Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The 7 Sisters…

*song* “Always on My Mind” by The Pet Shop Boys

In the darkest Hours of
The darkest Times…Legends Shine Through.
In this they serve to save us,
To inspire and guide us when everything is
Lost or failing…this is what they do.
The weak or insecure fall and fail
By wayward dreaming…
Darkness tempts and distracts you

While the strong persevere,
Light a torch and keep going…
It has always been this way.

That is why you must Light a Torch
And keep going…
See the opportunities to chase a dream.
And ignore those who say it can’t
Be done…

Wishing is fine, but you still have to act…
And always remember a lot of
Things will try to set you back…
Knock you down…But Criticism will kill you.
Dreams are built by those who Forge
Past this…and use it as Fuel…
Stand and Deliver a dream with a song
And keep going…
In the meantime, we can only keep hoping
That there will be more of us
Who give hope with their work and
Dedication…To keep the Fires of hope alive.
And more will learn to stop strangling
And draining it to death…
You get what you give…
So if you constantly Take…You’re
Going to owe a lot one day…

Onward…The Circle of Light…

There they were, sitting and waiting…
Proudly this time. What a strange
Custom this is becoming…through a

Varence nodded with a smile. “That’s good.
That’s very good.” He commended. “I like
That a lot.”

“Yeah, I don’t know where that came
From. Frankly, I would like to just curse
And spit. But for some reason, when I
Write here, the words become more meaningful.”

“That’s the guiding light working.” Varence
Explained as he sat there in his clean
Pressed attire; that white dress shirt and black
Pants. “Do you see how after all these years
It still keeps going. No matter what you
Do, it will keep doing this. It will manifest
In all your work.”


“Yes, “He nodded with a kind smile. “That is
Its mission…And you will find it changing
And growing with you. Watch and see. It
Will be a gifted presence throughout your life
And more…”

“I could certainly appreciate more of that
Myself.” Ceres said sarcastically as she played
With her long golden hair and watched his
Manner.” From the company I keep…It
Certainly appears his guidance is wiser than

“What is that supposed
To mean?” He asked her.

“It means I would prefer such greater
Company, Great Thinker.” Ceres snapped.
“Perhaps you should run through their
City streets naked, screaming ancient
Names and comments…I am
Sure THAT will be embraced quite well.”

Varence grimaced. “Amusing.”

“I find it very amusing.” Ceres grinned.
“Haven’t they heard enough of your thinking?”

A pause. Some silent reflection. Then Varence
Scowled and abruptly answered, “NO.”

“Of course you would say that.” Ceres teased.
As she pointed to the notebook, “He has to write
Everything that you say.” She then turned
To me. “Make sure that you write down
How irritating he is at least once…at least
Write down he is an IDIOT…in all capital letters.”

“Must we do that?” He argued with her. “That
Again? Are you not the one who insists on
Sticking to what draft we have prepared to
Discuss? Then you have to say THAT?”

“It was necessary.” She playfully said.

“Can I ask about the story now?”

Varence pointed to me. “Do you see? Your manner
Is distracting him now…can we end this
Sarcasm between us now? For a while
At least? You know what we have to do…”

Ceres sighed. “Oh, alright! You are always
Making things difficult.” She sat up taller
And played with her hair. “Please continue then.”

“Very well, then,” Varence said returning to his
Prepared speech on me… “We would like to
Continue with-”

“Just a moment…I know you want to continue
With that exploration of legends and history…
But I want to hear something different this
Time. I don’t think this is a fair deal if
I always have to write down what you say…people
May think it’s a game. It isn’t. This is my
Time…People always come at me with questions…
You say no questions…But I want to know
About the 7 Sisters…Why are they so important?
Why do people fixate on that star cluster
So much? There has to be a reason…What is it?”

“It’s not time for that yet, Bill.” Varence said

“I don’t care. This box, this light is pulling
And yanking my head in different directions…
I want 50/50…I’m tired of waiting.”

They looked at each other. “Well” Varence
Asked her. “You are the one who always says
I push him so…What have you to say
To his request?”

Another pause…their faces reflected some heavy
Expressions of careful thinking. “I can not
Say no to his request.” She said kindly.

Varence jaw dropped. “You can not say no?”
He blinked wildly. “You can not say No to his
Request after your insistence earlier? Yet my
Rant and requests are idiotic?”

She looked at him sharply. “Exactly.”

“Where is the sense in that?” He snapped.

