Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The 3 Visitors of Sodom…

*song* ‘Enjoy the Silence’…Depeche Mode

And the Voice said, ‘If the Weakest is the Best
That you can give, then I shall give
The same in return.’

Apart, and far above this world and all others
Lay hidden a sanctuary world…Forged
To keep secrets safe and Treasures guarded
From all things…Outside of reason, away
From Touch, but most of all, outside of Time.
And to Protect these, a vigilant powerful
Force must exist…to observe and study
The Strategy and Nature of all things. To
This power was named…The Watchers.

Each world there is appointed 1 team…
With a vessel to manage all needs.
The Task…Human and Humanoid type
Life…The Animals, and creatures of all
Kinds…And all things that grow by
Light, such as the Flowers and Plants, and even
The spores of all kinds…

For Earth…
Stationed as 1st Officer, or Captain if you
Need another title…is Apollo…The Tall
Handsome refugee of a lost race. He was
Once proud and arrogant, and perhaps some of
That still remains…But by far, now he is
Noble and strict…a bit of a trickster
And poet as well. He watches all humans.

Stationed next is the 2nd Officer, Ceres.
5th daughter of the Royal House of the
Legendary First Home. She
Watches the Animals of all; kinds…And
Is rather headstrong, determined, loyal…
Exceptionally gifted with the Powers of the
Mind…And absolutely, unforgettably beautiful.

And to the last Station, as 3rd Officer…
Is Camlo. The Quiet and Gentle one…
A scientist. He watches all plant life.
His world was known for its handsome
And very gentle people.

A cataclysm had fallen upon the Earth,
And the survivors were now rebuilding
And repopulating the planet…Once settled
By lost slave ships of humans…The Earth
Was a settled Paradise once, but fell
Quickly to the unbridled nature of
Indulgences and sciences…In hope, a
Small band of humans survived with
Better intentions…but the memories of
The corrupt ways have not been forgotten…
And while the conveniences of their sciences
Were lost…Human nature suffered the
Same tests and trials and temptations it
Always had…which again rose in the lands
As the people spread.

And so there came a time in the History of Earth
That the Watchers sat dutifully at
Their posts…each engulfed in their own
Objectives. Apollo sat at the high seat
Of the bridge making notes on his
Observations, he was constantly wondering
What marvels might next continue.

Then a long silence was broken, as the 3rd
Officer, Camlo, quickly rose from his
Station to make an appeal to the 1st
Officer; something very rare for Camlo.
He stood very quietly, waiting for Apollo to
Raise his eyes from his thoughts to him,
But found himself far too anxious.
“I have a request.”

Apollo blinked and looked up with surprise;
Camlo rarely spoke at all. “Yes?”

“There is a matter I would like to
Address in person.” Camlo went on.
“There is this rare flower that interests
Me in the hills below…on the planet.
It is very special…I would like to go
And gather specimens to study more
Closely…in person.”

“And you ask my permission?”
Apollo replied, stunned.

“Well,” Camlo continued. “This flower
Is in the hills near this city.”

“Oh, I see.” Apollo nodded…understanding
That people would be nearby. “And
Where is this?”

Camlo looked at his scanner device. “I
Believe they call it…Sodom.”

Apollo froze and locked eyes with Camlo
With concern. “You wish to go to the hills
Near Sodom?”

“And Gomorrah.” Camlo answered, squinting
At the expression of concern on Apollo’s face.

Silence fell. This drew Ceres attention fast.
“Is there a problem?” She asked
Staring at them as she brushed her
Long wavy golden hair over her shoulder.
“Let him go and gather specimens of
This flower.”

Apollo turned to Ceres, his eyes rolling
In wayward thought. “Well, this city that
He refers to…is rather…wild in its ways.
It concerns me.”

“Concerns you how?” Ceres asked, as she
Rose to her feet to go and join them. “Is
He defenseless? Are they savages that
He can not manage?”

“Well…” Apollo hesitated as he tried to
Flex and sit tall and strong. “Manage…
Is a strained word here.”

