Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 28…

The stars stood out and sparkled bright
Over the dark shadowy ground as
Though they were distant eyes watching
Some mystery. There was a heaviness
In the air leftover from the day, from
The duty of labor and the worries
Plaguing homes across the countryside.
And there among it all building it even
More was one of the brightest full moons
Of the year. Jon had only gazed up
Briefly to the night sky trying to shake
All feeling…when he heard someone
Call out his name as he was about to
Go into the barn.

A shadowy form stood around the
Corner of the barn to his right watching
Him. ‘Jon?’

He froze in surprise at the figure
And the sound of his name being
Called. Then he squinted and
Focused. ‘Julianna?’

She slowly and cautiously moved
Closer to him until she was more
Visible. ‘Jon, I’m sorry…but we had
No where else to go.’

‘We?’ He asked nervously, ‘What’s

Julianna took a step closer looking
About uneasily. ‘The camp…there was
An attack. Everyone ran…’ She paused
Eyeing him with this desperate look in
Her eyes. ‘Can we talk inside?’ She
Nodded at the barn. ‘In private?

‘Yes. Of course.’ Jon said fast, then
Opened the door for them to go in.

Once inside Julianna took a stand
By the door leaving it open a crack
So that she could watch outside.
‘I’m sorry about this.’

‘What’s happened?’ Jon asked.

‘I don’t know why…’ Julianna seemed
To moan. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong
With people. They lose their minds and
Attack without thinking. Such dark times
We live in, desperate.’

‘Is everyone alright?’ Jon asked.

‘Villagers came.’ Julianna whispered
Urgently. ‘Men on horses…carrying
Torches…from all over. Some were
Dressed in black. They came shouting
All sorts of ridiculous claims, and
Then they just started attacking people…’

‘That’s AWFUL! Was anyone hurt?’ Jon
Asked with growing shock.

‘Many. Everyone just started running
In different directions.’ Julianna told
Him as she watched the outside again
From behind the barn door. ‘We didn’t
Know what to do…They were so outrageous
Out of their minds casting blame. They
Made no sense….’

‘Are you alright?’ Jon asked studying her.

‘I’m fine.’ She assured him, then
Looked into the dark of the barn.
‘I came with Jona…and Matthias. He
Was hurt badly…he was stabbed.’

‘WHAT?!’ Jon exclaimed. ‘What? Why?
And you brought them…HERE…with

‘Yes.’ Julianna nodded then closed the door.
Then she smiled and called out, ‘Jona?’
Then his tall bulky shape stepped out
From the dark shadows into the brighter
Light at the end of the barn. ‘He carried
Matthias. We just ran. We didn’t know what
To do. We had gone North as you know
Then were coming back this way with the
Wagons when the attacks came. Matthias
Had told us your farm was close by…so

Jon and Julianna went to the other
Side of the barn then where Jona stood
Panting in the dark. Beside him, laying
On the ground in the hay was Matthias,
He was bleeding heavily and barely
Conscious. Jon knelt quickly over him.
‘This looks bad.’ He said as he examined
The wide gash in his shoulder, ‘When
Did this happen?’

‘Just before nightfall.’ Julianna told
Him looking very worried. ‘We just
Didn’t know what to do. It happened
So fast.’

‘Let me go and get some things from
The house.’ Jon told them. ‘Everyone
Is heading to bed now. I will be fast. I
Will get what I can, but I’m not sure how
Much I can help.’ Jon explained, then
Julianna nodded at him and he ran
Off. He returned very quickly with a
Bucket of water, linens that he
Found to treat the wound, and salves
And some candles; which he lit

Then in the corner of the barn as
Images made by the candlelight
Danced all over the walls, Jon treated
His friend’s wounds as best he could.
The gentle giant, Jona, hovered over
Him watching while Julianna paced
About nervously. ‘What happened to
Everyone else at the camp? Sara?’ Jon

‘I don’t know.’ Julianna answered
As she shook her head back and forth
Nearly in tears. ‘It was getting dark.
People ran. The things they said, the
Villagers…I have no idea what came over
Them. A vicious angry mob.’

