Valiant: Knock Knock… The Watchers… Ghosts… Jennifer…

*SONG* “Without You” by Mariah Carey

In the air, In the breath, In the time.
The hours align to match the stars
The reason and sense was lost then
Years ago, maybe before it ever had a
Chance to begin. It was to be shared,
It was always meant to be…
The light was a gift…
I chased a dream, denied and fought
Reality and any and everything that
Cast a shadow. Because the only thing
That ever mattered I found in a dream,
In dreams.

The eyes and ears read this and say
He has got some great imagination…
Because if by chance it’s real at all
Then it’s scary as hell. Be scared.
They said no one would ever believe it,
No publisher would dare publish it.
God forbid it challenged conventional
Thought and shed light on a secret
That might crack the world.
So let the world crack then.

Of course I can’t share every detail…
Those little bits left are crucial for the
Ones that know, I’m sorry but it has to be
That way. It’s not withheld to be cruel,
But for their privacy. Because it was
Always for them, I wanted someone,
Somewhere a memory of them to survive
Because it was more than just a dream…
So if what you read scares you I
Apologize, but I wasn’t about to just
Walk away and forgot…

In August of 2001 I was made an offer,
A very comfortable offer…to live in NYC…
I might have been there…could have…
But instead I held to a dream…and painted.
The Circle of Light came quick upon
The pen to shower down all around…
Varence and Ceres stood waiting…calmly,
Quietly…There was no conversation, just
Sad faces and gentle sympathy because
The words came fast and intensely…
Can’t you tell?

Varence simply said one thing, politely…as he
Pointed to the notebook. “Just write…” And
The words came.

So I write and read them at the same
Time, without thinking, just letting it flow.
I can feel this is not something I
Want to write, yet I have to know. The words
Come anyway by pen and paper endlessly.

The memory of a dream…
It was late August, just before Labor Day…
By chance a dream of a gathering of
Familiar strangers…You know the group,
The names of the Great Hall…They were
All there, at least mostly.

It was a sunny place, a sanctuary
Safe to meet…It appeared to be like
Some big garden. Birds were chirping,
There were the sounds of running water. And
Everywhere there were these people in their

It’s strange to note that on those rare nights
Of these dreams, everyone seemed to wear
Their favorite pajamas…because they were
Neatly dressed, not in their underwear or
Naked for bed…Aside from Joe, who always
Appeared in boxers and a T-shirt, his
Trademark pajamas. It was as if they knew…

I remember sitting on a bench…near the roses
When she sat down, Jennifer…The beautiful
Red-haired girl with the long curly hair. I had seen
Her before in that place. I had known so many
Jennifers, but this one…she was unlike any,
She was unlike most girls I knew. She was
Always sweet and soft spoken, kind and
Understanding…A listener, not a talker…and she
Didn’t go on and on about meaningless things…No,
This Jennifer was so nice. She was so kind
I assumed she had to be fake…but she was
So charming, with a gentle way about her
And pretty…She just was not like other girls.

She sat down next to me and smiled. “I
Remember you, I’ve seen you before.” She said.

“You do?” I asked. I was often scatter-brained
There…in a state of wonder than aware. “I
Think I’ve seen you before…”

“It’s Bill right?” She asked smiling.

“Yes, that’s right.” These people always knew me…
Boy, I felt drunk.

“You look good, you’ve changed a lot.” She said.
“Every time I see you here you’ve changed.”

“Everyone always says that.” I answered. “How
Do you always remember me so much?”

“I just do.” She said. The more she sat there,
The more familiar she felt. “Boy, I wish
I knew Jennifers like you…the ones I

“What?” She asked.

“Not so nice.” Was all I could say.

“I think I know what you mean.” She said.
“My friends are the same way.”

“So is the point of this here?” I asked her
As I looked around at all the people making
Small talk. “That we…meet different kinds of

She looked around. “I don’t know, I don’t
Think so. It feels different somehow…There’s
More going on here…but I’m not really sure

“Yeah, yes I think I know what you

“What’s wrong, you look confused?” She
Asked studying me.

“I am.” I answered fast. “How did you
Know that? It’s like you know me, and
I know you…but I don’t, not really…not
When I’m awake…But I do. I make no

“No, I know what you mean.” Jennifer replied
Straightening out her pajama pants…She was
Wearing a pink T-shirt and white sweat pants.
“This place is…it’s like a gift I think.”

“It is?”

“Yeah, from what we have.” She said looking
At me kindly. “Don’t you think?”

She was so nice. “I wish I knew someone
Like you when I was awake…God, my friends,
My life…I hate it.”

She nodded. “So do I.”

“So what’s making you sad then?” I asked.

She looked at me with a laugh. “Now whose
Reading who?”

“I don’t know you,” I laughed, “But I do.”

“I wish I knew someone like you too.”
Jennifer said looking away into the scenery.
“The guys I know…”

“Drive you nuts?” I asked.

She turned to me. “They drive me nuts, yes.”
She laughed. “See you know…so try then?”

“Try what?”

“Look at me and tell me what I’m thinking.”
She said looking into my eyes.

No thinking, no thoughts, just senses, then
I said it. “You’re getting married?”

She nodded. “Next month. I’m engaged, yes.”

“Well that’s good, isn’t it?”

“Is it?” She asked straining to think, she
Looked as if she might cry.

“You don’t want to?” I asked…There was
A pause, she just looked at me. “Why?”

“I’m 30.” She answered. “I turned 30 this year.
What else is there?”

“Huh?” I was confused. “You turned 30, so
You think you have to get married? That’s

“My mother wants it, my sister wants it, my
Friends want it.” She said staring off at nothing.
“What else am I supposed to do? Wait? For
What…This? What is this? Is it a dream?
Is it real? I’ve been haunted by this for years.
I’ve never met anyone from here.”

“Me either.” I had to agree, now I knew
What she meant. ‘But I think everyone
Has that…That doomed sense when they
Turn 30…like if some magic moment doesn’t
Come their life will end…That their youth is
Over and their dreams die just because they
Turn 30.”

“You don’t feel that way?” She asked.

I laughed. “Hey my teens were a nightmare.
My 20’s sucked. Everyone I knew and know
Acts better than they are…If that’s the
Glory of youth, then that sounds more like
Hell…The 30’s sound more like a chance of
Hope to try and make it better.”

“You really believe that?” She asked with
A laugh. “I’ve NEVER heard anyone
Say that before. That’s all anyone talks
About is being afraid of life after 30.”

“Don’t get me wrong.” I told her, “I feel that
Too…But also it’s like…who has ever given
Really good advice? Do they really listen
Or care or are they just repeating the same
Old line?”

“True.” She agreed. “You make me feel
Better just sitting with you.”


“So what’s bothering you?” She asked.

“I was offered a chance to go to NYC…to live
There…a job.”

“But?” She asked, then found the answer
In the senses she felt. “It doesn’t feel right?
It bothers you?”

“Yeah.” I told her. “I hate this…strange,
Bad feeling.”

She thought for a minute, then seemed to
Find some kind of psychic response. “Don’t do it.
Don’t go there.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I feel it, I know you do.” She told me
With absolute certainty. “Don’t do it. Just

I studied her for a moment, and the feeling
That reacted to her words. Somehow words
From the right person really do have a
Powerful impact. Maybe that’s what the dreams
Were all about. “I won’t go…I won’t go.”

Her face had this haunting quality, a picturesque
Beauty framed with red flowing curls and glass
Blue eyes that saw right through you…far
Unlike the girls I knew. She didn’t whine or lecture,
She was calm and spoke softly…She listened and
Spoke with her heart. She cared. “Are we ever
Going to meet? Is this ever going to mean
Anything…to be real?”

“I—“ before I could speak, the glimmer of
This dreamy ether world began to fade…It
Was crumbling as always before any sense could
Be made. Any talk of meeting for real
Always seemed to shatter it, whatever it
Was, that place. Then it was over…And I, we,
They would wake up and only fragments
Would remain in the real world. And life
Would go on…

Jennifer awoke to her ordinary day…She
Was in between jobs, so her schedule was
Relatively free. She had quit her job at the mall
To pursue a more appropriate adult job…either
A bank, a library, or an accountant…She
Hadn’t decided just yet. All her current
Focus was on the wedding, as was everyone
Else’s. That’s all anyone ever talked about
Was her wedding…

Oh how lucky she was. How perfect. The pretty
Girl from high school, who was still beautiful…
Was marrying the hot, handsome guy from
School, finally…After years of friendship
And “growing up” through their twenties
Through college and work and the mistrials
Of awkward dating…Jennifer had finally
Made the clandestine connection to the
Most good looking popular boy that always
Adored her…Brian.

Brian was perfect, he could have been a
Model or a movie star…but for some reason
No one ever discovered him. He was always
Popular wherever he went…From high school
Into college…then into work right afterwards.
His looks always got him the best opportunities,
He was never alone on a Friday night. Everyone
Worshipped Brian, men and women alike…
The girls all wanted him, as secretly did
Their mothers; and some secretly had him as
Well. The boys all envied him, and every
Father wished he was their son…Brian was
A true miracle, for every man saw the
Handsome reflection of themselves in him.
Egos thrive this way…Men are made this
Way, that’s how the best rise…reflections
And wishful thinking…He must be successful
Because he’s hot…and life rewards them
This way, at least the sly boys learn that
Trick…and pass it on.

But Jennifer saw this in Brian
And always cringed. Because for all
Brian’s physical attributes he lacked one
Thing…a heart for conversation, something
She yearned for so much. No one ever really
Talked from the heart about anything, it was
A shallow materialistic gossipy life…was there
Anyone out there who talked about anything
More? Only in dreams!

Jennifer lingered in bed when she awoke that
Day, she just sat up and stared at the
Window and the morning light, numb. She
Had one of those dreams again of those people.
Always when she as at her lowest of
Loneliest feelings…those dreams would come,
Thank God. Oh, how she hated her life.

Then her sister was there, they both still lived
At home…But Charlotte had just graduated
College so it was different circumstances. They
Were both red heads, both beautiful…Both
Had been cheerleaders…Though Charlotte went
The route of the bossy snob while Jennifer was
The milder, quieter beauty queen. The other
Strange difference, Jennifer’s hair was curly
While Charlotte’s was straight…but then
It was a family legacy of red heads so that
Didn’t matter.

“You’re still in bed?” Charlotte asked as she
Stood in her doorway putting on her earrings,
Already sharply dressed like a magazine
Model ready to go out. “I thought we were
Going shopping early, you still need to
Find shoes for your dress?”

“I guess.” Jennifer mumbled numbly.

“You said you hated the ones you had.”
Charlotte said finishing with her earrings
And walking in her room looking around.
“You said the heels were too high?
Where’s your outfit? You’re not even ready?
What did you just wake up?”

“No, I’m just sitting here.” Jennifer half

Charlotte studied her sister’s face. “What’s
Wrong, are you sick?”

“No.” Jennifer answered.

Charlotte shook her head, “Then what is it?
What’s wrong?”


Charlotte rolled her eyes. “Nothing’s wrong?
And you’re just sitting here.” She turned
Around walked over and opened the drapes
To let the full morning light in. Her
Frustration was growing as she turned to
Face her sister. “What is wrong with
You?” She slapped her hands against
Her legs. “The wedding is a few weeks
Away and you act like someone just died…
Or is going to die.”

Those were poignant words! Jennifer’s eyes
Widened. “Maybe.”

Charlotte shook her head. “Maybe what?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Charlotte’s frustration was
Growing. “Jennifer what is wrong with you?
Please! For God’s sake, what do you have
To worry about? Unless there’s some secret
Life you’re hiding?”

“Don’t you ever just…feel things?”

“Like what?” Charlotte asked. “Like smacking
You? What?”

“Something more…that there’s more.”

“More than what?” Charlotte snapped. “My
God what is wrong with you? The weather
Is beautiful today, you look great…when
You’re not moping around…You’re getting married!
My God, you’re marrying Brian! He’s gorgeous!
He’s making money! The wedding’s going to
Be gorgeous! You and Brian are going to look
Fantastic! You’re going on an awesome
Honeymoon! He’s giving you a gorgeous new
Home! Everything is terrific, everyone is
Jealous of you. My God, he’s so prefect
It’s ridiculous!”

“Then you marry him.”

“What?” Charlotte couldn’t believe her ears.
“What? What are you saying? What?”

“I don’t know.”

Charlotte curled her lip at a loss of what
To say. But she knew her sister…They
Did on rare occasions share those sisterly
Moments…When the moods were calmer,
And the truth was more sincere and they
Could discuss anything…fantasy…intuition…
Strange things…the stars…magic…aliens.
And it stuck her. “Are you still having
Those dreams?”


“Those dreams,” Charlotte went on, “About
Those strange people, in that strange place?”

“We talked about that?” Jennifer couldn’t
Remember, she was numb.

Charlotte sat beside her on the bed. “Jennifer,
Listen to me. As your sister, please listen to
Me, alright? They’re dreams…Everyone has
Them…That’s all they are.”

