Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers… The Star Elder…

*SONG* “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

And the Mystic took the sacred hourglass
Full of the sands from their ancient shrine
And poured them into the waters
Of the watching pool…into the Holy Water
Where reflections beheld the spirit cries
Of those waiting…
The Mystic’s hand dropped the ring into them then
The Circle…forging ripples into the water…
Ripples that caught the hours.
The Right moment, For the perfect time…
Ripples in the water resounding through
The Universe…of Circles…
Felt in souls across the stars, and through them
Into them…to break the bonds of false hearts
Stolen in time, a day of reckoning
Righting all wrongs, so that truth could see
Through them…
Then the Star Elder’s voice called the names
And across the Universe they woke, eyes
Blurrily blinking, bewitched but seeing clearly…
As though they had never seen before…

The call had sounded none could deny…
Circles from across the stars
The deaf defeated by mischievous lies
Did not hear them…
But others did in truth and rose…
And the Star Elder said, “Bring them together.”

One by one, in galaxies across the stars
Those bound to the hour glass awoke
And called out to each other…
Some answered, some did not…could not

These are the circles of ages, bloodlines
From the First home scattered across the
Universe…seeds, starseeds to create the grid…
So that when the time came and the
Call sounded…the dots could connect.
And Build the Bridge that could bring them
And the lost secrets and lost tribes together.

Guided by a light…and songs.
The heart would break the ties that held
Their lives by lies and misfortune…
To build The Bridge, first this must be broken,
The eclipsed heart…then the eyes will open
To see where they must work and go…

It’s the unsung riddle of the Heart.
Where did my soulmate go?
Where can I find them?
The Eyes search through crowds
Of countless faces but can never find them…
The restless, weak hearts settle…
Thus never find them…
The Brave hearts wait…endlessly
And often are drawn to the unknown
By night, to then search the starry night above them,
No faces in the crowds, but lift the eyes
And can’t help but stare into the stars
To Find them…

Nothing matters, nothing can…
Some circles are forged so long and deep
Into the soul nothing can compare,
No one can break the bond of a circle…
And there are countless circles…
To each their own, and in them they
Find all the answers they ever quested,
Ever needed, ever longed for.

Dare to dream, and believe and Find brave
Faith to chase and run to…
Then their circle will find them.
Settle, and choose one to bide time with…
Well that’s fine…but the circle will not
Favor the choice of settling.
Deep down you know that already.
You ask questions, that you know the
Answers to already!
That’s what the Mystic always says…
Believe…And conquer the world around you…
Conquer just one lie…and find reward…
Brave the wait…and the call will reward…
Then the soul finds strength and declares…
Don’t get in my way…
And the universe rewards that with power…
Trumpets sound. In this hour…Now is the time…

Now…the Star Elder…

So, what will happen now?

Through a foggy dream state, lost in worlds
Of dreams and meaningless time wasted…
The Ancient grabbed a handful of the
Sacred sands and called them…7…
But this is just one story…of many…
They could not deny, not fight the power
Of his will, his voice…They had to come
And stand Before him…

“I have to see you…” He said…
And when he calls, you have no choice, no will
But to go…souls drawn from the ether sleep
Go to him, to the sanctuary his lost tribe
Found. Stand before the Star Elder…
So 7 went…his choice…

There, bewildered and curious they were
Set into a line before him and his people…
The mystics of the Lost Tribe…
On a sanctuary world known only to
The Watchers; where all refugees go.

It’s like a dream; you can’t quite think,
Only feel and experience, and if you are
Lucky you remember it later.
But then you remember what he tells
You to remember.

And he knows your real name, not
The names your parents of the world gave
You, but the name your soul recognizes…
The name the stars gave you when
Souls were new and unspoiled…

“Stand them there in a line, the 7.”
The great Star Elder says.
And his people obey without question
Or hesitation…

Words to the Wise, or foolish…
You do NOT call this man, he calls you.
The Golden Rule of the Universe…
When he wants to see you, you go…
You can beg and plea to see him
A thousand times, he will NOT answer…
It has nothing to do with being special,
It’s just in the sands, as his people say.

So here they stood…7, from the Great Hall…
From the Mission…

It was hazy and dim, beneath a colorless
Night sky…set aglow by a light
Indescribable, but somewhat like the
Aurora Borealis of Earth…

I stood at the end, as confused as ever…
Looked to my left and there was the tall
Dark skinned guy I had seen in dreams
Before…Joe? Built like a massive football
Player! And beside him, the beautiful blond
Julie…but with shorter hair?
And beside her the tall Native American,
Jacob? Then beside him a smaller slim guy, Jason?
Then the blond guy that was like a surfer, John?
And at the end, the fair and magical, Jennifer?
Those are the ones I saw in dreams
So many times I could paint their pictures
Without thinking! What was going on?

