Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…The Convergence Timelines…

*SONG* “One Love (The Lion’s Song)” by Pat Benatar

By the Breath and by the Sea
The Signs of Air and Signs of Water
Shall rule the course of Destiny for 1000 years…
Aquarius and Scorpio…
Bound to each unto them the sight to see
And feel and move the course of things…
Blue Planet…Mother Earth, be with them
Heaven is in the AIR, and the star and skies
And so is reflected in the Waters…
Reflections…caught by time and
The Hour Glass…course corrections
Now reveal and let the rivers flow, the
Waters run and seas rise…make things
As they were meant to be…

This is where time has been held still,
By unjust men and dark magic,
With dark arts and dark whispers
To spoil and corrupt things…
Souls were trapped this way, and
Minds were bent this way for eons…

Those that thirst for power always
Forget one thing, I’ve said before and here
I say it again…you shape your own defeat.
The only ones whaling cries now are
Of those dark ones…that’s why their
Tantrums are growing so irritating…
And will only continue to fall on deaf
Ears…because now is the age of
Reason…not treason. So if you don’t
Understand this watch the Wind and
The Sea…because if those on Earth
With Firey Feet and mouths don’t make
Peace soon…the Wind and Waters will blow
And Flood them all to hell and back…
And ICE so cold it burns.

The Sands of Time are flowing again
In the Star Elder’s Shrine…
You can’t stop them now…no temporal wave
Nor distortion…no sound waves to bend time,
The bubble burst and now the sands
Are calling for Harmony with Trumpets
Again…And in case you cast wrong mind
To analyze that another way I will
Simplify it for you…
The sands Trumpet called the name Trump.
Is that clear enough for you?
So if the winds howl next of the Spirit
Wolf’s cry let’s hope you’re paying attention…
Because the spirit wolves don’t ask questions.
They enforce the laws of the Sands of Time…
Echo through Europe next…reflections
Remember those now…

Rise…The pen to call the Circle of Light…
Here they come, the waiting Watchers…

And there he stands, tall, pale, an ethereal
Riddler. “He’s getting very good at this,”
Varence said to her as she entered
The light beside him. “I think he is ready.”

“No doubt grateful that your so-called
Cryptic words will be needed less.” Ceres
Said to him with a smile as she crossed
Her arms then looked at me. “Won’t you
Miss that?”

“This was never personal,” Varence said
Firmly, “Not with them,” he nodded
With a gesture to the notebook, “The eyes
And ears out there I mean…As the
Universe would call it this is business…
But with you,” he said to me specifically,
“This has become very personal for us.
We have never…absolutely never…
Rendered such interactions for so long.
Most always, if at all, are
Sparse and brief…But this has become
Such a learning experience for us both—“

“Do not bore them with one of your
Speeches please,” Ceres ordered. “That is
Not the point here…spare his ears and mine,
And let’s get to it…now.”

Varence smirked a bit then gave a
Reluctant smile. “Fine then, as you wish…
Let’s get on with it…” He nodded again to the
Notebook. “So you see now the point we have
Made here…with addressing issues we have not
Before…sometimes directly, sometimes with stories…
In part it was a test, for them…and you.
Each different of course…To prepare you
For your journey…while at the same time
Aid in activating others. But now the
Time has come to close this chapter…
And begin the next…”

“Begin what?” I asked.

“The next step,” Varence responded. “This
Is always a process…although usually
We scatter the inspiration among others…
Leaving no trail, only scattered clues here
And there…a painting in a cave…a siren’s
Song, a harmony in music…”

“There’s more clues in music than you
Know.” Ceres added. “While I had no part
In that…my job was always with the
Animals…But I did teach the whales
A thing or two.” She smiled calmly. “To
Put it plainly…when they take the time
To study the chords of music throughout
History…they will find the answers
There…mysterious rhythms gifted to the
Great composers…music with the power to
Heal. As Damara said once before, sound
Is destroying your planet…But sound can
Heal it as well…They will find it when they
Learn how to look…Music that can heal.”

“Now there’s an obvious answer to some
Big problems for you right there.” Varence
Grinned. “Your miracle cures have been with
You for ages…it’s just a matter of time
Before they figure out how to use it…Sound
With colors and light…can cure many
Things…why it may one day even extend
Life…ease aging as well as extend youth.
Ah those magical melodies.”

“The whales know this.” Ceres smiled. “Perhaps
One day they will tell you this. Remember
What I told you about your problem? Or
Rather their problem with the atomic issues…
The solution was…water. You will find
Many solutions in the waters…how the
Rivers flow…The way sound travels through
Water…The cures are right there. Healers
Can take great advantage of this.”

“So now you’re offering free solutions?”
I asked. “What about the stories I was
Supposed to write?”

“Oh you will still write those.” Varence said
With one nod as he slid his hands behind
His back; to fold them I assume. “You will
Still write those…But for now, you have
Far exceeded our expectations…The assembly
Agreed…as we said, it’s time to make it
Easier for you.”

Just then Damara stepped into the Circle
Of Light… “Remember, you were supposed to
Tell him about those artificial devices?”

“The computers?” Varence said to her.

“Yes, the computers.” Damara agreed
As she focused firmly on me. “The best
Solution is for them to learn to help
Themselves…healthier lifestyles…They need
To spend much less time with artificial
Devices.” She paused staring at me. “You did
Tell them to get away from them as much
As possible, right?”

‘Yes, I told them.” I said to her. “But
I can’t make anyone do anything. I can’t
Make anyone stop using cell phones so much
Or use the computers less. I can only tell
Them…I could say it a thousand times, it
Won’t make any difference. Why?”

“Because when the Event occurs…the
Withdrawal from these devices will be,”
Damara tried to word it carefully, “very
Harmful…excessive use could cause irreversible
Damage…That is why the pulse had less
Effects…These artificial devices, those computers
Diluted the effects…for many who have
Been exposed to these devices excessively…
No beneficial effects were felt at all…
It would only increase irritation and illness,
That means the damage is too far gone.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means no pulse, no energy wave, nothing,”
Damara said, “will neutralize the effects of
The damage those computers have caused.” She
Turned to Ceres. “I thought you showed him
The future?”

