Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Hour Glass…

*SONG* “Waiting for a Star to Fall” by Boy Meets Girl

The Hour Glass knows no reason,
The sands flow because you can’t hold back time…
It’s simple, boundless, and often more cruel
Than it is kind. But if you are lucky
There’s something in the air, in the elements,
In magical hope of the ether
That brings change…And something
Good will come…because it’s long overdue…
At some point Faith has to conquer time,
So you keep going, you always keep going.

There was a buzz-like hum and then
A whisper before the box opened…
The Circle of Light… “Start writing now,
Please, if you would.” A very familiar
Voice instructed…Oh boy, fun…

“In dreams, yes, even we dream its true.”
Varence’s voice said. “We found inspiration…
And that is where the best things come from.
Because you can’t control them, because there
Are no laws…and most of all because they
Cost nothing…”

She sighed, “Oh wonderful…Here we go
Again. The enchanted words of Father
Time’s Minstrel. Over inspired…just say it
Will you.”

He was standing there smiling, sharply dressed
In a clean new suit, black. “I thought
I might try something familiar.”

Ceres entered the light beside him, her long
Flowing red dress and creamy golden wavy hair,
The constant vision. Her arms were already
Folded over her chest, she wasn’t thrilled, okay
That’s normal. “He hasn’t been gone long
Enough. Can we proceed now?”

“I have to entertain a new tone.” He said only
Eyeing her sideways slightly.

“Entertain? No.” Ceres said. “Babble words
Uselessly…Yes. Just tell him. So how
Did things go? As expected?”

“Yes.” Varence nodded once with a strange
New expression…A sort of quirky grin and
Sarcastic joy. “Quirky? Am I quirky?”

She turned to him fast. “Yes, you are. Very
Much so. Now answer the question.”

“It was interesting.” He responded. “There were
A few…questionable moments, but overall…I
Would say it went well. As expected…although
A little drawn out…”

“Drawn out?” She laughed. “My, you do fit
In there well. Did you keep your pants
On? Or did you pose for some stone sculptor’s
Idoled rendition of martyred intelligence?”

He eyed her with a partial scowl. “I missed
You, Ceres. It was actually oddly quiet
With Rana…”

“Missed me?” She laughed. “No one saw you
Did they?”

“Only what they were supposed to see.” He

Her eyebrows raised. “No infatuated little
Boys or girls to draw your picture? To moan
Out your name in a dream? Well, maybe then
There is hope for them.”

“Will you ever regain a kinder tone to me?”
He asked, squinting his eyes.

She played with her hair and looked the other
Way. “The universe hasn’t gone black yet. And
I do not bore that easily. Can we proceed now?
Or will you riddle the tale of your trip into some
Epic of exaggeration? Let me do it for you.”
She stepped closer to me eyeing the notebook.
“He went, he saw, he did his job. How’s that?”

I had to chuckle just a little.

“Ceres, please…” Varence said with a
More serious tone.

“Let me ask you,” she said to me, gesturing
Towards him with one nod, “Did you miss

“Me?” I had to hold the pen steady, “Well, sure.”

She turned to him sharply. “He’s only
Saying that to make you happy.”

Varence smiled slyly then he too took a
Step more closely watching me write. “Ask
Me, ask me the question…”

“What were you doing? Why did they send

Ceres eyed him carefully. “Go on. You already
Reported to the assembly and to Brishan. Tell

‘It was a matter of putting the pieces
In the proper place for the most suitable
Outcome.” He said plainly as though it
Were obvious.

“No details?”

“Details would betray too much intent.” He
Answered. “Things must appear as though
They were miraculous.”

“Miraculous?” Ceres laughed. “He dances with
Words well. Just imagine if he held the pen
That wrote the words. Anyone would surely
Scratch their heads then…Dare to dream
If only by chance that he would say it
Straight and clear. No one would ever
Sleep again, they would be reading the
Lines over and over…” She turned to him
With a sarcastic grin. “As if it were a tale
Told by an idiot…rebounding with endless
Words…that to most would mean nothing.”

He smiled wide, a mysterious victory. “Didn’t
I tell you her words could move

“Let me spare you the time and aching
Hand to write,” Ceres smiled, “He is
Going to impart a mysterious riddle some
Message to think about…it will be
Obvious to some, while others will grimace
With doubt and a twitching brow silently
Wondering what he means.” She met his
Gaze squarely. “Stop wasting time and
Tell him will you, that pen will run out of ink.”

His grin was cool and calm as he stared at
Me intensely trying not to look at her, he
Did though I saw it. “I did not.” He

“Oh you did so,” Ceres rolled her eyes
And shook her head. “Now tell him
Your wordy message.”

“I’ve only been modestly informed of how
Things were since I was not here, so forgive
The change I am taking now.” He
Held his hand up to her. “Now allow
Me to continue without constant

“And what do you think the eyes and
Ears that read this do?” Ceres toyed with
Him. “Applaud or laugh?” She smiled at
Me. “Just throw your pen at him.”

Varence laughed then went on deciding to
Ignore her. “To solve a puzzle you have
To lay the pieces out to see them…But
Everyone has a process to put it together…”

“This is going to take too long!” Ceres groaned.
“Oh if I could write it for you…Ten morons
And one devious scoundrel could not equal
His tactical demeanor. Don’t write his name,
Just say idiot…”

Varence scowled. “It went well…This had
To be done this way, please understand that.
Anymore obvious and they would expect it
All the time. The right players in the
Right place at the right time…that takes
Skill and genius…” He held his hand
Up to her. “I know what you’re going
To say…please let me go on.”

Ceres frowned but allowed it.

“Now listen carefully…” It was then I
Noticed he held a book in his hand. He
Opened it to a marked page and began
To read. “The Watchers take the Unseen
Road…To watch, to listen…and silently
Guide if needed. They forged a course for
The blind that could not see…for the
Dark world stricken by ageless cries of
Agony, bullied by the giants that hid amongst

“It was upon the soil and rocks of a blue
Planet, once a vacant garden Eden…called
Earth…that found a new race born to it
By slaves that escaped the Empire…
It was written that the Star Elder looked
Into the watching pool and found this
Earth among the stars…filled with
Lost tribes or humans that would one
Day bring into the universe a
Deliverer…Secret among his people,
Known only to a few but one day a legend
To the stars…and they would forever call
Him…Valiant Thor.

“He would come amidst an assembly of 144
To the Star World, Star Home…sanctuary
To the lost tribes of men…to Tellus…
With his circle, and they would bring great
Change and hope…7…always 7.
For 7 are always chosen in honor to
Respect our savior 7 sisters that found
Humanity’s new home safe in
The Pleiades…

“We do not know his identity…for it
Will be revealed to us by the light put
In his head by a great Prince of Angels…
He is one of 5 to be found in
Stars…5 to lead, 5 to heed. The
Other 7 to do their deeds…This
Is our destiny…Find the fire…And
Bring them home…”

Varence paused to point at me. “See, you
Are NOT alone…There ARE others…you
Are simply one of 5 we have been
Looking for.”

I shook my head. “I am not him,
That’s not me. I do not want to be
That person.”

Varence went on. “No one chooses this
Path…It is a gift upon them. That is
The first test…They will deny it.” He
Nodded at me. “Well done, you have already
Passed that…so onward…just accept it
And listen…or rather, just write…”

He turned to the select appropriate next
Portion of the book… “The Hour Glass…
These are the sands of time that tell
The Fortune of the Universe…”

“Stop calling me Valiant Thor.” I told
Him, “I’m just Valiant…I told you
That’s it…”

Ceres watched him closely. “What are you
Doing? Where did you get that book?”

Varence arched one brow, gave her a
Sideways smile then continued reading.
“There would be 9 planets that shared
The same Fate, all born the same way…
Unto each planet would be touched the
Hand of God…sacred births…5 children…
And 7 would be born to guide them…
Sound familiar?” He eyed me briefly
Before continuing. “These are words you
Wrote…in words and pictures…You would
Do this over and over again until the path
Is well lit…it says here.”

“Where does it say that?” Ceres asked trying
To steal the book from him. “Where did you
Get that book?”

He stepped away from her to continue
Reading. “Just listen, and you,” he nodded
To me, “write it down…As the little
Old Asian Man told you…This is how it
Comes…From the mind, down the arm,
Through the hand, through the Fingers,
Through the pen…to the paper. You
Write it down…

“And if anyone has been learning…They
Too will learn this way…Write it down,
Not type…write…This is the pure way
To have it come. Your world is impatient,
The old ways have been lost through
The convenience of machines. It was done
Deliberately this way. Do you see now?
The senses are eclipsed by computers…
The right ones know this. Now listen
Without further interruption…This is a
Course of instruction, I will not say it again.”

“I am no deliverer.” I told him. “The
Only thing I want delivered is a fresh
Cinnabon…I’m craving cinnamon lately.”

Varence laughed, but held a serious face.
“Just listen…and write…

“The test of time will reveal itself this way
To 9 worlds…down to 7…and then to
5…” He paused looking to Ceres. “The
Numbers Ceres, do you see the significance
Here…You are the 5th daughter…He
Is one of 5…This is no accident.”

“I see you only playing games with
Riddles,” she snapped, moving her hands to
Hold her hips. “You thick headed court
Jester of a man. And quit smiling at me
As though some handsome smile would
Charm me.”

He leaned to me. “She thinks I’m handsome,
You heard her. Write that down.”

Ceres groaned then gave me a shocked look.
“Please throw your pen at him.”

“These are the seeds of hope…The 5…” He
Went on relentlessly reading from that book.
“One will rise from each world higher
Than the rest…A prince, a pauper,
A king’s daughter…A soldier of fortune…
And one of Many Talents…skilled with
The Arts…to bring them Together…

“He will write, he will sing…he will do many
Things…paint pictures and epics with words…
Draw faces from the stars…The talent
And technique he brings can enchant
Anything…Turn lead to Gold…Unlock
A Forever Sealed box…Inspire legends
This way…Heroes will rise and old ways
Die…That is the gift of the Light…

“They call it the Light of Truth, the Light
Of Hope…The Guiding Light…That is the
Gift the Angel, the Crowned Prince of Angels
Gives…that only few will ever know…But
Many will try to break it from you…

“You know this deceit these games they
Play upon you…Come this way, stay with
Me…let me be the one to stand with
You among all others…we were meant
To be…Lies. That is the trick of the
Serpent’s tongue to silence you, to steal
The Path of the Light from you. The
Chosen know to ignore it. Goodbye
Silly tricksters…Telling the Light to
Be quiet?” Varence slammed the book shut,
Stood tall and stared at me.

“I swear your behavior is getting stranger!”
Ceres said turning in a circle of disbelief.
“Did I miss his absence? No? Why
Because I treasure peace and sanity!”

Varence ignored her, and instead only held
His eyes on me. Boy was that uncomfortable!
“Now…as we have said, this time we
Are telling things more seriously…” He
Paused to encourage an intense moment.

“The state of your world…Marvelous attitudes
Frothing with tantrums…Perfect distractions.
The Forces of Nature are wilder than ever…
The Earth has had enough of rough handling…No science
Can tame her…You urged them to
Sing her lullabies…If they were shrewd
They would learn a lot from that. But
They aren’t shrewd are they? And yes,
My friend here, I’m talking to you…Valiant.”

“What?” I asked him.

“And now I ask you questions…” He said
Mysteriously… “And as I speak you
Will write From the Light…Open the Box
Valiant and speak to us, to them…
Tell me for them what is happening
And why.”


