”

“Oh how nice.” Ceres said sarcastically.
“And of course no one sensed this?”

“No they just kept talking about

“But the worst part of this was after…
When the shadow left her
Body she fell into a deep dark depression for
Weeks. I told her what I saw and she
Said it was the worst feeling beyond description…
Sheer hopelessness, misery, no self worth,
No will to live…every awful emotion you could
Think of piled together. All she did was
Cry for weeks. A deep depression.”

“How did she overcome this then?” Brishan
Inquired seriously.

“I had bought these baby chicks from
A hatchery catalog. I kept urging her
To play with them.” I told him. “She
Did. She eventually came around. It
Did help her.”

Ceres smiled. “You see, it was those little
Chicks that did it.”

“Yes, animal therapy…”

Brishan nodded with a smile. “That was very
Good thinking.”

“Is that the only way to overcome these
Things…baby animals, animals or the artwork?”

“You do what you can…” He said.
“You try…some want to be depressed…
Some never get over it or much worse, some
Are driven to commit horrible crimes…
Claiming the darkness made them do it…
In many cases that’s true, very true.”

“So what do I tell people then?” I

“Make them aware, it’s all you can do…
If these things are here and with
The population at such a number…
There’s not much you can do…They will
Only keep looking for someone else. That
Is why crowds are do dangerous.”

“I know you do not want to hear
This but…” Brishan said. “The right
Ones will know what to do…”

“Oh joy.” I said. “I’m sure that
Will go over well.”

“Dark times, aren’t they?” He asked.
“Is anything easy?”

“No.” I answered. “If anything I hear
People say things are worse than ever.”

“Keep making them aware.” Brishan smiled.
“Let them also make others aware…It is
All you can do in the face of such a

“Every little step,” Ceres smiled. “Every
Little step adds up…They count.”

“The big picture for a lot of us is
Often made up of many small steps.”
Brishan said.

“I understand.”

“Go now. Rest. We’ll have more to discuss next
Time. Remember…Now rest…Until
Next time.”




Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 22OCT2017


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (22 October 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers’ Messages…The Sasquatch…

*SONG* “Never Surrender” by Corey Hart

To whom it may concern, for the eyes and ears
That watch for clues, that seek answers
And see the signs in this dark age…
Nothing is as it should be…
These messages are for you.

They…are above us, apart from us…
And they have been watching us for a
Very long time. But no one, no matter
How great of power nor might of science
Can give enough answers to save every
Troubled soul.

Everyone is an individual, and with that comes
The ceaseless quest for independent answers…
It’s never enough, it can never be enough
For any one person. But if we can all
Humbly unite and connect the dots,
Put the puzzle together from the vast
Sources of individual secrets…then perhaps
By some miracle a peaceful solution can
Be found…and what we don’t know
Today can come together to solve
The mysteries for a brighter tomorrow…

They are called the Watchers…and here
They offer to share stories, not to preach
But to teach us…Please, all that I
Ask is that you read ahead only if
You want to…

The hum, the vibration of the Ether,
The call comes…Across the rainbow bridge,
The bridge of the mind, body and spirit
To the circle of light where they wait…

“And now…we begin.” He said sitting there
Calmly, the tall, broad strongly built, handsome
Brishan, with long straight blond hair that
Hung like some spiritual headdress down
His shoulders to his waist, over his pale
Blue form fitting uniform. “All has been
A preparation for the now…That’s how it’s
Done, that’s how it has always been
And must be done…A process, because
There are no easy come quickly
Answers…These things take time,” Brishan
Said with a smile. “I’m sorry but that’s
All we can offer at this time.”

She sat beside him very regally, her
Sparkling ice blue eyes shining like
The heart of the blue of a candle’s flame…
Powerfully beautiful, that sharply witty
Smile, her long sun-golden hair
Hanging in a curly wave over one shoulder…
The enchanting Ceres who appeared ready
For anything. “At least it should be
Kinder this time, now that our resident
Loki is pre-occupied…”

“Loki?” I asked.

Brishan laughed a smile. “She refers to Varence,
Our resident trickster…” He turned
To her playfully, “How many names does
He have here?”

