Knock Knock… The Hour Glass… The Mystery Man of 1776…

*SONG* “Independence Day” by Carrie Underwood

The Thunders…The sound that filled the
Earth of the hooves of the Thunderbeasts…
A herd so vast it covered the land as
Far as the eye could see…
And amidst the Herd was the White Buffalo.
Snow white, a snowy Titan who
Thundered with his herd, and was never
Lost but stood out…One in a million,

Unlike all the rest…but they ran together
As one. Out of the Herd he stood, but
They saw him no different, no less
Important, no weaker than the rest…
By and by, when they ran, if truth be
Told, he was better than the rest…
Because he was different yet they were
All running equal as one…
One of nature’s first victory songs…
That ONE could be different and
Special yet at the same time be
Treated the same as any other…
And not be cast out, but instead
Make them all stronger because their
Eyes saw him the same as them…
The First Thunder would be this
Thunderbeast herd that ran wild
And free with ONE so special, yet they
Still ran together…
The White Buffalo…a leader would
Come this way, though a great noise
Would deny it…
The Earth doesn’t care what the Noise
Wants…The Earth wants its thunder
Back…And ONE day that great herd
Will roam again…so get ready for
That sound. Thunder and Lightning will
Deafen and blind the skies to the noise…
And snow shall fall so white as this
Buffalo to silence that noise ONE day…

Nothing can fight this, it was meant to be.

The pen turns the words over to
The Circle…The Circle round and

“Write this down,” he says… “I apologize
For the commanding words…but duty calls.
Our time is measured you see…hands can
Only move so fast.” Varence explains with a
Nod. He’s standing tall and proud with a
Casual smirk; he doesn’t really want to be
Here. “Well, no not really…I really would
Prefer another piece of chocolate cake. I
Did enjoy that restaurant…but the
Noise was becoming…aggravating.”

“Whatever are you doing?” Ceres asked as
She strolled up beside him. “You are wasting
Time again. That is not the beginning we
Discussed you moron. Chocolate cake?
What is that, food or an anecdote?”

Varence nodded to the notebook. “She likes
Calling me names, do you see that?” He turned
To her. “It’s a dessert they have, Ceres.
One you might enjoy.”

She squinted at him and crossed her arms.
“He wrote about a beautiful White
Buffalo and you begin with some
Rambling about food? Do you know
How ridiculous you sound?”

“It was intended for someone specific.”
He told her sternly. “A man in black…
Whose assistant will pass the print out
Of this to his desk while he eats his
Lunch in his office…as he recalls ONE

She eyed him viciously. “What was Brishan
Thinking to bring you back so soon? You
Could have just stayed there and kept

“I have good reason…” He said again
Firmly. “I have a special story to tell.”

“So tell the story then.” Ceres snapped.

“You were supposed to start more
Creatively than that…Chocolate cake?
Where did that come from, your

He turned to me and smiled. “Do you see
The point she just made? My stomach?
Do you see?”

“Not that again!” She sighed and rolled her
Eyes up and around then back to him.
“Would you get over that please. They
Over-analyze. We discussed this already.
SO WHAT? Let them wander in aimless
Directions, that doesn’t matter. Will you just
Tell the story?”

He just stood there staring at her. He
Was obviously enjoying causing her
Aggravation in stretching it out. “No
Patience anymore, just tell me fast…no time
For learning or thinking…Just give me
The answer and get to the point.” He
Scowled at her.

“Oh I hate it when you’re trying to be
Reasonable.” She said turning away
From him to look at me, then the
Notebook. “Shall we weather his
Words or pray for a miracle to deliver
Us from this? What’s next, some
Scandalous space hopping giant aliens
In gray or green combing the universe
For intelligence? But alas, they have
Found Earth, a rare gem in an
Endless sea of worlds…because the
Minds here are so rampant with hormones
It entertains the masses that watch.”

He scowled, but was truthfully
Hiding a laughing look to his eyes. “Now
Ceres, it’s not that bad.”

She laughed once. “Oh how true…
Let me stand corrected.”

“Ceres…” Varence said, trying
To plead with her…

“What shall there be?” She said
Dramatically. “Oh let me see, yes they
Will sing songs of glee…of peace and
Harmony…and heal the world and
Then the universe with prayers of
Fantasy…and paint rainbows every-
Where as fantastic ships appear
From the stars to save them.” She
Scowled at him fiercely. “Your games
Are irritating…dazzle them with your
Words then…Why not promise them
Fantastic imagery with a hologram…
You’ve said it yourself…they hear
What they want to…believe what they
Want to…Truth has no meaning
Here. Now,” she pointed to me, to the
Notebook, “Stop playing games and tell

He stood there pretending to be shocked,
Intimidated to play with her. “Now?
Now, you want ME to tell a story?”

“Tell him…or…” Ceres began as
Suddenly and quietly Brishan strolled
Into the light. He moved quietly and
Strong. The man was a muscled tower in
His light blue uniform; it almost looked
Like some super form-fitting costume. He held
This intense, concentrating expression as
He eyed them both, his long straight
Blond hair that fell to his waist moved
As he walked slowly…Then he grabbed
A chair and pulled it up beside me
And sat down. He smiled at me
Very friendly, a feeling of protectiveness
In his eyes. Then he eyed them both
Ferociously… “You were going to speak?”
Neither of them said anything, though Ceres
Smiled with her chin held high at
Her riddlesome associate. “Tell the story
As we discussed…Tell it…NOW.”

An awkward silence. Then Varence
Became more humble. His expression
Fell and eyes surrendered beneath
Brishan’s mighty glare; who could fight
That. At once there was no more
Wasting time.

Varence stepped closer, again his
Expression changed…hard to describe,
His eyes were glassy, hopeful…and
This strange far away look of wonder
And gentle thinking to his face…
His words began…

“There was a time…I have observed
Many things you see, how could I not?
For you history is but some
Characterized rendition of words in
Books…written by scholars, scholars
That have traditionally been wealthy
Or rather the children of wealthy
Comfortable living parents. No humble
Man ever recorded history until
Recently…For ages as time you know
It has been this way.
The poor had no voice…the unfortunate
Were pitiful tales of rich men
Endowed with time to philosophize…
Yes, they studied…but still every
Word they wrote was abstract,
Tainted by their own opinions…

“The poor that did tell tales, told them
As tradition always did…over
Meager evening meals and quiet
Campfires…The lost stories of the
Generations scholars never knew. That
Is why your world is filled with so
Much doubt…Much has been lost
Or conveniently left out because it
Did not suit one bully’s opinion…

“And the few poor men that did tell
History long ago…did so with religious
Conviction. Monks in monasteries…
Prophets in religious texts…Spiritual stories
Are always the first to be recorded
On any world you see…In countless
Forms…The wrath of God commands
It so!” He laughed dramatically,
Gesturing to the invisible above.

“Ask them to question editing…to
Reveal the secrets buried away in
Museums and church vaults…and
You will find contradictions that betray
Your entire history…You will rarely
Find truths in books today other
Than in an occasional poignant

“But…the intuitive knows the
Truth when they hear it…when their
Spirit’s voice reads it to their mind.”
He held up his finger pointing like
It directed victory. “The truest songs
Are told by artists…in their paintings,
In their artwork…in their poems,
And epic tales…the music that moves
Them to create and express it. That is
A magnificent passion. It can not
Be contained. It can not lie. It’s
Pure and endless. And the Heavens
Reach out to speak to us this way.
THAT…is how WE learn…

“THAT is what we look for and who
We reach out to. Do you see? Do you
Understand? There are more clues to the
Universe in the Arts than you will ever

“One day your science will see this
And build the bridge between this
Chasm of the mind and the universe
And THAT is when your world will truly
Grow…It has always been this way…

“And that is what we are doing here…
Trying to help you build that bridge.

“Now…the story…
Yes, I have been an observer. But
On occasion I have…stepped in to visit
Here and there.” He paused to
Withdraw a reddish-orange crystal
From his pocket to show me. “This…
Is a travelling crystal. Sometimes
Called an Astral crystal. With it, we,
Even when bound by command not
To leave the ship…can use this crystal
To…travel, within distance…and
Walk where we like…how we like…
We can even alter our appearance
To a degree. And can appear in
Solid form…for a while.

“But this must be done so carefully
Precise…for any fault would be
A mess…I hope that is clear, because
I can not explain it further. And no,
If anyone asks, they can not have one.

“Are you writing this clearly?” He
Nodded. I barely had the chance to
Agree. “Alright…now…

“Eyes and ears out there pay attention…
Build this image in your mind…

“It was an age of struggle without
Fairness or reason…The rich were
Always getting richer…The poor were
Always working hard…Beauty was
An envied treasure, coveted and
Fought over…Gossip was a daily meal
Of survival and entertainment…And
The leaders sat in such high out
Of reach positions common people
Rarely saw them. It’s a good thing
The world has grown a lot since then.”
He grinned sarcastically.

“There was this land…A lush, beautiful
Continent full of hope and promise. It
Had been settled by colonists from an
Old world of rigid beliefs and a strict
Religious code…

“In one sense it was an ambitious
Freedom dash to colonize a simple
Untamed land. That is one perspective.
But for its natives…it was a hostile
Invasion by an aggressive strict
Religious people looking to expand
Their territory and own the world…

“There was no way too stop this from
Happening, one could only watch and
Hope…hope that somehow it all
Worked out over time.

“But instead the colonies grew and
The natives were pushed out of their
Lands…And 13 strong colonial states
Were eventually established…

“Now dates as you know them
Are different for us, we measure them
By progress, the numbers differ…But
For you it was a historical era…1776.

“Various scholars recorded this time…
But as I have said scholars record
Things their own way. Many details
Can be lost this way…Especially if
It was a time when men were
Chiefly in power…Poor men, women,
And those fortunate with a pen
Would be entirely overlooked for their
Insights, experiences…or opinions.

“But we won’t explore those personalities,
Enough names have been recorded.

“The point is…it was an age of great
Unrest…Here you have this brave new
Land growing fast with new settlers…
While the natives were being slowly
Pushed out. The sense of it all was
Rather ironic…The pursuit of freedom,
To claim a land that was already
Claimed…To break free of an
Oppressive ruler that was taxing
These settlers, these early colonist
Invaders from a distance without
Knowing much about them. They didn’t
Care, they only wanted to reap
The rewards of their labors…and
Ignore any strife that it cost. The
Monarchy that imposed this…
Colonial invasion was greedy…as most
Are…ignore their cries and work them
Hard, that is what dictators do…

“In a world where the wealthy
Whine for more, and call that
Justice…and the poor are overlooked…
What can anyone do? The rich and
Educated will note and record and
Proclaim their lives greater than
Any other…While the laborers
Keep working…There’s no time to
Fight for change when you must
Keep working…convenience does
Allow for so much complaining, so
It always gets heard.

“Not that I am trying to insist a
Point there…It’s just a trademark
Of time with ruling powers.

“So let me see…Yes, it was a time
Of great strife…There was this brave
Colonial land of 13 colonies…Full
Of men and their families struggling
To survive against harsh odds…

“To tame a wild land and make it
Suitable for farming…To raise crops
In all sorts of strained conditions
With meager means…The weather was
Unpredictable…The people were
Unnerved and disgruntled…They
Had to contend with managing their
Lives, their own survival…To provide
For their families, contend at the
Fringes with the natives who were
Growing increasingly difficult to
Handle…and yet produce enough
To harvest to live off, send back
To their own native homeland…and
To be taxed as well…

“To be taxed for struggling…what
A concept…That was the final
Act that broke the colonists…When
They had had enough…Now you must
Realize these colonies…These
Colonial territories, or states as you
Would call them were growing fast…
They were made of many people,
All with their own beliefs and
Traditions and backgrounds…with
New ones too that emerged in this
Dawning new world…They had
Many differences, and many
Similarities…but for ages they
Could not quite get along…Perhaps
Being forced to work so hard and
Struggle was too much for them,
They had no time to organize complaints
And no strength or nerve to do so.