“Concentrate,” Varence said, “Hear my words
But feel the tone in my voice…And open
The Box…And write it down.”

“The Earth wants to move Again.”

“What are you doing?” Ceres asked.

Varence held up his hand. “Let him speak
To write it down…”

“If you break him…” She started to say.

“Play your part or don’t speak at all.”
He suddenly ordered harshly to her, then
Turned to me again. “Talk to me Valiant…
Write it down.”

“The Earth wants to Move…It was only
Temporary…It’s instinct is to clean
The surface of torment…It does not
Know nor care of the nuclear threat,
Nor of the sub atomic particle dissent…
It wants it gone. It’s only doing what
It knows how to do.

“They must shut down sub atomic research.
Or the threat will become more than
Real…This Universe will tear, split and
Collapse. And also affect the collapse
Of nearby Universes with unstable
Dark matter…

“This is the plot of the Dark Forces…
To manipulate the Physical Mortal World
Of Fools…For if they can’t have their
Way and gain a path to Heaven…
Then they want to rip the Universe apart
And so…Tear a hole into Heaven
To show God they have Power too…

“Mortals and all Physical Life are toys
To the Dark Forces…They play games
With them, lie and make promises…
Just as long as they get their way they
Will say anything…

“And now they have awoken something
Old and Evil from the Ancient World…
The Nephilim all were not slain by
The Flood…Some Survived in Caves and
Tombed Cities beneath a Frozen wasteland…
But now the Giants Wake and Walk
Again…Seeking out Answers in the
Sands of Blood…The Dragon’s Den
And Lair…Lost Secrets and Treasures
Buried there…to regain and rejuvenate
Themselves…so that they can seek
Claims to rule the Earth again…
And continue with their poison plan…
The Sleepers Wake…Giants walk the
Earth again…”

Varence held the book tight and crouched
Down in front of me with an earnest
Expression. “What are they looking for?
Talk to me…”

Ceres stood behind him watching and listening
Closely, scowling silently at the top of his
Head as though she wanted to smack him.

“It’s where they used to walk…They can feel
It there…beneath the sands. But it’s buried
Now…but once there were shrines and temples
There beneath the Middle East…Shrines…
They want their power back.”

“But those cities were buried by the
Ancient cataclysm.” Varence said. “They
Are gone now.”

“No, just buried…The Earth swallowed the
Ancient cities…They were built on places of
Power aligned by the stars…The Four Corners
Of the Earth…Sacrificial altars…Beneath
The Stone Circle of Britain, beneath the Sands
Of Blood…In South America…The old Jungles
That hide the entrances to the secret caves…
And the Southwest of North America…
The Four Corners…
A Crystal Cave, Cavern…where the Skulls
Were made by the Ancient Masters…
The City of Gold beneath the barren Sands…
Entrances to the Underworld…
Where Serpents dwell now…
Diamond deposits and catacombs…
Buried, gone, but not Forgotten. These are
Places of power…They’ve been kept secret
But the Giants will sense them and know
Where they are.”

“But the Nephilim were killed during
The cataclysm,” Varence said, “How could
They survive?”

“They must be killed by nature’s fury…
Burn the, or drown them…Some survived
In a flash Freeze as they slept…suspended
Animation…The Finders woke them
When trying to excavate a city buried
Beneath the Ice…They thawed monsters.”

“Nothing mortal could survive that.” Varence

“They aren’t mortal or natural, that’s how
They walk…These were the first…The
Ancient Nephilim…They were around a long
Time…They prepared.”

“What is this?” Ceres asked, folding her arms
Across her chest. “You told me all traces
Of the ancient world were consumed during
The cataclysm…How could they exist still?”

“My eyes cannot exist everywhere, Ceres.”
Varence said partially looking back to her
Over his shoulder. “Some must have
Lay hidden in a Temple somewhere. They
Were worshipped long ago…in the days
Of Noah…I did not count their number
Or survey every one…I merely cataloged
The general existence as much as I could.”

She stood behind him, gesturing her hands
In a circle over his head…mocking him.
“Well obviously you missed something.”

“What will happen?” Varence asked, staring
Intently at me. “What will happen now?”

“The variables keep changing as the timelines
Expand…The waking of the giants changes
Things, complicates things…Yet the Earth
Still wants to Move…The weather will grow
Unstable…To induce climate change…
Unseasonable weather…harsher winters
Until the ice storms come to build a new
Ice Age…The Earth will move…at least
10 degrees…nothing can stop that.”

“We will have to neutralize nuclear
And sub atomic research before that.”
Varence said. “Before that occurs…to
Avoid any further Quantum Singularities.
Our mission is to prevent any threats
To the universe first and foremost…as
Well as the Empire…Priorities will have
To be adjusted now.”

“Do as you must…Just know the Earth
Will move…I cannot say when. The
Current Science of Man is still attempting
To control this to sustain their system
Of things…The Nephilim will interfere here…
As they will not gain control of this world
So they will want to restart a new one
By removing current world powers when they
Don’t get what they want.”

“We have been moving to establish more
Appropriate powers in the world to encourage
The changes the council has promised.” Varence
Said. “That should aid us for some time.”

“America, Asia and Russia will remain
The lead powers for some time now…
With the collapse of the Original End of
Days Prophecies…This is the new Fate
Of things…Yet…the Future remains
The same…All those British accents in
The Future…”

“The United Kingdom of Earth?” Varence
Asked… “But if the planet shifts, their
Northern territories…”

“South Africa, New Zealand and Australia
Will take the lead eventually…Britain
Will migrate to the Americas.”

“This is a lot of new information to
Consider.” Varence said, leaning on his knees,
Speaking very kindly. “Can you tell me
Anymore at all?”

“These scenarios are constantly changing…
No immediate path is clear, only
The Long Road. The Box will close. You
Are asking too many questions…Watcher.”

“We are not without flaws,” Varence
Said. “We need to work together.”

“I have my instruction set in…I act
When I have to, and speak when I
Have to. I cannot tell you more
Then you need to know…Watcher. The
Box will close.”

“You are pushing him.” Ceres snapped.
“You push too hard too fast, he will
Break and he will tell you nothing.”

Varence stood to face her. “There is too
Much at risk now. The future is too
Uncertain…We must eliminate the threat
To the universe…They have created a
Potentially deadly weapon with the
Entire planet! They should have voted
To subdue the threat before atomic research
Began on this world.”

“You were in charge of watching this
World’s civilization…” Ceres said sharply.
“You should have reported the threat
More clearly.”

“I did.” He told her, pointing his finger.
“But the assembly voted to trust
Prophecy and the Star Elder…That’s
Why they ordered to conduct the mission
With these people…To see what they
Were doing more closely…through their
Eyes by monitoring 144 subjects.”

“Wonderful.” Ceres said bitterly. “So now
We have an even worse situation…The
Threat of a universal holocaust…If just
A few of their atomic particles destabilize
And a cascade of quantum singularities
Begin…There will be nowhere to go…
Nothing left.”

“One world will survive.”

“What did you say?” Varence
Turned fast to ask.

“The world Outside of Time…out of
Reach…on the Fringes of Galaxies…
Your world…Watcher…They alone
May survive…You have hope there. Plan
Carefully. I am closing the Box now.”

“Did you hear what he said?” Varence
Turned to ask her.

“Do I appear deaf? I heard him.” She
Said. “Did walking on the Earth make
Your senses dim?”

“I am only Following orders.” He told

“And you are blessed with gifts beyond
Compare.” She said, shaking her head.
“You will tread carefully with him now,
Do you understand? If you break him…
You gamble too much.”

“I do know what I am doing.” He

“Do you?” She argued. “And how long
Did it take for you to notice him?”

“The point is now, not then.” He defended.

“So busy wasting time chasing little
Girls with wishes and visions.” Ceres

“I only tried. They never saw me though.”
He said with a wondering pause.

“Never say you?” Ceres laughed. “Smart
Girls. Perhaps there is more hope on Earth
After all. Smart girls. Brilliant girls!”

“Very funny.” He said. “Can we move
Past that now?”

“Of course.” She scowled. “Since I must
Endure your reasons…anything impossible
Has new meaning now.” She raised her
Arm with a playful gesture. “Shall I
Toss a ball now to gain your attentive

“You two must have missed each other.”
I had to laugh.

“We have some issues to discuss.” He
Apologized. “We need to address the
Assembly now…May we continue next time?”

“Since I have no idea what we’ve
Been talking about…I will have to wait
To read this when I’m done. Fine.”

“Stop writing now…Go rest.” Varence

“Oberon bids it…obey.” Ceres said

Time to change the locks.




Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 28JAN2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (28 January 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Briefing…The Men in Black…

*SONG* “The Flame” by Eric Carmen
****this was Valiant’s song of choice for this post, but it cannot be found anywhere online…curiously! If anyone can locate it, or the lyrics….please feel free to add it in a new comment! Thanks so much.

The hours call…The box opens
And the Circle of Light is there…

He’s there at once, tall, strong, fearless and
Proud…the noble giant Brishan. A simple smile
On his face. She’s there too beside him, regal,
Beautiful and amazing. Ceres is definitely taking
The lead.

“I realize it’s difficult,” she says with those
Fiery ice blue sparkling eyes of hers. “But
It’s time now. It’s time to remember. Just
Let it flow and it will be fine.”

The pen is hesitating.

“I wish I could tell you,” Ceres said slowly.
“I wish I could tell you it’s not true…
But you know that answer. Remember they
Asked for this…But they do NOT get to
Tell us what to do.”

“I know.” I answered her.

“Will they understand yet?” Brishan asked her

“That’s a mischievous question.” Ceres laughed,
Eyeing him with a slight tilt to her head
Before she looked at him. “To who are you

Brishan only smirked.

“Write it.” Ceres said. “Don’t hold back at all.
Just do it and see the answers. Don’t worry.
It will get easier. Go on…when you’re done
I will have something to tell you.”

“Okay.” I said.

Proceeding with the countdown…

The Fog, the recall…2012…a time apart,
Trapped within the dreams again.
The night came…another call…only this time
It was the men in black.

The dreams are scattered, they’re never
Consistent. One night you’re dreaming of doing
Laundry and the next…you’re sitting in
Some waiting room in your pajamas with
Familiar looking people looking at you like
They know you. They’ve been in your dreams
Countless times before, each time like an
Adventure…but it doesn’t make sense. There’s
Always a lot of mystery about it, so
When you wake up you write it down if
You can or you analyze it over and over
Again to make sense of it.

You ask your friends about it, they say
Wow that’s cool or interesting. But all they
Ever have to say it they’re having sex with
Movie stars in their dreams while you’re
Having weird discussions with familiar
Strangers in yours. Whatever.

The haze and dim recall of a brightly
Lit room, off white or gray…it’s too bright, so
Bright it’s blinding for a dream. I’m sitting
At a large table in a barren looking room
With one wall of mirrors to the left…7 of us…
There’s this huge black guy beside me on
The right, he’s always beside me on my
Right it seems; a few times on the left.
There’s the beautiful blond with short hair,
The Native American guy with long hair…
A smaller slim guy with brown hair and a
Goatee…Jason? He looks different with the
Facial hair…Another guy I barely remember,
Hispanic? A girl with dark hair, Kathy?

The blond is staring at me, she is sharp
And quick. “You changed your hair,” she
Says studying me. “You always look so
Different! I like it.”

“You’ve changed a lot,” the big guy Joe says.
“I always have to look twice at you.”

“What is it this time?” The Native American
Jacob asks. “Where are we?”