‘This looks really bad.’ Jon kept saying
As he tried to then work on helping
Matthias. But his friend just moaned in
Agony, pinching his eyes shut as he lay
There gasping for breath and sweating.
‘I don’t know what I can do!’ He told
Them desperately. ‘Why would anyone
Do this?’

Jona stood angrily watching as he
Recalled the scene at the camp. Then
He growled the word, ‘Idiots.’

‘You have no idea why they attacked
You?’ Jon asked.

‘It has something to do with the lights.’
Julianna told him as she stood there with
Her arms crossed over her chest holding
Herself. ‘All the strange things happening…
The weather…The hard times. They were
Shouting at the gypsies, blaming them for
Everything. No one did anything! You
Know it was just a group of us roaming,
Curious about the lights. We weren’t a
Threat to anyone!’

Jon just shook his head. ‘It doesn’t
Take much to set people off…. especially
In groups.’

‘Will he be alright?’ Julianna asked
Watching as Matthias lay there in terrible

‘Honestly, I don’t know.’ Jon told her.
‘I have never seen a wound like this.’
He nearly fell over to one side sick with
Shock and worry. ‘Why, why would
People do this?’ He grabbed his head
Fearing the worst. ‘I don’t know what
To do…’

‘We didn’t either.’ Julianna shook.

‘And the camp…everyone else? Did
You see what happened to them?’ Jon
Asked, his eyes wide upon her.

‘I don’t know.’ Julianna replied weakly.
‘People ran. I think…I think they started
Grabbing people…I think some of them
Grabbed Sara…and maybe some of the
Others. I don’t know, I couldn’t see. Jona
Was there beside me, when some men
Struck at Matthias…He blocked them. I hit
One with a rock…And then we ran…!’

Jon just froze, his eyes huge and wide
Loat in her words picturing what she
Described. The insanity of it all. ‘All of
This from some curiosity over these lights?!’

‘It wasn’t just that.’ Julianna weakly said.
‘It’s everything…the mood in the air…
The way so many struggle…’

‘Yes, well, striking out never helps
Anyone as you see.’ Jon replied fast,
Angry at it all. ‘People just insist on
Lashing out all the time. And did they
Find their solution…in blaming the

There was strained silence then. ‘They
Had such a WILDNESS in their eyes.’
Julianna told him. ‘Like nothing would
Satisfy them…Like it was some sort of

‘They would strike out at any strange
Thing passing by.’ Jon understood. ‘I
Have seen how people can get about these
Things, believe me.’

‘It wasn’t like that in the city.’
Julianna said. ‘They would have talked

‘Or argued more you mean.’ Jon laughed.
‘Yes, they say the villagers have smaller
Minds…and in the city, what? They find
Some more intelligent way to be cruel???’

Joanna winced at his point, she could
Not argue that.
‘All for the sake of curiosity.’ Jon
Laughed. ‘Dare to be different, to break
A bad pattern…IS A PUNISHMENT in
Some way, He paused looking at them,
At Jona’s towering anger, at Julianna’s
Terror and Matthias’s pain….’You
Kept talking about how marvelous the lights
Were… the mysteries…about finding
Answers. You see how people are…do you
See? They don’t want answers, they want
It their way.’

‘Some do.’ Julianna insisted.

‘But not everyone sees it that way no matter
What you say.’ Jon defended. ‘It’s always
One point of view versus another…with each
Defending a different right or wrong…There
Are NO ANSWERS that way. How can there

‘We just wanted to see the lights.’ Julianna
Assured him.

‘In this world?’ Jon laughed. ‘Nothing is
So simple…will it ever be?’

‘We felt so close to solving something
Though…’ Julianna started to say…

‘To solving what, a mystery?’ Jon said
As he stood tall in the candle light among
Them. ‘About what? How much will anyone
Be satisfied with? Maybe you see and know
All that you need to…that you can handle…’

‘You’re not saying we were wrong for
Simply LOOKING?’ Julianna asked.

‘No, of course not.’ Jon told her desperately.
‘I’m saying nothing will be enough to
Satisfy everyone…They will ALWAYS want
More…ANOTHER ANSWER tomorrow, and
The day after that…and the day after that.’

‘You think this is the point that Sara was
Trying to tell us?’ Julianna asked then, looking
Quieter and unsure.