“What is the problem?” Ceres laughed.
“Let Camlo go and gather his flower.
You are acting as though he needs an
Escort for his safety…”

Apollo fought to find the words. He had
Studied human nature for a long time…
And while there was very little he had not
Seen…each world is different. As were
Each of his teammate’s perceptions and
Personalities so different. Camlo was very
Gentle in nature, he was not used to people.
“It is a world as any other, Ceres…
Each has its own tastes…the way they
Choose to grow.”

“This is ridiculous.” She responded. “It
Is just a simple flower. Let him go.” She
Laughed again. “Does this make you
Nervous?” She crossed her arms. “What is
It about Sodom that concerns you? Are
They insane there? Are they violent?
What is it?”

“I can go and come back quickly.” Camlo
Tried to say.

“No No.” Apollo held up his hand thinking
Fast. “I am just a bit curious also. I have
Not walked on the land in quite some time.
Perhaps I should go and stretch my legs,
And accompany you.”
He began to rise as Ceres stood fast in
Front of him.

“Stretch your legs, you?” She laughed.
“The way you stare at yourself…Will
You go undressed to see them move?
There is something working in your

“No, there is not. I have simple thoughts.”
He said, standing up tall.

“Simple?” She laughed louder. “This is
Becoming a theatre. What is going on?
Is there some naïve thing you wish to
Pursue…a boy, a girl? It is well
Known no pleasures escape the great
Apollo.” She eyed him, tilting her head
With her eyes sharp and gleaming.

“I would never give in to temptation here…”
Apollo answered honestly; and he was
Being honest. “This is a juvenile world.”

Ceres matched his strong stance facing
Him. “I have not observed much of those
That dwell here…but there is NOTHING
Of their nature that does not exist
Elsewhere in all universes…
If by comparison at all
This is but a child’s play with
no end. Do they think they have invented
New games? That would be hysterical…
They would be terrified of what exists…
There is no Paradise without walls, only
A fool would think otherwise. Now what
Is going on here?”

“I am merely concerned for Camlo.”
Apollo replied sincerely. “That is all.”

She paused to eye them both carefully.
“Then I shall accompany you as well…
For then…if there is something to see,
I will see it with my eyes, and not your words.”

“Very well.” Apollo nodded. He knew
There was no point in fighting her,
He did deeply respect her in every way.
But the potential for a problem here
Was growing fast in his mind.

As they prepared themselves in white
Robes, something suitable for walking
Below…Apollo thought fast, to send
Out a silent telepathic warning to
The most honest man he knew below…
“Be brave for your heart, Man of
Faith…Pray for the souls of Sodom…
For Judgement comes…That if 50,
40, or even 10 honest, good souls do not
Dwell in Sodom…Then this day may
Be their last.”

So, the team transported down to the
Planet to fulfill Camlo’s request for this
Rare flower. Materializing unnoticed in
The hills just outside of Sodom, they saw
No one. However, sounds of what seemed
Like festivities and strange smoke filled the
Air. Apollo stood tall, but was inside,
Hesitant and nervous. Ceres sensed it
Of course. “Do you know exactly
Where to find this flower Camlo?”

Camlo used his scanner but frowned.
“It should be right here. But I see
None…indications are…this hill has
Recently been cultivated. Someone took
The flowers?”

“Scan more widely, please.” Apollo
Instructed with his brow low and eyes
Studying all directions.

“What is it exactly, now, about this
Sodom you are hiding?” Ceres asked her
1st officer. “Will you say it now or must
I take it from your mind?”

Apollo met her eyes carefully. “They
Are rather broad and insistent with
Their interests there.”

“Oh?” She asked. “How?”

He fought to explain. But it was
Better to be honest and sincere than
Hide it from her; no one lies to her.
“There is very little they do not…
Consume, or partake of.”

“A world of Reptilian territory.” She
Said with a smirk. “imagine that.
Your words are still too brief…”

He met her eyes squarely. “Many
Wealthy and powerful families find
Their pleasures here, and make treaties
Secretly. And so, they indulge themselves
Wildly to encourage this…in all manners
Of pleasure.”

“Lust…intoxication? So…” Ceres responded
“That is nothing new.”

He was about to continue when Camlo
Interrupted. “There are no flowers anywhere.
In this region now…” Camlo scowled
Kindly. “Someone has taken them…all?”

