Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…Oberon and Titania…

*SONG* “Magic” by Olivia Newton-John

(*Repost…from earlier this year…February 23, 2017)

Let’s try this one more Time…
Science knows only fragments of
What truly exists…There’s always
Something bigger…Some get a rare
Glimpse of this.

Don’t analyze it, there is no symbolism
Here at all…No one listens…
How many can understand how it
Feels when no one listens?
The best questions your friends and
Neighbors…are: How are you? Are you
Alright? A lot of people are sure
Saying the same thing right now…
It’s like no one hears me…
Give it a chance, and take a minute
And go ask them…not me, THEM.
Go cheer someone up and make
Them smile. It might just do
The world some good.


In Dreams They Come…
Mysterious, with riddles and no reason
But for some it’s a miracle,
Inspiration that drives and compels
To go on when life feels empty
And hopeless, trapped by a reality
Of rules we did not make, of a hell
We have little control over…

A guiding light of Inspiration,
A gift from God, from the Universe?
So many Questions…who, what,
When, where…Always why?
Endless answers, endless possibilities…
It’s different for everyone…

The Bravest go on to live, to
Chase dreams…The weak settle…
I swear settling seems like the most
Painful word to hear…

But for some hope comes in dreams…
It can take many forms, yet it
Always bears the same courageous
Charm that knows no limits or
Boundaries or laws…MAGIC.

In this essence, in magic, that
Comes from dreams…with faith
And a prayer it can do amazing things…
Keep going, you must always
Keep going…that’s what the box says.

Now…the pen is given and guided
By his voice, with a welcoming and
Kinder tone…Varence tells the tale
I asked for.

“It was never my intention to create
A myth or a mysterious riddle…
For Ages the Watchers have been
Held back by binding laws that
Restrict intervention…yet there are
Always chanced opportunities…
Offering ways that we can do
Something…so some of us take that

“As I have said before, or tried to,
We have learned the best way to
Convey a message is through a story.
Believe it, don’t believe it…stop
Now and walk away and chase
Something else…but don’t read on
And complain of cryptic words…
By now it should be clear there’s
More going on here than meets the
Eye…You won’t find the answers
You’re looking for simply in any
Obvious place on pages printed
From the past…The overseers of
Earth bind the truth and edit
Everything to prevent anyone
From discovering things…That’s when
I attempt chance stories throughout
Times like this…to break their

“And for the record, the Watchers
Aren’t Fallen Angels or Demons…
Don’t test my patience with

Ceres laughed as she sat beside
Him watching the scowl on his
Face. “He asked you to tell him
The story of your Oberon…Not
Interject words of your temper…
Varence…Don’t waste time please.”

“I am calmly composed.” He
Assured her with only a slightly
Arched brow.

She crossed her legs and played with
Her fingers over her knee as she
Watched me write. “The impossible
Boy is vexed by criticism…how…
Entertaining.” She threw her
Head back and laughed. “I love it.”

“Vexed?” He said to her with a
Serious face. “You think I am

“This…was your idea, not mine.” Ceres
Said firmly to him then looked to me.
“It’s amusing to say the least.”

“To be challenged by idle minds when
I offer genuine help?”

She laughed again. “Genuine? A rhyme…
Riddles…I tell plainly, you indulge
With words and call it thinking…”

“Would you like to tell the story then?”
He asked her sarcastically. “Will you
Spare nothing of a word of support
For me?”

She eyed him with a sly smile. “That
You would ask me…of this Oberon?”
She laughed. “I had no choice
Nor interest in that idea you had…
And words of support? Ha! I am
Here for him ONLY,” she pointed
To me, “Not you…remember that.
If you want to entertain reasoning
With foolish deductions of your
Identity…only an idiot would try
To reason with fools. Just tell the
Story and stop wasting time…You
Always tell him…who cares what
They think? So yes, I find this
Amusing that now you hesitate
To win over a moment…when there
Are far more important things
To address…”

“Offer me something.” Varence
Gestured with a sincere expression
As he held his hand out openly
In his lap. “Because for his
Sake,” he nodded to me, “You are
Involved too…Now don’t deny it.”
She eyed him fiercely. “Fine.
If I am to take part, for his
Sake I will offer this…He,”
She nodded once at him, “Is not
A Demon, nor Fallen Angel…Idiot
Yes, but not a Fallen Angel. How’s

“Ceres…” He groaned rolling his eyes.

“An idiot for fools to toss coins
Or rings of ideas at.” She laughed.
“Chance reason with him, and you
Will sadly be waiting a long time.
So…save your time, and as I do
And have done so many times…just
Call him an idiot.” She beamed
A victorious smile. “Can we begin
The story now?”

He curled his lips with frustration
With his eyes staring upwards
As if begging for help from above.
He knew arguing with her was
Pointless… “Fine…onwards with
The story.”

“And no wasting time with pleas of
Understanding why you did it…Just
Tell it.” She somewhat growled at him.
“Tell it true…And that’s not me
Asking…It’s what you will do.”

He sighed, but gave in…eyeing me
With a gentle humorous chuckle. She
Did have a way with words, especially
With him. And she was right he did
Always say stop worrying what others
Think just do it…The job, the mission,
Whatever it required, distractions
Just waste time.

His eyes wandered slowly up then
Down, dancing sideways and all around
As he composed the story in his head to
Be written down.
“It was never my intention to impart
A riddle nor cryptic message, not once,
Not ever…to anyone. You must
Understand that. We, I, must move
Carefully in everything I do. To
Encourage the right moment, the
Right dawn of idea is no easy task,
Many argue…Just tell me, give
Me the answer? Would they do it
Then only once…or follow it with a
Thousand more requests? Then
Preach to others of their marvelous
Discovery they solely alone made…
HA! Few give credit where it is due,
So few, thank you…”

“You are babbling again…” Ceres moaned
Playing with her fingers with her
Hand over her knee and eyes staring
Off past the Circle of Light.

Varence paused then went on patiently…
“Consider this as we begin…Ideas,
Inspiration…can you honestly say
From where they come? For with all
Things there is a cause and effect…
A push…and a reaction…Be they
With whispered words, or the
Chance of an image that falls before
The eyes…All dreams come from
Somewhere…Some are independent
Creations of an intuitive mind…while
Others are influenced…Very often,
Too often, the creativity found in
One can inspire countless others…

“There are mysteries in the universe
One day you…and all of Earth will
Discover are not limited to the minds
Of your world. Stories and scenarios
Repeat in endless combinations everywhere…
The music, art and literature of one
World is very much like that of many
Others…If you think love stories are
Restricted to Earth, think again.

“And forgive me again for this seemingly
Strange dialogue…but again I am offering
You a very obvious clue. These musings
Are gifts from a Universal Source…
Art inspires…Visual stimulation is
Very powerful…Anything with the
Senses is. Consider that, really think
About…Eyes and Ears…pause,
Reflect, eyes and ears.” He pointed to
His own then went on. “The mysteries,
The questions you seek…The answers
Are more simple than you know.

“In rare minds are born talent, guided
By time and whatever passion or
Joy or agony they traverse…but more
Importantly they are also relevant
To the solutions for tragic problems
That the logical mind debates
With science. To put it plainly, Bill…

“The box…the locks, the keys…the
Artwork has a power science will
One day know. Songs answer
Riddles…The Forces that shape the
Universe…Time, Light, Sound…The
Visual masterpiece…the words written
Down…and music…These are all powerful
Tools…weapons…and cures to
Anything and everything. Do you
Understand? Heaven grants gifts this
Way everywhere…They can solve
Any problem…There are cures there…
In time they will learn this…The
Greatest works of art, literature and
Music…also hold the keys to all
The secrets of the Universe…

“The gifts granted to the great
Composers will cure many diseases…

“Words can heal…Art can save lives,
In its essence…The alchemy, the
Pencil lead becomes the priceless gold…
Building things…that no logical mind
Could come up with on its own. One day
They will see…”

He sighed, laughed, then sat up tall
And straight… “Every so often I
Chanced to give a message to someone.
Nothing grand, just a taste to chase
A dream creatively with someone
Lost…So here this was, how it happened
With Oberon…”

Ages ago to mortal Earth, but not
That long to the Watchers…It was
Just a typical day of observing and
Recording data for the ships records.