“Oh you would be surprised.” Ceres laughed. “A
Custom of his people to change their
Names over time.”

“Loki?” I asked of how I knew that name.

“It is just a mocking name.” Brishan
Answered. “Loki means trickster.”

“They call them…nicknames, I believe.” Ceres
Answered calmly; in fact she was
Calmer then I had ever seen.

“Another term for him…” Brishan said.

“Oh.” I nodded…that was interesting. “Where
Is he?”

“He was sent on a special mission to Earth.”
Brishan answered as he then took a glass
From a small table next to his seat
And took a drink.

I held my breath as I watched him.
“What is that?”

“Water.” He said with a little surprise.

I know it seemed ridiculous but I
Had never seen them do something so…
Normal? I didn’t know what shocked me
More…his drinking, or what he said of Varence.

“We do need to drink.” Brishan laughed.

I shook my head. “Varence is where? How?”

“We sent him to Earth for…a specific
Job.” Brishan explained, wording it very
Carefully so as not to say too much.


Brishan looked to Ceres, then back to me.

“We have been working on ways
To do this, but so far…until recently,
It was forbidden, and limited, but just
Know we are exploring…options.”

“But he will be seen…?” I asked. “What

“No one will catch him.” Brishan assured
With a smile and a nod.

“They wish they could,” Ceres laughed,
“Oh they wish…But I must give credit
He knows what he is doing…
Even if it does torment my nerves.”

“Alright.” I had to laugh… “And he
Is of flesh and blood?”

“Yes.” Brishan smiled.
“He was sent to make things happen,
That’s all you need to know.”

“Well.” I laughed, “That should be

They smiled to each other then turned
Back to watch me carefully.

Brishan especially nodded to the pen and
Paper…Then he saw my confusion in my
Mind’s eye. “We should begin.”
He said with a smile, “I
Would like to be more direct in our approach this
Time. This is how I do things…unlike—“

“Unlike the great riddler of words you know.”
Ceres teased.

“I need to show you something first.” He said
Carefully as he turned and pointed with a small
Rectangular device to display a 3 dimensional
Holographic image of the Earth. “This,” he
Nodded with a sigh, “is the most recent
Projection of the coming Earth changes…
Just write what you see as you normally
Do, do not stray, keep it simple.”

What I saw was shocking, it was so white. The
Ice caps were enormous and stretched so
Far I could barely see land masses free
Of white. “Where is the equator? Where is

Brishan stared at the projection like a
Stone statue…no expression. “It is as
You see. This is the current projection of
What will come to be…now that the time
Line is moving free.”

“We warned you that their toying with such
Things would have a harsher effect.” Ceres said.

“But it wasn’t that bad before.” I said. “That
Was not the forecast they showed me before.”

“No,” Brishan sighed, “It was not.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“It changed.” He simply said. “This is
Nature’s plan…”

I studied the hologram. “But, the
Only land masses I see are Central America,
Broken pieces of South America, Africa and
Australia…Where’s the rest? There’s hardly
Any land. Where are the tropics?”

Ceres held her breath and arched her brow.
“There aren’t any.”

“What?!” I said. “But the land…What
Kind of population could that possibly sustain?”

“Approximately 300,000…safely.” Brishan said.
“500,000 would be a maximum…and difficult.”

“Plant and animal life?” I asked.

“The Arctic species would thrive.” Ceres said.
“The most versatile species…bears…wolves…
Sheep, goats…deer…A variety of birds would
Adapt…The more fragile tropical species
Will not. No reptiles will survive the Ice.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say?”
I asked.

Brishan turned to me abruptly. “That is
Why we need to discuss certain things now…
Right now…The meaning will become
Clear…in time.”

“What could possibly cause that drastic
Change?” I asked them nervously.

Brishan leaned towards me firmly. “Just
Write what we discuss now. Nothing more.
This is not a debate or a lecture…It’s
About awareness…cause and effect thinking.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s alright. Just trust him.” Ceres said. “It’s
A means of how we are taught in school…
Learning through awareness…reactions to
Problems…solutions through instinctive thinking.”