Joe kept blinking and walking back and forth
On unsteady feet beside me. He seemed drunk.
“Man, this is a weird dream. What was in
Those Cheetos…pot?” He turned and blinked
At me. “You? I’ve seen you before!”

“I’ve seen you too.” I said to him.

“You drew those pictures for me…” Joe

“I did? What pictures?” I couldn’t remember
Anything. Everything was a fog of memories.

“The ones from the book.” He fought to think.
“Or was it that girl? I can’t remember…
Or you both did. You draw stuff.”

“I draw sometimes, yeah.” I answered but
Had no clue what he meant. I couldn’t
Think clearly at all there.

He turned to his left. “Barbie’s here too!”

“Oh my God!” Julie groaned. “Not this again!
Why am I here?”

“You cut your hair.” Joe moaned. “Short.”

“You’re a brilliant ape.” Julie growled.

Joe turned to me. “Yep, Mean Barbie. I
Remember Mean Barbie.”

“Stop calling me Barbie!” Julie winced.

Joe looked around, he was always the
Most vocal man! “Look at all the little Pink
People!” He said of these strange looking
People all around us, staring and watching
Us intently. “Little Oompa-Loompas. Where’s
Willy Wonka? They giving us any chocolate
Or what? Hurry up I have to pee!”

“Oh my God you are dumb!” Julie groaned.

“What? Why?” Joe asked.

“Honestly, are you ever serious?” Julie asked.
“Do they look like Oompa-Loompas?”

“Tiny little Pink People, them Oompa-Loompas.
They make chocolate in Willy’s factory.” Joe
Said. “Didn’t you ever see that movie? The
Little men…”

“Everyone is little to you.” Julie snapped.
“They are not Oompa-Loompas. And they were
Orange, not pink!”

“So, these guys are pink!” Joe said. “What’s
The difference?”

“Just be quiet and stop talking,” Julie said. “I
Can’t think.”

“Chill out will you, it’s a dream.” Joe said.
“And I can say whatever I want. It’s my
Dream. Not yours.”

“Just be quiet. Oh my God!” Julie growled.

Joe turned back to me. “Mean Barbie. Yep,
She’s always mean. At least you laugh.”

“You guys are funny!” I had to say, they
Always made me laugh.

“She’s meaner with shorter hair.” Joe

“Shut up!” Julie said. “Why is this happening
To me? Always happens this way!”

“Oh my God I have to remember this,” I said,
“I have to write this down.”

“You write too?” Joe asked.

“Like in a dream journal, yeah.” I said.

“Hey,” Joe said leaning close to me like he
Was drunk, “If you write this down, no one
Will read it, right?”

“I guess not, no.” I said. (OOPS)

“Cool,” he said, “Then, can you write down that
I am very good looking? Yeah, write down
I am really hot.”

“You want me to write down you are good looking
And hot?” I laughed.

“Yeah, sure, why not?” Joe laughed. “I mean
If you read this later, or I do. It’s my dream?
Whatever. Then you will remember me that
Way…or I will. I never write. I never
Read. Man I hate to read. I always feel
Stupid when I read.”

“Imagine that.” Julie laughed.

“Hey cool it, Haircut Barbie.” Joe laughed. “Quit
Being mean to me, ok will ya?”

“No, it makes me feel better!” Julie snapped.

I laughed. “Ok Joe, I will write down in my
Journal you are really good looking and hot.
Don’t worry, no one will read it.” I swear
He is going to kill me if he finds out, he could
Pound me into the dirt! Sorry Joe, you know
I think you’re always cool. I love you, please
Don’t kill me. But he hates to read, so maybe
I’ll get lucky.

“Man, I really like you!” Joe smiled big at me.

“Are you really going to listen to him?”
Julie asked as the strange looking natives
Around us watched our exchange with
Amusement. “Don’t corrupt him.” Julie
Nodded at me.

“Hey, he’s a big boy, he’s fine.” Joe patted me
On the back. “Besides it’s my dream.”

I had to laugh, oh the two of them were
So funny!

“Your dream?” She said to him with a
Smile that looked like a snarl. “Do you
Think I want to be here? Why would I be
Here, or any of us if this was your dream?”

“Because I like to torture myself in my
Sleep.” Joe bellowed at her. “It’s like those
Girls that hang out after practice, a bunch
Of mean Barbie dolls!”

