Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Night Falls on Sodom…

*song* ‘Blaze of Glory’

By Bon Jovi

The Stars sparkled, Fading into a dream,
And the Face of a Lion, strong and
Golden, appeared in the stars, guarding
Them…guarding all secrets, and guarding
Only a rare Few to see…then he
Roared out through his eyes…’I see you…
Show me…’

The Voice within answered; ‘Dear Sandman
Tell me a dream, Tell me what I need to know…’

Return, back then to Lot’s home…as the
Sun went down and twilight came. For night
To Fall on Sodom.

Lot led the Strangers, in their clean white
Robes, through the door of his home. A
Simple house built of clay bricks and
Mortar, with a wooden door and shutters
Over the windows. It had a dirt floor and
Clumsy looking furniture, with ragged looking
Tapestries and the fur skins of various
Animals everywhere. Ceres immediately
Grimaced. “This is…modest.” She said.
“What a dark place.”

“I am sorry My Lords,” Lot said as
He ushered them in quickly, “I do not
Have much, but what I have is yours.
Please come in.” And once inside, he
Quickly locked the door and bolted it shut.

Apollo raised his brow to the sound of
The bolt locking them in as he eyed the main
Room of the house. “And you feel safe here?
You need to lock yourself in?”

Lot began to rush about tidying things.
“My neighbors…sometimes invite themselves
In to take things.” He said nervously
As he cleared the table and gestured
For them to sit. “Please My Lords,
My wife is preparing the evening meal.”
Then suddenly his manner changed
As he roared out harshly, “Wife,
Come now! We have special guests!
Bring food!”

Ceres eyed Apollo sarcastically at Lot’s
Demeanor. “What a charming man.”

“Wife!” Lot yelled angrily. “Woman
Where are you? Bring the Food!”

Ceres crossed her arms and stepped up
Slyly to Apollo. “This is your good soul
Of Sodom?”

“It is their way.” Apollo weakly answered.

“In a hovel on the outskirts of that city?”
Ceres pointed to the outside. “Did you
See the places those low-lifes of that
City dwell? They live grand for such
Filth…that is reason here?”

“That is what they know.” Apollo
Only replied, avoiding her eyes.

“The justice of those without restraint.
Rewards, of course!” She laughed.

Camlo sat calmly in the corner studying
His prize specimen. “This flower is

Ceres laughed at his words. “The grandest
Thing in Sodom is a flower!”

Apollo rolled his eyes still looking about
The room; he was not used to such places.
“Nature is a gift that way.”

Ceres really stared into him, yet he avoided
It completely.

Lot sat down at the table as his wife
Came in bringing plates of food. She was
A robust woman who seemed entirely
Preoccupied in her own thoughts, she didn’t
Even look at the strangers at all. She
Only grunted, “You bring fine strangers
Into our home, my husband…And of
Course, I look terrible!”

“My Lords, Please come sit!” Lot waved
At them. “Come My Lord,” He said to
Apollo holding out a plate full of
Some odd-looking dish. “May I offer
You some Bulls Balls so that you may
Please your woman?”

Ceres eyes immediately raised and lit.
“The man offers you a Bull’s testicles
To consume…He truly is The Saint of
Sodom…” She waved to Apollo, “Take
The dish…Perhaps you will find the
Sense you lack…from a perished Bull’s

Apollo frowned. “I would rather not.”

“This flower still holds the sweetest scent!”
Camlo exclaimed.

Ceres eyes held wide as they
Remained locked with Apollo’s. “This
Is a place of some fine hellish
Reason. Dare I assume there will
Be more offerings of similar things?”

And Lot exclaimed out with
Pride to his guests. “But the ball
Of the Bull is the finest here! Would
You rather have the ball of the pig
Or a donkey? I do not
Think My Lords will fill each other
So well?” And then Lot began to eat

Ceres and Apollo stood watching Lot
Eat awkwardly. “This is your Good Soul
Of Sodom. Take note of it closely.” She said.

“He means well.” Apollo forced a compliment.

“He is a slob.” Ceres replied.

“He is noble above the others’ manner.”
Apollo said…still awkwardly.

“He is a glutton.” Ceres intensely grimaced.
“I will grow ill if I continue to
Watch this.”

And then Lot belched loudly and spit, a
Very timely cue…as his dog vomited
Out the table scraps it was eating.

“And the timing…things grow
More apparent by the second…” Ceres
Struggled for a clear breath. “Perhaps
Hell was a kind word for Sodom. Is
There a darker word?”

