Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…The Animals of Noah’s Ark…

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Back to the lost story of a lost time…
This story is shared not to condemn
But learn from the past…
So that history does not repeat itself…

On the Watcher’s ship…The vessel sent
Back by the Tribunal to repair an intervention…
Poised higher in dimension to avoid detection,

The mighty BR’Riel, noble Ascended Master
Of the Lion Men’s Temple…sat in the
Captain’s chair quietly pondering all that
Had transpired…At the time, everything
Was beyond their control…The Watchers
Had now become players to
A higher power…perhaps a divine plan
To a timeline that seemed incomprehensible…

“Tell me of the cities of this Earth
That we now fall witness to.” He ordered
To the now quiet humbled Apollo. “If we
Are to serve a purpose here I would
Like to know as much as possible.”

Apollo turned slowly, glancing at the fair
Ceres briefly…She would not even look at
Him without a scowl of disgust…Then
Looked up to BR’Riel’s magnificent shining
Silver blue ethereal eyes. “What would
You like to know?”

BR’Riel seemed to moan his thoughts…
“Anything…Everything? This world was…
So new…corrupted so fast…Were there
So few true hearted souls that walked
This world? None opposed or foresaw the

Apollo blinked, thinking fast on what he
Recalled…But the memories seemed haunting
Now as he had done nothing…He had only
Watched the chaos brew…The guilt he bore
In this was overwhelming, even though
Duty did not condemn him this, only his
Soul did. “Of course, as on any world
That falls, however numerous they may
Be…there are always those that attempt
To change things, right wrongs…and so

“Then what happened to them?” BR’Riel asked.

Apollo laughed. “The same as on many
Worlds…It’s the same everywhere you
Find corrupt systems…Those that oppose
The mainstream are ridiculed publicly…
Harassed, isolated or imprisoned, or
Executed…to demonstrate the power of
The corrupt government.”

“But these cities,” BR’Riel said with admiration,
“Cities of gold and diamonds and marbled
Stones, precious jeweled cities…of polished
Emeralds reaching to the sky…These
Buildings and monuments are marvelous…What
Happened here?”

Apollo thought heavily. “What vast lesson
Learned? How many worlds across the
Stars succeed? They aimed too high
To impress and attracted equally great
Dark treasure hunters…

“It started out quite noble and good,
When the Adams and Eves settled and
Spread across the land. They had their
Parents’ sciences to aid them…

“The first cities rose with hope and pride,
Atlantis the treasure city of hope and
Dreams and limitless sciences…

“Attan, or Ettan as it was also pronounced…
The trade port and crossroads city…

“Arcadia, the pleasure city…of gambling
And indulgences of everything imaginable
Of flesh and the mind…

“Lemuria…with its emerald towers and
Super sciences…minds were its treasure…
You want me to tell you what
Happened here? The great corruption
Of great powers? Nothing special
Happened here…What happened here
Happens everywhere…The only difference
Is the outcome on each world…some
Rise, some fall…some grow past their
Weaknesses and greed…while others
Succumb to temptation…or fall to the
Dark Empire…

“The only ones who learn are those
That learn to listen and watch, and
Above all see themselves for what they
Are and should be…if virtue finds them.”

BR’Riel groaned at the words…but his
Senses had already reached out and scanned
The planet below…The decadent behavior
Of the people echoed across the psychic
Plain…as all behavior does. No secrets
Hide themselves to those with higher
Senses…Lust and greed and gluttony
Carried on the ethereal winds of this
Earth…What higher beings called sin,
Mortal man called common beliefs…
Sin is just a word to some people, while
To others who hold virtue in higher
Regard…discipline, patience and
Self control and faith are the true
Aim of greater reward… “The endless
Conflicts of civilizations.” BR’Riel grumbled…
“I am tired of watching this.” He
Turned to Vala, who had taken another
Seat at the panel beside her sister…
To study the planet with fresh eyes
And mind. “What do you see, Vala?”

“I see a lot of minds pre-occupied
With themselves…” She answered. “However,
There are some…interesting elements.”

“Oh?” BR’Riel asked.

“There is an organized group of
Disciplined minds…but they are in retreat,
Apart from the world. In hiding,
Seclusion…in a temple…13…That number,
13 Ascended Masters…in secret
Meeting. They seem to know quite a lot.”

“The Temple of the Ancient Masters.”
Apollo said to her words. “Ah, I remember
Those…They were students of the
Last Lion Men…A noble, elite group.
They shared much promise…But the
People shunned them and their teachings.”

“Why?” BR’Riel asked.

“Because the Ancient Masters practiced a
Regiment of intense disciplined training.”
Apollo answered. “The world was too taken
With having a good time. They had
Their various religions…Anything that
Withheld pleasure and affected guilt
They shunned.”

“Of course.” Vala laughed. “Why bother
To learn when it’s so easy to have fun.
Quick answers…so the partying can

But Apollo was distracted by Ceres as
She furiously attended all of her
Scans and diagnostics of the animal
Life of the planet. She was quite
Aggravated. He carefully paused to
Turn to her. “How are you doing?” He
Asked her kindly.

She refused to acknowledge or even
Look at him.

“Ceres?” He asked again quietly as the
Attention of the bridge fell upon her.

A long fragile silence, then she lifted
Her head and turned to her sister. “Is
There an idiot talking to me? Because I
Swear I sense the most irritating
Sound of STUPIDITY!”

Vala smiled and silently laughed as
Apollo sat back and rolled his eyes
And sighed. “Are you going to continue
Punishing me for this?” He asked.
“As I have said, I did not invent
The scheme of this ark…it was
Done beyond my intent. I was merely
Following the timeline!”

Ceres dropped her jaw, tossed her golden
Hair over her shoulder and held up
Her hands. “There it is again! The
Sounds of an IDIOT! That voice!
The sound of incarnate mindless reason…
Do you hear it? It is killing my ears!”

“Ceres please.” Apollo begged.

“The deaf are truly gifted.” Ceres said
To her sister as Vala laughed quite
Entertained. “The muted…are blessed
By God for more fortunate communication.”

“Ceres!” Apollo winced and grabbed his
Face with regret.

She leapt to her feet and spun, meeting
Everyone in the room dramatically. “Oh
May the Heavens forgive me! It is the
Voice of the Lord God Apollo speaking!
How dare I insult his magnificence!”
She slowly turned to glare at him,
Her ice blue eyes burning with
The coldest fire. “Dear Sir, Dear Lord
Thy God of magnificent eternal wisdom…
Pray, forgive me for I am but the
Lowest…The truly lowest Brilliant Idiot!”

He stood to face her. “How many times
Must I say it?”

Ceres shook her head, then quickly
Cupped her hands close to her breast.
“Forgive me Thy Eternal Glorious
Shining one of Heaven…My reason is
But too weak to fathom the greatness
Of the words you utter…you speak…I
Pray that one day the Fates grant me
The forgiven path to forge steadfast
Thought and reason…” She feigned false
Tears to cry before continuing. “I am
In the presence of Grandeur, of
His mightiness…His deeds and words
Are spoken so divine to my ears…”
Then her eyes rolled with rage as
She clenched her teeth to growl,
“Or…but are they the words
Of The Most Fantastic Idiot that
Found two legs to hold the skull upwards
Of the King of the greatest moron
Beyond words?”

Apollo rolled his eyes and sighed. Should he
Speak? Dare the chance? There was nothing
Else to do. “What would you have me do?
Take us further back? Rewrite the
Timeline completely?”

“There are no choices now.” Ceres simply
Said with anger. “We are here…We are
Bound to fulfill these actions…Questions
Are pointless.”

“Should I crawl and await to be beaten
Then?” He said to her, as everyone watched
Their exchange; they were quite
Entertained by them!

Ceres took a step closer to him to
Fiercely stare him down. “Do you have
Any idea what will happen now?”

“The Bears will survive.” Apollo weakly
Said to her as kindly as he could. “The
Animals will at least survive this.”

Ceres pinched her eyes shut tight, “Some
Yes…” Then her expression fell to her
Horror and pain as her eyes could only
Look up and away from him. “There is not
Enough time to gather them all. At least
50 percent of the species will be lost.
I cannot even take samples…Zinn
Surely won’t…During an extinction event
There isn’t enough time to take them all.
The animals are spread out across the
Planet…Noah is building the ark
On ONE continent, ONE…Therefore I
Can only assemble those that can
Be gathered there…A majority
Of the species will be lost…FOREVER…
If I am fortunate, if I am lucky
I will be able to gather half…That
Is the best I can do.”

“But they…will survive.” Apollo told
Her, attempting to encourage her.

“How do I pick and choose?” She cried.
“How? They do not deserve this. Can’t
You see that?”

“I am sorry.” Apollo pleaded. “There is
Nothing more I can say, there is
Nothing more I can do.”

She turned to stare at the panel, at her
Scans. “There is nothing anyone can do…”

BR’Riel tried to appease a softer mood…
“How is this Noah progressing? Show me
This mate of his. It appears he had no
Children? I believe you told him, Apollo,
To save his family?”

“Yes,” Apollo said, “That is correct. The
World was too corrupt in his eyes…he
Chose to have no children…But his wife
Was some sort of…youth counselor at
One of their educational Academies…
She grew attached to six children
That had been abandoned by their parents…
She was overtaken by their suffering and
Eventually persuaded Noah to adopt them…
And took them on the ark with them.”

“Ah, I see.” BR’Riel said with a nod. “An
Interesting circumstance…and fortunate…”

Ceres groaned as she returned to her station
To select the animals. “Let me continue,
There is much to do. The best selections I
Can make are based upon the species
I knew when I arrived…” She shook
Her head in grief as she sat down. “The
Loss of all of these species…is just…
Absolutely terrible.”

Vala watched her sister with such
Sympathy as she observed everything with
The best impartial view she could… “I must
Interrupt, I apologize…” She said. “But there
Is still a critical issue to address…We
Cannot stay here forever…Apollo has said
This man built this ark…” She nodded
Towards the view screen as it displayed
The man’s slow progress. “Time is pressing,
Events shall unfold…How is he to build
This grand ark so quickly alone?”

Apollo thought fast… “The Temple of the
Ancient Masters…I can think of
No others that could accomplish this
With the needed speed and skill.”

“We have no time to spare to debate,”
BR’Riel seemed to growl. The specifics, the
Complications just seemed to grow more
And more. “We were sent to intervene
Upon the Bears and now it has mounted
To this vast undertaking of saving a
World by limited means!” He turned
To one of his nearest men. “Go to this
Temple of these…Masters…and do what
You must to inspire their aid in this
Ark’s construction. Speak as little as
You have to!” He growled firmly. “Just get
It done simply and fast! Go!”

At once the Golden Lion Man beside
Him departed…vanishing by their advanced
Mental training and psychic powers…
He would visit the leader of the 13
Ancient Masters, Astopheles…A towering
Golden Lion Man in white robes…
Visiting a collection of the most
Advanced minds on the planet? He did
Not have to do or say much at all.