Brishan waved the device, and the hologram
Vanished: no distractions. “Populations are often
Led by suggestion…unconscious reactions…
Such as peer pressure, the popular views
And opinions and so forth…discouraging critical
Thinking or recognizing flaws to a constructed
System…intimidating free thinkers…”

“The way of the bully.” Ceres added.

“Speculation is discouraged usually by
Rewarding those that excel in a desired
Game…or enterprise.”

“Brainwashing.” Ceres added again.

“Praise and celebrate the champion of a
Course of action…and many follow to
Embrace the same…” Brishan explained.
“And there you have a controlled society.”

“A slave world.” Ceres said.

“Now,” he went on to explain, quite calmly
With a soothing deep voice. “We…need to
Encourage free thinkers. Let them discuss
Things as much as they like. Let the
Skeptics challenge with doubts…
Tell those who are afraid to speak
That they are not alone…There are many
Others who feel as they do…And when
They see they are not alone…They will
Find strength in numbers if they can
Learn to listen together. Tell them to
Share their stories…share them. Don’t
They feel better and feel less afraid
When they discover they are not alone?”

A brief pause. He waited for my answer.
“Yes, I would think so.”

“So what are your people the most afraid
To talk about?” He asked, leaning one arm
Upon his knee and pointing. “Experiences,
Things they have seen they cannot
Explain…Things they feel that no one else
Does? Why, because they are afraid
Of being laughed at? Laughed at for
Being different, for seeing something most
Do not see?”

“Most of them miss a lot.” Ceres
Agreed. “Until it’s too late.”

“You have programmed a history and
Education system.” Brishan noted. “From
What I have seen fear is a powerful
Control system. Why?”

“The way of the bully.” Ceres repeated.

“Now let me ask you,” Brishan went on
Pointing, as though he were a teacher,
Teaching solely for me. “With
Regards to origins, your society tells you
That humans evolved from apes?”

“Ridiculous!” Ceres said.

“What if I were to tell you that humans
Did not come from apes at all?”

“I would not be surprised to hear that,” I
Said, “And I think a lot of people
Would agree…But how?”

Brishan smiled mysteriously. “Varence
Told you the story of the Adam and Eve ships…”

“The scoundrel certainly waited long enough
To share that story!” Ceres exclaimed.

“Yes,” I nodded, “That was amazing.”

“We will talk about that more,” Brishan
Said, “And other stories we would like
To discuss, but for now…” He paused reflecting
On his thoughts. “Your people have legends,
Particularly native tribes…age old tales of
Something called…the Sasquatch?”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I’ve heard of them…I think
I’ve even had some experiences…and some
Friends also have told me things…privately,
Stories they are afraid to say out loud. We
Also call them, Bigfoot. You know about them?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “The Watchers have
Noted these…beings.”

“That was part of Varence’s duties,” Ceres
Added as she tossed her hair over her
Shoulder. “In my opinion they fall under
The classification of a humanoid-being
Rather than a beast.”

“You know about them?” I asked. “What
Are they exactly?”

Brishan’s eyes wandered as he internalized
The words and a way to explain it. “They
Are an amalgamation…In some sense
An evolutionary product of the simian
Creation…on Earth…An infusion of
Many things…In essence, a primal
Reflection of nature. It is a complex
Definition, all life is really…particularly of
Something new.”

“Many argue the existence of Bigfoot.”
I told him. “Science calls it…the
Missing link between man’s evolution
From apes…They say it’s because we
Share the same genes as apes.”

“Of course they would say that,” Ceres
Laughed, “Your science is skewed towards
The beliefs of humans’ origins on Earth.”

“They are not that.” Brishan said. “You
Will soon find that DNA sequences can be
Shared by many things…That does not
Explain the Sasquatch by any means…”

“I’ve often wondered why they say that,”
I told him. “I mean if we are so similar
To apes, chimpanzees…then why do they say
They experiment so much on pigs…Organ
Transplants…pig hearts in primates…It
Confuses me.”

“Well precisely,” he went on, “If the
Human brains were so superior…then explain
The powers of the killer whale’s brain…
The dolphin…No, Sasquatch is different.”

“How different?”

