Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Dark World…Cattle Mutilations…

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”
― Baba Ram Dass

The Sky was clear, and the stars were
Out shining bright…The Night was cold
In the Nevada pasture. Nothing seemed
Unusual, but there were rumors of strange
Things going on among the local ranchers.
There were whispers, the camaraderie of
The locals held their mouths tight and kept
Their eyes and ears wide open…Something
Was going to happen…Something always
Seemed to happen at this time of year…

No one went out at night, except for
The bravest and the most curious…but
Even they went with guns. Eyes and ears
Always seemed everywhere, be it those of
The wild life…the rancher’s herds…or
The occasional hidden parked car with
Teens…or something else in the
Shadows. But that had to be an over
Active imagination.

Then a lone star seemed to move out
Of place in the sky and move slowly…
Only to dart and streak out of sight.
Far above a stray group of heifers,
A light descended…The cattle panicked
And ran…But not fast enough. One
Had been tagged, paralyzed and knocked
Out. At daybreak, its body would be
Found far out in the field…with its
Former companion animals watching forlorn.
The stupid animals, just animals, seemed
To know? No predator touched the body…
No animal went near it. But the ranchers
Found it in the morning, and were
Angry and disgusted again from what they found.

A brief report in the local papers recounted
The incident, calling it strange and
Mysterious…only describing how angry
The local ranchers were to be losing
Livestock this way. Brief and limited,
Let them analyze it every which way.
People believe what they want anyway.
Some loud mouth would pick up the
Story…as they often do, and vent and
Shout and incite more anger; that’s
What they want them to do. But most
People don’t listen to them because all
They want to do is shout and stir
Up trouble blindly; it’s easy to call that
Behavior crazy.

One woman did catch the story by chance
As she was sitting in her office. A
Researcher, Carol Stowe…she was intrigued
By such cases. She went to the town,
Talked to people, asked lots of questions.
But locals are reluctant to talk to nosey
Outsiders…And although she was sincere,
It took time to find out even what
Little they knew.

She finally managed to see the local
Veterinarian, Dr. Max Thompson. He was
A stout man in his late 50’s, grey hair
And beard wearing silver framed glasses
That always seemed to appear as though they
Might fall off his face. A workaholic by
Nature, when he wasn’t on calls to ranchers
He could be found in his office or at the
Local diner eating with the townspeople. He
Was loyal, a loner, and when he spoke his
Words always left an impact.

It was late at night when Carol Stowe
Knocked on Dr. Thompson’s office door. He
Was sitting at his desk, studying private folders
He had been compiling of the cattle
Deaths when he heard the knock…He quickly
Put the folders away and answered, “Come in.”
He was curious who it could be, he thought
His receptionist Becky had left 2 hours ago at 8.

She opened his door to see this rather worn
And tired grey-haired man looking up from
His desk in a dark room lit only by one
Humble lamp. “Dr. Max Thompson?”

“Yes?” He answered, as he saw this
Attractive woman open the door. She appeared
To be in her late 30’s or early 40’s, very
Sweet looking as she smiled with a fresh
Face and dark curly shoulder length blond

She entered carrying her large shoulder bag
Of materials and equipment; it looked very
Full and heavy. “Hello, my name is Carol Stowe.”
She said simply as she put on a pair of large
Dark rimmed glasses with a pen and note pad in
One hand. “I heard from Ben Hallston
That you are the vet for the local

“Ranchers, yes.” He immediately concluded…

She walked up to his desk humbly with a smile.
“I would like to talk to you, if I may…
About what happened Sunday night at the
Gifford ranch?”

“Who do you work for?” Max asked.

“No one.” She answered sincerely. “I’m
An independent.” Carol tried to look as
Friendly as she could. “I assure you, I
Have only the best intentions.”

“I’m sure you do.” He said noticing her
Jacket. “You’ve come a long way, it must
Mean something.”

“I’m sorry?” She asked curiously.

“Your coat.” He smiled. “No one wears
Anything like that around here.”

She laughed, the man was sharp. This
Would be interesting. “I travel a lot.”

“What do you want Ms. Stowe?” Max
Answered politely.

“Doctor, I can see it would be pointless
To waste time…I’m here honestly, with
No ill intentions.” She said.

“No one ever is.” He replied flatly.