“We could only show him what his senses
Allowed,” Ceres told her, “when he was visited
By other travelers…We showed him the city
Of 3126…that is all…And there were no
Computers or artificial devices there.”

Damara turned back to me. “And you did
Write this down, you told them?”

“Yes of course.” I told her. “But I can’t
Make anyone do anything. But I stay
Off them as much as possible…like you
Told me.”

“That is the best he can do.” Ceres agreed.
“We discussed this.”

“I don’t understand why they could not
See it?” Damara asked.

“They see what they want to see.” Varence
Told her. “I’ve said this countless times

“But when it’s so obvious…” Damara said
Shaking her head. “They really refuse to see?”

“That is how they think,” Varence laughed.
“I told you…The way they think…
Crude algorithms…They search for solutions
By creating only more problems.”

“The point,” Ceres said gesturing her head
With a gentle wave, “is to offer more
Obvious help…this time. So that we
Can continue aiding his journey.”

Damara simply shook her head and
Stepped back out of the light. “I do not
Understand these people.”

“You have only been here briefly.” Varence
Laughed loudly. “Wait a little longer and
Your frustration will only grow worse.”

“And so here we are,” Ceres also laughed.
“May we continue?”

“Ah yes,” Varence said sharply. “The
Timeline convergence. The shape of
Things to come. Then you will see and
Feel and live what you were meant to.
Nothing can stop it this time, nothing.”

“Just how is this…timeline convergence
Going to happen?” I asked.

“It’s very simple, well now it is…” Varence said,
Retrieving something from behind him…
A table out of sight…Then he brought
It into view, that book again. “With this.”

“That book you showed me?”

“The Hour Glass.” Ceres nodded. “We’ve
Been discussing it.”

“This will be your next, and possibly final
Assignment.” He said pointing to the book. “In
This manner that is…with the writing…
After you take a rest for a while…It will
Help you tell the rest of the stories.”

Suddenly the Circle of Light expanded
To engulf a larger portion of the room.
Then it cast light upon the others who
Had been watching all along, some
Standing, some sitting in chairs. Brishan
Was the first to come into view with a
Very serious look on his face, then the rest
Of the sisters, a few others I had
Never seen before…and the younger man
Who resembled Varence…one of his people
I believe, the young Valerius.

“I will continue now…Varence.” Brishan
Said rising from his chair, he towered over
All of them; this man was like a superhero
Statue. He calmly walked forward. “How are
You?” He asked very kindly.

“Alright.” I answered. “You keep asking me that?”

He smiled. “We have decided to make some
Changes for the sake of circumstances.”

“Don’t worry,” Ceres answered me with a caring
Gentle smile. “Just listen.”

“The Fragile state of things,” Brishan began
Gesturing with his hands wide open, “You see
Things have been unstable for so long…
You are still having memory lapses…new ones
Conflicting with old ones?”

“Yes.” I answered. “Of a life I never knew…
I swear sometimes it feels like I am
Turning into…someone else.”

“In a way you are.” Brishan explained.
“Of who you were supposed to be…This
Will happen to several others, possibly many,
Possibly not…It all depends on them.”

“How do you mean?”

“If they are willing to accept the changes,
If they can cope…miraculous things could
Happen.” Brishan said.

“We have never really studied the convergence
At this level before.” Ceres said. “We have
Usually only observed it on simpler worlds
With simpler lifeforms…ecosystems, animals.
Such as if a meteor had never struck
A living planet…and life continued to
Flourish without disturbance.” She paused
With a more serious expression. “But this
Level…involving civilization, such a large
Population…all the animals. The changes could
Be quite sudden…even severe.”

“Still, by all our estimates…The best
Possible chances of survival are working
With what you currently have.” Brishan
Explained. “If only they would focus more
On working with positive thinking instead of
So much complaining…The odds would
Improve even more.”

“Because of the timelines?” I asked.

“Because of the tampering with time, because
Of your world’s reckless experiments…with
Sub atomic particles, other dimensions…
And manipulating life.” Brishan went on. “If
These things were simply limited to one planet,
Earth…The vote might have been

“What vote?”

“The Council, the Assembly here,” Brishan
Gestured, “The Star Elder…and with our
Contacts of higher dimensions. The
Schemes of the Dark Forces on Earth
Have threatened too many worlds
With their thirst for power. Some kind of
Punishment had to be executed. But first
The timelines had to be corrected.”

Damara stepped forward then. “Symptoms
Will continue for some time…Missing time,
Severe and unexplained exhaustion.
Memory lapses, new memories, old memories…
Strange illnesses…particularly with internal
Organs, bloating…nausea, anything regarding
The immune system affects these organs…
Senses will be distorted for some…blurry
Vision, buzzing or ringing in the ears,
Fluid retention in the sinuses…These things
Affect balance and stability…which are
Symptoms of time disturbances. The
Sound waves are no help of course…
Your world’s sciences have been attempting
To control this through visual
Inoculations through your…media.”

“As I have said,” Brishan continued,
“Those that fight it will suffer worst…
These symptoms will continue, they may
Even worsen…but for those that can
Find a peaceful balance…it should be
No problem…they should even flourish
And a natural order will return.”

“Believe it or not,” Varence went on then,
With a rather sly smile, “The changes
In rulers will improve these chances…”

“You keep saying…chances,” I said, “What
Were the alternatives…I’m afraid to know.”

“The vote was to sterilize the Earth.” Brishan
Said calmly. “Yes.” But he quietly smiled.
“But we argued this…For you. The Light
That was a gift to you is a precious
Interest to us.”

“You just want what’s in my head?”

“No. No.” Ceres corrected. “No you mean more
To us than that.”