‘Tell me…’ Jon said to them, from a strong
Voice within himself. ‘These lights…to whatever
End they are…Why do you think they would
Come here…to visit some world ages behind
Their own? OR…to seek out something rare, or
New…to influence it…or collect it for their
Own?’ He took a step back thinking far away
Of things he tried to never think about…
‘What would they do…to influence a course…
A territory? And then watch and wait and observe
To see what would happen…What would time
Mean to them, it if meant anything AT ALL?’

She trembled slightly upon his words. ‘You
Have thought a lot about this…’

‘More than I ever wanted.’ Jon nodded
Reluctantly. ‘Maybe I have more answers
Than I want.’

‘You know there is more to this then…the
Lights?’ Julianna asked. ‘Sara knew. But she
Only shared so much…She was always so
Careful. Is there really something so terrible
To hide?’

‘Honestly, I don’t know.’ Jon told her
Sincerely. ‘I suspect…. from what I know.
That’s why I told you…It makes me appreciate
The simple things more. Maybe that’s all the
World is ready for. What other answers would
Be enough?’

‘But if we know more,’ Julianna tried to
Reason, ‘Couldn’t we do something about

‘If there is the power in the lights to
Come here, to come this far…beyond their
Own,’ Jon answered, ‘What could we do
About it? It’s scary to think about…What
They could be looking for…and why…’

‘You think they’re looking for something?’
Julianna asked as Jona listened intensely
Beside her.

Jon hesitated to answer. ‘Or waiting…
Or Both. Can you imagine if 500 years…
Only meant moments to them?’

‘Like Sara’s bracelet?’ Julianna wondered.

Just then there was the sound of wood
Creaking…soft footsteps on dry ground.
Before they knew it a cloaked figure in
Black emerged slyly through the barn door.
The strong form of a man entered and stunned
Each of them silent with shock. Fast moments.
The man began shouting nonsense accusations
At them, calling them, ‘bringers of darkness
From the skies.’ Then he withdrew a long shiny
Blade that flashed like silver in the dim light,
And lunged at them.

Jona grabbed Julianna and stood
In front of her baring his teeth
At the intruder, ready to fight him.
But the cloaked man
Set his sights on Jon instead
Aiming his knife at his chest…
So fast it happened. Jon gasped
And went wide-eyed with frozen
Shock…Then suddenly, the man
Went solid and motionless, his eyes
Bulged and he shook as though some
Tremendous force seized his insides…
Then he began to shake violently
Unable to control himself…The
Three of them watched in horror
As the man began to bite his
Teeth fighting to make a move,
A sound…

‘What is happening to him?’ Julianna

All at once, the cloaked man suddenly
Stood taller, as though something
Invisible was stretching him out…then
Violently his knees made awful
Breaking sounds as they were bent
And snapped backwards…and
Then his neck began bending backwards
And looked as though it was being
Squeezed, choked…And then finally
He let out this terrible distorted
Moan as his chest pounded in and
Out…until he fell motionless
And lifeless to the ground.

The three of them waited in
Silent shock just staring at the
Man’s body on the ground for
Minutes…and then Jona
Bravely crept over to him, bent
Down and examined him. He
Touched the man carefully, then
Slowly turned back to Jon and
Julianna numbly. ‘He is dead.’

Julianna shook and grabbed
At her throat. ‘What? How?’

Jon swallowed hard then trembled.
His mind raced, afraid, as his
Senses told him the fearful answer.

‘What happened?’ Julianna exclaimed.
‘What could have done that?’

Slowly Jon collected himself
Before answering with quiet words.
‘You don’t want to know.’

‘Do you know what did that?’
She said, stepping carefully
Closer to Jon.

‘It wasn’t me.’ Jon said shaking
His head. ‘I think it was them…’

‘Them?’ Jona asked as he stood up

Before they could further react
Another sound began to fill the air,
A sound none of them had ever
Heard before. It made the noise
Like a bee, but louder…echoing
Then rolling until it felt like
The entire barn was vibrating…

‘What is that?’ Julianna asked
As she looked everywhere.

‘I don’t know.’ Jon said nervously
As Jona moved closer to join them.
All three of them just kept looking
In every direction nervously,
But saw NOTHING.

Matthias began to moan in pain
Again, on the ground, his eyes
Squeezed shut, fighting something
Deep within. ‘What’s going on?’