“But as their numbers grew, class
Systems emerged…The first families
Became old families that became
Wealthy families…and within them
More of a backbone grew. Poor
Men evolved into a new upper
Class of their own. And to survive
In a new land they required new
Laws and new law givers. Magistrates
And scholars of a new world began
To form a new nation. And they
Wanted recognition for their hard
Work and labors. They were building
A new land…full of hopes and
Promises…and they did not want
To be taxed or told what to do.
And most importantly there was
One great ocean that stood between
Them and their ruling overseers…
A very comfortable distance, and
Often difficult journey between
Where they lived and where they
Took orders from…It often took
Months just to have simple
Communication, and by the time a
Response could be received it was

“So eventually it came to a point
Where the colonists…who more than
Colonists now, they were citizens of
A new world…could not take it any
Longer…So the wealthy noble
Families of this new land organized
Their own magistrates, law makers,
And scholars to come together to
Forge a union of their new
Community home…

“It was quite a sight to see really…
All these territories, who were in part
Rivals…come together in a union
To agree they were tired of being
Oppressed…Yet it was a new
Aristocracy that was emerging that
Was organizing this…Previously poor
Men that had become powerful
Were now speaking for the laborer?
Many voices were involved, everyone
Wanted to be heard…Yet still the
Wealthiest had the greatest voices. Now
With all that ego how could anything
Get done? It took some time…a lot
Of organizing…The ironic thing was
Again, it was a lot of rich people
Telling others what to do, what to say, what
To think, how to think…All
Crying for the voice of freedom…
It was ridiculous at times really…

“A bunch of new aristocrats crying
The song of the laborers…while they
Gave instruction on how to do this,
How to complain…how to fight…
They were organizing a mutiny
To become their very own monarchy.
Do you see the point here?

“Now while the cause was noble,
They cried freedom…In truth they
Were forming another new
Government of aristocrats…There
Were still poor men that had no
Voice…But many still fought for
The chance to be heard…

“Now fortunately there were some
Truly noble men of principle of
The colonies…So they organized this
Grand sort of town hall meeting
In a well known town where
All the colonial territorial aristocrats,
Forgive me…leaders…could meet
To decide how they would organize
This mutiny against their great
Sovereignty across the

“It was one of the greatest historical
Events ever…A group of colonies
Coming together to proclaim their
Independence…Defying their monarchy
To become a New Nation of their
Very own…

“Men came from far and wide for
This event…All the greatest families…
The greatest land owners, the biggest
Names…lawmen…scholars…men of
Infamy, respect…and fear…But to
This meeting hall also came many
Brave men of lesser accord…Farmers,
Masons, laborers of good name…They
May have been less wealthy but
They were not short of nerve as
They knew all the great names
Coming together as they helped to
Make them great by working for
Them…Yes, many men came
Together for the event of a lifetime,
An era…for History…

“The town and Meeting Hall was
Clustered, full of men and loud voices
All talking over one another, everyone
Insisting on being heard…While an
Assembly gathered to be their audience,
The lesser men who also wanted to
Be heard…

“There were a lot of ideas, lots of talking
And heated debate on how to conduct
This mutiny of Freedom…It went
On endlessly. It was a room of men
Who could not stop talking or listening
To themselves talk…Every rich man
Knows everything you see…And when
It comes to Freedom the scholars,
The aristocrats and famous
Names always have the biggest
Voices because they are experts on
Everything…While the lesser men
Sit by and do a lot of nodding
And shaking their heads…

“But the truly smart leaders, the
True geniuses in power
Know how to manage this…They
Listen to the lesser men…Probably
Because all the scholars, aristocrats
And famous names are too obnoxious
And can’t stop talking…

“So it came to this Great Hall
Meeting…that a mystery man…
A rather tall, good looking man
For the time stood out amongst
The crowd…He seemed to appear
Out of nowhere, dressed cleanly,
Simply but sharp…Nothing too
Exceptional to note other than
He was rather tall and good
Looking among the other men…”

“For Heaven’s sake,” Ceres interrupted,
“Do you ever spare yourself a
Moments praise!”

Varence continued… “As I was
Saying…This man appeared and
Caught their eye…He raised his
Hand and stood up…He immediately
Caught everyone’s attention, being
So handsome of course…

“And so he says, ‘Sir John,’ to
The noblest man in the room…
‘John…that is your name sir
I Believe?’

‘Yes,’ The noble man answered…

‘Forgive me,’ the mystery man
Said with great poise and this
Humble yet strong voice… ‘But
May I beg your pardon to interrupt
You fine Sir…For I am but a
Poor man…I own just a small piece
Of land far to the west…
Far away from any important
Eye…I beg only to be heard
A little…’

‘Go on good Sir,’ the noble John
Said…as the entire assembly in
The hall stared upon the man…
The aristocrats rolled their eyes,
The scholars listened, and the poor
Men and laborers were in awe
Of the stranger’s nerve.

‘But what you need,’ the mystery
Man said, ‘Is to put your voices
Down on paper…You have all such
Great wise things to say…You each
Have a voice…May I suggest
You come together to write it
Down on paper…by hand…A
Formal written document…A
Declaration of Independence if you
Will…recording each and every
One of your points…Of all our
Views and beliefs on these matters.
For if we are all to be treated
Equal, we are created equal and
Have the right to be heard…You
Should write it down…So as
Nothing is lost in what you say.’

‘His words have brilliant meaning.’
The noble John nodded with a
Cheerful roar of acceptance from

“And this is what they did…They
Of course became so immersed in
Their own opinions of this process
They forgot the mystery man
Entirely…Very typical. When there
Is so much noise they always
Forget the little things…

“My point? My meaning here?” Varence
Asked. “well I am sure you see it
Clearly…or at least you should…
But if not let me spell it out
For you…

“There is a lot of noise right now…
As there once was. Noise is meaningless.
The noise right now is meaningless.
No one is paying attention to the
Real problems…And I believe I
Just showed who and what you’re
Dealing with. Believe it, don’t believe
It…Either way, you never saw
It coming and won’t see what’s
Coming next. Play nice now, please.
This is not a political speech, that
Matter was settled months ago…”


Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Time of the White Buffalo…

*SONG* “You Better Wait” by Steve Perry

To each their own Something is written…
The Time, the Place, the Hour…
And To each are their own answers…
No ONE can answer them all…
But ONE can light a Torch for them to use…

Too Much going on…pressure, urgency…
The Sound of Someone knocking at The Door…
Knock Knock…The Hour Glass, a clock
Tick Tock…By and by, as time goes by
Has it been peaceful?
Lie to me and say it’s been peaceful…
The Truth that enlightenment brings…
Is that in dark times enlightenment
Often bares a brutal flame…
Open eyes and minds see this as

The radiant Light of the Circle…
A familiar voice… “Surprise…”
Varence appears with a serious face
And sharp brow, almost hostile. “There
Has been a change of plans…” He nods
Once and steps forward closer, he’s holding…
Something? “It’s not your fault at all,
Good job…Please, do not think another
Moment or worry about it.”

Ceres steps forward next, her arms folded
Across her chest, she shook back the
Long flowing wave of golden hair over
Her shoulder; she did not seem happy at all.
“The Great Orator has returned once more.
Praise all the eyes and ears out there
For the insanity and grief he brings.
Should I be surprised?”

“But I thought he—“

Varence paused, winced and held up one hand.
He was sharply dressed in a very fresh
Looking white shirt and black pants; new?
“Yes, thank you for noting and
Writing that all so well, Bill…But
Please…let’s be quick and make some…
Re-adjustments. No time to waste.
Yes, I was brought back sooner than
Expected…disappointing, but…here I am
Nonetheless…For the duration of the
Course…While a new Watcher has
Been assigned to the ground.”

“How fortunate I am for such blessings.”
Ceres said sarcastically. “Again I say…
Should I be surprised for the reason?”

He winced again then slowly turned to her.
“Am I never to impress you? Is it possible
Ever at all?”

Her eyes rolled up and lashes fluttered
As she looked around to think playfully.
“You impressed me when you left…Do it
Again and let’s see what happens.”

“Oh that’s funny.” He smirked. “Grant me
Just a little favor will you? The
Tiniest moral support?”

“That would be stealing a lot.” She
Nodded at him. “Just get to the point
Will you.”

He held out two books to show me. “Do
You know what these are?” He moved
A little closer. “You asked a question
Earlier…This is the answer?”

“The Bible…A dictionary?”

“Yes.” He nodded seriously, his expression
Flat. Then held the books close to eye
Them over slowly. “I remember when
These were…composed…So carefully
Rendered…” Then he froze and eyed me,
Then the notebook intensely… “Do I
Make myself clear? Have our stories
Over the years been wasted? Or
Has some fool over analyzed one word

“Definitely the latter I should say.”
Ceres teased him. “Oh the great mind
Minstrel of words and his high hopes…
His riddles fall on deaf ears sometimes…”

“I did not make a mistake.” He glared
At her, that was a first.

“The pretense of hope that you make
Begs for foolishness, do you know that?”
She asked him coldly. “You beg for
The misunderstanding…for someone to
Challenge you…Because you can never
Say things plainly.”

“I did not think such a blindly stupid
Misunderstanding could be made!”
He shouted.

She waved her finger at me pointing to
The notebook. “Make sure you write
That down…when referring to him…STUPID…
With larger letters that scream it so.”

“Do I have to state it so obvious;
How long have I been here?” He laughed.
“Long before the first written word?”
He laughed even louder. “I have to
Laugh…after everything said and
Done…Only some idiot would sit and
Think I was making up stories.”

She laughed again at him tossing
Back her head. “Oh that is true.”
She pointed at the notebook again.
“Make sure you write that down too…
When referring to him…The IDIOT that
Speaks with riddled words…his mistake
Was the hope of understanding.”

“One thing is clear, this you must
Admit.” He laughed at her. “Now we
Know who has intuition…and who
Has none at all…This has been an
Unexpected moment of truth for us…
A gift.”

“By your games, at his expense.” She
Nodded at me. “Tell me, do you
EVER consider that at all?”

“He knows what’s true…” Varence
Answered her.

“HE knows…” She nodded… “You do not
Share his space or companions…You
Watch, observe and see…but do you
Feel it? No…You laugh at them
When it resounds, bold victories of
What we do. He sleeps…He does not have
Your endurance.”

“One day he will.” He nodded with a smile.

“I will?”

She rolled her eyes at his words. “You
Were not supposed to say that.” She
Shook her head then stared at
The books he held. “So what other
Words lay mysteriously in their
Historical texts? Just words or epic poems?
My name had better not be in there!”

He froze and looked at me…his eyes
Begging for silence.

“What?” She eyed him wickedly
Sideways… “What did you do?”

“I can honestly say that your
Name appears in no ONE place
In their history.”

“Liar.” Ceres growled at him. “You
Are lying it is all over your face!
Of what? What did you do? Of some
Great breast woman of lore or
Some wretched boy scheme
Of yours to play with…Dare to dream
What minds wept from your vulgar
Thinking. Let us bow before Ceres…
The king of fools has concocted some
Epic poem of stupidity for her. I
Could slap you right now to the floor!”

“Enough!” Brishan’s voice thundered
As he rushed into the light. “You!”
He pointed to Varence, “Over there!”
He motioned to the left, “And you,”
To Ceres, “Over there!” He directed
Her away to the right. “Enough of
This…You are wasting time…Your
Point was made…Now MOVE…and
Be silent both of you until I ask
Otherwise…or I will make it clear
What’s next.”

They stepped away and only watched
Then…Their eyes deliberately avoiding
Each other.

Then Brishan took a chair and sat
Down very calmly and looked at me,
Very patient and kind. “How are you?
Are you alright?”

“I’ve been better. I thought you
Said things would get easier…”

“They will, I promise.” Brishan
Said, his strong chiseled face looking
So kind…It was a strange sight
To see such a strong man speak
So carefully. He laughed when I
Wrote that. “I would like you to
Do one thing for me…Just ONE

“What’s that?”

“From now on,” Brishan said carefully
But sternly, “If anyone bothers you
At all…They are OUT…Their
Part with you ends…There is no
Time for distractions or attacks now.
If after all this time they still
Wish to over analyze…Tell them
To search in the mirror…
Everyone has to find their own way…
There are no easy answers…There
Never was, there never will be…
Answers are a process that come
Over time…not overnight.”