“Oh, you lost your sense with that ridiculous
Chocolate cake story.” She said with a wince.
“Would that man have known who you are…
Of course not…They have no sense to think.
They overanalyze things and deduce things
Wrong unless you make it obvious…that’s what
Damaging radio waves do, they distort thinking!
I told you my instincts were right all along…
Keep it simple and to the point…no lengthy
Speeches…Of course they would think you’re
A Demon…they can’t help but think wrong.
You’re an idiot.”

“I said everything perfectly clear for them to
Figure it out on their own.” Varence insisted
Impatiently. “Any clearer or simpler and that
Would be temporal violation and you know it.”

“And again your words drag on…” Ceres said
Rolling her eyes. “Their time is different than ours…
Forests will rise and die under your wit…May
I just have the Book, Please?”

His face was stunned. He reminded me of my father
Watching reruns of MASH…as though he had
Never seen them before. “You can not hold
The Hour Glass! Now who has lost their mind?”

She glared at him intensely. “Don’t question
Great Fool of Mars…Oracle…Martyr of
Saints…Mysterious Whisperer…I said please
Hand me The Book…And close your mouth!”

The argument immediately ended and Varence
Went silent; oh, that was a first – he sneered
When I wrote that too. Then Ceres took
The book and held it calmly, and looked at
Me. “One thing I ask…That if I do this
Now…The course will change…So I ask,
Because I would like to know of you, from
This light in you…and the memories they are
Awakening…of the spirit coming back to you…
That you continue telling…as I will…fair is
Fair…Because I will tell you this…what
You share becomes a part of us too…not just
Tales to share with your notebook…But we
Need to know this too. So, will you continue
If I do?”

I could not argue with her. “That’s fair.

She nodded with a satisfied smile…rolled
Her eyes at Varence once…then took a
A deep breath and focused on the book. Her
Eyes lifted once to me. “I have no idea
What will come Forth when I open this
Book…You do realize that? It will be
About the 7 Sisters…But considering
Current circumstances…and ours, ours here…
Anything could come out…”

Varence looked nervous.


Ceres took a deep breath, closed her eyes…
Then opened the mystic book…
The Hour Glass immediately glowed…
Pages became bright…and lit everything with a
Blinding white light.
The Rocks, The Rivers, The Torrents of Time…
Flowing water, raging rivers…though none
I have ever seen before…Not from Earth?
Waters, rivers from another world…
Other worlds…Pools of Water standing
Still…reflections, ripples in the water…
Of Stars and constellations…
The Sun and the Moon…
Of Planets Blue and Green…
Other Worlds like Earth, but NOT Earth!
Other human worlds!
And there were songs from these worlds.
Many voices singing, overlapping…calling
Out…crying out to the Universe, for
Answers…So many are looking for
Answers…How many?

Too many to count, words are meaningless…
Earth is a reflection of the Dilemma
On all worlds…Politics, Religion…views.

Times will change…The hours of time
As called Forth by the Sun…The
Stars…Children of Men…
Children of the Human race…
The Lost Tribes of Man…
The 1st home was the Native Tongue,
Echoes and Ghosts of the Stars,
Whisper of this and tell stories in dreams…

In the darkest hour of man…
When the rules change
History speaks out to the children…

Of snow in summer, A Pillar of Fire,
Rain of Stones on the Moon…
The Sun will change Time and
Change the World, this world that
We know…This Earth, one of
Many…Seeded Stars across
The Heavens, not all of them even
Know their history…
They search for answers constantly,
As we have here…
And so here it is now…
Humanity’s lost and
Forgotten Ancient World…
The Home of The Legends of the 7 Sisters…

It was a Golden Age of the 1st home,
An age of gifts and blessings…
Technology was booming, humankind
Had reached its pinnacle of achievements…
Earth Tellus…and Tellus Noire,
Tellus’s Green Moon…and the
Second, The King’s Moon…
Civilization had prospered with such
Might that colonies of humans
Spread far across space, with
Pilgrims colonizing galaxies no life
Had ever seen before…
It had reached so far that it
Encountered The Darkness, The Dark Kind…
The Red Eyed Ones…The Green Blood…
A Darkness with an endless
Thirst for consumption and blood…
And under The Masks of Friends
They poured into Human Space
And began their Conquering…
The Great Time of Darkness had begun…

And the Seers saw this…As innocence
In trusting eyes refused to see any sense…
Only the Seers born with the gifts
Of humankinds heightened senses
Saw The Darkness coming…

And The Star Elder Prophesized 7 Sisters
Would be born to a humble man, a
Merchant by the sea…7 sisters born of
Great, gifted with all the talents and skills
And miracles of humankind…And that if
These sisters would marry the Greatest King…
25 Great Children of Men would be born
And become vessels to save humanity
Throughout time…A cycle that would
Repeat…Until the Day would come when
Again humanity would be Free once again
And rise to the splendor it once had and
Continue its legacy into the Stars and
Heavens unlike any other…Then as not
Just saviors of all humankind but other
Lost races in this universe and
Other universes as well…