“I’ve read the notes on your experiences,”
Brishan said as his eyes watched mine.
“How about you elaborate by telling me,
Writing for them, in the notebook, on
Your experiences…then we can review the
Aspects of confusing data.”

“Me again?” I said a little irritated, “Haven’t
I told enough stories?”

He laughed. “There are a lot of fascinating
Accounts there…Details that say a lot. Please
Tell me.”

“Brishan, my brother,” Ceres said warmly, “Is
Here because HE wanted to speak with you
More closely…Please tell him, it would mean
A lot.”

I was floored that this powerful man was
Interested in me, my awkward, clumsy
Little stories. “Alright, if you really
Feel it would help…”

“It would.” He said. “Please tell me.”

I paused briefly…For some reason
Certain memories began jumping back
Into my memory. How strange! I couldn’t
Help but wonder if it was their effect on
Me…exploring memories…

“There are several things that happened
Involving my bedroom window as I
Grew up.” I told him.

“Please explain.” He said.

“Well,” I started slowly, “When I was
Growing up I was always afraid to be in
My room alone…especially at night.

“I became obsessed with having pets in
My room, for company. All kinds…I
Had hamsters, guinea pigs, mice…
But I especially loved keeping
Birds…parakeets, I really loved those
Little parakeets, they were so cute.”

“Birds are colorful little characters.”
Ceres pointed out. “Extremely under-
Appreciated.” She nodded for me to continue.

“There was a series of…episodes,” I
Continued to explain… “They always
Happened at night, ONLY at night…
When everyone else was asleep…so no one
Else could see…And when I tried to
Tell, it usually was very hard…At least
For me. They always dismissed it as
A child’s over-active imagination.
But I’m telling you this was no imagination.
It made no sense…and confused
Me for years…

“But the animals knew, they
Were like my…alarm bell? And
The other animals, our dogs
And cats were always stranger too…”

“Interesting.” Brishan said.

“I remember in the
Spring, I will never forget…
The moon was full those nights…
And all the animals were acting up
Every night…By day they had their
Moments too. Usually they were calm
And normal…But at that time they were
More keyed up…nervous, especially the birds
In their cages, they just never calmed

“But for years it always happened in the
Spring…March, April, May…

“During one full moon when I was about 16,
I went to bed around 11pm…covered the
Animal cages with blankets or old towels…and
Went to bed, nothing unusual. The moon was full
And bright…so bright that it lit the room even
Through the blinds that covered the windows…

“I had a large parakeet cage to the left of my
Bed…with 4 brightly, different colored
Parakeets…They were so
Much fun to watch, I always loved
The birds, such little characters.
On the other side of the room I had
A guinea pig, a rabbit, and two hamsters…
I was always addicted to having so many
Pets…They were often better friends than
Most people.

“But I remember very clearly that night
More than any other…because of the animals,
I always noticed more things by watching
The animals…I loved watching them, their
Movements, their behaviors. Despite what
Some people believe animals all have very
Distinct personalities…You just have to
Know how to watch them.

“I had gone to bed, the animal cages were
Covered but I couldn’t sleep. The moonlight
Filled the room through the windows, it was
So bright maybe that’s why I couldn’t sleep.

“The house was very quiet, but I could
Hear the animals move in their cages…
The rabbit nibbling on his chew toy…
The guinea pig scratching himself…
Then there was the silence…At first I
Didn’t think much of it…like everything was
Frozen…Then outside the windows I heard
Something, I’m not sure how to describe it. It
Was more than the wind, more than the usual
Night sounds, some kind of movement.

“The room felt frozen still, very eerie. Then
There was an explosion of activity in the parakeet
Cage. Wings flapping, the little birds making
Tiny screeching sounds like they were
Fighting over seating arrangements or something.
I kept hushing them, telling them to relax,
Be quiet. But they only grew louder,
More active, flapping fluttering wings like
They were fighting over perches or something…
I used to call it fighting over seating
Arrangements. I kept telling them to be
Quiet, to go to sleep, talking to them like
They were little feathered people. But they
Wouldn’t listen, it was like they
Were fighting and it grew worse and
Worse and louder.