“All demons have vessels to
Record data of Earth’s activity you

“Varence!” Ceres snapped. “Enough
Of your bruised ego. Tell the story.”

He grinned then continued. The words
Take new direction now, to spare his
Ego from brooding.

Varence sat in the Captain’s chair,
Casually observing the surface…details,
Scans, tedious notes taken and recorded.
With lightning speed. Cities, villages,
Countries far and wide…crude
Civilization…Tantrums, barbarians…
Weddings, funerals, births…children
Playing…Tribes hunting and fighting
In the tropics…Brutes and bullies
In the North…Emperors, kings and
Queens in lands with castles and
Taxed slaves…Farming…Hunters,
Gatherers…tales of woe from the poor
And abused…Tales of misunderstanding
And philosophy from those with
More convenient life styles…Those
With money had more time to think,
Preach and scheme…while those that
Were born less fortunate to work had
Less time for games…

The one steadfast constant…hope…faith…
And their polar opposites…greed and lust.
Love was the gamble in between…They
All wanted it, few understood and
Appreciated it…But artists, writers
And composers were always compelled
To paint it…to write it down…to
Sing it or play it with music…
Ah, the reliability of the arts…
To chase love…and thus secretly
Inspire…civilization…Some things
Never change.

He tapped his finger on the console
As the endless data streamed in
To record…It came so fast; individual
Details were scarcely significant…Only
The big picture was clear, how the
Earth was growing, changing. But
Occasionally here and there voices
And faces stood out…from all manners
Of lands, societies and classes. There
Were echoes of speeches and decrees
From the rulers…love songs, brief epics
Of struggle for mortal important things…
That were otherwise meaningless far
Away and above.

Prayers always caught his ears and
Eyes, the Earth of the believers in
Something bigger and better beyond
Measure of what they know. Now
That was merit. If only people knew
How much faith caught the attention
Of those watching from higher

Some thought logic was the true sign
Of intelligence. HA! Logic was a
Bitter scheme of the mind to control
Things, it’s reasoning varied on every
World…and always depended on
Power. Ah, they never learn. Yes, chase
Logic…run round and round, build
Your sciences, chain nature…Faith
Was more pure and passionate, the
Rhythm of virtue and humanity…It
Knew only reason of the heart…
And was a mysterious as the Universe
Itself…there are vast clues there. It
Was much like art…inspired from
Ethereal forces…no reason, no logic…
It was born of mystery…That’s
Why such things are priceless.

As he sat calmly studying the
Data…he saw how the time passed
So quickly there…The time, the timing…
A different measure for the Watchers
Who exist outside of time.

Perhaps it was time again to chance
A brief interaction of inspiration. Sure,
He was plainly bored…It was not
A devious scheme, only a notion…
A random guess. He studied the
Lands very quickly, then rolled his
Finger around and fell to point it
Down upon an old Britain…They
Had such a charming language that
Danced through his ears…words that
Truly intrigued his mind. The
Composition of words to communicate
Is fascinating…because so few
Communicate very well.

Varence slowed down the data stream
For closer examination…In mortal terms
He slowed his view of time to one we
Understood…to minutes, hours, days…
Ah, a voice caught his ears…of a
Writer, poet, aspiring play write…
A William…

Without much though he froze the
Data stream to a snail’s pace…
Mortal time…And listened closely to the
Writer’s mind and the poetic verses that
Ambled through it and struggled there.
The man was very wordy and troubled.
But still creative, and thus receptive.
Perfect! The ideal choice for a dream
To be delivered.

Varence took one of the astral crystals,
Placed it on the panel for sending and
Receiving…and summoned this writer
As he slept, to the Bridge, to stand
Before him in a dreamy state…

Varence sat tall and proud, still dressed
In robes…The drape Ceres had covered
Him with not long ago…to them…He
Appeared quite the sight to this mortal
Man of old Earth…Powerfully built,
Fearless looking, of pale complexion
And an expression of calm amusement.

Camlo was there, his blond associate
Sat stunned at his station in his blue
Uniform as their new visitor appeared
Very shaken. Camlo of course said nothing.

“Where am I?” Asked the man. “What
Is this?”

“You are very interesting.” Varence said
To the man in a tone that was
Mighty and confident; the perfect
Immortal tone. “Your work, your words,
You render them well.”

The man hesitated. He was dreaming, yes?
“Who?” He was nervous to speak, and
Could only take in the strange surroundings.
The sparkling lights of the panels of
The bridge seemed like a magical place.

“It’s a dream you are having,”
Varence assured him, “Rest easy, it
Is just a dream of your Mid-Summer…
It means nothing…”

“Who?” The man wondered with fantastic
Awe as he looked around.

“Ah yes, names amuse you…” Varence
Felt very bored but riddlesome…he
Needed a touch of humor. “I am Oberon,
Lord of the Faire…”

Camlo’s eyes nearly burst. Had he heard
That right?

“The Fair Folk of the Woods?” The man
Asked. “The fairies and nymphs of
Legends old…exist?”

Varence gestured with wide eyes. ‘Here
I sit…You see me…I am as real
As you believe…Whatever your eyes
And ears tell you, that is what I am.”

“Lord Oberon…” the man weakly
Repeated…humbled, fearful, totally in awe.

Camlo was so shocked he could not move.

“Your words and mind amuse me”
Varence said.

“I amuse you?” The man asked.

“Yet you struggle to write down what
You feel…” Varence studied him with
The brave ego of something beyond even
His imagination. “Your words carry
Across many ears…Stop worrying so much
What people think…write it down…Be
Brave, you inspire, so be it and inspire.
Give them something to chase and
Believe in.”

“But I…” The man was just overwhelmed.

“Political unrest and scandals are
Ceaseless…They never change the world.”
Varence told him with a proud tone.
“When art is brave with love it
Has power…it speaks to the heart
And puts courage there.” He leaned
Forward giving the imposing presence
Of something masterful. “Give them
Magic…Tell them tales of Lord
Oberon…Your Kings and Queens
Have no power over me…I watch
Them be born, I watch them die…
Their castles and kingdoms do not
Impress me.”

The man was at a loss of words. “Sir?

“Take this dream I offer you and
Give them Magic…” Varence went on
Dramatically. “Inspire…Test and
Tempt their faith and love…And
Give them Magic. Your world has no
Power over me…I could bend and
Break your world if I desired it so.
Impress me…”

“But lord I am a mere player of words.”
The man pleaded. “I—“

“See this dream as chance,” Varence
Of Oberon imposed upon him with such
A mighty presence it was fantastic, “Life,
The life you live is a game. Rules
Weigh down your reasons…You dare to
Entertain the crown? The crowds? Your
Words put more in their minds than
You know…set yourself free and write
It down…Ages will live upon your pages,
Generations will thrive on what you
Dare to do and others not…Tell them
Of Lord Oberon and shake the foundations
Of their belief…and build dreams.”

The man was at a loss of words…Was
He hearing right? This Lord of the Faire,
Of Magic lore was putting faith in…him?