“Now,” BR’Riel said, “Show me this wife
Of Noah…I would like to see these…
Children of men that captured her

“But—“ Apollo tried to reason…

“Show me!” BR’Riel only said…
No one argued with BR’Riel…The
View screen immediately displayed
Sara as she sat in a classroom
With the six children.

It appeared to be some sort of therapy
Session she was engaged with…3 boys
On one side of her, 3 girls on the other…
Their ages ranged from 12 to 15 years
Old…sitting in seats in a circle.

“Today has everyone completed their
Assignments?” Sara asked them as
They all appeared to be only just
Settling into their exclusive meeting.

“Why do we always have to write about
Our feelings?” Japeth, a 14 year old boy asked,
With very dark skin that appeared to
Be recovering from some brutal beating;
The other boys, all of his classmates,
Endlessly tormented him because
Of his appearance.

“Because writing it down helps.” Sara
Told them.

“It’s not making my life any better.”
Ham, the youngest said,
He was 12 and very stocky in build.

“You have to trust me,” Sara said kindly.
“It will help you…”

“Is it true?” Shem asked, the
Little boy with the almond
Shaped eyes, “Is it true what
We heard. That your
Husband is building some gigantic
Boat to fill with all sorts of animals
To save the world from some
Terrible end?”

Sara politely tried to discuss the topic, “He
Is working on a project, yes.”

“So he really is building some kind of
Giant boat?” Kara asked, a pretty 14 year old
Blond girl who was just starting to show
The signs of pregnancy. “Why?”

“Does he really think the world will end?”
Japeth asked. “Why? My parents said
Our people had made contact with
Visitors from the stars? This is a time of hope?”

“The rulers can’t agree on anything.” Shem
Laughed. “They probably made it up to
Win the elections…”

“We are getting off topic here.” Sara smiled.
“This is about you…not world affairs.”

“I want my baby to meet the Star People.”
Kinthia said with a silly grin, as she rubbed
Her very pregnant belly.

“How can you sit there smiling like that?” Kara
Snapped at her as she sat to her left. “There
You are 15 years old…your parents threw
You out for getting pregnant by sleeping
With your Temple’s high priest!”

Kinthia could only blindly smile with pride.
“He chose me because I am special.” She
Said stroking her belly with her long brown
Hair. “His seed is a gift…Look at me, I
Think I may be having twins I am so big!”

Kara curled her lip in disgust. “You are
Stupid. He didn’t choose you because you’re
Special. He chose you because he is an
Over-sexed old pervert, he chases all the
Girls our age…He talks about virtue and
One-ness with God…so he can have sex
With you. Then you get pregnant and your
Pious parents throw you out! You are stupid!”
Kara started getting angry as she typically
Did. “Look at me, I did not have a choice…
My father gave me to the local merchant
Overseer…for the materials he needed to
Fix his boat! All our parents are selfish
And stupid! All they care about are themselves…”
She pointed to the young 12 year old
Amber haired girl beside her. “Look at Lora,
Have you been listening to what those group
Of boys from the military academy did to her?
She was assaulted, Kinthia! And what
Do her overzealous parents do? Out of
Shame they throw her out and call her
A whore!”

“My parents would have loved that.” Shem
Said. “With all the orgies at our Temple
They revere the youngest for sex.”

“Our religion teaches us that we have to wait
For a holy union.” Ham said quietly.

“Holy Union?” Kara laughed. “Your Temple?
They speak in tongues! For marriage,
They wait until you are at least 18 and
Your name is called…Then they randomly
Pick tiles from a giant urn…and that’s
Your holy union? They are on drugs, Ham!”

“We always take potions and herbs
At our Temple.” Japeth said.
“That’s how we see the spirits and follow
Our guides, that’s how we know what to

“They are drugged out of their minds!”
Kara protested. “All of our parents
Are delusional with these weird beliefs!
And we pay for it! Can you imagine
If we were in Lemuria with all those
Snake cults and sacrifices there?
No wonder we have so many Lemurian
Immigrants! The people there are disturbed!”

“The high priest gave me a gift.” Kinthia
Said, rubbing her belly. “My baby is special.”

“You’re stupid, Kinthia!” Kara only said.

“Children please.” Sara said… “You need to
Understand…self-respect, self-worth…”

“What is there to believe in?” Ham said
Quietly. “We are outcasts…Our parents only
Want perfect children. The other children
Will only play with us if we all believe
The same thing.”

“That’s because we have no rights as
Children.” Kara said. “We are possessions,
Not people, not until we are older…”

“Why did I have to be born this way?” Shem
Cried. “They keep telling me everywhere
I go I look…abnormal…That the gods
Punished my parents with me…Why do
People say that?”

“Because they are all stupid!” Kara said.
“The whole world is stupid. They, our
Parents, pretend to have the answers,
And they don’t! All they do is repeat
The same stories their parents told them.
No one questions anything because it’s
Too hard for them to think.”

“I just want to be normal.” Japeth
Said looking down. “I want to be like everyone

“Children please,” Sara begged. “You need to
Listen to me, you are all worth more than
This. There is nothing wrong with being
Different…People just don’t understand.”

“They make up anything they want for
A religion as long as it makes them
Feel good or guilty.” Kara snapped. “No one
Thinks at all.”

Sara held her head…It was frustrating
Trying to get them to listen…Each were
From such different families, such different
Religions…She was fortunate to have
Gathered these few to talk…Most of
The abused children ran away and fell
Victim to worse circumstances…She turned
To Lora, the last of the little group who
Had not spoken… “Lora, did you have
Anything to say?”

The little girl looked wide-eyes, scared and
Far away…numb and sad. “I just want
To be some place safe. I do not want to
Be here. I do not want to be anywhere.”

On the Watcher’s ship, BR’Riel commanded
The view screen forward…He had seen
Enough of the scene…To see children
So young speak that way disturbed him…
Perhaps because for all the long years of
His life, he had so rarely seen children…
Then to see them talk of such problems
Was appalling, as it should be to
Anyone of higher morals…For it to seem
Common to anyone was horrifying.

All of those on the bridge watched as
The view screen displayed Sara and
Noah sitting on their bed that
Night preparing for sleep.

She was frustrated. Noah was exhausted
From the heavy labors he suffered from
Laying out timbers all day following
The schematics he had drawn out
For the ark…The more he worked the
Harder it seemed, building this ark
Was an impossible task!

“I noticed more animals in the yard today.”
Sara yawned. “Where are you finding
The time to gather these animals? I
Have not seen so many since I was
A little girl…The wild goats, the deer…”

Noah hesitated to answer. “Heaven is
Sending them.”

“What?” Sara asked.

“God is sending them to me,” Noah
Yawned as he put on his nightshirt and
Climbed into bed.

Sara laughed. “God is sending YOU these
Animals to save on this boat?”

“Yes.” He yawned quietly.

“Then God has forgotten a few…” She
Laughed, climbing into bed beside him. “All
Of the animals gathering themselves in
The yard are females, my husband. God
Only wants you to save the females? This
Great plan to save the animals…only
The females? I’m not arguing the pleasant
Idea…but…how will they survive if they
Cannot reproduce? They cannot reproduce
Without males and females…”

“They can if they are all pregnant.”
He said softly, closing his eyes.

She sat up with surprise. “What?”

“They’re pregnant.” Noah said. “They carry
The seeds of new life inside them.”

She scowled, gestured in frustration. “How?
How are you supposed to build this
Enormous boat for these animals…And
Now you tell me God is sending you
Pregnant mothers to save? You are supposed
To do this so fast? That is absurd.”

“It will happen.” He said, ignoring her words.

“This calamity is coming that fast?”
Sara asked. “For you to do this?”


Frustration filled her mind, and yet
Some intuitive sense of fear did as well.
What if it were true? Just what if?
Something deep and strong filled her
Heart…and though she could not
Explain why, she began to believe him…
She thought of the children that she
Counseled, of the young girls…They
Were pregnant too…something strange
Was going on. “Noah?”


“Do you expect me to go with you on
This boat?” Sara asked.

“Of course.”

“Then I want to bring the children
With me.” She said with sudden conviction.

“What?!” He sat up, then stared at her.

“I want to bring the children.”

“This ark is for the animals, for us.”
He said. “I was told nothing about
Anything else.”

She looked at him intensely. “They did
Not ask for this life, they did not ask
To be born…No one does…Nor did they
Deserve to be cast out. You want to save
The animals, I want to save the children.”

“I cannot go against God’s orders!”

“And what orders were they?” Sara

“To save the animals,” Noah gestured,
“The pregnant mothers, me, my family,
That is all.”

“The young girls I counsel,” Sara stared
At him with strange horror, “They
Are pregnant…”


“You heard me.” Sara was growing

“I cannot—“

“What?” Sara snapped, then yelled.
“Because you are afraid of being a father?
Of repeating the abuse that you
Suffered by your family? Now let me
Tell you something, Noah…If this ark
Is to be a vessel to save life then you
Will allow me to take these children
With us…We will teach them better
Ways…or I am not going with you!”

“Sara!” He protested.

“You will put them on that boat, Noah!”
Sara shouted. “Or I am not going at all!”

The compromise was made then…
Sara would take the children, and
Noah the animals…He fought her
Some, but could not deny her
Passion to protect as well…Still, he
Had the monumental undertaking
To build this great ark…

By dawn’s early light…Noah would
Find his answer fulfilled. Astopheles,
The infamous Elder of the Temple
Of the Ancient Masters came to
Visit Noah…with the sudden and
Miraculous offer to assist in the
Construction of the Ark…Refined,
Built and designed by the greatest
Skilled Ancient Masters and all the
Talent and supplies they had…
Very rapidly a powerfully and perfectly
Constructed ark was built
…Almost as if a Higher Power
Had given him the hands to do it.

On the Watcher’s ship they watched on their view
Screen, as if it were but some brief movie
Or documentary on television like we know…They
Watched on the bridge…as Astopheles and
His students of the Temple built the Ark
With Noah nearby assembling the numbers of
Animals that kept coming and coming…

Noah had asked the Ancient Master why
He had suddenly appeared to offer this assistance,
But he gave only a simple answer… “I was asked
To help.” That’s all he would ever say. Was it
A miracle? Everything just seemed to be happening
On its own…guided, gracefully with great
Humility. And Astopheles did not ask about
The ark…or about finding a place to board it
For his safety or the temple…He seemed to have
His own concerns to worry about…
In fact he was secretly making preparations
For 13 secret crystal skulls to be put in
Order for the days to come…but that’s another

On the bridge they watched as Noah
Gradually loaded the large rectangular ark with
The animals…They just kept coming…
Some in pairs, occasionally a trio…of
Various kinds of wild sheep, elk, deer and
Buffalo…the first wild horses and giraffes…
The gentle herbivores came first very quietly,
Most came softly in the twilight and night
Time hours, as they were so afraid of men
And those that hunted them for pleasure, sport
Or food, or for their skins or hooves or horns…
All the wild animals had been decimated
This way as people sought them out for
Their body parts to use for potions or adornments…
What were animals good for anyway? Few
Understood this.

