Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Dark World…The Tower of Babel…

‘The Brave, The Timid, The Shy
And the Strong…are all slaves
To Fear and Pride. Victory belongs
To those who ask why and challenge

-A Guiding Voice

The Sandman told a Tale
That held echoes of the Bible’s
Words…and something more.
In the beginning, There was one Voice.
One Language that All humankind
Spoke, one common tongue
That all knew and united them.

In the lands of Assyria, of the
Fertile crescent, where the First Tribes
Settled and spread, recovering from
The Great Flood and Shifted Earth…
The one common tongue was
The greatest power of unity taken
For granted…

And from the weak and strong,
The humble and the brave…
One of the Greatest Pride rose to
Lead them all…And with his ego
And constant counsel he inspired
By calling people to revoke their
Past and respect of a higher power
By building a city to honor
Themselves instead of Heaven
Above…And within this city to
Build a Tower, to Rise to the Sky
That they may show God they
Are not beneath him, but worthy
Of so much more…

His voice was powerful among people…
Nimrod, known as the mighty
Hunter…opposed God, and all that
Heaven stood for…There was no need,
He said, for men to live in shame
As lesser mortals for something
They could not see nor hear…
People were put on Earth to dominate
And conquer…And Nature was
There to serve them.

So, he encouraged them to Build
And Adorn themselves with every
Treasure the world held…For each
Was worthy of all life had to offer,
And more…their city would be
A celebration of mankind, and it
Would make a name for themselves
That would honor them for all

But the Tower would be the Greatest
Monument of All…For Nimrod, For
He stood mightier than them all…his
Counsel told him so, his followers…
Wisemen, Seers…who spoke to shadows
And The Dark Things that dwelt
There, the only supernatural voices
They knew…

The Shadows that spoke in
Whispers, and dreams…and omens…
Crying out to be heard, defying
Faith in a Higher Power and
Tempting pride with promises of
The worship of men and women,
Not Heaven.

It was the First Order, the First
Sect that practiced Magic, and
Offered Counsel…And whom only
The most revered among them knew
As the First Power…and to honor
Nimrod, and themselves they
Should give this respect by calling
It Babel…

Nimrod did anything to entice more
Worship, to build the Tower and
Did blindly as the Counsel said…
Nothing could stop them for they
Were all drunk with self-worship
And ego…with one voice that
Constantly cried this out, and heard
Nothing more. “But I want MORE,”
They said, “There must be MORE
For Me.”

So, they built their city grander
With more lavish things, and built
The Tower higher to honor only
The Best they were entitled to deserve.
It was a time of drunkenness for more
More more…and they saw nothing
Wrong with that…in the ancient land
Of Assyria…

But far above in realms no mortals
Knew, there were watchers that saw
This…And as they saw the arrogance
Grow…An invincible ever shining light
Came, in an unexplainable phenomena
And went into one no one knew or
Saw to cast a lesson…By a Heavenly
Force, unstoppable, it worked the will
Of the One Creator…if this deafening
Cry of one voice knows nothing but
Its own soul…then let it be shattered
Among them…so they can not
Speak nor hear nor recognize
This leader that sees only himself…

And all at once in their city and Tower
The people began to divide…to
Splinter into groups…They shunned
Nimrod’s ways to pursue their own
Beliefs and pride, then spread to other
Lands far and wide…creating their
Own tongues and ways to recognize
Their own independence…
Tribes spread around the world this
Way to get as far away from the
First as possible…

But the First Power held to its ways,
And only went hidden…Recording
Things…of mystery and mysticism
Hoping one day to dominate and
Control the world again…

And for ages, seers everywhere saw
Their own visions and counseled with
Their own spirits…and the First
Power recorded them all.

But the World would be Blind to
This, afraid of it…and all things
They could not control or understand…
How convenient for the First Power…

Many legends, and many prophecies…
All saying the same thing…in different
Voices…in different customs…
Tribal lore was just a custom
To celebrate their own ways all
Around the world, foolish pride would
Denounce this over and over…
But the wisest would see the puzzle
Pieces and put them together…

Fear the Future, But Brave the Way
Because the Future must come,
There’s no denying it.

There was once one voice…
And one voice divided them…
And in the End, One Voice,
One common tongue would Unite
Them All Again.

In Faith and Fear, and Love and Hate,
The World would stretch its traditions
Every which way…Lands would
Rise and fall and die…
Secrets would be lost, save for
The First Power to hide them away,
They know everything,
Especially what most can’t handle.

We are not alone, we never were.
We did not come from here.
The World should learn a lesson in Grace…

Trumpets will sound and unmask
Those who didn’t learn, and didn’t
Want to…They again only heard
The song that was sung in Babel…
And so, it would come again
In Great Division…In a Dark Time
At the End of an Age
That even the Devil was fed up with.

And at that time when war
In Heaven with Hell on Earth would
Come…God and the Devil
Would laugh together for a moment,
‘What a Mess!”

But there would be One Comfort
Before the World would End
And Turn…And that is for those
Who did learn the Nature of Grace,
Good things would still come…

But there would be a cleansing,
An Age of Fire and Ice, with
Ice so cold it Burned…
And the cities that once knew
Only the Sounds of Division…
All these cities will fall abandoned,
And the only cities left for an Age
Will be those in ships
That sail on the Sea.