Just then, from a distance an absent
Ceres was returning to her station on the
Bridge. She had been making a call
Home to her sister when she was struck
By the strangest sensation…a new presence
Among them? She approached the bridge
Slowly catching the echo of the
Conversation on the bridge…What was that
Scoundrel up to now?

“Now listen to me,” Oberon said to the man,
“You are a true master of words, ears
Listen to you, minds dream with the pictures
You paint. But your world is locked in a
Pitiful embrace of ignorance…Limitations
And crude concepts. They chase ideas but
Never manifest the magic. They are but
Puppets to the crowns that keeps them…
Politics…how boring. They dream and
Waste their time not living, not doing…
Throwing tantrums over nothing…idle
Chatter, gossip…preaching…adoring, what?
Themselves? They fight over nothing…
You entertain children. Inspire them with
Magic and turn them into men. Write
About Goddesses and Muses and make
The little girls into women…”

The man was clearly confused, but
Intrigued. “Lord?”

“These children of your world wouldn’t
Know a real woman if they saw one.”
Oberon went on like a grand orator; while
Camlo sat stunned with his jaw wide
Open. “Now…let me tell you about
A true woman…A woman of true
Power and Grace, a Goddess of Nature
Whose beauty shines everlasting above
And through the stars and the sun and
The moon …A woman of wisdom and
Splendor, divine of virtue that could
Charm the wildest wicked beast with
Her song and charms…A TITAN…A
Woman so strong no one dare challenge
Her…All of Nature bows before her,
The Fierce Lions are cubs to her, the
Mighty bears her little babes…let me
Tell you of this Goddess…this TITAN…

Just then Ceres entered the bridge to a
Scene which left her stunned. There
Was a man in a nightshirt standing
In a Circle of Light before her scheming
Coworker…The fool was filling
His head with some terrific game!

But the man’s eyes fell upon her
And went so wide they nearly popped
From his skull. There stood the most
Beautiful, perfect vision he had ever
Seen, nothing could compare to her,
NOTHING! He moaned with awe…and
Some mortal lust.

Varence followed his eyes and
Turned to see Ceres standing there in her
Red dress and flaming wavy golden hair…
A vision…with the expression of
Scorned rage. “This is my—“

“TIT…ania…” The man weakly
Moaned with hungry eyes.

Ceres immediately sensed the man’s
Roaming eyes and childish hormonal
Thoughts upon her and was DISGUSTED.

“No, no” Varence attempted to
Correct the man’s careless slip of the
Tongue. “This is—“

“The Fairest of the Faire, a Queen
Suitable to Lord Oberon!” The man

Ceres gasped and blinked at the words.
“What did he say?”

“The Magnificent Oberon and his Fair
Titania!” The man declared, the sight
Of her filled his head with boundless
Ideas…most dreamy adolescents
Could identify with this.

“Oberon?” Ceres repeated. “Lord Oberon?”

“Have you come to serve your Lord
Fairest Queen?” The man humbly asked.

“Serve?” Ceres repeated with revulsion,
She sensed exactly what he meant
And her stomach turned. She then
Walked slowly into the room…Very
Sultry and frothing with the anger
Of a Tempest. “What has the Lord
Oberon been minding?”

“I am Puck.” Camlo chimed in. “The
Satyr of the Woods…”

“Ah of course attending the Lord’s
Whims.” Ceres nodded as she stood
Beside the throne to eye the scoundrel

“Now this is not as it appears.” Varence
Said somewhat shyly.

“There’s no need for words.” Ceres
Beamed dramatically. “The Lord is
Graced with brilliance, he knows all
And sees all…The Master of Time
And Fate…Oberon is the great bearer
Of words to the Fortunate Few,
Brave hearts needing his guidance.
The wisest of men are but cheats
And fools by comparison…For Oberon
Is grander than all the stars in the
Night sky, and I wake but to
Take in the breath of Oberon…To
Take in his essence, his charms and
Everlasting glow…The God over mere
Men…So fair and handsome no
Words have been made to reflect
His eternal overbearing presence…To
Call him a mere man is but an
Insult…for Oberon…” She played with
Her hair and really played it up. “Delight
Me with words my Lord, thy Grace
And Grandeur gives me life to live…
For I could not exist without Oberon,
I could not see, nor hear, nor feel, nor
Touch without Oberon…Why the
Sight of him fills me with such warmth…
It BURNS…My eyes look upon
Him…and they are on FIRE…”

The man twitched with delight as
He listened to her… “Ah, My Lord…
The Fair Titania adores you…You
Are the Most Fortunate Lord to have
Such a Queen adore you!”

A silent pause. Varence eyed Ceres
And saw no adoration in her eyes, but
Instead an inferno of concealed rage.
“Those words I believe are said
In haste…” He nodded playfully. “Perhaps
You should return now to your slumber
And consider what I have said…write…

“Great Lord Oberon I am forever
Humbled,” the man humbly said, “Oh
Fair Titania…No vision will ever

Varence cut him off there and sent the
Man back to his bed sound and safe
Asleep…Where he would dream the
Dream of dreams!

Silence…Tension filled the bridge.

“Oberon?” Ceres simply asked.

“Now Ceres…” He tried to say.

“Oberon?” She repeated.

“And I am Puck.” Camlo quietly

“Ceres I was attempting—“ Varence
Tried to explain…

“A great talking Phallus!” Ceres
Shouted. “That is precisely what
You are!”

“May I explain?” He begged.

“Can you? Should you? Do you know
How?” Ceres scolded. “The Phallus
Speaks words of reason?”

“Ceres, please…” He said…

“Phallus, please…” She replied.


“Phallus…” She only recoiled.

“Ceres!” He returned.

“Phallus!” She said louder.

“Ceres!” He yelled.

“Phallus!” She shouted. “A great
Giant talking Phallus!”

“Ceres!” He groaned.

“Phallus.” She growled.

“Will you please stop calling me that!”
He yelled.

“Could I? Should I?” Ceres said
As she turned and spun about, then
Looked down at her chest. “Do
Breasts have words also?”

“Ceres!” Varence shouted.

“Phallus!” She shouted back.

“That is not what I intended,”
He defended, “I said TITAN…
I was trying to employ the inspiration
Of a great woman…”

“That is not what he saw,” she
Growled, “These imps and their
Hormones do not think clearly…
Their minds are tainted always…

“Ceres!” He begged.

“Phallus!” She yelled.

“Ceres, please!” He begged.

She turned to bitterly walk away.
“Phallus’s do not apologize…
They rise and fall.” She paused
To stare him down. “You rose…
Now fall…The next time you
Talk about me to anyone I will be
There to make things quite clear.”

Varence rolled his eyes then stroked
His hand over his face fretting
Over consequences…she was furious.
“Is there nothing I can say now?”

“How much more can a Phallus speak?”
She asked. Then she walked away
Before he could answer.

And now, the final words for now…
“You see…she is a Titan, no Titania
There ever was…” Varence said calmly
With the pen on paper here. “But more
Importantly read and deliver this
Message to the eyes and ears…
We were here long before the
First King that ever was…And
Will be long after the last one…
A moment for us…is what for you?
Who sees more? If there was a
Game to play who would win?”

“Mountains will move.” Ceres added
Fast… “This time…Christmas is
In the spring…” She smiled wide.


PS: from my sketchbook:
Rana and the Lion….




  1. A picture came up several days ago….

    Mermaids and Eclipses
    source :

    by Alison Dhuanna

    Today’s eclipse occurs at 29 degrees Leo, which is aligned to the Star Regulus ‘The Heart of the Lion’. The Sabian Symbol for this position in the Zodiac is ‘A Mermaid manifests from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form’.

