Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Secret Factor…The Ancient Plan… (Repost)

”Alone the Glory and the Spoil
I always Laughing bore away;
The Triumphs, without Pain or Toil,
Without the Hell, the Heav’n of Joy.
And while I thus at random rove
Despise the Fools that whine for Love.”
…Aphra Behn…
…A Thousand Martyrs I Have Made…

And so it’s come to this…
The Pulse has arrived…and will only get
Stronger…It’s just the beginning…
Some will cry, some will sigh…
While others will grow insane…or Die…
That’s the Purging…
The Effects will be varied before the
Potency of its activations occurs…

There are basically 3 different kinds
Of Prophecies…
Natural…of, for Nature…
Such as the Hopi, or Native American
Prophecies forecasting the consequences
Of the Wrath of the Earth…
And the Great Father…the Seven Thunders…

Magical or Mystical Prophecies…
Involving Astrology, all manner of
Predictions of the Stars…Involving the
Seemingly inevitable catastrophes or…
Re-shaping of things…due to ignorance,
The abuse of the Earth, or simply
Cataclysmic change…
Most commonly seen in the Mayan
Calendar’s foreclosure of 2012…

Biblical Prophecies…
Involving Religious Predictions, Revelations
And the Wrath of God, the Apocalyptic
Consequences of ages of Ignorance,
The Neglect of Virtue, Recklessness,
Sins of blood, the Flesh…over-indulgence…
Punishment for basically being
A wild brat for too long.

In haste and over-confidence
Mankind, or rather Big Brother could
Avoid such things with science…
So it would seem…
So they thought…
Of course Heaven expected this…
As did the Creators of the Pulse…

In a sense this was a test…
As was when those alien races, against
Better judgment, gave the Time Technology
To the Secret Powers of the Earth,
I.E…Those that venture through
The Stargate…The Stargate Program…
So that Big Brother could secretly alter
Time and Events…under the pretense of
Saving the Earth…to help it and its people.
The Time Technology was supposed to be
A gift…Instead our greedy Big Brother
Members sought to preserve the Earth’s
Corrupt state for their own agenda…
To continue the Slave mentality contract…
Keep the World Dumb and Working…
So that the Rich could stay Rich and
Get Richer…
So they could further medical experiments
Another Secret Alien Contract…
To study both Earth bound and Extra-Terrestrial
Diseases…For the pursuit of Drug Studies
And Eternal Youth…
But even worse…So that Big Brother
Could strengthen and fortify its own place
In the Universe with greater Technology…
Medically altered Super Soldiers…
So that they could force their way
Into a Higher Political Place in the Universe…

When the Council of Planets discovered
What Earth’s Controlling Group had done,
The Contract with the Time Technology was
Nullified…the problem was too much
Damage had been done…Prophetic Earth
Changes had already been manipulated
And avoided, the natural order of things
Corrupted…beyond repair…
And basically the State of the Council
Of Worlds, the Universe…in a dire state,
Potentially at an end and under the
Massive threat of the Reptillian Collective

And a Divine Covenant…Foiled…
In other words, that promise in the
Bible of a better future got flushed down
The toilet.

The Council had noble intentions…
To save the Earth, without hands-on
Intervention…and they were masterfully
Talked into it…
You know what happened…
Dates came and went…nothing happened…
Lives and the time-line were drastically changed…
That sick feeling in your gut grew…
And everybody got screwed.
What to do what to do.
What could be done?
Fixing Time is no easy matter.

But you see, there are greater secrets
In the Universe that only a few
Know about.
That’s where…the Pulse comes in…

While I am only permitted to reveal
Limited information on this…
The Council contacted Operatives
Inside a place I called…Tellus…
A world hidden outside of Time…
The physics and laws of time do not apply to Tellus.
Full of beings from several worlds,
Both refugees, Super Beings and Super Scientists…
It’s a safe place from the Darkness…
Enriched by all the Technology the Stars
Possess…the Best of the Best so to speak…
They preserve the order of things
Under Heaven…
In other words…if you think something,
Be it an animal, plant, thing or even
A race of people is extinct…think again.
Tellus…has its Operatives that watch over
People places and things…
It’s the origin of the Pulse.
My contacts…were from Tellus…
Yes, this is where The Lady in the Garden
Is from…They have humans there…
Some are Pleiadians…some from other
Places, worlds in time…Some are even from
Ancient Earth…

They knew the Angel would visit me…
That’s why I was a candidate…

Why am I telling this?
Because…Big Brother…you can not win…
The Pulse will activate DNA, dormant
Memories…if you aren’t balanced spiritually
You will become your own worst enemy.
All of the Prophecies will be activated…
At the same time…
1 you can stop…but not all, not all
At the same time.
I told you, you were only going to make
Things worse…Better get out those diapers now.