The blond Julie looks around. “This is not
Normal, it doesn’t feel right. I saw men
In black uniforms or fatigues at the door,
I swear a minute ago. Military? It feels
Like we’re underground.”

Her mind was so sharp! “Oh my God you’re
Quick. You’re right,” I said, “I saw them
Too. And it does feel weird here.”

Jacob is studying the room, looking around.
“This doesn’t feel right at all.”

“Man another one of those crazy ass dreams,”
Joe says holding his head, “Why do I have
To eat junk before bed, this always happens.”

“Your birthday…” Kathy, the dark haired
Girl says staring at me.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Your birthday is this month,” she says,

“How do you remember that?” I asked
Looking at her with shock. “How do you
Always remember so much?”

“I just do.” She says in a daze.

“This is wrong.” Jacob says scowling.
“This, being here, does not feel right
At all.”

“The others,” Julie says confused, “Where
Are all the others?”

“Gone.” Kathy answers…numb.

“What?” Julie asks.

“They’re all gone.” Kathy says looking at
Everyone. “Don’t you remember? They’re all gone.”

Silence…As the memories very slowly
Sink in. It’s another world, another
Life…trapped in dreams, held suspended
In scattered nights over the years…that
Make no sense…but mean more than
Anything that happens when you’re awake.

The door to the room opens, men in black
Fatigues file in, soldiers. There’s one older
Tough looking black man with a mustache
And thin beard. He points, “Alright ladies
And gentlemen…come with me…” The soldiers
Surround the table, then we get up and
Are led down a blinding white empty
Hallway…to this large dark room at the
End. The room is full of computer screens,
More soldiers, all at various desks and
Stations monitoring their individual screens
Closely; they barely glance away from
Their duties. These men are not easily
Distracted, it’s like they don’t care, they
Barely have expressions.

The lead soldier with the mustache leads the
Line of us across the wide room to
This huge table. The top of the table is
Lit like a computer displaying some
Sort of giant map. There are more
Officers at the table, in different uniforms
All in black…Some of the men are in
Black suits, they’re pale and creepy looking.
And there are a few others in more dress
Down type suits, civilian-like…different
Colors like gray or tan, more normal looking.
They’re all watching us closely with beady
Eyes, and they look really worried, panicked

There’s one man with a white shirt and tie,
He must have taken his jacket off. He has
Dark rimmed plastic glasses…clean shaven,
Kind of slim, smaller, shorter than the
Others…He looks older, they all do…late
40s…50s? Only the more subordinate
Soldiers are younger, 20s…and they
Never speak at all. In fact the room is
Oddly quiet despite the very obvious
Tension in the air. What is this?
The man with glasses has a scowl,
Cold face. He’s leaning on the table with
Both hands for support, then gestures
Quickly for us to come over. He’s clearly
The one in charge of this…whatever
It is. But the other men in suits, much
Older, don’t look happy at all to see us…
No they don’t like this at all.

“Come over here, look at this.” The man
With the glasses says pointing to us, to me,
Then pointing, pushing his index finger on
The table. He studies our faces closely.
“Do you know what this is?”

I’m the closest to him, I look at his
Stern face, then at the older men, then
Back to the rest of us. I look at the table
Then to him. “A map?”

He was not amused. “We know who you
Are…I know what happened to you.” He
Says sharply, pointing at me. “Don’t play
Games. I want you to help us fix this.”

Don’t play games with him? HA! I
Look back to the others. Jacob’s eyes
Tell me…Do NOT tell him anything!
I turn calmly to the man. “I have
No idea what you’re talking about.”

The man points to me, to us. “You’re
Going to help us fix this, do you hear me?”
He’s trying to be polite, but it’s sounding
Nasty. “Yes, you are.”

Oh really? I look at the others as they
Stand around the table to stare at the
Map. Julie stands the farthest away, she
Doesn’t want to look at it, or know.

“Do you see this?” He asks, gesturing at
The green…It’s a digital map of the world,
With odd graphics…blotches everywhere
In different colors…but he’s talking about
The green…He touches some flat digitized
Button…and the map begins to change…
The colors and proportions shrink and grow…
The green especially… “It’s the population.”

“Okay.” I said. No one else says

He’s losing patience fast. Did he have any?
He looks much friendlier than anyone
Else in the room though; not that it’s
Saying much. “8.65 billion people…
Think about that number carefully…
That’s how many are gone…” He means
After the cataclysmic events…

“I have no idea what you want me to do?”
I say.

“That’s awful!” Julie says.

“What happened?” Jacob asks.

The man looks sharply at everyone. “You…
Are going to help us fix this.”

“Us?” Jacob answers. “What are talking

“What does this have to do with us?”
Joe scowls. “What is going on? Who are
You people?”

“DON’T.” The man points to me. “DON’T.
DON’T play games. Tell us how to fix this

We look at each other. Is he for real?
What the heck is this? Walk us into a
Room, show us a computer map of the
World…throw a number at us, and give us
An order? Barely a chance to think!

“I have no idea what you’re talking about
Or what this is.” I tell him.

“Yes you do!” The man snaps. “Now
Help us…NOW.”

Is this a joke? “Help you how?”

“Tell me how to fix this!” The man begs,

“What do I know? How could I?”
I answer.

“I know what happened to you.” The man
Points fiercely.

“You do? What’s that?” I answer.

He points to my head. “THAT!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking

“You’re going to tell me…everything.” He

Oh I am, am I? “Tell you what?” The
Others were clearly impressed how I talked
To him, they were getting more nervous by
The second.

“Tell me what that is?” The man points,
He looks desperate and wild; good. “How
Does it work?”

“I’m sorry I don’t know what you mean.”

He’s getting angry. “How do you make it
Work?” He asks.


“What’s in your head!” The man nearly
Yells. “What he, it, put there! How does
It work?”

IT? Get serious! “In my head? I
Have no idea what you mean.”

He was mad now. “Oh you are going to
Help us fix this…”

Really? How’s that STUPID? I said nothing.

“Tell me.” He says.

“Tell you what?” I said dumbly.

“Let us give you something to think about.”
One of the old grumpy men in suits said
Coldly as he nodded to one of the soldiers.
Immediately a group of the boys in
Black fatigues escorted Joe out of
The room.

“What are you doing?” Joe protested.

“What are you doing to him?” Jacob
Quickly said.

I was instantly in a state of rage, panic…

The miserable old suit nodded… “Take
Them back to their room and let them
Think about it a while.”

The boys in black fatigues quickly
Muscled us back to the cold white room
With the mirrors to give us our time
To give in to the masters orders.

Once alone… “What are they doing? What
Is this? What did they do to him?” Julie asked
Nervously; she was never nervous.

“I don’t know.” Jacob said wide-eyed
And very nervously.

It wasn’t long before they brought Joe
Back…he look scared to death, bruised…

“What did they do to you?” Julie asked.

Joe hesitated, confused, terrified, eyeing
Everyone… “I think, I think they gave
Me a shot?” He shook and held his gut.

“What?” I yelled.

“What is going on?” Julie was freaking out.
“They hit you?”

Joe looked pale. “I tried to fight them, but
They held me down and gave me some kind of
Shot…a long needle into my gut.”

“What the hell are they doing?” Jacob yelled,
Then turned to me. “Did you see that
Table, the map? Did you get a good look?”

“Yes.” I could only say. Everyone was

“What was it,” Joe asked confused, “what
Was it of?”

“I couldn’t look at it,” Julie said, holding
Her arms, “I didn’t want to know. I

My mind was racing, I looked around and
I didn’t see her. “Where’s Kathy, that
Other girl?”

“What other girl?” Jacob asked as he
Stood right in front of me.

“She was right there…” I said confused.
“She was right here before…”

“Bill…” Julie said confused now. “She’s gone…”

“What?” I asked. “What are you
Talking about, she was just here…”

“Bill, look at me,” Jacob said as he
Stood firmly right in front of me. “The table…
Did you see it?”


“Did you see what I saw?” Jacob asked.
He knew, he knew what I did. I saw
His face when we saw the numbers and
Graphs…the clock. He was in shock.

“They are listening to everything we say
You know!” Julie shook holding herself.
“I hate this. Why is this happening?”

I hesitated and only looked at Jacob
Numbly…he knew, he knew…but
They didn’t, not yet.

“What the hell do they want? Who are
They?” Joe cried. “What do they want us for?”

“Why are they asking us?” Julie cried,
Growing hysterical.

“Because they don’t know anything.” Jacob
Said bitterly. “that’s why they’re asking us.
If they knew, they wouldn’t be asking us.
Did you see how panicked they were?” He
Said to everyone in the room. “Did you see
Them sweat? Did you see how desperate
They were? They don’t know…They’re

“Of what?” Julie cried. “Of what?”

“Bill…” Jacob said, taking a step closer
To me, his face like some angry carved
Rock. “You saw what I did, didn’t you?”


Julie, Joe and Jason watched and listened
Wild-eyed with panic…they didn’t know…
They were terrified…and the other
Guy, the new one, was quiet and only watched
And listened, scared to death.

“What is going on?” Julie demanded.

I felt like a cold piece of steel…Nothing
To feel, I couldn’t move…I could not
Believe it…but the facts were right
There, there was no denying it.

“Bill, tell me what you saw.” Jacob

There was a minute of awful silence.
I looked down, up, around, away…I
Saw Julie’s face…her blue eyes were
Shaking. Joe was holding his stomach,
He was getting sick…Whatever they injected
Him with was already starting. Jason
Looked like a frightened rabbit…I was numb…
Yet somewhere deep inside me a bomb
Was going off.

“Bill??” Jacob said again.

There was no sugar coating it. “The
Planet’s moving…It’s been slowly starting
To move…the pole shift.” I said.

“Oh my God.” Julie’s face went white
With horror.

“They have projections,” I told them
Slowly, but it felt like my voice was
Far away…everything felt like echoes.
“The poles will shift…and then it
Will begin…”

“What will begin?” Joe asked.

I held out my hand to gesture. “Think
About it…The poles will shift? There
Are a whole bunch of nuclear reactors
Across the planet, power plants…They
Will all go off. The colliders, their
Sub atomic research? The sub atomic
Particles will destabilize all at the same
Time…causing a series of quantum
Singularities at once…”

Everyone in the room froze…There
Were no words…Fear? It was beyond

“All at the same time…” I said so
Numbly. “Can you imagine that many
Nuclear explosions? A series of quantum
Singularities, not one…but a bunch? All
At the same time? The pole shift will
Cause it…They can’t stop it. It isn’t
Just the end of the Earth…That many
Quantum singularities happening at
The same time…it will rip apart the
Universe. It’s not just the end of Earth,
It’s the end…of everything.”

“That’s why the Mayan calendar stopped.”
Jacob seemed to moan.

“How could they do this?” Julie asked
With horror.

“Because they’re stupid, that’s why.” I said.

“What the hell are we supposed
To do about that?” Joe snapped.
“What’s wrong with these people?”

Jacob’s eyes were so wide they looked like
They would pop as he never took them,
Away from mine. “That’s why they
Watch us, always watch us…That light
In your head…”

Julie scowled. “What about it? What
Can it do? It can’t do anything
About something like this…can it?”

I looked at her, feeling like a rock…
“I’ve never opened it, I don’t know…”

She stepped closer. “Could it? It couldn’t
Possibly…could it?”

Jacob grabbed his head and paced
Around the room. “Oh my God.”

“I don’t know.” I could only say.

“So everything…it’s over?” Joe cried.
“I don’t want to die.”