Then came the greater beasts, the rhinos and
Hippos and wild boars…until they were

Then again by night, and the softer daylight hours
The greater predators came…The saber tooth cats,
Like lions and tigers and some with spots…
Then smaller hunters such as the dire
Wolves, the foxes, badgers, the smaller cats
And raccoons and weasels…and then of
Course the Bears…But at that time there
Was but one species of bear on Earth…it was
Large and somewhat short faced with a golden thick
Brown coat and massive paws, they were quite

All were mothers of course…pregnant with the rarest
Of large litters…Frightened and scared, mysteriously
Guided to this foreign human metropolis secretly
To hide in this big box-like boat…guided by
A song only the animals could hear…soft
And sweet and loving. A voice that re-assured
Them they needed to go, that they would
Not be harmed, but saved…and taken to a
Better place where they could be free, and have
Their babies free…

And almost comically all the while the tiniest
Of animals came…The mice and the rats, the
Chipmunks, hamsters, rabbits and squirrels…
Scurrying into the ark to hide in the cracks
And crevices…Busily building nests and stashes
And hordes of seeds and nuts from ALL the
Trees and shrubs and berry bushes and
Fruit trees…to serve as their food supply…
And quite conveniently as a seed supply
For all the green things…so that one day
When the ark was done with its purpose
All those stores of seeds and nuts could
Also be spread across a barren land to
Start things fresh with things to grow. How
Funny that it was the tiniest of
Animals that unknowingly found this great
Purpose…Almost as if everything on that
Ark was a well-rounded supply for the
New world. Good planning I guess.

But on the Watcher’s bridge something
Was wrong…Ceres watched the view screen
Nervously, her eyes noting every animal that
She had called and sung to…

Vala saw her frustration. “What’s wrong?”

Ceres grew more frustrated. “The elephants,”
She said, “The Mastodons, where are they?”
She rushed to the panel to scan for them,
Then found them still in their herds to
The North. “They aren’t coming, why aren’t
They coming?”

“How much time do you have left to
Gather them?” BR’Riel asked her.

“I don’t know.” Ceres moaned with worry.
“I have to fix this, I have to get them,
I have to see why they aren’t coming.”
Without hesitation she found her projection
Crystals, and with the Lion Man guard under
The guarded projection light she went to
The Northern forests and plains where the
First wild elephants roamed, giant and woolly
In small family bands.

She went to the first herd she had marked
That held the female carrying twins. The
Gentle giants swayed nervously but accepted
Ceres’s presence unlike any other. She sent her
Mind to the great mother she had marked to
Speak to her…then she understood, she knew.
They didn’t want to leave their herds! These
Elephants, although massive and beastly looking
Were no common animal. They were sensitive,
Smart and loyal…and unconditionally loyal
To their kind. She tried to sway the Mother’s
Thoughts, but the great elephant would not move.

Ceres was so moved! How sweet their minds were
Behind those ferocious rumbles and trumpeting
Calls they made. They were so devoted, they
Would not move from their herds!

She went to the Mother, who allowed her to
Come so close…and looked into her great wise and
Kind eyes. “Oh please you must listen to me,”
She told the elephant, “Something very bad is
Coming…I know how much you love your family
But you have to come. I just want to protect
You and your babies. You’re going to have two little
Elephants, don’t you want them to be safe?”

But the Mother elephant only let out nervous
Rumbles and cries…Ceres sensed it, she didn’t
Want to leave the others behind.

Oh Ceres began to cry! The emotions that
Poured from the Mother elephant…The nervous
Cries from the others! They all knew something
Terrible was coming, they all knew and sensed it!
The feelings were overwhelming…The anxiety, the
Pain…the feeling of being left behind and loved.

Ceres begged her, “Please come, please.” She
Said, stroking her trunk. And with every
Bit of strength within her she began to sing
Silently to the elephants…She promised, she
Swore to protect the Mother elephant and
Her babies…that they would be safe, and loved,
That no one would hunt them…They would go to
A new place. Oh how she wished she could take
Them all, but they only had enough space for
A few. It destroyed her inside. To pick and
Choose which ones to save, to talk to! They were
All scared and hurting and worthy of saving…
But she had no choice. “Please come, please?”
Ceres cried, tears streaming down her face. “For
Your babies to give them a chance? Please come…”

But the elephants would not move. Desperate,
She visited the other herds nearby, only
To find the same reaction. The elephants
Would not leave their herds, the mothers
Wouldn’t move!

She panicked, she didn’t know what to do.
Ceres prayed, she cried, she reached out
With her mind and sang the most desperate
Song pleading for them to listen, to understand.
“Please come, I’m not trying to pick and
Choose whose best, I just want you to live,
I want your babies to live! Please come!”

But the elephants wouldn’t move. She had
No choice but to return to the ship, to the
Bridge, devastated and in tears…She had failed,
It may have seemed like she had lost the
Elephants, but to her she had lost
Everything…They were so sensitive and devoted!
She had never seen such loyalty in an
Animal…Oh how people could learn from these
Animals! That love should be unconditional
Was absolute…Yet she was NOT trying
To pick and choose with conditions, it was
Beyond that…There was a higher purpose
Here, If only they could understand.

As she stood on the bridge, Vala at her
Side to console her…Even Apollo expressed
Great sympathy…As did the great BR’Riel
And the Lion Men…but then the Lion Men
Knew the nature of animals, this did not
Surprise them.

Then it happened…A miracle…As if by
Some light beyond reach, something touched
The elephants…Then Apollo pointed to the
View screen. “Look!”

The elephants…The elephants were coming!
Four mothers suddenly left their herds and
Suddenly began making the trek to the ark.
Those great elephant Matriarchs, some things never change.

Ceres cried and touched her lips. Oh God she
Wanted to kiss them. “Thank you!” She
Cried out as she wept, “Thank you!” She
Stepped forward and sang to them…to
Encourage and guide them…She turned
To BR’Riel crying. “They’re coming! The
Elephants are coming!”

Then the Lion Men were grinning and
Even the great BR’Riel grinned and cried.

Vala held her sister, “You see…I knew
You could do it.”

Apollo turned to her, even his eyes were wet.
“You can shout at me all you want…
You are amazing…This is something that
Will not be forgotten.”

But all Ceres could say and cry was,
“They’re coming. The elephants are coming.”

They watched for hours as the elephants
Came and then arrived at the ark…Just as
Sara was bringing the children with their
Bundles and supplies to the ark as well…
It was a sight to see.

The timing of events was of little distraction
Compared to what miracles were filling
The ark then. It had truly come to fruition,
The gathering of the animals of different
Kinds, pregnant no less…And then the
Nervous wayward coming of Sara with
The children who came more out of
Curiosity then anything…

Then once the assembly was complete…as
Darkness plagued the land with wind and
Rain and snow…It began.

The countries of the world broke into
Chaos from fear of the signs in the
Skies and the land. The desperate,
Panicked cries of fanatics and false
Faith healers…The martial law of
Governments committing crimes on their
Own people…Explosions, pure chaos…
And rain, darkness…sleet and snow…

Then the dark shadow fell…of the
Unseen force coming…Descending upon the
Earth…All hell broke loose…

Cities warred upon cities, civil wars,
Looting…riots…complete chaos…
And the invasion came amid this,
For the Harvest…To reap those abroad,
Anyone in view…

They watched in horror on the Bridge
As this awful Descent fell upon the
Earth…Then the Ships came…
The Great Triangle Ships…The Darkness
Fell everywhere.

Apollo went to his panel to view the readings,
His eyes bulged with great alarm.
“They’re targeting the Ark!”

Ceres boiled with rage… “Like Hell They Are!”


Note from Valiant:
This post is NOT a Doomsday post.
This is just “about the Animals”!





  1. Thanks to my precious sister…this picture reminds me of our discussion in this early year or last late year ?! Here, thanks again to my most precious MASTER for reminding this in prior !!! Dear Ones, so great to be able to have you here with me !!! Thanks to you ALL !!!

  2. Awwww, such perfect images and words, full of beauty, truth and love…..and so much Wisdom. Thank you Feilla. My day is starting off on a brighter note thanks to you today.

    Love covers all
    Like colors of a rainbow
    From big to small
    Making our pain go

    Love you,

    p.s. I wanted the gravatar image to be resonating with lovely energy, loved those bright colors, nature scene at sunrise, I’m glad you like it too!

  3. Thank you sooooooooo much, dear Barb, I do receive it. BTW, how nice, even energetic your latest gravatar is !!!

    Some other synchronicity that I still didn’t reveal yet. There is a precious one who shares the same birthday with Robin and the picture I selected for the private greeting should echo the video that Robin just posted. It’s Ben Naga from Scotland []…

    The Elders keep rocking. I’ve been asking myself lots of what if. I just read somewhere about “the experience is not personal,” along with what I just got trough, somethings which feels so distinctly is the LIGHT of LOVE, WISDOM & CONNECTION from the very ELDERS & al, and the lessons that I should have to learn well IN TIME. The process is not finished yet, or it’s rather a bugling call for the coming beginning of the very new era…A series of magical poems keeps being given….So, how much I’m grateful for the guidance, teaching, prayer, tolerance, forgiveness along with all these suffering, even tumbling down. I not only learned the lessons, taught by the BEST TEACHERS, but also find, even get united with the FAMILY?!!!

    . . . the voice of perpetual Becoming.

    “They both listened silently to the water,
    which to them was not just water,
    but the voice of life, the voice of Being,
    the voice of perpetual Becoming.”

    ~ Hermann Hesse

    Artist~Ursula Abresch
    Text & image source: Moonlight Serenade
    All thanks to

    The Perfect Pearl

    A gain of sand
    inside a shell
    irritates until
    the oyster begins
    to cover the sand
    with luminescent colors
    forming a perfect pearl.

    How I wish I could do that
    transform each irritant
    into a beautiful
    pearl of wisdom.

    Oh, but you can, my child
    Just layer it with love
    and soon you will have
    another perfect pearl.

    thanks to

  4. ((((((( Feilla )))))))

    Hugging you, dear Feilla, in Spirit. I was praying and enveloping you with the Violet Flame yesterday.

    Love you,

  5. Two Doves

    A new journey begins when God calls you to fly

    Come away with me, for you are mine.

    He comes as the dove to fetch you with His love

    to bring you to the place that no eye has seen

    nor ear heard what He has prepared for the one He loves.


    thanks to
    originally by

    Then the poetry and the incredible connection rescues a life, melting the very veils which hinder the view.

    We all know who do suffer the most and I invite all to send LOVE & BLESSING TO, to support who sacrifice selves most to reach the dream land. Apologize again for all that I’ve caused. I cannot appreciate enough these WISE & SEDATE ELDERS, both male & female for these precious guidance and teaching !!!

    credit :

    Here is an address of a site which came up to me two days ago. If there are the sweet ones who would like to help Valiant to viral his book, this is as well a nice site have your precious-magical comments.

    I saw the comments made in Amazon, and cannot be touched more by all of you. HUGS to YOU ALL!!! It’s not easy that we meet here, and whatever the drama which has ever occurred, we can just see trough, overcome, trust, know. Now, it’s time for US to make it TOGETHER, for encouraging the ones who sacrifice the most and make our collective dreams come true !!!