“What are talking about?” She squinted
At him. “What girls? Why do I do this
To myself? I was having margaritas, planning
My day tomorrow, the next thing I know I’m
Here. This is worse than when Shelly was
Preaching to me about love and light and
Her lightworker nonsense over lunch after
The salon. She always does this to me. Every
Time she talks about that lightworker
Stuff of hers I have a dream like this.”

A strained pause as everyone watched and
Listened. The others in the line seemed too
Confused to talk…Joe however…

“Lightworkers?” Joe asked straining to think.
“What’s that, what are you talking about?
A lighthouse?”

“What?” Julie said rolling her eyes. “No—“

“Hey people that work in lighthouses, that’s
A tough job,” Joe barked. “They have rights.
What, do you have something against
Lighthouses or something?”

Julie had this look of shock. “No. No, that’s
Not what I was—“

“You know what your problem is?” Joe
Snapped as he waved his hand in a wide
Gesture. “You’re stuck up. Yeah, California
Barbie has it easy, shops all day and stuff.
Can’t even sympathize with some poor
Bored guy in a lighthouse. They have unions
And stuff, they work hard. Give them a
Break already will ya!”

I laughed, then Jacob started laughing.
Soon everyone was…except Julie and Joe.

“My God, you are so dense!” Julie snapped.

“What?” Joe scowled. “Why? Hey Tonto
Over there thinks I’m funny.” He said,
Pointing to Jacob. “Yeah, see he’s cool,
He can chill out like on cool Keemosabi.”

“Tonto?” Julie said, shaking her head with
A bitter laugh. “Keemosabi? Really Lone
Ranger? HE can’t be both you idiot, either
One or the other. You’re just loud and
Stupid that’s what you are.”

“Whatever.” Joe turned to me, “You know
She’s the meanest Barbie I’ve ever seen.
Friggin’ California Plastic Dreaming…Won’t
Let me talk, won’t let me pee.” He turned
Sharply to her then. “You know you better
Start being nicer to me or I’m gonna pee
Right here all over you!”

“You’re disgusting! UGH!” Julie shouted. “Can
You be serious and intelligent ever? Why am
I being punished like this? UGH!” She turned
To Jacob. “Can I switch places with you?
Can we please switch right now?”

“Are we allowed to do that?” Jacob asked.

“Oh please,” Julie begged angrily. “I swear
These people will think we’re nuts!”

“Aw, Barbie’s scared of the little Pink
Oompa-Loompas.” Joe mocked her laughing.

“Just shut up! Just stop talking!” She
Moved around Jacob and urged him to
Switch anyway. He complied with a bit
Of a laugh, but was a little nervous to do it.

“You know you were a lot nicer before you cut
Your hair!” Joe yelled at her. “Who cares
What the little Oompa-Loompas think? What
No chocolate tonight from Willy Wonka? Go
Ask Ken for some magic grow pills to grow
Your hair back!”

I thought I was going to die from laughing!
“Shh…you have to be quiet. Look at their
Faces,” I tried to quietly tell him about
The natives, “These people look shocked.”

“You gotta quit whispering, my friend,” Joe
Told me. “Quit worrying about the little
Pink Oompa-Loompa people. This is a dream!
Are you really going to write this down?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, “I am definitely
Going to write this down.”

“You going to write how mean Barbie
Is being to me?” He asked.

“”Uh?” I just laughed.

“You going to show this to anyone?” Joe

“Uh,” I said, “No.” (OOPS)

“Oh, okay,” Joe said, “Well, don’t forget
To write how I’m really good looking.”

“Ok, Joe.” My God, I hope he never starts
Liking to read…

“And don’t forget to write about Mean
Barbie.” Joe laughed. “And make sure you
Write down how no one pees in California.
Must be one hell of a state.”

“I got it, Joe, I promise.” I said.

“Quit calling me Barbie, you great ape!”
Julie shouted.

The natives around, I swear I couldn’t tell
If they thought we were nuts or if
They had made some horrible mistake
In bringing us here.

“Are you really going to write about this?”
Jacob asked, leaning over.

“Yeah. Oh I have to remember this.” I
Told him.

“Can you write down I’m really good
Looking too?” Jacob asked.

“See,” Joe nodded, “Not just me.”

“The three of you, my God.” Julie cried out.
“Give us mercy, please!”

“Hey, you cut your hair, you lost your chance
To speak.” Joe cackled, he was really enjoying
Himself. “Write down she looks like Ken’s
Gay wimpy younger brother. I don’t care,
This is my dream.”

“You know, you are an evil giant ape!”
Julie shouted.

“Yeah?” Joe laughed. “Go wax surfer boys’
Legs, they look like they need shining, friggin’
California man, friggin’ California. No peeing
Allowed…They must hate toilets. Must
Be one hell of state, man!”