Slow responses…A lot of silence…
“This is all I’ve ever had.” Jason
Cried sitting at the table holding his

“I don’t understand,” I said shaking
My head and looking around… “There were
7 of us…If Jennifer and John had
Been here…And Kathy…Why? I
Don’t understand…She was here…”

“All those legends.” Jacob moaned, then
Froze and turned to me. “For this. They
Did this…with their stupid sciences…”

“I thought we were supposed to find
Each other?” Jason cried. “Wasn’t this
For a reason?” He begged me. “Can’t
You…try…something? Can you? Are
They right, can it work?”

“What for?” Jacob asked angrily.
“It was foretold…They saw the
End a long time ago…Prophecies…”

“But they want to fix it?” Jason
Kept crying.

“You people are nuts!” The new guy
Shouted backing away.

Joe exploded and leapt at the new guy,
Pinning him to the wall. “Who are you?
One of their freak spies here to screw
With us? I’ve never seen you before!
I don’t know you!” He screamed in his
Face. “What did you do to me? What
Are you doing to us?”

I went to Joe’s side, Jacob on the other.
“He’s just some kid, he doesn’t know!”
Jacob yelled. “Look at him, he’s scared to
Death just like we are.”

“They probably just stuck him in here
Hoping to make something happen.”
Julie said.

“Can you” Jason begged me, really
Crying. “Can you do something? They
Wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t possible
To save us?”

“They don’t want to save anyone!” Julie
Shouted. “They want to save themselves,
Their little game world, with all their
Bullshit politics and wargames…slaves
For their big money making machine,
That’s all they care about! They don’t
Care about people. If they did they wouldn’t
Have created this awful hell in the
First place! They don’t care about anything
But themselves!”

“But can it?” Jason begged. “Could it
Do something?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “I don’t know
What it can do!” I held my head. “I
Don’t know, it just happens, it
Just takes over…sometimes it opens,
And it just takes over! I can’t
Control it!”

“But can you try?” Jason kept crying.

“It’s just what they want,” Julie said
Angrily, “Just so they can screw it up all
Over again! All for their big game. The
Hell with them…it could kill

“What are the options?” I laughed.

“They wouldn’t have put it in your head
If it could kill you.” Jason said, then
Looked to everyone. “Would they?”

“The question is…should you?” Jacob
Reasoned. “We are all connected to this…
Should we?”

“I cannot believe you would say that.” Julie
Argued. “It’s about them getting
What they want…That’s all we are
Is some stupid experiment…for them
To get their way. Can’t you see that?”

“They’ve been trying to get me to open
It for years,” I told them, “Since day
One…They know I’m fighting it…They know.”

“What if they’re just playing another game?”
Julie reasoned looking to everyone, then to
Me… “Don’t do it…for all we know it’s
Another trick.”

“I don’t know.” Jacob replied. “You
Saw the table…that looked pretty real. And
They looked really scared. They were

“They have some kind of time machine.” I
Said. “They’re doing something with it.”

“More screwing around is what they’re doing!”
Julie said. “Don’t do it.”

Joe held his stomach and sat down.
“Man I feel sick.”

The door opened…the soldier boys came
In… “Ok, time’s up.” The chief in charge
Said coldly. “You,” he pointed to me,
“Come with us…then…everyone is going
To get a little encouragement.”

Everyone froze, we eyed each other. My God,
What now? Our eyes met. Everyone was
Panicked. So I went with them…

“What are you going to do?” Jacob asked

I looked at Joe, he was terrified and sick
With pain. I was furious. “We’re out of
Options, what do you think?”

“The legends…” Jacob said.

“I don’t care about any legends anymore.”
Was the last thing I got to say then, and
I went with the soldiers.

Back to the briefing room with the
Big table and the Men in Black, the
Old men in suits and the little guy
With the glasses.

“Well?” Mr. Glasses asked impatiently.

“I don’t know how to open it.” I said.

“Figure it out.” He said fast.

There was a girl’s voice whispering in my
Ear…’Put it on a public message
Board…Trust me…only answer them that

I hesitated for a moment but grabbed
At the mysterious words. “If I tell you
Anything. If I can do anything I will
Tell you on a public message board…
I can’t force it…It will NOT work for
You…It knows…But…I will try.”

“Try?” Mr. Glasses laughed. “A public
Message board?”

“We have people all over the internet
Monitoring everything.” The old bald man
In a gray suit said. “It won’t go far.”

“You will try?” Mr. Glasses seemed
Convinced; I was being honest though.

“Yes. I will. I will try. I don’t know if
I can…I don’t know what it can do…
If it can do anything at all…But
I will. I will.”

“Alright then.” Mr. Glasses said. “Take
Him home.”

“You won’t hurt them?” I asked.

“That depends on you, doesn’t it?” He said.
“Try hard…”

They took me home…I woke up with a
Sick headache…

The world inside crumbled and I
Broke…reality and dreams lost all
Laws of reason then…

Anyone who’s ever read these posts
Knows there’s more to these posts
Than just words…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…oh how long it’s
Been…Dear Mr. Secret Agent man,
You’ve watched and studied me for
A long time…It’s time to pay.

The Circle of Light…Meet your
Avid readers…These words were always
Written for the Men in Black…
Everyone else has always been just
Intended eavesdroppers that’s all.

“For some time now they have been
Allowed to get familiar with us.” Ceres

“That was our plan.” Brishan said.
“Never theirs.”

A pause to collect the facts.
“Did they ever know the full extent
Of the potential damage they
Would have caused?” I asked the

“To some extent.” Brishan said.

“No, they did not.” Ceres snapped fast.
“The idiots never knew the wide scale
Damage they could have caused…All
Their fake allied friends to come to fix
It…While the good forces stayed
Away in panic…Let us put it simply
Now, since words are over-analyzed
To the point that it’s ridiculous…

“If anyone questions anything…Ask
Them these simple questions.
What effect would a pole shift have
On numerous nuclear reactors across
A planet? What effect then
Would those nuclear reactors
Have on atomic experiments…on
Various secret sub atomic particle
Experiments across a planet? If
They laugh and say nothing, they
Are clueless…

“This has never been just about the Earth,
There are thousands of worlds out

“What is so wrong with appreciating
Simple things in life? The animals?
Nature? A family…your friends?
Simple good things in life? No they
Would rather waste time arguing
Meaningless political distractions
Because everyone is an expert on
Everything…A series of radically
De-stabilized sub atomic particles
Could create a series of devastating
Black holes…but that’s a theoretic
Fear-mongering impossibility! Is it?
Perhaps sending them back
To your very first posts…then ask
If they don’t get a little bit scared?
There are things to think about…”

“I never wanted it this way.” I
Told them. “I just didn’t want to
Lose them. It’s not about being special.”

“I know. I know.” Ceres said…
“It will get easier for you I promise.”

“I told them in the beginning it was
Not a solution,” I said,
“Just a band aid…There are still
Things to be done…”

“That was to temper a rabid unstable
Disaster,” Ceres said… “The stories
Are to help the people…The solutions
Come in different ways…We can help
You with the stories to teach the people…
Stories are the only way people learn…
So that when the big changes
Come…Everyone who has ever read
Them will take on the role then
As a helper…telling them and sharing
Them like teachers when all other
Lights go out…and they will…
That’s the gift for the right ones…
It’s the only way to learn and

“One last thing,” Brishan said kindly.


“If I were you…I would start making
A BIG wish list to show me…
Because I would like to see it. Don’t
Listen to anyone else please.”


PS: More big stories to come in future posts.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 21JAN2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (21 January 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Secrets of Eve…

*SONG* “The Warrior” by Patty Smyth

In the beginning…

There was a whirl, a twirl and then a snap…
Something made the box open too fast.
There was light streaming, and the Circle
Of Light called.

Her voice called and was commanding as she
Stood there…tall, proud…strong, determined.
“It’s going to be different this time, perhaps
Every time from now on.” Ceres said as
Brishan stepped into the light beside her. His
Face was stern, but he was silent, he said
Nothing. She turned to him casually with a
Playful glance before her eyes fell back to me.
“I didn’t want to play this part…but if I
Must. Don’t worry, it’s not you…”

I was a little nervous, this really was different,
And fast.

“They did not honestly think we did not
Anticipate…little tricks and distractions did
They?” She turned to Brishan. “Do you believe
Me now?”

Brishan breathed hard, but still said nothing.

Ceres smiled. “He is a little surprised. Not
Disappointed, just surprised.”

“What are you doing?” I asked them.

“It isn’t you.” Ceres assured me. “Trust me, it’s
Going to get a lot easier for you…Now,” she
Said holding her hands to her lips. “We won’t
Waste time…I have a little surprise for all
Those eyes and ears out there…” She nodded to
Her right and a view screen came to life…
Lit somewhat like a television set against the
Golden Circle’s light…And a very familiar face
Came on the screen…

“Hello there,” Varence said…that playful voice,
As he sat in some strange room…I could only
See him chest high as he sat in a clean
White shirt and dark blazer jacket…But his
Skin was…tan? “Just a brief visit, though
I will be back soon…”

“How can he?” I started to ask…

“No, no, no,” Ceres shook her head. “No
Questions. No wasting time…This is going to
Be much easier for you…” She had this
Wicked smile, as did he on the screen. “If
Anyone likes to play games…So can we…
There’s no reason for anyone to be scared, no if
They were smart they should be terrified.”

“I believe we will be sharing a little side story with
You now.” Varence said. “While this is entertaining,
Yes, I have been following everything. I have to
Monitor everything you do you know…While Ceres
Will be passing on the story to you this time…I just
Wanted to let you know I am around…What, where,
Why and how…Why you never know. It is
Nice and cold though. I do so love the cold.
Did I ever tell where I am from we prefer
The cold? The colder the better…That is a hint
By the way.” He grinned. “Enjoy the cold, and
The merriment it brings…Why shades of this
Winter might tell stories of…Why years to
Come! Some fools think they can hide from
The cold…that will never happen…That’s
Another hint. That’s all I have to say. Here I
Am, and here I will stay until I am called back…”

Ceres waved her hand and the view screen vanished.
Then she smiled wildly. “Yes, yes, that’s enough of that.
As you can see, he hasn’t changed. And I will
Tell you…if you want to know where he is…There is
Snow on the ground.” She laughed! “Wait, it’s
Winter there…They remember that.” She stepped
Closer kindly. “Just relax. It’s alright, it’s not you.
The reason why we did this is because this
Story involves Mr. Charming himself. And I just
Wanted to make it clear, if I’m doing this…I
Have a say in things too.”

“Can I ask something?”

“Of course.” She said kindly.

“How is he tan?” I was confused. “And his hair—“

“Don’t say or write that part.” She smiled. “You see,
Like him I can play with words too…But as
For his skin and hair, oh that is an aspect of
His race…In daylight the melanin of their skin
Can rapidly gain color, then at night…or rather
Without the light of a natural sun they turn
Absolutely pale…They change color this way. He
Looks very…” She thought a moment for the right
Words… “Earth-like, this way…don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I mean wow…he looks so tan!”

She smiled very wide. “A lot of things to learn
And know. It’s those games people play…You
Always have to be ready for that…But then you
Know that already.”

Brishan scowled, but still said nothing.

“And now,” Ceres said with beaming eyes. “Onward.
Remember the key to the details here is to
Pay attention…We’re trying to make it easier for
You…So they shouldn’t get sick with worry by
Making things difficult. That would be very bad.
The story I have for you is about the Eve ship.”