“And believe it or not,” Varence smiled,
“There has been growing interest in those
That you have reached with your work
Here…A number of us want to see where
It goes. It was intended to have a
Powerful effect on many on your world…”

“And we also believe,” Brishan smiled, “that
By doing that, it will have a beneficial
Effect on other worlds as well.”

“You’re seriously creeping me out.” I told
Them… “You make it sound like this Light
Makes me some sort of universal messenger
Or something.”

“In a way,” Brishan went on smiling,
“That is exactly what we are saying.”

“If we can some way encourage,” Damara
Went on, “to duplicate what you have
Done in others we have found with this
Light on other worlds…The effects
Could be fantastic. Something we’ve
Been looking for…hoping for, for a
Very long time.”

“What does that mean or involve

“We are still working out the details
On how to proceed…” Brishan explained
Standing tall between them. “Vala
Has been studying the Light in a few
Of the others…but so far you are still in
The lead…however some have demonstrated

“You mean the writing and the artwork?”
I asked.

“Actually,” Brishan responded, “on one
World…there was a rather interesting
Breakthrough…in music.”


“You should ask others,” Brishan
Went on, “if they have noticed changes
In music in recent years…You should
Find that many will say, they used
To enjoy music a lot more…Years
Ago…Then something happened…and
It began to break down, even harmful.
But now…you should start to see a
Revival in music, in its energetic
Properties…nourishing, invigorating,

“The music can help in healing a great
Deal.” Damara said. “Try encouraging
As many as possible to play music
They haven’t played in years. Revive it.
And in that…their restoration will come.
But it’s very important not to manipulate
Those old songs…they really need to replay
The memory…only try to embrace it
This time as it was meant to be…with
As much simple sincerity as possible.
Keep it pure. Keep the feelings pure.”

“I am sure this must sound like
Rather strange advice.” Brishan said.

“Play old music to fix things?” I
Had to laugh. “Yeah…But I have to
Say that ever since my radio began
Working again…it’s felt really good.
And in a way bad…almost like I can
Feel that something went really wrong
And now…somehow it’s slowly starting
To flow again.”

“Keep doing that.” Damara said. “Trust
Me…keep playing those old songs…and
Above all embrace how they make you
Feel. That’s very important right now.”

“And above all stop listening to bad advice.”
Ceres pleaded.

“How does that work?” I asked.

“Good advice will lift you higher.” She smiled.

“And now we come to the crucial part,”
Brishan said stepping closer. “This is
Where we share with you what we have
Learned so far…and what’s next.”

“Alright…” I said.

“First,” Brishan nodded once then gestured,
“Varence will have new assignments…he will
Be coming and going as we have required him
In a new…experimental post on Earth with
An assistant.” His eyes directed me to look
To the left…where I saw this huge… “Do
Not write that part. Do not under any
Circumstances EVER reveal who is with
Varence at his new station.”

My eyes nearly popped. “THAT…HE…
Is Varence’s new partner?” I asked. “How
Is that possible no one will notice?”

Brishan showed me this pale yellow crystal.
“This came from a moon that passed
Through a…rift…it has special qualities,
And allows those who possess it to appear
Undetectable…out of phase. His new post
Will be as Watcher on Earth…until we
Say otherwise.”

“Alright.” I had no idea how to respond to

“Now,” Brishan nodded to the notebook, “we
Will be concluding this session…by sharing
What we know. Yes, the timelines will merge.
What should have happened years ago will
Now begin to unfold, re-establish itself.
Including the life you were supposed to have.
Do not worry yourself about efforts in this,
If anyone tries to interfere Varence and his
Assistant will be under orders to…immediately
Complicate anyone or anything that tries
To stop you. The Light has a mission…and
Now it must be fulfilled. It will reach
Others, it will help others…it will do this
Whether they like it or not. And if they
Do not…let’s just say their brains will fry.
Now there is no need to put any extra
Forward, just take your time…You have
Done enough. Stop worrying.

“You should also be remembering the code
Of the Oath…the rules instituted from the
Great Hall…The code by which you live…
The words you are forbidden to say, write, tell
Or share under which you and your fellow
Candidates live by. Do you recall

“Yes.” I answered him. “They recite in my
Head every day I wake up now. It’s freaky.”

“That’s good.” Brishan responded. “That
Means the convergence is under way.”

“I have to ask you,” I interrupted, “Why
Is there only 5 left? There were 144
People…and now there’s only 5? Did you
Always know this?”

Brishan hesitated to answer. He looked
About their eyes, to Ceres, Varence, then
Damara…before speaking. “No, not in
The beginning…Not until the time distortions
Began…did we know there would be
Only 5 left. The Hour Glass told us this,
We use these sacred manuals as guides
To help us…They foretold the 5…”

“Why, why only 5? I don’t understand.”

“Among your religions there are stories,
Legends of iconic figures during an
Apocalyptic time.” Brishan told me.
“I believe you know them as the Four

“But those are 4?”

“4 men…and 1 woman, the one you know
As Julie.” He explained.

“I don’t understand,” I said, “You’re
Telling me that’s what the 5 are for?
But she—“

“She has the role of what no man
Can accomplish and only a woman
Can. You will understand one day.”

“I’m sorry I have a hard time seeing
Myself as one of the Four Horsemen.”
I laughed.

“It’s not as impossible as you
Think, it’s more dutiful.” He explained.

“Oh I am sure those words will go over
Well with anyone who reads this, they’ll
Think I’m nuts for sure.”

“When events start to unfold, the meaning
Will become clear.” Brishan went on. “The
Star Elder chose you as the Hour Glass
Instructed him. As the Hour Glass will
Instruct you now…”

“You’re giving me THAT book?”

“No, we are entrusting it with Valerius
To hold…To work with you when
You begin writing your next series
Of messages to share. After you take
A break to rest.”

“Valerius is my new contact?”

“Valerius and Ceres, yes.” Brishan answered.
“But Varence will appear from time to
Time. As I have said his new station will
Be as a Watcher directly on Earth…And
Others will come back also, they want to
Spend more time with you…Such as the
Sisters…Rana, Vala…and myself.”