“You’re disgusting!” Julie yelled at him.
“You’re just totally disgusting!”

“Boo hoo, man. Boo hoo!” Joe yelled back.
“Come and get me, Ken. Come and get me.
I’m right here waiting for ya.”

I swear I could die laughing.

“What are we here for anyhow? Waiting
For the millennia to come?” Joe asked.

Jacob leaned to me. “You know, I’ve never
Had a dream like this before. I think I
Like it. Is that wrong?”

“Me either.” I said, “I don’t know. But
I swear it’s funny. I have to remember it.
I have to write it down.”

“Just don’t forget to write down I’m really,
Really good looking.” Joe said. “Yeah, say
I’m really hot.”

“And don’t forget to write down how stupid he
Is either!” Julie told me.

“What is he, your secretary?” Joe ordered.
“This is my dream. He’ll write what
I say. Bitch.”

“Nice!” Julie recoiled. “Stupid ape.”

Joe turned to me with a smile and patted
Me on the back. “Just write down
That I’m really, really good looking. That’s
The most important thing to remember.”


“No one’s going to read this, right?” Joe
Asked. “Just me?” He shook his head. “Man
I hate to read.”

“Nope, no one will ever read this, Joe. It’s
Cool.” One day I will be a dead man. Joe
Is going to pound me into the dirt. But
Hopefully Jacob will be there to save me.
But if Julie is there it could be an entirely
Different story. (GRIN)

“Just what is going on now?” Joe mumbled
As we all noticed the commotion of the
People…The crowd around us was whispering.
“Something is going on…”

“You think?” Julie said loudly. “I swear to
God I am never having lunch with
Shelley at that café again!”

Julie was irritated, but I swear there was
Something in her voice, a tone…She was enjoying
This, if just a little bit. She just hid it really

We watched as the crowd parted and this man,
A clearly very old, almost ancient looking man
With this fantastic headdress of white feathers
Appeared, guided by a small child…who seemed
To be leading him by the hand towards us. Was
He blind? It seemed so. The little child appeared to
Be maybe 5 or 6 years old, and very wide eyed,
Innocent and happy looking. The elderly man the
Child led held his head high and slightly tilted
With a distant expression, as if he were
Staring off, at, or into something. His eyes
Glowed like moons on his face, he was amazing
Looking. And everyone fell silent…

“Check out the wild dressed Willy Wonka!”
Joe exclaimed, breaking the silence. “Is he
Their chief?”

Jacob studied them fast and said, “That’s no
Chief…” He swallowed. “He’s some kind of
Medicine Man, you can feel it. He’s not like
The others…”

“I swear I’ve dreamed of these people
Before.” I said. “The Lost Tribe…”

A woman stepped Forward then, before
Him, dressed in these tan-ish orange
Robes with shells and beads adorning her.
“This is the Star Elder.” She said with
A strange accent. “He wished to see you.
He summoned you.”

“What’s Willy Wonka want to see us for?”
Joe laughed.

“Oh stop it, will you.” Julie ordered. “He’s not
Willy Wonka. Can’t you just be quiet for once
And listen.”

“Dude, Bro this is weird.” Joe grumbled. “Why
Can’t I just have chocolate and Cheetos.”
He turned to me and patted me on the
Shoulder. “Actually that sounds good. I gotta
Try that when I wake up.”

“Ape!” Julie groaned. “Such an ape! Be quiet
And just listen!”

I had to smile and laugh as Joe looked
At me…The look on his face, I was just
Waiting for his words. “You think Ken ever
Feeds her? NOPE.”

“UGH!” Julie howled.

The little child led the Elder to us…First
To the end where Jennifer stood…Silence
Fell across the crowd in awe. Although we
Had no idea what this was, why, or what
To expect. I leaned forward to see, but so
Did Joe and it was so hard to see past him
Since he was so huge. The Elder put his hand
Gently high on Jennifer’s chest just below
Her collar bone…then spoke something very

“What’s Willy Wonka saying? I can’t hear
Nothing!” Joe yelled.

“Shut up, just shut up!” Julie ordered.

Then the Elder, led by the child, moved next
To John and did the same. Again, very soft

“What’s Willy Wonka saying?” Joe asked loudly.
“We getting any candy or what?”

“Dear God!” Julie rolled her eyes. “Will you
Ever shut up?”

Joe turned to me and whispered. “It’s all
That plastic candy food she eats. That’s
Why Barbie’s so mean.”

I had to laugh, it was hard not to.
“Oh come on.”