    On my recent pilgrimage in Cornwall I was very taken by the Mermaid of Zannor in the Church of St Senara, and am now in the process of developing a Miracle Play with Deepsong Sacred Sound Collective which will tell her story. The plan is to tour the play in Summer 2018 transmitting her healing message.

    I felt very much that the Mermaid of Zannor is an aspect of the Mother Mary energy, the Black Madonna. Many of the Black Madonna’s are washed up from the sea. We visited Our Lady of Candelaria popularly called La Morenita in Tenerife for example who was washed up by a wave. About 100 years later another huge wave came and took her back! When a nearby island stole the Madonna they had such bad luck they eventually gave it back. The Black Madonna has much power and she is a real Sovereign Lady. There are many tales of how the Black Madonna refuses to be moved and brings miracles wherever she goes.

    In my research of Mermaids recently I have discovered that quite a number of churches in England have ‘Black Mermaid’s’. We also visited St Mary the Virgin at Ivanhoe which has a famous one, and there are many more. So what could the Black Mermaid represent?

    She represents the mysteries of the Moon and the Sea which are the energies of the Divine Feminine manifest in our solar system. Today as the Sun is temporarily blocked out by the Moon, Yin and Yang are held in perfect balance. A hidden and mysterious aspect of Mother Mary as Mermaid is being rebirthed.

    Through Christianity under the patriarchy Mother Mary has become separated in consciousness from the Earth and Moon Mysteries. I was actually very surprised at how much our recent pilgrimage of the ley lines was connected to Mother Mary. There was a place on route once called St Mary of the Leys, but its name was changed. I want to set up ways of working with St Mary as a Guardian and teacher of Earth mysteries as I believe this is very important. Our Earth is amazing and the ley lines, the electromagnetic field is what gives her life and vitality.

    Astrologically the MERMAID energies most MIRROR those of Sedna THE INUIT SEA GODDESS, the 10th planet. I was very excited to discover that Sedna today is transiting the PLEAIDES or SEVEN SISTERS, considered by global cultures to be very important. The Pleiadians have been one of the main stellar systems teaching us about LOVE, and indeed many people who are part of the awakening ‘Stellar Avatar’ have incarnated from there to Earth at this time.

    The eclipse is also conjunct Vesta and Mercury in the early part of Virgo. Vesta is a new ruler of Virgo with her devotion to World Service, so is very happy in this position and one of the major energies that will be birthed today. Between Vesta and Mercury lies Orcus, another Trans-Neptunian body. Orcus bring in the energy of the Orca Whale, powerful and unstoppable.

    In my Feldenkrais class in the Spring I was having strong body memories of having an Orca like tail and being a Lemurian ‘Mermaid’ being. Mermaids, a bit like faeries, have been made into ‘girly’ creatures whereas the Black Mermaid is a being of awesome power whose tail could cause considerable waves if she wanted to! My feeling is there is a global memory awakening of the times before the Great Flood when humans lived between sea and land as Mermaids, Seal people and other Lemurian and Atlantean beings.

    This eclipse has very important Trans-Neptunian planets and to support this Quaor the Trickster is aligned to the Galactic Centre. With this and Uranus trining the Sun we could have some very unexpected events happening on the World Stage. Tomorrow is Blue Cosmic Monkey day and a day of Sirius Hyper Plasmic Enlightenment so the Trickster energy does seem to be inviting some quality play time! If your world gets turned upside down, see the funny side!

    The Trans-Neptunian nature of the eclipse suggests it is psychically stretching the boundaries of our Solar System which to some degree, from an archetypal level defines our Human limitations. We are opening to these new archetypes at a deeper level than ever before. Only time will tell how that will shape the future.

    The High Priestesses birthing the Holy Grail Juno, Hygeia and Astraea are in tight conjunction in the early part of Capricorn. They are weaving their magic and birthing the new Divine Feminine consciousness.

    To read my recent blog about our visit to the Mermaid of Zannor visit



  3. Those were some wonderful pieces to read, thank you for sharing all that you gave to nurture this garden here, too, Feilla! It’s nice to come here, I learn so much, some days more than others, of course. This place is full of amazing people sharing about other amazing people and from their own well-earned in(ner)sights.

    I’m sorry for having been so disengaged. I have been very sick for a couple of months, ever since I took those antibiotics that messed up my whole gastrointestinal system (they wipe out both good and bad colonies all at once)…..and just when I am barely beginning to have somewhat better conditions…wham….I get hit this morning with intense, major allergic reaction to something in the air! It rained a whole lot last night, and hard, and I have a feeling it’s mold spores. It got better at work this morning inside for a few hours, but when I went outside to get the mail in the early afternoon, my runny nose, sneezing, burning watery eyes all began again, with a vengeance. My nose has been running like a faucet, non-stop, since about 2 a.m. in almost exactly the same way I had been flushing like a water main break out of the opposite end for months on end. Jeez….can I even catch a tiny break? I’m just trying hard to keep my balance and wits about me, and tend to everything that all of a sudden seems like my body has been relatively screaming at me to take care of it! So I’ve pulled away and was hoping to just save my energy for my body. So strange to have reduced almost to a total stop of the flow from the bottom….but now I’m dealing with an equally intense flow from the top?!!! What gives? I hope soon to get all cleared out and my system will have done its necessary reboot, or whatever this is!

    I didn’t go out and watch the solar eclipse. I’m not sure why I didn’t want to engage it more directly, I peeked a few times before and after, while I was home sick on Monday.

    I’m looking forward to Bill’s next post. I have a feeling it’s going to mirror something and be a synchronicity in some way for me, that was happening over each of the last 3 newer posts he’d made.

    I’m still thanking Mother~Father God and also now Mother Earth and Mother Nature every morning….and praying for them (and us) to enjoy seeing some little baby woolly mammoths frolicking on the tundras of earth again.

    Suzanne I was reading in your blog yesterday and so appreciating all that you had shared of your journey. You are truly amazing, courageous and inspirational!

    Hey, do you guys remember that little wackadoodle bird that I talked about a few months ago? He’d come and bang on the kitchen window in a fly-by every morning, or hang off various screens on windows in my office and in the kitchen and on the porch….and sing to us or fly up and down over and over until somebody went “hey, what was that noise?” haha He did it to every window in the house except the front living room window, we saw him all the time, heard him every morning, he’d greet me everywhere I turned…inside….and outside!!! If we heard a banging noise we instantly knew it’s him….and we’d look and sure enough there he was….come on guys…let me IN!!!

    I kinda thought he was my little messenger, after that word I got from P&G that meant messenger. Well now instead of beating himself up crazily, and constantly, now he doesn’t even come to any of the windows any more at all, and he’s giving the car/truck side mirrors a break too. Much to my husband’s pleasure, since he had to keep cleaning them all the time! Now Little Bird hardly ever sings when I go outside….but when he does decide to serenade me and Layna, he likes to perch on top of the wood pile! Then he’ll usually fly over to the other side of the house, into the little evergreen by my “rock garden”. So he’s around and I get to hear and see him sometimes, but he’s FINALLY become a less wackadoodle and more normal bird! LOL Plus I think he got a girlfriend. I’d gone outside sometimes around a month ago and heard him singing and I heard this other similar birdsong replying back to him from somewhere up in the meadow, near the high point, to the right of “Kid Rock” (yes, we named a rock after a rocker, it was my husband’s idea. It’s the only one of the rocks in our meadow that even has a name. LOL). So Little Bird has hopefully been settling down with a friend, and hopefully will just spend the rest of his life a normal, everyday, average bird! I must have gotten the message I needed from him, he was a persistent little bugger, too! It’s funny but I saw him as so very narcissistic admiring himself in windows and mirrors constantly, plus clamoring for our attention, and he wasn’t behaving normal at all. He was attached to the wrong things for his nature, for what he’s supposed to be doing and focused on. So I saw it as a mirror for me, like I was doing the same thing, clamoring for attention, knocking on the wrong doors/windows. Yup, that’s me, sometimes! I took that whole month off from having any communication with anyone. I wasn’t feeling well at all…..the “medicine” they gave me made me quite terribly ill….nearly the longest stretch I can ever remember of being sick like that. trying to learn from that little bird, like I do NOT need to beat myself up, or need a lot of attention, to get by and be happy. I had been beating myself up SO BADLY, for so long time, especially socially and now being able to be there for others when I’m barely even “there” for myself. I felt like I needed to just take a total break and reset myself. So I think that’s why I got the message he came to impart, to try to love and admire myself more often (hehe be a narcissist, love who I am, all of it)….which he sure did a lot of that with every single pane glass window and car and truck mirrors (my husband has 3 trucks that run)….and that I don’t need to keep beating myself up, because I’m not getting in (or getting what I want and thought I needed)….no matter how hard I try! So better to just take it easy, rest and recover, refocus on a more achievable, realistic target.