“So finally I couldn’t take it. I got out
Of bed, turned on the light, uncovered the cage
To see what’s the problem. All 4 of them
Were all worked up…but not fighting. It
Was like they were in a state of panic?
I kept studying them to see who the
Troublemaker was, but they didn’t appear
To be fighting, they seemed frightened, very

“I looked over at them other animals’ cages…
The rabbit, the guinea pig, the hamsters…were
All tightly balled up, motionless, curled up
In the farthest corner away from the
Windows. They were breathing hard, but
Frozen, as though they were scared to move?
It felt like they were…hiding? That’s
The only way to describe it.

“Something felt very off, very wrong. I
Studied the parakeets…They slowly calmed
Down a bit, but they were clearly scared
Of something. But no one was fighting?
They too, were all squeezed
Together in the farthest corner away
From the windows…like they wanted
To get as far away from the windows
As possible. Something just felt WRONG.
That’s the only way to describe it.

“I kept studying all the animals. They all
Appeared this way, frightened, terrified.
Why? Why were they all trying to
Get away from the windows? It was very
Obvious that was what they were doing…

“So I turned off the light and stood there,
This eerie feeling trying to understand the
Animals. They were so frightened. They looked
Like they were either trying to hide or get as far
Away from the windows as possible. Why?

“The moonlight filled the room, my eyes
Slowly adjusted to the change in light…
Then the parakeets became frantic again.
Flapping wings, screeching…But the other
Animals were motionless, completely silent.
What was scaring them? Why?

“Then…as I stood there trying to understand
What was happening by the parakeet
Cage…I saw it…A shadow moved past
The windows, it was HUGE! First it moved
Past the left window…it appeared to be
The shadow of a VERY large person…
Walking, moving very slowly…Then it
Stopped in front of the window directly
Opposite me…It was massive, enormous! The
Head came nearly to the top of the window,
The shoulders at least as wide as the
Windows…It had…no neck, it seemed?
A somewhat pointy skull…And it just
Stood there, opposite me…outside, the
Moonlight distinctly giving it shape.

“I couldn’t move, I could not move or blink.
But the parakeets went absolutely nuts!
I could see them flapping around trying
Desperately to get as far away from the
Windows as possible…pushing themselves,
Squeezing against each other into the farthest,
Highest corner of the cage to get out, get
Away from the windows…
That thing! Outside…It felt like it was
Watching me through the windows, through
The blinds…but how? And I could not
Move…somehow I managed to tilt my
Head…Then it tilted its head, mimicking me?
There was a heavy breathing sound it
Made through the glass, awful…inhuman.
Like a grunting? The feeling…was the
Worst ever. It was studying me and I
Could feel it. It was like it could see
Right through the blinds and shades as if
They weren’t there at all!

“And whatever it was, it absolutely
Terrified the animals like crazy! I have
No idea how long this went on, at least twenty
Minutes or more…The feeling was awful…
Like I was being sized up?

“It was the parakeets that snapped me out
Of it. They were so scared to death I couldn’t
Take it. Somehow I managed to whisper
Desperately, ‘Go away!’ Then it very
Slowly turned and left…

“The parakeets soon calmed down…Then
The other animals…What was that thing?

“I somehow managed to get to bed, a restless
Sleep. The next day I told my family, no
One believed me but my sister. I was
Totally confused. What was it, a person?
A burglar? Why were the animals so scared?
I had heard of Bigfoot…but come on, in
New Jersey?

“So the next night it happened again…
The animals…sheer panic…The mysterious
Hulking visitor at my windows in the moonlight
Scaring them…Again I went to stand by
The parakeet cage…to watch it. I was
Too terrified to open the blinds and see
What it was…I wanted to just rip them
Open but I was too scared of what I
Would see. The parakeets went absolutely
Nuts…as this thing appeared to watch me
Through the covered windows…There was no
Good feeling about it at all.

“Then finally, I guess it was too much,
The parakeets made strange sounds and
Started falling to the bottom of the cage.
I grew angry and yelled at the thing
To ‘get out of here and don’t come back!’