Suddenly, Jon’s eyes shot straight
Up, guided by an internal trigger
He could not explain. ’There’s a
Light coming.’ Then he raced to
The barn door, with Julianna
And Jona close behind him. He
Threw the door open
And they looked out to see a
Strange orangey-red ball streaking
Across the sky…

Julianna just shook her head and
Leaned to Jon close and said
Desperately, ‘What is happening?!’


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 27JUL2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (27 July 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Where’s Alice?: The Multiverse Revealed


Exploring Alura

Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Time is really picking up speed and moving along at such a rapid pace. Time is really setting his mind on creating this peaceful reality we’ve all hoped would someday be ours to know. Time has come and the Time is now. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Things are happening. The Multiverse is really spinning differently these days. Actually spinning would be the term for how things used to go. The Multiverse used to revolve around The Realm of God and gods. That ended when Princess Mary Jane Blossom of the PMJB Realm, Stan MF’in Lee of Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm, and Skatman of Skatmand Land came together to peacefully overlap their realities in a joint effort to resolve their issues. When they came together, reality changed and…

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Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 27…

Jon fell into the dream, his senses
Overwhelmed by what he had felt and
Seen. It was too much this time. He
Felt so lost, set adrift on some surreal
Sea the night told stories by…and torn
By the world he knew by the light of
Day. It was always rolling and building
This way, lulled by chores and routine
And harkened by the full moon.

A higher voice from within was the only
Guide; that rare and precious gift. The
Sun, the moon, the stars…celestial forces
Compel the force forward. The tides turn
On the last four moons and a star. His
Mind just kept offering riddlesome words
And a direction he had no choice but to

And again, the days moved on in a haze,
Then into weeks the same way. Half the
Time it was dull and empty, the rest of it
Filled with flashes that made no sense.
The world went on, with each led by their
Own path and the choices they made. The
Only peace was found in silence.

Still, rumors spread of seeing more lights
Over the villages with growing impatience
And rest as well. It seemed there was
Aggravation everywhere in some way or
Another. And the people constantly kept
Directing blame, so much so that it became
A steady distraction from reasoning on
What was really going on. The animals
Seemed to recognize it best…They cried
And ran and hid from strange things, then
Quickly resolved to normal survival
Habits as best they could.

And then it came to another full moon.
Jon had lost all track of time as so many
Days passed the same way. Then one
Night as he lay in bed hoping for a quiet
Sleep empty of anything his ears caught
The sound of someone moving out in
The kitchen…

He could feel immediately that t wasn’t
Right. Everyone else in the family had
Long gone to bed, he was always the
Last one asleep. All he could do was
Lay there waiting…waiting for a voice,
A flash of light, some inclination for
His wits and memory to follow. But all
He could do was lay there staring at the
Ceiling, his eyes wide awake looking
About…waiting for more to come.

His ears sharpened to hear the voices
Past the door. Someone was in the
Kitchen…He focused until it became
More clear.

‘What are we doing here?’ She asked
Him urgently as she stood there in this
Simple pinkish-white pants-like uniform
Shaking her head. ‘You are asking too
Much of him, he is just a boy.’

‘He is old enough.’ Apollo spoke softly
But fast with a desperation in his tone
That was unsettling. ‘All things measured
In time…It is a process, one step at a time.’

‘I still say you ask too much.’ Kyrie insisted
With words that echoed quietly throughout
The house in the dark. ‘For what purpose?
His? Yours? Your expectations.’ She said
Shaking her head. ‘Why? What difference
Does it make?’

‘What difference?’ Apollo laughed. ‘As
Though it was nothing? Regardless of
Who knows…time has a measure. You
Know it’s the little things that can inspire.

There was a pause. Some debate in silence.
Then another voice…Ceres spoke, ‘I still
Say enough has been done already. The
Latter period matters more now. He already
Knows what happens here.’

‘He does not.’ Apollo answered sternly.

‘Why make such an effort at all?’ Kyrie
Asked sadly. ‘Is there more here?’ Her
Words suggested some thing more of him
He would not say. ‘So…Talk to him. Tell
Him more. Give him the words you wish.
Why ask me to do it?