“Oh.” I smiled.

“We consider you a part of us now, you
Know.” Brishan smiled. “As we told you
We have never extended this sort of
Interaction before…so in a way…you
Have unknowingly become…slowly one
Of us…a Watcher.”

“What?” I was shocked.

“And no we are not demons or hostile
Arrogant entities…” Brishan laughed. “We
Live, we breathe, we eat and drink…”

“And spit things out on the floor.” Ceres

Brishan laughed. “And yes we even spit
Things out on the floor.”

“Or lose our tempers and rip chairs
Out of the floor and throw them across
The room.” Ceres further teased. “And
Smash data consoles, or create huge
Holes in the floor.”

Brishan shook his head at her with a
Comedic smile. “And yes, we get angry.”
He turned to me more seriously. “Which
Is a very clear point I want to make…
As we consider you one of us…That
Also means…we will defend our own, as
We see fit. Whatever that may require.”

“Oh boy.” I said. “Is that a threat?”

“No,” Brishan said shaking his head still
Smiling, “We do not threaten. We simply
React as necessary.”

“Don’t worry, trust me.” Ceres assured.

“Yeah, I’ve heard those words before!” I
Told them. “A lot!”

“Believe it.” Brishan said firmly supporting
Her words.

“So is that it then?” I asked. “That is
How this series of messages ends, then
I take a break, then I start another
Series? That’s it? No cryptic dire
Warnings? You do realize that people
Are waiting to be told the aliens are coming,
The aliens are coming! When are UFOs
Going to land and save us?”

“If that were to happen,” Brishan
Laughed. “Even the most rational minds
Can see the flaws there.”

“But can’t you tell me anything?” I asked.
“Instead you have me waiting until I
Start another huge writing project.
People are anxious…sarcastic…lonely.”

He stood there silently for what seemed
Like forever; pauses always do. “People
Are always that way…no matter where
You go…what you see, or what world you
Find.” He shook his head once. “They
Are NOT ready for what is really
Out there. The Hour Glass will help you
Prepare them…The right ones.”

“But they keep asking—“

“Let them ask and let them live and
Make decisions as they wish. Nothing
Will ever be enough for them…” He said
Very calmly. “You want me to say, tell
You something profound to really
Make them think? We have done
That countless times before, precious
Gifts that you shared in stories? Events
Too amazing to believe…Yet they would
Rather gossip over finances over
Meaningless political distractions while
Nature tumbles all around them? HA!

“Write this then…Again…Plainly…
You were visited by time travelers from
The distant future? Varence and Ceres
Took you back there through your
Memories…let’s be quite CLEAR and
Obvious more now then…

“3126…What did you see? Marvelous new
Cities? At least one, though no doubt
More…full of people…content people…
With children…No cell phones…No
Computers…They were NOT wired to
Any devices, were they?”

“No.” I answered.

“Were there any religions in view
Domineering their behavior, any
Strange costumes, hoods or cloaks
Or uniforms?” He asked.


“And there were many different skin
Types and colors? Men and women
Walking rather merrily…out in the
Open…were they or did they appear
Afraid of anything?” He asked.


“Has the world ended at all since
These so-called free elections began?”
He asked.


“But there has been a lot of complaining.
Wasted time spent arguing when
They could have been more constructive using
Their time more wisely to inspire others
To cheer them up…to improve their own
Lives with better choices?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

“There’s your answer right there.”
Brishan laughed. “Yes, we’ve witnessed
True nature…There will be a brighter
Future, for all humanity…on Earth…
When they learn to stop complaining
And attacking each other and
Misusing and abusing faith as a
Weapon. When they can do that…
Then they will deserve more easy
Answers…until then…one day at a
Time. There are good changes happening
They just don’t want to see it.”

“I hope so.”

“Go rest, Bill…” Brishan said.
“We will talk again soon…
Until then, let’s see how many times
The sun keeps rising and the
World keeps going…and the
Tantrums continue until they
Learn the only real problem is
Themselves. Help each other. Inspire
Each other. Cheer each other up.
And watch the world get better.”


Coming in May…THE HOUR GLASS…
Until then, I apologize, but I’m tired.
Let’s see what happens in July!
Best Wishes from the Watchers
Mr. Trump.





  1. Lovely Feilla! I wondered why the BLOSSOMS in this video I just found today were jumping out at me. So synchronistic you are. ❤


  2. I somehow don’t know where to post these. Still want to THANK all who have helped, even much more than….I still have difficulty to ground well. When listening to this mp3 of Restoration by Tom Kenyon, I should be able to turn to feel getting into a totally different realm from mundane, just like leaving this shell, flying towards to the sky, to the sun.

    The next picture and message were shared by a sister. I’m astonished so much for this corresponds perfectly well to what Robin just shared.

    Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text –
    A smart messaging cycle for the world will be completed in 2017.
    So much so that the first crop circle of the 2017 season was similar in its image to the first intelligent crop circle (Pictogram) of England, which appeared at Chilcomb Farm, Cheesefoot Head, on 23 May 1990, with device 11-11 suggesting Connection between two worlds (I believe, Earth-Venus) and dimensions.
    Compare this pictogram May 23, 1990, with Cher Hill White Horse, April 16, 2017.
    We can have a new crop circle commemorating on May 23, 2017 signaling the same thing.’
    source :
    If you roll down the page, you will even see something similar to the latest picture given by Dreamwalker333 for the last Dreamflight invitation.

    As I don’t use FB, it’s quite annoying to be interrupted by the reminding message of register in.

    An link which might have been given by an invisible hand. It just appeared in my screen, however, I could not read it till tonight. This…again is incarnating itself in a very distinct thread of synchronicity.

    I’m not awakened yet, neither dormant. Though being still so frustrated for my own very ignorance, I realize and appreciate this guide from the DIVINE WILL !!!