“I should love to show them a
Supernatural moment they will
Never forget!” Ceres said angrily.

Brishan held up his hand. “There
Will be no supernatural demonstrations
Right now. Not by your hand or
Ours…If there is to be any it will
Be by the Earth…and that will
Be by nature’s hand, NO other…
If they wish to see that as
Supernatural so be it. This is
Nature’s time…That, and the
Reckless minds trying to control
Things there…That planet is a
MESS…Their minds are like
Volcanoes…They know no difference
Between intuition or imagination…”
He turned kindly to face me
Straight. “That’s how the mind copes…
With imagination…remember that…
Intuition is the unexplained and
Most always tells you what you
Do NOT want to hear…If they are
Diving greedily at easy answers
They are diving at delusions. So
Let them chase that aimlessly…
Because they will spend a lot
Of time running nowhere…The best
Will stand up and see the now
And choose the now…to seize
The moment…They never had to
Wait…Their answers are already
In the mirror right now…When
They are ready to change that…
They will.”

“You are speaking too reasonably
To a sea of chaotic minds.” Ceres
Laughed at him. “They see—“

“Let them see what they want.”
Brishan said to her. “We are sharing
Stories here…they can either use
Them…or not…Free choice…It
Has always been this way.” He
Turned back to me and sighed. “Now
If I may…” He had the Hour
Glass book in his hands. “I believe
We have a little story to tell…
This one shall be a bit brief for
Now…at least I think…” He
Turned to the two of them. “Do you
Wish to listen or argue some more?”

They could not argue with him. Few
Could argue with Brishan.

He turned back to me and focused
Intently… “Now think carefully as
I do this…The book will respond
To you as you have been asking it
Recently…Listen to it…It will be
Different each time…But I do believe
It is telling you and others what
They need right now…And if anyone
Doesn’t like it or wants something
More that’s fine…Maybe it’s time
They look some place else for
An answer they want to hear.”
He opened the book…and the pages
Began to glow…

The Hour Glass…The time lost…
The Prophecy Cave…

Lost days, lost times, lost lives,
Lost hours…so many stories lost
Over time! Where did they go? Why
Has history lost them?

Was only the history of the rich and
Powerful recorded? Only scholars could
Read and write then…were no others
Lives valuable to remember?
Some of the best people had the
Most humble lives…quiet lives lost…

The Prophecy Cave…The cries, the
Towering flame told, foretold stories…
Of today? Of stone cities and
Modern man…versus lost legends…
The White Buffalo…White Oak Woman.
The White Buffalo…That’s a famous
Legend…The Thunderbeasts…
Great herds…The greatest herd that
Roamed the Earth…A thunder stolen
From the Earth? Is that the
Answer? A stolen thunder…
Thor…and the Thunderbird…The
Seven Thunders…The Sounds of Thunder…
Not a quiet time, but a loud one…
Everything is so loud right now…

Show me the Prophecy Cave again…

The Vikings and the natives stood
In shock as they watched the visions from
The flame of the cave…The echoes
Of so many voices and languages crying
Out…in pain…in warnings, to listen…
To be prepared, ancestral voices and those
Yet to come…a time portal?

But as suddenly as the flame had risen
And visions came, they departed…then the
Flame returned to normal and the echoes
Of voices became just the sound of the wind.
What they saw must be impossible! Why?
How? The natives were frozen in terror…
But the Vikings, fearless warriors…had been
Seized with terror and panic. This was the
Land of Thor? These were visions of Hell!

Bulvar raced out of the cave leading
His men ranting and raving. “This land
Is cursed! There is no Asgard here, this
Is not Midgard! This is the Underworld!
Or the land that will be! We will leave
This place so fast now and not look back
On it!”

The Norsemen roared at Bulvar’s words, they
Cheered…They wanted to leave, to go home.
After what they saw and heard from the
Prophecy Cave they wanted to leave right

The natives could hardly argue…none
Could speak. Standing Bear was frozen…
Eagle Cries was speechless, even One Eye Hawk
Was scared. They had never heard of such
An experience ever from the cave…What
Was going on?

Bulvar stomped about throwing his arms.
“We are leaving. You men hunt the woods
For our food stores now, MOVE! Take
The barrels, fill them with water. Take
Necessary supplies, but take NOTHING other
Than what we need, I want no reminder
Of this place on the boat. The visions were
Enough! I want NOTHING to remind us
Of this place at all! Now go and ready
The boat! We will leave as soon as we
Have what we need.” He turned to Mika,
“You boy…start cleaning our camp and
Loading the boat, get away from these
People. Go! Do as I tell you!”

But Mika only stood shaking as he looked
At Bulvar, his voice…The anger, the rage…
The memories of the journey here…Bulvar was
The monster of the cave…Then suddenly
He bolted into the woods blindly to get
Away as far as possible from him.

“Stupid boy!” Bulvar yelled. “Coward!”

Rogar began to run after him, then
Bulvar grabbed his shoulder. “Let the
Trash go…If that coward wishes to
Stay in this underworld and betray Thor,
Let him stay to rot here. I want no
Cowards on my ship!”

At that the Norsemen agreed. No cowards
On the ship, especially not after that
Cave of visions…They saw nothing good
In the land and moved fast to leave.

But Janson held back as the others
Left…He couldn’t move, but only stared
Off in the direction Mika ran into the
Woods. Danor stopped to turn to him, “What
Are you doing? You are not going after
That boy again now are you? Not after that?”

Janson only silently turned and began
To run after the boy.

Danor shouted angrily after him. “Bulvar
Will never let you on that boat! He will leave
You here man! What are you doing?
Do you hear me? He will leave you here!”

Janson turned back once with a brief
Pause to him. “Go…Go home on the boat.”
Then he resumed running off into the

Danor shouted angrily after him. “Are
You mad man? You are staying? He
Will leave you! He will leave you here!”
Danor was so shocked angry that he
Just turned and stomped away, following
The Norsemen. He was furious what his
Friend was doing.

The Indians gathered slowly to quietly
Stare at each other. Their minds were lost
With enormous weight…That cave had shouted
At them all…Those visions were a future
Here? How could they think now…What
Could they do? They had to remember, but
They wanted to forget! If only that cave
Could be forgotten!

Eagle Cries was the first to speak
As he stood close to his friend the
Chief. “At least one good thing…Those
Awful Vikings will leave.”

“What should we say about this to
The others?” One Eye Hawk asked
The chief. “What do we tell them of what
We saw? How can we tell them anything?”

Two Wolves stared at the cave. “We
Should cover this up…mark the
Land…leave it for only the Big Men…
And never come here again.”

“No, we should bring the whole tribe
Together to discuss this!” Stands in
Rivers said. “We have to.”

“What do you want to do?” Eagle Cries
Asked his friend the chief.

But Standing Bear could only stare off
At the woods…to where Mika and
Janson had run off to. His mind
Worked hard. “This isn’t over yet…
Why did he go into the woods? I
Want to know more about these two…”

Mika ran deep into the woods until
He could run no further. He cried and he
Panted. It felt like all the world was
Ending. That cave! Those awful sights
And sounds…And now that boat, Bulvar…
His people were leaving…to go home…A
Place he should have wanted to return to,
But now was more terrified of than ever
Before. He had no home…no past that
Held meaning…no future to hope for.
There was no one. Only visions of Hell…
A strange new land…And painful
Abusive memories that left him
Fractured inside and out…He had no hope,
Nothing…nothing to believe in.

Then a noise of movement broke in the
Woods. It was his friend Talks with His
Hands…A young 11 year old boy came to
Comfort him. But all Mika could do
Was cry. Talks with His Hands asked
Why…But Mika said nothing at all.
He just cried so hard he couldn’t
See at all.

Again, another sound in the woods…Then
Janson trotted up to the boys as
Mika sat himself up against a tree
Crying so hard his face was soaked.
Janson panted then slowed down and
Slowly, carefully knelt before them…
He just shook his head and smiled at
Mika. “You run fast.”

Mika cried and stared up at this man
He could not understand…nor live
Without. He had to admit he was comforted
To see him, but even more terrified not
To. “Are you leaving with the others?”
He cried harder.

Then Janson smiled. “Now how can I
Leave you here all alone?”

Then suddenly the boy found hope
Again and smiled. “Thank you.”
He said crying harder.

Janson only collapsed. “Just no more
Running please. I’m tired.” They laughed.
And then he sat quietly with them
Until Mika had cried it all out.

Hours later, as dusk fell over the
Land Talks with His Hands led his two
Friends back to his people’s camp…And
They were welcomed with smiles, there
Were no cross looks or heavy angry
Stares. It was as if the people knew
These two were different…And it bothered
No one at all.

Talks with His Hands took Mika to
His hut like a brother, where he slept
Like one with his family that night.

Janson smiled as the boys walked away,
Then Standing Bear suddenly came up to him
With his best friend the tribe’s Holy Man.
He stared quietly at Janson, and Janson
Stared quietly back for a while before
Either spoke…Moments of intuitive
Thinking, a wise silence to view…

“Is this boy yours?” Standing Bear finally

“No.” Janson simply answered.

“Yet you stay to protect him?” Standing
Bear asked. “Your family?”

“My family is gone.” Janson simply
Answered. “My wife died in childbirth,
With our baby years ago…I have no one.”

“You do have someone.” Standing Bear
Said pointing after the boy. “You watch
Over him…There is something there.”

An awkward pause of silence before
Janson confessed. “I promised I would.”

Standing Bear nodded with a smile at
Him, and so did Eagle Cries…They
Seemed very pleased to hear this.
“You have a guiding spirit.” Eagle Cries
Said with a grin and a nod. “You have
A powerful guiding spirit.”

“I do?” Janson asked. “Why? I don’t
Even know why I am doing this. I
Have no idea what I am doing.”

Standing Bear looked heavily into
Janson’s eyes. “You know what you
Are doing. Your spirit knows what
You are doing, whether you know it or
Not…That is why you have a powerful
Guiding spirit.”

“You will find many answers this way.”
Eagle Cries said.

“I will?” Janson asked.

“When a spirit guides you to do things
You do not understand, that you can
Not understand…It is telling you
More than you know.”

Janson fought silently to think on
Their words but couldn’t say anything.

“You will find more answers than
Anyone this way.” Eagle Cries said. “It
Is pure. It is good. And it is good to see.
I like this in you. You are a good

“And you are welcome here with us.”
Standing Bear said. He patted him
On the shoulder. “Tonight…we will be
Gathering all the people to discuss
The Prophecy Cave…Please join us
With the boy, Bird Man.”

“What did you call me?” Janson asked.

“That is your name.” Standing Bear said
Pointing at how the birds soar above
When Janson appears. He explained
This is how they name people…By the
Signs that appear around them.

That night the tribe gathered, and
Standing Bear gave a compelling
Speech about the Prophecy
Cave…And of how the Vikings would
Be leaving; that went over very well!
He and each of the elders that
Witnessed the powerful visions of the
Cave took equal turns
And time explaining, even White Oak
Woman spoke. For among their
People the more news they shared
Bought greater wisdom; especially
If they witnessed the same thing…

They told the people of the visions
Of the stone cities that rose and
Covered the land…Of the many colored
Faces and different voices that spoke…
Of the warnings…Of the floods
And fires…

And of the animals…

The Thunderbird soaring high over
A sandy rock land…Warning
Of an angry land…The Southwest…

Of the Thunderbeasts that roamed
The land and vanished…
The sound of their thunder stolen…
The spirit of the land, of nature
Being abused and stolen…
And an angry White Buffalo warning
This…That was a sign of the Thunders…
Of the White Buffalo…
A time of great noise and chaos
Covering the land…A time of thunder…

That was the warning of the White
Buffalo…of what was taken from
The Earth…Would be taken back.




Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 24JUN2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (24  June 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Prophecy Cave…

*SONG* “Last Note of Freedom” by David Coverdale

A messenger is sent with ONE purpose…
To deliver a message…
For the last time I say this…for the Men in Black!
The mission…deliver the message
So that they can judge how the message
Is received…and how they treat the messenger…
The messenger says nothing more
Then they are told…
This will tell them everything they need
To know…Rip it apart, dissect it,
Over analyze it…take it however you
Wish…They hear it all.

The Circle of Light…shimmers…
They’re sitting in chairs waiting, Ceres
On the right, smiling…rather mysteriously
This time. Valerius on the left, bright eyed and
Calm. He is the most innocent looking of the
Watchers I have ever seen yet! He’s holding the
Book somewhat anxiously, watching Ceres
As though he is waiting for her direction.

“You started the Mission Protocol from the
Great Hall?” She asks me.

“Yes, but how did you know that?”

“When you’re not here,” Ceres said pointing
To the notebook, “We discuss everything now.
There is someone for every task.”

“I thought I was to continue with the story?”

“You will,” Ceres said kindly…her
Smile becoming sharp like her eyes. “But
We have an adjustment to make…”

“What does that mean?”

“Recite Protocol Two.” Ceres said calmly. “My
Sister said it was put within you…you will
Know what that means…then we can proceed.”

“You want me to write that down?”

“Yes, please.” She said.

“There are to be no attachments. Nothing
That would render you weak to the Mission…
So that when the time comes…all ties will be
Severed…No questions. No hesitation. You
Will know what to do when, where and how.
No exceptions.”

Ceres nodded. “Thank you. I believe that
Should cover enough for now.” Again
She smiled pleasantly. “Now…” She turned
Towards Valerius.

“Is that wise to do that now?” He asked
Her. “With regards to their aspects of time?”

“Valerius.” She pointed at him. “The rules have
Changed…He is not in charge, this is his
Post. Brishan gave the order, you will follow it.
The positions will change. I am taking a role.
I am not just sitting here, no questions. Your
Job…is the Hour Glass book. So do it.”

“Why does Valerius always hold the book?”

Ceres gave me an awkward look, not mean or
Nasty, just…uneasy.

Valerius laughed. “Because with her knowledge
Of things Heaven only knows what would come out.”

She gave him a very fast stern look and he
Abruptly stopped laughing. “Valerius…begin
With the book…NOW…PLEASE.”

“Wait, I just wanted to ask you one
More thing—“

Before I could finish, Valerius leaned forward
And opened the book…And the open pages
Of the Hour Glass began to glow…

The words assemble in the mind…
Pictures, colors, waves of feelings fill the mind
To find the words. The story comes. It’s like
A forced dream. I understand now, it’s a
Historical piece…The Native American lore,
Lost stories…The Vikings came to America
Long ago, and left…why? They could have
Built a colony, but didn’t…why?

North America was a significant continent…
The Native Americans migrated and settled
Throughout it…Druids came…another lost
Story…Then the Vikings…The Vikings quest
For Thor…Thor exists in both Viking and
Native American legends…The Thunderbird…
Son of Odin…Phoenix Fire…Reborn
From the Ashes…Rebirth…

And now the story images…
For the Next Quest to come to complete
The prophecy…9…White Oak Woman,
Talks with His Hands…The 5…
2 more yet to find…identify…The
Eyes and ears of the readers are too
Unclear…new pathways must find the
Answer. Disconnect their attention to
Defer them to another source…These minds
Are damaged by radio waves. Fitter. Resume
Story…New readers will come…

In the hills by the Great Lake, it was nearly
Autumn. A fresh bright fall season unlike
The world knows now. Colors crisp and vivid,
The tradition of colors to find their peak
When the first frost comes…
The Vikings had taught the natives to build
More fortified huts…They resisted this at
First, their instinct was to migrate south
Before the snows came…But the Vikings don’t
Know this, the Vikings don’t care about snow?
And that’s a clue.

In the chief’s hut, Standing Bear
Had gathered his council for a private
Discussion. There was Eagle Cries, his oldest
And best friend, the Holy Man of the tribe…
One Eye Hawk, the Medicine Man…a rigid,
Mysterious man reflecting the features of
His name. Two Wolves, the eldest and strongest
Warrior…and Stands in Rivers, considered the
Most noble warrior of the tribe…A private
Assembly of 5. Again, another clue.

Standing Bear sat at the head
Of the warm fire pit, with his council
Surrounding it. Warm, yet smoky in the
Cool autumnal air. Herbs and dried plants
Had been tossed in the fire by the Medicine
Man…One Eye Hawk’s contribution, a mild
Stimulant to the smoke; a mild sedative smoke.
The men took in the air, the scent of
The dried weeds burning…it set a daze, a
Numbness about them, yet they thought very

Standing Bear turned to his left, where
Eagle Cries sat beside him. He studied his
Wrinkled, aged face and long grayish-white
Hair, the man possessed a powerful quiet strength
Unlike any other; near or far for his day or
This one.

“So tell me, my friend,” Standing Bear asked
Him. “What do you think of these pale men
That have come here…these Vikings?”

Eagle Cries thought for a moment, then turned to
Him slowly and said. “They have to be the
Stupidest men I have ever seen…” The men
All immediately quietly grinned and chuckled.
“They moan and groan and complain
Constantly…They claim to be on a quest to
Find the great warrior Thor…son of their
God? Do all warriors on a quest complain
This much? I am too old for this.”

The Medicine Man laughed then made a serious
Face. “You are too old for this.” One Eye Hawk
Said. “That’s why you think so clear, if you
Were younger you would complain more and
Think less.” He laughed.

“I do not understand the purpose here.”
Two Wolves said, he had long salt and peppery
Hair and was very out spoken. “Why do we
Stay? We could leave while they slept…They
Would never find us…They’re too big and
Clumsy and sleep so loud.”

“They came for a reason.” Stands in Rivers
Said, the calmest of them all. “If we leave,
They will follow. I do not think they are
That dumb…just loud…and big…
And clumsy…Okay dumb a little, but not
So dumb.”

“You give them too much credit!” Two Wolves
Argued. “The big one with orange hair, he
Burps so loud the sky could crack open. Thunder
Spirits would fall from the sky…we would not
Know the difference if they fell or he opened
His mouth.”

“There are things to consider here true.” Standing
Bear said. “Yes, they came for a reason.
But what do we do?”

“We point to the setting sun and say go
Chase your Thor and leave.” Two Wolves
Said pointing his finger sternly.

“No, there’s more than that here.” Standing
Bear said shaking his head. “There must be.”

“What do you suggest?” Eagle Cries asked.

“You are the Holy Man,” Standing Bear
Said gesturing to him wide, “You tell me.”

“You want to reward their craziness
And wildness, their big clumsy heads
With wisdom?” Eagle Cries laughed. “This
I must laugh at. Since when has anyone
Learned this way?”

“But maybe they have to.” Stands in Rivers
Said. “Maybe that’s the lesson here…Maybe
We have to be better here…”

“How?” Two Wolves asked.

“The Prophecy Cave.” Stands in Rivers said.

“That is NOT a place to take them so
Fast…” Eagle Cries said. “The spirits guard
There…The BIG ONES of the woods
Dwell there…They guard the voices inside.
That place is only for…” He paused in
Struggling thoughts. “Emergencies…”

Standing Bear nodded. “The Prophecy Cave…
And its…guards…would truly test them
For what they look for…”

“If it tells them anything at all.” Eagle
Cries said.

“True.” Standing bear said nodding slowly.
“If…it tells them anything…at all.”

So they agreed…at dawn the chief
Would go to the Vikings camp and tell them
They would help them with their quest…
But when the sun rose the skies
Were unusually thick with clouds, the
Colors bursting…more intense. The
Animals, the birds…all of nature was
Anxious and nervous. They saw this as
A sign. Those who read nature see such
Things. A storm was coming.

Standing Bear was uneasy by this so
He asked his council what they thought
This meant. “The skies want to talk…”
One Eye Hawk said mysteriously. “The
Cave will speak to them…”

They were intrigued by this, One Eye Hawk
Was never wrong. And though they should have
Been alarmed by the coming storm they weren’t,
Instead the decision of the Cave held their
Interest foremost.

As they walked slowly to the Vikings’
Camp, Standing Bear kept wondering…what
Would they see? What if there was a purpose
In these men coming here…for his people as well.
So he asked his closest friend, the Holy
Man… “What if this concerns us all?
We should be careful how we do this…”

“What do you want to do?” Eagle Cries

“What if we were selective in who we
Take to the cave?” Standing Bear said.
“This affects us too.”

Eagle Cries nodded. “I was thinking this
Also…Not all of them are big and
Dumb…The one with the boy, that watches
Over him…I like him and his friends. Not
The others. I do not like talking to the

“I agree with you.” Standing Bear said.

“Maybe if we talk to just those three,” Eagle
Cries said… “This will show us something
Better…” He thought carefully as they
Walked on and neared the camp. “The boy…
The boy must go…And Talks with His
Hands must go…And White Oak Woman.”

Standing Bear was a little surprised.
“White Oak Woman?”

“I think Moon and Rain must go as
Well.” Eagle Cries said. “The more women
That go the better.”

“Interesting.” Standing Bear could only say.
They always did consider their women’s
Opinions carefully…but never with the
Prophecy Cave. Only Medicine Men and
Holy Men had ever gone there before. It
Was such a superstitious place for them…
For generations…It was a large cave
In the hills, very large. Big enough for an
Entire tribe…But no one went there much…
Generations ago, when they were still new
To the land…A tribe had tried taking
Residence in the cave…They never came out…
Only tools, skins, and some totem items were
Left behind…nothing else. His people believed
The cave swallowed them, and their
Spirits still dwell there…It was a cave
Of echoes…and voices, strange whispers
And visions…The big hairy men of the
Woods walked there…Only the bravest ever
Went in or came out…It was a great
Campfire story to scare the children and
Teach caution to the people…

The chief and his council arrived at the
Vikings’ camp…White Oak Woman and Talks
With His Hands were already there, they had
Made friends with the boy and the three
Good men…They greeted each other politely
And explained their suggestion of the
Prophecy Cave to the Vikings’ leader, but
He was too preoccupied with trying to bargain
For some of their women to please his men.
The chief and his men rolled their eyes and
Explained they had not come for that. So
They feigned ignorance and instead
Turned to speak with the wiser Vikings,
Janson and Tovar and the boy…Danor
Was there too, but more so just an ear.

“Prophecy Cave?” Janson asked them.
“What is that?”

White Oak Woman eagerly explained
For them. “It’s a cave north of here…
West…There is another Great Lake
Past it…It’s a place our shamans, Holy Men
And Medicine Men go for vision quests…
But only when there is a problem. Sometimes
A warrior will go there if he is
Desperate and feels he has lost his path.
They have visions there. Our people tell
That long ago a tribe went into the cave
For shelter and never came out…
They believe the cave swallowed them…
That their spirits are trapped in the
Cave…That their voices stay there and
Talk to those that will listen…”

“A haunted cave?” Tovar asked scratching
His dark beard. “Ghosts? That doesn’t
Sound good.”

“It is a…mystic place.” White Oak Woman
Further explained. “People do have visions
There…They hear and see things they
Go there for answers when none can
Be found. There are paintings there on
The walls…very old.” She paused.
“And something else…”

“What?” Janson asked curiously with
A scowl.

“The cave is guarded by the Big Men
Of the Woods.” She reluctantly told them.

“Big men?” Tovar repeated. “Another

“The Big Hairy Men,” she tried to explain
With gestures, at a loss of knowing
Enough of their words. “Very big. Bigger
Than you…than any of you. They
Have hair all over…You can’t always
See them, but they are there. They
Watch you. They always watch you…
They know wherever you go…Where you
Are…Where you will be…They are a
Part of the woods. They guard the
Cave…They have for a long time.”

The men eyed each other widely.
Their eyes bulged as they questioned
The possibilities…but were afraid to ask
Too fast.

“Monsters?” Mika asked for them all.

“Monsters?” White Oak Woman did
Not know this word…

Mika tried to find the words of theirs he
Had learned to explain… “Like big bad men
That do bad things…Animal-people?”