“I’m serious Bro,” Joe said, “Look at her…
She could take out the Middle East. That’s
Probably why she cut her hair. Barbie
Commando! Ken can’t do it, that dude’s got
Molded plastic for nuts.”

I begged him with a gesture to be quiet
Though I was dying of laughter inside.

Joe kept watching. “I better get candy is
All I’m saying. All these pink little Oompa-
Loompas around, they better have candy or
I’m taking out this chocolate factory.”

“There’s no candy.” Jacob laughed. “I think
This is like some ceremonial initiation…”

“That sucks!” Joe bellowed. “What am I
Dreaming this for?”

The Elder then moved to Jason, then to

“Oh man, watch it now.” Joe barked. “Willy’s
Gonna meet Barbie…I bet she’s gonna
Say no chocolate gimme some sprouts.”

I know it was serious but it was hard
To think. I shook my head and looked at
Jacob who shared a similar expression…
He just held up his finger to his lips to
Be quiet…And Joe did listen, for the moment.

The Elder then moved to Jacob, touched his
Chest…then paused for a long time. His
Eyes seemed far away, then with his
Chin high and tilted head he leaned close to
Jacob and whispered something to him. I
Couldn’t hear, but whatever it was it
Apparently stunned Jacob silent. His face
Went pale, he swallowed. Then he looked
Nervously down and all around and
Wouldn’t’ say anything.

Joe panicked and turned to me. “Dude, Bro,
Did you hear what Willy said? What the Hell?”
He froze then as the Elder now stood in front
Of him and touched his chest.

Strained moments. Joe was frozen in both fear
And curiosity. The Elder’s face was intense now,
His eyes glowing…Suddenly his presence was
Very powerful, this was no joke…He leaned
Forward to Joe and whispered…I couldn’t
Hear but it obviously struck Joe with shock.
He turned to me. “This blows! Man I just
Want to just buy a farm somewhere and hide.”

The Star Elder finally came to me…
Everyone was silent and serious now. I
Briefly looked down the line, worried. Everyone
Was looking down…speechless, almost
Scared out of their minds?

The Star Elder touched my chest. But I
Could barely feel his hand, it was almost
Buzzing with energy instead of flesh. I stared
At his face, but his eyes were lifted and
Face tilted slightly away from mine. He was
So close now, I could feel it…He was
Not like anything I can describe. It was like
He was there, but wasn’t there. His eyes
Weren’t of this world, they were someplace
Else…everywhere else, all at the same time.
They changed from pearly white to a shiny
Shimmery chartreuse-like gold…as he
Was seeing into the ethereal limitless
Universe. He knew time, he knew space.
He was looking into destiny and fate. He
Wanted to see who we were and what
Parts we played. This man had a power
Unlike anyone. How is that possible?

People will argue and say it isn’t possible. But
I’m telling you this is a REAL MAN,
He does exist…and he knows everything!

Suddenly standing before him felt terrifying and I
Didn’t want to know what he was
Going to say. I was immediately scared
To death.

He lingered in front of me a very long time.
Too long. He was mesmerized by something.
It made me nervous and I looked around,
His people were swarming in closer towards
Him. His face seemed to light up. He kept
Seeing things I could feel it, but said
Nothing. I could feel myself sweat, his
Hand kept getting hotter. Then everyone
In the line was staring at him and me…

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he
Pulled his hand away. I swear I couldn’t
Be sure then, did he touch me or not?
It’s hard to explain. It was like he
Touched you but didn’t, as though he
Touched the energy field around you…I
Swallowed and waited for his words.
Why was it taking him so long to find
Words? It was like he was trying very
Hard to be careful what to say!

Instead of leaning forward to whisper, he
Leaned back and pointed. “You will go.”
Was all he said. Then he patted the little
Child’s hand eagerly to lead him away. And
He had the strangest look of contentment
On his face…and all of his people clustered
Close around him sensing his excitement
As he walked away.

Wait,” I called out nervously. “Where
Am I going?” But they just ignored me.
“Where am I going?” I yelled. Nothing,
No one would look at me! I turned to
Joe. “Where am I going?”

Joe looked scared. He said nothing.

“Where am I going?”

A woman, the one from before, stood before
Us very proud and pleased. “Thank you.
You may all return now. You will remember
This for a long time.”

The Fog of unconsciousness collapsed the
Scene…then it was gone…Was it a dream?
I remember it more vividly than anything
I can see or touch…

The Circle of Light…A brief visit for
Insight and Final words.

Ceres was there with Brishan, standing tall
And strongly elegant. Beautiful…waiting with
Her hands on her hips and her head
Tilted curiously as she eyed me. She
Knew a lot about this Star Elder.
I could feel it.

“Are you going to tell me now?” I
Asked her.