    May these blossoms bring some nice energy to all the beloved ones….

    thanks to

  3. Thank you all…thank you. Sorry for that I can only give few words here. Robin, that album of “Crazy Horse”….had just caught my eyes several years ago, when I was staying in the media chamber of the city library in the south-west suburb of Paris. I not only brought it back to listen to, and did a search. However, I almost forgot it for good until you posted it. So many memories hence are occurring.

    I feel so many kinds of energy are crossing, both positive and negative. Besides, as time runs too fast, I feel somehow lost, as going to lose consciousness in the whirl of time or energy.

    Nevertheless, so many hands just drew me back that I cannot appreciate, neither thank enough. Still have so many words to say, however, I do have to look after somethings that could not fulfill the whole last week. May the song, the picture bring you something nice, as they do vibrate and uplift me so….

    Thanks to

    Another beautiful Piano version….If you will, please click the the white triangle rightwards in the black circle.

    In the hope of bringing more power to help release, even well spread Bill’s books, including I, II, III, to the right ones, I would like to share a recipe that I myself once was quite inspired. I once read in the book, the Zero Point by Dr. Joe Vitale, for making some dreams come true, it’s not bad to do some alchemy with DEW, cleaning away all the obstacles on that path. Or to take Dr. Vitale himself as an example, as he wanted his book to be well spread, he just envisioned cleaning his book with DEW. I’m sorry if my interpretation has any discrepancy from the original version. This was after all read many years ago, without saying that what I read is CN version.

    When looking for something that I had been thinking to share, this picture once caught my attention….

    thanks to
    I’m not lucky in the course of searching for the symbolic interpretations.

    Something which is associated with what Bill told….

    I hope I can get time to share something else soon….Please all take care….
    May all the beloved ones have a nice new week !!!

  4. “By the Breath and by the Sea
    The Signs of Air and Signs of Water
    Shall rule the course of Destiny for 1000 years…
    Aquarius and Scorpio…
    Bound to each unto them the sight to see”

    LET’S DANCE! 😀 ❤

    I was captured by the light of a wayward smile
    When she said to me,
    "Move slowly son and touch the sky,
    Very soon you'll see
    Oo, how precious time placed it's hand on me;
    Oo, how precious time, how it rescued me."

    See the line of sight in side your mind,
    but from where I don't know.
    And the tales that are left behind,
    Left for all to grow.
    Oo, precious time placed it's hand on me;
    Oo, precious time, how it rescued me."
    Oo, how it rescued me, how it rescued me.

    Oh, there's a place in time not far from here,
    A place we all could see;
    So if you're lookin' for a better day,
    Touch the sky and see.
    Oh, precious time placed it's hand on me;
    Oh, precious time, how it rescued me.

    Be the soldiers for your lives my friends,
    Fight for all to see.
    It's the only way to catch the sun;
    It's the only way you'll see,
    Oh how precious time placed it's hand on me,
    Yeah precious time
    How it rescued me, baby, baby it rescued me.

    Oh, there's a place in time not far from here,
    A place we all could see;
    So if you're lookin' for a better day,
    Touch the sky and see.
    Oh, precious time placed it's hand on me;
    Oh, precious time, how it rescued me.

  5. Lyrics:

    The hands keep on turning, the pendulum just swings*
    Prisoners upon this rock, flying without wings
    Captured in a moment, still the hours chimed
    Joining closer as it shifted with the sands of time

    Paranoid dimensions, guilts fall into place
    Driven by an unseen force, swelling into space

    At beyond the rainbow, cross the milkyway
    Passengers without a choice, slowly turning grey

    On through the night, shine on forever
    Going insane as we ride the time machine

    Waiting for no one, relative to none
    Answering to not a thing, except the rising sun

    Bouncing on this fabric, at the speed of light
    Connecting points of futures past, is its only plight

    Passengers without a choice, hanging by a string
    Spending with a hands of time, flying without wings


    "THIEF OF TIME" -Terry Pratchett

    "First edition (Book of OM)…chapter two, verse seven…"

    And Lu-Tze read: "And the Angel clothed all in white opened the Iron Book, and a FIFTH rider appeared in a chariot of BURNING ICE, and there was a snapping of laws and a breaking of bonds and the multitudes cried 'Oh God, we're in trouble now!'

    Go get 'em Julie!



  8. Update….
    Bill’s books are now in then process of being released from both contracts!
    so if you haven’t been able to email the publisher, don’t worry about it.

    lots of emails later, a small fee…$99 (was $298), and now both books are being freed! He will self publish this time. Both of them….first The Bell Tolls series, than the Sequel.
    Whatever went down with them…it worked!
    Thanks everyone…even all the good thoughts mattered! They always do….

    • Awesome, so glad Bill’s free to do his own thing now with his new books. I’m looking forward to reading them. Even though I’ve read the Bell Tolls series, it’s superb to have it all collected in book form. I’ve been a busy bee gathering all of Bill’s threads as one tapestry, 5 years worth….so far! Plus his first book, which was great, but truly disturbing, and thrilling, too.

      Good thoughts DO matter, absolutely! Without dreams and good thoughts, where would we be, just a glimmer in our Father’s eye, eye am, sure!

      Have a good day, you guys.


  9. Attention all Valiant followers….
    Here is one of the Big Reasons that Bill is taking some extended time off.
    I wrote it up on Facebook…then went ‘duh’….you all need to know this too, so I am copying it here!

    “Bill is trying to contact his publisher about his 2 books, which they promised him would be releases 6 months ago!!!
    They are claiming ‘very busy’ in the office right now….and far behind. (his are in a ‘Q’) The publishing company is selling it’s business, and then wants to focus on strictly marketing!
    Which is just ducky for them but has left him and, I am sure, many others in the lurch. They should have warned him of this months ago and not waited until almost a year has passed…and still NO books!
    If any of his readers are so inclined, and email to this publisher might bump him up in the Q…if not get them to fu,fill their part of the commitment!
    Unless you all have any suggestions, or ideas, or have any experience with this kind of issue?
    Bill’s full name is: William J Griffith (as the author)
    and his 2 books are: Higher Forces-The Sequel
    and The Bell Tolls
    Any help, as in ‘fans beating on their doors, would be appreciated!
    Thanks so much everyone,
    Lida Griffith”

    and here is the website….you can email them by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the upper right of the page.

    it is really driving Bill, and myself by extension….absolutely crazy!
    They wanted, per an email earlier, $199 from any author wanting to ‘buy back’ their rights (I guess, for the first book they published, since I don’t get how they can charge for one they haven’t published yet!). And that is just crazy!!!

