Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Real Encounters in the Night…

It’s Time Now.
In no way is this made up, or some form
Of over active imagination…but some would
Have you think so…

Sometimes things happen that you can not
Explain, and often you wish they never
Happened…But when things…reoccur, and
Then connect, over and over again…then you
Are forced to face them. Like it or not.

I was told never to share this until I
Was 45, I’m 46 now…so I’m telling it
Unlike ever before.

It started when I was 5 years old, on
Christmas Eve…I thought it was a dream…
But over the years it continued, here and there…
At what must have been pivotal moments?
Visits in dreams…that became much
More, by these magical people…
Now, I will add that I have known others
That were also visited…by what they called,
The Sky People. They just know things,
And they just come. Some make false
Claims, but they know who they are…

They always told me I would do things one
Day, important things…And I always laughed
And said, yeah right. People will make fun
Of me left and right…And they warned me
About this too…hint.

They have been so accurate in what they
Told me…so much so, that I was literally
Scared to see them; and they know this too.
They do not come charging in like some
Specter with proverbs, it’s not like that at all.
I just can’t explain everything, it’s impossible.
And honestly some things have to be private.

Some know. They have always asked
Over the years…Just how much did they
Tell you? Enough.

So here it is…How they really made
Their BIG impression. I was 7 years old,
It was the Spring of 1980…March.
I was in the second grade…I have
I have never forgotten a single detail.

One night, I was simply trying to fall
Asleep, when I heard voices…coming from
My pillow, like echoes. It was weird, it
Made me nervous, so I tried to ignore it.
But the more I ignored it, the louder
The voices became until I had no choice
But to listen.

They called my name over and over and
Kept asking me to listen. They said
They wanted to help me, but asked
Patiently, “Will you trust me, trust us?
We’re your friends. All that we are
Asking is to be your friends, say that
You will be friends and trust
Us and we will help you.”

It was ridiculous; I just laughed. They
Asked over and over until I finally
Said, “OK, I will be your friend.” They
Were very happy and said, “We will help you.”

When I fell asleep, a woman came…
One I had seen before, but only at Christmas
Eve. She was beautiful, and almost seemed
To glow because she was bathed in this
Hazy bright light. She sat on my bed,
And I said, “I remember you…”

She said, with a very kind, sincere smile,
“I’m here to help you. We are friends, right??
You remember me? You trust me? You know
That I would NEVER hurt you in any way
Ever? I’m here to help you.”

I nodded, “I remember, I know.” I said.
“Help me? Help me how?”

And then she said, “In 3 days something
Is going to happen, something bad…To
Your Mom. But we can fix it. We CAN
Fix it…But you have to trust me.”

I freaked out, of course. “What? Why?
What’s going to happen?”

“Something bad, that’s all I can tell you.
But we can fix it, just trust me.” She said.

“What? Why?” I really got scared hearing
This, even though she was entirely sincere
And kind; seriously, she was. “What’s going
To happen to my mom? What do you
Mean you can fix it? Fix it, how?”

She looked a bit more serious but still
Kind. “Just listen. We can fix it, just
Trust me. I know it’s hard to believe
But we can. But I need you to do
Something for me, us…Now we’re friends,
Remember? One day you are going to do
Great things, important things…things that
Need to be done. No ne else can do this
But you.”

“What? What are you talking about?
Me? No, no…I’m never going to do
Things like that, not important things.
People are crazy.”

She smiled. “I know they scare you. It’s
Different for you. I know about the
Tests, we know. But you have to ignore
Them. Don’t answer their questions. Don’t
Tell them anything about this, about me,
Ever. Not until it’s time. But I’m going
To ask you to do things, strange things,
People will not understand, do not explain.
Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Fear and shock was all I could
Think about. First, they think I am
Retarded because I have a lisp…and
Can’t concentrate in school because
The other kids were vicious; and I
Could hear every whisper and thought
They had. Then the school makes me
Take these IQ tests and boy were
They shocked what they found out!
They wanted to pull me out of school
And put me into some special school
With older, probably meaner kids. Great!
The more I thought about it, the
More I panicked.

“I know this scares you, I know
You’re frightened. But we’re friends and
I’m here for you. We’re watching.” She
Said very seriously. “And we can help you,
And we will. You agreed, remember? Look
At me…you know I would NEVER hurt

“But my family will kill me. The kids at
School…The teachers, Oh My God…” I said.

“They do not know anything.” She
Smiled and laughed. “They don’t know
What they’re doing. I’m not talking to
Them, am I? They’re not my friend.”