“I’ve been researching the Cattle
Mutilation mystery for years.” Carol
Told him carefully, but still sincere. “There
Are so many questions surrounding these
Incidents…and the appearance of UFO’s
And strangers…”

“Yes, strangers.” He nodded at her.

A moment of consideration, a pause to
Recollect…Carol formed her words carefully.
“But I have been to other parts of the
Country about this…May I sit?”

He had to admit, he was curious. He nodded
For her to pull up a chair. “Please.”

She sat, and they just eyed each other
For a moment. “I respect your position and
The welfare of these ranchers…Your town…
But their association with UFO’s, the
Mutilations, I mean…”

He held up his finger politely to pause
The direction of the conversation. “Ms. Stowe,
I am not interested in UFO’s. I am
Not interested in spaceships or some far
Out beliefs of new age cults…I am here
For these people. And I do not like seeing
Them used, or made fun of…or put
In awkward situations…by the media, or
By any kind of institution. These are
Hard working, wholesome people. Americans.
Not pretend Americans whining about
Rights they do or do not have, taking
Up someone else’s time because they
Do not know what to do with their
Life. These people, the farmers…OF
This Country…Are the Backbone of
The Country, not just these ranchers, but
ALL FARMERS…they work, they need to
Make a living. They do NOT get days
Off, no holidays…every single day of
Every year, they have real work to do…
And the product of that work is
The sustenance for everyone…in some
Way…Be it produce…or in the
Jobs they provide to others from their
Product. The juvenile attitudes of the
Public, and the disrespect they have
For such work…DISGUSTS ME. I care
About these people.”

“Doctor, I understand that, I do.” Carol
Pleaded to him. “Like I have said, I have
Talked to other ranchers around the country…”

“Well then, why are you talking to me?” Max
Asked. “Why are you in this town?”

“The location is interesting.” Carol said
Curiously. “And the time of the year…each year.”

“You are assuming a lot.” Max said,
Scratching his temple.

“Am I?” Carol asked calmly. “I’m only
Looking at the data, the research that
I’ve collected.”

“The research in this…is fragmented, and
Theories, at best.” Max said, as he found
Himself staring at the folders…lost in
A thought. “And assumptions are a weakness…
Or a powerful strategy…”

“I’m sorry?” Carol asked confused.
“I’m not assuming anything…”

She missed his point. He blinked and
Smiled. “Everyone assumes, every day…
All the time…Everyone thinks they
Are an investigator, Ms. Stowe.”

“You think I am wasting your time?” She

“I did not say that.” Max smiled.
“Alright. You have been to other parts
Of the country. You have seen evidence.
What would you like to ask me?”

“These cases…Display the same
Characteristics, with cattle.” She went
On… “It’s always the same – “

“Are you sure about that? The same?”
Max asked. “Or is that an assumption?”

She laughed. “I can see you are a challenge
To talk to. I am only trying to put
Pieces together…”

He folded his hands on his desk and
Smiled kindly. “You said you have
Been to different parts of the
Country? But the same characteristics?”

She squinted and smiled, thinking, “Yes.”

“So, they are…different.” He said.

This was a different interview for her. “Yes.”
She answered.

“Tell me,” Max went on, “Why do
You think you are investigating this,
Why are you drawn to…THIS?”

“Because it’s a mystery. Because it’s
An awful crime,” She answered holding
Her notepad in her lap-but not
Writing anything down; convenient
Thoughts would come later. “And it’s
Affecting these ranchers, and other

“You care about them?” He asked. “Or
The mystery?”

“Both.” She said, feeling a bit cornered.

“You care about the cattle?”
He asked.

“Well, I think animal cruelty is awful.
A terrible crime.” She answered.

“You’re wearing leather.” He smiled.

She looked at her shoes and laughed.
“Dr. Thompson, are you interviewing me?”

“I am only looking at your perspective.”
He nodded once. “What do you know
About the cattle?”

She thought carefully before responding.
“Are they doing medical research on
Them? For some reason we don’t know
About yet?”

“I think that is a reasonable deduction”
Max answered.

“Is there some kind of genetic tampering
Involved?” She went on.

“What? Why would you ask that?” Max

“Well, are the cattle tested or being
Tested for something, or have they been
Tested on?” Carol asked.

“This is obviously some kind of
Procedure…Genetic, possibly?” He said.