Jennifer didn’t want to answer. “I know.”

“What more are you looking for? A wish?
A dream, what?” Charlotte asked. “Some kind
Of fantasy friends you found in a dream? They
Don’t exist.”

Jennifer looked at her angrily. “They do.”

“What?” Charlotte asked. “Jennifer this is
Crazy! You’re getting married, you’re just
Having those nerve things or whatever
About commitment.”


“Maybe?” Charlotte grew more annoyed.
“What is so wrong with Brian? What is
So wrong with marrying Brian? After all
This time, you—“

“Everything.” Jennifer simply snapped, as if
Her insides reached through her mouth.
“Everything is wrong with Brian. Everything.”

Charlotte could not believe her ears. “What
Is wrong with you?”

Jennifer shook it off. “Never mind,” she said
Getting out of bed and grabbing at the bed
Spread to make the bed. “You’re right, let’s just
Go shopping, get the shoes and I will forget
All about it.”

But she couldn’t forget about it. She went
Out with her sister shopping for the day and
Put on a fake smile, and had some fake laughs
And just kept laughing and pretending her
Feelings away. They had a wonderful fake
Day just like always. But at least she
Bought some good shoes and was all ready
For the wedding now.

The days went by the same way. Each day
A little heavier, a little worse. By night she
Prayed for dreams that didn’t come. By day
She did her standard chores and errands,
And her exercises and jogging…The music
That she played fueling her to go on…
Sweet songs, fun songs and love songs…
Songs that ached for a different life…A
Braver life, where she dared to have the
Strength to disappear and leave Brian
And her friends and family and start
Over somewhere completely new. And
Maybe by some magic miracle to meet
Someone that had the spark of a
Dream within them too. Someone alive, who
Wasn’t fake and could really talk…
Someone who could listen as well as hear
And not talk endlessly about nothing.

And the days kept passing this way…
Until that morning, that Tuesday
Morning when her girlfriends Kate and
Beth had come over early so they
Could go out and talk about the wedding.
Their futures and husbands and wonderful
Sugar-coated fake lives with shopping
And fancy lunches and mixed drinks; alcohol
Made it easier to laugh at least.

But that Tuesday morning in September
Was different…The news was blasting and
Buzzing with disaster in New York City
Of a terrorist attack…The World Trade
Center. It was horrific, impossible. Everyone
Was in shock and in disbelief, yet glued
To their television sets and radios. Life
Froze across the country, then across the
Globe as one of the worst terrorist attacks
In history was broadcast live on the news.

Suddenly the world had stopped, and life
Changed in just one day…in just a few hours.
Lives stopped, working stopped, no one laughed
They only cried and looked around in fear.
Where was next? Would it happen again?
Could it happen again? Fear gripped
A nation and the world as everyone
Wondered what they hell had happened.
What did it mean?

It was the nonstop topic of conversation
Everywhere. Faces were pale, only children
Too young to understand still laughed while
Everyone else lived with paranoia, panic
And looked over their shoulder constantly.
Stories poured through the airwaves
Of anything and anyone connected to
The tragedy…Did you know someone there?
A friend, a family member? God forbid
The connection was too close to home, then
It became even worse and grim…Suddenly
September was the worst month of the

And Jennifer only found further terror in it
All. Plagued by fears and nightmares that
Made no sense…Her family was from upstate
New York but now lived in California…
It was an early day of hell for them
There when it happened. But what truly
Shook her was some terrible, mysterious
Fear…of those dreams, those people. There
Was something she could not explain about
It to anyone…Those buildings, that place…a
Dream…New Jersey…someone was there, or
Might have been or could have been or
Something. There was a connection she
Could only scarcely remember.

She tried telling her sister one day about it.
About some guy she dreamt of from New
Jersey who was supposed to be in NYC then,
That she told not go there. Her strange
Dreams and intuition. Jennifer and her
Sister did agree on that, their odd sense
Of knowing things…premonitions, knowing
Things before they happened. Was there
Someone she was connected to on the other
Side of the country that could have been
In that terrible hell? Was it possible?
Even Charlotte shook at the thought.

“You just have to let this go,” Charlotte
Kept telling her, “Or it will drive you nuts.”

But she couldn’t let it go, and it did keep
Driving her crazy. Those dreams! Those
Strange dreams with those people! It ate
Away at her night and day until any and
Every thought of the wedding later on in the
Month made her absolutely cringe.

And Brian was no help. He weakly offered,
“Do you think we should postpone the
Wedding?” But he didn’t really care, he only
Said that for sympathy for others, or
Rather to get sympathy. The poor handsome
Guy’s wedding plans tainted. But then
Many celebrations were ruined that month.
How could they not.

But even worse each day Jennifer was raked
With some awful dread. She couldn’t look at
Brian, they rarely spoke and never touched.
When they were together it grew increasingly
Uncomfortable. The whole thing felt like some
Bad omen. You made a mistake, it was all
A mistake…don’t do it. Stop the wedding and
RUN! Her insides were making her nuts.

And the Darkness came…
Worse each day and night. She did
Have dreams but not of those people. No,
Something sick and twisted began tormenting
Her with a sinister voice…causing her to
Have terrible nightmares of a bittersweet
Life with Brian of nonstop pretending and
Emptiness…She felt a coldness and a loneliness
That grew worse. And there was no light
On the horizon, only the constant growing
Darkness, a bad storm.

But it was the paranoia, right? A dream?
No…The Darkness spoke and whispered
Things to her constantly to make her feel
Worse. “They’re dead!” It would say. “They’re
All dead! Those people were secretly meeting
In those buildings…The World Trade Center
Was to be a secret meeting place…That’s
Where they met in dreams.”

The Dark Voice deliberately tormented her
To make her sick, to believe it… “That was
The end of it all, they all died there. Your
Drams are over Jennifer. Give up and give in.
Marry Brian and be a good little wife. There’s
No dream waiting for you. This is as good as
It will ever get.”

The Dark Voice seemed to find some sick delight
In tormenting her. It never stopped. She heard
Whispers in the shadows, whispers in the light…
Over voices on the television…in songs on the
Radio…It was everywhere, it tainted everything.

She never smiled, she never laughed anymore,
She only had this awful feeling that grew
Worse and worse that built each and every
Day…until she cried. As though every day
Was a nightmare relived. She cried. And she
Couldn’t talk to anyone. No one had anything
To say. And all advice was empty and
Emotionless. It was as of everyone read the
Same sympathy manual of things to say
In a crisis. No independent caring thought,
Only lame excuses and words of support
That had all the strength of Jello. Nothing
Helped, there was no forgiving moment
And no hope. Instead of the wedding
Bringing her and Brian closer together
It drove them further apart until
She hated thinking about it, hated
The dress…She couldn’t even look at it…
And as the day itself grew closer she
Felt sicker and sicker. There was no
Joy, no hope…nothing to give her a
Spark. Was this what growing older was
Going to be like?

No friend, no family member offered any
Support. Even her mother was cold about it.
She kept telling her she had a better chance
For a future than a lot of other people
And should be grateful.

Grateful? For what? For pretending and
Surrendering hope and dreams to settle for
What everyone else said was the right
Thing. People really give insensitive advice.
Real friends always listen…When it
Takes more courage to stand up to your
Friends to defend or explain yourself
That really says too much of what is
Missing in your life.

The Dark Voice grew stronger…The whispers
Deafening, until her tears were endless and
Her strength was gone. The music sang no
Songs of happiness and she couldn’t dream

And the night before the wedding came,
And the Dark Whispers kept taunting
Her ears with fears and awful words.
“They’re gone, Jennifer. They’re dead. Just
Give up. Give in…And it gave them names…
Bill’s gone…John is gone…and Julie, and
Joe and Jacob…and all the others. They
Were all there waiting for you…And they
Died together and left you behind…And
Now you’re all alone. You’re all alone Jennifer.
And you always will be.”

So that night in the darkness, when
Everyone was asleep…She had made
Them all believe everything was alright
So they never knew…She pretended
Like always that everything was okay.
Then she went into her bathroom in
The middle of the night and stood before
The mirror, pretty as a picture in white…
Tears streaming down her face…She swallowed
A fistful of pills…Then took the razors
From the shower…And slashed at the
Dark Voices by ripping her arms apart…
Then finally…a peaceful silence fell.

The words are cold and cruel…to write,
To think, to feel.

“So now you know what happened to her.”
Varence said numbly.

No chance to let him speak, nor willingness
To write his words. They said enough, told
Enough. I wasn’t there that day! But
That Dark Thing made her believe! The
Darkness always makes people believe
The worst and give up hope. It feeds
This way.

The Darkness antagonizes people to fight
For no reason, to kill dreams and hope.
God forbid anyone should be happy. And
If, when, it grants but brief moments
Of happiness it makes them pay for it.
So unfair!

In Darkness brews a cruelty that kills
Dreams and hope, but relishes fear.
To steal someone’s dream by lies and
Taunting whispers. I’ve had enough of
Things being taken from me. Send it
Back at them then. Send the Darkness
Back its torment. For if I have to rise
To have my dream, then I will open
The Box all the way…
To become…

Valiant Thor


Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 1APR2017


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (1 April 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…the Watchers…Millenium…

*SONG* “Photograph” by Def Leppard

In all of history the human race has been
On this endless quest for one simple thing…
A better life.
For a time when fairness seemed easier,
That life and people were kinder…

Perhaps a silly Disney song said it best…
“In my favorite dream…everything is so delightful
No one is mean or spiteful…in my favorite dream…”

They say the middle ages were a dark age…
That people were poor and suffered and
Were ignorant…That the world was full of rulers who
Were tyrants and unjust…
So when exactly did the Dark Ages end?
When life, liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness involved the forging of a new nation
And a Declaration of Independence after
Settling a land that was already occupied
By simpler Native Americans?
It quite honestly sounds like an
Endless debate…No one will ever be
Completely happy until life is effortless
And all the answers and solutions
To every problem come freely
And every person and every nation
Becomes overtaken by one belief, one law…
Or one world order.

The stars must hold the answer…
There must be a higher power with advanced
Technology to save the world…it’s the easiest
Possible solution…Because despite the fact
That freedom exists…here and there…
The fact remains…peace is not enough
For everyone…There will always be those
That thirst for power…
And there will be no justice in this world
As long as paychecks are involved.

The only truth that will ever hold true
Is that everyone is entitled to life, liberty
And the pursuit of happiness…
Regardless of gender, race, age, religion or
Sexual orientation…
But the universal laws of justice must also
Apply here…That these liberties are absolute
As long as they respect essential laws that
All life deserves…That you pursue these
Liberties without harming life.
Maybe the only path to accomplish this
Monumental virtuous goal is that we
Learn to accept…to disagree…to respect
Others boundaries…and never allow
Religious perceptions to limit or force laws…
Maybe the only true way to achieve
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Is to simply say…to each their own,
Find your own answers…
Learn to disagree peacefully…
Give everyone safe distance…
And above all protect this world and
Its nature that we live with and on
So that there is a future for all living things
With the hope that one miraculous day
Will come that everyone can simply say
I found my peace, I hope you found yours…
And that ultimately we can all find peace
Together without hurting anyone.

These words may read and sound fine
Now…But five minutes, or an hour from now
What will they mean?
Absolutely nothing…Because boredom
Is just a click away…and with that
Anarchy…and after that the mind slips
And the memory fades away…Then
Nothing matters…And the mind becomes
Hungry for something new…
The answers are so simple.
That’s why the right choices are the hardest
To make…Restlessness never ends.
The wisest accept peace…
Chaos rules the world…
Because peace is always mistaken
For boredom or stupidity.

The pen becomes the sword that
Becomes the trumpet, the call…
Then the Circle of Light comes…
Forged, built, brilliant, shining…The Circle
Showers round…but as different this
Time…Not held to some seat on a strange
Platform bridge…but to a seat before
A great Round Table…

I see them now all sitting there…
Brishan at the head, opposite me…
The assembly, all 9 sisters scattered
Around the table…There are Lion Men…
And other strange human-looking
People with various skin colors…and a
Few nondescript humanoids I can only
Describe as aliens…All are watching me…
All are wide-eyed…with eyes and faces
Of praise and curiosity…

Ceres is on my right…Varence, the left…
Everyone seems eager to speak…
Yet shy for words…I think my opening
Shocked them a bit…
Brishan was the first to speak…A strong
Yet simply kind smile spread across his face.
“I think you are more than you realize…”
He kept smiling with a pause. “How are
You?” He asked very sincerely.

“I’m alright.”

“Are you really?” He asked more carefully
With more concern.

“Does it matter?” I asked looking around. “This
Is new…This is not the same room.”

“It matters.” Brishan stated with a firm
Expression. “It matters.”

“I’m just doing what I said I would do. I’m
Tired that’s all.”

