Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Messengers…The Bell Tolls…

*SONG* “Bell, Book & Candle” by Eddi Reader

The Circle of Light was shimmering
As if to echo some magical moment.

Ceres sat beside me smiling, beaming
With this quiet, friendly glow of comfort
And support…While Valerius held out
The Hour Glass…That book, that mysterious
Magic book…What was it anyhow?

“Use it, Bill.” Valerius only said kindly.
I swear he was the kindest of them
I had met so far. “It’s your turn…
We don’t always have to tell stories.
Sometimes the messages may be brief.
They don’t always have to come in
Lengthy words.”

“If anything,” Ceres said, “hasn’t Varence
Always said how they like to hear
More direct words?” She nodded at the book.
“Use it. Listen to Valerius. Do as he
Says and use it for yourself. You
Are allowed to do that. How long
Have you been doing this now?”

“I’m afraid to ask anything.”

“Then if you’re afraid you definitely
Have to ask it.” Ceres nodded again.
“Fear has held you back too long. Go on,
Ask it. Please?”

Valerius kept nodding and held out the
Book in front of me. He barely gave
Me the chance to think, to gather a
Thought. “Form a question in your mind.
Anything…any doubt you have…
Direction you need…put it out there…”
Then he immediately opened the book…

The book’s pages began to glow…
Words…Feelings…Fragments of thought
And confusion was all that came to
Mind…Yet the book saw through it…
And formed words for me to see…
The answer…The direction to my path…
To anyone’s path…

The Sands of Time move…
Time moves the Hour Glass…
All these words find purpose for
Those that need…to look, to see…
To remember. Remembering is good…
The right memory at the right time
Can answer many questions…

The Bell Tolls…were the first stories
That were shared. First stories never lose
Their meaning or power. In fact you
Will find many strengths there…And many
Answers to current and future problems…
Then it was a riddle…
Riddles in stories that will forever hold
Impact…They were meant to read over
And over again. You may find
Surprising answers there once again…
A deliberate mistake or debate for a
Future date…Time and time again…
How long did you hear the Bells?
Every October the Bells Tolled…
A haunting memory until you finally
Wrote them down. Read them again
And see what happens…

The Mother Bears that hid their babies
In caves…
The Ghosts…The Dark Kind…
The Star Pilgrims…The Great Hall?
You will find yourself there over and
Over again when you are lost…
It was a difficult message to deliver…
Impossible to write…
Many tried to stop you…
Many embraced the stories and found
Comfort and answers there…
And yet there are many more still to find
The same answers…Never mind the obstacles…
Ignore those who say it can’t be done.
These words were written to share…

Now they exist in a book…Ask others
To share them, let them point out
What comfort they found.
These are voices that need to be heard.
There are voices that need to be remembered.

One day they will be campfire stories…
As will many more.

Now it’s your turn…Ask them to tell
Others about the Bell Tolls. If they
Can’t buy them then ask them to go to
All the libraries in the world to carry
Them…The printed words will survive
Longer than the digital.

Once again…The Bell Tolls…
For the Hour Glass…That is its
Time now before things press forward.
Let them debate and wonder.
There are many answers there…for today,
Tomorrow…and a thousand years from
Now…You’ve done this work for years…
Now ask for help to get it on
Bookshelves…As it becomes part of
The Hour Glass now…

Answers will be found there
With the stories, the songs…the
Names…time and time again…
Watch and see…what power
The Bell Tolls has…

Just say it simply…and others will find
They have a voice there too…Then sign
Off and go to sleep and rest…
We will have more stories next time.

Please, I would appreciate it…
For all those who have enjoyed these
Stories. I’ve tried not to ask for too
Much. And I hope these stories have
Helped you too. It’s truly been my
Pleasure sharing them with you. Could
You please help me share it with
The rest of the world now too?

Thank you and good night.


PS: The Bell Tolls, by Valiant (William J Griffith),
was finally published and released by a few days ago.
As a Book and an eBook!
For your collection…for sharing.

*Rumor Mill News is acknowledged in the book for giving ‘voice’ to these writings. Valiant is grateful for this opportunity!