“Well, is it because the cattle have
Been treated in some way?” She asked.
“Why do you think this is being done to cattle?”

‘Why do I think?” Max answered.
“My perspective is only that, mine.”

She watched him even more curiously.
“Are they being treated in some way
With hormones, or medication?”

“For health only, not some sort of
Modification if that’s what you mean.”
He said. “That is not how we do
Things around here. Our animals are
Treated humanely for their well-being,
Not some experiment. For strong healthy
Cattle only. As natural as possible.”

“Natural?” She repeated, that she
Wrote down. “No hormones?”

“Why would you ask that?” Max responded.
“Ms. Stowe…the cattle must be healthy
For healthy use, not full of chemicals.
People assume a lot.”

“Well, if they are being raised I only
Meant…” She began…

“The cattle we have in this area, the
Breed was created in 1878-1883…
Black Angus…From imported stock from
Scotland that was crossed with
Texas Longhorns…Now if you excuse
Me for assuming…but I do not
Believe there was any genetic
Engineering or hormone therapy at that
Time…Just simple Animal Husbandry,
By traditional methods of breeding
Cattle…or any breed of animal.” He
Looked more serious. “Science did not
Step into farming until later in the 20th
Century…as the demand for the market
Increased…as the population increased.”

“It is a very cruel thing,” She sighed,
“That for a modern world animals
Would be a product this way…I
Would have hooped we would have
Grown past eating meat.”

“Cattle are vegetarians.” Max sighed.
“People consume vegetarians.”

“I know it’s awful.” She said. “I
Don’t eat meat, I can’t stand it.”

“So, you’re a vegetarian?” He said. “Then
You are exposed to the same toxins
As cattle are…in the environment, it’s
The same.”

“No, I eat organic.” She smiled. “No

“If it’s in the ground, it’s exposed to
Pollution…there is no escaping it.
In many ways, people are cattle.”

She grimaced, but her mind immediately
Jumped. “Could that be a connection
With the mutilations…it’s in the

“Possibly.” He nodded. “There are
A lot of strange similarities in the
Diseases with livestock and people.”

“So, they could be studying the effects?”
She concluded.

“Possibly.” Max answered.

She could see he was holding back
Something. “Or something more?”

“Possibly.” He only said.

It was a bit frustrating, but she saw
A good potential here. “Is there something
Unique that you see happening in this?”

“This whole subject is unique.” Max
Answered. “It stretches reasons in all
Sorts of ways…the way it happens,
The way it’s done. There is no choice,
It happens. And someone is benefiting
From it.”

“But it happens so secretly,” She
Went on, “In different places…”

“Clearly a lot of data is required,”
He said, “For variety…Or similarities.”

“Do you see a point?” Carol asked.
“Because frankly most I think are

“They should be intrigued as much as
Baffled…” He said in wandering
Thought… “If they found what they
Were looking for, it would stop. And
Maybe when it stops, or isn’t happening
That’s the time to be nervous.”

She nodded and wrote down a few
Thoughts. “True, this has been going
On for some time…Everywhere. And here?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“May I show you some of the files I
Have?” She asked. “Photographs?”

He had to admit, he was interested. “Yes

She pulled out some folders from her bag,
Set them on his desk, and started with
The photographs. This quickly caught his
Attention. Then it wasn’t long before they
Were standing together examining the
Pictures…pointing out the similarities
In procedures done on the cattle in the
Various places she had visited. Soon the
Talk between them became casual, and he
Could see she was legitimately interested,
Not for some money-making articles
To crudely publish, or for some
Idealistic notoriety for her research.
Carol Stowe was sincerely intrigued
By a mystery.

And there were other examples of mutilations
She had documented, on other livestock…
Even on wild animals. She even had brief
Written accounts of those done on people.
He became intrigued even more, and
Nervous as well.

“As you can see,” Carol told him as they
Studied the photos of several bulls from
Different ranches. “This is more than a
Mystery…it’s becoming a phenomenon.”

“I can see that.” Max agreed. “I must
Admit the volume surprises me.”

“Forgive me,” Carol said, “But it seems you
Know more than you are telling…”

“Does it?” Max laughed, studying the
Pictures of the cows and bulls. “I’m
Sorry, but I speak carefully for the
Benefit of the people, the ranchers,
They are my friends…I do not want
To see my friends used or taken advantage of.”

