Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 22…

Time seemed to stand still, so many
Strange experiences building and
Colliding together…over the years,
And more and more recent months,
Weeks and now days. It was so much
To take in. Jon couldn’t even imagine
How far and wide such things could
Be happening, all that he knew that
What he was experiencing was

Matthias stood panting staring at
Him waiting to catch his breath, to
Catch some sense of reason…but
It wasn’t there. ‘Are you going to
Tell me what that was about? Why
Did it say that…Mama, Angel?’

Jon avoided his eyes as he tried to
Catch his own breath. His mind
Just kept spinning. ‘I don’t know.’

‘Yes, you do.’ Matthias insisted. Then
He stood a little stronger and began
To pace back and forth. ‘I never
Planned on finding anything in that
House…. I was just roaming about…
Looking for a…place. And then I
Find THAT…And then I stumble
Across you and that…mist.’

Jon looked at Matthias slowly and
Uneasily. ‘I didn’t go looking for it
Like you did. It just happened.’

Matthias just stopped and stared. ‘I
Don’t know what I’m looking for…
I just…’ Then he looked at Jon
Pleading for him to tell him something.
‘What is going on Jon?’

‘How should I know?’ Jon could
Only say. ‘Things like this just
Happen around me. I try not to
Think about it too much.’

‘How often do these things happen
With you?’ Matthias asked.

‘Often enough.’ Jon confessed.
‘Like I said, I try not to think about it.’

‘Don’t you want to know?’ Matthias
Asked. ‘Your drawings…that dream
You told me about…’

‘That is how I keep it…’ Jon told
Him. ‘I put it in the paper and
Then I put it away and don’t think
About it. There’s too much work
To do to have time to think.’

Matthias laughed. ‘Well I guess that
Is a better answer than living in a
Fantasy all the time.’

Jon laughed and nodded back. ‘A
Person would go crazy otherwise.’

‘Well, its playing with me head
Surely.’ Matthias responded. ‘So
Tell me…do you have an explanation
For Gretchen and that house?’

Jon thought carefully to find the
Words. ‘I think it’s hard for some
To let go…of the past. Even as a
Spirit…And when they’re forced
To see things as they really are, it
Frightens them…So they hang on
To what they know and won’t let
Go of it…and it haunts them. I told
You I don’t like ghosts.’

Matthias breathed a bit easier. ‘I
Like that answer.’ Then he thought
More of the mist. ‘And these other
Things…these lights, this behavior…
The things going on?’

‘How should I know?’ Jon said a
Little aggravated. ‘It’s a lot for me
Too. No one ever asks me what I
Think. I’m used to being told to be
Quiet. Most seem to think I have my
Head in the clouds.’

‘Yes, well…they say that to me too.’
Matthias laughed shaking his head.
‘There is something about you though.
I don’t know what it is, but something.’

Jon thought quietly of the many secrets
That he had. ‘Well…you probably just
Think there is more there…’

‘No.’ Matthias insisted kindly. ‘No,
There is something there. You’re a
Hard one to read. I will admit that.’
He laughed again and wiped the sweat
From his brow with his sleeve. ‘This
Angel that- ‘

‘Its hard to find someone to talk to.’
Jon said cutting him off. ‘But…I
Did find some people who helped
Me. These gypsies that I met…’

‘Gypsies?’ Matthias repeated with
Surprise. ‘You?! Now I am shocked.’

‘You don’t like gypsies?’ Jon asked.

‘No, I just wouldn’t think you would
Talk to them.’ Matthias replied.

‘I like people.’ Jon answered. ‘Well,
Good people that is. If they’re nice,
Why wouldn’t I?’

Matthias nodded. ‘I think I understand.
So, what about these gypsies?’

‘They come in the spring.’ Jon explained.
‘I go see them sometimes. It helps…. They
Helped me. Maybe they can help you
Find whatever it is you’re looking for.’

‘But…aren’t you curious about all
These things happening?’ Matthias

‘If anything is going to happen, its
Going to happen whether anyone
Understands it or not.’ Jon could only
Answer. ‘I would rather have peace
Now in how I feel than be curious…
I just hope it’s nothing bad, that’s all.
But if you’re looking for anything I
Can take you to see them if you want.
I have a feeling they will be in the
Meadow now.’

‘How do you know that?’ Matthias

‘Because when things like this
Happen…they’re usually there.’ Jon

That was enough for Matthias to
Hear…For now. They smiled at
Each other then agreed it was time
To go back to Jon’s home. If they
Hurried they should be there soon
Enough to eat before it was too dark.