Why am I revealing this secret now?
Because that’s what I was supposed to do…
These posts…until the Pulse came…
Then my job was done…
And the next phase will begin…

Once the Pulse peaks and activates the first event,
It will subside…its withdrawal then
Triggering the cascade of the rest…
Consider this like the withdrawal of a drug…
It won’t be pretty.

While I will keep posting…for as long as I can
For as long as the Internet permits…
Now it’s different. Now…the fun begins…

But to be honest, Big Brother, after recent
Events I’ve gone through, that my family
Has gone through…the attacks…
I’m not happy.
And there will be consequences.
Clearly you don’t know what you’re dealing
With here…but you will.
I’m not happy…And if you ever want
My further help, Big Brother
You’ll have to pay for it. Seriously.
Don’t threaten me or make me uncomfortable,
You won’t like it if you do.

Dear Mr. Secret Agent Man…
Consider this…with what’s to come…
You may want to watch these movies
before too long…
Titantic, the newer version…
The Day the Earth Stood Still…the classic,
Black and white version…
And of course, The Last Unicorn…hint, hint.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
Yes I still have some things you
Probably should know in upcoming posts…
You might want to take notes…
Like what I’ve said about the snow…
About us sharing the same fate.

People are funny though…
Preaching Peace, and Love…not living in Fear…
Actions speak louder than words.

What’s really remarkable: That
No one…not one single time…
Have I heard anything about being Brave…
Living with courage…or Faith.
Why is that?

I will be taking advice in the future
On…stop being so nice…
I’m not happy about recent events,
A line was crossed.
Oh sure, you’re all probably saying
What could I possibly say or do?
The next phase begins…
What does that mean?

That’s all for now.

My artwork….Medicine Man





    • Beautiful Monday ❤

      Beautiful morning, beautiful day
      Beautiful people on a beautiful train
      All going to work now so dutifully
      Beautiful Monday, beautiful me


      Weekend is over, yeah we had a good time
      The world’s on our shoulders and we’re gonna be fine
      All hoping that one day we’ll truly be free
      Beautiful Monday

  1. Tough I’m not resonated with religious tone, today, this info about HORSE, even horse having to do with RAIN was just given. A plus coincidence ?


    Dear Robin & Dave, God, you both are keeping rocking…..charging the HEARTS with the super DIVINE INGRIDENTS made of DIVINE LOVE. Dave…though I feel egoist to say so, I thank YOU COUPLE and the Golden One within let you to be here with US. Stay longer, please, for you are so important for US, for this process. Pls take care, pls….

    Owing to the firewalls, it’s used to occur that some data (picture, address of picture, video look blank on my screen, I hence attach it in the next comment). Without your reminding, how could I release that frustration, even turn my mood into amazement, for it looks like just like that, as above, so blow !!!

    Strange day today, I feel almost releasing the fear towards some kind of thing. I don’t know if it’s the miracle brought by some energetic heart acupuncture occurred last night right at the moment when I was going to fall asleep. That energy pulse was so powerful that even all my physical got a literally big shock. However, physical heartaches along with headaches seem not finished yet, as well as that super dense sleepiness.

    Though few words here, would like to address to my PRECIOUS AND BELOVED ONES, you who make me cry…Here are some pictures in sync…

    Whether it’s SUN, MOON or STAR ?!

    macro | Cosmos dance | by christldeckx |
    That BEAUTY of transparency is too facsinating….

    Then…I’m dreaming a Pompkin Banquet with THIS TRIBE, blessing all the PRECIOUS ONES, to be recovered, to be brought miracles, fortune, luck, health, love, etc…
    source :



  3. “The Mummers’ Dance”

    When in the springtime of the year
    When the trees are crowned with leaves
    When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew
    Are dressed in ribbons fair

    When owls call the breathless moon
    In the blue veil of the night
    The shadows of the trees appear
    Amidst the lantern light

    We’ve been rambling all the night
    And some time of this day
    Now returning back again
    We bring a garland gay

    Who will go down to those shady groves
    And summon the shadows there
    And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms
    In the springtime of the year

    The songs of birds seem to fill the wood
    That when the fiddler plays
    All their voices can be heard
    Long past their woodland days

    And so they linked their hands and danced
    Round in circles and in rows
    And so the journey of the night descends
    When all the shades are gone

    “A garland gay we bring you here
    And at your door we stand
    It is a sprout well budded out
    The work of Our Lord’s hand”



      Leviticus 23:33-43

      40 And you shall take you on the first day the boughs of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and the boughs of thick trees, and willows of the brook; and you shall rejoice before the LORD your God seven days. 41 And you shall keep it a feast to the LORD seven days in the year. It shall be a statute for ever in your generations: you shall celebrate it in the seventh month. 42 You shall dwell in booths seven days; all that are Israelites born shall dwell in booths: 43 That your generations may know that I made the children of Israel to dwell in booths, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.