Lot’s dog vomited again. Then Apollo winced
And met Ceres eyes in disgust. “We will
Have to consider broadening the words
Of hell…”

Camlo spoke his thoughts out loud then. “I
Believe this flower could be the source of great
Inebriation…in some, yet open doors in others…”

Apollo struggled to change the topic of
Interest. “A good observation to note…now.”

Ceres still eyed him with mixed discomfort and
Distrust. “Compelling…”

“Tell me,” Lot said drawing their attention
With a casual belch, “My Lords, are all
The women of yours in Heaven like this?
She is the most beautiful I have seen of
Woman…yet she talks very much. This is

Ceres breathed hard, angrily, as Apollo stood
Quite tall and calm with his hand to his chest.
“All are fair to each other where we come
From…There is wisdom in that.”

“And do you prefer this in your women?”
Lot held himself still to ask.

“I prefer to be fair.” Apollo nodded.

“You enjoy watching this far too much.” Ceres
Growled. “To what do you engage
Your observations?”

Apollo simply answered her with a raised
Brow without a word.

“I am not sure if I prefer this,” Lot
Replied studying her…his eyes were hungry,
But he respected his Lords very much. “You
Make a handsome pair. Heaven must be
Very handsome.” He began to eat again

Ceres stepped forward to Lot quickly. “Just
What is it you think Heaven is, exactly?”
She had to ask, her curiosity was
Overwhelming. “What sort of place do you

“Where all is blessed and perfect.” Lot
Answered. “Where everything is beautiful
And always new. Where men can do
What they wish freely, and have all
They want freely…”

“Do you have any idea of what you
Just described?” Ceres asked with
Growing frustration.

“Now, please…” Apollo stepped forward then.
“Let them believe what he wants…that
Is how it must be.”

Ceres waved Apollo’s words away. “If
What you described was in fact Heaven…
Then you are there…Look at those
People outside…The way they behave,
Aimlessly doing as they please with no
Regards for others or respect for things.
No, what you described is in fact Hell…
Where everything is let loose and
Selfishly indulgent…If that were in
Fact Heaven, it would be an abominable
Tirade of egos…endlessly pleasing
Themselves…And you have that right
Here. Do you not see that?”

Lot fought to think on her words… “But
I wish to be as handsome as you…
Beautiful…To enjoy only the best

“Now Ceres…” Apollo said holding
Out his hand to her…

Again, Ceres stepped forward to
Lot. “What thing is beautiful constantly
Craving for itself…indulging itself?
To share nothing? To respect nothing?
To only use things without the need of
A single thought?” She curled her lip
In disgust. “You have made a Hell out
Of Heaven…And your people have built
It right here!” She eyed him intensely.
“If you think the Divine escapes you to
Be cruel, it is because only ignorance
Overwhelms you. Consider happiness
And Peace as finer things, as well
As beauty…And Love, to share it
And respect it with another who
Feels the same with utter devotion…
A dream and goal worthy to aspire to…
Is far more Divine…” Her expression
Pleaded sincerely. “The Highest Force
Would respect that…and those who
Chase it with devotion, tirelessly…
With discipline…”

“But isn’t Heaven to each man’s own
Mind?” Lot asked with confusion.
“I do not understand…what I was

A silent pause. “He does not
Understand Ceres.” Apollo said seriously
With a low brow. “None of them do.
To them…Heaven is only an endless
Ceres turned fast angrily, to Apollo. “This
Man is an idiot if he can not see
To reach beyond for something better…”

“Would you stay and teach them?”
He asked her. “We are not here for
That…Can YOU see that?”

“Appeal to someone then,” Ceres
Tried to reason. “In a dream somehow.”

“That would be interfering.” Apollo
Laughed briefly. “A Divine Messenger
Should do that…”

Lot belched again very loudly.

Apollo arched his brow to her. “Perhaps
A dream could be constructed…with a
More appropriate chance.”

Lot then returned to his eating in an
Attempt to shake away heavy thoughts.
“Are My Lords sure they would not
Try the dish of the Bull’s Balls?”

And Ceres sighed with grief loudly.
“Why do I think this theme of
Balls will reoccur again and again here?
They are an obsessive people.”

“Balls, My Lord?” Lot asked Apollo.

“I am not hungry now, no thank
You.” He answered with a half-smile.

“I should think the Balls are the
Sense of the moment.” Ceres snapped.
“Maybe you should eat one…” She
Said sarcastically to him.

“I have no mind of it.” Apollo said,
Then winced regretting his phrase.

Ceres nodded. “True words.”

Apollo grimaced. Then Camlo exclaimed,
“This flower is marvelous!”