She frowned trying to understand and
Explain. “Big…yes…bad? They are a
Part of nature…like animals, like men…
Big, strong…bad, no…They can be bad,
They can be angry. If we leave them alone
They leave us alone…I don’t know how to
Say anymore. They are a part of nature.”

Janson looked to Tovar…their eyes silently
Talking. What were they getting themselves
Into? But Mika clung to them eagerly.
“We should go, we should do this! I
Want to see this cave!”

His friend, Talks with His Hands stood
Watching this as White Oak Woman made
The sign language to tell him what they
Were talking about. The boy at once began
To protest, he told them with his hands
That it was dangerous there. A somewhat
Heated debate broke out between Talks with
His Hands, Mika and White Oak Woman as
They silently argued with their hands about
This…Mika really wanted to go…White Oak
Woman was curious…but Talks with
Hands did not.

This all caught the attention of Bulvar and
The other men, as they came over laughing
At the silent hand arguing. “What is this
Now…Is something bothering the little men?”
Bulvar bellowed as the other men just watched
And laughed.

Eagle Cries scowled. “We came to suggest
An idea for you…that might help you find
Your Thor…”

“Find Thor?” Bulvar asked loudly, “Why didn’t
You say so? Let’s hear this now then?”

Eagle Cries began explaining about the
Prophecy Cave, of how it often gave their people
Visions. Then Janson and Tovar added the
Disturbing part about the Big Men, the
Monsters that guarded the cave…

Bulvar immediately jumped at the idea. A
Challenge? Monsters? The men were bored…
They had come to this land on a quest…and
Finally they were being offered a chance at
Some answers. They had all fought many
Battles, seen many lands, survived a
Long trip at sea…They weren’t scared of any
Monsters…Well not really. But Bulvar was
So eager and arrogant that he didn’t care.
He boasted that he wanted to go immediately.

But Standing Bear shook his head. “We have
Only come to tell you about this. Not to go
Right now.”

“Why not?” Bulvar responded loudly scratching
His beard. “Are you scared? Why waste time?”

Standing Bear looked to his men. Eagle Cries
Just shook his head…he did not have to say
How stupid he thought the men were, it was
Written all over his face. One Eye Hawk
Looked at the sky…Thick clouds were rolling
In from the west against the bright early light
Of the morning sun. The sky was exploding
With colors…And the distant echoes of
Thunder were rolling. These were not good
Signs to him, for any of them. Not now, not
Like this…especially with going to the Prophecy Cave?
He pointed to the sky and looked to his men.
“Look at the Sky…the Spirits…”

But Bulvar only grew louder. “What’s the
Problem? Let’s go see this cave…”

“This is not something we do without thinking.”
Standing Bear told him. “We have to plan…
We have to think.”

“You think too much!” Bulvar boasted. “That’s
What you all do…Think too much…”
Silently thinking was something they were all
Used to doing. But these Vikings were so
Ignorant, no one argued. “No, we
Should wait.”

But Bulvar insisted and they began putting
A scout party together immediately.

Standing Bear wanted to wait, but at
This point he had to admit, to be rid of
These Vikings as soon as possible was a
Blessing! So he agreed and sent his two
Oldest warriors back, Two Wolves
And Stands In Rivers, back to his camp
To tell them what was happening…

The Prophecy Cave…

It was about a day’s journey by foot
To the cave…Most of the Vikings went,
While Standing Bear and his friends,
His daughter and Talks with His Hands
Served as their guides…

They camped nearby the cave overnight
So as not to approach it at dark, for fear
Of…The Big Men that guarded the cave.
But it was quiet…too quiet…this time,
For the first time in all they knew…
Nothing unusual happened. They were only
Pelted with a rainstorm and some

By dawn, a clear sky broke…and a new
Day seemed much brighter. Standing Bear and
His elder friends led the Vikings to the
Cave without a problem…
Again no Big Men…no warnings…
In fact, there was little activity of
Anything nearby as is.

Through thick woods they found the
Rolling hill that split and opened to a
Great cave…It was so big, it hardly
Looked mysterious or threatening and
There were no echoes of voices in the wind
Nearby…something was very different…

Standing Bear and One Eye Hawk
Urged caution, but Bulvar wouldn’t listen.
He pushed on and forced them to lead
Them in…Everyone had mixed feelings,
But still there were no strange signs…

A prophecy? In a cave? The idea seemed
Very funny to the Vikings. And so far
They had seen nothing unusual. It really
Appeared that these locals made a
Big idea out of nothing…Most minds
Always think this way…They want a
Big show, they want to be impressed
Constantly…They fail to recognize the
Subtle signs…like the quiet…too quiet…
The lack of animals…or the birds that
Usually sang and filled the forest with
Their song. Big things seldom advertise
Themselves…But the Native Americans
Knew…something that stood the test of
Time spoke for itself…But some people
Never learn.

Eagle Cries and One Eye Hawk took the
Lead into the cave…as the Vikings made
Torches to light their way…Inside they
Found the remnants of the tribal legends…
The aging tools and fur skins of the lost
Tribe…but everything was so old and
Worn it seemed ready to fade away.
It had been many years after all.
Even the paintings on the walls began
To fade…in time…it sure seemed that
It would appear as just an ordinary
Cave in the hills…

But they found the old fire pit of the
Lost tribe and brought wood in to light it.
This brought the darkness to life again.
But there were still no voices…It was
Too quiet.

Bulvar taunted the shadows on the
Walls and got his men to laugh. It
All seemed so funny. It was just a cave!
So they stood a while and waited…
Nothing happened. Then they sat and
Ate and joked and laughed…and
Waited, nothing happened. They grew very

It was the boys…who noticed first. Talks
With His Hands was showing Mika the old
Cave paintings when they noticed it…
Someone or some THING…had been
Rubbing the paintings off the walls?
Why? The Big Men of the Woods must
Have done it!

But then, it was as though the Vikings’
Laughter and jokes had teased the cave,
And woke something up…A light wind
Howled through the cave, with voices on it.

“Did you hear that?” Janson asked.

Then the fire in the fire pit roared
To a raging wild life…The flames
Grew higher and higher as they heard
The echoes of what sounded like a
Young girl’s voice call out…

The fire grew and grew…too much,
Too fast, it made no sense!

The men gathered round the fire,
The Vikings stepped back…But
Bulvar stepped closer to the flame…
The flame appeared to have a
Funny face glaring at him…Then
There were many faces.

Everyone saw it, it was there…
White Oak Woman stood near, holding
Both boys close to her under each arm…
The voices grew…howls…echoes…
The flames rose higher and higher
A huge raging 10 foot flame…
It was impossible!
Faces filled the flame, of ages old…
But they weren’t tribal faces…
None White Oak Woman knew…
They had many features…of many
Colors…A rainbow tribe…
Calling out in different languages
They didn’t recognize…
French…Russian…It was as if
Each face spoke a different language…
More and more until they overlapped
Each other…Then they began
Crying in pain…
Then images filled the flames…
Showing them things…of sights
And sounds…A distant past…
A distant future…
The lush green land of America…
Stripped of so many beautiful
Things…A mighty herd of bison lost…
Thunder-beasts gone…against the face
Of a great white buffalo…
A warning…
Then a mighty thunderbird over
A southwestern sandy landscape…
Arizona…Texas…New Mexico…
The lands would cry…
The people would fight and die there…
Screams of the west…a frontier
Split in two…
The east coast ravaged by stone cities…
By chaos and overcrowding…
Flooding…flooded by people…
Flooded with chaos…then flooded
By water to silence it…
A towering city of stone shaken
With explosions and terror…
Smoke signals…pillars of smoke…
Once, then twice…three times…
Until the third time finally had
The city consumed with smoke…
That’s when the floods came…
The west would be trampled by
People…screaming peace…dying
By corrupt love…sex, drugs and
Rock and roll in other words…but
To their ancient eyes these were
The sights and sounds of hell…
The west the worst of all…
Split by fire…
Shaken by an ANGRY Earth…
Then finally swallowed when
It couldn’t take it anymore…
Voices kept calling this…in many
Languages…telling different terror
Tales of lost lives to come…
Beneath the Thunderbird…
The face of an angry White Buffalo Bull…
These two were warnings…
This was a land that would be plagued
With invaders…cursed with this fate…
Until…the Buffalo would smile
And the Thunderbird would fly
By command to songs sung by a
Sea…Now music inspired by whales…
And stories told a mystery man…
An Age of Air, an Age of Fire…
Of Symbols and Signs and Lines
Like Colors of the Wind…
9 would break the Curse on the Land,
13 would make the Quest…
Nothing could stop it…
9 must break the curse…
How? Who? Why?
The 13 tribes would Find this
Answer when all the Indian Nations
Unite to share their stories by
Campfires…By the Bell…
By the Book…By the Clues
In their hands…their Palms…
The Rainbow Tribe of 13…
For at last then America
Would be the Promised Land…
Trumpets will sound this…
And it will be the last Trumpet
Ever heard around the World…
Because the World is going to Freeze…
To heal…Watch the Birds, the Bees
And the Trees…they know this…
Seasons out of tune will mark it…
Snow in June…
A pillar of Fire in July…
A Frost in August…
And the Songs of September…
Reign of Mother Earth…Reign…
The First event…July…



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 17JUN2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (17  June 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: MultidimensionaloceanAuroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…Legends…Talks with His Hands…

*SONG* “Stand Up Before It’s Too Late” by Steve Perry

In the dark hours…when the sun has
Set and the natural light has faded…
Even on the crest of the eve of
The Longest Day…To see, you
Must consciously choose to turn a light on…
Only cats and few other gifted animals
Can see in the dark…
Few humans have senses that are gifted…
And sometimes we learn the most…
Especially in dark times…
From those whose senses are impaired.
Because they are gifted with ways most
Take for granted…Remember that…

A shower of golden light…forms the circle…
No hesitant pause, she is there with a
Commanding presence waiting. Fiery ice blue
Eyes…even her long wavy golden hair
Seems ready for a fight…Ceres just
Gave Valerius a brief glance, then turned
To me sharply. “May we continue now?”


“With the rest of the story.” Valerius replied.

“I can do that?”

“Of course.” Ceres smiled…but it was one of
Her…plotting smiles. “The book responds
To whoever is holding it. And it is clearly
Telling a story…But first,” she held up her
Hand, “I would like to invite my sisters
To hear this…Rana, Vala…” she called to
Them, at which time they suddenly appeared
In the circle eagerly. She again
Turned to me.

“But before we begin,” she leaned over towards
Me, “There is something I have to
Say…” Again that very
Secretive smile…

“Pay close attention…Please…
Climates are a fascinating thing to study…
But even more so are its animals…
Polar bears…Moose…Reindeer…
Foxes, wolves…share one of the largest
Climates in the northern hemisphere…
Killer whales are found in EVERY
Sea.” That smile again. “They are
Very hardy animals…like the brown
And black bears. I give you this as
Just something to consider…Now please,

Valerius at once presented the book…opened it…
And the Hour Glass began to glow…

The morning hours of a long lost day
Where the story returns…
The scene…There is a meadow, alive
With animals…Birds fill the air…
Eagles, Hawks and Ravens…
Bears are active out of the Wood.
The Forest is alive with squeaking and
Chirping noises of all the local creatures…
And a White Stag stands Tall and Fearless
Boldly in the Treeline on the Farside…

A shimmering, mystical light showers
Upon a very strong White Oak Tree.
Beneath it First sat calmly a young
Beautiful copper skinned girl…but she
Was startled and stood while clinging
To the tree when suddenly she was
Struck by the sight of a strange looking
Fur clad man, tall and blond
Watching her.

Now this is not a dream…
This story was given,
By no mistake…Now the Hour Glass
Glows and continues the lost
Story with a band of Vikings…that
At first had been too busy, preoccupied
Chasing a renegade from their camp. He
Stood in shock with the boy Mika
Supporting him…Janson’s back burned from
The stab wound of the knife Rogar
Had stabbed him with. Was his
Mind lost, delusional? The signs filled
The air! The birds! The animals!
“Is that a girl?” He kept mumbling
To Mika, who clung to him to support him
As the noise of the rest of the
Vikings grew closer, until all
Of them filled the forest around
Him…There were so many
Signs all around them it was
Hard to not be mesmerized.

