The Universe brought me back.

Falling leaves
This drawing is done by me according a challenge that I did on Facebook. The challenge was falling leaves with colors burgundy, olive and copper. I thought this was a nice drawing to come back with as it shows also rebirth for me. Copyright Liesbeth Swenne

I decided after a major operation in 2015 I needed some time for myself. I thought it would be only 1 year but now it is almost two years. And funny enough, on the verge of a new operation scheduled on the 18th of October, the Universe brought me back to write again on this blog. I have much to tell of the spiritual endeavors I have been having in those two years and the ones that are still coming. As for my dreams, I will start to write them down again in January 2018 as I still will be recovering from the operation.

It’s nice to start writing again , even though I never stopped writing in my spiritual diary. I also picked up my art as shown above. I also would share articles that I feel that I can correlate too and feel positive. No more fear mongering messages.

As for now I want to share this amazing podcast from Jennifer O’Neill about dreams. Some questions about my dreams are answered, some are still unanswered.

Have all a nice Sunday.




  1. Dear Lisa, so GREAT to see THE Renewed YOU along with this amazing work by you…so GREAT !!! I just left a message here last night, however, could not finish it in time. Then owing to a series of dramatic troubles, I could not retrieve them.

    There are lots of synchronicity with you, as always….particularly that OWL/FALCON, Goddess, and TREE, LEAVES !!!

    I was looking for the pictures for this comment for you, strange that every time….here comes the HARES, the code which has haunted me everywhere !!!

    Elsa Beskow. From “Children of the Forest”

    Just like this AWESOME NEWS brought by you, this week feels like a threshold which separates two eras???

    My beloved sister, you are the one who just turned to the very new page for the collective !!!

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