    Shortly after my wife died was told verbally {Clairaudient style}
    After much contemplation and getting over the bluntness of the statement I agree

    The reason is she would always build me up __would always be on my side__Help build my ego without realizing and I certainly did not understand that concept completely at that time.
    Learned the hard and very difficult way in my perception to give all of the credit to the GOLDEN ONE within
    Every one of you deserves a personal thank you and all will get their well deserving kudos in time.

    The personal I of myself would have been more than happy to have left with her BUT THE GOLDEN one had other ideas.

    Is actually what the coming time is about. Using as an example a huge blast from the past Adam and EVE. At that time their “spirits” will be duplicated many times over just as the Christ consciousness was. In other words everyone will have a double dose added to their minds as well as their hearts.
    Just as Yin is also the moon and Yang is the sun or in a different perception so ABOVE so BELOW or AS ABOVE SO BELOW
    Those that are kind toward others and really care about what happens to others will be given more and those that are for themselves only , well just the opposite will happen.
    Words of this music are of importance___Don’t be afraid to be strong and equally important Don’t be afraid to be weak

    Return to Innocence
    That’s not the beginning of the end
    That’s the return to yourself
    The return to innocence.
    Don’t be afraid to be weak
    Don’t be too proud to be strong
    Just look into your heart my friend
    That will be the return to yourself
    The return to innocence.
    If you want, then start to laugh
    If you must, then start to cry
    Be yourself don’t hide
    Just believe in destiny.
    Don’t care what people say
    Just follow your own way
    Don’t give up and use the chance
    To return to innocence.
    That’s not the beginning of the end
    That’s the return to yourself

  7. That horse…why the address is gone ???

    As it’s used to happen, both the messages I want to send or receive seem just crushed as fragmentary, it’s hard to keep up with all that you have shared without any missing pieces.

    None here is forgotten, nor less regarded !!! Even if I might fall again into despair, and in silence, my heart cannot be shut up.

  8. Dear Robin, I didn’t realize that you had just posted ”TONY THE TIGER” 2 days ago. Now I can prevent from missing it all thanks to Mary. Pity that I cannot watch it yet, not only so….even my email accounts are all blocked that I cannot access any more, though I’ve already tried to surmount….

    Dear Barb, what a significant name !!! Strange that when reading your words, I seem to listen to them with my ears, as the voice is heard….lovely voice sound like resonating the chords. Reading your sharing, I feel like walking along with you and your Layna, so peacefully and happily. That picture of Trafalgar square should look so familiar to me, though I’ve never been there physically. My dear Angel, please keep sharing, as your words are so magical, soothing, healing, just like all the ones who are gathered here.

    Robin… are just rocking me again for reading Barb, I don’t know why, the visions of HORSES are just keeping raising in my mind.

    Honestly, right before the moment when writing this comment, I am too despaired to cry, for I cannot get your updated messages neither via mail, nor here. How it feels like ? Just like that I’m restrained to reach my family, as all the medium of communication are just cut off. So the last means that I can depend on…telepathy ??? Pity that I’m still far behind the most basic level.

    May I find my way to be dynamic like this….

    N.Kreleger, Netherlands
    Heart of a Horse

    or…reach this level….

    ‘Contact’ ~ by Josephine Chervinska

    HUGS to you all….

  9. I forgot to mention a few things which might be interesting. I saw a deluxe travel coach bus go by the house when I was walking my dog Layna this morning, it had the words “simply the best” then below that “Trafalgar”. That was while I was having that conversation in my head about Bill/Valiant and friends. Yesterday afternoon at work I had the sudden urge to do stichomancy to get a word from my spirit team, on what was my relationship in the past with Bill/Valiant? This follows up the previous word for him, which was DSC, the Distinguished Service Cross (thank you Robin for such a brilliant contribution revealing to us the symbolism of that!). My word yesterday asking what was my past (life) connection with Bill, was *Esquire* Not bad, if I served Valiant, I’ll take it! This is from my favorite old dictionary, Merriam Webster 1942: “esquire* (noun) 1. Origin. a shield-bearer, especially in chivalry, a candidate for knighthood as attendant on a knight. 2. A man of the English rank of gentry next below a knight. 3. Archaic. A rural landed proprietor; a squire. 4. [capitalized] A title of courtesy (usually abbr. to Esq.) now written after the surname with no title, such as Mr. or Doctor, prefixed. 5. A gentleman publicly escorting a lady. (verb transitive) 1. To raise to the rank of, or attend as, esquire. 2. To address as Esquire.