I have to admit, the way she said that
Made me smile. And as scared as I was,
She always made me feel better…
Just seeing her. She was not like ANY
Human being I have ever known
Or seen or read about…to this day.
No words can describe them. I am
Always that little boy in their presence.

“But what’s going to happen in 3 days?”
I asked.

“All that you need to know is, that I
Can fix it. When it happens…you
Will know what I am talking about.”
She said very seriously, but kindly. “And
I want you to remember this…about
Our talk. Because everything is going
To be fine. Your Mom is going to be fine.
There is absolutely nothing to worry about
At all with this. We are friends. I will
Fix it. That’s all that I want you to
Think about. Ignore everything and everyone
Else…Everything is going to be just fine.
Because, we’re friends…We have a deal,

“Ok,” I said. “We have a deal. We’re

She smiled, satisfied. “That’s great. Now,
I want you to go back to sleep, okay?
Dream about something nice…But
Remember what we talked about…And
Remember…when it happens…Everything
Is going to be fine.”

“Okay…” And then she was gone…I
Fell asleep…And I always remembered.

Three days later, I was sitting
In class in school…when a teacher’s aide
Nervously interrupted the class to get me.
The kids, of course, were ridiculous…but
The way the teacher’s aide talked to the
Teacher quietly made everyone nervous…
They took me to the office, where my
Grandmother was waiting for me to take
Me home…Everyone I saw was whispering
With wide eyes, with looks of fear unlike
I had ever seen…I went numb.
My Grandmother took me quickly
To the car, and nervously explained…
There was an accident with my mom…
And that she had a little ‘Boo Boo’.

I thought it was crazy. What? A Boo Boo?
They took me out of school because
My mother had a Boo Boo? But then
I remembered the voice, the dream…
That Blond woman…And I said NOTHING.
They took me home…no one would
Explain anything…I was 7, you can
Imagine. Finally, my Grandmother
Told me that my mother had been shot
On the way to the store.

It was a small town…Panic. It made
The news of course. See the attached
Newspaper article.

Two teenaged boys had stolen their father’s
Rifles and gone target shooting in the
Woods…they were shooting
At an abandoned van across an open
Road…Things like this did NOT
Happen back then, it was insane.

And while this became the big
News at the time…I was overtaken
By my own fears…and visitors. I NEVER
Told anyone about this EVER…I told
My Grandmother years later and she made
Me promise never to tell anyone, and
Made me pray to God for these visits
With the Star People to stop.

But I had to keep my promise to them,
I was afraid of consequences. I
Kept the secret, but did ignore my
Grandmother’s advice. She said they
Were evil, I knew they weren’t, they
Never hurt me, not like everyone else.
In fact, they helped me more times than
I can ever tell you. I loved how they
Hated what I was taught in school,
The older I got, the more ridiculous they
Thought it was. So, they gave me answers
So I had time for them.
I did ask them afterwards about
The accident…My Mom was fine.
Everyone called it a miracle…The
Investigators said it could have been,
Should have been, MUCH WORSE…hint.

Now, I have never told my family this…
This is a first for EVERYONE…
However, they do know about the Star
People NOW…They just do not know

Later, the woman appeared…A man
Was with her…but I could not see him,
He stood outside the door. I only heard
His voice and saw his shadow.

I asked them why it had to happen?
I was grateful they fixed it…But still
I was confused why it happened. And
She said, “Because it would have been
Meaningless…and hurtful. It would have
Had a lot of consequences…later. But it
Was fine. I was GREAT…” She kept saying
I would do “Great Things One Day”.
Yeah Okay. Yes, they fixed this…

The man would somewhat reveal himself
Later…that’s all I will say.

The point to this story is…They know
Things…This is not made up. Oh many
Times I wish it was! But then, to be
Honest…they have been kinder to me
Than anyone ever has.

They told me MONTHS in advance
Donald Trump would win the election, and
How people would react…can you believe
I actually wondered about it? But I agreed too.

And this business with teenage violence…
Don’t blame the teachers or the government,
Kids are monsters. Parents should know
That by now…Parents need to know who
These kids are…not turn that over to
Someone else. That will only make more problems.

Lastly, these visitors, yes, they always
Know a lot…And I’m saying it…
It’s not this President to blame…
The Alternative would have yielded
FAR WORSE…things will still happen,
But not as catastrophic as they
Would have been. I wish
People would believe that…kids and
Adults…who’s emulating who?

All I am doing is keeping a promise,
That’s all. But I am curious to see
What they mean…A lot of people
Give bad advice…they don’t ask.

We have a better chance than we did

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