They didn’t talk much on the walk
Back. Jon avoided explaining too
Much more. He had a lot of private
memories that he didn’t want to reveal
Too fast. Matthias was still a stranger
And to put everything that he had
Shared with the gypsies into a compact
Conversation would be impossible.
Things would just have to sort themselves
Out over time. If there was something
That needed to be discussed Jon had no
Doubt the opportunity would present

By nightfall they arrived back at
The farm as they hoped. Jon’s family
Looked beaten and worn by the day.
Everyone was feeling numb now from
The loss of his grandmother. There
Was very little talking, when Jon and
Matthias arrived they barely acknowledged
Them. The family had finished their
Dinner and went to bed while Jon and
Matthias took whatever leftovers were
Available to feed themselves, then they
Went to the barn to talk.

‘When do you think we can go see
These gypsies?’ Matthias asked him
As he settled himself in the loft and
Jon moved around some hay that
He planned to use.

‘We can try tomorrow.’ Jon told
Him. ‘I should be taking the goats
To the far meadow for grazing. Some
Of the larger does should be kidding
Soon. The grass is good there. The
Gypsies usually set up their wagons
Nearby…We can try then.’

Matthias seemed satisfied with that.
Then they talked briefly about Jon’s
Family, the farm, his chores…light
Conversation to finish the day. Then
Off to bed they went.

The next day proceeded unusually
Slow. The family was grieving and
Retreated into a grim silence as
They moved about. No one asked
Each other anything, even less than
They usually did…They only asked
What was done and what wasn’t,
Then reacted to it.

When the chores around the house
And barn were done, and once Jon’s
Grandfather had left to check on
Crops, Jon took Matthias with him
To graze the goats in the far meadow.

‘What is life like in your village?’
Matthias asked him on the way.

‘Much like any other village I would
Say.’ Jon told him. ‘People do their
Work, and mostly keep to themselves.
Why do you ask?’

‘I was just wondering how it has
Been since all of these…things
Have been happening?’ Matthias

‘Well,’ Jon answered with a slow
Breath, ‘How do you think they would
Be then? People get suspicious when
Strange things happen…Impatient,
Aggravated. They start looking at every
Little thing differently…chasing shadows
That aren’t there. They want something
They can see and touch to blame. Don’t

‘I guess.’ Matthias nodded.

‘Can I ask you something?’ Jon said
To him as they watched the goats trot

‘Yes, of course.’

‘You said that you are looking for your
Place?’ Jon went on. ‘Does that ever end,
For anyone I mean?’

‘I don’t know.’ Matthias answered as
He thought deeply about it. ‘I will know
When I find it. Why?’

‘My family always taught me to give
That up…To just work and not to think.’
Jon replied. ‘But for me, finding my place
Always meant finding some peace with

‘Hmm…’ Matthias said with a slight
Smile. ‘I can’t imagine peace in myself.
I have done some very wild things…It
Might scare you to hear them.’

‘Oh no, I would love to hear about
That.’ Jon laughed. ‘Those are
Interesting things to hear. I have had
Some wild friends.’

‘Really?’ Matthias laughed. ‘You
Surprise me again I must say.’

Jon was about to laugh and elaborate
When he noticed that they were nearing
The meadow he talked about. The goats
Were moving faster for the good grass….
Here they would find their own way
Without much shepherding; they were
Well trained by habit on where to go, and
There were few predators here to worry
About. But Jon’s senses caught something
Different. He stopped abruptly to let
The goats move on…Then Matthias
Stopped to watch him.

‘What is it?’ Matthias asked as he saw
Jon look around sharply, tilt his head
To listen.

‘Something is different. I’m not sure.’
Jon answered. Then some mysterious
Guiding instinct inside him compelled
Him to walk to the left…It felt as
Though there was a beat or rhythm in the
Air, but not in a way could be normally
Heard. He felt it. And he followed it.

Then slowly as he walked and Matthias
Followed, wagons came into view. But
It was no wagon train that Jon recognized.
This one was larger and more decorated.
And as they drew closer, they could hear
Voices, many voices. The sounds of
Children laughing and playing…Then
Of people talking…Then men and
Women laughing. Then the brush and
Trees parted…And Jon froze, his eyes
Bulged as Matthias looked on besides
Him. There were ten reddish colored
Wagons positioned in a great round
Circle ahead…

There must have been at least fifty
People or more there, all ages…dressed
Brightly and wildly. Jon hadn’t seen such
A sight in a long time, not since he had
Spent that time in the city ages ago. His
Jaw dropped at the sight of it. Who were
They? These were not the gypsies that he
Knew. Among them he saw people of
All manner of colors, and types. Big and
Tall, short and round…lean, solid…
From pale and blond, to olive tanned
Skin…and some looked almost yellowish,
And some with skin so fark they appeared
Almost pure black.

‘You seem surprised?’ Matthias said
Quickly studying his face.

‘These are not the gypsies I know.’
Jon said slowly to him. ‘No, these
Are different…’

‘Is that bad?’ Matthias dared to ask.

Jon thought carefully, trying to feel
As much as he could. He felt an intense
Tingling sensation…stronger than he
Ever felt before. He couldn’t speak.