“Your scans show none at all?” Apollo

Camlo studied his scanner. “They all
Seem to be…in the city, in Sodom…
In the center of it?”

Apollo’s expression quickly became more
Serious and agitated. But he had to
Think carefully as Ceres was studying
Him relentlessly. “Only in the city?”
He asked.

“Yes, only there,” Camlo answered. “Can
We go there briefly? I only need a few.”

Apollo breathed hard with a tightness
In his jaw. “Well…” He nearly growled
The word.

“What is it?” Ceres asked. “You are
Making me even more curious now.
If you do not answer, I will insist.”

His eyes opened wide at her. “Insist?”
Apollo responded. “Do you remember
Our policy of noninterference?”

“Yes.” She answered seriously. “As if
That has not been broken…with Noah,

“We swore to never break that again…”
Apollo answered. “We can not…Only
With High Orders.”

“I remember.” Ceres answered. “Why
Would we…has a heavenly messenger

“Now listen Ceres.” Apollo said politely
But strongly. “We must abide, we must…
Perhaps you should return to the ship.”

Her eyes now went wide. ”Return? Now I
Really must see what is in Sodom.”

Apollo understood Ceres passion very well.
She was loyal and powerfully minded…
But by far, she loved the animals…Her
Eyes would fall into a rage in Sodom.

“It’s settled then.” She smiled. “To
Sodom, we go…Just to retrieve Camlo’s
Flower.” And at that she began to

Then Apollo took the lead as he
Guided the three of them to a nearby
Footpath. “Now understand this is
A primitive world…Remember what we
Are taught.”

“None of us are fools, Apollo.” Ceres
Answered. “No one wants to hurt

“No matter what you see?” He asked.

“Why would they pick all the flowers?”
Camlo thought aloud.

“You have the kindest heart, Camlo.”
Apollo said.

“You should really spend more time
Together.” Ceres then said, leaning to him.

“I’m patient.” He responded.

“Oh yes, that’s enough.” She smiled.

“Will you ever then be kinder to me?”
Apollo laughed.

“Of course.” She answered. Then silence.

Apollo simply shook his head and
Laughed quietly as he led them on. Soon,
They came upon louder noises…as a
Wagon came up the path. It had 4
Wheels and was full of people, men
And women laughing. They appeared unkempt
And ugly, groping each other. But what
Was most strange, was the wagon
Was being pulled by two big strong
Looking men in chains, barely dressed…
And their spirits seemed beaten as
Their heads were held low.

“Why are those two men pulling that
Wagon full of degenerates?” Ceres asked
As they paused to watch them pass.

Apollo fought to find words. “They
Have different ways here.”

One of the men on the wagon jumped
Up as all the passengers began to
Leer at the strangers. He pointed to
Apollo. “Hey Stranger, I will give you
A good slap of this if you pull my
Wagon for me.”

Ceres leaned to Apollo. “He’s amusing.
Look Apollo, he appreciates your legs.
Perhaps you take up his offer
And appease the natives. Show him
Your legs.”

Apollo smirked at her and ignored the man.
“He would not appreciate how great
They are.”

“Of course not,” Ceres smiled, “He’s

As the wagon moved on, the passengers
Continued to leer…and call out. “Come
Stranger, show us your skin…” Then
A woman cried out. “I want to see
The bitch naked first.”

Ceres immediately shot her a hateful
Stare. “I hope a wolf eats her.”

“Kindness Ceres.” Apollo laughed.

“I said one wolf.” She returned.

Apollo held out his arm for them to move
On. “We should walk and get to
This flower fast now.”

As they neared the city, Ceres
Grew visibly more disgusted with the
Noises and the smells. “What is it
About this place and their environments?
Do they care about nothing around
Them at all? It appears as if the
World around them is for reckless wastes.”

“It is a juvenile world.” Apollo simply
Said. “They will learn eventually.”

With each step closer to Sodom, more
And more people appeared, and each
Gawked with awe quickly at these handsome
New strangers. Many even stopped and
Stared with gaping jaws admiring them.

“This is uncomfortable.” Ceres whispered.
“Their thoughts are too clear…
These people have an obsessive disposition.”