    Valiant, to me, is like a knight in shining armor. So the words are now perfectly fitting, affirming that is so! A valiant knight, indeed, liberating the captives, through words of truth, which IS what the prophecies revealed as the method of how the FINAL battle would be fought….with words (truth), not swords! A knight in shining ones armor. Armored/cloaked in light.

    This is a page I found on Trafalgar Square, which I knew was in London, but was delighted to discover what Nelson’s monument column (an obelisk) is guarded by: 4 lions! From this site linked below “The four bronze panels at the base of the column depict some of Nelson’s battles. The lions, designed by Sir Edwin Landseer, are said to protect Nelson’s Column.”

    Barb (spiritwalker444)

    • AMAZING Spiritwalker! ❤ ❤ ❤ Like the Star People said "The Pen now becomes the Sword"… To the rest of the tribe…did you know that Victor Hugo was once one of the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion? AND…he penned by hand the novel "Hunchback of Notre Dame"…Who do we know that pens everything by hand??? Coincidence??? I think not! ❤ 😀

  10. Oh wow! I was skimming through reading super quickly your comments since yesterday afternoon when I last read here. So amazing, I want to just soak it all in. I had to quickly read, as I just spent around 1/2 hour typing all of this. I really do need to wait to read everything you all wrote, but what flows through at just a fast glance, is so beautiful. I love being here, being with every one of you that is here, and with those of you who are with us yet not sharing in writing, you all matter so much, and your energy and spirits are here with us. I will come back sometime when I have my home in order, I really have to do stuff I’d rather not have to do, like housework! Ah, such drudgery! I try to make it fun, like being happy when I manage to accomplish something and make our home a little nicer, cleaner, less of a mess! I’d so much rather be online, reading and yes now writing again too! I’d love to be reading Bill’s book, which I just got an hour ago. hehe Well I wanted to explain I have no time at all to respond to some rather lovely caring comments, I read briefly, on way down to this here reply box! I wrote a huge thing, it’s 3 pages, but I wanted so very much to share with all of you the amazing synchronicity that happened this morning with my thoughts, and with the back cover of Bill’s book. I did put a little more in there, just to share some of my past with you. I’ll come back, and catch up to read and really absorb more of your wonderful heart sharings. This is what I wrote about my first day with Valiant’s first book in my hands. It amazed me how much it tied in with the thoughts I was having this morning, about the nature of reality and consciousness and contact, then to see what his back cover said, well just WOW, the synchronicity blew me away. Normally I have silly dreams, weird dreams, sometimes a little bit scary. Usually are based in my normal everyday reality kind of setting. This morning I slept in late with hubby and our dog. I remembered my last dream was of all of us going for a drive and ending up on a beach with families and other dogs, Layna enjoyed going playing and running with the other dogs. I think Layna might have gotten to drive the car at one point, which is very funny considering she’s a dog and hasn’t got a clue in our normal reality how to drive. hehe Anyway, I digress! I just wrote this about Valiant’s book and the connections made with thoughts/communications earlier this morning while I took Layna out for a walk.

    Valiant William Griffith W.J.G. book Higher Forces arrived today Saturday October 8, 2016

    Earlier as I walked Layna, I was musing about how would they appear, if they set foot on earth to greet me, the ones that Valiant connects to share messages from….Varence (Apollo), Ceres, all her sisters and brothers, the lion men….how would they be likely to visit? I had these thoughts, as answers, and during the night time it’s easier for the ship to portal into matter, than day time. Also appearing as materialized beings is different than moving from one material place to another, because they are not usually materialized, being beyond time, on Tellus. They have control over material things and may materialize, if they desire. They have mastered matter, coarse material, they can manipulate it, if they wish, and appear as solid. Or they may just overlook and watch and observe, not interact materially with us. So in their way of communicating, making contact, they would usually choose to appear to us in our dream-state, or other ways we non-consciously perceive reality. Non-material conscious awareness, which is very easy through dreams. Dreams of humans on earth may be of conscious awareness of the past experiences, or of future possible experiences, real or unreal, dreams may be either one. Bill may have precognitive dreams of a possible future material reality, and they will become true reality, or material reality. Others may have these types of dreams, too. Where they foresee an actual reality. Or you may dream of an alternate reality, unmanifested in your experience, which may or may not be possible to become reality, to be experienced by you physically. So the dreams are how they would normally make contact, because it allows both/all to remain in a non-physical non-material state, and yet the conscious awareness of such contact is made, truly making each other able to interact with one another. So dreams are in many forms, some of them are actually other realities you also participate in, yet not with your physical form. Yet still true reality, what you are aware of, is in fact real to you. It is just a matter of where you are, whether it’s your body and senses and mind being aware, or JUST your mind being aware (dreams, visions, trance states). So that is how contact would probably be first made. They would make physical contact if they knew it mattered greatly, either now or in the future, and it would be made if the one being contacted was going to be willing to share it with others that may need to know about it. Not all need to know about it. Like last night, my husband would not have welcomed any word of that kind, about making contact with non-earth beings! He may possibly send me to psychiatric treatment, if he knew I had any such vision or real contact. So for some, it’s better not to know, until they are prepared enough to embrace that as a possible alternative reality to experience.