“I would never do that.” Carol said

“Tell me,” He said adjusting his glasses.
“You have spoken with other vets, other
Researchers, scientists…on this?”

“Yes.” She said. “Most speak very
Carefully…Most have theories. But as
You said, they’re only theories.”

“Have compared notes?” He asked.

“Some have.” She sighed. “But most
Would rather push their own ideas and
Theories.” She laughed. “At least the
Men do.”

He chuckled. “Well, we can be rather
Stubborn with our own beliefs. Others
Views are hard to respect or appreciate
Without knowing the person first.”

“Respect is earned.” Carol smiled. “I
Understand that. “But I am not chasing
Some far-out idea…If I have something
To say, I speak carefully as well. I do
Not chase things blindly.”

“I can see that.” He nodded. “I am the
Same as well. Most sensible people are.
They don’t shout.”

“So,” Carol said. “Will you share your
Thoughts? Because I would like to hear

“Let me try it this way,” Max began.
“Each person will come at a mystery
Differently…from angles based upon their
Own experience…then they will assume
And call that a deduction. That is the
Wrong thing to do. They’re trying to save
Time so they can move on, go home
And do what they really want to do.
I do not do that…I look at the core
And start there and move outward…

Now, livestock, as are many domestic
Animals, were created the old fashioned
Way, by selective breeding…for desired
Traits…you select the best, pair them
Together…produce as many as you can,
Then select the best and do the same.

This process can take a long time…So
Sometimes you have to cheat…and do
Careful inbreeding to preserve specific traits…
But that can create defects so you have
To be very careful or else you destroy
Everything. Inbreeding creates defects,
Weaknesses…sometimes good, sometimes bad.
This occurs in very isolated groups.
And over time creates a new
Breed. The best survive, the weak are
Culled out…but defects can be hidden
And lay dormant and create problems
Later…This can be seen in all domestic
Animals, and even in some isolated
Populations of wild life as well…
But always the undesired traits are
Culled…Now, nature has a way of
Doing that on its own…

But the human animal, in its vast
Wisdom…in its chase of perfection
Will overlook weaknesses…if they feel
It will produce what it wants. But
The problems can still be hidden.”

“Now,” He said, pointing to the photographs,
“There are hormones and steroids which
Can help turn weaknesses around, make
Them stronger…but in some parts of the
Body it is much harder to fix…on a
Cellular level…like the eyes.” He pointed,
“Do you see here…and the ears.”

“Yes,” She nodded, “Others have seen
That too.”

“I thought so.” Max nodded. “As
I have said, there are weaknesses that
Livestock and humans share…perhaps
From centuries of consuming this meat.”
He held his jaw thinking carefully of
What to say. “Whoever is doing this…
I think it is safe to say now…is
Studying those same weaknesses, and
The effects of their environment…which
Is why it is occurring on such a wide scale.”

“But why?” She asked. “Why not raise
Their own livestock and do it privately?”

“That would be too controlled.” Max
Answered. “They would need the data
Of variables from different environments,
And that would be costly, and take a long

She nodded. “I can see that.”

“Whatever they are doing…” Max
Said leaning against the desk holding
His glasses, “Think of it this way…
It must be urgent…Their research
Must be critically important for time…
For greater reasons…”

“So why leave the cattle, the livestock?’
Carol asked. “Why not just take the
Animals so no one knows?”

“Because,” Max explained, “Clearly they
Are demonstrating…They have the
Technology to do what they want, when
They want…how they want. And they
Want that message delivered. Clearly
If they wanted to do more, they could…
Look at the precision of these wounds…
There is nothing like that available to the
Public…but they have it. And believe
Me, I also think it’s safe to say
They have the technology that if they
Wanted to harm a lot of people they
Could…but it’s being done quietly…
Scaring the weak…and making the
Rest really thing…The smart ones
Will understand…the wrong ones will
Make a lot of noise and even scare
People, and make them run and cry
Outrageous things…this is not
Outrageous, this is a demonstration of
Power…of technology that exists
Beyond knowledge…the arrogant
Will demand answers…The smart ones
Will watch and wait and see what
Happens…I would not be surprised
If medical breakthroughs beyond our
Wildest dreams occur in the 21st
Century…and a lot of people could
Benefit from it…IF…”

“IF what?” Carol asked curiously.

“IF there’s time.” Max said flatly.