Brishan frowned, then looked to Ceres. She was
Very calm but looked serious, they all did. “I
Know.” He simply said. “We moved the Circle here
Because…as Varence, our scheming friend,
Revealed to you…because this is where we
Discuss our positions, our strategies and our
Talks with you.”

“You plain it that much?”

“Words must be measured carefully for the
Right time.” Brishan explained. “Particularly
When so many minds are involved.”

“I still say we need to push the more
Serious subjects more.” Rana insisted as she
Sat to Brishan’s left, next to a young very
Handsome man who looked a lot like Varence;
This was Valerius. “You speak far too
Carefully for what is going on…just say it.”

“There are scales involved, Rana.” Brishan
Stated to her. “Not just time, but events.”

“When are there no matters to weigh?” She
Asked angrily. “This dialogue was begun to serve
A purpose…The stories to motivate. Have you
Achieved this, yes or no?”

“It is not that simple, Rana.” Kierista said
From across the table, she was so fair and beautiful.
Her demeanor was always soft and soothing. “You
Cannot simply just say things as when you

“You grant far too much consideration for
The risks involving the whole.” Rana again
Insisted. “Remember how quickly time moves
There…We need—“

Brishan held his hand up for silence. “I will
Direct the dialogue. There will be no questions
On that again.”

“She is right, Brishan.” Ceres agreed, but with
A very kind tone. “We are pressed with time

“Exactly.” Rana said standing up and walking
Towards me, her eyes going back and forth between
Me and all those at the table. She looked ferociously
Beautiful! “We are out of time…The fact
Remains what must be said and done…must be.”
She turned fast to me. “I in no way wish to
Harm you…more so now than ever. But you
Must understand…The purpose here was and is
To motivate…We can do more…But that would
Accomplish only temporary solutions…and then the
Beast would rear its ugly head again…and again.”

“We will proceed as I said.” Brishan ordered, his
Eyes glaring over the table. “Regardless of opinions.”
There was a pause of respectful silence before he
Went on…very, very kindly. “This is our meeting
Table.” He gestured with open hands holding out
To everyone. “Yes we are pressed for time…
And we need to move along with the topics.”

“Something is not enough?”

“It’s not your words, it is not that.” Brishan

“The reactions are favorable,” Varence added,
“Just not enough.”

“I have no control over that.” I told them.

“We know that.” Brishan nodded.

‘It’s time to discuss the Box more.” Rana
Stated flatly.

“Rana…” Damara cautioned.

“We must.” Rana simply defended. “There is
No choice now.” She turned to Brishan. “He has
To open it all the way…and become what he
Was meant to become…”

There was grumbling silence as those at the
Table looked concerned, but still determined.

Brishan hesitated but went on. “There will come
A point where it will happen…and you
Will have to open it all the way.”

The idea, their words made me nervous, they
Scared me!

“There us no reason to be alarmed.” Kierista
Interjected with her soothing voice. “I know
It scares you…But you need to face it,
You do.”

Brishan again lowered his brow, “We will

“Just what exactly are you asking?”

“In all manners and matter of what we do…
And the impatience found…” Brishan
Kindly said. “There is much to do.”


“We need to discuss the Great Hall once more.”
Brishan finally said. “It is the only way.”

“The blackouts?” I asked. “But I don’t
Remember everything from then…Only what I
Wrote before?”

“You will.” Brishan assured me. “When you start

Ceres turned to me then carefully, the concern
In her eyes, the support. “It will come to you
When you start writing…just as it always does.
The silence of your mind will allow the Box to open
And the words and memory will come.”

I was confused, but there was some sense
In their words somewhere. “There is so much
That I do not remember…The blackouts
When I was little…11 years old.”

“Focus on the dream.” Varence instructed. “The
Memory is there…to be unlocked at the right

Rana came over to me then, kinder than she
Had ever been. “There is no time anymore.
Much has to happen…You have to reach more…
With the events to come…They’re not strong
Enough…The stories must continue if
They are to move strength into being to
Fight what’s coming. You have to remember
Now…Open the Box.”

Her eyes shimmered with a golden glow, like
A cat in the dark, but more than a cat
She had the Force of a lion in her eyes…
The Lion Men’s teachings no doubt.

All at once their presence and words
Became like a chorus of bells, of stars
Flashing in rhythm…Then the room wasn’t
There…and the words weren’t words but
Became pictures in my mind…of lines and light
Flashing, twirling, spinning words into
Images and feelings that were memories.
I thought they were daydreams…like
A fantasy painted from a song on the
Radio that made no sense. I never
Understood these mysterious dreams…

The songs did answer riddles. And the
Radio always told them at the perfect time.
It was unstoppable. Nothing could stand
In the way…and those that tried…some
Invisible force pushed them out of my life.
People, friends have thrown tantrums
Because they couldn’t get into my head…

Those attempts, I wasn’t cold hearted,
The light guarded them…An angel’s shield
Was undeniable…no agenda could break it.

The dancing lines turned like a key…and
The memory opened. Eyes to see built the
Picture…and the light carried voices and
The feelings of the memory to make it real.

The Great Hall…
In a row we sat, by our middle names
With J…But in fact for some it was their
First name…Jennifer. I remember her, I
Blocked her out. The memory…It broke when
We lost her that September…

The Great Hall…the orator had commanded
They had something to show us…
There was a blinding Flash of light on
The crowds as we sat in the seats.

The light is coming. The light is coming…

Guiding voices of these star people commanded
The orientation be put into our minds. Some
Sort of subconscious programming? An
Instantaneous education, a lifetime of experiences
And teachings to be put into the depths of
The mind in a Flash of light.

The Blinding light…Awake in a bed, in a
Room I didn’t know. There were rows
Of beds…All of us were in them, in some
Sort of blue uniform? Light blue…casual,
Comfortable, airy-like pajamas. I sat up
Slowly as if from a sleep…as did others
In the room all at the same time.

We didn’t know each other, but did. I
Looked around, they looked around…Joe, the
Big black guy was beside me on the right
As always…

“Where the hell am I?” Joe grumbled. “I
Was asleep…that place…” He looked me. “You!”
He looked at his clothes. “What is this? Am I
In a hospital? Who hit me? Who are you

To my left was the red head…Long curly
Red hair, blue eyes…Such a softness about
Her, beautiful and magical. She was right there.
“You?” She said to me.

Why did they recognize me? How could they?
I didn’t know them…did I?

Jacob was across the row from me, the Native
American…tall, strong…kind of fierce looking.
“I remember you.” He said pointing at me
As he collected himself quicker than the
Others. Jacob was sharp! “You’re the artist
Guy. You did that painting.”

“What painting?” How did they know me?

“The one with the herd of animals…Those
Red dogs, the spirits.” Jacob fought to

I hadn’t done that painting yet! “How
Could you know that? I didn’t paint anything,
I just finished that angel painting in

“Oh right.” Jacob nodded. “You dropped out of
College…that’s right.”

“Huh?” How did he know that? That
Hadn’t happened yet.

“Don’t waste your time there,” Jacob said,
“You won’t learn anything.”

“Who put the blue pajamas on me?” Joe
Grumbled. “Where’s my room? I wasn’t wasted
That bad last night…I don’t remember
Any of you from any party?”

“Party?” I asked. “I don’t remember anything.”

“My head is killing me.” Jennifer said holding
Her temples. She was so sweet looking, it felt
Comforting just to have her there. “The
Light…There was a light…I remember a light…
In my bedroom…and in that place…The
Place with that city in the mountains…”

“YES!” I said. “I remember that place…The
Buildings were carved into the mountains!”

“YES! I remember that too!” Jacob said.

“I remember that too!” Julie said walking
Over…She was wearing the same blue pajamas
That we were. She grimaced at the baggy clothes.

“That place where the big talking penis
Guy took me through that garden?” Joe
Said with a bitter face. “That weird

“Talking penis guy?” Jacob asked with
A smirk.

“That guy with the big head!” Joe mumbled
As he gestured the shape of a huge head.
“The dude with the big head…He said
Follow me…The annoying guy with the bug eyes
That walked like he had a stick up his ass.”

“Oh you’re the one with the mouth!” Julie
Said of Joe. “I remember you. God, am I
Still dreaming? What is this a nightmare
For the insane, crude and perverse?”

“It’s a dream? This is a dream?” Jennifer
Wondered aloud looking about. “The last
Thing I remember is the clock said 11 o’clock.”

“My clock said 11 before I passed out.”
I said. “I never fall asleep that early.

“Me either.” Jacob agreed strangely noting
The similarities…

“Me either…” Jennifer said. “I was going to
Read this magazine article…but I passed out.”

“What is going on here?” Julie asked. “This
Is too strange…That hall…Do you remember
That hall full of people?”

“Yes!” Jacob exclaimed recalling the Great Hall.

“It was like some kind of assembly.” I said.

“That was a gathering.” Jennifer added

“Gathering?” Jacob questioned.

“I don’t know how I know that,” Jennifer
Said confused as she pulled herself to sit up.
“I just know.”

“What? Why?” Julie asked. “I don’t
Know you people…But I swear I have
To say you all look familiar.”

“You’re Jennifer.” I said pointing to her, I
Said her name and she froze wide-eyed.

‘Yes.” She stared at me intensely. “You’re
Jeff…No Bill…Jeff’s your middle name.”

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“I know Tonto over there,” Joe pointed,
“I remember you leaning in front of me…
I remember you, Bill…” He pointed to me,
Then nodded over to her, “And I remember
Mean Barbie over there. Miss California…
Stuck up…Wouldn’t let me pee.”

“Oh my God you are disgusting!” Julie
Said. “Who is torturing me here? Why am
I with you?” She folded her arms angrily
Then looked more calmly at me. “You…you
Look familiar…but different…It’s like you’re
The same, but you keep changing…your
Hair is different.”

“Barbie notices everything.” Joe laughed.
“She would notice your hair.”

“Who are you people?” I asked with
Frustration. “What is this?”

Everyone in the room began standing up and
Looking around. “This is more than a
Dream.” Jacob concluded. “This is more.”

A younger girl with brown hair came over to
Join our little group talk…She was pretty,
Even with the weird pajamas. “This mean’s
Something. You can feel it. Can’t you
Feel it?”

“You’re thinking too much.” Joe laughed.

“That’s a problem you’ll never have.” Julie

“Hey, watch it Barbie.” Joe responded.
“I’m not in the mood.”

“What is this place?” I had to ask…
As if someone would know…

“Someone’s coming…” Jacob said with amazing
Hearing… “Listen…”

The door to the strange dorm-like room
Opened and a woman appeared, she was
Beautiful…Flawless, with deep red hair and these
Amazing sparkling sky blue eyes. She wore this
Pale blue form fitting uniform and was
Accompanied by two powerfully built blond men
With chiseled features and fierce expressions…
That were also in pale blue uniforms; somewhat
Form fitting, shiny, like polyester or something.
“Greetings everyone,” she said politely. “If you
Would all please follow me…we will begin now.”
She waved her hand for everyone to follow then
Walked out the door…as her blond companions
Waited for everyone to follow.

“Begin what?” Joe asked. “Go where? Is
She kidding? What is this?”

Everyone eyed each other curiously sharing
The same confusion. Then one of the blond
Men nodded. “Please…come this way.”

“What is with these blue pajamas people?”
Joe grumbled. “Where’s my room?”

“We should go.” Jacob suggested.

“What are you,” Joe cackled, “the boss?”

“Aren’t you curious?” Jacob asked as
He led the way.

“Do we have a choice?” Julie doubted.

So everyone followed…We were led to a room
Full of tables in rows like a classroom…
Tables with two seats each, for pairs.
There were about 2 dozen of us that
Filed into the room. Everyone appeared to be
About the same age…ranging in ages from
About 18 to 25. There was a moderate mix
Of races…white, black, Asian, Native American
And Latino. I could not tell for sure if they
Were all from the Great Hall…I hadn’t seen
Every face…but the general feeling was that they
Were, they must have been. Everyone was
Mild mannered and quiet…aside for Joe. He
Was by far the biggest, and seemed to
Constantly comment on everything, I thought
It was funny.

The woman immediately went to the front of
The room as a teacher would and stood there
Smiling pleasantly. “Please take a seat

We did as she asked. I sat at the very back…
“I’m sitting with you.” Joe said fast as he
Sat beside me. “There’s too many short people
In here. It feels like I’m surrounded by
Smurfs, everyone’s in blue. I swear the short
People are taking over man.”

I just laughed, he was funny! “OK.”

Julie and Jennifer sat at the table in
Front of us…Jacob was at the table to
My left…He sat with the same pretty girl that
Appeared Latino…No one spoke aside from

“Is this a classroom?” He bellowed then
Whispered to me. “I’m having a nightmare…
I cut class to go to a bar and I’m feeling
Guilty. I hate this.”

‘Yes.” The woman answered taking a
Step towards the middle of the room…She
Focused on us in the back…my table with
Joe…Jennifer and Julie…and Jacob. You
Could feel it…She was keenly focusing to
Gain our attention. “This is the best way to
Reach you.”