“Have nothing to learn?” Camlo innocently

“I rather like it.” Apollo laughed. “It is

“Of course you would.” Ceres rolled her eyes.
“Reflections preoccupy you.”

As they moved on, even more
People began to linger…in groups, to stare
At them. The young, the old…men,
Women…The men in particular were
Becoming very vocal with comments;
Nothing subtle was said. Then suddenly
A man appeared, somewhat different
Behaving than the rest. His look of awe
Was more reverent, and he seemed more
Struck with awe than lust; yet lust
Was still there. “My Lords, I am
Grateful for your presence…But you
Should not be here in Sodom. This
Place is not for you.”

“We have come to see your city,”
Apollo said proudly, appearing very noble;
Ceres laughed at his demeanor. “We
Seek simply a small thing…”

The Man bowed his heads before them,
For it was clear they were not like
Mortal men. “My name is Lot, My
Lords…I beg you…Please take rest
And share an evening meal in my home.
This place is beneath you. I fear for you.”

“He speaks Truth.” Ceres said eyeing the
Crowd growing around them. “These people
Are quite below-“

Apollo raised his hand to interrupt her.
“Thank you, but we are not here for
Long. We seek something in the center
Of your city.”

“No, My Lords,” Lot said, “You can not
Go there…Not now, they are preparing
For the festival tonight…You can not- “

“Festival?” Ceres exclaimed. “What are
They celebrating, how disgusting they are?”

Apollo winced. “We seek brief passage only.”

“Please, My Lords, you must come to my
Home,” Lot begged. “You must.”

Ceres pointed to the growing crowd
Around them. “Those men are waving
Their genitals freely at us, and those
Women…their breasts…Has someone
Taken all restraint from them? These
People have no manners at all…even
For primitives- “

“As I have said, My Lords,” Lot told
Them, “This place is not for you.”

“Yet you stay here?” Ceres asked. “Why?”

“I am a tradesman,” Lot said to the
Strangers woman; only the men were
Recognized by title. “I aid in supplying
Them with the herbs and wines
They need, that is all…Please, you
Must come with me.”

“Do you know of this red flower that
Grows in the hills above?? Camlo asked.
“That is what we seek.”

“The passions flower that appeals the
Senses?” Lot answered. “Yes, I deal
With it. My Lords seek it?” He seemed
Surprised, but smiled.

“Yes, we would be grateful if you could
Find some for us.” Apollo smiled
As he stroked his robe. “Then we
Will be on our way.”

Ceres eyed the crowd then raised her
Eyebrow to Apollo. “The crowd is growing
Quite aroused. Those men are particularly
Taken with you. Are you enjoying this?
This is becoming revolting.” She then
Took sight of a small group nearby
Fondling a donkey strangely as they
Watched her. Their minds swelled
With a sick lust, and she sensed it
Clearly…She heard a dog bark and
Cry as she noticed some of the crowd
To begin in sexual acts in public;
Many enjoying this. Then the images
Filled her mind of what these people
Thought, had done…and planned to
Do. “This is unbelievable, this
Behavior…Is that man chasing a dog…
For?” And she gasped. “With
Animals? Dear God…This is
Outrageous…I have heard of these
Extremes, but to see it…This is
Horrifying!” She turned to Apollo fast.
“And you knew this?”

Apollo would not meet her eyes. “It’s
Different for them here. You must
Ignore it…Now.”

“Ignore it?” Ceres grew angry. “How
Can I?”

And then a dark-skinned man emerged
Strutting from the crowd with his
Wife. They were both dressed lavishly
With a horde of followers adoring
Them, even caressing their every
Move. “So, it is true,” The
Apparent leader said with the voice
Of a great orator, “Such handsome
New Strangers to my city…
You do Please the Eyes as
The People told me!” He laughed.

“That one is disgusting.” Ceres
Growled. “His manner, his voice,
His mind…Even his face…The
Large round eyes, expressive and
Indulging…His wide mouth, he speaks
Impressively and boasts too much…
Clever by his forehead, but his
Modest jaw and nose do not support
His ways…What a conniver. Someone
Put him in his position for plotting
Others schemes.”