  6. I will greet this day with love in my heart.
    And how will I do this?
    Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again.

    I will love the sun for it warms my bones;
    yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit.

    I will love the light for it shows me the way;
    yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.

    I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul.

    ~Og Mandino
    thanks to

    Your Story

    our story does not stand alone.
    It is an interweaving with
    the story of countless others,
    affected by and affecting
    the lives of persons you love
    and persons you do not even know.
    It is, further, a priceless page
    in the book of the entire universe.
    Name it as such and dare to claim
    as your own, that bigger story.

    © 2016 Dennis Ference
    thanks to

  7. Just Right

    Too much, too little
    Goldilocks looking
    for what’s just right
    never satisfied
    too hot, too cold
    too hard, too soft
    she wanders
    never satisfied
    never knowing
    a happy end
    passing by it
    again and again.

    What is this longing
    of the soul
    that keeps us searching
    for what’s
    “just right?”
    thanks to

    I am Yours

    Your willing servant
    humbled by Your love
    awed by Your glory.

    Shooting stars above
    fireflies below
    twinkles of light
    on dew-kissed morning webs.

    Light reins supreme
    darkness fades away
    bathe me in Your light
    that I may become
    a beacon of Your love.
    thanks to

  8. Dear Ones, again, I would like to apologize solemnly to all, particularly to the precious ones who would be affected, harmed most by my words. I would like to end this polarity and duality, hurting myself and others. Here, thanks again to the angelic sisters who magical can heal and awaken me just with the few words….but the effect is incredible !!!

    I find it really beautiful

    when someone prays for you without you knowing.
    I don’t think there’s any form of deeper and purer love…
    thanks to

    [I know there are ones, including who have never spoken, are doing this for me, for the ones hurt by me. I cannot thank you more.]

    When life brings you mountains . . .

    “When life brings you mountains
    you don’t waste your time asking why;
    you spend your time climbing over them.”

    – A.J. Darkholme
    thanks to

  9. When something wrong with someone, particularly when that one is so interfered, troubled, even disabled [even not necessarily physically], how will we treat, what will we do? As the title that was given, it is indeed restoring my faith in humanity. May it encourage and help remind too. Gentile and patient guidance and support can always bring miracles, as the pupils once being labeled as idiots in schools can be the very genius in not only society, but even in history, all thanks to the patient and wise predecessors or anyone around, who insist to trust, believe, even help and guide with patience, give chances to try, to get progressed gradually. This is also the way that I believe a child can grow with more and more faith, benevolence, gratitude, creativity, …etc all along the path of learning.

    I have friends who are so gentile that I could not help being curious about their growing backgrounds. There are lots of times when the answers are….”No, I’m in fact the only one who behave this way in my family. I behave this way via self-education, as I’m too vulnerable, I want to learn to prevent from harms which would harm me….” This is one of the most unforgettable and beautiful teaching, given by a fiend in school, Benjamin, an US friend who has at least American Indian and Latin heritage. He was the one, despite of this gentile height, who stood out to defend for me when I was bullied. Y, who bullied then apologized, though I myself in fact had owed, causing problems. I then had more chance to have more exchange with Y, and become good friends. I saw more and more goodness that I had never realized from him before. Disharmony or dispute would not be trouble, even can be the catalyst to know, to discover, to accept each other more, when people would like to give chances to each other, to learn, to accommodate each other more and more.

    Apologize again for I’m literally a trouble maker !!!

  10. Though I cannot believe there will possibly be immediately no more war, this message is helpful to me….As in my own case, I realize, right by the moment or in the course when the very purging takes place, what’s to be purged would run up first to let me know to eliminate.

    Archangel Michael: New Beginnings
    August 14, 2017, via Leslie Anne Menzies
    thanks to

    Dear Ones,

    Can you feel the cleansing happening? The purging of all that no longer serves you. The releasing of the “old you,” old habits, beliefs etc, all leaving during this retrograde/eclipse time.

    Lesson for this Season:

    Leave the past behind

    Prepare for an amazing future

    You may be physically unwell, releasing happens in many ways. You may find yourself crying/emotional for no apparent reason. All the old angers, resentments, hurts are flowing to the surface. Allow the emotions to flow forth, do not entertain them – recognise them for what is happening, then let them go, never to return again.

    Allow the mental clutter/chatter to subside – let it all go. You are ALL in preparation for a New Birth – time to prepare,

    In allowing all that no longer serves you, to be released from all your bodies, mental, emotional and physical provides you the readiness to step into all that is unfolding in rapid succession.

    This is a time of New Beginnings

    Let go of the fear Dear Ones.

    Currently on the surface Planet you are hearing the “Big Kids” telling you there is a war brewing!


    We have promised you – NO MORE WARS. It is all a bluff with no substance other than to take you into fear!!! Fear has an energy which sustains the dark forces, it is their life-force – every time you go back into that old habit of fear you are giving the dark – LIFE. 11

    Time to turn of their LIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM.

    YOU are the co-creators of this New Earth and YOU are powerful beyond words. Use your Power to focus LOVE AND LIGHT where it is required.

    By YOU shining your LOVE AND LIGHT on a situation, or person in need, you over-light the darkness and drive it out.

    Powerful beyond all knowing YOU are.

    Time to release your Power. Be WHO YOU CAME TO BE.

    These next few weeks you will witness incredible transformation in your own lives and also on your Planet.

    Your Star Sisters and Brothers are working beside you. You have the support of all the Angels, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light and all who work with the Light. All are constantly beside you encouraging you to take your place in the new Reformation of the New Humanity on the New Earth.

    Did we not say, these would be exciting times Dear Ones.

    Challenging yes – Achievable yes!!!

    You are the ones who were called forth for such times and here you are.

    Ready to take up your position to create a-new.

    Play nicely together Dear Ones – You are loved and protected always.

    Call HOME when needed, we are always listening.

    And so it is.


  11. All the LADIES here are the most PHILANTHROPIC and BRAVEST as all the HEROS, MASTERS coming gathered here.

    I apologize if I again made the wrong statement, however, I as well would like to protect the ones from being targeted, suffering the similar suffering even agony. However, I after all don’t have that high perspective at all, I hence can only make my humble sense according to what occurred to me and what I could see. Til now, I still cannot appreciate enough what I’ve learned from Buddhism, particular when I get lost, entangled in the very negative emotions. Pain generally generates from the frustration, even anger when nothing runs as we expected. The way to cut that pain is to cut that expectation. It takes time and willing to practice and I’ve always been that novice of that learning. Nevertheless, something cruel even paradox that I just realized, generally the one from whom we can possibly expect the most would be the one who we are most concerned about, even love most, though rather mundane love?! Anyhow, we won’t possibly expect our enemy even some stranger that much, would we ?

    Sorry for having to remind of the permanent examination and reminding of “the uncertainty principle.”
    None of us doesn’t hope the best outcome, however, just because we are at the very crucial crossroad, what we can and should is as cautious and vigilant as we can to make, to bring the best outcome, the best home we want. If this is such a great mission for the humanity, even not merely for the tribe, it anyhow deserves our super high caution and care. All along this path, I / we all have suffered enough any kind of malevolent targeting interference and penetration to separate to drain. I’ve been asking myself, if I’ve learned better how to cope with even surpass it?!!!

    Now here comes the very moment of the very cleansing, transformation, even Resurrection, if I make a correct sense of it, IT’S ALSO OUR VERY MOMENT TO CLEANSE OUR BOTH INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE TRAUMA, MELANCHOLY. Each of us would have the very emotional moments, even being drawn again into the very dark abyss. As we are ONE and so connected with each other, any kind of personal emotion would inevitably affect all the others. I don’t speak of others, even cannot speak on any behalf, but myself. I realize in my mind, I still cannot stop the negative thoughts, emotions. So I ask when the sensitive ones senses them from me, what would these cause? A question haunting all along my life, if I’m genuinely the one thoughtful, kind or rather that one who can complain even blame, selfish ? If it’s necessary to take all the negativity so much to torment my/ourselves that much?!!! Here, if I can, please allow me to CUT, and I invite you to CUT, if that negative cord ties with even generated from me. If the TRUST & FATE are that strong and we are indeed born to possess, what we cut would just that NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL ENERGY CORD that we have no reason to hesitate to CUT.

    So, if my negative emotions or thought affect anyone of you, I apologize from the bottom of my heart and I don’t want each of us get entangled in that necessary consuming cycle. Even if I’m so wrong, I would none pick the wrong way as me, owing to me.

    In this very crucial moment, may I remind as such…..As we know the trauma, sadness of the ones that we are concerned about so, it’s the very moment that we have to keep reminding ourselves of preventing from attaching, or with Valiant’s term, over analyzing these negative parts, including words that much. Or, it’s rather or only my own very present lesson?! I only know even I myself need to learn to embrace my own very darkness and negativity. It’s even not easy for me to tolerate those dark parts. However, recently, I appreciate and am encouraged so for that I do see, even testimony, learn so much miracles and magic from the closest ones in my life. Because of love, we are so willing to transform our ways (to speak to each other, to work along), to harm less and less the beloved ones. So, we progress in the course of the company, listening and expressing. Because we LOVE him/her, I would like to KNOW WHAT HE/SHE LIKEs AND DISLIKEs AND MAKE WHAT HE/SHE LIKEs, PREVENT WHAT HE/SHE DISLIKEs. As a consequence, we know each other better, including how to get along with each other better, approaching more and more the harmony. It’s like the DANCE OF TWO OR MORE PEOPLE, being harmonic even magnificent anyhow takes time to practice all along. We start learning how to move [the BIG ONE] together, to ACT this NEW BIG BODY. It would be totally different from just directing this individual vessel or identity.

    Honestly, before seeing this, as always, passed by a sister who has never been impatient to help, I could never think I can make this comment.

    • Regarding the de-coding by Jonas Passos…

      There are various ways plant reproduce including from seeds and suckers. Some plants reproduce from suckers, which sprout from the plant’s lateral roots. These suckers create new plants that emerge from the ground. This is a form of asexual reproduction and is how most single-celled organisms reproduce.

      Interesting… Isaiah 11:1 “Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, And a branch from his roots will bear fruit.”

      Revelation 22:16 (11+11=22 and 8+8 =16) “I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

      8-8, August 8th, is the Lion’s Gate and is the rising of Sirius… Sirius to the Egyptians was “The Bright and Morning Star”, where as Venus is the “Morning Star”.

      The planet/”star” most affiliated with QuetzalCoatl is Venus.

      The star most affiliated with Isis is Sirius.

      The stem of Jesse…the “dead tree” in the photo… The branch would be the live tree (an oak???)…and the fruit…the crop circle…the star seed…the fertilized ovum… trailing through the heavens from the Pleiadian star Alcyone.

      Alcyone is “The Wind Star”…QuetzalCoatl, “Lord of WIND and Water”…




    • And I have been Roaring all weekend…did you hear!! Some chaos being thrown lour way, and I fight back the best way I know how!
      Thanks So Much Robin!!

