Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Eyes in the Water…

There are shadows and a hazy fog
In Dreams when the Sandman comes…
The calm that comes after the storm
When the day fades away
And night comes…That part of the mind
That never sleeps, it’s constant.
The Higher Mind…they label this
With all sorts of words, but it’s the same.
But it’s far sharper in some
And fragmented in most.

From there, visions and words come
At any time, with no reason,
Except perhaps timing. When it’s
Strong and important, never explain it
Or others will ruin it.
This is not for everyone, but for the
First these posts were intended for.

Years ago, I recorded dreams
With a reoccurring element…Water…
The Seas, the Tide, the rain.
Times of change…earth changes…
Crevasses opening…and holes,
Cars floating off the ground…
Animals behaving strangely…

And…Eyes in the Water…
A powerful presence. Sometimes a
Black and white shadow gliding by
In the form of Killer Whales.
But at other times, when dreams
Took the course of immediate premonitions…
There was a great eye in the water…
And I would stick my head into
A shallow pool to see things…to come…
And there was this eye…
From a deep cold place, watching
Everything…lurking, waiting…

From an Ancient Time, born beneath
The sea…A shapeshifter, they
Called The Law.
The great test…
Judge, Jury and Executioner…
And the more they fed it, the
Smarter it became.
To awaken such a Beast in a dark
Time would be explosive…
But, fortunately, that hasn’t happened,
I hope…or fear the Seas and
Weather once again as they did.

In that lost time, when the Ancients
Ruled, they knew Mysticism better
Than we did…and practiced it with
Their sciences, surpassing any form
Of the occult today.
When tough times had no reason
They called upon The Law, The Beast
And let it decide justice…
But the Beast was untamed and
Possessed an intent all its own…
A never-ending hunger…
And the more it consumed, the more
It knew man and its ways…
The secrets they kept, the masks they wore
The fears that held them back
From becoming more…
Few rarely know themselves,
Or others…by the prison of ego
And the will to challenge their
Peers and surroundings by conquering
But all had psychic abilities
They could not manifest…However,
The Beast, or Law could…

And so, as the noise of an ever
Increasing and demanding population
Grew…and the Ancient World
Became a torrent selfish sea…
The Beast reached out into the ether
Of the world, to protect its own
Kingdom…The Earth, Nature…
The world was suffocating and no one
Cared…So the Beast judged the
World…And Unmasked Them…
Let them see, let them all see who
They really are…And be let loose…
And this created a maddening craze of noise…
They were blind to all and found
No comfort, but only heard me, me, me…
The poison was in the masses
That leaders could not control…
And the Earth was consumed by this…
Then said no, it’s my turn…
And when it had enough…
Boom Boom Boom.

A Reset. Another Chance. A New Age.
Nothing Really Ends, it just changes.
Sometimes, tough times are consuming,
And sometimes, they make the Best people.
Kindness…and Strength. Patience. Understanding.
Determination…That’s Good Motivation.






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