    So today Bill’s book arrives, and on the back cover is this:

    “Time may scatter them apart, but their joining will transcend all obstacles. You have to believe that it is not the end for them, indeed this is something much better. It is in fact a blessed beginning.

    Also this morning I was saying my morning gratitude prayer “Thank you Mother and Father for this beautiful new day. Thank you for Life. Thank you for all the blessings of Life. Thank you for all the lessons of Life.” A few moments later I was thinking what are blessings? They are what make us thankful, beautiful, enjoyable moments and gifts to treasure. They make us feel good, they are heavenly gifts. They are a way of experiencing heaven on earth. That’s what blessings are. Lessons are good, they help us become wiser. We learn and gain in wisdom, thanks to our lessons.
    The rest of the back of Valiant/Bill’s book says:

    “Embellishing aspects of dreams as experienced through a small but diverse group of individuals, Higher Forces presents a story wrapped in secrets and myth that suggests a possible future of the world. As it trudges on its wayward path through time to the modern day, a surreal and dark force proves to have been sabotaging humanity’s course in an awful and paranormal sense. For a chosen few, the consequences and realities become clear as their lives are transformed and their destinies unveiled.
    So what is the cause of this strange unjust story, you wonder? It’s a dream, isn’t everything?

    Father once asked me to forgive Him, for making others (that are also Him, in disguise) be unaware of the truth, that All are One. The gig would be up, if they all knew, it wouldn’t be possible to have all these experiences if everyone knew Who they actually were. He reminded me of the buttercups this morning. The way I felt such great joy one day around 7 years ago while walking back along the country road towards home, upon seeing a big clump of buttercups growing tall in front of the cow pasture gate. We had a moment, just celebrating buttercups together. Then He talked with me, asking me to forgive Him, for making some totally unaware of the truth. I felt His love then for all of Creation. He loves it when some use their gift of Creativity more, which He really enjoys. Some work more mundanely, and some work more creatively, all are working together to find out what else is possible to express, experience and expand Creation. It is sheer joy and happiness to witness when we create something enjoyable, expression through art, writing, performance, music, inventing things that help humanity, our ways of relating with, and loving each other.

    I was thinking about Varence. As Apollo he did appear to people throughout history, how many other personas has he worn? Does he really know all our stories?
    What about the ones the ancient native indigenous peoples say gave them the gift of writing (Enoch, Thoth~Hermes, so many other cultures have different figures but the same theme of having been given truly generous gifts that helped us advance as a species. Some give tribute to those who gave the gift of measures, the gifts of agriculture, the gifts of weapons, of magic, of building megalithic monuments. Were any of them making contact with the ETs as gods and goddesses? Were any of them the ones that we know through Bill? Did they in fact plant seeds that became our current and will evolve into an even more advanced future human civilization? Have ‘they’ waited a long time for it/us to come to full fruition?

    Continuing with the back cover of Bill’s book Higher Forces:

    “So what is the cause of this strange unjust story, you wonder? It’s a dream, isn’t everything? Nothing is real, yet all is so solid. It’s fake, all of it. All that matters is what your mind tells you each day, what path your soul follows as you muddle through the toil of some boring routine. Figure out this trouble and sort out the crummy details, the true picture will become clear.

    W.J.G.’s artwork has always been a driving force in what he does and the cause for the direction that he chooses to follow, becoming a writer just never seemed to be an idea or goal. But in pursuing projects for himself, he found that he really enjoyed writing, it seemed to compliment the rendition of an image and gave a whole new way of bringing something to life. He hopes to pursue both with a goal of blending the two in ways that really convey what sort of subject matter interests him in future works.