    • Thank you Feilla! Love all the cakes…can taste their sweetness! And the goodness you express so sincerely!
      And thank you for your very careful expressions of yourself….know that you are NOT alone through this. EVER!
      Be well…

  13. To wise and lovely sisters P.C.[though I typed in the wrong way in the last comment, you still know, just know…] & P, I still have difficulty to release myself sufficiently from the emotional cords, just as what’s foreseen for this month in the astrological perspectives, confusion is still my very mood. Your super love, insight, and veteran empathy, delicate comfort and guide just cannot warm me more. I’m happy to be able to learn from these excellent art of various kinds via and by you. I cannot wait to address you again my highest appreciation.

    Dear uncle, author of  HIGHER DENSITY BLOG, I’ve benefited from your spiritual food supply for years, the very recent synchronicity with you just shocked me so. In the period of time when I still feel somehow lost and hard to have any certainty, this synchronicity with you anyhow brings the very warmth and more.

    Dear Tribe, sorry for that as it’s the very constant state that I’ve felt so breakdown at making any sense or statement, it’s still that hard for me to feel OK to speak. Anything I said would just become the very point to crush my own mind and heart, no… even my soul. According to what just happened/ happen to me, I really don’t want anyone to get the similar trouble and I am so drained to barely stand these waves. I really cannot confront with these alone, however I’m very sorry to say so, I do feel alone, for my sense and perspective are just so different from the very AUTHORITY and majority. In my own sense, for the sake of the the collective, I don’t think there are things that I can talk that explicitly. I don’t want to mess anything up, however, the truth is I’m too lost & confused in this kind of circumstances, particularly, as it’s the constant state, rather than in the sporadic case, I lose all the vitality and tenacity. I don’t think my perspective would be sufficient or worthy.

    If I can, though honestly, I really don’t think I’ve any place to speak on any behalf, it would be nice that we work together in a very subtle consensus beyond the darkness’ sight, if I’m really welcome. I don’t think I can be the one who can propose any way.

    Still, my best blessing to all in this tribe enjoy this gathering, even consolidate this gathering !!!

  14. Mercury Retrograde Meaning- Is There A Positive Side?
    source :

    Mercury Retrograde is infamous for being a time of challenge and miscommunication where life turns upside down.

    There are ongoing jokes that its best just to stay in your house during mercury retrograde… To avoid traveling, talking to people, starting new projects or making decisions…

    While there’s a small level of truth in some of this… Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times per year, so the whole “avoid people and stay indoors approach really isn’t realistic. Plus, there are positives to Mercury Retrograde when you’re aware of its influence, and consciously make the most of these almost month long periods.

    Keep in mind, astrological influences like Mercury Retrograde are based on the basic premise that each of the planets in the sky have an effect on us in the physical.

    The position of the planets, their movement, and the relationships between them and us, influence everything from personality, mood, relationships, as well as personal and global events.

    In astrology, the planet Mercury rules communication, intelligence, memory, self-expression, technology and transportation.

    So depending on where mercury lies in your birth chart, a great deal about how you communicate, perceive and relate to the world around you can be revealed.
    So what is Mercury retrograde really?

    What Is Mercury Retrograde ReallyThe planet Mercury orbits the sun at a faster rate than the Earth, and so a few times a year, Mercury catches up with Earth, and passes us on our journey around the Sun.

    When Mercury makes the pass, from our perspective it appears to slow down, stop completely and then move backwards. This backwards movement is the retrograde period. Of course, it’s not really moving backwards, it’s just an optical illusion from Mercury passing the Earth in it’s orbit, between the Earth and the Sun.

    Three times a year, Mercury makes this pass in orbit and from our perspective on Earth it appears to move backward. Each time Mercury makes the pass there is a retrograde period lasting about three weeks.

    As I mentioned above, mercury rules travel, technology, and communication… So the common belief is that when mercury is retrograde (appearing to move backwards), these areas of life move backwards, upside down and act haywire for about three weeks as well.

    Mercury Retrograde definitely has a bad rap.

    Many people associate it with communication mishaps, lost keys, technology challenges, travel delays, electronic failures, and more… With a basic search you can find long lists of things to avoid and things that could go wrong for you this retrograde period.

    But remember… You’re co-creating your life experience. So yes, if you focus on all the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde, they will likely manifest for you!

    There are however, some advantages to the Mercury retrograde period too! If you haven’t heard about them, I’m not surprised… It is easier to focus on the challenges, but becoming aware of the opportunity can help you to consciously make the choice to embrace the unique energy of Mercury Retrograde, and to use this time to manifest blessings in your life throughout the rest of the year.
    Mercury Retrograde – A Positive Meaning?

    Mercury Retrograde has a way of opening our eyes up to what we were unable, unwilling, or just too busy before to actually see.

    This makes Mercury retrograde a wonderful time to review what you are doing. Rather than jumping into something new, it’s a great time to finish up existing projects, refine and make your existing work better, and reveal solutions and innovations where you may have felt blocked or stagnated before.

    It may also be easier to see things from another vantage, or another person’s perspective.

    Yes, sometimes you will need to be patient, as transportation, technology, and communication need a bit more time. But when you’re open to the energy of Mercury Retrograde, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing and can all be like a breath of fresh air when you realize it’s ok to slow down a bit, be patient, and let things work themselves out.

    Sometimes stepping out of your normal routine (as Mercury may trigger for you) is the best way to refresh yourself, gain a deeper understanding, or see things in a new way.

    Mercury Retrograde does sometimes show us things we need to redo, fix, or change completely. So rather than being frustrated when you realize something needs to be rebuilt, think of it as an opportunity to create something even better than you would have before.
    Mercury Retrograde and Communication

    Mercury Retrograde and CommunicationIn terms of communication, some people might tell you to stay indoors, unplug your phone, and avoid talking with everyone so you can limit communication issues that sometimes seem to be more prevalent during Mercury Retrograde.

    While communication can sometimes more challenging during this time, those sticky conversations usually have a purpose, and can lead to breakthroughs, deeper insights and more authentic relationship connections.

    Mending past conflicts, clearing miscommunication, and clearing Karma are all very real possibilities for the types of powerful communication work that can come about during Mercury retrograde.

    Its also a great time to reflect on your own communication style with yourself and others.

    How can you more lovingly communicate your meaning while still speaking your truth?

    What does your inner voice and self-talk sound like? Are you loving and supporting your self, or could how you talk to yourself be an area in need of an overhaul?

    The key is to trust your intuition, be honest, and keep your heart open to make the most of the communication opportunities during this time.

    Remember, Mercury is not really moving backwards, it’s just an illusion. Keep this in mind when things like communications, technology, or travel seem to be moving backwards for you! It’s all for a purpose, and rather than backwards movement, it’s an opportunity to make things better, finish something more completely, or look at things in a new way you may have missed the first time around.

    Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to practice patience, to reflect on your life and what you’re working on, to finish you current projects and to view reality, and all aspects of life in a more positive, and entirely new light.

    Most importantly stay positive, keep your heart open, and know that very soon Mercury will once again be direct and you’ll be moving forward at a rapid pace in all areas of your life.
    The Archangels and Mercury Retrograde

    Insight into which Archangels to call upon during Mercury retrograde can be found by looking at the Astrological correspondences.
    Archangel Raphael

    The planet Mercury is traditionally associated with Archangel Raphael.

    In addition to healing, Archangel Raphael also oversees travel, which is one of the areas Mercury Retrograde is known to complicate.

    Call on Archangel Raphael to help smooth out any hurdles or challenges you may encounter while traveling during Mercury Retrograde.

    Learn more about Archangel Raphael here.

    As a planet, Mercury is the astrological ruler of signs Gemini and Virgo.
    Archangel Gabriel

    Gabriel is the Archangel corresponding with Gemini, and also happens to be the Archangel of communication.

    Call upon Archangel Gabriel during Mercury Retrograde to help keep the lines of communication clear and open.

    Gabriel can also help to ease challenges with technology, especially those related to communication such as cell-phones, the internet, and computers.

    If you’re feeling a bit worn out and drained, ask Gabriel to surround you with her golden healing light to refresh your energy and give you the strength to contnue onward!

    Learn more about Archangel Gabriel here.
    Archangel Metatron

    Finally, Archangel Metatron is the Archangel who corresponds with Virgo (also ruled by Mercury).

    Metatron offers incredibly powerful support any time there are energetic shifts happening (like right now)…

    He can help you to make the most of the Mercury retrograde energies by not only staying balanced, but also supporting you in reviewing where you are re-evaluating the path you’re on, and realigning with a your true soul path and purpose on a deeper level.

    Learn more about Archangel Metatron here.

    Really, to make the most of Mercury Retrograde… Think “RE”!


    Enjoy this little slow down that is Mercury Retrograde, b y taking the opportunity to breathe, review, refresh, and just be.

    Don’t rush into things… Take time to enjoy the process, review and reflect, and use this retrograde to realign with synchronicity and the Divine nature of time.

  15. The theme for August 2017 is RE-EVALUATION / RESET~

    source :


    Here is the always insightful Lena Stevens from The Power with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for August 2017:

    “This is a month providing a huge opportunity for re-evaluating what you are doing in your life, clearing out what doesn’t work, and going for massive change.

    “It is an intense month of emotional ups and downs, confusion about what is right and dealing with hard truths.

    “It is also a month where we take what we ‘just DID’ in July, re-evaluate its place in our lives and then either take it to the next level or decide it is not for us.


    “This usually means that something else that was an energetic place holder has to be shifted and/or released. Sometimes this happens naturally but most of the time it takes a conscious choice and commitment.

    “We will get a lot of opportunities TO MAKE NEW CHOICES and move things around TO ACCOMMODATE THE NEW ASPECTS WE WISH TO ANCHOR.

    “This month we have times that are truly instinctively centered (good for re-evaluation) and times that are higher emotionally centered, giving us a point of reference for where we want to end up in our reset.

    “It will feel like a yo-yo at times, moving between the two. Much flexibility and non-judgment is required.

    “There are some great lessons in letting go this month; of old dreams, clothing you haven’t worn in years, family heirlooms that no longer fit your lifestyle, outdated relationships, and all those things that ‘someday may be useful’ or ‘someday you will get to’.


    “Forgiveness, neutrality, and not taking things personally will be key to navigating this month, as well as acceptance and allowing for a reset at the deepest level.

    “A reset often means that whatever was before is gone, has ended or transformed. Using THE SPIRIT OF DEATH as an ally this month will be very useful in working with the energy or RESET…”

    “Think of the internet that goes offline and has to be reset by unplugging it and then connecting it back up. This will be true for whatever needs to be reset in your life as well.

    “You may find yourself ‘GOING OFF-LINE’ either voluntarily (such as stopping everything and going off by yourself unplugged like doing a solo), or involuntarily going off-line where things in your life just come to a standstill and you have no energy to even get out of bed in the morning.

    “Watch for depression as it can be a byproduct of this month especially for those who have not taken the theme of July seriously and are behind in their movement and action.