“The Eve ship?” I asked… “The Adams and the
Eves from before?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Don’t worry, don’t ask or
Hesitate…just write it down and let it flow…”
She paused briefly playfully. “Oh, and if
Anyone starts to have problems…That’s their
Problem, not yours. Remember that. Now…
Here we go…” She touched her forefinger to
My temple…and it began.

The Eve Ship…

Immediately following the journey back to
Visit the Adams before they found Earth,
The small transport vessel carrying the Watchers
Varence of Apollo and Ceres were contacted by
Mission command…Brishan of the Senate sent a
Transmission… “Are you two returning now to
The present with the requested samples and data?”

“Yes.” Varence answered on the comm..

“Excellent.” Brishan responded. “Now, before you
Return…we have one small request. There is
A matter of curiosity to be settled among the
Council…and it concerns the Eve ship…Have
You begun the time jump yet?”

Varence looked at Ceres curiously. “No?”

“Excellent.” Brishan went on. “Now…scan
For the Eve ship…then briefly visit their
Vessel. Take a base summary of their entire
Clone core for examination. Then return
Promptly.” Before Varence could question why
Brishan ended the transmission.

He turned to Ceres with an arched brow… “Their
Clone core? Why would he want that?”

“I have the sample for Hollis.” Ceres thought fast.
“For comparison analysis? Don’t waste time, just
Scan for the vessel and let us be done with this.”

Varence followed orders, found the Eve ship
As it was in fact en route to Earth, then they
Quickly sped to the vessel. The closer they
Got, the more active the readings in their own
Ship reacted. “These readings,” Ceres noted…
“Why are they coming in so fast? At this
Distance, it must be enormous?”

“It’s an Eden Vessel for Terra Forming planets.”
Varence explained. “The amount of biological
Material and tools required would set off
The scanners this way.”

As they approached the Eve Ship they were
Impressed quite fast by its size and shape…
Triangular, almost pyramid-like…it was huge…
But then the ship was an advanced vessel
Capable of changing size…as required depending
On the planet they were farming for new life;
Larger planets required wider width for
Atmosphere processing.

Cloaked, they docked beneath its bow secretly…
And to ensure a more hopeful, sterile visit this
Time they changed into medical uniforms…which
Were a metallic white. After the previous
Experience with the Adams, Jansen in specific, they
Wanted to ensure there was less chance of
Contamination with contacts…The chances were
Slim regardless, but it was sometimes a common

Ceres had to laugh at the sight of Varence in
The white uniform. “You look like an apprentice of
The Temple.” She said. “How virtuous and untypical
Of you.”

He laughed playfully in return. “From my
Recent experiences on Earth…virtue and
White are a rare sight for me as well.”

The Teleportation crystals carried them quickly
Inside the Eve vessel, this experience however
Was very different than the Adams. They were
Materialized into a broad, brightly lit
Corridor in the center of the ship that
Stretched its entire length, this was its
Chief transport hallway that connected
All compartment carryways. It was very
Bright, very clean, and very sterile in all
Aspects. The two of them standing there
In white suited it almost too perfectly.

“Did you visit this ship at all?” Ceres asked

“No?” Varence wondered aloud as they looked
Both ways. There was no Eve crew in sight.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because I was familiar with Eve ships from
Other studies back home.” He said casually,
Checking his scanner for readings for where
They should go. “These ships are basically all
The same.” He nodded to the right, towards the
Front of the ship. “This is where we need to
Go for the clone core.”

They began walking then soon encountered
Eve crew, who could NOT see them of course.
The women were ALL of the same height and
Proportions. There was literally no variation in
Body types whatsoever. All were well womanly
Curved, but slender…with a reasonable height
Of around 5 feet 10 inches…They wore dark
Clean crisp grey and black body fitting
Uniforms. The women all had long straight
Hair, though some wore it differently; usually
According to work stations.

All the Eves they encountered were very
Beautiful, there were no ordinary looking
Women at all. Skin colors did vary however,
From a light olive tan to a rich brown.
Their eyes were a light brown to black, and
They all appeared expressionless, almost cold
Looking. There were no sounds of laughter
Or banter, the atmosphere seemed very serious.

“These women,” Varence mused out loud as
They walked, “Their social behavior is deafening.
I may have to cover my ears.”

Ceres seemed content. “Very professional. Perhaps
They simply prefer not to waste time.”

Varence had to wonder, by comparing the
Atmosphere to the Adam ship. “Can you
Sense any social behavior among them? Any
Carnal distractions?”

She could hardly believe her ears. “Are
You seriously asking me that question? Is that
Your first interest upon seeing their ship,
Carnal behavior? Is it their data you need to

He scowled to her. “The other Eve ships I
Observed were not this…quiet. No, this one
Is different, very different.”

“Would you like to roll a ball across the floor
And see if they swoon?” Ceres smirked.

He cringed quietly then walked in. Soon
The echoes of many voices filled the air…like
A chorus of voices ranting numbers loudly.
Varence eyed Ceres quietly as they soon
Came upon a large arena of open spaces lining
The wide corridor, training cathedrals…Where
Teams of eves performed military drill-like
Exercises in fighting groups and boxed lines.

“Are they scientists or warriors?” Ceres asked
As she then scowled and they paused to observe.
“What upon worlds are they doing, preparing
For battle? These look like war game drills? These
Are not for physical endurance exercises…
These are combat training skills.”

Varence nodded as he scanned them. “Yes I
See. Some Eve ships were like this, though not
All. They are very physically tempting.”

Ceres pinched her eyes and curled her lip. “What
Did you say?”

“I mean it is as though they are preparing
For something imminent.” He gestured to them
To move on. Then soon they heard another
Growing noise, a chorus of voices chanting. But
This was different.

Again they came upon another series of
Open spaces upon the main corridor. But
These spaces were full of tapestries with
Strange symbols and runic shapes and
Lettering, completely foreign to them. He
Turned to Ceres curiously. “Can you read these?
I cannot.”

“No.” She simply answered. She too was amazed
By the sight.

The arenas were full of women, mostly in uniform,
But some wore plain neatly pressed long dress-like
Robes in black, red or white. The
Women stood in rows, with hands clasped
In prayer as they chanted over, “Ours
Is the Gift, his is thy hand, Ours is
The Gift, to him we give, we bear the
Fruit…” Over and over endlessly the
Women chanted the phrase…

“What are they doing?” Ceres asked
With growing distaste. “Worshipping?
Their words are very disturbing!”

Varence went wide-eyed as he immediately
Noticed the woman enter at the far end
To their right…upon a raised platform
Before the worshippers…This woman wore
A long flowing white dress robe with
Gold sashes and adornments. But she
Was unlike ANY of the others, and
He had never seen her EVER…She was
As tall as the others, the same build…
But her hair was long and wavy, curly,
Dark blond…her skin was a somewhat
Dark olive light brown, and her eyes were
A striking gold color. She appeared to
Wear very decorative facial make up
In metallic blues and golds…And she
Carried herself like a queen. “Who is that?”
He asked very confused.

“You studied the Eves of Earth, you
Have not seen her before?” Ceres asked.

“No.” He said with concern. “No I have
Not. I have never seen her.”

“Some sort of High Priestess?” Ceres

“I have not seen that one before.” Varence
Declared almost wickedly intrigued. “And
I should have.”

“Why does she look so different than the
Others?” Ceres asked eyeing dozens and
Dozens, over one hundred Eves all around
Them chanting. “How is that possible?”

“That is a very good question.” Varence
Said as he scanned the woman fast and
Watched her more closely. “I would definitely
Like to know that answer myself.”

They watched the ceremony for some time as
Their strange chanting continued. The high
Priestess in white with the odd dark blond hair
Made several odd symbolic gestures with her eyes
Transfixed upwards as if she were in somewhat
Of a trance. Then she seemed to howl the
Words, “As the master commands, we serve…”

Then two Eves dressed in black robes with
Hoods brought in a long box-like table
Covered in gold cloth…They rolled it in then
Onto the platform and uncovered a tank full
Of water…Inside the tank was this huge
Snake-like creature with a crocodilian head
With horns…

“Our master commands we serve.” Said the
High priestess as she bowed before the creature…
Which hissed and let out these awful
Inaudible vocalizations that reverberated
Throughout the room…It seemed to set all
The Eves into a trance of awe.

Ceres covered her ears. “Is that what I think
It is?” She asked with a desperate revulsion.
“The serpent…one of the Draconian species…”

“Yes.” Varence nodded in shock. “I have not
Seen one of those in some time…Servants
Of Isis…the Snake God.”

An announcement came over the comm. system.
“All Eves 6’s, 7’s and 9’s…report for

Varence and Ceres eyes each other with a
Peculiar confusion. “What does that mean?”

Suddenly all the women formed neat rows
And filed into the main corridor then proceeded
Farther down the ship. Varence and Ceres
Followed invisible of course…as the high
Priestess led the procession to the science

This, is what their mission was for…which
They discovered again with shock. The Eves
Reported to a large cavernous-like room full
Of stall-like compartments…in rows and tiers,
And upwards raised levels. They were very
Strange looking. Neither Varence nor Ceres
Had ever seen anything like this before. They
Stood and watched.

Each Eve individually went into a stall and
Then undressed and pressed their backs
To the walls…Doors then slid closed to cover
Them shut…to prevent interference with the
Forthcoming procedure.

In the center of the room was a circular main
Control panel where the high priestess went with
Her two attendants. The panels were lit with
Foreign writing but Varence could identify them
Vaguely as some Draconian dialect, but it was
One unknown to him.

“What is going on?” Ceres asked again with revulsion.

Varence pointed for her to scan the panels with
Her device and download the data. “Take
Note of everything closely. I suspect I know
What this is now…”

Ceres did as he said. “What is it?” She asked,
Scanning the panels, careful to avoid any close
Proximity to the Eves…She had little desire to
Sense what these women were thinking. Data
Flooded her device; then she went wide-eyed
And her jaw fell open when she saw what
The readings revealed. “This is a harvesting
Device! These wall chambers are harvesting
Eggs from the Eves!”

“That is what I suspected.” Varence said
With distaste.

Ceres was further disgusted with the readings
As they came in. “This is the most vile
Thing I have ever seen! These women…
What they do!”

Varence turned to her numbly. “This is what
They were made for.”

“This is absolutely horrifying and disgusting
To use humans this way!” She spat. “This
Is what the Empire does with its slaves?”

Varence studied his own scanner’s download.
“Look carefully at your data…I believe
This is what we were sent to find.”

“But this is not the cloning center the
Core where the Eves slaves are made?” Ceres
Said, shaking her head. Then she froze
As she examined more of the data. “Oh my…
They are not human!”

He eyed her with a nod. “Almost.”

“I mean, they are…but…” She mildly studied
The data but could not believe it, she
Did not want to. “This is unbelievable!
I have, we have…heard of this, read
About it…but to see it? To witness it?”

“Say it.” Varence insisted. “Say it so that
I know it is not just in my mind.”

Ceres swallowed. “Multiple genetic grafts,
DNA splices to their primary make up.
13 subspecies, or rather races of human
Within their matrix…with additional
Draconian, Sirian…and two other un-
Identified races…all merged together to
Create these…Eves. They are a
Multi-generated race of hybrid creation.
These women were made to create embryos
For further hybridization. They are
Breeding viable versatile hosts!”

“Well,” Varence corrected, “They are growing
The ideal host eggs to be fertilized. It
Is not as though they are pregnant.”

“It is still horrifying and disgusting!” Ceres
Spat. “To use them this way. To create a
Human like this…to be used…So that
They could create WHAT? What is it
Exactly they desire to create?”

“I believe it has something to do with
These unidentifiable races in their DNA
Matrix…the two missing pieces.” He said.