There was a knock then on Lot’s door.
Outside they could hear the commotion of
The crowd’s return with both angry and
Laughing taunts. Someone bellowed, “Bring
Out the Strangers to share! Stop hiding
Away from us!” More cries of laughter
And mixed taunts. “We shall have them

Then Ceres sat down at the table with
A smirk. “These people are disturbing! Do
You hear the names they are calling us?”

“I did not ask you to come here.” Apollo
Simply said with one nod to her. “This
Was your choice to see.”

“I told you,” Lot said sincerely. “My
Lords, this place is not for you. The
People are aroused by the festival tonight.”

“So, they are not always this way?” Ceres
Asked, tilting her head.

“Well, mostly they complain by day,” Lot
Said. “They are unhappy being unfairly
Treated by the Gods…They desire a better
Life to live…more grandly. They complain
And boast mostly…and debate greatly
The affairs of the lands…” He held
Back his words for them… “Of how
Corrupt and unfair life is…So they
Do indulge a lot.”

“They are martyrs then, too, in Sodom.”?
Ceres sighed at Apollo. “How fitting.”

“If the Gods could only favor them
More?” Lot wondered.

A man beat hard on Lot’s front door.
“Come out Stranger, I will have your
Ass tonight.”

“Tempted Apollo?” Ceres asked. “This
Is what you watch…” He frowned.

“My apologies, My Lord.” Lot said humbly,
“I will speak with them.”

And then the door flew open wide
Violently. “Come out Strangers!” A large
Tall, round man bellowed; obviously drunk. “Where
Are you for the crowd?” More men
Squeezed through the door to enter,
Each stumbling for the other. A slim
Hairy man with a beard, pointed to Ceres
Greedily, “I shall have the woman first,
AND last.” The crowd roared with
Laughter…outside more gathered,
Women now, even the young stood
Among them like wild children let loose.

Ceres crossed her arms tightly and held
Them making a scowled expression. “These
People are vile!” But she was not at all
Intimidated by them; they were no match for

Apollo held out his hand to the crowd, at
Last annoyed at the insult upon Ceres. “You
Will stand back now.” He told them.

Lot rushed to face the invasive crowd. “Please,
You must not do this. Can you not
See? They are not like us. Can you
Not see it?”

The leader pushed his way to stand front
In the doorway. “Who are you to talk
To me this way? Are you not a stranger
Here tradesman?” He stood proudly
With his chest out. “Do they think
They are better than us, than me?
This is my city. And if I say we
Shall have them, We will. I will.
I do not even have to ask…I have
The right.”

“Sir, I beg you.” Lot pleaded
With growing fear. “Look at them,
Please respect their grace. Can you
Not see it?”

“Who do you think you are talking to?”
The leader said, then he eyed the
Handsome Strangers in white with quick
Lust. “I am mighty in this land,
And if I find it to want, I have it.”
He pointed to Apollo with this fire
In his eyes. “Strip him. Then strip
Them all so we shall have them. I
Will have my tastes first and then the
Crowd my leftovers.”

“The Ego!” Ceres shouted. “They
Speak as if they own anything they
See.” She eyed Apollo. So what
Would you watch now?”

“You will leave now.” Apollo said.

The leader laughed loud with the
Crowd. “You are telling me to leave?”
He growled. “Strip and serve me…And
Your woman shall open herself to any
Mans’ seed that desires it…without

Lot grew terrified. “Please stop!”

“There is wise proposal in his words.
Find it NOW.” Apollo told them all
As his patience became a rare anger.
“And watch your mouth fast.”

Then Lot begged, “Please, I have
2 daughters that have not known
What it is like to be with a man…
Use them as you please…But DO NOT
Touch these visitors of Sodom.”

But the crowd only laughed, as the
Leader and the bravest among them
Only grew angry at the offer. “We
Will have what we like. And this
Tall one who speaks, he needs to
Learn a painful lesson on how it
Works here!” The large man then
Stepped forward. “On your knees and
Service me…I will have your mouth.”

A painful silent moment…Ceres eyes
Bulged with shock to the man’s words.
Apollo…on his knees? She was at a
Loss for words…but sensed the turning
Point at hand. Apollo’s patience was

“My Lords!” Lot begged.

“You speak to me this way” Apollo
Replied rolling with a controlled anger;
Rare but dangerous. “On My Knees?”

