Dream: inter-dimensional shift

I am Arachanaï

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Orange moon in the Johannesburg skies.

I had a dream last night that was quite unusual.

After my meditation I had following dream:

I was driving in my car with my some friends, but there was also an unwanted government person in the back seat. He downloaded a virus in my car, so that my car now drives in a certain direction. The road was dark and it was winter, the snow on the road was high. I told this man from the government that I didn’t want to go that way. But no matter what I did, I went in the direction this man form the government wanted me to go.

We go no further as the snow is to high, it seems we are at an abandoned trainstation. There are rows and rows of people who where walking towards a portal that was in the hands of the government…

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  1. Wow…interesting tread to highlight the relevant subjects. After having shared the dream log last time, I could no longer recall any more dreams which came afterward, till two or three days ago after reading Lisa’s this dream log and these fervent discussion. This dream of Lisa reminds me some similar dream(s) which came some day or even days in this or last week, only that the government guy in my blurred impression, also the most impressive image in that dream felt rather a guy in black suit? with black hat ?! I was running along with some friends ? from him or them. There as as well a car, window….However, nothing more that I can recall.

    In terms of what Nils just referred to, wow…I just learn from the 1st time about NLP. It still takes me time to make out more. Even not only so, I have been wondering if what the viewers of the Controlled Remote Viewing get could by some proportion the images which had been set or even implanted on purpose?!!!

    What the interesting title this photos was given?!!!

  2. Wow, these are amazing comments and a lot of information to ponder on. Lately I follow my intuition and where it leads me, outside or inside of where to look for answers. Thanks to everyone commenting on this for me unusual dream.

  3. Nils, this is what I’ve been wondering. How much can be injected into consciousness without our realizing it? Thinking back to messages I’ve read, or things I’ve heard, these hijackings tend to stand out like a sore thumb. It’s not that the person providing the information is necessarily corrupt… but rather that there could be subconscious hijacking going on. To me the overall message is still valid.

    Robin posted something from the Yellow Rose of Texas, as one example, where an image of Donald Trump, and the idea of him, seems really out of place in the video. This isn’t political… it’s just something that stood out as being really odd.

  4. The control of media and education forms your opinions to make you think you came up with it yourself. This way people are manipulated into supporting or voting for whatever they want you to.
    I’m currently reading on the topic of hypnosis and NLP, it’s explained right away that these methods can be used to create false realities for people and in detail how to place subtle suggestions in a person’s mind.

    Take a look at the works of Milton Erickson and Steven Peliari. It’s right there in the open.

  5. Interesting indeed. I have been hearing lately about some kind of tech (a chip?) that the shadow government has in all vehicles and the switch can be turned on remotely…would explain a lot of “unexplainable” car wrecks, missing planes, train derailments, etc…

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