    Today is October 8, 2016. Thank you Valiant/Bill, for being such an inspiration and a support and encouragement to those of drawn to be on this journey together. We all have so much more possible for us to experience. The colors, lines and light, the frequencies serve like harmonic magnets. The New Age Pied Piper calling the children through the tones of sound and light, to our path, to our destinies. The Fates and the Furies, the great Sisters, Daughters of the Gods and Goddesses, the Brothers, Mortals and Immortals, our Future awaits us, while our Muses call to each of us to listen carefully. We hear not with our outer ears, but with our inner. For those with ears to hear, with eyes to see, was a frequent refrain of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) who talked with parables to those unable to comprehend yet the deeper meaning beneath the layers. We must learn to read in between the lines to find the light of truth. Our hearts are what guides us through the maze and haze of the mind, feel what rings true. Some thoughts are implanted by the darkness, the evil empire, and this is true. Yet it is also true that the light, the higher forces of love, also may implant thoughts, dreams and desires in us. What we pay attention to the most, is what grows the most.

  11. Dear Spiritwalker, I happened to see this picture on the same day when reading your comment on Mer=Sea, though the water in this picture might rather be lake ?!

  12. Here comes again the firewall issue…so the picture is invisible….

    I didn’t realize that the title that I noted was wrong until yping the key word…What I saw on 5th is this one.

    But when typing that term, refereed, even reminded by our Precious Dave, I happen to find this…

  13. Extract from

    “Annon edhellen, edro hi ammen.”
    (Gate of the Elves, open now for me)
    — Gandalf — Listen

    The Doors of Durin, also known as the West-gate, the West-door of Moria, or Elven Door, were built into the Walls of Moria in the dark cliffs of the Silvertine, and formed the western entrance to the great Dwarven city of Khazad-dûm.

    1 History
    2 Appearance
    3 An Inconsistency
    4 External links
    5 References

    The main entrance to Khazad-dûm was the Great Gates in Dimrill Dale, east of the Misty Mountains. During the Second Age, it was decided to open a way to the west side of the Silvertine, which would facilitate contact and cooperation with the Elven realm of Hollin.[1]

    The Elven Door was constructed in cooperation between Dwarves and Elves, sometime between S.A. 750 and 1500.[2] It was the two greatest craftsmen of the Second Age, the Elf and Lord of Eregion, Celebrimbor, and the dwarf Narvi who built the Doors.[1] These were the days before the Dark Years of Sauron’s dominion in Middle-earth, and the friendship between Elven and Dwarven kingdoms was a rare and special event. During this peaceful time the Doors stood open, allowing unfettered trade. But during the War of the Elves and Sauron (in S.A. 1697) the Doors were sealed shut after Hollin fell to Sauron’s forces.[2]

    When Khazad-dûm was abandoned in T.A. 1981[3] the way of opening the Doors was forgotten.

    At some point between 2845 and 2950 the Wizard Gandalf entered the city looking for King Thráin II who had disappeared on journey to Erebor. After his search the Wizard exited through the Doors; however this experience did not help him know how to open the doors from the outside.[1]

    In 2994, during the settling of Balin’s Colony, they were attacked by an onslaught of orcs.[3] Óin led a group to the west side of the city hoping to find escape through the Doors of Durin, but instead he found the water up to the doors where the Watcher in the Water killed him. The Dwarves were trapped, and wiped out.[4]

    In August 3018 Gollum took refuge in Moria; but when he had at last discovered the way to the Doors he could not get out.[5]

    On 13 January 3019 the Fellowship of the Ring entered Moria through the Doors,[5] but initially Gandalf could not find out the password to open them. Merry Brandybuck unknowingly gave Gandalf the answer by asking, “What does it mean by speak, friend, and enter?” When Gandalf realized that “Mellon”, which means “friend” in Sindarin, would open the door he sprang up, laughed, and spoke the word. Shortly thereafter, the Watcher in the Water attacked the Fellowship and shut the Doors behind them.[1]

    They were fashioned as flush doors, the jambs invisible to the eye, and matched so perfectly with the mountain rock that when closed the Doors could not be seen. The slabs were made by Narvi out of a grey material stronger than stone, and inlaid by Celebrimbor with ithildin, which could only be seen in starlight and moonlight.

    When visible, the fine silver-like inlay showed a hammer and anvil (the emblems of Durin), a crown and Seven Stars (probably Durin’s Crown), two trees surmounted by crescent moons (probably symbolizing the Tree of the High Elves), and a single star (the emblem of the House of Fëanor). On the top left and right corners there were the tengwar Calma (C) and Óre (N) standing for Celebrimbor and Narvi; between their feet was an Ando (D) for Durin.