    hehe Now I’m pouring out of my mouth/hands in letting the flow become expressed in written format. Hopefully you all will forgive and indulge me for “oversharing”. I just wanted to explain a little bit of what’s been up, what I’m observing and tending to.

    On the road to a better, healthier, happier me. I toast the same to all of you, too, dear Rainbow Tribe.

    • Dear Barb, may Archangel Raphael & the Collective prayer and blessing from the hearts bring you the most powerful healing energy, to cleanse, to purge and to recover, even to renew !!! May the astral crystal pyramid helps to shield you from the harm, the bacterial infection et al, and enhance the healing power & rejuvenation. Your dedication is undoubtedly so watched and blessed by the one high. May this transit of renewing of the ALL proceed much more smoothly !!! Please take care, all the lovely ones !!!

      thanks to

  4. Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn – Co Creation in the 2017 LeMurian Eclipse @ Earth-Keeper
    thanks to

    Archangel Metatron via Tyberonn

    Co Creation in the 2017 LeMurian Eclipse

    Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet you in a vector of unconditional love.

    The total eclipse that will occur on August 21st, is an opportunity for enlightened humans to influence the planet for the better.

    Make no mistake, this eclipse is extraordinary, and the energies and frequencies that it will cascade upon the planet & mankind will influence the entire planet. New beginnings, new life can be spawned, for the Universe is aware of what is occurring, and if approached in high intent, you may implant the codes of unconditional love, seeding the coming Golden Age.

    The Meditation

    During the window of the solar eclipse extraordinary units of life force, termed as Adamtine-Essence (or Akash) will vigorously stream into your dimensionality of the earth. When you meditate within this influx of consciousness units, your ability to co-create, to convert hi-intent into manifested reality is exponentially amplified.

    We ask each of you to do the following:

    Find a place to focally meditate at some point during the eclipse maximum. The actual window of maximum will be from 11:00 AM PDT thru to 3 Pm EDT.

    Use your own technique, but the use of a crystal will assist in the amplification. Of highest intent.

    Visualize Golden Energy of Harmony & unconditional Love bathing the planet, and bringing harmony and Divine Love to all Beings.

    Unique Phase of Planetary Cleaning:

    You are in a unique timing in which planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces that are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. Accordingly, the Total Solar Eclipse occurring on Monday August 21st will have a more potent impact on the planet, than any experienced in many centuries

    But as always, intent matters on the planet of free will. You must be the change. If one becomes fixed in conflict or anger, and the aura is fractured, it can also lead to eruptions of spewing negativity. We urge each of you to make time, to take time to focally mediate, to visualize highest good for the planet & for humanity during this magnificently coded Total Eclipse of the Sun.

    Divine Coding:

    Dear Humans, nothing occurs on the ‘Planet of Duality’ which is not over-viewed by that termed ‘divine’. Accordingly, it is no random astronomical occurrence that has attached an unrealized, and indeed unimaginable divine coding to this rare total eclipse which will sweep across the heartlands of the United States. Seeded in the light are crystal codes, both of Divine Source, and of higher human desire of noble intent.

    Clearly, there is an ongoing turmoil on the planet. As we have shared, the crysto-magnetics are shifting, and this in terms of polarity physics, is in part the mechanical driver enabling the ‘Pandora’s Box’ scenario now taking place. Be aware there is a method to the seeming madness. It is in effect…the requisite ‘lancing of the boil’…the cleansing.

    Your Edgar Cayce predicted many decades ago, that unless the current world powers & ‘western’ 1st world governments become more equalitarian in their care of all people, of all ‘citizens of the earth’, then ‘planetary-power’ would shift. He also stated that from ‘Russia would come the hope for the world’.

    Editor Inserts:

    Edgar Cayce Reading 3976 – 29: “What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world… EC 3976-29

    Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-24 : “Unless there is, then, a more universal oneness of purpose on the part of all, this will one day bring – here – in America – revolution! ” EC-3976-24

    Insert: According to author & Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, John Van Auken, additional Cayce readings indicate that in time China will come to represent altruistic values, based upon the higher tenets of freedom and (Buddhist & Christian higher spiritual aspects), and that unless the ‘western’ governments of the world change to support all people, then the fulcrums of world power will move into areas of the world for a new start, based upon a better format of caring & fellowship, one to another.

    (Q) “What should be the attitude of so-called capitalist nations toward Russia?” (A) “On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world. Then that one, or group, that is the closer in its relationships, may fare the better in the gradual changes and final settlement of conditions as to the rule of the world.” – Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-10

    EC Reading 452-6: “For changes are coming, this may be sure – an evolution, or revolution, in the ideas of religious thought. The basis of it for the world will eventually come out of Russia; not communism…No! But rather that which is the basis of the same, as the Christ taught – his kind of communism (meaning caring for one another, for fellow man…). ” Edgar Cayce Reading 452-6

    Divine Cosmic Coding:

    Please take note, as we repeat emphatically… in the present time, the planet of duality is in a very unique timing. Planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces, which are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. This is quite obvious, is it not?

    That termed the shadow, the darkside is in a temporal free-flow for a peculiar period of frequencial time to bring to the surface repression and frustrations, whether justified or not, to be confronted, viewed and dealt with in the crucible of human experience and mankind’s current manifest reality. That which was hidden or repressed is being percolated to the top.

    Past transgressions and unresolved conflicts that may have been hidden will surface in this time for facing and responsibly clearing. It is a time of misunderstanding, of over-reaction and illusion. It is an energy underscored by extremes, in inappropriate expressions of repression, a backlash of frustrations that may be revealed in an unjustified explosion of untoward venting in releasing that which was in ‘shadow’.

    Yet we assure you that the event of this eclipse equally offers an opportunity for the savant among you to ‘directly influence’ the pattern of requisite purging, in free will, to highest good, into the better course, and it is indeed incumbent upon you to do so.

    Dear Humans, before we continued on this poignant topic, we wish to add a point. The ongoing turmoil on the planet clearly signals to humanity that the complex, deeply embedded issues of conflict, whether of religious, territorial basis or concerning social equity and inequity, must be resolved.

    These have surfaced many times before without resolution. However in the energy of the New Earth, such issues will not just go away. In the energy of your ‘present’ linear time, such conflicts will absolutely percolate to the surface and remain there until they are confronted and justly settled. Many of these are dramatically emotionalized due to past repression, but the core issues must surface and must be faced. When such challenges arise, another round of what may be termed ‘ resolution therapy’ begins in temporal rhythmic patterns…albeit in this case, a continual rhythm.