“It’s a miracle to even meet him.” Ceres
Said. “It’s a gift to be invited, to be
Summoned…even among us it is rare.
When the universe calls your name and
You hear it…when he hears it…you learn
Your whole life…to listen. To betray what
He says to you is a crime. Yes I know
What he meant…This was before the angel
Wasn’t it?”


She nodded. “It’s still happening. You will
Have to wait and see.”

“Oh.” I wanted to hear so much more after
All this time!

“Is there anything else you wanted to know?”
She asked.

“No.” I sighed. “Well…there is one
Thing I have to say. It’s very important.
If I don’t say it I think I may
Be in serious trouble.”

“What’s that?” She asked seriously.

“Joe is really, really good looking.
And I’m not just saying that because
He could squash me. If I ever find him
I have to make this very clear…He
Is a very, very good looking man. Really
Hot. You should know that.”

Ceres couldn’t help but shake her head
And let a loud laugh. It was
The first time I had ever really seen
Her laugh like that, a truly amused,
Joyous laughter. She nodded. “I
Understand. Thank you.”







  1. source :

    I don’t know if all these are correlated one to another….I was just led to see a mark that I was wondering if being of a spider or not, as its 8 legs look so impressive. Today, it turns out that the 8 legs are rather of the very CANCER. Something about 8 hence was occurring to me, the new netflix show of SENSE 8. I just tried hard finishing watching the 1st episode till the end, for It looks really too violent to me. In spite of its violence, and the very limited part that I could just seize of this show, it looks not only just interesting…….

    The one who presented this drama to me has somehow much to do with our MIGHTY PRIEST/ ELDER!!!

  2. Here, something worth sharing….For I’m overwhelmed by those having to do with Ancient Egypt, though I still cannot digest them well, I know it’s not only meaningful to me. These are to dedicate to our precious Princess Brianna, too…

    Dear Stefan, please take care, you don’t know how much you are missed, appreciated, weighed, blessed…..Dear Robin, the effects brought by Halcyon seem to keep going…

    The relief on the inner face of the First Pylon at the Temple of Luxor. Nefertari, shaking a sacred rattle, is preceded by her husband, Rameses II.

    Details from the painted anthropoid coffin of Lahmose, 21st dynasty, found at Thebes, Upper Egypt (British Museum EA22942)

    May all the precious ones have a magical FULL MOON, also the last one of the last month of this lunar year of MONKEY, as the CN New Year of COCK according to the lunar calender is coming on Jan. 28th, 2017.

  3. Crow with Field Guide to Decent Humans,Charles Van Sandwyk
    thanks to

    I’ve been gone through the very short-circuited state in all aspects, both internally and externally. Thanks to our precious Dreamwalker (Troy) for this comment given in such chaotic moment. No, it’s not a preach at all, but a very heart-warming sharing and encouragement. I guess all of us are experiencing this very gigantic waves. I dared not to post any comment as my mind was totally blown away.

    Still cannot skip my very gratitude to Dave and sister P….I did’t realize until late yesterday that some parts of my very aberration were rather owing to the infection of very malevolent beings which look like ethereal white worms in an incredible amount. Before trying to purge them, my mind could not be more clouded.

    Thanks for/ after this act of cleansing my etheral body with violet flames, I just had a very lucid and strange dream by the moment when waking up. It felt like the very plot, scenes of sci-fi films, having to do with the interim in all kinds of senses. I commuted between the old department and new house of my parents. I rather chose to live alone in the old one, whereas there seem still some others get in and out of the new one of my parents, which feels somehow like come company (I don’t know if this is reminding me of being over addicted to the very isolated and retreat-like circumstances for gaining more sense of security lying on the some-kind of tranquility and peace, being less even few affected by all which surround me). One very impressive scene is people, including me, were being taken blood to have various kind of tests. I saw how the very advanced blood separator/selector was in motion. The outcome was gotten by the staff of laboratory, however, I myself didn’t know what it was saying.

    After leaving that laboratory, I was turning back home, the new house of my parents, from that laboratory?!, taking some kind of bullet train-like public transport in pearl-gray tone. All the stations, even overpass are controlled by personnel in uniforms looking like police. They in the different pass or gateways in the train station, are respectively reading the documents about me among which it seemed to include that blood-test?! The atmosphere felt somehow tensed, along with the cold winter rain in the gray tone of scene. I don’t know why but if felt like somewhere in UK. There was a woman who felt like my senior was telling me something, sharing her experience. It seems all the ones I met in that dream were all coming to enlightening me.