‘Because that is your role here.’ He told
Her firmly, ‘You know that as well as I do.’

‘I still think it’s cruel to put him, or any of
The others in this position.’ Kyrie responded.

‘Cruel or kind has nothing to do with it.’
Apollo defended leaning towards her. ‘If
At best what we offer is a chance to improve
The odds…Then it must be done, or there
Is nothing for anyone.’

‘I still say what I said before.’ Ceres said
Strongly to him. ‘What has been done,
Has been done. There is nothing more for us
To do here…Watch, spy, listen?’ She laughed.
‘As you said…chance, the chance has been done.
At best, this will be just a memory for him. That
Is all.’

Jon froze at the words. His mind however
Raced frantically. He could just not understand
The conversation at all. Then he slowly
Crawled out of his bed as quietly as he could
And moved towards the door to press his ear
Against it to listen more carefully.

‘This is not a matter to question.’
Apollo seemingly ordered as he began to
Pace. ‘We are here. The part must be

‘To what degree?’ Kyrie asked. ‘Excess?
Curiosity? Or just to torment him?’

‘That is NOT fair.’ Apollo told her.

‘We are not being unreasonable Apollo.’
Ceres told him defiantly. ‘We are trying
To be fair to HIM…. Do not think we do
Not see what you are trying to do here.’

Another pause of silent deliberation. Then
Apollo stood taller and confidently. ‘Go in
In there and talk to him.

‘Is that a command?’ She asked.

‘I’m asking you.’ Apollo said slowly,
Sincerely. ‘To please do this.’

Jon couldn’t help but quietly open his
Bedroom door a crack so that he could
Peer out and see them…Then there they
Were, just as he recalled. It was almost
As if they never changed their clothes…
Or that no time had passed since seeing
Them last…or that no time has passed
Since he last saw them to do so; no time
Had passed for them that is.

‘I care too.’ Kyrie nodded.

‘So, do this then.’ Apollo said
To her then with a sincerity she had
Never seen.

Ceres stood taller, strongly at the
Sight of this. ‘The Great Apollo…
The wit, the bravery. This is the most
Priceless moment to see…His
Compassion and feeling…here.’

‘There was a time…’ Apollo said
To them slowly. ‘So many thought
I was some…frightened little boy
Hiding…or then a jokester. And then
They thought I was heartless and
Made of stone.’

‘The assumptions were without end.’
Kyrie laughed to herself. ‘The devils
Play and spy in amusement to indulge
Themselves…by deductions made on
Fragments. But that is predictable, that
Is how it was, or rather is.’ She laughed
Correcting herself,

‘Wait until the era of machines rise.’
Apollo laughed. ‘And then the digital
Era…. convenience will create monsters,
And a great division. The dim percentage
To sort them out. They will abuse it
Before they will understand it.’

‘Is that where the golden rules truly
Came from?’ Ceres asked. ‘About
The laws of interference I mean…
The directives with managing time?’

‘In part.’ Apollo sighed. ‘They had
To push the limits first before they put
Such rigid restrictions down…It was
The only way to spare them and
Prevent further deterioration.’

‘I’m glad that I never witnessed that.’
Kyrie replied.

‘Didn’t you?’ Apollo laughed. ‘In
Some aspect I mean?’

‘It’s hard to believe that there could
Be such a thing as a digital era…
Anywhere.’ Ceres laughed. ‘That
Anyone would spend so much time
That way, so much wasted time…
Is beyond me.’

‘They didn’t see it that way.’ Apollo
Said. ‘For them, at first…it was
The answer to everything. And yet
It was the point of play for ceaseless
Addiction and distraction.’

‘And yet this here…’ Kyrie replied
Strangely. ‘Makes a difference?’

‘It will.’ Apollo said looking far
Away. ‘For the others though we
Must take greater consideration, a
More careful approach. We need to
Be more selective.’ He said very
Thoughtfully holding his chin. ‘And
We need to prepare them better with
More careful instruction.’

‘They are children.’ Kyrie said
Looking down reluctantly. ‘I still
Say that we expect a lot…. To put
Them in such a situation.’