It was the robust Danor who declared,
“Praise Odin…For if this
Is magic…than it surely must be
A sign of the Gods!”

Mika held to him very tight, “What
Is this place?”

Janson couldn’t speak…only stood with
Awe… “I don’t know…”

The Vikings just stared numbly…Their
Warrior spirit had been stolen from
Them somehow. They were utterly
Spellbound. Mika was terrified…and
Yet somehow curious too. He studied the
Girl, who didn’t seem much older than
Him… “She doesn’t seem much older
Than me?”

“Is she a maiden of Valhalla, of
Asgard?” Danor wondered aloud about
The girl. “I’ve never seen such a girl
Before…” For it’s true, in all the lands
They plundered so far, they’d only
Seen skin so fair…none like this. “She
Commands nature.” He said staring at
The birds. Occasionally a hawk or
Raven would dive, and it kept the
Vikings still from moving.

Bulvar, the leader even seemed in fear
Of all of this. “A witch of the gods
Maybe?” No one could argue with him.

Janson thought fast as he and the
Girl locked eyes. She was a mortal
Girl, this he knew somehow…But
Something beyond their power was at
Work here…you could feel it in the air.
The girl seemed too terrified to be from
The gods…Why was she so scared? How
Was this all happening?

Suddenly more of the girl’s people
Began to appear…The noise must have
Gained their attention…As more and
More of these copper skinned people
Appeared to join her…All wore the
Same deer skin garments, they had
Longish hair…They did not appear
To be built like warriors, they seemed
Small compared to Vikings…and yet
They possessed some regalness somehow…

“Can you speak?” Bulvar yelled to them.
“Is this Asgard? We have come from
Far to look for Thor…”

The Tribe of copper skinned natives
Looked about each other with stern faces…
They were concerned but not nervous
And stood strong. Who were these tall
Strangers? They had never seen such a
Tribe…so pale skinned, fair haired…
Those bulking clothes. They all seemed
Built so strong. No one could speak.
But the young White Oak Woman
Found the first nerve to stand in the
Center of her people to study these
Men…For now they knew and recognized
Her as a shaman of the tribe, wise
Beyond her years. She pointed for them
All to look around…to see the sky full
Of birds…to see the animals, how they all
Behaved…this was far from natural…Higher
Forces were at work here.

From the Vikings’ side the warriors forgot
Their reason to chase Janson and the boy,
And could now only stand in wonder
Staring at the natives…Bulvar held the
Voice for the men. “Are you Odin’s people?
Do you hold the gates to Asgard?
To Valhalla?” He called to them. But
None answered. Then he turned to his men.
“They don’t speak our language.”

“But the signs…” Tovar said gesturing
To the sky, to the animals. “The signs
Are all around.”

The men began making faces of confusion
And continued quietly gesturing to each
Other with their hands, pointing, fingers
And hands making shapes to mimic
Things…A habit of warriors, to quietly
Make these silent hand signals to
Communicate with each other without
Talking; a battle tactic.

And the White Oak Woman studied the
Vikings’ behavior carefully this way…
Their body language…She turned to her
Father Standing Bear. “Look at how
They talk, do you see? With their
Hands?” Then the idea struck her…
There was a young boy in the
Village who had been born deaf. The
Tribe had learned to communicate with
The boy as he spoke making
Signs and gestures with his hands…He
Was known as Talks with His Hands.
Maybe he could help them talk to
The strangers? She immediately went
To retrieve him then brought him
To the front of the crowd of her people
Near the Great White Oak Tree.

She urged Talks with His Hands to
Study the strangers…and spoke with him
Using the sign language the tribe developed
With him to explain her thoughts…

This caught the Vikings’ attention.
“What are they doing?” Tovar asked with
A frown as everyone watched the girl with
What appeared to be roughly an 11 year
Old boy as they made this…hand
Language with each other.

“Are they speaking?” Janson asked
Out loud.

“Do they have no voices here?” Bulvar
Bellowed. “What is this place then?”

It was Mika who caught on fast
As they watched the girl and the boy. “I’ve
Seen this before…I had a cousin who was
Deaf that spoke with his hands…” Then
He turned to Janson. “Aren’t there hand
Signals you warriors use in battle to
Communicate this way?”

“They do not appear to be readying
Themselves for battle?” Danor replied.
“What do we make of this?”

Then White Oak Woman took Talks
With His Hands to them…The boy immediately began
Talking to the strangers with his hands…
With this sign language.
On and on this went, and the
Languages that once separated them
Went away. All the simple words came
First, like the elements Earth, Air, Fire
And Water. Very quickly it also
Eased their nerves to speak
This way. This simple
Language broke the barriers and intrigued them.

Suddenly the brutal warriors
Known as Norsemen became quite
Eager students and teachers using this
Language with these natives of the land.
What a strange sight to see. There was
No fighting, no conquest…and no
Name calling…The communication
Was resolved with basic words and
Phrases and there was laughter and
Smiles. All of this came from one
Innocent simple deaf boy…and Mika.

And Janson had quickly pointed out
To his fellow warriors. “Had it not been
For this boy, they would have never
Made this peaceful exchange.” A
Truly new concept for the Vikings, who
Had never known patience at all…
The complaints vanished, and instead
Became eager quests to learn more in
This new way…To speak silently
With sign language. To make more
Words, more phrases.

And the natives also responded this way.
Very quickly they began to learn
Each other’s languages of the tongue
This way…peacefully. What a gift it

The Vikings made a camp in
This meadow…And the Indians
Remained there as well for these
New ‘friends.’ It was a turning
Point for both peoples…and they
Continued to share knowledge.

The Norsemen showed the Indians how
They built things, more sturdy and
Solid to endure the weather. And the
Indians in turn showed the Vikings
How they survived off the land…how
They found sustenance and made
The most of every little thing never
Wasting anything…forever changing
Both of them…
And suddenly the quest for Thor
In fact became an age of discovery.

White Oak Woman and Talks with
His Hands became key role players
Here for the people. She, the kind
And patient voice who charmed them
With her beauty and gentleness…And
He, transformed from awkward
Outcast with no voice became the
Greatest speaker of them all. They
Saw how bright he was, and sharp
To see, to notice things and find ways
To express it and thus find solutions.
They were invaluable. As everyone
Is in some way…when they truly
Find their skill. It may not have
Been what they expected but it
Worked…and it worked peacefully.

Sign language…became a mediator
Of peace in a dark and primitive
Time. If only all people could recognize
Such things so peacefully.

On a quiet evening in Janson’s
Shelter…A tent like structure made
Of wood and woven branches of evergreen
To fight off wind and rain that he
Shared with his friends Danor and Tovar.
Mika came to them as he usually did.
He had become very clingy to Janson
As he acted as his savior and
Protector on the ship from the other
Men. They teased him about it of
Course, but somehow a kind mood
Had settled over the Vikings, one they
Never knew before. Mika went to
Janson’s shelter to sleep…and as
He rested himself close by
Janson watched the boy with
Fascination…Mika was smiling all
The time now, which was so good
To see, he had such a charming smile.

“It’s good to see you this way.” Janson
Said to him.

Mika kept smiling as he laid down
Near him. “I have not felt this
Good in a long time.”

“The journey on the boat was long
And hard.” Janson said with a sigh
As he glanced at the sleepy Danor
And Tovar, listening and watching them.

“Longer than that.” Mika said.

“What do you mean?” Janson asked.

“It was bad at home.” Mika
Explained. “It was worse on the
Boat. But it was bad at home.”

“It’s a hard life…” Janson said…

“That’s not what I mean,” Mika
Slowly replied, reluctant to explain.
“It was just…bad at home.”

Then Janson understood, saw it in
His eyes as his opened wide…This had
Happened to Mika before. Of course
These things weren’t new…Abuse
In various forms was a way of life
For families…each in their own way.
“Others have done this to you?”
Janson asked carefully.

“Yes.” Mika answered simply without
Looking at him.

Then Janson understood…somehow,
Something inside him from some
Mysterious part of him he did not
Know…recognized this in Mika, all
Of it. And he couldn’t speak.

“What is your family name, boy?”
Danor asked him half falling asleep.

“Hollisden.” Mika answered him.

“Your father and his father worked
With metals for many years?” Danor
Asked. “Swordmakers? All metal

Mika nodded. “And chains.” He
Said avoiding their eyes. “They made
Many chains.”

“Chains?” Janson asked surprised. But
Of course, that made sense. Still the
Words struck him deep somehow…

The mind wanders…The Hour Glass
Has served its purpose now. The
Light of the book faded, then
Valerius closed it, as he watched
Me. They were all studying me.

“This is too much, my head feels
Like it is splitting open. What point
Exactly are these stories serving?”

“You know why.” Valerius answered

“They were connected before…Mika
And Janson…That’s Hollis and Jansen
From the other story. From the earlier

“Yes.” Ceres nodded, she was as
Fascinated with this information as
I was, as were her sisters.

“Did you know this? Did you
See it?”

“I saw the pattern, yes.” Ceres
Said. “Patterns often repeat themselves.
Especially…until they find their

“I don’t understand. They were
Together. They came together again?
Hollis was abused again? That’s
Awful, why?”

She nodded once kindly. “You know
Why. That’s the point here. That’s the
Point for them as well. The ones who
Read this.”

“What is?”

“That patterns repeat themselves over
And over through time…” Ceres explained.
“Until they find their peace.”

“But Hollis and Jansen were together
In the beginning…didn’t they have
A happy ending?”

“Obviously not.” Ceres frowned sadly.
“At least it doesn’t appear that
Way…something was left undone…
And so the cycle keeps repeating

“But you’re talking about life times…
Constantly re-occurring traumas? That’s

“It’s horrible, yes it is.” She said.

“My God you have to stop it.”

“Yes, it has to stop.” She said carefully.
“Think about it…write what you
Must, but don’t write everything.”

“So is that the meaning here?” I
Mean ultimately…life times repeating
Patterns…Will people see that
Or understand it?”

Ceres laughed as she looked to her
Sisters. “Understanding is up to

“The sign language thing…Is that
The solution then to this problem?”

“I think the book is telling you
How to find peaceful solutions,”
Ceres smiled. “But not necessarily
With sign language. Remember most
People still do not think what they
Are reading here is real at all. For
Them it is some story to analyze…
The point is to make them think.”

“My head feels like it is going
To split open.”

“I know.” She said. “You need to
Slow down. You delivered a wonderful
Message to them…And to us as
Well…We understand it. If they
Don’t that is their problem. That
Solution can help a lot of people…
And inspires ideas in many more.”

“But that really happened? The
Boy, Talks with His Hands? He
Really did that with the Vikings?”

“Yes.” Ceres nodded. “It wouldn’t
Show you otherwise.”

“But who will believe it?”

“Do you believe it?” She asked me.

“I’m sacred to answer that question.”

“I see that. That’s why you need
To slow down.” Ceres said.

“Tell me something to write
Down…to change the subject…to end
On a different note…to give
Me, them, anyone…something
Else to think about.”

“July is coming…” She said.

“What about it?”

“It’s a big turning point for the
Year…so is 2019…so is the
Number 19. That’s a good number
To remember.” She smiled.

That mysterious tone! “Have you
Been talking to Varence, is he hiding
Somewhere watching?”

Ceres laughed loudly. “Varence is a
Watcher. And he is watching something
Good right now.” She smiled softly.
“You need to slow down now…put
The pen down.”




Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 10JUN2017

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (10  June 2017) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Deliverer…Thor…

*SONG* “Carmina Burina” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Hour Glass…commands the pen
To move boldly now, no time for talking…
Ceres and Valerius can only watch now
As the pictures and story comes…
The pages of the book glow…write it,
Write it down…

This is the story of the Viking’s quest
To North America, the lost story, the one
Untold…The quest to find their deliverer…Thor…

In the high time of the Norsemen, when
The Vikings ruled the northern seas…
They became fierce warriors and spread their
Seeds across many plundered lands. They
Were fearless and insanely driven…
Isn’t it strange how all hostile invasive forces
Are so insanely driven? Madness, chaos and
Senseless reasoning is always the prelude
To such forces…What drives them?