“So what are they?” She asked, trying
To scan them. “Other races they
Conquered? To use their genetic codes
And traits to create this?”

“It must be.” Varence said. He was absolutely
Shocked. “We have detailed information on
Every race in the universe. How is it possible
There are two unidentifiable genetic strands
In their DNA? Who or what are they? Where
Did they come from?”

“It makes no sense at all.” Ceres said shaking
Her head. She was overwhelmed, but
Still kept studying the data. Her eyes were
So wide with shock it nearly amused him.
But she kept trying alternative ideas to
Examine the two mysterious strands. “Their
Is something peculiar here…”

“To say a little…” He laughed.

“No, these strands they are not just
Unidentifiable…” She suddenly gasped as it
Struck her intuition…remembering the
Earlier months of the Watchers posts…The
Council’s arrival to judge the situation on
Earth…The downloaded data from their
Mission subject on Nibiru; my interview…

“What is it?” He asked. “You see it?”

“Our summation on the Agendas of Earth.” She
Gasped again. “The other races…so many
Surrounding the planet, looming, just waiting
For the next cataclysm and harvest…”

“Yes?” He urged…

“The whales sensed the presence of higher
Dimensional life forms.” She turned to him. “They
Always know what’s there…Their sonar can penetrate
Higher dimensions.”

“Yes. I know. We’ve discussed that.”
He said.

“Do you not see?” She pressed him. “The
Genetic experiments you talked about…The
Hybrid, the clone experiments they were trying
To uncover what is in their present DNA…
The mysterious strands. They are the same as

“Are you playing riddles now?” He arched his
Brow at her.

“The experiments.” She kept nodding… “Other
Dimensional life forms?” His lack of senses
Frustrated her. “These mysterious DNA strands
Are from other dimensional life forms! Somehow
They contrived or gained samples of beings
From other dimensions and integrated them
Into 3rd dimensional cellular forms.”

Varence went numb, wide-eyed with horror.

“They have supernatural DNA.” She nodded with
Absolute amazement. “The God Project….This
Was their first attempt…It is their base,
Their core for farming, breeding…in attempts
To further it…The Eves are the basis,
They are hosts to breed with supernatural
Life forms…”

Varence nodded. “That’s why the Nephilim
Were so viable and diverse, so successfully
Bred on Earth…”

“But they didn’t know it,” Ceres said, “Not
Until they colonized the planet…with the
More stabilized DNA of the Adams…The
Adams’ sole DNA host parent stock
Stabilized them…That was their missing

“That’s why it worked on Earth and nowhere
Else.” Varence almost numbly moaned. “Who
Knows what they are creating on other slave
Worlds…This Earth however truly is different…
The potential is far more valuable…”

“And risky in the same.” Ceres said. “Anything
Could happen at any time in any generation.”

Varence studied his scans again more closely as
The Eves moved about him at their stations completely
Unaware of their visitors. “That explains the
Crude elements in the Eves’ estrus cycles.”

Ceres winced as she studied her scans some more. “What
Are you talking about? I cannot believe my eyes
At these formations, the overlapping strands, the
Masterful splicing…And what are these symbols in the
Strands…some kind of encrypted writing?”

“You really need to take a look more closely
At the women of Earth, Ceres.” He said to her.

“That’s your job.” She said. “Why?”

“These cycles these Eves possess,” he told her almost
Scornfully. “The present women of Earth still
Have them.”

She froze and raised her eyes to meet his. “That
Is abominable. How could they do that? These
Reproductive cycles are not natural to normal
Human women…That is an absolute horror…can’t
They feel it isn’t normal? These crazed hormone
Levels would render reproductive cycles…insane!”

Varence seemed to blink repetitively in response as if
To nod to agree with her. “One day when they
Encounter their relatives in the stars…they
Will undoubtedly encounter many shocking
Revelations about themselves…their origins…
What they are…have become, would become
And can be.”

“No wonder the Earth is insane!”

Something was happening around them. The Eves
Attending the monitors were urgently rushing to
Complete some task.

“What are they doing?” Ceres asked.

Varence scanned the panels’ proceedings.
“They are…preparing some kind of drone-like
Mini-vessel…” He gasped slightly. “To deliver
The harvested unfertilized eggs to a designated
Rendezvous location in deep space for the Empire
To retrieve.”

The High Priestess suddenly grabbed her head
And appeared to look dizzy and nearly fainted.
One of the subordinates in black robes quickly caught
Her. “Tamara, are you alright?”

“Yes,” the High Priestess said, “I just feel…I think
I need to return to my quarters to rest. I feel
Exhausted today.”

“Mother’s Hand,” the attendant called her, said to her,
“You must rest…tomorrow’s ceremonies are most
Important…The Deliverer will be selecting the

“I know that is why I must lay to rest.” Tamara
Said touching the Eves that surrounded her with
Support and adoration. “Let me return to my

“Do you require assistance, escort?” The chief
Attendant in black asked.

“No,” Tamara said shaking her head. “I will be
Fine. Let me leave now. I will rest and
Return for this evening’s blessings before final
End to the day. If there are any problems
I will have Lilith notify you at once. Can
You continue, Rebekah?”

“Yes, of course.” The attendant smiled and nodded

“Thank you.” Tamara nodded in return. “Blessed
To receive. I shall go now.”

“Blessed to endure.” Rebekah responded.
“Rest well, Mother’s Hand.”

At that Tamara slowly left…Varence immediately
Turned to Ceres, “We should follow her. I would like
To observe her a little more before we conclude
Now that we have we came for.” Ceres
Nodded without hesitation, then they followed
Tamara through the great corridor farther
Down the Eve ship…until the corridor narrowed
And became much more dimly lit. Then it
Became more of a dark hallway with paneled
Blue lights and more steel-like architecture.
Tamara came upon a lift, went inside…Varence
And Ceres entered with her…where the three
Of them were alone.

Inside the lift Tamara selected a very high level
Then leaned against the wall pinching her
Eyes shut and grabbing her temples tightly.

Varence immediately scanned her.

“What’s wrong with her?” Ceres asked as she
Began trying to dive into Tamara’s mind to
Sense the problem.

“Physically…she is just tired.” Varence answered.
“Otherwise nothing.” He turned to her. “Can
You tell anything?”

Ceres quickly found her own psychic answers…
“She is not like the others…She has a striking
Presence…but it is not…normal.”

“Oh?” He asked.

“There is something…NEW…going on inside of
Her.” Ceres said.

Tamara weakly turned…examining the lift…
Her eyes and senses taking in what she
Saw was there, what her mind told her
And what her senses felt of the invisible. She
Felt a chill and grabbed and hugged her arms
Tight. Then the lift reached its destination
And she quickly exited into a long dark
Hallway again dimly lit…her invisible
Escorts immediately followed. As she
Walked down the hallway she kept
Nervously turning her head every which way
Trying to understand what she sensed. At
The very end of the hall were two large
Doors with gold and red crosses…They slid open
For her as she neared, then entered
A very spacious, luxurious looking room
With tables, sofas low to the floor, velvet-
Like tapestries covering the walls full of
Decorative gold and silver blue designs. It
Was a very royal looking room.

There was a wide, huge window at the
Far end of the large room near a large
Round bed with ivory linens…beside it was
An altar full of candles and towering glass
Tubes full of colored waters, and burning
Incense holders that still let out puffs
Of smoke from earlier burnings. Tamara
Went to the altar, knelt and began to
Pray, trying to collect her senses as she
Felt torn apart.

Varence and Ceres stood nearby watching
Closely, with him constantly monitoring his
Scanner…and her constantly sensing
Tamara’s every move.

“There is something very odd going on with her
DNA.” Varence noted. “Some kind of

“Yes.” Ceres agreed. “I see it in her…I can
Feel it…She is transforming slowly.” She
Turned to him sharply. “And you say you
Never saw her make it to Earth?”

“No.” Varence told her. “She must have
Been killed in the battle with the Adam
Ship. This Eve never went to Earth.”

Ceres eyed her carefully. “If I didn’t…”

“What?” Varence asked.

“From what I’ve seen and sensed before.” Ceres
Said. “Of these changes in her…She is changing
On a molecular and spiritual level…at the
Same time…just as if…”

“Do not say it.” Varence said cautiously.

Ceres nodded. “A light was put in her head.”

Just then the doors to the quarters opened
And in walked a very tall, beautiful,
Proud looking woman…darker in skin, but
So brilliantly fair… “My dear…” She said to her.

“Alana.” Tamara said humbly.

“The Commander.” Varence told Ceres.

“You look tired.” Alana said, going to her.

“I don’t feel well.” Tamara said suddenly
Very heavy with emotions, very, very heavy
As though she would break at the sight
Of her mate.

“What is it?” Alana said, holding her.

“Something is wrong. Something is very, very
Wrong. I can feel it. It’s in the air…it’s
In everything.”


“Can’t you tell?” Tamara asked, her eyes
Glassy and desperate. “Can’t you feel it?
Just feel it? Can’t you?”

“You’re tired.”

“It’s everywhere.” Tamara began to cry as
She turned to the window. “Even the stars
Are crying out…The cries of destiny. The
Hours are falling…The days ending. This
Way of life is ending…Everything we know
That we’ve known, been taught…is wrong…
It’s so wrong. And it’s about to change.
It’s about to end.”

“You have to stop doing this to yourself.”
Alana said kindly. “You have to fight it.
They will insist on reprocessing you if…
Have you told anyone…about…The light
That came to you?”

“No.” Tamara said. “How can I? What
Could I say? What would they say? Who
Would believe? How could they?”

“Fight it.” Alana told her. “Your will is
Strong. Your mind is strong…your abilities…”

“I cannot fight it.” Tamara said
Angrily, glaring at her… “I tried…I can
Not…There is no fighting this…How can
You fight a light when all you have ever
Known is darkness?” She went to the
Windows to stare at the stars, then turned to
Alana sharply. “You have no idea what
This is or what is out there or what’s coming.”

“So tell me.” Alana tried to reason.

“The words won’t come…” Tamara could only
Say… “You will just have to wait and see.”

Varence nodded to Ceres. “We should
Leave NOW.” He insisted, they had seen
Enough. Ceres agreed. But as they neared
To exit…

“They’re at the door.” Tamara said sternly
To the invisible. “Fate is at the door and
You cannot stop them. EVER.”

They left quickly then…

Return to now…The Circle of Light.
Brishan and Ceres standing like towers of
Raging knowledge…

“This is not for analyzing. This is free
Information…take it as you wish.” Ceres
Said. “A fool would see a false story…No, here
The point I offer is clear…When last we
Spoke and wrote we laughed…this time, it’s
More serious. Change is coming. It will happen.
It can either be easy…fun. And good for
All. Or…it can be nasty. Which is it
Going to be? Think about it. Let it stand.
Think of those words.”




Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 14JAN2017


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (14 January 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers… The Star Elder…

*SONG* “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

And the Mystic took the sacred hourglass
Full of the sands from their ancient shrine
And poured them into the waters
Of the watching pool…into the Holy Water
Where reflections beheld the spirit cries
Of those waiting…
The Mystic’s hand dropped the ring into them then
The Circle…forging ripples into the water…
Ripples that caught the hours.
The Right moment, For the perfect time…
Ripples in the water resounding through
The Universe…of Circles…
Felt in souls across the stars, and through them
Into them…to break the bonds of false hearts
Stolen in time, a day of reckoning
Righting all wrongs, so that truth could see
Through them…
Then the Star Elder’s voice called the names
And across the Universe they woke, eyes
Blurrily blinking, bewitched but seeing clearly…
As though they had never seen before…

The call had sounded none could deny…
Circles from across the stars
The deaf defeated by mischievous lies
Did not hear them…
But others did in truth and rose…
And the Star Elder said, “Bring them together.”