“The idiot has trouble hearing!”
The large one bellowed. “Who does he
Think he is before us?” He stepped up
To Apollo. “I said…On your knees

Apollo’s eyes became a silvery white
In the pupils…Ceres sensed the quiet
Rage but none others could, and she
Smiled. “You are too pre-occupied
With egos I think.” He said. “I think you
need to fall.” At his words, immediately
the men began to fumble on their
legs… “Back now, I say…” And by
his will the crowd awkwardly stumbled
back on legs they could not control; all
of them. “You are BLIND now since
you can not see…and until you find
more humble reason, you will find no
cure. Do NOT mock me or taunt
me…Those words YOU WILL learn to
understand…” And the crowd kept
backing out until Lot shut the door
and locked it.

He turned to Apollo in fearful
Shock from what he had just seen
And heard. “My Lord’s power is
Great…” He was in awe.

And Apollo smiled simply, he blinked
And his eyes became their normal pale color.
“Forgive the moment. But a lesson was

Lot became even more humble. “I will
Do as My Lord says.”

“The pledge of a Saint of Sodom.” Ceres
Laughed. “Did you hear what he just
Said?” She nodded at Lot. “He just
Offered his 2 daughters as toys to
That loathsome crowd as a gift of
Distraction. That does not bother you?”

Ceres, Please.” Apollo responded with
His eyes up as though to beg forgiveness
For his deed.

“These people, all of them, even your
Good Soul of Sodom…are an abomination.”
She said standing to face him. “Their
Egos are out of control, their cravings…
Their way of thinking…Hell has
Been built here…”

He met her eyes revealing the fear
He had been hiding, but said nothing.

“So, you are afraid of what is happening
Here…” She nodded, somewhat relieved
By his conscience… “Even you are
Doubting how to ignore it. Aren’t you?

Camlo was at the table studying
The dishes and the odd-looking food. He
Held up a plate to them. “Is this
Really the testicle of some animal?
Who would eat this?”

Ceres and Apollo’s eyes met Camlo’s…
“Pardon that, Camlo,” Apollo laughed.
“There are other matters now.”

“No, I believe his point is quite fitting.”
Ceres laughed. “The obsession is

“My Lords have been offended,” Lot
Said, holding out his hands in earnest plea.
“I apologize for the ways of the people…
But they struggle to cope…They engage
In too much…but the Passions Flower
Does weaken the will…”

“Or reveals it, more likely.” Ceres said
Firmly. “What they are is not new,
Just hidden, masked…and then let out

Lot stepped up to Apollo. “My Lord is offended
By the men’s attention?”

“It is the manner by which they conduct
Themselves that offends.” He told Lot. “Try
To understand…It is alright to be who
You are…But carry it nobly and wisely
To command respect…Not boast, or insist
Indulgence…that is what offends.”

“So, you would have them then?” Lot
Struggled to understand behavior; he was
Rather sloppy.

“He does not understand,” Ceres shook her
Head with a laugh. “They admire indulgence
They embrace it…seek it out in constant
Cravings. It’s everywhere here…and makes
Monsters.” She folded her arms again
Over her chest and faced Lot strongly.
“Tell me, what is it so special about
This festival that causes such wildness?
You spoke of the Drink of the Gods?
The little boy…They took him…Why?”

“For the Sacrifice of the Drink.” Lot
Said plainly, as if all knew. “They
Drain and drink the blood of the young
For strength…youth and vitality. Surely
Heaven and the Gods appreciate this?”

A silence fell, of shock and horror. Ceres
Was infuriated. “They do this to children
And you knew this? This place is in
Fact, Hell…none see it? How couldn’t
They?” Then Ceres turned to Lot with
Hot rage… “The little boy,” She said
Fast in hopes to save him, “Where is he

But Lot seemed unsurprised, far too
Used to festivals now. “They would
Have feasted upon him by now…Then
Orgies afterward…That’s what they do…”

“OH God!” Ceres shouted in horror,
Then turned angrily to Apollo… “You
Said nothing? Did you report this?
They will want to know!”

Apollo spoke carefully. “They are
Watching…” He said with lowered brow.

“What does it mean?” Lot asked…

“It means your world will be scrutinized
And avoided like a plague!” Ceres
Told him with disgust. “A dire future…
There will be walls to keep you and
Those here out to protect those out
There from you…to keep hell from

“But the Gods…” Lot begged…

“There are not Gods here!” Ceres corrected.
Then her own scanner made an alarm in
Her pocket, as she was called to answer.
“BR’riel is here…and the others…
“The ship is powering up…” Her eyes
Grew wide. “The Animals!”

“They are going to sterilize the ground.”
Apollo had suspected this. “We should
Try and save-” His words broke as he
Was struck with a seething pain to his
Head. “Ceres-”

“What is it My Lord?” Lot cried at
The sight of his struggle.