In the stronghold of the Vikings’ land
There was a time of great stress and worry…
The weather and lands were cruel, crops were
Thin…The people were starving and
Plagued with troubles…so they turned to their
Seers, superstitious witches of age old
Traditions that read runic symbols carved
Into stones and bones…They warned that
The Norsemen would fall to invaders from
The South if they did not strengthen their
Lands, their warriors…They dreamed and
Saw visions…of the great lord Odin sitting
On a marvelous throne…Tall and pale with
A fierce handsome face and the eyes of a god…
He told the witches to send some of their
Mightiest warriors on a quest to find the
Son of the gods, the bearer of thunder
And lightning…Thor…That they must
Sail west, to go in the direction of the setting
Sun as far as they could go…to look, to search
For Thor…

But they had to move quickly before the
Seasons changed again…Time was of the
Essence, lives were short…What choice did
They have?

Chosen by the seers’ visions…13 men were
Picked…13 to stand for the 13 moons, for
The runic wisdom…and measures of the gods
Will…and 13 crystal skulls that haunted
The seers night and days with
Visions and warnings…of a dark tomorrow…
Build a powerful army and make the
Norsemen strong the skulls said to the
Witches…so this they told their people,
And the people listened…

Brahn Snowden, son of the chieftain
Gathered the people to share the news
Of the quest…The command of his
Father…that their people had been given
This warning…to send their best warriors
To seek out the land of Thor…This
Great new excitement…something they had
Long waited for, for it meant if they could
Find Thor, that if he was somewhere
On the world to find…that it meant
A promised land could await them…
The end of their troubles and starvation,
The dawn of a new age…An age of
Deliverance…of heroes, and a safe
Blessed passage to Valhalla for all the
People…So yes, the best and
Mightiest Viking warriors must be sent…

13 to represent them, and 13 to
Attend them…This would mean a
Great strongboat for 26 men must
Be sailed west as soon as possible…
There was no argument or hesitation…
The people built the boat…And the
Best men were chosen by their
Victories and reputations of conquest…

Bulvar, great son of the Horsemen
Was to go and lead them…He held the
Greatest number of victories…and
Fathered the most sons…There was no
Question; virility was a virtue to Vikings…
And with him by name would also
Go…Danor, son of the stone
And metal carver, Ivar, son of the
Highlander chieftain…fiercest and
Renown for his brute strength in
Battle…Janson, the handsome and
Noble warrior, victorious in every battle…
Ragnor the bloody…Tovar, the tower
Of men, Mor…the ox, for he was built
Like one, and the wits of one
Too; big and stupid was always a good
Thing as long as they won…Lars, the
Finest swordsman…and Rogar, the
Savage…great killer of men, and tamer
Of women; his boasts of spreading
Norseman seed in the women of the lands
They ravaged were infamous…He probably
Sired over 100 children in rape across
The north…Thus ensuring Viking blood
Would grow everywhere. Who knows
How many could trace ancestry back
To Rogar…If they’re mindless, savage
And horny well it’s probably thanks to
Him…They were the best of the best
To name…The others just filled the
Boat…But the crew was made,
The ship built and filled with supplies…
To leave by the closest full moon
As told by the witches…

All the people were eager for the quest…
They had to find Thor, they had to
Find the deliverer…for it meant the
Promised land! But on the day
That came to set sail, the men
Grew restless…as they stocked the
Cargo hold with ducks and goats for
Food to feed them…ale to ease their
Nerves at sea, and furs to warm them…
They began to scowl on one thing.
Rogar was of course the first to voice
It to Bulvar, the commander…So
Many men for a journey, no women?
No promise of women to chase on a
Journey that would take who knows how

“No women or virgins to chase?” Rogar
Bellowed, I’m editing he was much cruder
Than that. “What am I to chase, the
Goats below deck then? Or bend
Over a fool in his sleep?”

All the men laughed. Bulvar slapped him
On the back and grabbed his shoulder.
“Think man…women on a quest this
Long? With your loins? Do we want a
Voyage with babes born on the sea?”
He just laughed loudly and wickedly
Then leaned close to him, “Look there,”
He nodded to the villagers around them…
“Pick a couple of fresh boys to bring…
And we will show them how to become

Rogar was confused by this at first, but
Then grinned devilishly at the idea. Ah,
True boys don’t get pregnant…And
What pain isn’t earned to become a
Man…This was a long held tradition
Amongst warriors…during training it
Made them fight harder to become stronger
To avoid being topped by the winner
In battle games…It was a humiliation
Tactic that brutally worked among
The Vikings; and many, many other
Lands as well.

So Rogar went into the crowd and
Declared they needed two young boys,
Teenagers, to go with them to train
As men to aid them and
Serve them. This was a great honor
No one argued. So he picked two
Pretty faced boys…Mika, the
Blacksmith’s son…and Hans, son
Of the goat herder of the east hills…
Two of the best looking boys in
The village. There was applause, the
Boys were eager…It all seemed like
A great honor.

The ship was loaded, the cargo secured…
The men boarded…some went to oars,
To get it moving…And soon they were
Set off to sail the high seas…They
Laughed, they sang, they chanted…
Viking songs…Norsemen ballads, it
Was mostly cursing, songs about sex
And drinking and loose women…Of
Sexual conquests…in other words a
Lot of boasting of things that scarcely
Happened…like beautiful women falling
In love with them…adoring them, chasing
Them. These were fantasies to keep their
Minds busy and optimistic at sea,
They had to keep some delusions…
Typically it fueled their fire to raid
And rape lands…but only a few of
The men were successful at this, like
Rogar. Most were clumsy with women,
They were however extremely excellent
At getting drunk and killing and
Destroying things.

Another observation, they were definitely
Taller than most men of the age…and
Built more strongly. Hard living in the
North made them this way. Most of
Them had either golden blond or orangey-like
Blond hair…A few had brown, like
Tovar, Mor and Rogar…but other
Than that…nothing else to note.
Mor did belch a lot, he really
Was built like an ox.

At first, the days on the seas were
Fairly calm and the mood among
The men was bright. They played
Games on deck throwing stones
And bones…held wrestling matches
To stay fit…Then ate and ate
At dusk and drank ale until they
Passed out…Wherever they happened
To fall was their bed until morning.

By the second week they were far
Out to sea…The songs were more
Boring…The games were growing old.
They were restless usually they would
Have landed somewhere by now
And would have had something to do…
To fight, to steal, to destroy, to chase…
But here far out to sea there was
Nothing. And Bulvar knew there
Had to be something to keep them
Occupied and dreaming. Egos among
Warriors always needed stroking…
So that’s when he began to raise
The gambling odds of the games by
Using their two youngest crewmen
As toys to play with.

Now there were always hazing
Rituals, but never this one-sided.
There was always the chance of
Escape. Here, the boys had none,
And also no idea what being
A Viking warrior meant.

But Bulvar didn’t want to break the
Boys either, he had to make them
Last as long as possible. Who knows
How long the journey could take.
So he offered to the
Two top champions of the games each
Day one of the boys to play with.
Some of the men just laughed…They
Thought it was a joke. But after
Being at sea so long…Each time
Bulvar made the offer, eyes grew
Darker…ideas more wild, until
Eventually they were so bored and
Desperate they seriously began
Fighting for the games.

Janson, Danor and Tovar were
More noble warriors and did not
Take part in this…

It was bad enough that so many of
Them had gone from singing victory
Songs…to constant moaning and
Complaining. When people don’t see the
Results they want immediately, there’s
No reasoning with them…They just get
Louder, nastier, more impatient…Until
Moods just get downright desperate…
And things turn ugly.

So finally it came down to brawls,
Not wrestling…drunken matches. And
When the men played their previous
Playful games of tossing the bones
And stones with jokes and laughter,
Instead it became grunts and growls…
Resentment and dirty looks. The men
All wanted to take their frustrations out
On something…

That first night it seemed far too
Dark…there was no moon, the skies
Were cloudy …And when the games ended
And the mead they rationed was gone…
Tempers flared…Bulvar and Rogar
Had been the champions…and when it
Came time for sleep, each took one of
The 16 year old boys to bed with them…
Bulvar to his private cabin took Mika…
Then Rogar to another private cabin
Took Hans…then the screams began…

The crew grumbled and looked down…
The sounds were terrible, but no one
Complained. Janson took his two friends
Danor and Tovar aside covered
Heavy with bear and wolf skins in the
Bitter cold and stayed on the deck

“What is going on down there?” The blond
Janson growled to his friends with an
Angry whisper.

“They are making men out of them.”
Danor joked scratching his grayish golden

“It never was this way,” Janson said
Biting his teeth, “These are men not
Boys playing games with boys…”

“What are you going to do about it?” Tovar
Laughed. “Have them sail a second ship
To save themselves? I see only the sea…
They will do what they want.”

Janson just stood angrily in the wind
Listening to the awful echoes of the screams.
“I don’t like this. This is not what we

“What are we then?” Danor asked. “This
Is a quest, not a pleasure trip…Did
You not see Bulvar’s face? You can’t
Find reason with someone with their
Mind set…if he plans to do it he will.”

The night was long…with painful sounds,
First there were screams and yelling…
And then the crying. It was awful. The
Three friends stayed top deck to sleep
Away from it with the nighthands…But
Janson hardly slept at all.

By morning the crew was groggy with
Hangovers…They turned blind eyes to
The boys, no one would look at them. But
Bulvar and Rogar boasted of the fun
They had to entice laughter
From the other men…And in time
They were all laughing…They were
Norsemen on a quest for Thor, the
Rules were different for them…
They were just excuses to do what
They wanted…anything to get the
Guilt out, guilt was for weak men…

But for some reason there were no
Games that second day…No it took
Time for the dark nature to take
Over, but not long…Within a week
The men started their games again,
First only a few played, then more
And more…

And again at night came the yelling,
The cursing and the screams…Horrible
Abusive sounds that always ended in
Crying…crying that at first hurt the
Men’s ears…then they turned deaf
And decided to hear nothing at all.

It became a true test of their
Nature…For the Norsemen had
Conquered many villages…taken many
Lives…and several of the men had taken
Many women against their will…They
Were dark times without rules…For
War had no rules…they refused to
See right or wrong, it was all a
Matter of want, take, have…
That’s how the beasts are born…

But by that week’s end Janson
Could not take it anymore. He came across
One of the boys at mid-day meal, as
The boys were forced to work and serve them
By day…It was young Mika, he was
Such a good looking boy…how bruised
And beaten. He used to smile all the
Time, but now was too afraid to look at
Him. The boy’s eyes never left the ground.

So Janson ate then turned to his
Friends. “So tell me Danor, how do you
Feel about playing sports today?”

Danor just laughed. “My feet hurt.
I don’t want to play. Besides, I
Don’t want one of the boys.”

“What changed your mind?” Tovar
Asked strangely. “You wish to play now
For them?”

“Bulvar wins all the time.” Janson
Scowled. “And if not him, then Rogar
Or Ragnor…It’s always the same. I’m
Bored. Can you beat them?”

“What for?” Danor grumbled. “Let them
Play. My feet hurt.”

Janson laughed to tease him. “Great baby
Of a man…my feet hurt,” he mocked
Him, “So you can’t best Bulvar then?
Between us both one of us could at

“I could lay down that cow of a man
Any time!” Danor was offended. “He’s
As skilled as Mor moving like an ox
And falls like one too.”

“What about you, Tovar?” Janson asked.

“No games for me.” Tovar laughed.
“I would rather drink and sleep on
Deck. I hate the noise…And prefer
The cold to sleep anyway.”

Janson rolled his eyes. “Well I want
To play.” He slapped Danor on the
Chest. “Help me beat Bulvar.”

“My feet hurt.” Danor whined.

“Too old for you old man?” Janson
Laughed. “Old hurting feet?”

“Who’s old?” Danor spat. “Alright
Then, I need my blood to flow…I will
Show you who’s old. Bulvar will eat
The deck when I’m done.”