“Reach me?” Joe repeated. “You’re standing
Right there, what do you want to touch
Me for, what did I do?”

“Would you just listen,” Julie said to him
With a half whisper. “She doesn’t mean that.
How dumb are you?”

“Hey, Barbie’s talking out of turn!” Joe
Snapped. “She didn’t raise her hand!”

“UGH!” Julie groaned.

“What are you people?” Jacob asked her. He
Spoke the questions on everyone’s minds.
“This is more than a dream.”

“Yes, it is.” She explained, always smiling.
“You all remember now…You are recalling
The Great Hall?” She looked around sensing
Our thoughts…She knew everyone this way.
She was telepathic…You could feel it, I did.
Your head tingled when she looked at you,
Like a smile filled your mind, and you
Simply knew. It was a very comforting feeling.
“We brought you here to learn…as we do.
What you see…right here…is what you
Would call a classroom as you know, but
This is how we learn.”

“I don’t see any blackboards?” Joe asked.

She stepped closer to our table, still smiling.
Boy she seemed like a very happy person.
Balanced, content, highly focused. “We don’t
Use those. We don’t need them. When you
Need to write, you will write on the table…
It will appear for you, and we will see it.”

“Huh?” Joe wondered with a scowl.

“This is a classroom?” Jacob asked. “You
Are giving us a class?”

“An education, in part yes.” She answered.
“To share as we learn…so you will understand
Us.” She nodded to Jacob. “It’s alright you
Will learn very quickly…This is a more
Advanced process…we are putting the
Knowledge directly into your mind…There will
Be less confusion this way.”

“Why are you doing this?” Jennifer asked
Her. “Why us? Why?”

“I realize you have a lot of questions, Jennifer.”
She said very politely to her. “And yes I know
Your name, we know all of your names.”

“I remember,” Jacob said recalling the
Orator’s speech from the Great Hall. “He said
Something about your greatest hope?”

“We’re running out of time.” She explained.
“We had to find the best possible candidates
To reach out to…to help us.”

“To help you with what?” Julie asked.

“To understand you.” The woman answered.
“To understand what and who you are…In the
Hopes that you can help us fight a great
Enemy. One that threatens all life…that seeks
To conquer and destroy…This universe and
Others…as well as higher dimensions.”

“What in the hell is she talking about?”
Joe barked. “This is some freaky dream crap.”

“But you are…human?” Jacob asked.

“Yes.” She answered. “Does that surprise you?”

“But you’re saying you people are aliens, right?”
Jacob asked.

“If that’s what you want to call us,” she
Answered. “Yes…We come from other worlds…
There are other humans on other worlds.
There are many races.”

“I don’t understand why.” Jacob shook his
Head. “Why this way…Us? Why us? Why
Not contact others openly…leaders? Nations?”

“You represent your world.” She smiled kindly.
“Who better to represent your world honestly
Than its people…”

“Us?” Jennifer asked.

“You were, are, part of a program we
Have been watching,” she explained, “Overseers
Began long ago…an experiment on bloodlines
And evolving humans into something else.”

“What?” Jacob asked with a scowl. “What, like
An experiment?”

“Yes.” She said carefully. “And if we are right…
It could change everything…for us, for
Other worlds and yours…”

“But how?” Jennifer asked.

“All of you share something, a bond, unlike
Others…this makes you…different…” She said.
“We want to help that.”

“This is weird!” I said. “How to believe—“

She stepped up to me slowly, patiently,
Her eyes soft and caring. “Bill…listen…
It will take time…but it will happen…
We know this much…You,” she gestured
Around to everyone, “All are important in
This…that’s all I can say…

“They teach you wrong on your world…You
Learn the wrong way…this only makes
Things more confusing. What we are sharing
Here will help you learn more correctly…
Process more correctly…grow better…react

“So when the time comes you will know
What to do…How to change, how to grow…
How to react…and fix things…how
To reach higher aspects of your potential…

“When you are isolated you are weak…
When you connect you will be stronger…
We will show you here how to help
Conquer those limitations…To keep going…
Go farther. Don’t give up…To reach out
To others and inspire the same…
And with any hope the right ones will
Mimic it and continue the process…

“Now listen…your nature is to be
Restless…To roam, to unconsciously make
And find mischief…
There is a greater wisdom and learning
In standing still…It attracts less harmful
Think of a tree, as it grows…
When you feel trapped and have nowhere
To go…or grow…Look at a tree…
It rises…It grows upward, taller,
Stronger, mightier…it sees farther
Than those wandering around…
There is great wisdom there.”

“Yeah until someone has an ax to grind
And chops your ass down.” Joe bellowed.

“That’s why you also have to be ready to
Run when the time comes.” The woman
Said mysteriously. “Be fit in mind, body
And spirit…Be tall, and strong and
Rooted like the towering tree…But…
It must be ready to run when the time
Comes…When they come For you…
When you come together…And when
We come For you.

“This is about more than just you,
Than just the Earth…
This is about the coming millennium…
And you must be ready…
You must inspire others to be ready…

“The light is coming…
And you have to be ready to run.”

The Box turned, the lines and light
Flared, glowed and danced…
There were sounds of gears turning
Of locks opening and moving…
The music played…
I remember now.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 25MAR2017


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (25 March 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…Starcrossed…

*SONG* “Let the River Run” by Carly Simon

There are moments in time
When things go wrong…and
When things align…such moments
Defy explanation…They leave us lost
And guessing until answers are found.
These moments are magic, they
Are impossible…and by only some
Faith in dreams and destiny do
Things find sense again, momentum
Regains its speed…It’s like a call comes
That you’ve been waiting for forever.

The pen forms the words and the secret
Box in the mind opens…The lines and
Light dance and spin shimmering with
Many colored flashing lights like
Christmas lights…And the Ring, the
Golden Light of the Circle takes shape
And there he is standing and watching…
“Start writing…” Varence says standing
There, his eyes low and serious, but his
Voice is calm and soothing, the magic
Charmer. He’s holding that book again,
And waves it at me. “It’s time again.”

Ceres, beautiful, calm and standing tall
And glamorous, then joins him. Her
Expression a little sarcastic, she smiles
At me. “Could I be kinder with his
Company? No.”

“It’s always about the timing,” Varence
Says with a nod, then he squeezes his eyes
Shut and shakes his head. “I could
Say it a thousand times…Timing is

Ceres eyed him sharply. “Do you ever
Grow tired of this attitude?”

He ignores her and continues. “Yes, these
Moments are…confusing, but magical.
But we are trying to offer answers at
The appropriate time.”

“You can tell by his tone and words what
He’s doing.” Ceres says, crossing her arms. “Just
Smile and write it down…stop trying to
Figure him out…Because just when you
Think you do…he will utterly shatter
Your mind.”

He stepped closer, studying me…His eyes
On me, then to the book. Back and
Forth, back and forth. She was right
I had no idea what he was doing.
“Mind boggling but fascinating, isn’t

“If you say so.”

“So tell them,” he smiles, “You know
You want to…you must.”

“My radio is working again…After I
Did the last post, after posting it…
After over 8 years…It started working
Again…The sound, that awful screeching
Sound is gone…and the music is back

He grinned real wide then turned to her.
“You see. I told you.”

“Control your ego please.” She sighed, then
Turned to me. “Oh it’s so irritating when
He is right…Though I must say he
Has spent enough time watching it’s
Not surprising that he did learn something.”

“No effort wasted.” He said with pride.

“And still the riddle and mystery of it
Plays on.” She said to him. “Will
You solve it all then? Or simply
Perpetuate the glee of Oberon?”

He grimaced then focused again on me,
On the notebook. “The music is playing,
That’s important…Remember what we’ve
Tried to teach you about quantum
Sciences…or rather how we understand
Them. Sound is a powerful force…
It is key at times like this.”

“So I found the right song then?”

He leaned his head to the right a bit.
“It’s a little more complicated than that.
There’s more than one song. More than
Chance…Many doors and windows to
Open. So many were lost over time.
Particularly over the last 8 years.”

“To speed up his speech,” Ceres gladly
Interrupted, “What he is trying to tell
You is that there are always many
Opportunities…for all things, everyone.
But all it takes is one to set things
In proper motion…At least sometimes.”

Varence nodded. “If you cripple a critical
Component the effects can be devastating
On a wide scale. Many should understand
This…But…if you can correct just
One, especially a powerful one…the
Rippling effects can be monumental.”

She sighed. “He’s referring to moving
Mountains again.”

“We’ve debated this enough.” Varence
Said for the sake of the notebook, “True
We must speak carefully. Inspiration is
As powerful as faith.”

“Spoken by the master of chance and
Riddles himself.” She laughed.

He lowered his head, eyes piercing me
Seriously. “And now we continue.” A
Brief pause…for his dramatic effect.
“I must say we have never engaged
This way for such a long time. Most
Usually we are very brief. We have to
Be or else we risk the tide of creating
The dependence of something like
Worship. But I have to say, Bill, I do
Have to say…this has been as compelling
And addicting and as fascinating for
Us with you as it has been for any
Of the eyes and ears out there.”

Ceres nodded. “Many of us here look
Forward to each interaction too, believe
It or not.”


“Yes, really.” She said sweetly and sincerely.
“And it’s been rather amazing.”

“But enough of that,” Varence said. “Again,
We move onward…And before we depart
This message we are going to share a little
Something with you as a little present…
But that’s later.” He waved the book
In front of me. “Right now it’s about

“That book makes me nervous.”

“I understand.” He nodded. “It makes
Some of us nervous too. No one ever knows
What it will say…Aside from the Star
Elder…which is why it usually remains
With his people. Though they do have
Others like it.”

“The point…Varence.” Ceres said impatiently.

“You started writing from the Box…Valiant’s
Words command the pen when we speak…
They serve as the link between us.”


“You wrote of these magic moments…These
Indefinable times of dreams and destiny
When things take shape?” He asked.


He grinned. “And here we have it…The
Words appear…Starcrossed…
There are moments in time when things
Go wrong, when lives are ruined and
Dreams are broken…Then at last a
Magical moment comes, and the windows
And doors of opportunity take shape
Again and offer bright chances…When
The stars align and these things take
Shape again…and wrongs are righted,
It is called Starcrossed.”

“Forgive me as I proceed,” he said as
He read from the book, and strolled about
Sort of like a strutting peacock. He paused
At my words and looked at me. “Peacock?”

Ceres smiled and leaned her head playfully
At me. “His head is far larger than
His tail.”

I had to laugh at that. Pause.

“Can I continue seriously now?” He
Asked her.

“I don’t know.” She teased. “Can you?
Is it painful for you?”

He rolled his eyes away from her then
Focused back on the book. “The words
Form strangely around you.” He said to
Me. “They form in progressive sentences
Then vanish after I read them. Usually
They linger.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means the future is changing each
Moment.” Ceres answered me. “When
They remain there…It is somewhat
Like being written in stone. It isn’t
Bad. It just means that the book is
Also presenting itself carefully. Most
Likely to thwart any dark opposition
That threatens what it’s attempting
To do.”

“I had no idea you studied the Hour
Glass, Ceres.” Varence said to her.

“We are all capable of reading without
Your presence, Varence.” She said sarcastically.
“Things do happen that you do not see…
If that isn’t obvious by his tailor.”

I didn’t understand her remark.
It was some secret jab they alone
Understand, but by the look on his
Face her comment had the desired effect
And she smiled.

“What is the Hour Glass going to do here?”

“It is for your benefit.” He said. “You will
Become familiar with it soon enough…
But for right now…it’s for the opportunity
You need. We told you that each time
We will be handling things a little
Differently…This will help. For now it’s
About sharing what they need to know,”
He nodded to the notebook. “The pen,
And the eyes and ears….All that curiosity…
And the commanders that seek the
Counsel from their servants that read
This to offer suggestions…The book says,
Hello David…Grab a pen now…The
Posts won’t be here forever. No cheating
Now, and honor the source…or dues
Will need to be paid.”

“Who is David?”

“Just write what the book says,”
Varence instructed, “Don’t worry about
The mysterious details…They will

“Kinder Varence,” Ceres told him, if not
Ordered. “Remember what Brishan said
About your tone.”

“Please Bill,” Varence corrected. “Please
Just listen and write it carefully…This
Is the part they are reading for.” He
Paused, eyed me then nodded…then
Proceeded again…

“When time aligns…these moments
Are written in the stars…This is
Starcrossed…Be they pathways, simple
Choices…pulls of the heart or
Passion of the spirit…These are
Moments to pay keen attention to.

“The bubble has burst…And the
Dreamers will awaken from their lost
Slumber to find their way again…

“Some will see the doors open, the
Chances reappear that were lost or
Misled before…Another chance…
These moments are pivotal for
Correction…Old friends and faces
Lost will reappear…This does not
Means it’s right or wrong…they are
Simply second chances, so choose

“Things lost will return, particularly
To the strong hearts that never lost
Faith in them.” He paused to smile at
Me. “Remember that please. Some
Things can never be taken away from
You…Especially when the bond is
Mutual…However if it is and always
Was one way…that will not change…
So consider that.”