All at once the people among the
Wagons began to quiet and then
Stand still as they noticed the two
Young men. Normally they wouldn’t
Even care at all…From one of the
Wagons a woman appeared. She was
Tall and slender, and beautiful, and
Moved with such a distinguished grace.
She seemed to command a silent
Attention from the people immediately.
She had olive-tanned skin and long
Dark hair, and wore this flowing scarlet
Dress with a purple scarf wrapped loosely
About her shoulders. She walked from her
Wagon with her arms crossed over her chest
Clutching the scarf tightly as she stared
Intensely into Jon and Matthias…

‘Who is that?’ Matthias said with awe
As he admired the beautiful woman in
Red watching them.

‘I don’t know.’ Jon answered quietly
As his eyes locked with hers. Her eyes
Were so piercing, fixating on him with
Some surreal wildness no words could
Capture…She wasn’t like the others,
There was some kind of magnetism in
Her presence. And in that realization, he
Slowly began to understand why the
People surrounded her.

The scene fell into an eerie silence, the
Crowd watching the two of them as
Several people began to gather around
The woman in red…who now stood in the
Very center of all the wagons and their
Circle. Even the small children went
Quiet, stopped and stood still to watch.
It became very uncomfortable, no one
Said anything at all…

‘Why are they acting this way?’ Matthias
Asked as he studied them in confusion. ‘I
Thought gypsies were supposed to be
Accustomed to guests? Should we leave?’

But Jon could only stand quietly and
Stare himself as his eyes remained locked
To hers. He quietly studied everything,
As much as he could…The variety of the
People. He had never seen so many different
Kinds together before…Yet, they all got
Along so well, people from around so many
Different lands…There was something
Magical about it.

Then finally, a stout gray-haired older
Man with a silvery beard and tanned
Skin dressed wildly, and covered with
Beaded jewelry stepped forward and
Pointed at them. ‘Look my friends,
Some locals here have come to see their
Futures told! Or rather…END.’ He threw
His head back laughing loudly, which
Encouraged several of the other men to
Join him. ‘Come closer young ones…
And walk with us outcasts…Are you
Afraid of Mystics, little men?’

‘Bano,’ another man said as he patted
Him on the shoulder. ‘Stop! Do NOT
Scare the locals now.’ This one was
The wildest looking one yet…He was
Bare-chested, dressed in strange color
Print pants…wearing all sorts of gold
Jewelry…and had all of these strange
Looking painted patterns all over his

The dark-haired woman in red then
Held out her hand, it was all she
Had to do to bring silence to everyone.
She just kept staring at Jon and
Matthias with the oddest expression…
As if she could see them but couldn’t.

Jon hesitated as he watched her
Do this. ‘She’s trying to read me,
And she can’t.’ He mumbled to

‘What did you say?’ Matthias whispered

Jon simply shook his head not wanting
To explain. He could tell now she had
Some kind of power…and yet, she
Could not read him. ‘These people…’
Jon whispered without thinking…

‘What?’ Matthias asked. ‘What? What’s
Going on? I don’t understand.’

A woman holding a baby gently swaying
The infant in her arms as it grew restless
Watched them closely. The baby kept
Struggling to see them as the mother
Kept trying to hold it still. The baby was
Keenly fixated on Jon with big eyes…
And then the child reached out and
Pointed at him with a tiny new voice
Said… ‘Mama, Angel!’

People froze and stared at the baby.
Eyes seemed to glaze over and squint.
Doubt and wonder filled peoples’
Faces. Then the mother of the infant
Finally turned to the woman in red.
‘Those were her FIRST WORDS!
She has never spoken before.’

The woman in red seemed to grow
Pale, she was stunned. Then she
Stared more intently at the two
New young men as this great
Big giant man with the darkest
Skin came up behind her
Protectively…He was built like
Some heroic statue, bald
And looked immovable. But
She simply held her hand up
To him gently and said, ‘Jona
It’s alright…No one here to
Harm anyone.’

‘That baby said Angel.’ Matthias
Whispered hard and fast to Jon.

Jon eyed him through the corner
Of his eye and cringed…How was
This all coming out so much with
Strangers? Jon’s insides shook,
Although his body did not move.

Then the sky seemed to roll with
Clouds…and the sounds of thunder
Echoed. Lightening flashed in them
And everyone began to look up
And watch this…The afternoon
Sky became a spectacle of
A light show with cracks and
Streaks of blue and red lightening.
The wind began to pitch…
Yet there was no sense of fear,
Only a chill of some excitement.

The woman in red looked into this
Above and seemed to understand
Something in it that no one else
Did. Then she looked at Jon and
Smiled, more relaxed…more
Certain. ‘When something right
Happens…you know it.’ She said
To him as she gestured for him
And Matthias to come into their
Camp. ‘I don’t know who…or
What you are…But I’m glad
You’re here. It’s nice to meet you.’


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