Valiant: Ancient Prophecies 9, “2012”


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  1. Thanks for the post DW! I’m watching the videos Lida linked and the artwork, so many drawings and paintings… I remember when I first saw them, the emotion… it was as if the images were calling me, taking me back in time, through colors, back to my childhood, something happened in my head, something triggered or connected or something, I don’t know… but I know you guys know… that feeling, that feeling

  2. Valiant…Bill…was guest on the Dr Simon Atkins show twice. It was a huge success. First time he got to discuss this series too….
    There were actually 10 drawings in the series!
    If you want to hear it, please click here:

    with part 2 in August of that year!!

    • Thank you dear Lida! still I think that guy talks too much… I would much rather hear Bill speaking, he is such a nice speaker… so enjoyable in the way he explains what he knows, always in a humble and honest manner…

  3. Thank you! 💓 The artwork that you shared is just beautiful. Amazing talent! The gifts included here are much appreciated. It appears I have much more reading to do as well. May we all live the life of our dreams. 👱

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