    Masters, conflicts & issues of human equality cannot be treated with a quick-fix medicine or a safety-valve treatment of letting off ‘steam’. Equality and justice must become ideals that are actualized in the New Planet Earth.

    And in the year 2017, these issues will continue to be raised on a global scale.

    Divine Purpose

    Now, as we proceed with a more in-depth explanation of the astro gravities permeating the earthplane in 2017, let us take a moment to once again tell you that nothing that is happening around you in the present is without purpose.

    Although opposites (and as such dark energies) exist in duality, good and evil in your terms are purposed illusions. From the higher stance above polarity opposites do not exist, and everything is part of and leads to the greatest good. Earth is a testing ground, and although the experiences you have in duality are very real to you, such essential lessons are designed for your development of co creatorship. You are learning & growing. Each of you are being taught, and you are simultaneously learning to optimally manage energy in order to become conscious co-creators with ‘All That Is’, Creator God in your terms.

    One of the “stages of development” or learning processes in the University of Duality includes dealing with opposites as realities, with good and evil. And because these opposites exist in duality, it is requisite that you choose ‘good’ in the path of love.

    The struggle between light and dark, good and evil is within you all. Some of you exude light; others of the family of humanity do not as yet. Learning to find unity is part of your curriculum. This represents a unification, and integral whole that you cannot as yet truly grasp in the field of duality because in 3d-duality you largely perceive only portions of reality, not the whole. Opposites are real in polarity, and accordingly you must learn to deal with them

    Do not misunderstand, darkness must be confronted and light ever prevail… and although above duality good and evil do not actually exist in higher realms, they are indeed actualities of 3d, as conditions of existence in your system of reality. In rather simplistic terms, concepts of good and evil will in time serve to teach you the sacredness of existence and the responsibilities of consciousness, and provide guidelines along your path.

    Coded Energy Packages

    It is absolutely a natural synergy that the eclipses, solstices, equinoxes & astronomical patterns provide downloads of coded influx. For these events truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique events for such transfers. That is why they have been revered as days of introspection, prayer and meditation in ancient cultures and in many current spiritual sects.

    Now the 2017 eclipses take on an even more unique quality, in terms of offering catalystic energy triggers of change both individually and for the planet. And in this specific purposed frequency the eclipses, solstices and equinoxes of 2017 and beyond, are magnified exponentially.

    Fear Not…

    The enlightened among you must take leadership position. You must add energy to the advent of human ascension. It is not our role to create it for you. Humanity must be the co-creators, must be the change. We have shared with you previously that the ascension, despite the outward doubt, despite the naysayers, is indeed on track. You have created it. It will occur. It is occurring now.

    Fear not ! You did not come this far to have it all taken from you. The global cataclysms, the nuclear wars, the economic free fall into chaos will not occur.

    However, those who chose to focus on such negativity may in the planet of free-will, bring such occurrences into their individual lives & individual experiences through the Law of Attraction, if they chose to do so. But these will not occur on a global scale. Listen not to the naysayers !

    The spiritual elders & wise leaders among you have chosen to be on the planet at this time to direct humanity thru the cleansing, and to provide the creative powers of Love.

    Question from J Tyberonn: The current political situation in the United States seems to have added to the polarity. Can you address this situation?

    Archangel Metatron: Only to say that in the planet of free will, humanity is given the power to co-create. As we have shared, humanity has chosen the path of ascension, and

    a clearing is requisite, not by global holocaust, not by economic chaos, but by facing the challenges.

    Masters, we tell you once again that the Ascension of the Planet did indeed occur. It is essential you understand this and not lose faith. There are ever the naysayers and will continue to be those that question, even among those on the path, that any real changes actually took place after December 21, 2012.

    The Planetary Ascension did take occur, and those of you of light made it so. However, we want to clarify it is the graduation of the Planet Earth, an expansion into 12 Dimensions that has taken place. It is the ascension of the planet that has made the coming ascension of humanity possible.

    New Beginning

    So we will tell you that the Ascension is a new beginning. In 2017, the Earth continues further into the new format which will allow for humanities ability to rise lucidly, further ascend consciously into higher dimensions. The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that is absolutely enabling humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multidimensionality.

    Do not forget that the planet of Free-will, the University of Duality, is a purposed illusion, a credentialed course in which you enrolled to learn the art of responsible co-creation. If it did not feel real, you would not learn….indeed the pain and the joy experienced are real, and are you’re created manifested choices, but probabilities eventually lead to ascension.

    We assure you that a new sun has dawned, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is exponentially amplified. This occurs more rapidly in the New Energy of 2017 – 2020- 2038. So your roles take on a new importance, a greater benevolence, as your creation powers increase in that termed the Aquarian Shift.

    Understanding the Astro-Mechanics of Eclipses:

    Masters, Eclipses are multidimensionalapertures that combine light, planetary frequencies, geo-gravities and collective thought. Eclipses offer a unique pallet for both Divine Thought and higher vibrations of Human Collective thought to be imprinted. A lunar eclipse can only occur on a full moon, and a solar eclipse can only occur on a new moon. Both succinctly define & add unique patterned potency to the eclipse. Eclipses are often viewed by humanity as singular events, but we would tell you otherwise… lunar and solar eclipses are ever in direct linear sequence, and are thus, a singular frequencial event, far more layered, far more complex than you currently recognize.

    Eclipses uniquely alter the wavelengths of light and effect gravity. Gravitational anomalies as well as torsion effects occur during eclipses. These are speculated in your current science as the Allias and Saxi effects.

    Eclipses were understood by more advanced ‘past’ societies as extremely significant events that permeated the dimensional fabric of reality within the earthplane. The Atlanteans referred to them as infinity points, because for the period of the eclipse, linear -time stops for a brief interlude of infinity. (The word ‘eclipse’ comes from the Atlantean language and was interred into the language of ancient Greece, meaning to conceal or ‘cease to exist’.)

    Eclipses emit a ‘percussive’ energy wave of coded coherency that permeates the earth and affects humanity. Coherency opens the pineal and elicits a specific response from both the cells of the human body physical and the energy construct of the etheric body. In a manner of speaking time as you know it is altered during the phase of eclipses, especially when both a lunar and solar occur within a relative proximity to apexial points of solstices and equinoxes. This is taking place through 2017. And while it creates intensities, it also opens extraordinary ‘dimensional doorways’ of consciousness. Dream states are more lucid in these rare phases, and altered states within waking consciousness are also differentiated.

    The pulse of thought, of life force is varied in subtle but very meaningful ways. Windows of reality are opened, horizons of beingness are extended. Space-Time is briefly changed. Higher states of ‘Eternal Now’ simultaneous time are enhanced, allowing for a truly embellished phase of multidimensional clarity.

    You are aware that ‘sacred sites’ are planetary powernodes within vectors on the earth embellished with a greater concentration of life force units… (Also referred to as Adamantine or Akashic Essence). Eclipses emit for a period of time a concentrated wave-stream of creative life force particulate. This energy bombardment can be seeded with inserts of ‘Divine’ pattern thought as well as the higher intent of humanity on both the conscious & unconscious level. This energy will affect all of you on some level, to varying degrees whether or not you realize it. But how you utilize it, whether consciously or unconsciously will depend on your focus, knowledge and light quotient.

    Part of what is happening now and will happen in the collated energy of the meteoric events in October & November of 2017 will be the spontaneous involuntary release of the ongoing overcharged emotional states.

    Unique characteristic feeling-tones are embedded by humanity into the resonant vibratory field of an eclipse. Emotional tensions, such as the extremes provoked by the current ‘energy cocktail’ on the planet can be more easily brought back into a more normalized level. Eclipses carry an energy that can stabilize hormonal imbalances, in much the same manner that the electromagnetism of certain latitudes and altitude elevations provide balance to the human body and emotions.