“In other words,” Ceres explained, “If
Someone returns to you that once said
They loved you but you did not feel
The same way do not suffer the same
Choice…simply move on.”

Varence grinned at her words then went
On reading from the book. “But things
Stolen from your life will also return…
They may take different forms, but
The heart will be the same…Feel,
Don’t think…use you intuition to
Recognize these things…They will
Come suddenly and without warning…
This is like a magnet drawing what
Your heart calls for…and only your
Heart will recognize this.”

“Do not let anyone push their way into
Your life.” Ceres said holding up her
Finger, “Those sorts of connections are
Magical…You will know…as will those
Of proper mind, how to recognize this…
It will be magical and effortless…”

Varence grinned and nodded once again.
“Excellent Ceres, thank you.” Then
He went on reading… “Deny the False
Hearts and Tragedy and victory of
What you love will come…”

“The past is often destined to repeat itself…
That is the way of things…be they of
The mind, the heart, the soul…All
Things bare lessons this way…And
For the universal traveler who constantly
Quests for everything, who questions
Everything…The true reward of his answers
Will also come…Simply remember this,
You will know the answers, you were
Born knowing what you need to know…
Life simply teaches you how to understand
It. This is the wisdom of things…
That you already know what is
Right and what is wrong…The
Struggle you have is accepting what
Needs to be…

“If you want to be, then be it.
You have only yourself to blame
For holding you back…

“Because if the heart is true, there
Is nothing you cannot do…”

He paused then stood to reflect. “Do
Many really need to hear that? It’s
Common knowledge…that we learn.”
He thought out loud for the sake of
The notebook… “I suppose some things
Must be said plainly…and even repeated,
Especially in times of disorder.”

“He’s attempting reason.” Ceres
Groaned with a witty smile at me. “Would
You like me to say something ridiculous
About him? It isn’t hard to do you
Know.” She laughed.

Varence ignored her then returned to
Study the words appearing in the book
Then read them, “Ah…And here
They come.” He paused to look at
Me quick. “This is the part I was
Waiting for, the prophetic verses.”
He pointed to the pages as he eyed
Them wildly then read…

“Starcrossed…The path that was
Broken and malformed by dark
Minds to twist fate shall come
Undone and reassembled….

“In this hour that which was lost
And erased shall come to pass…
Events repeated, but once twisted
Will reoccur until the outcome
Suits the harmony history was
Meant to sew…

“The land cries…and so where the
Land cries, so will those that dwell
There until they fix it and nourish
Nature to sing again…Or plagues
Of ceaseless torment will cleanse the
Problems there

“The Earth will shake and break where
It was meant to…

“The seas and rivers and streams will
Rage where they were meant to…no
Barrier or dam will hold back the
Waters…Where it floods, warn them…
Take note to leave…These hours
Will bring warnings where the waters
Rage…For where they rise…no man
Should be…The Waters of Intuition
Are telling them to get out…

“And the life of the sea will also cry
This way…watch the dolphins…
They will be messengers of the waters
This way too. They always have

“As for the Air…The Wind, the
Mighty Breath of the Ether, where
Heaven dwells and carries voices
Of spirits where the wind blows…
Feel the wind, the air…Watch…
For there are FOUR elements…
Earth, Wind, Water, Fire…And this
Is the Age of AIR, of wind…And
The wind knows things nothing else
Does…and it will tell it in the voices
Of its gusts and blasts…
The seasons will make no sense…

“As mighty as the Earth can shake
And break…when and as it wills…
So shall the AIR match the Earth…
Beware of passage on the wind…
The Spring season you know
Will not be kind on machines of men…
Another plane will shock them…
Pay attention will you…

“These are the elements you need to
Heed…at least right now…The
Air…and the Waters…and all
Things that dwell there or near
There…Spring is the time of
These Forces and will Forever be…
So note them. Watch them.

“Constantly tell them these words…
Will they ever listen? Will they
Ever learn? If they will continue
To ignore or deny nature’s power
And essence…then nature will remind
Them that the game they play is
On ITS grounds, in ITS seas, in
ITS air and with ITS fire. Nothing
Can tame these things…And for those
Who have misbehaved or betrayed
Or used her, the Earth…she will
Remind them of how Free and large
She can be.”

Varence paused to let his eyes wander
Around. “This truly is a gift for those
With the respect to read it.” He pointed
Hard to the pages. “No words like this
Need to be written down…not unless
There were enough eyes and ears
That it knew would listen…This
Is a true revelation…I only hope
It isn’t wasted with a question.”

“You ask a lot,” Ceres said, nodding at
The book in his hands, “Your hopes are too
High…Remember what Brishan told you to say…”

Varence glanced at her then to me, then his
Eyes fell back on the pages of the Hour Glass.
“A False Spring came…to which winter
Would return on early blooms…The seasons
Will make no sense…and spring will
Follow this course…as will summer…The
Summer that never came…and never
Ended…These things will cause men to
Shed secrets…until the pages of time are
Correctly written again…

“Know his spirit and his words…and tell them
If you block his destiny again…The Fates
Will turn upon you…The Good Spirit was
And is a messenger to carry through
Time…the lines in the language of the Angels
To tell the future how to move…it was
A gift…And if they deny it or hold it back,
It will knock them down ten times more.
It was meant to be set free years
Ago…as it will now. It will inspire ages
OF Earth to come and spread to the stars
And be a messenger there as well. Now
Is the time…Now is the time…The will,
Will be done…
Now close the book Watcher and
Continue with the next step.” Varence’s
Eyes widened upon saying the words. Then
He closed the book and stood calmly to
Take a breath.

“What are you doing?” Ceres asked a bit

He turned slowly with a calm demeanor
And smiled at me. “And now, my
Friend…This part is done…The message
Of the book delivered. We will say our
Polite farewell for this message…” He
Paused strangely, then smiled more slyly.
“And leave you with a little surprise…”

Ceres stepped to his side also smiling
Strangely… “You are serious?” She asked

“Now, Bill…” He said. “Hold the pen, pause…
And write…until next time.”

I think, yes it appeared that he winked.
It seemed time to finish…The words
Came more slowly…The Circle of Light
Began to fade and withdraw…I was
About to sign off…And then something
Different came.

The Circle of Light vanished…But the
Pen continued to move, continues to move…
Did they leave? No. His voice was still in
My head. “Now here comes the surprise.”

Apart…Away from the Circle of Light,
This time it was simply the pen
And the notebook. But more information
Was coming. Without the Circle?

“The Bridge is strong now.” Varence
Said. “Just follow the usual course and
Pay attention…This is something you
Have always wanted to know…What
Happens when we leave you, when you’re
Not writing…This is in part, how we
Watch you away from the pen and

Once the Circle of Light faded…Varence
Smiled to Ceres, then looked about the
Empty space of the bridge.

“You are really doing this?” Ceres asked
Him cautiously. “You are going to show
Him without telling them?”

“Now Ceres, pay attention,” he directed,
“He wanted to know…so have others…
Why not shed a little light for the sake
Of chance.”

“You risk too much,” Ceres whispered harshly,
“The rules…and you do not tell me what
To do.”

“The way of the Watchers has changed,
Ceres,” he whispered to her. “I want to
Let him have a little peek…Whatever
He sees through the words…happens. Oh well.”

She gasped. “We discussed this already!”

But he was already walking away leaving
The bridge, ignoring her words. “Let’s see
What happens.”

“That discussion with him was planned
Carefully.” She whispered, following him off
The bridge. “If you do this all manners of
What we are trying to do here could crumble.”

“Do you want to help him or not?” He asked her.

“Don’t pretend you don’t care, Ceres. Anyone
Who reads this by now knows you do…”
He said as they entered the hallway and
Turned left…heading for somewhere. “Let’s
Add some new variables…”

“By letting him glimpse past the Circle?”
She asked fighting him. “This is one of
Your bold risks again…Just to see what
Will happen…The others don’t know…If
He writes down something they randomly

“Then what?” He laughed. “Some eyes
And ears might pop? Oh well.”

“Oh well?” Her eyes bulged. “Tell him to
Stop writing. Tell him to stop writing now
Or I will.”

“You can’t.” He laughed, “I have the link
Open regardless of what you do for a
Little while…There is nothing you can

There were voices ahead, from a room?
Familiar voices. Damara appeared, very
Calmly…Ceres went silent with subtle
Nervousness as her sister approached. “How
Did it do, well?” Damara asked them. “His
Readings are stable…but the signals
From mind are still quite high. Was he
Excited over what you said?”

“No more than usual.” Varence answered
Her calmly, completely ignoring Ceres.

“Why are his readings so high?” Damara
Asked. “How long did you read from the
Book? Brishan told you to limit exposure.”

“I closed the book when the words
Stopped.” He told her.

Damara nodded as she read her scanner.
“Did you notice anything about his eyes
Yet? Did you tell him?”

“No, of course not.” Varence answered then
Smiled at Ceres.

She eyed him fiercely but said nothing.
She knows I’m wondering what they mean?

Damara noticed Ceres looking unsettled. “What
Is it? Did you tell him yet?”

Ceres eyes went wide. “Damara don’t say

“Why?” Damara asked. “Why do you
Look so—“

“She is just excited from talking with
Him,” Varence dismissed it. “Nothing more.”

Ceres’s jaw fell open as she watched Varence’s
Face and deliberate expressions. She refused
To say anything random.

“Oh.” Damara said. “Well, they are
Waiting in the briefing room…to discuss
Your next meeting with him. Hurry, you
Know how quickly time moves there. I
Have to report these new readings to
The Postulate. They want constant updates
On the Light Transfiguration.” Damara
Moved on down the hallway.

“What are you doing?” Ceres growled at him.
“Tell him to stop. Tell him to stop right
Now. Stop!”

“Just a little more.” Varence laughed.

“What will he think?” Ceres whispered

“Hopefully quite a lot.” Varence smiled.

As they stood arguing more voices came
From up the hallway…One new, one I
Recognized…It was Rana.

Then Rana was walking fast up to them,
Accompanied by a handsome young looking
Man with creamy hair and complexion
Much like Varence’s. She walked up to
Them fast, clearly unhappy. “What
Happened, what did you say to him?
We were watching those readings when
You opened the book…”

Ceres rolled her eyes then looked away…
Her thoughts, of all of them to speak
Now by chance…Rana?

“Only what I was told to.” Varence

“You play games with him and you
Won’t have the teeth of the Lion Men to
Concern you…” Rana growled. “I will break

“Now Rana tell me how you really feel.”
Varence teased.

“What?” Rana snapped, her eyes were wild.
“Do not play games with me little man.”

Then she slapped him hard across the
Face, this startled her companion. “He
Is not your toy, are we clear?”

“She said that,” Varence said to Ceres,
“You heard her.”

Ceres winced but held her lips tightly

“What are you doing?” Rana sensed
Something off.

“Now Rana, be calm…You will make
Nervous our young Valerius here.” He
Said playfully. “Valerius how are you,
Our young friend?”

“I’m fine.” The young man answered a little

“I thought you were going to ask him to
Write down the part about the mass of
Idiots ignoring the climates before you
Opened the Hour Glass?” Rana asked him.
“Why did you leave that part out? We
Clearly set out the dialog you were to
Have with him.”

Ceres growled but still said nothing.

“What idiots?” Varence smiled.

Rana folded her arms studying his
Face, her eyes sharp and piercing.
“What are you up to? What idiots?
The mass of fools filling those broadcasts
With ridiculous tantrums. It’s revolting
How we have to be saturated with this.
That planet is falling apart on all levels
With its atmosphere, climate and tectonic
Movements and the sheer epidemic of
Stupidity…They whine about politics
And name calling? They can’t even
Notice obvious warning signs…They
Call each other idiots over politics? I am
Amazed after being forced to witness how
They live, how they even have the notion
To understand what stupid is. I am
Amazed they can even speak words!” She
Turned to Valerius. “Did you see, did you
See how they sit glued staring at those
Screens devouring whatever those screens
Feed them? Dare they walk outside and
Sense what the planet is screaming?
No they worry over name calling and
Idle notions of what they call civil rights.”

“Now Rana, remember we agreed to kinder
Words.” Varence smiled.

“Kinder words for what?” Rana snapped.
“When they scream what happened
And why for the endless lack of
Reasoning they do not possess? Why
Must we sit here debating this? How
Long? Remove him before we lose this
Chance…If they harm him in any way
Any more…I swear I will sing when
They finally press the button.”

“Now Rana…” Varence attempted to say.

Rana slapped him hard again across the
Face. “Do not play with him Master Fool.
If those readings go irregular—“

“Stop.” Ceres told her. “Don’t say
Anymore to him.”

“Why?” Rana asked watching her curiously.
“What is going on between the two
Of you?”

Suddenly Brishan appeared walking
Fast and strong towards them. He scowled
Intensely at Varence. “We are waiting…
What is going on? Why are you taking
So long to report? Readings are still
Active. Why are they still active?”