    The inscription on the archivolt read:
    “Ennyn Durin Aran Moria. Pedo Mellon a Minno. Im Narvi hain echant. Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin.”
    “The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter. I, Narvi, made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin drew these signs.”

    The inscription stated the password that would cause the Doors to swing open.[1]
    From the inside the Doors could be opened by simply pushing against them. However, it usually took the thrust of two to do so. When Moria was inhabited by the Dwarves they kept doorwards inside who would help open the Doors and see that only those with permission could pass.[6]

    An Inconsistency
    The name Moria means “Black Chasm” and was a derogatory description of the place which the Dwarves did not like, and was given after Durin’s Bane took over the city in the Third Age. It is therefore a mystery why that name appears on an inscription made in the Second Age, and made in consent with the Dwarves.

  14. In the evening of Oct. 5th, I had chance to take a breath from the window of timblr, then a series of picture just caught my eyes, my heart….I’m going to share these ones….

    The West Gate of Durin” (1947), by Alan Lee. Illustration for “Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien

    Thanks to it and its author, I had chance to take a search…

  15. source :

    I cannot thank you all enough and I’m so sorry for such a long silence. Even right now, I feel so restrained by not only the firewalls and so many other ties which not only drain but also smother me to die. Every time when I know there is a one plus light/love/energy/knowledge/guidance pouring in this garden, I cannot help realizing how I’m imprisoned in a very crowded cage, wrapped by numerous layer of various kinds of walls. All the manners of my communications have been so impeded, retrained, interrupted that I cannot be more desperate, frustrated. How angry I’m, however, I’m even too drained to express at least the least or any mood, feeling or thoughts. The truth is youtube either look all blank /invisible or just cannot run, even after so many attempts to surpass the firewalls. Not only so….my time, energy, strength are thus all used up, coping with all these blockages. I feel having nothing but a dying shell of this physical vehicle….though honestly, and ironically, I do realize my very luckiness, and grace that I’ve been given in contrast to the lives that I’ve witnessed, observed HERE.

    As you all, I feel not only sorry for what just occurred to the Griffith’s, even not only to the Griffith! Robin, I /we of course know how you have been so aimed and targeted. I shouldn’t complain, but the truth is it’s still not a finished lesson for me yet to release all the anger, the resentment. Why I should take this guilt for such intolerance of the nasty behavior, these incomprehensible tastes. I cannot stop asking what’s wrong with others and with me !!! I not only cannot take the density, the insufficiency of my own shell, but also all the dirty, polluted even toxic environment, and the very ignorance of mine and of others. I’ve to try hard to get accustomed to this new place, however, can you imagine, it’s where mobile phone is so depended that if you don’t use it, nothing can work. I cannot take it, but I have no choice. I still need time to be off line, off mobile phone, off wifi…

    It’s such a long time that I’m too tired to meditate, to write. My DEAREST ONES, I’m so honored to be able to read YOU. Pity that every time, it’s either the case that getting so moved to give an immediate response, I get too sleepy or ill to take a writting ; or I feel my throat chakra gets so restrained to do communication. Some other physical-psychological syndrome is so used to happened and feel like my head is just having a series of electric shock, swelling, inflamed and losing memory, having difficulty to think, to organize the ideas, without saying to recall. How frustrated I’m because I don’t feel any progress in spirituality.

    Another anger along with frustration for…the words that I typed, not only this time, but the last times are used to be altered before or when posting. What’s really from me or of me, what’s not ? I’m not only confused, but so tired of all these altering things that I’m involved either consciously or unconsciously, just like water flows that we have no or few way to hold.

    Here, I anyhow shouldn’t leave out my very blessing to the Griffith’s, particularly the brave and wise sister and Lida. May you all get recovered soon, even come more and more miracles to you to have all the difficulties and injuries, illness, inconvenience be fixed.

    As always, I cannot thank Dave enough for all these super precious enlightenment, guidance, reminding, inspiration, even teachings which undoubtedly took time, the very love, wisdom and patience to prepare, to share. How amazing the videos are also via Dreamwalker, Robin, Stefan…yes, how psychic you are that I regret so much for my own insifficiency!!!

    Dear Spiritwalker, so….great to have you be gathered here, listening to you, realizing that….Again, I cannot help praising for your BEAUTY, taste, WIT, super high and subtle writing skill (so is LIDA’s, even beyond impressive). No, YOU ALL have such MIRACOULOUS/MAGICAL WRITING SKILLS, just like VALIANT.