    Question from J Tyberonn: Are you saying that eclipses effect human biology and emotional states?

    Archangel Metatron: Human biology and indeed the mental and emotional fields are absolutely influenced by the dimensional & human mind collective environs of the Earth. Your environment includes far more than you consciously perceive, including gravity waves, light frequencies, ionic ratios and mineralogical vibrations of the planet. Your physical body has a cellular consciousness operating biologically, so that hormonal and bio-chemical balances are directly affected by the light format & matrix of the planet. Eclipses have an impact because they project differentiated light, alter gravity and are coded with conscious life force that enables greater ‘consciousness-interface’. Accordingly, a release as well as re-calibration can take place.

    Simply put the cells of your body respond to the embellished light & life force in somewhat the same manner that plants in shadow heliotropically seek to grow toward sunlight. The effect however, is much more than skin deep, not simply biological, it aligns the integral beingness and offers a prolific window into higher self, a window that is unique and specific to the period of human evolution and light quotient.

    All post 2012, eclipses are part of a greater ‘whole’. All are coded. Therefore the mega eclipses of Year Five of the New Earth, of August 2017 are not only frequencially connected to the unique Eclipses of 2015 and 2014, but also to the potent eclipses to come between the present and 2020,up thru 2038.

    The intensity of the present will remain high, but what occurs in August of 2017 will allow a necessary venting, somewhat of a temporary pressure release within the caldron of chaos that will be ongoing, especially in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

    As we have previously shared with you, the nodes of solstices and equinoxes are programmable. The mega tandem eclipses taking place in August 2017 are highly coded. More so than any you have experienced in the recent past. Such programming will continue in order to format the 2038 Return of Light. There are Laws of Physics and indeed scientific attributes to eclipses that are not yet recognized or fully realized in your current academia. Your science disregards the sacred, and the sacred yet omits the scientific. This will in time change, but each of you on the path of ascension must take the individual & mass responsibility of making it so.

    Each of you should make dedicated time on the dates of the 2017 eclipses to go deep inside. You will discover an extraordinary opportunity to experience higher realities. You will find dream states are far more lucid, and an opportunity to resolve personal issues is afforded. But it is imperative that dedicated time be allotted.

    The myriad effects are particularly conducive to both receiving and enabling codes. And that is why eclipses have always been apertures in which energetic frequencies can be entrained within their structure. The conjunct (direct) alignment of earth, moon and sun that enables eclipses can occur between four and seven times in each year. The more eclipses, the greater the energy coding in any given year. The next occurrence of 7 eclipses is in 2038, and that is indeed significant. But what is happening in your present is also extremely important in preparation for the changes.

    The 2017 Eclipses Are Apertures

    The August 2017 mega tandem Eclipses are coded, and are seeding the hallowed return of Light. We have told you that the Cristos Energy returns to the Earth in 2038. In terms of Polarity this is the energy of Light. What is occurring in the present are in part the final throes of the dark energy, innate to duality, in a futile attempt to block the return.

    We tell you the Return of Light will occur and cannot be thwarted. And so a requisite purge must take place and is indeed taking place, the rare energies that are taking place represent an astrology of cleansing, a crucible effect !


    Masters, the seeming chaos & turmoil in the present are not without purpose. Yet within this crucible of cleansing are windows of extraordinary energy that are opportunities of co creation.

    Those of you of Light will also be able to utilize the eclipsical energies on the planet for co creating the world of love, of Humanities Ascension. And remember that Ascension occurs one heart at a time…what you do individually and how each of you reacts adds to the collective. One candle can brighten the path for masses. Be the change, be the example !

    In the eclipse energy of August 21, create the New Earth, Create Harmony & Love in highest Good!

    I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved.

    And so it is…And it is So…

    thanks to

  5. Thank you Robin, thank you so much for your ceaseless gardening. I seem still somehow in some dormant or at least lethargic state, can only share something in the same thread. It’s a long time that I’ve never been so intrigued that I cannot stop watching. However, owing to both my cultural and linguistic limits, I have difficulty to digest that sufficiently. I’m so grateful for the caption which is offered. May you all have a nice adventure, too !!!

    I cannot be shocked more when hearing and seeing the term “mammoth” [in the very beginning]. Even not only so….

    • Strange that this came up after I clicked in the picture. However, when I copied the address, the page of the browser shows “This page is unavailable.”

      David Moir / Reuters
      A tourist takes a photograph of the cube carvings on the chapel arches in Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel, the site of a climactic scene in “The Da Vinci Code.” A former codebreaker and his composer son say the cubes lining the chapel’s ceiling can be interpreted as a musical score.

      Melody deciphered in “Da Vinci Code ” chapel
      Stone Patterns in Scottish Church translated into Musical Score

      source :

      By Ben McConville, updated 5/2/2007 2:09:21 PM ET

      ROSLIN, Scotland — Like a plot from “The Da Vinci Code,” a team of code breakers claims to have found music hidden for 500 years in intricate carvings at the church where author Dan Brown set the climax of the best-selling book.

      Father and son team Thomas and Stuart Mitchell say they deciphered a musical code hewn into stone cubes on the ribs supporting the ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel in the village of Roslin, near Edinburgh.

      “Breaking the code was a true eureka moment. It’s like we have been given a compact disc from the past,” said Stuart Mitchell, 41, a music teacher from Edinburgh. “But unlike the fiction of ’The Da Vinci Code,’ this is a tangible link to the past.”

      The music has been recorded, and will get its official premiere in the chapel May 18.

      Musical experts reserved judgment, but did not dismiss the Mitchells’ theory.

      “We have 213 cubes (at Rosslyn), and the possibility that they have something to say is by no means implausible,” said Warwick Edwards, an expert on early Scottish music at Glasgow University. More research is needed, he said.

      Image: Cube carvings
      David Moir / Reuters
      Two cube carvings hang above an angel playing a horn on an arch in Rosslyn Chapel.

      Gordon Munro, an expert on Scottish church music from the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, said, “I have heard the music and it is not impossible, but it can only be a reconstruction that is open to interpretation.”

      “There is a series of shapes they are using, but I could not say if they would read the notes on the chapel ceiling from left to right or up and down,” Munro added.

      The 15th-century chapel, 10 miles (16 kilometers) from Edinburgh, was built by Sir Gilbert Haye and Sir William Sinclair and is steeped in the traditions of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry.

      Ground Zero for symbolism
      The elaborate decoration and the mysterious symbolism have inspired many legends, among them that the building is a replica of Solomon’s Temple and that it is the resting place of the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant or even the mummified head of Jesus Christ.

      Brown’s novel, based on the theory that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and founded a dynastic line which survives today, climaxes at Rosslyn Chapel. “Symbology heaven,” Brown called it.

      Why do coins smell?The Mitchells’ research centered on the ribs of a ceiling in the Lady Chapel. Rows of carved angels play instruments above the columns of cubes.

      The elder Mitchell, 75, who was a code breaker for the Royal Air Force during the Korean War, said he spent 25 years working at the puzzle.

      “Many of the angels had musical instruments and some were arranged as a choir, but there was one angel we couldn’t work out,” he said. “Then we realized she was carrying a musical stave, the lined blueprint for musical composition, and therefore we were looking at a coded piece of music.”

      The five-line stave that Mitchell believes the angel is holding came into general use in the 16th century in the West, music historians say.

      The science of sound
      If the Mitchells are right about the meaning of the shapes, the people who built Rosslyn Chapel between 1446 and 1486 knew something about the science of sound that wasn’t generally known in the West until the 1700s.