Janson grinned…He and his friend
Played the games…challenged Bulvar…
And by the end of the day, they won.
Bulvar actually seemed pleased with
This. He wanted to see the men take part.
Then he offered a boy to choose
To Janson and Danor…But Danor
By then was done and only wanted
To sleep. So Janson claimed the prize.
“I will take Mika…”

Bulvar was so happy he offered him
His cabin…Then Janson took the boy
Amidst some calls of taunts and wild
Ideas…went to Bulvar’s cabin and
Shut it tight.

Mika backed away towards the crude
Furskin bed…Nervous, shaking…like
A frightened animal. He started to cry,
Scared of what to expect. “What
Do you want me to do?” He cried.

Janson leaned back hard against the
Door with all his weight. “What do I
Want?” He sighed with relief. “I want
You to lay down, Mika…go to sleep…
And rest…no one is going to touch
You. I’m not going to touch you. I
Want you just to go lay down
And sleep.”

Mika froze and stopped shaking and
Stared at him confused. “What?”

“Go to sleep Mika.” Janson said. “Go

“But where will you sleep?” Mika
Asked in shock.

“Over here on the floor by the door.”
Janson said sliding to sit on the floor
And rest.

“Why?” Mika asked still confused.

“I have my reasons.” Janson said.

“I don’t understand.” Mika swallowed
Unsure. “Is this a game?”

“No.” Janson only said. “Now go to sleep
Mika…go rest. I’m tired.”

“But the others…” Mika said sitting
On the bed as he started to relax…

“Sometimes you have to make choices,”
Janson said, “No matter how hard they
Are…even if everyone is against you…
To do what’s right…Now go to sleep Mika.”

Mika smiled and laid down…
“Your friends?”

“I don’t know if I can do this all the
Time, but I will try.” Janson told him.
“If I can I will. Now go to sleep.
I’m really tired.”

And for the first time the night
Passed quietly…Mika slept, and Janson
Slept…a peace seemed to fill the air.
In the morning Janson woke with a
Shock, Mika as tapping his shoulder awake.
“The day is starting.”

Janson sat up blinking, a blurry
Vision clouding his eyes. “Did you rest?”

“Yes.” Mika told him. “I don’t understand

“Good.” Janson yawned standing up and
Stretching. Oh how he ached from sleeping on
The floor. “Another day…”

“But why?” Mika smiled at him…the
First real smile he had seen on his face
In ages… “How do I thank you?”

Janson grinned secretly. “That smile is
Good enough.” He put his arm on his shoulder.
“Now come, don’t tell anyone about this
Understand? I will do my best to keep this
Up…but you have to be strong for me. Understand?”

“Yes.” Mika nodded with a smile.

“And don’t smile to them out there.” Janson
Held up his finger. “Our secret…”

They left the cabin and went above
Deck joining the clumsy waking crew
As they grumbled and complained. They
Really were a ship of whiners for such
Brave Norsemen. Mika went to do his
Chores and duties and Janson joined his

Tovar strolled over to him, with an oafish
Yawning Danor belching beside him. “And
How was your night?” He taunted. “Did
You enjoy the boy?”

Janson leaned into him quietly. “I didn’t
Touch him.”

Tovar squinted strangely. “Then why did you—“

“I had enough of this,” Janson said to
Him angrily. “I don’t want them touching

Tovar’s eyes widened. So noble. Janson was
Always so noble. He had to admire that, though
He thought it crazy to fool Bulvar. He
Shook his head. “You will have your
Hands full then…”

“What, why?” Janson scowled.

“The other boy,” Tovar whispered, “The
One Rogar’s been taking…Hans. He took his
Life in the night. He had enough…You’re
Going to have your hands full now if you
Plan to protect him with this bunch of
Fools that boy won’t last long.”

Janson’s eyes went wild. What was he going
To do? He promised to protect him. He could
Not break his word. The odds were impossible,
Yet somehow he felt even stronger. “I will…”

“How?” Tovar asked. “You’ve seen that devil
Rogar. You know Bulvar. How?”

“Help me.” Janson urged him. “If you believe
We will find Valhalla…Asgard…To honor
Thor…You will.”

That caught Tovar’s mind fast. Nobility
May have not impressed him much, but
Pleasing the gods did. “I will try…But
You ask a lot…”

“We will do it.” Janson said confidently.
“We—“ he said, though inside he strongly
Said ‘I’, “will do it. I know it.” He
Had to protect Mika…And he would no
Matter what it took…The odds were
Heavily stacked against him…But if
There’s one thing all Vikings held strongly,
It was in pleasing the gods and winning
Favor in their eyes…That was the greatest
Glory to win…if only they knew the
Legend they were on a quest to find…
Perhaps Thor was already on the boat.

The days passed wearily at sea…Bulvar,
With one boy left was forced to hold the
Games to two or three times a week
To make the boy last. As a joke to
Tease the men…he offered the losers
The choice to screw the goats. None
Favored that, but it gave good laughs
To them. There was one occasion when
A drunken Mor did take the offer…
And it set the men in such a roar of
Laughter that it broke the dark mood
Of the ship…He was forever teased after
That…Mor the goat lover…But as dumb
And as big of an ox he was…he could not
Understand why they teased him. It
Was a sober Lars that reminded him,
“You were not supposed to screw the
Goat you idiot. It was a joke!”

But when the games were held, Janson,
Tovar and Danor worked as a team…
Which impressed Bulvar who also saw
Great sense in this…Teams made it more
Interesting…And wore them out even more.
But Bulvar’s teams were drunks and lost
A lot…which left Janson’s group the
Winners most often…

And always Janson took Mika to the
Cabin and told him to sleep in the bed while
He slept pushed against the door
On the floor guarding him, keeping his
Promise. He couldn’t do it all the time…
But most of the time he did…it kept him
Alive at least…And Mika always wondered
And asked him why. But Janson only
Ever answered… “Go rest, go to sleep
Mika…You’re safe tonight.”

Then at last one day a crewman eyeing
The far seas shouted, “Land!”
And then they found Iceland…A
Barren landscape…No trees, no human
Souls…no promised land. Still, they
Left 6 men to scout the land and
Build a post there to mark it for their
Return…to claim the land at least, and
Then they journeyed onward.

Again, long days at sea…full of grumbles,
Groans…complaints, complaints. Faith is
Always tested during the wait…that’s
Why they complain so much. Perhaps that’s
Why the Higher Forces test with wait to
See who complains and betrays their
Natures first…so the gods can see who
They truly are.

And the longer journey, somehow…the
Lazier the men got for the games…which
Made it easier for Janson to win.

But Bulvar would question him, “It’s
Always so quiet in there…Are you a
Man? Make some noise!”

Then Janson would tell him, “I like it
Quiet…I hate the screaming…”

And Ivar would ring in, “Praise Odin
For that! I like it quiet when I

The men would laugh, then Bulvar
Would dismiss it…So Janson won, and
Won…Tovar was proud, Danor’s pride
Grew, he loved beating Bulvar. Mika was
Safe…and things worked out somehow…

Then again the day came, a crewman
Shouted, “Land!” And yet again they
Found a barren grassy landscape they
Would call Greenland…Again six men
Were left to build a post…and on the
Journey went…

But supplies were growing thin…They
Had drunk all the mead…eaten the
Last of the livestock for food, and started
Fishing…Tempers were short, faith was
Dim and the complaints were constant.
How far were they to go? As they began
To feel more like fishermen than warriors
Again at last another day came…

There was a mist that rolled into a fog…
“Land!” a crewman shouted. But
This time it was different…Through the
Thick wet air they clung to the railing
To see…Trees! They saw trees! At last
Something to explore. Where there were
Trees…that meant there could be other
Things…animals, game for hunting…and
Then possibly people, villages. And
Who knows maybe Asgard…

They guided the ship into what seemed
Like a great bay. The fog lifted and
As daylight came…it stretched on
And on, a waterway, a passage. They
Followed it eagerly scouting both sides
For anything to catch their eyes…
A day inward they went before
Touching ground. One of the men had
Eagerly cried, “Elk!” for that’s what
They called moose…The elk were
Here so far from home? Maybe it
Was Asgard…

They set foot on shore and built camp…
Eager to get off the water, and eager
To celebrate the discovery. They built
A bonfire, they hunted…caught game,
And gorged themselves on rabbit, deer…
And anything with fur that bled. It
Was hard to tell who were the animals.

By nightfall Bulvar was wild, boasting
They had found something magical in
This land…It was in the air, “You can
Feel it!” He cried. It filled him with
Such pride that he declared victory…
Then pointed at the boy and decided
It was time Janson surrender his
Prize to please them…or else.

“Or else what?” Janson argued.

“This is not your choice.” Bulvar
Argued. “The boy is a sacrifice to Odin,
To the land.”

This filled Janson with rage. “He is not
Your prize. He has the right to live as
We do.”

“Janson loves the boy.” Rogar teased.
“All this time at sea has made him

“You are not touching him.” Janson
Yelled over the bonfire. “Get over

Then the fearful slip…Tovar broke and
Teased his friend. “He is not in love, he
Only protects the boy from you animals.
He hasn’t touched him. He has fooled
You all.” He laughed.

Bulvar went wild eyed, full of a dark
Spirit, then drew his sword and pointed
It at him. “You deceived me? You made
Me a fool?”

“You don’t fool me!” Janson shouted.
“You are no Norseman Odin would
Prize! You are a wild animal with
A sword…That’s why Odin does not
Reward you!”

“I will kill you!” Bulvar roared. “And
Bend that boy over and split him open
While you watch with your last breath!”

“You’re too big and fat to move
That fast!” Janson yelled at him.
He withdrew his sword, grabbed Mika…
And backed into the woods…

The men were shocked…but loved it. A
Real fight! No games! They cheered and
Roared. But Tovar immediately regretted
His words…And Danor grew angry too,
For at last he confessed he hated
Bulvar. “You big idiot! Leave him alone!
He’s right! There’s no honor in you but
What comes out of your ass!”

A brawl ensued…Janson turned to
Mika, “Run!” He shouted as he
Held his sword at Bulvar, “Run! Go
Into the woods! Go!”

But Mika was terrified…the men were
Charging everywhere surrounding him.
Janson panicked, saw no other option, he
Had to protect him…He kicked the logs
Of the bonfire so that they exploded
And blinded the men…Then grabbed
Mika and ran into the woods…
Never seeing the knife that had
Stabbed him in the back…

Into the night they ran, first fast
And hard…then slower, until Janson
Desperately collapsed…The wound in
His shoulder had weakened him. He
Was out of breath, out of a plan…
In a strange land…it was dark and
Cold, then he passed out.

At dawn he awoke to Mika
Shaking him desperately crying.
“Please don’t leave me. Please don’t
Leave me here all alone.” The words
Snapped him wide awake…no wound
Would stop him or hold him down. They
Heard echoes of the men coming…
What to do?

“We have to go,” Janson struggled to
Stand, but did, and they staggered on…
Mika hold him up… “Where?”

Mika looked around quick then saw
The bird…he pointed, “My father
And uncles always said…FOLLOW

And so they did…nothing else to do…
They ran, they fumbled…echoes of
The men chasing them, forcing them

They came to a meadow…And there
Across the meadow was this great
Oak…A great white oak tree…
Shimmering with a light raining down
Upon it…And there beneath, this
Beautiful copper skinned girl with long
Braids dressed in tan buckskin…

Janson fought to see through
Blurry eyes… “Is that a girl?”

Soon the other Vikings emerged
Behind them…and froze still…

The sky was full of birds! Ravens!
Hawks! Eagles! There were animals…
Bears…A white stag in the tree line
On the other side…These signs
Paralyzed them…They had never seen
Such a thing before! And the light
Shimmering down…
Janson gasped… “What is this?”

The Hour Glass closed…

Ceres stood in the light…strong, her
Icy blue eyes on fire. She tossed a
Gold coin before me on the floor…
“They want to know if I’m real?” She
Said. “Mother Bear is angry.”

In other words she’s in the game now…

artwork: 13 Crystal Skulls, from the Ancient Prophecies