“Ceres, now you speak too much.”
Apollo said. “Save this for discussion

A little boy then appeared, barely
Dressed…very innocent and bright eyed,
Blond – like the strangers. His innocence
Did not match the people at all. He
Walked up to Ceres, barely 5 years old
And with a tiny voice said, “You are so
Pretty. This for you.” Then he handed
Her…a flower.

Ashe knelt and stroked his cheek and
Took the flower. “Thank you.” She
Fussed over his innocence so, “He is
So sweet, I wish I could take him
Home. He doesn’t belong here.”

Camlo dashed forward. “That’s the
Flower! May I?” He bent to Ceres
To take it and she handed it to him.

“The Fool bends over for us.” The
Leader bellowed. “Quick, some
Man take the gift.”

Camlo stood up with a confused
Look only staring at the flower. “But
This is the flower I wanted, don’t
They have more?”

Apollo winced. “I am sure there are
Plenty, Camlo…I believe he refers
To something else.”

“Come now Stranger, strip for me.”
The leader pointed. “We will have
You tonight…you shall be the prize
Of the festival, everyone will enjoy.”
The crowd roared. He pointed for
Someone to take the little boy away…

“Where are they taking him?” Ceres
Stood viciously unnerved. “These people
Are revolting.”

“He is for the festival tonight… “Lot
Said… “For the Drink of the Gods.”

“What?” Ceres exclaimed, she did
Not like how that sounded at all.

“Ceres…” Apollo said firmly.

Then the leader’s wife stepped
Forward with a group of women eyeing
Ceres. “She is not so fair at all…
The crowd shall take her and
Spoil her pretty face with their
Wine and seed. I can’t wait to hear
Her scream. Look at her hair,” She
Arrogantly pulled at Ceres golden hair
Then and yanked it hard between
Her fingers. “Cut some of it off for me.”

A fast reflex, Ceres slapped the
Woman hard across the face…leaving
A hand print on her skin.
“Garbage, you keep your hands
To yourself and your mouth shut.”

“Now Ceres…” Apollo grew nervous

“She hit me!” The woman cried
And wailed like an infant. “Husband,
Kill her!”

Apollo gasped, then Ceres appeared
To growl. “Try it devil and you
Will never see light again.” Rage
Filled her. “These people are a menace,
No sense nor reason, but their own
Fits of lust to consume them. They
Speak and make the animals look
The wisest…This place is hell. Who
Would tolerate this?” She turned
To Apollo. “Do something! OR I

Apollo thought fast but held his
Patience somehow. He knew these
Peoples ways, unfortunately…but also
Knew the laws they must abide no
Matter what…But once Ceres was
Mad, all hell in fact could break loose…
“Forgive these offers, but we are only
Passersby on a simple Quest…I
Suggest you forget for now and
Back away…Think of other things,
Of your deeds, of what you do
And must…give them a second
Thought…” He was imparting
A will upon the crowd to distract
Them for now. Rage was growing fast.

“Forgive?” Ceres growled. “Liar! They
Are revolting here in Sodomy. Do

“Think on it,” Apollo told them…
“Appease the anger fast…Or
Judgement will fall…there are forces
At work beyond your control…”

And the crowd backed away…for now.

To be continued…





  1. Wow…what a very vivid description which worries not only Apollo and the striking brotherhood between the officers !!! So curious & concerned about the next episode !!!

    Great video, dear Robin. the Dome, the Circle which seem casting Gathering and the Event?!! The melody is as well soooooooooooooo beautiful and magical that the effects ripple, whetting tears….At least, so great to have BRIANNA’s message again, just as the remarkable event.

    I have been thinking to share some things…for days…though cannot be sure this is from our Dave, what this Dave brought has as well been so helpful, even not only so….
    This lady is so genuine who touches, helps….

    So is this one…

    So are our LOVELY SISTERS & BROTHERS. I guess you are hearing the CALL as well….

  2. Mmmm…not much different than what is going on in the shadows of the upper echelons now. It certainly enrages me…I can only imagine how it enraged Ceres…and still does. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this tale.

    Below…a gift for our healing. Courtesy of Sophia Musik. ❤ to all.

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