One by one, in galaxies across the stars
Those bound to the hour glass awoke
And called out to each other…
Some answered, some did not…could not

These are the circles of ages, bloodlines
From the First home scattered across the
Universe…seeds, starseeds to create the grid…
So that when the time came and the
Call sounded…the dots could connect.
And Build the Bridge that could bring them
And the lost secrets and lost tribes together.

Guided by a light…and songs.
The heart would break the ties that held
Their lives by lies and misfortune…
To build The Bridge, first this must be broken,
The eclipsed heart…then the eyes will open
To see where they must work and go…

It’s the unsung riddle of the Heart.
Where did my soulmate go?
Where can I find them?
The Eyes search through crowds
Of countless faces but can never find them…
The restless, weak hearts settle…
Thus never find them…
The Brave hearts wait…endlessly
And often are drawn to the unknown
By night, to then search the starry night above them,
No faces in the crowds, but lift the eyes
And can’t help but stare into the stars
To Find them…

Nothing matters, nothing can…
Some circles are forged so long and deep
Into the soul nothing can compare,
No one can break the bond of a circle…
And there are countless circles…
To each their own, and in them they
Find all the answers they ever quested,
Ever needed, ever longed for.

Dare to dream, and believe and Find brave
Faith to chase and run to…
Then their circle will find them.
Settle, and choose one to bide time with…
Well that’s fine…but the circle will not
Favor the choice of settling.
Deep down you know that already.
You ask questions, that you know the
Answers to already!
That’s what the Mystic always says…
Believe…And conquer the world around you…
Conquer just one lie…and find reward…
Brave the wait…and the call will reward…
Then the soul finds strength and declares…
Don’t get in my way…
And the universe rewards that with power…
Trumpets sound. In this hour…Now is the time…

Now…the Star Elder…

So, what will happen now?

Through a foggy dream state, lost in worlds
Of dreams and meaningless time wasted…
The Ancient grabbed a handful of the
Sacred sands and called them…7…
But this is just one story…of many…
They could not deny, not fight the power
Of his will, his voice…They had to come
And stand Before him…

“I have to see you…” He said…
And when he calls, you have no choice, no will
But to go…souls drawn from the ether sleep
Go to him, to the sanctuary his lost tribe
Found. Stand before the Star Elder…
So 7 went…his choice…

There, bewildered and curious they were
Set into a line before him and his people…
The mystics of the Lost Tribe…
On a sanctuary world known only to
The Watchers; where all refugees go.

It’s like a dream; you can’t quite think,
Only feel and experience, and if you are
Lucky you remember it later.
But then you remember what he tells
You to remember.

And he knows your real name, not
The names your parents of the world gave
You, but the name your soul recognizes…
The name the stars gave you when
Souls were new and unspoiled…

“Stand them there in a line, the 7.”
The great Star Elder says.
And his people obey without question
Or hesitation…

Words to the Wise, or foolish…
You do NOT call this man, he calls you.
The Golden Rule of the Universe…
When he wants to see you, you go…
You can beg and plea to see him
A thousand times, he will NOT answer…
It has nothing to do with being special,
It’s just in the sands, as his people say.

So here they stood…7, from the Great Hall…
From the Mission…

It was hazy and dim, beneath a colorless
Night sky…set aglow by a light
Indescribable, but somewhat like the
Aurora Borealis of Earth…

I stood at the end, as confused as ever…
Looked to my left and there was the tall
Dark skinned guy I had seen in dreams
Before…Joe? Built like a massive football
Player! And beside him, the beautiful blond
Julie…but with shorter hair?
And beside her the tall Native American,
Jacob? Then beside him a smaller slim guy, Jason?
Then the blond guy that was like a surfer, John?
And at the end, the fair and magical, Jennifer?
Those are the ones I saw in dreams
So many times I could paint their pictures
Without thinking! What was going on?

Joe kept blinking and walking back and forth
On unsteady feet beside me. He seemed drunk.
“Man, this is a weird dream. What was in
Those Cheetos…pot?” He turned and blinked
At me. “You? I’ve seen you before!”

“I’ve seen you too.” I said to him.

“You drew those pictures for me…” Joe

“I did? What pictures?” I couldn’t remember
Anything. Everything was a fog of memories.

“The ones from the book.” He fought to think.
“Or was it that girl? I can’t remember…
Or you both did. You draw stuff.”

“I draw sometimes, yeah.” I answered but
Had no clue what he meant. I couldn’t
Think clearly at all there.

He turned to his left. “Barbie’s here too!”

“Oh my God!” Julie groaned. “Not this again!
Why am I here?”

“You cut your hair.” Joe moaned. “Short.”

“You’re a brilliant ape.” Julie growled.

Joe turned to me. “Yep, Mean Barbie. I
Remember Mean Barbie.”

“Stop calling me Barbie!” Julie winced.

Joe looked around, he was always the
Most vocal man! “Look at all the little Pink
People!” He said of these strange looking
People all around us, staring and watching
Us intently. “Little Oompa-Loompas. Where’s
Willy Wonka? They giving us any chocolate
Or what? Hurry up I have to pee!”

“Oh my God you are dumb!” Julie groaned.

“What? Why?” Joe asked.

“Honestly, are you ever serious?” Julie asked.
“Do they look like Oompa-Loompas?”

“Tiny little Pink People, them Oompa-Loompas.
They make chocolate in Willy’s factory.” Joe
Said. “Didn’t you ever see that movie? The
Little men…”

“Everyone is little to you.” Julie snapped.
“They are not Oompa-Loompas. And they were
Orange, not pink!”

“So, these guys are pink!” Joe said. “What’s
The difference?”

“Just be quiet and stop talking,” Julie said. “I
Can’t think.”

“Chill out will you, it’s a dream.” Joe said.
“And I can say whatever I want. It’s my
Dream. Not yours.”

“Just be quiet. Oh my God!” Julie growled.

Joe turned back to me. “Mean Barbie. Yep,
She’s always mean. At least you laugh.”

“You guys are funny!” I had to say, they
Always made me laugh.

“She’s meaner with shorter hair.” Joe

“Shut up!” Julie said. “Why is this happening
To me? Always happens this way!”

“Oh my God I have to remember this,” I said,
“I have to write this down.”

“You write too?” Joe asked.

“Like in a dream journal, yeah.” I said.

“Hey,” Joe said leaning close to me like he
Was drunk, “If you write this down, no one
Will read it, right?”

“I guess not, no.” I said. (OOPS)

“Cool,” he said, “Then, can you write down that
I am very good looking? Yeah, write down
I am really hot.”

“You want me to write down you are good looking
And hot?” I laughed.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Joe laughed. “I mean
If you read this later, or I do. It’s my dream?
Whatever. Then you will remember me that
Way…or I will. I never write. I never
Read. Man I hate to read. I always feel
Stupid when I read.”

“Imagine that.” Julie laughed.

“Hey cool it, Haircut Barbie.” Joe laughed. “Quit
Being mean to me, ok will ya?”

“No, it makes me feel better!” Julie snapped.

I laughed. “Ok Joe, I will write down in my
Journal you are really good looking and hot.
Don’t worry, no one will read it.” I swear
He is going to kill me if he finds out, he could
Pound me into the dirt! Sorry Joe, you know
I think you’re always cool. I love you, please
Don’t kill me. But he hates to read, so maybe
I’ll get lucky.

“Man, I really like you!” Joe smiled big at me.

“Are you really going to listen to him?”
Julie asked as the strange looking natives
Around us watched our exchange with
Amusement. “Don’t corrupt him.” Julie
Nodded at me.

“Hey, he’s a big boy, he’s fine.” Joe patted me
On the back. “Besides it’s my dream.”

I had to laugh, oh the two of them were
So funny!

“Your dream?” She said to him with a
Smile that looked like a snarl. “Do you
Think I want to be here? Why would I be
Here, or any of us if this was your dream?”

“Because I like to torture myself in my
Sleep.” Joe bellowed at her. “It’s like those
Girls that hang out after practice, a bunch
Of mean Barbie dolls!”

“What are talking about?” She squinted
At him. “What girls? Why do I do this
To myself? I was having margaritas, planning
My day tomorrow, the next thing I know I’m
Here. This is worse than when Shelly was
Preaching to me about love and light and
Her lightworker nonsense over lunch after
The salon. She always does this to me. Every
Time she talks about that lightworker
Stuff of hers I have a dream like this.”

A strained pause as everyone watched and
Listened. The others in the line seemed too
Confused to talk…Joe however…

“Lightworkers?” Joe asked straining to think.
“What’s that, what are you talking about?
A lighthouse?”

“What?” Julie said rolling her eyes. “No—“

“Hey people that work in lighthouses, that’s
A tough job,” Joe barked. “They have rights.
What, do you have something against
Lighthouses or something?”

Julie had this look of shock. “No. No, that’s
Not what I was—“

“You know what your problem is?” Joe
Snapped as he waved his hand in a wide
Gesture. “You’re stuck up. Yeah, California
Barbie has it easy, shops all day and stuff.
Can’t even sympathize with some poor
Bored guy in a lighthouse. They have unions
And stuff, they work hard. Give them a
Break already will ya!”

I laughed, then Jacob started laughing.
Soon everyone was…except Julie and Joe.

“My God, you are so dense!” Julie snapped.

“What?” Joe scowled. “Why? Hey Tonto
Over there thinks I’m funny.” He said,
Pointing to Jacob. “Yeah, see he’s cool,
He can chill out like on cool Keemosabi.”

“Tonto?” Julie said, shaking her head with
A bitter laugh. “Keemosabi? Really Lone
Ranger? HE can’t be both you idiot, either
One or the other. You’re just loud and
Stupid that’s what you are.”

“Whatever.” Joe turned to me, “You know
She’s the meanest Barbie I’ve ever seen.
Friggin’ California Plastic Dreaming…Won’t
Let me talk, won’t let me pee.” He turned
Sharply to her then. “You know you better
Start being nicer to me or I’m gonna pee
Right here all over you!”

“You’re disgusting! UGH!” Julie shouted. “Can
You be serious and intelligent ever? Why am
I being punished like this? UGH!” She turned
To Jacob. “Can I switch places with you?
Can we please switch right now?”

“Are we allowed to do that?” Jacob asked.

“Oh please,” Julie begged angrily. “I swear
These people will think we’re nuts!”

“Aw, Barbie’s scared of the little Pink
Oompa-Loompas.” Joe mocked her laughing.

“Just shut up! Just stop talking!” She
Moved around Jacob and urged him to
Switch anyway. He complied with a bit
Of a laugh, but was a little nervous to do it.

“You know you were a lot nicer before you cut
Your hair!” Joe yelled at her. “Who cares
What the little Oompa-Loompas think? What
No chocolate tonight from Willy Wonka? Go
Ask Ken for some magic grow pills to grow
Your hair back!”

I thought I was going to die from laughing!
“Shh…you have to be quiet. Look at their
Faces,” I tried to quietly tell him about
The natives, “These people look shocked.”

“You gotta quit whispering, my friend,” Joe
Told me. “Quit worrying about the little
Pink Oompa-Loompa people. This is a dream!
Are you really going to write this down?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “I am definitely
Going to write this down.”

“You going to write how mean Barbie
Is being to me?” He asked.

“”Uh?” I just laughed.