The endless cycle would repeat this way
7 Sisters…To have the 5, the Hand of God…
5 of Mighty Gifted Grace with
Valor and Might and Magic Unmatched
Like the Stars, the Stars above…3, the power
9 to rise above…The 9 divine…
In 12 tribes, the higher 13…
To rise even higher…25…
25 children…25 in all to guide and
Save us…

Many laughed at this and threw their
Heads back and said how ridiculous…
But those without senses always laugh
At what they can not see…
And that’s a key there…they can NOT see…

But Faith always triumphs over such
Naïve minds…Faith is a power that never
Breaks in the brave of heart, time and
Time again tells this. That’s why Faith
Is always there to greet new life and
Comfort those at its end…
Those who walk without Faith walk with
Darkness…There’s no light there…

And the Star Elder called them
By name…he always knows their

Born to the humble man…7 beautiful
Daughters…the 1st, Orinopethia…
Fair and lovely and wise…but strong…
She was of grace and strength…
And from her came The House of ‘O’,
Of Orin and Odin’s sons…
The Mystic House and Legends…
But she was barren for many years
When she married the King
Before bearing his Fourth son, Verge…
And the fair Venus…and one more,
Whose seed spread into the Universe…

The 2nd, Kristania…
So fair and Forever kind and
Gifted with grace and magic unlike the
Others knew…Her hair was pale gold
And eyes like crystals…
She sang the sweetest songs…and
Bore the First son, Valiant…Then Brishan
And Kierista, then Ceres and
The last and youngest Briarin…

The 3rd, Melania…
The Melody of the Sisters, who had
The sweetest voice, the voice of reason
And truth and song…She was fair
And beautiful…Reason followed her
Wherever she went…And prophecy
Filled her eyes…The 3rd daughter
Carried the power of three…with 3
Children…The 3rd son Vulcan,
The daughter Chantala…and the last
Who rose The House of ‘M’
Legends to the Stars…The Travellers…
The Builders of Empires…
The Mighty, the Strong…A name to
Resound and sing through history
That at when times of great darkness
Came…brought New Hope…And would
Call out to the Stars for Help…
No magnetism could match this…
The 9 would hear this call…as would
All 25…and return to it, to her, for her,
Melania always brought hope
And sounded the call…

The 4th, Ariana…
The Fair, the Tall, the Wise…the Healer
Mother of the 2nd son, Valor
And daughter Damara…She was kind
And faithful…an inspiration…And
Always shined this way…

The 5th, Raina…
The Sweet, and Kind, and Tender,
Forever the song of Love in her
Heart…could charm the wildest
Things…Mother of Rana…
Charmer of Beasts, Charmer of Angels…
Mother of the Legend, The
Forbidden Tale…of Ariel…
The Nephilim knew her name
As she bore the First…

The 6th, Arsades…
So proud and strong and noble…
Power echoed through her name…
She bore the 5th son, Volt…
And the strongest daughter, Diana
And Evangella…and carried within
Her the blood of the Royal lines
That spread throughout the Stars…
A name given to Royals…
Again and again. Fairer than Fair.
The Stars were in her name…

And finally, the last daughter
ELana…Magic was in her name
And followed her wherever she went…
She had the gift of song as did
All the daughters and passed it on
To her daughter Vala…And to
The House of ‘EL’ that spread
Into the Stars…The Voyagers, The Pilgrims…
That seeded many worlds…
That carried on the human line
In the Pleiades…

The Legend of the 7 Sisters is a Tale
That echoes through time…Other Worlds
Know it…though by other tongues and
Names…All languages translate
Differently into English but all
Have roots in the Danu, and the
Tribes of Dan…The Tuatha…
As all should know…but like most
Legends, they were lost over the ages…

But when a song appears, it casts a
Spell in voice so strong, senses hear it
Beyond the ears…and the soul knows
This…where Magic and Faith dwell…

These 25 children were different…
Called by the Star Elder…Some were
Lost in the Fall of the First home…
And forever drifted to the Far corners
Of the Universe…Until the Day would
Come again when they found each other
Again…When the Stars align…
When the names Align…
Even in an age of Darkness or
A realm of the Dark Kind…
If and when all hell broke loose…
Nothing could stop the 9…

When A name appears, A call has sounded…
When they come together…watch out…
Heaven and Hell would stand still
For that show…Mountains Move?
They could move a Universe.

It’s a good thing everything is peaceful now…
Because if it’s not…Stand Back…
Worlds are going to Move…