    “However just because you have low energy and are in deep re-evaluation, it does not necessarily mean you have depression but can become depression if you wallow in it.

    “The cure? Take action on something. Take a walk, move some furniture, go for a drive.

    “We also need to be careful to separate depression from confusion. Confusion is an OK place to be especially with so much unknown at this time.

    “Confusion may or may not be a part of your times of re-evaluation but if you feel confused, it means that things are shifting which is a good thing.

    “This is not the month to trust your intellectual center as it is the one to embody confusion.

    “The mind may be somewhat freaked out by what does not make any rational sense (and there will be a lot of that). So, GO WITH YOUR FEELINGS INSTEAD.

    “CLARITY WILL COME SLOWLY AS YOU RE-EVALUATE what does not feel good, what belongs to someone else, and what truly inspires you.

    “Don’t be afraid to keep acting on the ‘just do it’ theme of the past weeks as it still holds true for most of this month. After all, how can you know when something is right or wrong for you if you don’t try it? Personal experience is always better than theory.

    “What drives the energy this month are the 2 eclipses, a partial Lunar one at the Full Moon on August 7, and a rare total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon on August 21, visible across parts of the United States.

    “This is a major event that will be witnessed by many and marks a huge RESET, the ramifications of which we will probably not see until later this fall.

    “In addition to the eclipses, the planet Mercury goes retrograde on August 12, which is always A SUPPORT FOR GOING WITHIN AND DEEP RE-EVALUATION.

    “A big helpful word for this month is TRUST. Trust that the change is for the highest good as long as the mind and your own attachments don’t get in the way.

    “TRUST that whatever is happening around you, and in the world, is all part of a greater picture of evolution.


    “TRUST that THE CLARITY WILL COME. Trust that change will bring good things and trust that everything will improve in the long run.

    How the month shows up:


    “You may feel you are AT THE EDGE OF SOMETHING, either a blessing or a catastrophe. You may waffle between fear and excitement.

    “YOU MAY BE CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN YOUR LIFE, WHICH WAY TO GO, WHAT TO TRUST, WHERE TO PUT YOUR ENERGY. And you are most likely overthinking everything. And you are probably feeling burdened by a variety of issues both physical and non-physical.


    “Whatever it is you can be sure that it will be a RESET of some kind. Especially important will be to evaluate THE POSITION you have served in other people’s lives and if that is TO BE CONTINUED OR RESET in some way.

    “There is a great opportunity to CLEAR KARMA AND SWEEP THE COBWEBS OF UNCERTAINTY ASIDE to see clearly what is finished and what is not.


    “This includes self-karma, those deep hard lessons we all came in with this lifetime whether they are physical conditions, emotional or intellectual challenges, or just simply difficult personality traits.

    “Whatever has been anchored through your CHILDHOOD WOUNDS and imprinting has become part of your PATTERNING. That energetic patterning is your BELIEF SYSTEM that informs THE QUANTUM FIELD around you to manifest certain aspects of your life.

    “Much of this becomes automatic and unconscious until you have an opportunity like we do this month to go within, dig it up, re-evaluate its relevance, and make a change. (there is a great visualization on our monthly support audio)


    “Relationships will definitely go through it this month and you can be on either end of the re-evaluation and reset.

    “The good news is that relationships worth keeping that have gotten stale in their patterns have AN OPPORTUNITY TO BE REKINDLED IN A WAY THAT INCLUDES MORE JOY, CREATIVITY AND NURTURING.

    “The bad news is that MUCH DISCONTENT HARBORS RESENTMENTS THAT WILL COME BOILING TO THE SURFACE. It is imperative that you do not take things personally as much of the resentment may be projection. However, it is also important that you do take responsibility for where you have not been forthcoming with GOOD COMMUNICATION or truth about how you really feel.

    “With Mercury going retrograde for the second half of the month, paying close attention to how and what you COMMUNICATE will be helpful in getting to the bottom of what is really happening with some of your RELATIONSHIPS.

    “FAMILY DYNAMICS are in the spotlight this month as they represent and embody your imprinted beliefs and projected responsibilities.

    “You may have to have some DEEP TRUTH TALKS and be willing to WALK AWAY FROM EXPECTATIONS in order to honor your own identity and ways you wish to move forward. The phrase ‘YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE, so you better please yourself’ has never been truer.

    “Your relationship with yourself is the most important one and if YOU CAN HEAL THAT, it will inform all the others to shift and change as well.


    “This is perhaps one of THE MOST CRITICAL AREAS of reset this month. A new understanding of how the body is simply a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs is possible, as well as A DEEP HEALING AND RESET OF WHAT HAS BEEN PERCEIVED AS DAMAGED, LACKING OR DISEASED. You have the potential to RESET YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR BODY AND YOUR PHYSICAL WELL-BEING. New commitments to eating well, exercising daily and trusting your body to support you are all possible and welcomed this month.

    “Watch for challenges with depression as mentioned earlier and don’t resist ups and downs in energy levels and motivation. Do what feels good, eat what your intuition tells you is right (instead of adhering to a popular ‘diet’), and make sure to engage the moving center frequently and with joy.
    “Anything is possible!


    “Some will blow apart and some will come together and there will be times when nothing makes any sense.

    “This is a month when you truly need to listen to your own intuition and make decisions from your heart.

    “If you making your decisions based on what others are predicting or saying, you are basing them on theory and not reality. The only reality we have now is what we feel and what we experience.

    “There is no way to predict the future as the highest probabilities are being powerfully reset. So instead of waiting for it to happen, be part of the reset and take an active role in setting your own intentions for how you wish to see the future. Since anything is possible with this reset, wouldn’t you like to have a say?

    “On the more practical side, evaluate your projects especially the ones you may have started with the ‘just do it’ theme of July. If they need refinement or changes or even elimination, do it now.

    “You may also find yourself resurrecting old hobbies or projects or even collaborations with others especially around the arts and music. That garden that you dreamed of planting a few years ago may suddenly manifest because it is the right time. Or that business deal you gave up on will come around again with fresh energy and new insight.

    “Be inspired by the possibilities and be creative in your problem solving and reconfiguring of what runs your physical life. It may be time to retire some aspects and rekindle others.

    “Take a risk and take advantage of what comes your way, always willing for re-evaluation and reset.


    “This is a great month to manifest reset in your environment. What this means is an honest evaluation of what you have, what you don’t need anymore, what you can get rid of, what stays, what goes, and how you can change it up to be fresh and new.
    “This often means A REFLECTION OF INNER CHANGE ON THE OUTER CONTAINER OF YOUR HOME, WORKSPACE and other extension of yourself.

    “Some of this reflection will take place around your electronics and other systems that may have to be actually physically reset as they can easily go ‘offline’ for no apparent reason. If this happens, take it as a good sign that things are indeed resetting.

    “In fact, you can help this process along by unplugging everything you have plugged into power and then plugging it back in maybe even after you change its location.

    “Another favorite manifestation of this is the changing and moving of furniture and objects that surround you on a daily basis. It changes the flow of energy and forces you to be more focused and in present time as you cannot wander around in an old pattern.

    “Whatever you can do this month to SUPPORT THE ENERGY OF THE ECLIPSES AND THE RADICAL CHANGE THEY SYMBOLIZE, the better.

    “And speaking of eclipses, even if you are not in an area where they are visible, it would be very very wise to honor them in some way as powerful allies for reset. Try to take time around the eclipses, especially the solar one on the 21st, without interference from your schedule.

    “We will not actually see the results of what these eclipses have offered us until later in the fall. But you can be sure that if you put the intention into what you want reset, you will get their support.”

    © Copyright 2017 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved

  16. Worth re-posting here the very gift that WES just brought to me, to us…
    [Recommend to read the original page of WES, as the concerned links are failed to be attached here]

    If Human Thought Can Do This To Water, Just Imagine What It Can Do To Us

    By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

    “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

    — Nikola Tesla

    This is exactly what’s happening right now, and it’s making its presence felt in all levels of academia. But we still have a lot way to go. Fortunately, a group of internationally recognized scientists have come together to stress the importance of what is still commonly overlooked in the mainstream scientific community: the fact that matter (protons, electrons, photons, anything that has a mass) is not the only reality. We wish to understand the nature of our reality, but if we only examine physical systems and ignore all the rest — things like consciousness, and the way it interacts with matter — we’ll never be able to.

    A few years ago, these scientists held an International Summit on Post-Materialist Science, and created a manifesto to explain its significance. The scientists involved were Mario Beauregard, PhD (University of Arizona), Gary E. Schwartz, PhD (University of Arizona), and Lisa Miller, PhD (Columbia University), in collaboration with Larry Dossey, MD, Alexander Moreira-Almeida, MD, PhD, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, and Charles Tart, PhD.

    There are hundreds of published peer-reviewed publications showing statistically significant results for this type of science, yet unfortunately, it is still shunned by mainstream academia, even though so many mainstream academic scientists support it. What is going on here?

    The idea that the mind affects physical material reality is not trivial, and it’s been demonstrated repeatedly with statistically significant results through fascinating research undertaken by government programs, places like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell), and, in more recent developments, the group of internationally recognized scientists mentioned above.

    Why would these scientists — people working at the highest level of government — be studying this type of science if there was absolutely no validity behind it?

    The implications of this type of science are far reaching, and in the opinion of many, far greater than those of material science. Don’t be fooled; material science has been integral to the advancement of humanity, but non-material science is truly our next step. Human thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions, consciousness, and more are all intertwined with what we perceive to be our physical material reality,

    The science of consciousness is the backbone of quantum mechanics (QM), the discipline that challenges the current, assumed material foundations of what we call reality.

    “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

    – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated Quantum Theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918
    Human Thought and Water

    Experiments over the past four decades have investigated whether human intention alone can affect the properties of water. This question has been of interest to alternative medicine research, because the human body is made up of approximately 70% water. Interest in this topic has been rekindled recently by multiple researchers suggesting that intentionally influenced water can be detected by examining ice crystals formed from samples of that water. Scientists have hypothesized and shown that water influenced by intention can indeed influence the physical formation of the ice crystals that water produces. Consistent results commonly point to the idea that positive intentions tend to produce symmetric, well-formed, aesthetically pleasing crystals, and negative intentions tend to produce asymmetric, poorly formed, and unattractive crystals.

    Dean Radin, the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, along with Masaru Emoto, Takashige Kizu, and Nancy Lund, designed an experiment that tested this hypothesis.

    As the study’s description reads:

    Over three days, 1,900 people in Austria and Germany focused their intentions towards water samples located inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California. Water samples located near the target water, but unknown to the people providing intentions, acted as ‘‘proximal’’ controls. Other samples located outside the shielded room acted as distant controls. Ice drops formed from samples of water in the different treatment conditions were photographed by a technician, each image was assessed for aesthetic beauty by over 2,500 independent judges, and the resulting data were analyzed, all by individuals blind with respect to the underlying treatment conditions. Results suggested that crystal images in the intentionally treated condition were rated as aesthetically more beautiful than proximal control crystals (p < 0.03, one-tailed). This outcome replicates the results of an earlier pilot test.