Rana turned to Brishan concerned. “They
Were decreasing when I left?”

“NO.” Brishan said. “They slowed but
They did not stop…Readings are
Still coming in.” He was angry. “Why?
Tell me now. Tell me now!”

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Varence

“He hasn’t broken the link yet.” Ceres
Said to them fast.

“What?” Rana was angry.

“What does she mean?” Brishan was

“I told him to stop.” Ceres said.

Varence only smiled.

Brishan grabbed Varence by the neck and
Near his shoulder…This made a telepathic
Bridge somehow. “He is writing right now!”
Brishan immediately said, biting his
Teeth. “What have you done? How are
You doing this without the Circle?”

“Damara said that form of link is
Dangerous. Unstable.” Valerius informed

“What?” Ceres was angry.

Brishan squeezed Varence’s shoulder and
Neck. The words from his mind far
Overpowered Varence’s command. “Bill,
Relax…slow down…you are getting
Tired…I apologize for this. Slow down
Now…slow…now put down the pen
With these words I say. Rest. And
Goodnight.” There was a very strong
Sensation of warmth and compassion,
Overwhelming support and concern.
Power. Strength. Kindness…Relaxing now.




Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 18MAR2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (18 March 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Lion Man…

*SONG* “Step By Step” by Whitney Houston
I was about 5 years old when I
First dreamed of a lion…
And oddly enough it was in the spring.
It always started the same way.
I dreamt I was sleeping, then I would
Wake up to an empty house. I would look
But no one was there, I would call out,
No one answered…and there were only
Echoes. Everything felt empty.
But it was always sunny and bright,
Like waking up to the clearest shiny
Morning…almost perfect.
I would be scared feeling alone, wondering
Where everyone went…I would go outside
And there would be this powerful stillness…
As though the entire world had gone
Silent, everyone had disappeared.
I would start to walk around, look
Here and there and search…
But there was nothing…The cars were
Always gone…It would be all quiet
Except for the gentle sounds of a
Few birds chirping…It was just nature.
I never understood this.
But then after a while, just when I
Would start to get that growing sense
Of panic of being alone…just before
The fear set in, a lion would appear.
It was always the same. At the edge
Of the woods near the house I would
Suddenly see this majestic, perfect looking
African lion standing there watching me.
He was always completely calm, not stalking
Or hunting me, just watching me.
I would stare at him, he would stare at
Me…I would freeze…
There was maybe a moment of fear, but
Then the feeling changed and inside
It just felt magical, spiritual. Then there
Was awe. I would stare into his eyes
And his voice would fill my head…
“Follow me.” Then the lion would turn
And slowly walk into the woods and
Without thinking I followed him. I was
So curious –I had to!
So I followed the lion into the woods,
I would try to catch up with him but
I never could. The woods would grow
Thicker and thicker until the brush was
So thick I could barely move…
And the light would grow brighter
And brighter until I could barely see…
At the brightest point I would
Wake up?
Challenged by obstacles, by constant
Questions…regardless of what I say
They ask anyway…Pursued by opinions
And hopes and ideas, chased by
Analysis when there was NOTHING to
Analyze…The words were given plainly…
The story, the clues, the stars…
To see only a cryptic message?
So disappointing…why bother? Because
They asked me to.
They said it wouldn’t be easy, impossible.
And the harder it gets the stronger
The Box would become. Maybe it’s the
Manner of the path…You come at
It the wrong way…delays delays,
Come what may…one day there’s hell
To pay.
The wisest walk a silent road, they
Find the best answers.
It’s truly an art form some understand
This. Then at the right moment
You offer them something…The response
Is always the same…huh? You have
To love it…what a great teacher I had.
The music is fuel.
Sudden slams in motion, sounds of
Thunder in the mind and soul, then the
Box opens and the Circle of Light
Is there…
Again, it’s different…This time sitting
Right there in front of me…is a Lion
Man…waiting, sitting proud, strong…
Confident, golden and gigantic. He’s
Dressed in white robes, his eyes are
Shimmering like amber in the sun. He’s
Fantastic! Ferocious, wild looking yet
Magnificent mystical and incomparably
Wise in the same…
You can feel how sharp his mind is in
His eyes, then his voice comes… “Hello.”
Then the beautiful Ceres is there
Standing beside him. “You remember
I nod a bit shaken, I was not
Expecting that.
Then Damara, her sister is there
Standing behind her watching closely,
Studying everything. Her dark blond
Curly hair framing her sweet face
Perfectly…I hadn’t seen her in a
While. She was the science expert, like
A doctor…They had to be planning
This carefully.
Then last Varence was standing there
To the left behind the great VIR’riel,
His arms crossed, his face low and
Expression serious.
“What is this,” I asked, “some kind
Of careful—“
“Relax,” Varence said, “It’s more simple
Than that…It’s just a delicate time…”
“VIR’riel just wishes to speak with you,”
Ceres explained, “Directly…without
Miscommunication…And Damara is here
To observe…for your benefit.”
“But I thought he wouldn’t speak
English?” I asked. “Their code or
“These are different circumstances.”
Ceres smiled… “Just relax.”
VIR’riel’s face was strong, his eyes
Powerful, commanding. “At times
We will speak…It will be clear…
I’m talking to Valiant…”
The Box was quick to respond. “Yes?”
“You fight this, you have fought this
For years…this gift. Why?” The Lion Man
Asked. “Why?”
“I have my reasons…The timing and
The purpose must be right.”
He was calm, yet sensed and knew; as
Only a Lion Man would. “You have
Much on your mind…distress. Ignore
Them. Talk to me. Ignore them. Tell
Me what’s on your mind.”
“There is a mystery…I see.”
“Speak it.” He said calmly yet forceful.
“The music…The music is a mystery.
The songs answer riddles, they always
Have. Music is the soothing medicine
Of the soul…it calms, it conquers
Chaos…It can solve many things…”
“But?” He wondered.
“There is a problem to confront…It
Makes no sense, yet is so obvious. I
Need an answer to it.”
“Tell me.” He said.
“This problem…This collapse in time,
When life went wrong and the world
Froze…8 years ago…I see it healing
Now, but the music…it’s holding
Another mystery…I have this radio,
I used to play these cassette tapes with
My workouts or when I painted or drew…
It makes no sense.”
“Go on.”
“8 years ago…it stopped…I can’t
Remember…I put the cassette tape
In to play, but instead of music
It played this awful sound. Like
The deafening sound of an explosion,
Cracking, twisting metal…roaring…
Not rhythm…like an explosion, not music.
These were my favorite cassettes,
Tapes I made…I thought the
Radio was broken…so I tried the CD
Player…it played just fine…
But the cassette tapes make only
This terrible sound? So I stopped
Playing them…something inside me
Snapped…I stopped playing the
VIR’riel strained to see the point. “Go on.”
“A few years went by, I played
Music less and less…the passion
Seemed gone. Then for a while I
Stopped playing it altogether. Then two
Years ago, the music came back…
It felt alive again…But the cassettes
Won’t work, only the CDs…The cassettes
Make the terrible noise but not the
“Yes?” The Lion Man asked.
“You don’t understand,” I told him, them…
“The cassettes, I have not touched them
In 8 years…I mean not a lot. I
Would occasionally try one…but all that
Played was that awful sound…
Cracking, screeching, like an
Explosion…It finally struck me the
Other day…”
“What?” He seemed confused but curious.
“There’s no dust. In 8 years I have
Barely touched these cassettes…And
There is NO DUST. My room has
Dust everywhere else…but these
Cassettes tapes have no dust at all,
They never have? How could they gather
No dust in all that time? It
Makes no sense! Everything else has
Dust…But these cassettes have
Nothing…It makes no sense…It makes
My head freeze silent when I
Look at them now…Why are they
Making this awful sound like some
Explosion? It’s like…”
“What?” He asked, again with intrigue.
“It’s like they are in some sort of
Bubble…Why? How is that possible? Can
You tell me?”
“I think you know the answer already,”
VIR’riel replied silently to my mind… “You
Just won’t see it.”
“A mental block?”
“A block or break through,” the Lion Man
Said calmly, “Whatever you wish
To call it…But now that bubble is
Bursting…time is realigning…better
Than before…And things will resume
Properly…Where they left off from…
With no doubt surprises as well…
Of the new, because the old is gone
And the right must reconnect…so
Something new and better must be
Produced to take its place. It is
Unavoidable. You cannot fight this
Any longer. You see that, don’t you?”
The pause, to reflect…And now there
Must be…time to react.
“But the cassettes, the sound they make?”
I asked.
“White noise?” The Lion Man said.
“Something must have occurred at that
Moment 8 years ago,” he said, “While you
Were listening to the music…and it was
Captured by the radio…”
My head was spinning I saw their faces,
They were studying me carefully…Damara
Had something in her hand…a monitor
Of some sort?
“It’s escalating again.” Damara said. “As we
Discussed…The more it opens now the
Stronger it gets. The aggravated emotions are
Escalating it.”
But the eyes of the Lion Man were heavy
On me…I could see why he was there now…
Like a powerful anchor to help control
Something uncontrollable. “Say it.” He said.
“Just let it come out.”
“No, but he said it wasn’t time…”
But the words were meaningless yet
Full of power and guiding at the same
Time… “The white noise…The radio
Isn’t broken…it caught the moment
The singularity began…I keep looking
For the right song to balance it.”
“When one singularity is formed…” The
Lion Man said. “Quite often it is, reflected
In another. Sound is a powerful force…
To move, or to break…It is perhaps
The best weapon against a disruption
In time…”
“Others play music…”
“It has no power without the right
Fuel.” He said. “Like the voice of a singer,
The poet with his pen, the artist
With his brush or pencil…to turn the
Lead into gold…The instrument has
Only the power of the one who possesses
It…The Box, these lines and light
In your head…are a force unlike we
Have ever seen…only a rare few
Can move them. That is why you must
At some point open the Box all the way.”
“No one understands this…They analyze
And draw conclusions…”
“The only ones that matter are the ones
You care about, what they think.” The Lion
Man said. “This is true for everyone. Tell
That to everyone. It doesn’t matter
What others think, only the ones you care
About. If you constantly worry what others
Think…you will spend an eternity
Questing for everything but the truth…
Chaos, randomness…a constant nowhere…
That is why most settle for something
To hold on to. They cannot travel through
The Void searching for what they want…
The search drives them insane…Answers
Seem everywhere, but what they are, are
Only endless riddles…The answers are
Always simple…The right choices are
The hardest to make because they
Take patience…dedication…and work.
“If something came so easy, it would
Mean nothing. And then spoil would come.
Few appreciate the serenity of true
Peace…Instead they see boredom. That
Is why corruption comes so easily
Everywhere…They say they want peace,
But when it comes they grow bored
With it…spoil it…Then the process
Begins again…The cycle of things,
Peace and destruction…”
“Have the Lion Men found this peace?”
“Yes, but it took time.” VIR’riel said. “All
Things take time…Answers are simple,
But not easy…That is how my
People fell long ago…Because they
Wanted easy answers…When the conquerors
Came they were masterful…They offered
Easy answers and made my people
Weak, dependent…and lazy…Then
When everyone was at their weakest
By the constant craving for easy
Indulgence…They struck…And the people
Had no confidence or strength to defend
“Consider this…A light comes on…are all
The answers there? Do you see everything,
Know everything? It is merely an
Awakening…And the exploration
To understand begins…It takes a
Long time to understand this…
“Something happened years ago.”
“Yes.” I reluctantly answered… “Just
Over 26 years ago…The red light in
The sky…”
“Ah.” He nodded. “There is a belief
That we have…The dawn, the
Awakening of the true self occurs
When we first really see ourselves
For what we are…Not just how we
See ourselves but how others see us…
This is a shocking process…Many
If not most are struck with a powerful
Numbness, a silence of the soul…
And then the learning begins…
This is like a rebirth…from
Adolescence to maturity…” He laughed.
“Many think they are mature, they
Are not…Maturity is patient…
Immaturity is not…
“The path to enlightenment begins this
Way…The first road…Some agonize
Because it takes so long…It is
A spiritual process…in your time, it
Takes 27 years…from the seed to
Grow and then bloom…There are no
Short cuts…It is what it is. For
Some it takes much longer, but
For the way of the master it starts
This way…then continues and gets
“We are in school for at least 30 years
This way.” Ceres added, then sarcastically
Turned to Varence. “For some it should
Be longer.”
The Lion Man held up his hand for the
Lead, for them to be quiet. “This mystery
Of the noise with the cassettes of
Yours…Would you say that is when
The imbalance in your life occurred?”
“Did anything else happen?” He asked.
“There was a crystal skull that appeared
Over my bed one night…after these
Shadow people attacked me to try and
Take the light out of my head. The
Crystal skull downloaded everything in
My head and insisted that I await
He nodded. “I see.”
“But when will it be activated?”
“Isn’t the answer clear?” He asked,
Nodding and pointing to the notebook.
“You are doing it right now. You have
Been doing it for some time…with these words you
Write…it’s activating you and others.”
“It is?”
“Do you question what you write?” He
“No, I just…Find it fascinating. I
Have no idea what I am doing. But
I am constantly fascinated by it.”
He nodded. “There, you see.”
“But some keep asking me questions?”
He shook his head. “Don’t answer.”
“Just listen to me. Don’t answer. Read it.
It’s there.” He nodded. “Do the words
Find good timing?”
“Yes, it seems so.”
“There, you see. It is reflected in
The timing. That’s perfect.”
“Ok I’m trying to understand you. The
Writing is still a mystery.”
“More stories will come at the right time.”
He said.
“Why are you here?” I asked him.
“Because I wanted to witness this too,
Like the others. It is fascinating
For me also.”
“So the music then…I have to keep
Searching for the right song…to
Keep finding the rhythm that matched
The words and things…that will help
Realign things?”
He nodded. “And for others as well. Tell
Them to align the music they like
To how they feel, it will help…It
Must be positive though, not destructive.
The fuel to get them through it will
Come this way…It will help. It will.
Remember sound is a powerful
“So this can be fixed.”
“Yes, I believe so.” He nodded. “At
Least for those who want to…for
Those that fight it, nothing can ever
Help them. There is no miracle
Without effort. Faith must have its
Way too…Science has no power over
Faith, it never has. Science is a
Scheme of the mind to control
Things…Nature is a spirit that will
Always fight this…And logic is but
A child in between the two.”
“And faith always wins?”
“In a battle between good and
Evil,” he said strangely, “Faith
Always wins yes.” He grinned.
This was a really intriguing conversation
I have to say; or write rather. The Lion
Man grinned wide at this observation, he
Was a very noble being.
“May I ask you something?” VIR’riel said.
“I don’t think I could say no.”
“Why do you fight this?” He asked.
“Because it’s beyond words, explanation
Or understanding…And because some think
It is nonsense or rather I’m nuts. It’s hard
To do something when they question and
Analyze every little thing you say or do.”
“Ignore them.” He simply said. “This is
Important. Let them find reason in their
Own questions…no answer will ever be enough.”
“I’m still trying.”
“Stop trying.” The Lion Man said.
“Just do.”
“You mean just go on instinct?”
“Yes.” He said, then pointed. “This gift,
This mission is more than that…You’ll
Waste a lot of time trying to please
Everyone. Ignore the distractions and
Pursue your dream, the goal…That
Is what we do.”
“Do they know you? Do you know them…”
He said. “There is a lot of time in that.”
“If you constantly stop for others you
Will get no where.” He said firmly, his
Eyes low. “Can you understand this?”
“Make time for the ones who you care about,
The ones you wrote this for.” He nodded.
“Everyone else will pull you the wrong way.”
“I can understand, I mean…for as long
As I can remember people have said
They know me…They don’t…They, friends
Always tried to, it’s like they say they
Want to be around me. But then all they
Want to do is change me, to like what
They like, to do what they do…The way
They want. I accept them as they are
But they do not accept me as I am.”
He grinned then laughed. “Then you
Really need to stay far away from
People like that. That is what destroyed
My people.”
“Yes.” VIR’riel went on. “That is the
Path of destruction…when others say
They accept you…but then try to change
You, shape you into what they want.
It’s very deceitful…Beware this.”
“I’ve encountered that a lot when people
Talk about love.”
“That isn’t love, that is selfishness, ego…
Destruction.” He said heavily. “If someone
Says they love you and then try to
Change you into what they want…
That is a dark practice. Run.”
“How exactly did your people fall?”
I had to ask.
“That is a complicated answer,” He said,
“But essentially…it happened slowly
Over time…Again like I said, by this
Deceitful practice…The Dark Ones came,
They promised friendship and brought
Gifts…but only wanted to control us,
Change us…To have us their way…
And they always pursued the young
First…because the young were hopeful,
Impatient and naïve…They wanted
Things immediately…The Dark Ones
Indulged them this way and won
Them over…reshaped them by indulging
Their desires…turned them on their
Elders…They always want the young
First. Always.”
“I have to ask…About the Lion Men…
The Lion Women…Where are they?”
He hesitated carefully. There was a sadness
In his eyes…and a great mystery. “You
Have to understand how the Dark
Empire works…It is very complex, but
Also very simple…
“In order to understand something you
Have to study it…That can take
Years…Do you see?”
“But the greatest elements in any
Civilization are its science…and
Its faith. I told you this…” He said.
“Faith always wins over science,”
VIR’riel went on carefully. “Therefore
Religion is the most powerful weapon…
Every world, every race has their
Religions…and the more you have the
More conflict you encounter, one always
Wants to be right and call the other
Wrong…They invaded with false religions…
Of their own creation…which the young
Were seduced by…
“The Dark Ones are primarily a Female
Hierarchy…of One Queen…She rules
By neutralizing all other females and
Enslaving the males…The best way to
Do this is to have the males dominate
The females…and subdue them for her…
“Any religion that violates basic rights
Of life is not a religion, it’s a sign
Of a dictatorship…The Lion Men fell
Because they put rules of religion in
The young of our race that males
Were superior…They dominated them…
Abused them…And they eventually…
Separated the sexes…Then enslaved us,
Experimented and when they had they
Fill of entertainment…of abuse…they
Altered our DNA limiting our reproductive
Process so that it became difficult
For females to conceive naturally.”
“Birth control?”
“Yes.” He said. “Then it became a matter
Of only having genetic specimens and it
Became a matter of creating slaves
Artificially in laboratories…clones…When
They decided they were done with our
Kind the females were exterminated…
Only males were made for their
Size and strength as slaves…Time
Passed…Then they decided to end
Our race…and then the males
Were eliminated. Some escaped this…
That is how we survived.”
“So there are no women of your kind?”
“There are some,” he confessed, “but
They are half-breeds…hybrids. That
Is a story of another time. We will
Get to that…It involves a bond
The Lion Men share with humans…
We share a special bond.”
“That sounds interesting.”
“You will understand in time.” He said,
Then nodded to everyone around him.
“They have certainly shared a lot with
You…a lot of work…you must be
“I am sleeping more than ever.”
“That will continue as the timelines
Merge and correct.” He paused, studied me.
“Do you understand the message we
Are trying to tell you here?”
“That faith is a powerful weapon…
That any religion that does not
Practice respect of all life is not a
Religion…That anyone who says
They are your friend, or loves you…
Is no friend or doesn’t love you at all…
They only want to control you.”
“That’s very good.” He nodded and
Grinned. “I believe we’ve succeeded.”
“I told you that you would like him.”
Ceres smiled. “They do like you.” She
Said to me very proudly.
“This timeline that was corrupted?”
“Yes?” The Lion Man asked.
“It hasn’t changed the final outcome
Of things…of the Earth I mean…”
Ceres watched closely. “That’s Valiant
In him talking…”
“The Great Final Battles won’t really
Be of science…They will be of
Religions…That’s the most dangerous
Thing…The power of faith…You
Said it yourself…Science is a scheme
Of the mind…Logic is a child between
The two…Faith is the power…That’s
Why it’s always tested…That’s why
Divine intervention takes place…
No peace will ever come until the
Respect is found between the two…
In the logic of a child.”