“It slowly turned and left…Then I
Turned the light on to find the parakeets
Breathing hard on the bottom of the cage.
Then I saw that one of them was upside
Down, not moving…dead. Of course it was
The prettiest one, my favorite…The light
Yellow and blue one…I was so angry.
Why…What could have scared them so bad,
Scared one so much it scared the
Poor little bird to death?”

“What do you think it was?” Brishan asked.

“They say Bigfoot, Sasquatch is the
Missing link.” I told them. “If that’s
True…then why does it scare animals
So bad? How could they know it was there
Through the blinds?”

“You know why.” Brishan only said.

“It’s no natural creature…Or else
Animals would not be scared to death by it.”

Ceres only smiled silently as Brishan
Looked back and forth between us… “Did
Anything like that ever happen again?”

“I started noticing things…over
The years…with the animals…when
They grew restless at nothing, stared at
The woods…Something was there…

“When I was 18, my senior year…A
Friend of mine from high school who shared
Similar experiences as me…told me a story
That happened to her right near my house…

“She had gone to her girlfriend’s house
After school one day to ride her horses. They
Would sometimes go riding in the woods near
Me…through the fire trails…the dirt roads
That the Wildlife Department used
To manage brush fires and study wildlife
In the Pine Barrens…That’s what they call
The state forest preserve of New Jersey…

“One afternoon after school when she
Was about 15 or 16…They had taken her
Friend’s 2 horses through the woods for a
Typical leisure ride, nothing special…They
Were not drinking or doing drugs, just
Riding…making small talk, gossip,
Discussing boys, that sort of thing.

“One minute they are talking, having
Fun riding…Then all of a sudden the horses
Come to a dead stop on the fire road…
They couldn’t figure out why. The horses,
Twitched nervously staring off into the
Woods to the right…

“When she looked into the woods, she
Saw what she described as… ‘It looked
Like a bear; a big brown bear digging in
The brush maybe 6 to 10 feet away.’
Now the woods here are thick with
Underbrush…sticker-bushes, briars, thorns,
Weeds…It’s not easy at all to walk through
In some places…

“So they stared at this ‘thing’ digging
Into the brush. It was HUGE, nearly
As big as the horses…It was brown,
But had no tail…and almost seemed
To have a butt or something…like a
Person? But it was massive, very thickly
Built. She watched it for a few moments
Thinking, ‘What the hell is that? A
Bear? There aren’t brown bears in New
Jersey…especially bears THAT big.

“Her girlfriend was on her left and couldn’t
See it as well. All she cared about was
Getting the horses to move…she kept kicking
Hers, shouting for the horse to move.

“But the horses would NOT move…They
Only watched intently at this ‘thing.’

“Then suddenly the thing made some
Awful grunting noise, and she swears
It suddenly… ‘stood up’ like a person
Would…At which point she freaked
Out thinking, ‘What the hell is that?’

“The creature turned slowly to look
At them, but before she could make
Out any details of a face or form…
The horses neighed and shrieked and
Started stomping like crazy at the
Ground…Then, before they could even
Scream…the horses bolted… ‘They
Bolted like hell,’ she said, and
Jumped into a run unlike she had
Ever experienced.

“They tried to control the horses, but
She said nothing could stop them, they
Totally ignored the girls on their backs,
Any reins or side kicks or commands…
The horses only ran full speed down
The dirt road…

“But what really terrified her was
When she clung to the horse for
Dear life and looked into the woods
To the right… it scared her to death.

“This thing, this creature…whatever it
Was, was following them. Built like a
Huge bear, so massive, the way it
Moved was insane for its size…

“It leapt over fallen trees, crashed
Through brush and ran and jumped
And ran, bouncing off the trees like
Some huge gorilla or something. And when
It bounced off the trees, the trees shook
So hard like they would snap. For its
Size and strength, despite how thick
The woods and brush was this thing
Kept up with the horses at top speed.

“Those horses ran like hell and that thing
Kept up with them no problem at

“Those horses were so scared to
Death they ran so fast and hard
When they came to the end of
The fire road upon a busy main
Highway they ran right into traffic…
Somehow…cars swerved, honked,
People screamed…But the horses
Crossed the road and ran all
The way home and didn’t stop
Until they were home in the corral.

