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leslee hare

Been pretty bored lately.

Life goes on, not much that’s exciting. No drama to stir me up and get the juices flowing. No moral dilemmas like I used to scream for answers over. Plenty’s happening, but I roll with it more. Maybe I can thank the concussion for that. Slowed things down. Or maybe it’s the cat that came to live with me.

Was a time when I’d ask questions of Heruka. I kept an endless list. So many things I wanted to understand. I trusted my Buddha guide had all the answers, and I could take ’em to the bank.

Slowness and boredom have given me time to reflect.

I think it was in 2012. Maybe 2011. Still carried a pendulum bracelet everywhere with me. I’d reached the point where I no longer thought twice. Would pull it out of my pocket, drape the chain over a fingertip, and…

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  1. TB Iris ‘Adelia’ (Bianco, 2011)

    The iris’s history is rich, dating back to Ancient Greek times when the Greek Goddess Iris, the messenger of the gods and the personification of the rainbow, acted as the link between heaven and earth.
    source : https://www.proflowers.com/blog/history-and-meaning-of-iris

    Dear Leslee, so nice to be able to read again your stories, even appreciate your nice art works in various categories. If feels so CREEPY that most of your architectural design should look even much more than déjà vu…This is saying I do have been present there, even not only once in these spaces which were created following to your design or that you have perceived from some other space-time ?!!!

    If I’m not wrong, it seems the very symptoms of the AUTHENTIC ARTISTS, being BORED with the MUNDANE, cause’ YOU you see and know how the BETTER LIFE or WORLDS can be. So you have just be driven to create, to create, to create in various ways, manners, media, to FACILITATE, inspire, even impel the relatively sleeping ones to (know to) reach those realms of higher vibration. Pls allow me to remind of what we can discover in archaeology is all those designed by the architects, artists like YOU,who SHAPE the life, even worlds of lots ones’ life !!!

    I’m somehow frustrated for my limited capability to speak of something abstract. Wealth…according to my observation, it seems rather the ones who aim at it as a very goal gain it. How much I appreciate you express in speaking of the very dilemma that most of us can inevitably confront with.

    As always, so nice see Troy’s this response here…You both do initiate a thread to invite more conversation, don’t you? There is indeed some magical energy here, as I just felt. Then, a question here is what’s DMV?

  2. Love your writing style Leslee, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. Thank you!

    We are here because eternity is boring. We actually have a tendency to resist wealth because it takes us closer to the infinite state of being. But sometimes in the odd lifetime it is nice to be reminded of that in the “real world”.

    Many problems in the world are because of our separation from the infinite state. I don’t think we should feel too much blame or angst that we’re here, it’s just a fleeting experience until we go on to the next one.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that actually I don’t get bored anymore. Knowing that this temporary state is a gift, I try to take it all in and enjoy the diversity and range of experience that I’m presented. I never thought I’d say this, but I look forward to sitting in the DMV, and just watching and listening to all the people feeling put out that they’re there. It’s precious time to be left alone with my thoughts. Perhaps this active meditation is cheating there… but it works like a charm!

    I do have a good laugh at the Christians who think that this is “it,” and then they go to heaven because they Did The Right Things (or did the wrong things but expected everyone ELSE to do the right things!). This often means not enjoying life for all it has to offer…

    I hope you never stop creating your art… it’s just awesome!

    …so what’s new with you? 😀

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