    Anyway….any help you could give to Valiant in the way of asking about his books, would be super!
    Thank you all,

  10. I drew the rune BERKANA for protection this morning. BERKANA is “The Lady of the Woods”… the Birch Tree.

    Beautiful song here tribe… “TIMELESS”…

    (Sorry, I couldn’t find the lyrics)

  11. Through the electromagnetic body course the acupuncture meridians, the yin (negative, feminine) and yang (positive, masculine) polarized channels for the “two breaths of ch’i,” the pervasive life energy, as catalogued by the ancient Chinese. These meridians traverse the physical Earth and human body in an intricate though rationally precise matrix, visually resembling something like the New York City subway system at its most obtuse (Diagram 1 above).


    The Hermetic Keys to the planetary Grid are inscribed on the Messenger’s mythical Emerald Tablets, which summarize the 7 Hermetic Principles underlying all manifestation. These are the keys to Hermes’ Geomancy:

    The Principle of Mentalism (The Universe is Mental, the All is Infinite Mind, which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes).

    The Principle of Correspondence (Whatever is Below is like unto that which is Above, and whatever is Above is like that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of The One).

    The Principle of Vibration (Nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates).

    The Principle of Polarity (Everything is dual, has poles, and pairs of opposites).

    The Principle of Rhythm (Everything has its tides, its rise and fall, its equal pendulum swings to the right and left, its peaks and troughs).

    The Principle of Causation (Every effect has its Cause, every Cause has its Effect, all proceeding by Law, never by chance).

    The Principle of Gender (Everything has its “masculine” and “feminine” aspects).


    I am your shadow
    I am your rain
    I am your longing
    A little of your pain
    I am red
    I am blue
    I am your angel
    I am in you


    I am your madness
    I am your tears
    I am your sadness
    And I am your fears
    I am restless
    I am your dreams
    I am the moments
    In between


  13. Lyrics:

    “In sleep,he sang to me,
    In dreams, he came…
    That voice, which calls to me
    And speaks my name…

    And do I dream again?
    For now, I find.
    The phantom of the opera is there –
    Inside my mind.”

    “Sing once again with me
    Our strange duet…
    My power over you
    Grows stronger yet…

    And though you turn for me
    To glance behind,
    The phantom of the opera is there –
    Inside your mind…”

    “Those who have seen your face
    Draw back in fear…
    I am the mask you wear…”

    “It’s me they hear…”

    “Your (Phantom)/my (Christine) spirit
    and my (Christine)/ your (Phantom) voice
    In one combined
    The phantom of the opera is there –
    Inside your (Phantom)/my (Christine) mind…”

    Offstange voices:
    “He’s there,
    The phantom of the opera…
    The phantom of the opera…”

    “In all your fantasies,
    You always knew
    That man and mystery…”

    “…Were both
    In you…”

    “And in this labyrinth,
    Where night is blind,
    The phantom of the opera is there (Phantom)/ here (Christine) –
    Inside my mind”

    “Sing, my angel of music!”

    “He’s there,
    The phantom of the opera…”
    Standard YouTube License

  14. DAVE! There you are! I was just about to post this for you. 🙂 ❤

    This was shared to me this morning by my friend Charles… I really think you will like this. (Thanks "Brother Wolf" 😉 ❤ )

    And shortly there after Dellirium uploaded her latest video to youtube…sure ties into the "Shadow Aspect"…thanks for bringing it to my attention Dave. Big Hug!










    • Feilla…You Rock! I love your posts!

      I tired playing as a street musician in both Raleigh and Asheville, North Carolina when I was homeless.. It’s tough. Most I ever made in one day was 2$. Children were usually the ones who gave…they were were worth it! Native American flute…it sedates people so much…they just forget everything else (such as the tip jar…Lol!). Ah…but it’s Good Medicine. ❤ 🙂

      A video link here below…this is Derek …he was my favorite street musician in Asheville. Occasionally his wife joins in with her cello…quite a combination. He made the dulcimer himself. Said he was introduced to it for the first time by someone and just really had a knack for it. He plays bare foot, or in heavy socks during winter… if he plays with shoes on it throws off his timing.

      Happy Birthday Brianna!

  16. Thanks to a sister…though I’m far behind to be sufficient to…

    Celia Fenn:

    Full Moon in Libra with Sun in Aries.Time for all us Creative Beings to dance the energy into manifestation.As the waves pour down from the Galactic Center we can be the transmitter and the antenna for our Community. We can embody Love, Compassion, Harmony, Creativity and living at Higher Consciousness. Be the Change.


    And every day!

  17. Honestly, the clouds covering on mind are too dense and gray, without saying along with the very fatigue….so How to lift up all…Thanks to these sweet smiles and love of the NATURE and gentile beings, my moods were turned, even had smiles…..May this vibration keep affecting….

    Thanks to

  18. Sorry for that this melody seems to sound rather sorrowful….so how much we need ARIES. Today, it’s OUR SUPER STAR, BRIANna’s BIRTHDAY. This time, thanks to the location where I’m, I can post this earlier, despite of the still quite cloudy moods, just like last year.

    what a coincidence….made in France!!!

    Beside, I still need these….

    As usual, besides the cake above, it seems that this one is specifically FOR YOU, as no matter how I kept trying searching for, this one just is so insistent to appear in various threads.