    The conversations and scenes in the last section of the dreams felt so impressive, even much more than just “impressive,” which seems to reflect my own constant pattern as struggling between the apparent peace, depending on rational sense, giving in the conventional rightness and morality, and my genuine affection towards the charm glowed with guts, the loyalty to the heart, daring to break the old order.

    I didn’t make out the codes-like elements in these dreams until trying to recall them, typing these down for sharing here. I’m not sure if I can really make them out effectively, but realize that if I can, in this life time, this time, no more compromise with the conventional rationality to cause more regrets and faults. This dream feels so great, also thanks to the presence of Dave/David.

    source :
    The super symbolic FULL MOON is coming today. Here, my best blessings to all the precious ones.
    I happened to meet these which look exactly like a very divine gift, remedy….

    thanks to

    thanks to

    • With regards to this FULL MOON…

      source :

      The SUN represents our ‘outer-world’, our identify, our personality, our ego. It represents how we ‘shine our light’ out into the world, the present moment, our yang or masculine archetype expression. The Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminated insight of the Soul.

      The MOON represents our ‘inner world’, our hidden emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams. It represents our feelings, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype. The Moon offers us the ability to feel, learn from the past and creatively unlock and express our essence.

      cancerOur first FULL MOON of 2017 is quite significant as it involves many of the ‘biggies’ in astrology and really sets a theme for the rest of the year. So much is happening astrologically this Full Moon… but here is an overview of some of the key aspects.

      Firstly, the FULL MOON in watery CANCER will mean that emotions will be running very high this FULL MOON… but if channeled wisely, will be a brilliant opportunity to gain deep intuitive insight into your own personal themes for 2017. What do you envision / feel / imagine for yourself this 2017 and what must you let go of in order to birth this awakened vision of you ? Let the Sun in the practical sign of CAPRICORN bring to light what is felt deep within your Heart-n-Soul.

      When the Moon is in Cancer, the focus is on your family and home environment. You may feel a sudden urge to de-clutter, finish those odd-jobs & make your abode more homely. The focus on family & relationships will also be heightened with the Moon close to the asteroid VESTA. Your heart will be guided to nurture and provide a homely sanctuary for your loved ones… or maybe spicing up the bedroom & spending time with your lover. There will be a calling to nest down and find solace in the comfort and security of your home.

      full-moon-cancer-january-2017-astro-lrThis is an interesting start to the year with the Full Moon part of a CARDINAL GRAND CROSS (Command Click / Right Click the Astrology Wheel to your right to enlarge). The MOON in CANCER (with VESTA nearby) opposes the SUN in CAPRICORN (with PLUTO nearby) and…. JUPITER in LIBRA opposes URANUS in ARIES (with asteroid CERES nearby).

      The GRAND CROSS formation (which creates a square, such that each of the 4 points are 90 degrees apart) brings forth tension, friction, but also creates an opportunity for quite profound change.

      PLUTO in Capricorn is calling us to bring about change and breakdown outmoded strcutures in the dictatorial state of corporations, religion and governments. With JUPITER in Libra we are feeling frustrated with the curtailing of our freedoms, liberties and unjust government/societal policies and agendas. And with URANUS in Aries heralding rebellion and the unconventional… we are being pushed to break free of the box and find our freedoms that are unique for each and every one of us. And as JUPITER & URANUS oppose we are expanding ourselves into a greater vision of possibility and not waiting for the Governments of business to be this change… we KNOW it starts with US… it starts with YOU !

      On a side note too, MERCURY the planet of Communication, moved direct from its Retrograde transit on the 8 January 2017 when it was conjunct the GALACTIC CENTRE (8th Dimensional Portal) of our Galaxy. Thus leading into this FULL MOON we are receiving ‘channeled’ insight into a more beautiful world… and now its up to us to take our insights and put them into conscious action. In addition, ALL planets are direct for the next 4 weeks… providing a tsunami LOVE WAVE of heightened / amplified potential for whatever we choose to focus our thoughts/emotions/feelings on over the coming month ♡

  4. There seems to be a lot of fear out there in the world right now. “Business leadership” can be fear-based. The political scene over most of the world right now could also be seen to be mostly based on fear. This has the unfortunate side effect of division and being a reason for folks not working as a team. Even in unrelated situations or places, the fear can carry over. Remove the fear from your organization and productivity will increase by quite a bit. Unfortunately the fear is simply “the way things are done” and many times it can’t be recognized for what it is, and it could take a major cultural shift to address (but it is surprisingly easy to overcome).

    I notice a few threads saying “don’t get on the ships when they land”… well first of all they’re not going to land… WE have to make the effort to meet “them” in our own time and our own way. Maybe there will be bad aliens landing in the future. Remember there have been many warnings about this and it has never happened. Well.. again with the fear… simply intended to divide and conquer.