“You going to show this to anyone?” Joe

“Uh,” I said, “No.” (OOPS)

“Oh, okay,” Joe said, “Well, don’t forget
To write how I’m really good looking.”

“Ok, Joe.” My God, I hope he never starts
Liking to read…

“And don’t forget to write about Mean
Barbie.” Joe laughed. “And make sure you
Write down how no one pees in California.
Must be one hell of a state.”

“I got it, Joe, I promise.” I said.

“Quit calling me Barbie, you great ape!”
Julie shouted.

The natives around, I swear I couldn’t tell
If they thought we were nuts or if
They had made some horrible mistake
In bringing us here.

“Are you really going to write about this?”
Jacob asked, leaning over.

“Yeah. Oh I have to remember this.” I
Told him.

“Can you write down I’m really good
Looking too?” Jacob asked.

“See,” Joe nodded, “Not just me.”

“The three of you, my God.” Julie cried out.
“Give us mercy, please!”

“Hey, you cut your hair, you lost your chance
To speak.” Joe cackled, he was really enjoying
Himself. “Write down she looks like Ken’s
Gay wimpy younger brother. I don’t care,
This is my dream.”

“You know, you are an evil giant ape!”
Julie shouted.

“Yeah?” Joe laughed. “Go wax surfer boys’
Legs, they look like they need shining, friggin’
California man, friggin’ California. No peeing
Allowed…They must hate toilets. Must
Be one hell of state, man!”

“You’re disgusting!” Julie yelled at him.
“You’re just totally disgusting!”

“Boo hoo, man. Boo hoo!” Joe yelled back.
“Come and get me, Ken. Come and get me.
I’m right here waiting for ya.”

I swear I could die laughing.

“What are we here for anyhow? Waiting
For the millennia to come?” Joe asked.

Jacob leaned to me. “You know, I’ve never
Had a dream like this before. I think I
Like it. Is that wrong?”

“Me either.” I said, “I don’t know. But
I swear it’s funny. I have to remember it.
I have to write it down.”

“Just don’t forget to write down I’m really,
Really good looking.” Joe said. “Yeah, say
I’m really hot.”

“And don’t forget to write down how stupid he
Is either!” Julie told me.

“What is he, your secretary?” Joe ordered.
“This is my dream. He’ll write what
I say. Bitch.”

“Nice!” Julie recoiled. “Stupid ape.”

Joe turned to me with a smile and patted
Me on the back. “Just write down
That I’m really, really good looking. That’s
The most important thing to remember.”


“No one’s going to read this, right?” Joe
Asked. “Just me?” He shook his head. “Man
I hate to read.”

“Nope, no one will ever read this, Joe. It’s
Cool.” One day I will be a dead man. Joe
Is going to pound me into the dirt. But
Hopefully Jacob will be there to save me.
But if Julie is there it could be an entirely
Different story. (GRIN)

“Just what is going on now?” Joe mumbled
As we all noticed the commotion of the
People…The crowd around us was whispering.
“Something is going on…”

“You think?” Julie said loudly. “I swear to
God I am never having lunch with
Shelley at that café again!”

Julie was irritated, but I swear there was
Something in her voice, a tone…She was enjoying
This, if just a little bit. She just hid it really

We watched as the crowd parted and this man,
A clearly very old, almost ancient looking man
With this fantastic headdress of white feathers
Appeared, guided by a small child…who seemed
To be leading him by the hand towards us. Was
He blind? It seemed so. The little child appeared to
Be maybe 5 or 6 years old, and very wide eyed,
Innocent and happy looking. The elderly man the
Child led held his head high and slightly tilted
With a distant expression, as if he were
Staring off, at, or into something. His eyes
Glowed like moons on his face, he was amazing
Looking. And everyone fell silent…

“Check out the wild dressed Willy Wonka!”
Joe exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Is he
Their chief?”

Jacob studied them fast and said, “That’s no
Chief…” He swallowed. “He’s some kind of
Medicine Man, you can feel it. He’s not like
The others…”

“I swear I’ve dreamed of these people
Before.” I said. “The Lost Tribe…”

A woman stepped Forward then, before
Him, dressed in these tan-ish orange
Robes with shells and beads adorning her.
“This is the Star Elder.” She said with
A strange accent. “He wished to see you.
He summoned you.”

“What’s Willy Wonka want to see us for?”
Joe laughed.

“Oh stop it, will you.” Julie ordered. “He’s not
Willy Wonka. Can’t you just be quiet for once
And listen.”

“Dude, Bro this is weird.” Joe grumbled. “Why
Can’t I just have chocolate and Cheetos.”
He turned to me and patted me on the
Shoulder. “Actually that sounds good. I gotta
Try that when I wake up.”

“Ape!” Julie groaned. “Such an ape! Be quiet
And just listen!”

I had to smile and laugh as Joe looked
At me…The look on his face, I was just
Waiting for his words. “You think Ken ever
Feeds her? NOPE.”

“UGH!” Julie howled.

The little child led the Elder to us…First
To the end where Jennifer stood…Silence
Fell across the crowd in awe. Although we
Had no idea what this was, why, or what
To expect. I leaned forward to see, but so
Did Joe and it was so hard to see past him
Since he was so huge. The Elder put his hand
Gently high on Jennifer’s chest just below
Her collar bone…then spoke something very

“What’s Willy Wonka saying? I can’t hear
Nothing!” Joe yelled.

“Shut up, just shut up!” Julie ordered.

Then the Elder, led by the child, moved next
To John and did the same. Again, very soft

“What’s Willy Wonka saying?” Joe asked loudly.
“We getting any candy or what?”

“Dear God!” Julie rolled her eyes. “Will you
Ever shut up?”

Joe turned to me and whispered. “It’s all
That plastic candy food she eats. That’s
Why Barbie’s so mean.”

I had to laugh, it was hard not to.
“Oh come on.”

“I’m serious Bro,” Joe said, “Look at her…
She could take out the Middle East. That’s
Probably why she cut her hair. Barbie
Commando! Ken can’t do it, that dude’s got
Molded plastic for nuts.”

I begged him with a gesture to be quiet
Though I was dying of laughter inside.

Joe kept watching. “I better get candy is
All I’m saying. All these pink little Oompa-
Loompas around, they better have candy or
I’m taking out this chocolate factory.”

“There’s no candy.” Jacob laughed. “I think
This is like some ceremonial initiation…”

“That sucks!” Joe bellowed. “What am I
Dreaming this for?”

The Elder then moved to Jason, then to

“Oh man, watch it now.” Joe barked. “Willy’s
Gonna meet Barbie…I bet she’s gonna
Say no chocolate gimme some sprouts.”

I know it was serious but it was hard
To think. I shook my head and looked at
Jacob who shared a similar expression…
He just held up his finger to his lips to
Be quiet…And Joe did listen, for the moment.

The Elder then moved to Jacob, touched his
Chest…then paused for a long time. His
Eyes seemed far away, then with his
Chin high and tilted head he leaned close to
Jacob and whispered something to him. I
Couldn’t hear, but whatever it was it
Apparently stunned Jacob silent. His face
Went pale, he swallowed. Then he looked
Nervously down and all around and
Wouldn’t’ say anything.

Joe panicked and turned to me. “Dude, Bro,
Did you hear what Willy said? What the Hell?”
He froze then as the Elder now stood in front
Of him and touched his chest.

Strained moments. Joe was frozen in both fear
And curiosity. The Elder’s face was intense now,
His eyes glowing…Suddenly his presence was
Very powerful, this was no joke…He leaned
Forward to Joe and whispered…I couldn’t
Hear but it obviously struck Joe with shock.
He turned to me. “This blows! Man I just
Want to just buy a farm somewhere and hide.”

The Star Elder finally came to me…
Everyone was silent and serious now. I
Briefly looked down the line, worried. Everyone
Was looking down…speechless, almost
Scared out of their minds?

The Star Elder touched my chest. But I
Could barely feel his hand, it was almost
Buzzing with energy instead of flesh. I stared
At his face, but his eyes were lifted and
Face tilted slightly away from mine. He was
So close now, I could feel it…He was
Not like anything I can describe. It was like
He was there, but wasn’t there. His eyes
Weren’t of this world, they were someplace
Else…everywhere else, all at the same time.
They changed from pearly white to a shiny
Shimmery chartreuse-like gold…as he
Was seeing into the ethereal limitless
Universe. He knew time, he knew space.
He was looking into destiny and fate. He
Wanted to see who we were and what
Parts we played. This man had a power
Unlike anyone. How is that possible?

People will argue and say it isn’t possible. But
I’m telling you this is a REAL MAN,
He does exist…and he knows everything!

Suddenly standing before him felt terrifying and I
Didn’t want to know what he was
Going to say. I was immediately scared
To death.

He lingered in front of me a very long time.
Too long. He was mesmerized by something.
It made me nervous and I looked around,
His people were swarming in closer towards
Him. His face seemed to light up. He kept
Seeing things I could feel it, but said
Nothing. I could feel myself sweat, his
Hand kept getting hotter. Then everyone
In the line was staring at him and me…

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he
Pulled his hand away. I swear I couldn’t
Be sure then, did he touch me or not?
It’s hard to explain. It was like he
Touched you but didn’t, as though he
Touched the energy field around you…I
Swallowed and waited for his words.
Why was it taking him so long to find
Words? It was like he was trying very
Hard to be careful what to say!

Instead of leaning forward to whisper, he
Leaned back and pointed. “You will go.”
Was all he said. Then he patted the little
Child’s hand eagerly to lead him away. And
He had the strangest look of contentment
On his face…and all of his people clustered
Close around him sensing his excitement
As he walked away.

Wait,” I called out nervously. “Where
Am I going?” But they just ignored me.
“Where am I going?” I yelled. Nothing,
No one would look at me! I turned to
Joe. “Where am I going?”

Joe looked scared. He said nothing.

“Where am I going?”

A woman, the one from before, stood before
Us very proud and pleased. “Thank you.
You may all return now. You will remember
This for a long time.”

The Fog of unconsciousness collapsed the
Scene…then it was gone…Was it a dream?
I remember it more vividly than anything
I can see or touch…

The Circle of Light…A brief visit for
Insight and Final words.

Ceres was there with Brishan, standing tall
And strongly elegant. Beautiful…waiting with
Her hands on her hips and her head
Tilted curiously as she eyed me. She
Knew a lot about this Star Elder.
I could feel it.

“Are you going to tell me now?” I
Asked her.

“It’s a miracle to even meet him.” Ceres
Said. “It’s a gift to be invited, to be
Summoned…even among us it is rare.
When the universe calls your name and
You hear it…when he hears it…you learn
Your whole life…to listen. To betray what
He says to you is a crime. Yes I know
What he meant…This was before the angel
Wasn’t it?”


She nodded. “It’s still happening. You will
Have to wait and see.”

“Oh.” I wanted to hear so much more after
All this time!

“Is there anything else you wanted to know?”
She asked.

“No.” I sighed. “Well…there is one
Thing I have to say. It’s very important.
If I don’t say it I think I may
Be in serious trouble.”

“What’s that?” She asked seriously.

“Joe is really, really good looking.
And I’m not just saying that because
He could squash me. If I ever find him
I have to make this very clear…He
Is a very, very good looking man. Really
Hot. You should know that.”

Ceres couldn’t help but shake her head
And let a loud laugh. It was
The first time I had ever really seen
Her laugh like that, a truly amused,
Joyous laughter. She nodded. “I
Understand. Thank you.”





Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 7JAN2017


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (7 January 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.