    If we can….I’m dreaming of such a ELVISH FEAST for our LOVELY TOWER ELEGANT PRINCESS.
    Sorry for having missed the source of this picture…

  19. Thank you all as above. It’s quite obvious that a lots of us are suffering the similar physical pain and very fatigue. Like Suzanne, I not only once was too tired to concentrate, but even when I was not really that tired, I also have difficulty to keep up with the messages that I want to read. Or even I read, I’m far behind the level of making out, as all data feel so fragmentary in my brain. Besides, the electric stuffs, mainly that for communication have just been quite acting up. All feel insane, including myself.

    I feel somehow lost, quite lost, even cracked of myself at this moment…Everything looks and feels too fragmentary to gum together. Nevertheless, a large amount of synchronicity is taking place as well. So when you are sharing, you are high-lightening the important pieces and preventing me from neglecting them or keeping cracked, or even are helping me making more sense of them.

    As I might have subscribed too many stuffs, there are lots that I could not keep up with or even was not aware for quite a period of time. Then yesterday, I just got this one. The name of the sender just first caught my eyes. It’s which had just been referred as above. However, I don’t want to do anything which has to do with commercial advertisement, despite of my appreciation of that sharing, I would merely like to share the key words, such a diamond, dragon. Another synchronicity was occurring, as there was a tiny diamond just left on my table. It looked like dropping from something.

    With regards to dragon, it came when listening to this genius composer…
    My favorite ones are the 2nd, 20th.
    I’m trying to get a video one, pity that the picture feel quite non-resonated. I happen to be led to this one with dreamy picture and uplifting melody with very significant title which looks like a very echo.

    Another thread was initiated and reminded by Robin, having to do with EAGLE & RIVER. The same day, I read what sister P posted. Then in the evening, I was just reading an article on “TIRTHAS.”
    An extract from…

    The word Tirtha is found in the oldest layer, that is the Samhita of the Rigveda as well as other Vedas.[13] In the hymns of Rigveda, such as 1.169.6 and 4.29.3, the context suggests that the word means “a way or road”.[13] In other hymns of Rigveda such as 8.47.11, states Kane, the context suggests the term means “a ford in the river”.[13] Yet, in other cases, Tirtha refers to any holy place, such as by the sea, or a place that connects a sacrificial ground (Yajna) to the outside.[14][9] Later texts use the word Tirtha to refer to any spot, locality or expanse of water where circumstances or presence of great sages or gurus has made special.[15][3][16]

    In the Upanishads, states Diana L. Eck, the “crossing over” refers to the “spiritual transition and transformation from this world to the world of Brahman, the Supreme, the world illumined by the light of knowledge”.[17] The emphasis in the Upanishads, in Tirtha context is on spiritual knowledge, instead of rituals, and this theme appears in the Hindu epics as well.[17]

    thanks to

    Then a song when I first saw, just immediately think of Jeniffer. This should be for her…

    I didn’t realize the diamonds which had ever been shown….

  20. Keeping in mind, that your senses are the first to become heightened. This, for many, is already coming to fruition. You say you are in need of your mobile phones and your internet. It is not that these shall disappear (for a while) yet, your own senses shall work more efficiently when it comes to communication. Your technology shall abound beyond reason … as you know it, at this juncture. So much shall be made available to you as the Higher lifestyle is presented and understood. {THE NATURAL WAY AS BELOW WAS NATURAL} NO SPECIAL IMPLANTS NEEDED

    Adam and Eve could communicate with each other and with their immediate children over a distance of about fifty miles. This thought exchange was effected by means of the delicate gas chambers located in close proximity to their brain structures. By this mechanism they could send and receive thought oscillations. But this power was instantly suspended upon the mind’s surrender to the discord and disruption of evil.

  21. The EYE and FACE of GOD is within you! The “FATHER” or the “HEAD” God is within the *HEAD* / *BRAIN*


  22. Before I forget…again…thanks Valiant, for teaching us about the Spirit Wolves. The Dark One that stalked me decided to come around here again yesterday…he has weakened CONSIDERABLY. All I had to do was call…and the Spirit Wolves…they sent him out of here…I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent him out of this very dimension…OH! You should have HEARD that THUNDER and SEEN that LIGHTNING last night!


  23. I KNEW I’d heard this story somewhere before….

    Terry Pratchett, “The Thief of Time”

    -Auditors try to stop time to restore order
    -there is a 5th horseman that joins the team A.K.A. Ronnie Soak.. (AKA Chaos)

    Thank goodness the “Auditors” were persuaded from burning down the planet… it’s certainly one response to throw a match on the whole mess and start over…



      “FIVE TO LEAD…



      5 + 5 + 7 = 17 😉

  24. Varence bringing up the significant 4 horsemen prophesied for our time….harbingers…..4 of the 5 left….the 5th being Julie…..the divine Feminine aspect of the Hand of God…..with Valiant being honored….recognized….acknowledged by the Watchers they consider him as one of them, now (I totally agree and appreciate that, considering how I feel about him and his role, which is truly one of the most significant prophetic voices…..of the Divine….of our Father. Valiant….Thor…a hero to both Valhalla and to us in the “lower realms” (the earth prison/slave world)…..he himself IS the bridge guardian after all….Heimdallr…..well today’s Eireport Gaia Portal message is pure synchronicity:

    Treasons exposed, closings follow.
    Knights of Illumination ride for the masses.
    Upliftments are communicated and experienced on all levels.
    Harbingers speak clearly, and remove the doubts.

    Valiant: “because now is the age of
    Reason…not treason”

    I believe I’ll have to read this one over and over to glean the most benefits. Thank you Bill. Thank you seems so inadequate. I just want to work on myself and try to get better, to be my higher self even while entrapped, enslaved, constantly put down and challenged at every turn. I don’t want to give up, to give in, to succumb. I just want to be free. To rise above. To keep dreaming and actually pursuing those dreams. They have given us so much through you, Bill, I am grateful for all their words and wise counsel, and for being so realistic even though many view this as improbable, impossible, fanciful….I take this information as revelation from God…..of how things really are…..and how our condition is SO largely based on what is in our minds…..and our hearts. To just hear it confirmed is huge, I just wrote this to Lida the other day, and saw it yesterday in the message… guidance said *cultivation* is the key to prosperity….which they then explained isn’t cultivation of material goods to bring wealth…..NO… is about cultivating through our thoughts…..focusing and harnessing our minds…..because as Bill says…..the best things in life….are free. They aren’t about bringing us material wealth, money won’t cut it, there are worlds with no currency, just exchanging and providing for the sheer love of it…..for love of one another. Our minds…..those have the precious treasures that God hid in earthen vessels/vassals. We may have overlords who want to just take all the resources they can, without any regard to how we feel about it, and us being used like that (whether for pleasure or labor or food)….they are here to mine all the resources they can. They wanted to make us their bridge to Heaven!