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 11MAR2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (11 March 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Timeline…Time Bomb…

*SONG* “Invincible” by Pat Benatar

It’s in the air, the day, the night…
Patterns and moods that don’t feel
Quite right…It’s been there for years.
In fact it seems to grow worse each
Year…especially in the last 8 years.

The most obvious clues have been
Surfacing in dreams and memories.
I’ve had this happen countless times
And have had others tell me the same…
Stops in time, slips in memories…
Remembering things wrong, or even
Stranger, remembering things that
NEVER happened.

Something that went horribly wrong
Years ago has somehow broken
Through…And memories are returning.
There must have been some sort of
Disaster in time…or as discussed
Before, someone was seriously tampering
With time…because more than ever
It feels like every day has a new
Sense of waking up.

Political news, mudslinging and gossip
Has been a masterful distraction to
Keep people from seeing this…But
Fortunately more and more people are
Waking up and seeing past it. Has
Anyone else noticed this?

I’ve had numerous dreams about my
Past that should have been different…
I’m not talking about extraordinary things,
I’m talking about simple basic things
That when compiled together add up
To significant life changes…

All it takes sometimes is the smallest
Detail to alter things…Taking a different
Path, seeing a different movie…or even
Talking to someone you should have.
Missed opportunities can drastically
Change things and destroy life…
Even something as simple as a song
Can have a powerful effect on a mood
That can intensely affect decisions…

Yes, those little things add up…they
Hurt some people…And it appears at
The same time they highly benefit
Others…The worst kind.

I think many people can identify with
The fact that somewhere YEARS ago
Something screwed around with their
Life’s chances…and they got sucked down
A confusing, dismal road as a result.

But again, you can feel something has
Broken that cycle…Some are throwing
Tantrums because they want that dark
Road to continue…Don’t listen to them.
Pursuing a dream is the only chance to get
Them back. Maybe that’s one of the
Most important choices we have to
Make right now. Pursue a dream!

There was a rumble…like sounds of
Thunder, then the Circle of Light
Formed…pulling me in.
The Box was powerfully active now.
The vibration of the Circle of Light
Was intense, strong, undeniable and
Brilliantly shining…
But there was no one there at first.
Then suddenly from all directions, giant
Lion Men stepped into the light. They
Towered, ranging in size from nine
To…at least one being a massive eleven
Feet tall ferocious looking warrior.
There was the great Golden Lion Man
VIR’riel, I had not seen in some time…
Older looking grayish ones that wore
Something like tunics…A darker gray
One, other pale gold ones and the amber
Giant that stood above them all. They
All wore robes, and the ground seemed
To shake when they appeared. It was
Startling, this was new!
Their faces were also intense, serious, but
Not hostile towards me, that much was
Clear. Before I could wonder what was
Going on Ceres appeared, calmly moving
Between them to stand in the light. She
Had a simple smile on her face and
Moved closer. “It’s going to be a little
Different this time.” She said nodding
At me. “Don’t be scared…They are here
For yours and our benefit.”

Then Varence appeared, stepping into
The light through the army of Lion Men
That lined the circle, then Vala was
There too beside him…looking very intensely
Determined. Both were smiling and stood
Tall and unbreakable.

“It seems that odds are being challenged
Slightly.” Varence almost laughed. “As Ceres
Said, do not be alarmed. We’re just sending
A message.”

Those Lion Men were, to say the least,
Impressive, and shocking to see. They
Stared at me and I felt like I was 5
Years old, afraid to speak.

“That’s alright,” Varence smiled, “Just
Write. You do not have to say anything
This time.”

“Everything…so predictable.” Vala hummed.
“Of which what words could catch my ears?
A spell?” She laughed loudly. “That is a joke…
All dark magic was neutralized ages ago
There…Anything attempted will only fuel
The cause invincible…The tangles of
Children that don’t have the slightest clue
Of the powers of the mind. For if they dare
Utter one more word they will SHATTER,
They will BREAK…and feel only the pain
Suffered of years…Consider them merely
Revealing their true colors. They have no power
Anymore. But thank you for the fuel. Oh…
And one little note…the Lion Men are
Immune to magic…In fact it makes them
Quite angry. I’m just here to oversee
The deed to be done.”

“For now, just know this,” Varence said very
Kindly. “We have a Time Bomb to deliver.
Well not an actual bomb…But it’s information
That when told will have an explosive effect.
One that we hope will aid in restoring the

“Remember,” Ceres said very kindly as
She stepped closer, “We have a dual
Mission…One with you, and one for the
Welfare of the universe that affects thousands
Of other worlds.”

More than ever I wished my successor
Had agreed to take over the posts. For
The record, the 5 of us each had code
Names…They gave me Valiant…but my
Successor, Galahad…was to take over
Writing the posts years ago. He refused to
Do it though, instead choosing his silent
Seat as computer hacker. Oh joy! So they
Left me with this…saying I had done such
A good job. So yes, now you know my
Successor’s name was Galahad; still is…
There is no other Valiant, just one…So
If anyone claims to take my place, they’re
A liar. And the Watchers won’t like that at all.

“Well we have been pleased with your work.”
Varence said of my writing in the notebook.
“Galahad is less…personable.”

I was too nervous to speak with the
Lion Men around…But those kinds of words
Are unnecessary, they can read your
Mind anyway; that’s why they hate
Lies. I wish Galahad was here.

“Just relax,” Varence said, “It’s not
That bad.”

“I thought it was going to be stories
From this point on?” I had to ask.

“There will be, there are.” He said rather
Merrily, making a funny easy going
Gesture with his hands. “But as
Stated before…These posts are about
More…shocking information…As

“I thought you said things were going
To get easier?” I asked.

“They will,” Vala hummed slightly in her
Bewitching tone. “Trust me, they will. Oh
And if they try to make it difficult for
You…I’ll raise hell they won’t forget.
Just don’t worry.”