      The Mitchells believe the patterns on the cubes are Chladni patterns — created by vibrations of musical pitches.

      The patterns are named for Ernest Chladni (1756-1827), a German musician who is also remembered as the inventor of the glass harmonica.

      Chladni spread fine sand on metal or glass plates, then used a violin bow to make the plate vibrate. Sand gathered in parts of the plate which were not vibrating, creating patterns unique to each pitch.

      Although the patterns are associated with Chladni, the effect had been noted a few decades earlier, by the English scientist Robert Hooke in 1665.

      The Mitchells assert the effect was also known by Gilbert Haye, one of the chapel’s builders, who died in 1513.

      “The Cymatics/Chladni patterns were inspired and found in the art of the ancient Chinese gong making which Sir Gilbert Haye would have discovered during his time in the Far East,” said Stuart Mitchell.

      © 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  6. Again, I want to apologize for all the suffering and delay that caused by me !!! I’m just looking for the pictures for closing this comment. Strange that those of the Knights seem to insistently occur….

    The man who has been called “The Greatest Knight” – This is a casting of Knight Templar Sir William Marshal’s effigy from his tomb at Temple Church, London. It was taken by the Victoria & Albert Museum before damage was done to the original during WWII bombing. His is one of the 5 attributed of the 9 effigies at Temple Church. My 23rd, (x2) 24th (x2) & 26th, GGF.
    thanks to

    Looking at this, I don’ know why….there is the grief buried so deeply triggering the tears. The similar images occurred many times during the meditation….

    Then came up this picture…

    Though the details are indiscernible, it reminds me of one well-sold fiction.

    Roslyn Chapel window by Jeff Wardeska, via Flickr

  7. Thank you, Robin! It’s really speaking on behalf !!! Again, a plus synchronicity with you…..

    I was so wrong about [the film] Dr. Strange. Today, my sister came and happened to refer first to this film. I was too shock for this synchronicity and could not wait to watch it. There are so many lessons which look made exactly for me at the very present [though undoubtedly it’s definitely not merely for me]. We generally are so confident of our habitual way to make sense, to judge things, circumstances according to what we have learned and the very rules we are used to agree with, and forget there are still lots that we don’t know yet, and need to be open to give chance to know more before making the judgment. Ironically, it seems that judgment somehow plays a role which help to define, to make sense.

    After the lessons learned from the very recent suffering and regret, when watching this film, all the precious details of the dialogue cannot be more unforgettable. As it’s known…at the end of the film, it’s the meeting of Dr. Strange and Thor !!!

    This noon, my sister not only referred to this film, but another one representing our very teenage ear on this island. She and I generally don’t watch the films produced locally. However, this one really looks different and can strike our hearts that much. All thanks to various kinds of artists who present these precious works to us.

    There are so many codes which weigh and deserve that attention for this crucial moment.

    Thanks to

  8. I’m still racing with time, and cannot help hesitating how to deal with it, what to speak, what is OK to speak and that would not take to much risk of challenge time. The poems of the Elders have still been ceaselessly shaking me to tear….Honestly, I’ve too much to say…too much that I’m somehow lost, unknowing where to begin.

    Here, thanks again to Barb for all the thoughtfulness and efforts. Quite obviously, the magical effects that LOVE & PASSION from YOU & AL, including Layna, are just like the fruits which are grown more and more, bigger and bigger.

    Here, again a big APOLOGY to Valiant for this trouble maker might have took too much attention to be FIXED. Timing might have already been seriously delayed by?!!! Taking advantage of this occasion, I might finally dare to ask a question which has haunted my mind for quite a long time, if the data that Valiant get occurs like this ??? Or rather no words, nor numbers, but data in some other form, or even no form at all, only Valiant can read??? How fun it would feel like ?!!!

    Something this insufficient one at the rear of the tribe can not only resonate with, but just realize so,
    Science knows only fragments of
    What truly exists
    This must include history.

    Honestly, as I realize I’m the very backward one, I cannot help getting less confident of my own perspective. However, this limited, or even false perspective is still what I can barely depend on to learn, and to grow up. In this kind of condition and circumstances, the subtle teaching from the ELDERS cannot amaze me more for the constant synchronicity which not only shock, but strike til the very core of the heart !!!

    I’ve been wondering if it’s not owing to the very fate, how I can so constantly, even incredibly accurately get the beyond-mundane teachings from the specific ones ??? I’ve wondering the bio stories of these Elders that I cannot admire more, then I should be so lucky to get in time the very stories about the return from South Semi-sphere, and a lovely anniversary with the most intriguing photos???Or the words in me are obviously heard by without any one being left out. Honestly, I still cannot help asking myself if I’m nuts ???

    This is telling me nothing necessarily to hide, how ugly that inside me can be, they just have no way to hide. If I don’t want to suffer more owing to any of this spot, I just have to learn well how to accept them, or even better to transform them. It reminds me of that we are somehow partially in 5D??? I cannot appreciate more for the Elders can just help to treat, even transform them with such incredible WAYS, particularly when I was falling into the very disable state. Yes, just like what Valiant had already revealed and reminded, via various kinds of ART, rather than blame, scold, punishment; besides, elaborating what’s haunting in my mind, but owing to various kinds of ability, I still was/am unable to put into words. I’m still so thrilled for I can be given the most beautiful teachings so many times a day by this descending angels who are raising to helping ascending, like you Valiant do!!!

    I don’t know if this can be a reference of the cursed days.

    What I can tell is they are definitely much much more awful. However, today, all the blessings and the miracles brought by feel so distinct !!! So, here I anyhow have to thank you all who bring the very miracles via the very alchemy to me!!!

    Honestly, in the course of writing this comment, it’s still hard to be relieved of the frustration, as my linguistic capability is far not sufficient enough to put them into words.

    Without your sharing, honestly, I cannot help feeling trapped in a very shaft bottom. The words from any one of you, reflect your experience, visions, sensitivity, wisdom….all are of ART. With regards to this subject, I’ve thinking to share my own perspective with regards to the cultural observation, being an Oriental descendant, more familiar to a very different language of a totally different linguistic system….maybe some other time.

    Language is not just a language, it reflects and reveals how we sense, feel, make sense, express, communicate…etc. It’s the first time in my life that I can feel so happy to learn a language, even much much more via a language this way WITH YOU !!!

    This is my midnight that my mind is starting losing its clearness. Nevertheless, I anyhow don’t want to delay this ideas, gratefulness more.

    Something I don’t know if make any sense that I seemed to dream of Dr. Strange last night. I still have not watched the film yet, and would have no time to read the comic book. Pity that after knowing that the film version got so different from the comic book, I somehow lose my interest to watch. I’ve been asking myself what this is to remind of ??? This has something to do with Valiant? or some subject which keeps occurring is the wisdom inherited in, on or even beneath that plateau ???

    I just watched the Oblivion (2013) last week, after a very long expectation. Honestly, I am not as impressed as I could have expected after watching it. Then what just occurred to me is that both directors of this film and Jupiter Ascending (2015) have Polish ancestry; besides, the actress of Ukraine origin seemed selected for this origin on purpose. I’ve not read yet the related discussion in the critics, but guess this has already been noticed and refereed?!!!

    Some other topic that I don’t want to miss here…about ANNIVERSARY, as there should be numerous significant anniversaries in this month. Various kinds moods entwine and rise when this is talked. Here, may all who have special anniversary this month have the most SWEET fete this month !!!

    How much I hope to read more stories from you, anyone of you !!! Here, again, my HIGHEST APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE to BOTH THE MALE & FEMALE ELDERS and al, the TRIBE !!!

    thanks to

  9. “IT IS THE TIME OF THE DOUBLEHEAD SERPENT STAFF…” -Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy



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