    You can access the full study here.

    One of the previously mentioned studies was conducted in the 90s by Masaru Emoto, co-participant in the study used in this article. He came up with the idea to freeze water and observe it with a microscope. At first, he observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water he could not get any aesthetically pleasing crystals that were unique in design, not even from rivers or lakes that surrounded big cities. However, water from more isolated rivers and lakes produced unique and beautiful crystals.

    The results from this earlier study (among others) also showed that the shape and physical structure of water crystals changed after “giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water.” Disfigured crystals were also observed when creating the opposite situation. You can request photos and even view some of them here.

    Below is a clip from What The Bleep Do We Know, a 2004 documentary that combines a number of factors demonstrating a connection between quantum physics and consciousness, and mentions Emoto’s research with intention and water. It features prominent scientists and researchers and has won several independent film awards.

    Emoto’s work has been criticized before, and harshly. This type of research directly contradicts the belief systems of many scientists, and that’s largely because the assumptions of material science have transformed into dogmas and instilled the belief that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain, and that our thoughts cannot have any effect upon physical structures, or the physical world. That’s why the re-published study, presented above, is so important, because it came after the criticisms and was a replication of Emoto’s work.

    I’d like to mention before concluding that the mind-body connection is also a great area to dive into, and one example of many where consciousness alters physical systems.

    The placebo effect is another fantastic, and proven, example.

    Perhaps this is why more and more people are gravitating toward alternative forms of medicine. As Garth Cook from Scientific American points out:

    A growing body of scientific research suggests that our mind can play an important role in healing our body — or in staying healthy in the first place. . . There are now several lines of research suggesting that our mental perception of the world constantly informs and guides our immune system in a way that makes us better able to respond to future threats. That was a sort of ‘aha’ moment for me — where the idea of an entwined mind and body suddenly made more scientific sense than an ephemeral consciousness that’s somehow separated from our physical selves.

    In 1999, a statistics professor at UC Irvine published a paper showing that parapsychological experiments have produced much stronger results than those showing a daily dose of aspirin helps prevent a heart attack. She also showed that these results are much stronger than the research behind various drugs like antiplatelets, for example.

    Human thought, feelings and emotions have the power to change our world, and are a necessary component behind our actions that will help bring that change into fruition.

    For a selected list of downloadable peer-reviewed journal articles reporting studies of psychic phenomena, and how intentions, thoughts, and feelings can alter physicality, mostly published in the 21st century, you can click here.

  17. I’ve been trapped in the very torment for quite a long time that this time my dear TRIBE. Though I didn’t want it to affect anyone of you at all, this time, I still need your collective help and blessing first with the very VIOLET FLAME to cleanse my whole energy body. Or this time, not only for me, but for US, the TRIBE all, including Apollo who undoubtedly has suffered for us.

    Again, I’m sorry to say so, it really feels like that the RESURRECTION of the dead Mammoth? was till not completed yet. May I invite all the resonating ones in/of the TRIBE to REVIVE it or them TOGETHER?!!!

    The last days, in the very agony, there are still the very divine teachings, soothing messages coming. I don’t know if Eliza read this comment, anyhow, your sharing is much more beyond nutritious to me.

    Here, I want to take this advantage to express my appreciation and gratitude and show my very support to WES for all the precious dedication.

    Dear Unicorn Dreaming, Tomaz, in my most difficult days, wherever I went for searching for the light and remedies, I saw your footprints. You are literally my very pioneer, obviously !!!Though you have never left any word, your presence speaks of your thoughtfulness which not only means, but affects, heals, warms, illuminates.

    Dear sisters P and C.P., in all the darkest and loneliness moment, your company and guide via that amazingly soothing poems along with incredible pictures cannot be warm more. And my Master D, as always, your being is just like the very central pillar of the whole temple !!! The very light and power of the very wisdom get only distinctly remarkable more, at the darkest moment!!!

    Welcome too, truthseekers.

    May we hear more and more from the Tribe….There are the ones that I’ve missed so badly. My dear PRINCESS, I watched your latest videos, even searched more, including one in which you spoke French, your being cannot be enlightening and comforting more !!!

    Dear sweet ones who have the humble and shy mind as mine, I can no longer forget the words each one of you has ever left here and I know what the courage you had to pluck up to leave words here. Here, I want to address again, THIS GARDEN HAS WAITED FOR YOUR PRESENCE, EVEN PLAYING ALONG FOR A LONG TIME. As you could be attracted here, you are no way to be an alien, outsider, stranger. This is the very family or TRIBE’S CALL. So after having being separated for such a long time from each family remember in this TRIBE, if you feel so resonated with some ones here, or even more, among the family member, EACH ONE’S VOICE IS NOT ONLY WEIGHED, BUT ALSO WAITED. Each of us is waiting for this gathering, to share each one’s discovery, learning, perspectives, making this a bigger picture, flourishing the knowledge via each one’s precious experience all over the world, the earth. Even in the case that English is not your mother tongue, I’m sure each one of you has a much more wonderful skill than mine to share your beauty here.

    I don’t deny, even the last moment before having left this comment, I’ve never stopped questioning myself if the words by/of this humble and insufficient one matter, or it’s hard for me to know why they can matter, without saying my throat chakra has been so blocked, even damaged owing to many factors. So if this attempt to try to leave some words here again is something worthy, that that worthy, I would rather it encouraged you to share your amazing perspectives, discoveries here, playing with the lovely ones here !!!

    Before closing this comment, I would address again my highest homage to our precious WISE PRIEST AND PRIESTESS for your profound empathy, understanding and various kinds of teaching, guides, assistance. To all the ones who know me and are trying to help me, particularly Valiant and Dreamwalker [Troy]. Barb and Amber, thank you also for your passion to the warm and water this garden, when here came the it turns drier. Yes, MAGICAL WATER is so crucial now to….Thanks again to OUR sweet WES, for this in time message !!!

    Some synchronicity occurred when Valiant reminded of again that story of Noah given in last late November, as thanks to Dreamwalker [Troy], this could come up to me…a magical pyramid for healing, new established in the North realm. Some specific terms as well keep occurring, such as TEMPLE, GATE, 7, EMERALD…

    Sorry for that I’m still too drained to share more…Here, echoing what Robin just brought, though I posted long time ago….

    So may the SISTERS all hear the call, dance along, making the sky and earth more energetic, even more and more bright. This very damaged one, can only send blessings or a very humble and weak call to invite to envision that beautiful dance to REVIVE THE DEAD, TO RESTORE !!!

    The very important day of the very weighed one is coming….let’s make the MIRACLE all along !!!

  18. The truth is since long time ago, I’ve been thinking to flourish Robin’s super kind thought for the TRIBE, but it has so blocked by the invisible interference which touches not only one thread of the web. Then once came the chance that to pass this nice gift from Robin to one of the very precious ones, particularly we do see how the magical affect once being so flourished by this precious and amazing one, and then I’ve waited this precious one to respond my request, to fulfill that wish, making that magic viral ; that request has never been replied. So, if you see this, I do need you to help break that very curse and blockage ; then let’s make it flourish together with the tribe !!! Here, I would address specifically for reminding of the very CAUTION of any ACT, WORD, as we all know the ones who observe can inevitably the very malevolent ones. That’s why we need to practice, even enhance our connection, trust and tacit understanding or unspoken consensus.

    Being in some very disconnected condition or circumstances, at least when I tried keeping up with, without saying when realizing I myself become the very Trojan horse, it feels much more difficult to put things into words, either I read or wrote just felt so wrong, not OK at all. I’m sorry to say so, the timing according to what’s occurring to me feels so different. I hence lose my mind, being so lost at getting what to do. If it’s the very timing, here I would remind that please watch out more what the very malevolent entities hiding close behind. Anyone of us has a slip, it would affect all. In this very crisis of me, I’m sorry to have to be rather isolated, preventing from causing more troubles, even dangers to anyone else. In all this drama, what occurs to me is this CN idiom, The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole [rather siskin?] behind, 螳螂捕蟬,黃雀在後. Honestly, I failed in getting the satisfying English interpretation. It’s in the very course of looking for the English translated material, the video on the Spiritual CICADA could come up to me. Though this very old animation doesn’t reflect well the very significance at all, I post it for…bringing some other different perspective or style from the West?!

    If this year 1988 is significant to anyone of us ???

    Without the video on SPIRITUAL CICADA as above, I would have forgotten the very symbolism it carries in our cultural. Now, we are still in the very summer or according to the traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms, rather the very beginning of the beginning of Autumn, since 7th August, the day before the birthday of our lovely Robin.

    I once searched the symbolic meaning of CICADA. As I’m used to attracted by pictures first, this page caught me eye because of this picture.

    Cicada Symbolism ~ Rebirth, Authenticity, Eternity. [Posted 9th June 2013 by intergalactic holly hobby]

    When the Cicadas hit, don’t miss the opportunity. The American East Coast will be full of them soon. Some parts already are. Most people will either ignore them or view them as a mild irritation. Don’t let that be you. Cicadas symbolize rebirth. Let them be a constant reminder to you this summer, it’s never too late to be born again. It’s time to shed your skin. It’s time to become new again. The cicadas will show you the way.

    In the imaginal and dream realms of the Greek mythology variety, cicadas were originally human, but they were easily enchanted humans. The Muses, who were fairy-nymph-goddess like beings, played such lovely music for them one summer that they danced all through the day and night. They danced so long and so wholeheartedly, that they died without realizing it. The muses took pity on them, and granted them new lives as creatures who never needed to sleep or eat, and would only sing all day and night. This is when they became cicadas.

    The cicadas coming to us this summer come out of the ground every seventeen years. On a scientific level, this is to emerge when their predators are low in numbers. On a deeper level, 17 is actually, in numerology, the number 8. The symbol for eternity is a sideways 8. In China, 8 represents the totality of the universe. In the English alphabet, the number 8 is perfectly balanced. Its energy encourages balance in us, resolution of dualities.

    Traditionally the number eight is a symbol of power and leadership, material gain. Financial and material abundance have the capacity to come more easily during this season of the cicadas, but the key is, it will come to you only as much as your commitment to rebirth and authenticity come too. Like the cicadas, we who are ready and willing will shed our old skin, and emerge as a truer version of ourselves.

  19. This comment was submitted at 10:45 am, however, is blocked, despite of absence of pictures, I hence cannot but cut it into several sections. The connection is still quite blocked. My dear Tribe, this time, I still need your COLLECTIVE HELP !!!

    Bob, Great comment, with your excellent writing skill and spiritual perspective. It’s so magical and you submit it at the very magical moment which shows the remarkable numbers. I need your hand to check back…. and make viral something….

    Here is the comment that made previously….
    Thank you Robin, I just fell into the very dejection, particularly after contacting what is said about “the water is polluted,” and now the water and dolphins you are sending are not only cleansing but healing the wounds. Thanks to OUR precious WES, for only not only this….