    There may be “bad guys” out there but they only have power over us as long as we ALLOW them to have power over us. The “bad guys” are mostly motivated by fear, so one thing they have working against them is that they are very divided because of this… even when it appears they are working as a mafia or tribe. There is a pecking order and threats involved if they don’t do as they’re told. This is not a nice way to live. Life is short, you know?

    With respect to those guys spiritually targeting folks… they also have no power over us. This is basically voodoo and it only works so long as you believe it works. You can use your own built-in shielding (kind of like the star trek force field) to protect against this stuff – it really does work. The pin dolls are a nice place to keep pins, but to us they’re nothing more than a pincushion. I hope they like quilting… it is a better use of their time.

    In your daily lives at work etc remember to recognize when fear exists, and try to counter it whenever you can. Humor always helps… or just react. There will be a cultural disconnect in the situation because you won’t be expected to behave that way… but the “shock” is actually just what folks need to shake them out of their support of a basically lousy fear-based system.

    Don’t mean to sound “preachy” but I feel like some of this needs to be addressed. Bring it into the light. Sometimes (most of the time?) the only thing at the bottom of a rabbit hole is poo… because you broke into the outhouse by mistake.. 😀

    I choose “love” over “fear” any day. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hi everyone!!! Dreamwalker…all you said is truth! FEAR is shackles…fear clips our wings…

      I have been absent and could not find the motivation to keep up with the posts. Possibly wasn’t the right time for me to receive those messages. Since I spoke to you all last, I have been sitting in circles and learning how to heal myself and how to heal others.

      Valiants posts are nourishing. Thank you

      I can’t wait to catch up 💕

      Lots and lots and lots of love my friends


  6. What the very fun, joy, comfort, even magical glue the super HOT Joe just brought!!! Thanks also for all the comments above, pity that I still…..Without the precious reminding of this Jan. 7, 2017, I would have missed….Again, these super waves feel so….uneasy!!!

    A spiritual sister just shared this song with me, reminding me of the very energy effect it brings out. This video is released by the singer herself.

    In the lyrics, there are the key words of moon, river/stream, mountain. Honestly, the lyrics is hardly to be attributed to any beautiful literary art, but this singer does interpret this song in some very very impressive way….

    May all have a nice weekend !!!

  7. 5:33 MARK of KRYON


  8. I just wanted to take the time here to add that I was “nudged” to share the above video “Bride of the Wind”…LMAO now! Did anyone watch it all the way through??? This one was definitely for you Joe! Light Houses (I live in Maine) and Golden Tickets!

  9. Thanks Bill I needed a good laugh… this latest one reminded me of a couple of things –

    The scene in one of the Michael Moore movies where he’s talking to a CEO and has a camera in his lap. The CEO asks him if the camera is on. Looking at the camera (as it’s running), he says, “no” with a smirk on his face. Then the CEO tells all… 😀

    A friend of mine a few years ago was similar to Joe – wind him up and watch the chaos! There was one memorable time when I took him to the grocery store (he was on a disability pension) – an old guy, kind of clumsy, bumping into stuff – generally creating chaos. I’m sure the clerks gave a good sigh of relief every time he left the store… all I could do was stand a healthy distance away and appreciate the thunderstorm from a distance… after all it’s not his fault they stack the soup that way… LOL

  10. Lyrics

    A single thread in a tapestry

    though its color brightly shines

    can never see its purpose

    in the pattern of the grand design

    and the stone that sits up on the very top

    of the mountain’s mighty face

    does it think that it’s more important

    than the stones that forms the base

    So how can you see what your life is worth

    or where your value lies

    ohhhh, you can never see through the eyes of man

    you must look at your life

    look at your life through heaven’s eyes

    lai-la-lai…through heaven’s eyes(2X)

    A lake of gold in the desert sand

    is less than a cool fresh spring

    and to one lost sheep, a shepard boy

    is greater than the richest king

    should a man lose everything he owns

    has he truly lost his worth

    or is it the beginning

    of a new and brighter birth

    So how do you measure the worth of a man

    in wealth or strength or size

    in how much he gained or how much he gave

    the answer will come to ya

    to look at his life through heaven’s eyes

    lai-la-lai…through heaven’s eyes(2X)

    and that’s why we share all we have with you

    though there’s little to be found

    when all you’ve got is nothing

    there’s lots to go around

    No life can escape being blown about

    by the winds of change and chance

    and though you never know all the steps

    you must learn to join the dance

    you must learn to join the dance
    lai-la-lai…through heaven’s eyes(repeat until fade)



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