“They never saw the thing again. But
She did try to go back later to look
For it when she found the nerve.”

Brishan looked to Ceres, who did
Not seem surprised.

“What kind of thing could do that?”
I asked. “What could keep up with
Those horses and be so big? Nothing
Can move through the woods like that
Here…in New Jersey?
If it is Bigfoot, Sasquatch or
Whatever…Why does it scare animals
So bad? It scared them to death?!
Now the animals clearly sense
Something…something unnatural.

“My parakeets and pets, sense it
Through a wall or covered window?

“Dogs and cats run from it.
Horses are terrified and run from it.

“If it is a missing link…why would an
Animal have this sort of supernatural
Power over them?”?

“Because it’s more than animal.”
Ceres said. “It’s more than natural.”

“What you need to know and be aware
Of,” Brishan said, “Is that they
Have powers beyond human…humans
On Earth that is…most at least. They
Know your people are looking for them,
They laugh at this. You will not find
Them until they want to be found. NOT
Until your numbers reach a critical point.”

“They are observers.” Ceres said. “They
Are meant to find those who
Are different…tagging them for
Their superiors…They are drawn to intuitives,
To mark them. But there are
Different clans and tribes, not all
Do this…But they were bred this

“You need to pay attention to those
Details…” Brishan said. “Because
They know your species is on a clock.
They know what’s coming. So when
You hear about them, just know
They have a job to do…When they
Disappear then you start to worry.
Keep watching the animals. They will
Always tell you what you need to
Know. Remember that…” He sighed.
“We’ll discuss more of what you
Need to know next time. These
Are signs to know.”



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 15OCT2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (15  October 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Secret Factor…The Ancient Plan… (Repost)

”Alone the Glory and the Spoil
I always Laughing bore away;
The Triumphs, without Pain or Toil,
Without the Hell, the Heav’n of Joy.
And while I thus at random rove
Despise the Fools that whine for Love.”
…Aphra Behn…
…A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made…

And so it’s come to this…
The Pulse has arrived…and will only get
Stronger…It’s just the beginning…
Some will cry, some will sigh…
While others will grow insane…or Die…
That’s the Purging…
The Effects will be varied before the
Potency of its activations occurs…

There are basically 3 different kinds
Of Prophecies…
Natural…of, for Nature…
Such as the Hopi, or Native American
Prophecies forecasting the consequences
Of the Wrath of the Earth…
And the Great Father…the Seven Thunders…

Magical or Mystical Prophecies…
Involving Astrology, all manner of
Predictions of the Stars…Involving the
Seemingly inevitable catastrophes or…
Re-shaping of things…due to ignorance,
The abuse of the Earth, or simply
Cataclysmic change…
Most commonly seen in the Mayan
Calendar’s foreclosure of 2012…

Biblical Prophecies…
Involving Religious Predictions, Revelations
And the Wrath of God, the Apocalyptic
Consequences of ages of Ignorance,
The Neglect of Virtue, Recklessness,
Sins of blood, the Flesh…over-indulgence…
Punishment for basically being
A wild brat for too long.

In haste and over-confidence
Mankind, or rather Big Brother could
Avoid such things with science…
So it would seem…
So they thought…
Of course Heaven expected this…
As did the Creators of the Pulse…

In a sense this was a test…
As was when those alien races, against
Better judgment, gave the Time Technology
To the Secret Powers of the Earth,
I.E…Those that venture through
The Stargate…The Stargate Program…
So that Big Brother could secretly alter
Time and Events…under the pretense of
Saving the Earth…to help it and its people.
The Time Technology was supposed to be
A gift…Instead our greedy Big Brother
Members sought to preserve the Earth’s
Corrupt state for their own agenda…
To continue the Slave mentality contract…
Keep the World Dumb and Working…
So that the Rich could stay Rich and
Get Richer…
So they could further medical experiments
Another Secret Alien Contract…
To study both Earth bound and Extra-Terrestrial
Diseases…For the pursuit of Drug Studies
And Eternal Youth…
But even worse…So that Big Brother
Could strengthen and fortify its own place
In the Universe with greater Technology…
Medically altered Super Soldiers…
So that they could force their way
Into a Higher Political Place in the Universe…