    There are many things I should have said sooner. To me, Bill is like Jesus Christ was, and IS. He is a liberator…..of slave worlds!!!!! He came and comes in every major epoch as a world teacher. Just like Bill. The 5 that are left, that were actually foreseen which Bill now knows this was destined….seen in the book the Hour Glass…..are God’s fingers….God’s mouths….God’s eyes….God’s ears…..God’s tastebuds….they are God’s senses and God’s way of conveying…..Truth to us… help set us free! Thank you….is just not enough. I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me refine my mind, for desiring better things for this world and all worlds, and all the people and all the creatures, plants, crystals. I may be a slave, in body, but not in my mind, they can’t make me believe all the thoughts they try to input! I have inspiration now, I have regained hope, I have more faith, I have God’s Life in me. Life is God’s gift to us….what we do with it, is our gift to God. Bill, you inspire me to want to give back to the Life Giver, to the All-Father, the Ogdoad. You uplift us beyond this mortal life into the immortal life, with your tales, your stories of old and yesteryear, and of this year, and of years to come in the near and far future…….help deliver us….right here and right now… savior to come and rescue us…..just uplift us….help us get unshackled and unfettered. We at least can live with more knowledge of the truth and work on improving on our own ‘lot’ in life. We can see more clearly now, having seen through your eyes.

    I’m so grateful to know there’s more to come, to help us. I know you need a break, and it’s well-deserved too, you give SO MUCH, you need to be receiving SO MUCH back, Bill! I hope you have a wonderfully restorative, rejuvenating break. I’ll miss you and look forward to hearing more as the next chapter begins. It has been truly amazing to watch this unfold, and to also….participate.

    I wish I didn’t have to go to work and could just write and write and read everything, but there is only so much time in a day. And unfortunately I do need to cut this short, and attend to other material matters. I’ll be reflecting on all of this constantly and hopefully consistently applying the lessons, until they become second nature to me. I will also be going outside more and spending time with…..Nature. She is a very healing power for me, the only way I have ever been able to meditate.

    I feel like I only addressed about 1/10th of what I wanted to, but I’m just going to leave it at this, for now.



  25. Wow! Wonderful. Thank you so much. The music suggestion really resonates with me. I know what I need to do.

  26. Thank you for the time you have given to us all through your messages Valiant.
    It is funny how synchronised I feel to the universe. To what is happening lately, at 2.22 pm I was overwhelmed with great fatigue and needed to sleep right then and there (something I have not felt since I used the pendulum all those years ago! )but I heard in my head read the latest post from Bill but I could not keep my eyes open to read so here I am catching up now. As I read each and every single symptom I have been suffering the past week and a bit are listed. My insides feel like they are not mine and the heaviness is overwhelming at times. A beautiful event yesterday when I finished my course everyone told me what my being in this class bought each of them. Who I am on the inside has shone forth for all to see feel and absorb as my truth my soul. I have never felt so loved. It is time now for my stories to grow and be shared as my words have had profound effect on those who have been drawn forth and who I have been drawn too. The Doors of my dreams have begun to open in ways I could never have imagined. I have my life happening as it should have at 18 and I am going to make the most of the changes that have begun. Yes the music stopped for me in 97 today the music has begun to seep back into my soul and yes they are happy some old some new for it is in the lyrics that touch my soul while the melodies cause the soul to dance once more. Enjoy your much needed well earned rest Spring break all. Variance may you time down here benefit and enlighten those you have come to watch over. To the watchers thank you never ever seems enough. Language will never replace what the heart ❤️ sends out even the word love does not do this feeling I have inside for all who are here justice. So may you sense feel this in my reply. Light, love and the brilliance of each moment the Universe holds close, are sacred dreams waiting quietly to be bought into reality may they be a part of each and everyones sunrise today and always.

  27. Great post and great video this week VALIANT. I had many dreams 10 years ago, when I met my “TWIN” of being in a laboratory working with a team of researchers. We had huge tanks full of large and smaller fish. Lights flashed in time to the music playing above the aquariums from speakers. We were studying the effects of light and sound on the fish. I would very much have liked to become a researcher and healer…always some thing blocked me from getting a “higher” education! Well…perhaps…not any more! You all should see how fish in aquariums respond to a Native American flute…wow! They especially seem to like the KEY of A. (Birds like the KEY of C.)

    This post certainly explains why I suddenly am drawn to older tunes from the early 70’s, though in truth, many of the songs began to play through my mind after my big”Wake-Up Call from the UNIVERSE back 2009. Interesting….

    Big sigh…alright… you ‘OLD GOAT’… I know your reading my comments…”NO MORE HEADBUTTS!” ❤ ❤ ❤ (It was rather fun though!) 😀

  28. Thank you Bill, Lida and Valkyrie – have a nice rest guys!

    You’re always welcome to send folks here who are seeking answers. We can’t always answer their questions, but at least we can help them find the answers within themselves. Answers DO have a way of presenting themselves… at just the right time…

    I had those symptoms for awhile – recently since the CME, tremendous tiredness. I hear many of us have had these too. It’s weird feeling sick but not actually having a fever. I’m glad forgetfulness is part of time sickness… I was worried it was an early onset of Alzheimers!

    Well not sure what we’ll do without the Valiant post for a few weeks, but we’ll think of something. 🙂

    Take care

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