She held Apollo’s arms fast. “He is
Striking at you to hold your thought

Apollo held his head tight in both hands
At the pain… “I can not think…”
Somehow, he found a way to appeal to Lot.
“Take your family now and leave this
City NOW…and do not look BACK once!”

“My Lord?” Lot cried in confusion.

“Go!” Apollo shouted. “Take them
And leave NOW…or this will be your
End…GO! NOW!” And immediately
Lot backed away and ran for his
Family to gather them up and do as
His Lord said…He held on to Ceres.
“Help Me.”

She held him up as he put his arm
Around her. “We are being called
Back now.” She read the scanner fast…
“The weapons are powering up…”

A flash of Light in Circle enfolded
Them, then aimed and shot up fast
To the invisible distant position of
The ship…taking Ceres, Camlo and
Apollo back…

On the ship, Ceres aided Apollo to fall
Into his chair, then raced for her own seat
And panel. “The Animals, I have to
Save them!”

“Where is BR’riel?” Camlo asked
Looking around. “I see no one here?”

Apollo fought to concentrate, but
Managed to gain enough of his thoughts
Back to study his own panel on the
Arm of his great chair. “The readings…
No one is here?”

“The weapons are at Full power now!”
Ceres shouted with fear. Then she
Stared at the view screen frantically
To the sight of the planet below and
Focused her mind sharp on Sodom. Her
Will forged the mighty telepathic
Cry to send out, fueled by panic and
Determination…and to the Animals of
Sodom to whom she pleaded and told, “Get
Out of the City NOW…RUN…FLY…
Flee as fast as you can, RUN NOW!”

Her call went out like a piercing
Stream of lightening to the Animals below…
And all the Animals of Sodom heard
Her…Their hearts raced, and eyes bulged…
Panic overwhelmed them, yet they found
Her guiding voice to see clear what
To do with an unstoppable
Force…Then all at once, All the birds
Flew, all of them…taking flight in
The dark, in flocks, in fast direction.
Then the Four-legged animals, pawed
And stomped the ground…nothing
Could hold them still. They pulled their
Tethers free from posts, broke chains…
Broke cages…and ran in groups and
Herds, and in pairs. Even the tiny
Mice and rats ran. She left none of
Them lost or unguided. She made them
Move, and they listened to her. They
Always listened to her. They always do.
Ceres always saves the Animals. Always.

Chaos erupted in the city as the
Citizens fought to stay clear of a
Crazed stampede of animals and
Snarling dogs and the sharp horns of
Angry bulls…And all the Animals
Fled to the hills without thinking
Or looking back…while the people stood
In dumbfounded drunk confusion
Cursing at them…They didn’t see it
As a warning, only as an inconvenience
To their parties.

And then the beams of intense burning
Light fell on Sodom…incinerating everything
As Lot and his family scrambled to
The hills for safety…Only his wife
Looked back becoming nothing but a
Dehydrated pillar of salt.

Then at last, the weapons quieted
And there was silence…For some time,
As the three of them thought over
What just happened…

“Did you get them out? The Animals?”
Apollo asked as his head cleared and
The pain went away.

“Yes.” Ceres simply said. “I got them out.”

“But the ship?” Camlo asked. “Where
Are they? Who powered up the weapons?”

“What are you saying?” Ceres asked as
She and Camlo stood next to Apollo then.

Apollo studied the scanner beside him. “No
One is here. No one was here.”

“But these things do not happen by
Themselves.” Camlo insisted logically.

Ceres studied Apollo’s face carefully, sensing
His fast mind now. “You suspected
This didn’t you?” His eyes met her
And told her yes, but he said nothing.
“Will you report this? How can you not?
They will find out and want to know why.”

Apollo stared at the screen above at
The full view of the planet. “They will
Know…And they will want to watch
And study more closely now…And report
Everything…And forbid us even more
From doing anything…And it will keep
Happening again and again…until
They find what they are looking for.
Then everything in all the stars will
Come here…to see what Heaven
And Hell bring to Each other…and
They will Fight for it…Then, I imagine
All the Universes will change.”





  1. Very nice video this week Valiant. I must confess, I’m not a big fan of Bon Jovi, I did go out and buy the cassette with that song on it, back in the 90’s, I liked it so much. First time I have ever seen the video to it.

    I wonder…what is about to happen in the SouthWest? This is the third time it has come up in the past week.

    “And the Face of a Lion, strong and
    Golden, appeared in the stars, guarding

    We’re watching…always…watching…

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