When the Council of Planets discovered
What Earth’s Controlling Group had done,
The Contract with the Time Technology was
Nullified…the problem was too much
Damage had been done…Prophetic Earth
Changes had already been manipulated
And avoided, the natural order of things
Corrupted…beyond repair…
And basically the State of the Council
Of Worlds, the Universe…in a dire state,
Potentially at an end and under the
Massive threat of the Reptillian Collective

And a Divine Covenant…Foiled…
In other words, that promise in the
Bible of a better future got flushed down
The toilet.

The Council had noble intentions…
To save the Earth, without hands-on
Intervention…and they were masterfully
Talked into it…
You know what happened…
Dates came and went…nothing happened…
Lives and the time-line were drastically changed…
That sick feeling in your gut grew…
And everybody got screwed.
What to do what to do.
What could be done?
Fixing Time is no easy matter.

But you see, there are greater secrets
In the Universe that only a few
Know about.
That’s where…the Pulse comes in…

While I am only permitted to reveal
Limited information on this…
The Council contacted Operatives
Inside a place I called…Tellus…
A world hidden outside of Time…
The physics and laws of time do not apply to Tellus.
Full of beings from several worlds,
Both refugees, Super Beings and Super Scientists…
It’s a safe place from the Darkness…
Enriched by all the Technology the Stars
Possess…the Best of the Best so to speak…
They preserve the order of things
Under Heaven…
In other words…if you think something,
Be it an animal, plant, thing or even
A race of people is extinct…think again.
Tellus…has its Operatives that watch over
People places and things…
It’s the origin of the Pulse.
My contacts…were from Tellus…
Yes, this is where The Lady in the Garden
Is from…They have humans there…
Some are Pleiadians…some from other
Places, worlds in time…Some are even from
Ancient Earth…

They knew the Angel would visit me…
That’s why I was a candidate…

Why am I telling this?
Because…Big Brother…you can not win…
The Pulse will activate DNA, dormant
Memories…if you aren’t balanced spiritually
You will become your own worst enemy.
All of the Prophecies will be activated…
At the same time…
1 you can stop…but not all, not all
At the same time.
I told you, you were only going to make
Things worse…Better get out those diapers now.

Why am I revealing this secret now?
Because that’s what I was supposed to do…
These posts…until the Pulse came…
Then my job was done…
And the next phase will begin…

Once the Pulse peaks and activates the first event,
It will subside…its withdrawal then
Triggering the cascade of the rest…
Consider this like the withdrawal of a drug…
It won’t be pretty.

While I will keep posting…for as long as I can
For as long as the Internet permits…
Now it’s different. Now…the fun begins…

But to be honest, Big Brother, after recent
Events I’ve gone through, that my family
Has gone through…the attacks…
I’m not happy.
And there will be consequences.
Clearly you don’t know what you’re dealing
With here…but you will.
I’m not happy…And if you ever want
My further help, Big Brother
You’ll have to pay for it. Seriously.
Don’t threaten me or make me uncomfortable,
You won’t like it if you do.

Dear Mr. Secret Agent Man…
Consider this…with what’s to come…
You may want to watch these movies
before too long…
Titantic, the newer version…
The Day the Earth Stood Still…the classic,
Black and white version…
And of course, The Last Unicorn…hint, hint.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
Yes I still have some things you
Probably should know in upcoming posts…
You might want to take notes…
Like what I’ve said about the snow…
About us sharing the same fate.

People are funny though…
Preaching Peace, and Love…not living in Fear…
Actions speak louder than words.

What’s really remarkable: That
No one…not one single time…
Have I heard anything about being Brave…
Living with courage…or Faith.
Why is that?

I will be taking advice in the future
On…stop being so nice…
I’m not happy about recent events,
A line was crossed.
Oh sure, you’re all probably saying
What could I possibly say or do?
The next phase begins…
What does that mean?

That’s all for now.

My artwork….Medicine Man



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 8OCT2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (8  October 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.