    I’ve been in silence as I’ve realized that something very wrong on or in me which keeps affecting just like the very toxic parasites. If I can draw an analogy, it feels exactly like that I myself just become that very Trojan Horse. If I’m kind and thoughtful enough, I won’t allow it to harm more in the collective at all. There are very distinctly malevolent interferences occurring here, affecting the communication and connection in the invisible energy web, particularly via the specific words for quite a long time. At least, in my own sense, I become much so vulnerable when reading that I could not but isolate myself from. Here, though being such a humble one not only in psychic ability, I have to say, it’s hard for me to believe that the elegant and bright, even depended Varence or Apollon would be regarded, or treated that way. Sorry to say so, though I guess none could speak in behalf, I’ve been wondering how could this occur to them.

    Here, there is some coincidentally correspondent article which just came up to me yesterday. As it’s undoubtedly for the case of the human couples or friends, I don’t know if it would be helpful, even necessary for the divine couple. Nevertheless, I guess it’s anyhow still worth being shared here.
    first posted in

    I myself am quite touched by the 6th tool which was given, as being foreign no matter where I go, I cannot but learn and try learning to sense and make sense of the foreign ways of communication or of any other parts in the totally different cultural environments or with the ones that I confront with.

    6. LEARN TO RESPECT AND UNDERSTAND ANY CULTURAL DIFFERENCES. These days, almost everyone is from somewhere else. Just coming from different cities can make a big difference— imagine a relationship between someone from New York City and someone from Palm Springs. Two completely differing lifestyles, climates, and ways of getting around. There is a natural learning curve when you become involved with anyone, so be patient.

    I cannot appreciate a very intimate girl friend (whose nick name has the initial part of “summer”) enough for once she just reminded me at our very early 20s that each one has his or her very individual even original way to express his or her love…in the case when we were talking about our fathers. Being Asian, growing up in the family whose male members are ones of the most awkward at expressing LOVE without saying with words or actions (e.g. my mother has never had a literal Valentine’s day, as even a flower prepared by us, kids, and we only wanted my father just to give it to my mom with his hands, he just couldn’t…this is something so hard for him, that that hard, embarrassed ), I cannot but learn to realize their LOVE in each of their tinniest manner in the daily life. However, being a humble mundane one [or more precisely with the perfect Buddhist term], as AN EMOTIONAL BEING, it’s still hard for me to be immune from the emotions triggered either by touching or hurting manners.

    As to the 8th tool, given in the article indicated as above,
    HALT if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. It’s not a good time to have a discussion with anyone. Eat, calm down, talk with a good friend, and get some rest before you turn whatever you are feeling into a discussion point. Feelings are not facts, and what you are feeling may not be what you are really upset about. Take care of yourself, and then communicate.

    Honestly, in this case, I’ve a relatively different perspective. In my own experience, talking to the right one(s) would not only help to purge the negative emotions, but also get more possibility to learn to see, feel, make sense from a different, even better angle of view. Being a hyper-emotional one, I could never successfully hold the negative emotions, waiting til the natural purging get finished on its own, as the false sense that I made would just torment me more and those fermenting emotions would just hurt others more as a exploding bomb. So, releasing to the right ones would really be helpful. As I’ve been so aware of this kind of very emotion effects and pain caused by, I’ve always been willing to listen to that kind of complains, rather than regarding them as noises.

    Via that kind of listening, I learn more and more why, in which kind of circumstances the ones that I love would have suffered. I hence have been willing to rectify my ways to prevent from the possible harms, even what they were complaining about was not caused by me. Though I know as well, how cautious I’m, I would still inevitably keep make mistakes, speaking the wrong words, harming without self awareness. If I did, I apologize and I STILL THINK WITH THE LOVED AND TRUSTED ONES, SINCERE AND OPEN DIRECT EXCHANGE WOULD BE THE VERY REMEDY. Between the genuine ones, possessing the sincerity and trust, we would only be willing to understand what cause the pain or misunderstanding, to dredge the very blockage and prevent the next or more similar effects, rather than evading or putting that feeling or thought aside.

    As words can be so powerful, I have tried all my life to learn the very art of languages. It’s the very ART to use languages, all kinds of languages. One word can not only heal, save, but kill one that easily, all depends on how we use them. I’ve had many concerned discussion with my friends. Those discussions cannot inspire and comfort me more. Some said they would express to their beloved ones, including the parents, who are used to harm with the unthoughtful words as “That kind of words sound so harmful to me, would you please prevent from it.”

    Again, inspired by that my guardian-angel, Summer…, in the period of time when she was so in love with her star like boy friend. How intelligent, wise, sweet and adorable she is used to be, she would have asked him with a very tender way by phone (as they in fact were in two schools which are so apart in two cities), “Would you please repeat the sentences that I just proposed in that kind of case, for that next time, if the similar situation occurs, you would kindly express or remind me in this way?! She inspired me that if we love someone(s), we would be willing to speak in a way which would be nice to him/her/them, vice versa.

    I guess in general situation, we would be willing to prevent from any harm to our beloved ones, only in the very irritating cases, people would use the most harmful words to remind, as the trust or faith fades in mind. After leaving abroad, I learn to dare to point this out to my family, to practice together to change, to prevent from any more harm by words. I’m so touched to see the immediate change triggered by the willing of each one of us, though it occurs as well each one of us still has the time losing control of the mind. Nevertheless, as we realize the willing to change self to try to less harm our beloved ones, any quarrel or adventitious tantrum releasing would be no longer that harmful.

    Honestly, I’ve never thought to study, nor analyze the ones that I love. Or it’s only my own philosophy….For learning with heart of a living being IN THE COURSE OF EXCHANGE, it’s too different from observing, studying, even analyzing an object or subject, though it takes time to have gradual knowing and understanding. As my psychic ability is still that lethargic, I’ve been wondering if people who have this vantage or privilege may sense or even take this very advantage like this…

    [this is one of my favorite actress in the world !!!]

  20. Coming back to share a bit more. Right before I posted my review in Amazon, this is what I received when I asked my spirit guide & angel to give me a word on it, through dictionary stichomancy. I asked what to focus on for my book review of Valiant’s The Bell Tolls?


    That was hard to get just 1 word, since my finger was mostly on *decode* and more or less just the fingernail part was on *decoct*. So I took it to mean both meanings apply. That’s why I left so much of the detail in, kind of wanted to summarize.

    I was happy to see that Bill dedicated his book to Varence and Ceres.

  21. Hello Rainbow Tribe,

    Greetings and welcome truthseekers33!

    Sharing the book review I (finally!) just posted in Amazon for Bill’s new book The Bell Tolls:

    “The Bell Tolls is a powerful book, conveying wisdom and profound knowledge about life on earth…and beyond. This is a masterfully written compilation of messages from a group of Watchers that found refuge in a timeless world after calamities befell their home worlds, besieged by the dark empire of the Dragon Race. Varence (Apollo) and Ceres are on assignments to Earth, arriving in the far distant past. Many of Ceres’ sisters are also legendary names. They do more than just watch, they intervene, offer inspiration and guidance. The Watchers time travel and they work in concert with ascended masters of the Races of the Lion Men and Bird Men. They work wonders with words, and with devices with amazing capabilities using technology we have yet to grasp. Valiant has indeed served valiantly in his relentless efforts to inform and help all of us, offering us sage advice, especially to those misusing technology and power, potentially detrimental to all life. The messages are carefully crafted, specially-timed insights. The information provided is not just for our benefit, the descendants of Star Children, they are also a legacy for children of the future. They present clarity of the truth of our past and present, framed in new light, from a wider perspective belonging to ancient, wise sages. Valiant and his team work so that light will overcome darkness. He provides tantalizing, sometimes unnerving, glimpses behind the scenes. It’s time for us to finally know more about what has long been hidden from us. He brings to light some of the causes of suffering on individual and planetary levels. He writes about things that are interesting, fascinating, and sometimes alarming. There are many more astounding writings of Valiant. He is a gifted artist also, do a search online to find images of his beautiful, spirit-filled artwork. He uses the gifts God gave him, expressing the light the angel of God brightened his mind with. His writings provide cosmic clarity about the big picture to help us cope and heal. Valiant delivers from his heart, soul and spirit, working to liberate our world from darkness. I’m always looking forward to reading what he reveals next.”

      • You’re welcome! I really hope Bill loves it too. I want to be supportive. Your son’s efforts are very deserving to have something given back in return. He welcomes all of us into the Circle, so generously extended to the *Rainbow Tribe*, with such openness, kindness and understanding. I just wanted him to know it’s appreciated!

  22. The Cicada in China
    by Jan Stuart
    source :

    Attachment; China, Period of Division, 3rd–4th century; gold, bronze; The Dr. Paul Singer Collection of Chinese Art of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; a joint gift of the Arthur M. Sackler Foundation, Paul Singer, the AMS Foundation for the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities, and the Children of Arthur M. Sackler, RLS1997.48.4455

    The cicada’s role in Chinese culture is a longstanding and fascinating one. Meanings associated with the insect range from simply indicating the onset of summer to more complex themes, such as rebirth and immortality. The cicada can even represent the pathos of nature, in which we are all prey in the end.

    In general Chinese lore, cicadas are creatures of high status. They are considered pure because they subsist on dew and lofty because of their perch in high treetops. An ancient analogy in China suggests that a high-ranking official should resemble a cicada: residing high, eating a pure diet, and with sharp eyes.

    Also in antiquity, the headgear of rulers and nobles incorporated a golden image of a cicada with prominent eyes. The emblem signaled refinement, modesty, and a full awareness of one’s surroundings.

    Tongue amulet in the form of a cicada (hanchan); China, Han dynasty, 1st century BCE–1st century CE; jade (nephrite); Gift of Arthur M. Sackler, S1987.693

    Since ancient times, the cicada has been seen as a symbol of resurrection, an association that owes to its fascinating life cycle. Newly hatched insects drop from branches to burrow into the ground, where they nourish themselves on tree roots for as long as seventeen years before emerging into the sunlight. Then, they climb high into the trees, and their outer skin splits open to allow the full-grown insects to appear.

    This process was seen as an analogy for the spirits of the dead rising on a path to eternal existence in a transcendent realm. In the Han dynasty, jade amulets shaped like cicadas were placed on the tongues of corpses, no doubt to symbolize a hope for rebirth and immortality.

    The cicada is the most conspicuous summer insect and sometimes represents the season. Its desiccated image when the autumn chill sets in, however, stands for pathos in some Chinese works. Take for example, an anecdote from the Zhuangzi, a compilation of writings by Zhuangzi (late fourth century BCE) and others. While out in a chestnut grove aiming to shoot a jay, Zhuangzi was distracted by a cicada carelessly settling in the shade. A mantis devoured the insect before it was, in turn, caught by the jay. Unsettled by the natural cycle of one species preying on the next, Zhuangzi decided not to shoot the jay. The tale has been turned into a pithy saying about the circle of life: “As the mantis catches the cicada, the jay is just behind.”

  23. Hello friend, I appreciate your posts and I would like to share with you some spiritual experiences that I have had. Please click on my name and check them out. Hit follow if you would like to stay posted

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