“Let’s just get to it.” Varence directed.
“The information we have to offer is
This…plain and simple. A singularity
Was induced in 2012 to prevent events
From consuming your world…It’s
Noble intentions were to save the planet,
But dark forces abused it to further
Their own agenda. This created fractured
Timelines…time loops if you will…
Symptoms of this…disorientation…
Repetitive cycles…endless repeating,
Annoying circumstances…And such
Obvious things as bad things continually
Happening to good people while others
Seemed blessed with abundance and
Success for no apparent reason…

“But now that cycle has broken…You
Should see this in symptoms of random
And intense exhaustion. Sensations
Of heaviness, nausea…confusion…And
Random yet intense flashes of memories…
Recalling things that never happened or
Should have…Very intense sleep cycles
Are the body’s way of coping with
A timeline correcting itself. Dream cycles
Will be even more intense. Reports of
This will increase as those 5 timelines
Converge again into one until the
Correct timeline has re-established itself…
And make no mistake…It is unavoidable,
It will correct itself.

“This must occur or the singularity
That created this will destabilize
Other parts of the universe and that
Can NOT be permitted.

“So we have to create a little shock
To encourage this correct timeline to

“5 timelines?” I had to ask.

“Yes,” Varence nodded. “That’s right…
The number 5 again…And yes it has
To do with your 5…The 5…But we’ll
Explain that in due time. The point is,
This is happening now. It must happen
And it is a good thing…So make sure
You tell people to rest if they feel they
Need to…But do not neglect physical
Activity…That is critical also. Too much
Sleep can be bad also as it induces
Coma-like side effects and weakens the body.”

“Healthy physical activity is essential.” Ceres
Added. “Try to exercise some kind of
Fitness routine…Remember what we
Told you about the Final Hour.”

They were referring to guidelines given to
The assembly in the Great Hall. It had to
Do with fitness, something about being able
To run…It’s hard to explain in words, the
Rules were imprinted somehow like a secret
Codex in the light.

“Now,” Varence said with a confident
Smile as stood closely beside me watching
Me write. “There will be other factors
At work here…The variables are difficult
To pinpoint as nothing is capable of
Being set to specific moments…For example
As the timelines merge…Factors from
Each timeline will clash…such as weather
Anomalies. More than ever before the weather
Will be unpredictable, seasons will be out of
Sync…Do not trust the weather patterns…
If winter seems like it’s ending, it’s fooling
You…It will return when you least suspect it…
Due to the ice age factor there will be
Sudden and random ice storms…make
Note of that. Extreme areas, such as the
Poles and the tropics will be particularly

“Those considerations are still too early,” Ceres
Corrected. “You have to help him NOW …You
Have to consider his concept of time, how he
Sees things happening, not ours…”

“True.” Varence nodded as he suddenly withdrew
That small flat rectangular device from his
Pocket…and that book again from inside
His jacket. “Well then we will proceed

“Is that, that book?” I asked. “That Hour
Glass book that tells the future?”

He nodded once. “It not only tells the
Future, it gives direction. In cases such as
This…when it is exposed to a singularity it
Offers assistance…like a compass if you will.”

“Much like the light in your head the
Angel put there.” Ceres added as she too
Moved closer. “At least that is what
We have come to believe from studying it.”

“I thought that only happens when I
Draw?” I asked. “With the artwork?”

“No it will express itself in any creative
Way.” Varence replied. “Remember what her
Sister told you in the garden…of the mind’s
Way of coping? The psychic mind reacts like
A compass through any form of artwork…”

“An astute observation.” Vala commended. “I
Am impressed.”

“I do pay attention in our conferences.” He
Said to her with an arched brow and a
Smile. “I am not the cryptic little scheming
Demon some may think.”

Ceres sighed. “Do not even start that again!
Fretting over impulsive analysis. Do not be
Ridiculous, you are wasting time! The
Window! Remember our window here each
Time is with limits. Get on with it. Besides
Brishan told you he sent others to
Watch him. Tell him what you were
Told to say!”

Varence turned back to me with a sigh, a
Smile then a curved grin. “She can be
So impatient with me. I believe she
Enjoys it if only a little, no matter how
She may conceal it. Do you notice it
As well?”

Ceres groaned. “Tell him NOW!”

“It’s in her voice, do you see?” Varence teased.

“I swear I will have Brishan throw you
With the chair across the room.” Ceres
Growled leaning towards him and crossing her
Arms. “Do not think I won’t. And his
Patience is gone, he will do it.”

“I apologize.” Varence laughed. “I was
Just making idle chatter to ease his
Nerves. He’s nervous.”

Ceres turned toward me. “Please. Do not
Be nervous. Just write. The Lion Men are
Only here for support, not to harm you.
Just focus on us…” She rolled her eyes
At him. “And with patience on the idiot.”

“Should I return my name to Apollo?” He
Asked. “Would that settle your temper?”

Ceres made the fiercest expression, then
Pointed. “Tell him now! There’s an empty
Chair right behind me ready to throw.”

“Yes, of course, onward.” He said as he
Opened the book and pointed his device
To the open air to the right. “We have
Something to show you…Watch this…”

A view screen appeared…then immediately
Displayed a black man on a stage behind
A podium making a speech…I saw a
Number of flags to his sides, the largest
And most obvious being the American flag.
The classic flag of the United States.

“Do you recognize him, this man?” Varence
Asked as he pointed very nonchalantly to
The view screen.

I didn’t have to think. “No. But then I
Really don’t watch the news or read the

“That man,” Varence said very firmly,
Very calmly, while pointing to the view screen
But watching my expression. “Is the first
Black president of the United States…”

“What?” I asked confused.

“From the correct timeline…” He went on
Again, very calmly. “That being the
Timeline that was not tampered with…
The one with no time manipulation whatsoever…
You do not recognize him?”

“No, I told you I do not watch the
News.” I answered him fast. “What do
You mean the first, how—“

“He is the son of a man you may
Recall from your history,” Varence
Nodded once then held his eyes low. “He
IS the son of a man called Martin
Luther King, Jr.”

“What?” I said.

“He was supposed to follow in his
Father’s footsteps down a political path
When he would one day finish his father’s work.”
Varence explained. “But his life was
Sabotaged and it never happened. The
Assembly of secret world powers replaced
Him as he was a threat to their agenda
As his victory would have been what you
Call a landslide…He would have won
Over a vast amount of the population
Very passionately and exposed numerous
Scandals and brought in a new era
Of peace and justice that would have
Reshaped the politics of several

I was stunned. I had no idea how to
Respond, but finally found the words. “But
That never happened…”

“Correct…” Varence went on. “Instead
He was replaced…and an era of what
Should have been full of peace and
Enlightenment…as promised to the
Council…instead became a mess…And
An era where insidious plots continued
Under a time manipulated veil…
And the Quantum Singularity grew
And worsened…” He paused then
Stood straighter. “The ONLY reason
The time technology assistance was
Permitted was because of that man.
That is why the events of 2012 were
Altered…and the timeline fractured.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”
I asked.

“Because this information is a Time
Bomb…” Varence explained. “To tell it
At the wrong time has dire consequences.
We had to share stories first…to explain
Things or else it never would have

“But the Men in Black, that
Briefing room?” I asked.

“They have been using you and
Others to get what they want.”
Varence paused. “Well, to be more
Precise they have been threatening
You…We know of course you have
Been fighting them. That’s why we have
Been helping you.”

“We had to help as we have discussed a pole
Shift would have tragic consequences for
Your planet but also all other worlds in the
Universe if those singularities expand.”
Ceres added then. “As we have said many
Other times…this is not just about Earth.”

“It is ridiculous to hear so many wish
To run into the stars to hide.” Varence said
Strongly. “There is nowhere to run from
This…We could not even be sure where
We are from is safe…there are too many
Unstable factors…until now…”

“What do you mean until now?” I asked.

“Now the corrections have been made.” Varence
Said. “It took time…careful guided steps…
But the odds have improved.”

“If anyone will even believe this at all.” I
Told him. “You keep saying more people
Read this than I know—“

“They do.” He said.

“I have done what you said…What the
Little Old Asian Man asked me to do…”
I told him. “And bullied by those Men in
Black…I’m always just caught in the
Middle…You keep telling me this all makes
A big difference…Yet my life still sucks.”

“Someone has to say it the right way, Bill.”
Varence instructed. “In a way others can
Relate to…or else it is meaningless.”

Ceres laughed. “The great riddler now
Champions the voice of reason…I cannot
Believe I have to say this. But he is correct,
Things must be said the right way or
It has no use, no effect at all.”

“And the timing,” he said to her, then me,
“The timing.” He said holding up his finger,
“Has to be right. It has to be precise or
Words or actions have no impact at all.”

“True.” Ceres reluctantly nodded.

He held up the book. “When I exposed
You to this book last time it triggered
A powerful memory in you…from the first

“First home?”

“The ancestral home of the human race.”
He explained. “From across the universe…It
Is under occupied territory now.”

“That’s what that was?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “The book had that
Affect on you…And you said the name

“Vishnu…” Vala repeated stepping closer
To join them. “The one known as the
Peace Maker?”

“Yes.” Varence said to her, then me. “Has
He spoken to you?”

“I don’t know how I…” The words
Froze then the mysterious answer came
Through as I write it down. “Yes, he
Heard me…I don’t know what Vishnu
Will do…only that…”

“What?” Varence asked. Clearly they
Were as mystified by the reaction as I was.

“In the spring.” I told them. “I believe
He is studying the world right now before
He acts…”

“Do you know who or what he is targeting?”
Varence asked.

“The protestors.”

“In the spring.” Varence said to Ceres, to Vala.

“Don’t say it.” Ceres said to him.

Varence turned back to me. “Would you like
To know something else?”

“No, but I am sure you will tell me anyway.”

He nodded to Ceres. “Do you know what
Ceres’s full name is?”

“It isn’t Ceres?”

“It is a shortened version of her name.”
Varence explained. “Her full name is
Ceresenoelle…In her
Language it means the light of spring…
Or in yours…”

“Christmas in the spring.” She nodded
With a laugh. “But I said that for
Another reason.”


“You will see.” She smiled.

“I want to show you one more thing.” Varence
Said, gesturing to the view screen as he showed
Me images of a house on a hill. “Do you
Recognize this?”

“I’ve dreamt about that house, yes!
That’s supposed to be my home, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“You’re torturing me by showing me that
Aren’t you.” I told him. “That’s the life
I was supposed to have, wasn’t it?”


“You know that makes me mad, that
Makes me furious. A simple life I never
Got to have…It makes me want to explode.”

“That is the life you were supposed to have,
You wish for?” He asked.


“Imagine many must feel the same way.”
He said.

“Well of course!” I snapped. “Everyone
Would want that…A lot of people say
Their lives feel so screwed up! So how do
I fix it? How do I tell others to fix
Theirs? Is there a way?”

“You have to retrace your memories to
The point when your life fell apart…to
When theirs did…and you must attempt
To resume doing what you were at that
Time…to do it again…use your intuition
To make the right choices knowing what
You know now to redo then…
Think of it as…walking down a familiar
Path…but wearing better clothes, something
More comfortable.”

“Huh? That is the strangest thing I’ve
Ever heard you say!”

“He is quite talented for that.” Ceres

“Listen, I just want that simple good life.
I’m sick of all the corrupt timeline talk
And negotiations or whatever.”

“This is what you have to do.” Varence
Only said.

“You’re a big ball of sunshine!”

He strained to understand my meaning.
“They gave you this job…so you will do it.”

“So very kindly said.” Ceres said sarcastically
To him then turned to me. “I know, we know
You don’t want this…but we will help you.”

Frustration was taking over. I delivered the
Messages, but I am seriously fed up.

“I know you are fed up.” Varence said. “But
You knew this would happen…for nearly 17
Years now…It has come down to this…You
Know it…And they know it…That’s why they
Have been watching you…That one day it
Would happen…you cannot fight it…”

So here I say or rather write the
Closing words this time…I’ve only ever
Partially opened the Box…The Light…
I never know what will happen or
What will come out…

The Men in Black, Mr. Secret Agent Man,
Mr. Spaceman…They all watch and
Wait…Because one day, yes, the Box will
Open all the way…And no little sparkles
Of fairy dust or fluttery angel wings
Will dance out…I have no idea, all
Hell could break loose. So don’t push me.
They know it’s real. And stop making
Me tempting offers or filling my life with
Grief, judgment and debt. I’m doing the
Best I can. So get rid of my aggravation…
They’re already fed up with you.

“One last thing…” Varence said with a
Sly smile of course.


“The Lion Men wish to speak with you…
They will have some stories for you as

This Box is getting more thrilling and
Not so joyful, great. Read it or don’t read
It, I don’t care. I’m just doing what
I was asked. And if you try pushing
That door open one more time I really
Will explode, so there.



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 4MAR2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (4 March 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.