    Such as our super precious tathastu7, I can imagine how much time and patience it at least possible took writing such long comments. How collected you are, just as your words reflecting and releasing. Though this energy of you feel tender, soothing, its effects can just last that long and spread vast.

    When I just felt losing my tongue, your words, stories were just bringing me back to my childhood, reviewing it and my past, one part that I’ve forgotten for so many years that I even cannot count. My dear brother, your charisma is just not to be disguised, not only by your face, but your words. That term, LEADER seems a very call to you, isn’t it ?

    Me, though I’ve been rather of silent type, even very silent, I cannot make out why since childhood, I used to be elected to be the leader in group or in school. I have never thought that I had ever had any condition or characteristic to be a leader. Growing up much, I somehow realized not only once, I might have been brought to the core of some groups, however, generally, not that long after entering in, I would try hard to get out of it/them. Then, being abroad, as a matter of course, I turned into a the very marginal and hermit state, shielding myself from all. To me it’s not bad for it’s my very chance to review and adjust myself. After all, in the Eastern world, we have to many social patterns that are framed by collective expectation. Can you imagine since the 1st year of elementary school till the end of senior high school, there should be one MODEL of good student to be elected in each class. I used to be that one, and if not, I would regret so for that I didn’t behave, neither be good enough, though I in fact have never thought I had/have ever been good enough. Before having left my mother island, all my efforts were just to fit myself into the frame/model of the conventional pattern and my mind had been so ill owing to this kind of pressure, even inner conflicts and wounds of self-doubts. It’s my life-time pattern, curse that whichever the choice I made, I’ve never supported that choice, neither myself. This even shaped my very pattern of behavior. That Fr advisor even said I was just like that Penelope in Greek Tragedy.

    I in fact didn’t know to question, without saying challenge this kind of traditional or conventional value, pattern until senior high school. In those three years, also one of the most difficult time in this life time, I became someone that others’ cannot identify any more. For I didn’t want to follow all that I was asked or supposed to be, either in school or in family. Now recalling this, I even feel so painful to be imprisoned in that ideology for such a long time, having getting so lost for chasing that silly “label,” an affirmation of others. That’s why I needed to leave to that country being labeled with liberty. Now, it’s time of balancing ??? to balance that I….

    Dear medex777, I cannot describe how moved I was when reading your last comment about me. I’m so happy to have this blessing, even…the comments of you two gentlemen having to do with “7” seem revealing some very synchronicity or thanks to your incredible psychic ability….My adorable brother, honestly, I’ve wondered why you chose this name, medex ? It somehow reminds me of the French term, “m’aidez,” help me….and it indeed turned / turns out that you are the one who are just helping me !!!

    With regards to numerology, I’m so used to see 33, 333, 111, 1111, 1313, 1818, somethings like these…

    In the subject of writing skills and charm of words, talking about WIT and linguistic talent, again, I cannot forget our princess, Brianna. It’s worth sharing here that my last two weeks are having so much with TIGER. For healing myself from a long-lasting illness, finally, I cannot but practice again something having to do with Dragon and Tiger that I learned in my Taoist school. Besides, a new friend very very considerate and helpful, should be born in the year of Tiger 1986 in my mother island. Then a very precious one just shared something about Maltese Tiger with me. This spice tiger should be special right where my ancestors were from. Though my insufficient brain still cannot make out all this thread, I feel so HONORED and HAPPY to be with /surrounded by the BEAUTIFUL TIGERS.

    There are still the very very precious SISTERS and BROTHERS that tough I didn’t name above, are of course so appreciated as well. The truth is that I in fact cannot help thinking of you all all the times. If I can feel any happiness, tough life is still full of difficulty, regrets, worries, sadness, YOUR being THERE do mean so much to me !!!

    In the next comment, I will share some pictures that I found all at once…God, they are the very windows for me to see the BEAUTY FULL OF OXYGEN from….

    Here, may these cakes sweeten YOUR HEARTS first, even if I can, may they become some elixir to the sister, Lida and ALL!!!

    Dear Dave, I cannot watch this video tonight, but will try tomorrow…I won’t miss it !!!









  17. PERFECT TIME-ING…as always. I kept hearing this song all day yesterday…that D.J in my brain…again! 🙂 I agree with Dreamwalker…”Medicine Man” is probably my favorite.



  18. My favorite quote of the day… so true!

    “Many Earth people live one life openly while in their hearts and minds, they live quite another. Double mindedness seemed to be a way of life in the Pentagon building that served as the busy nerve center of our nation. Val once remarked to me that he had never witnessed in one central location such concentrated confusion.”

    From “Stranger at the Pentagon” by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Ph.D.

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