‘They are not children among their
Peers, nor in their times.’ Apollo
Said respectfully then nodded. ‘Besides,
It is done. Tomorrow you will go and
Speak to him and tell him a story. Then
We will step back and let the elders
Decide what comes next. And then we
Will evaluate and move forward. It is

‘It is done, it happened.’ Ceres sighed as
She turned to the sound of a squeaking
Mouse scurrying across the floor and
Smiled. ‘So many little things…How many
Times must we hear this? What for?’

‘Until the proper course aligns.’ Apollo said
Holding out his hands with an appealing
Gesture. ‘There is no discussion here. Now
Let us move on with it.’

‘What did the Little Old Asian Man, the
Ascended Master suggest?’ Ceres questioned.
‘Did you speak with him on this, has anyone?’

‘As I have said,’ Apollo replied, ‘We will
Speak with the elders after…. Now this
Must be done…’

‘I would rather move on to the next
Part.’ Ceres sighed again. ‘They were
Far more entertaining. Why prolong
This here?’

‘I must speak more carefully with them.’
Apollo said with a cautious look. ‘His
Selections insist it so. I can not say no.
You know this.’ Then he turned back to
Kyrie more seriously. ‘Now…go in there
And talk to him. And say what you must,
Be convincing. He needs that hope.’

‘This is ridiculous…To say anything to
Him, then rip it from him…so he won’t
Remember it.’ She seemed to grimace
At the thought of what she was doing. ‘He
Does not want it, the part put upon him.’

‘That is not his choice.’ Apollo laughed.

Just then Jon slipped, and the three of
Them caught the sound of him and
Immediately turned to stare right at him
Through the crack in the door. They froze
Then looked at each other awkwardly.
Apollo just eyed them heavily then and

Jon stood up and opened the door still
Fighting a hazy state of mind. Yet
Somehow, he focused to think and speak
Then he stepped out into the kitchen
To join them and said…’What, what is
Going on? Who are you people?’

‘Now, Jon…’ Kyrie started to say kindly
Before she was interrupted.

‘It’s just a dream, Jon.’ Apollo quickly
Stated with confidence. ‘Why don’t you
Go back to bed…and lay down…you’re

‘No.’ He simply answered. ‘Tell me.’

Ceres eyed Apollo with amusement,
She really seemed to enjoy the moment.
‘Ah, where are the words this time?
Say it with wit and bravery…tell him a
Story, then WILL IT AWAY…He
Surprised you this time.’

Apollo looked at her with a comical
Grimace then rolled his eyes. ‘Some
Sympathy would be nice.’

‘Should I ask him to draw a picture to
Commemorate the moment for some
Mystery to analyze?’ Ceres retorted

‘Some dignity, please.’ He pleaded.

‘That was left on a page with a riddle,
With a picture to test faith. No, dignity
Is long gone. Perhaps someone
Assumed a part there in.’ Ceres teased.

Again, Apollo rolled his eyes. But he had
To admit that he admired her faithfulness.
‘Maybe you should go to the barn and
Talk to the animals until we finish?’
He teased back.

‘I would be too bored.’ She laughed.
‘The horses and goats are much more
Efficient with their words. Perhaps
If there was a donkey then the matter
Would take longer.’

‘Can we focus?’ He asked pointing to
Jon, for his sake.

‘I don’t know, can we?’ She teased again.
‘Is that possible? The boy appreciates the
Animals. Let his goose reason with you.’

Kyrie then rolled her eyes at both of them,
Then turned to Jon more sincerely. ‘You
Heard us, you were listening?’

‘Some.’ Jon answered. ‘What is this?’

‘Jon, try to understand….’ She began…

‘Careful…’ Apollo quickly interrupted.

‘Jon…’ Kyrie went on, sure she
Could contain the moment without
Direction. ‘There are things…
Impossible to explain and understand
So fast…So how about this…
No matter how things are, as far
As they reach…Even across the
Stars, across time…Family reaches

Apollo’s eyes nearly exploded as
He froze. Ceres held her breath
And listened keenly. They were both
In shock from Kyrie’s words.

‘Family?’ Jon hesitated, scowled.
His mind just spun.

Then Kyrie smiled and turned to
Apollo. ‘I believe I said the
Appropriate words. Now if there’s
More to say…You will finish them.’

Apollo’s stance became rigid
And more serious. He eyed Jon
Sternly then said. ‘We have
To leave now.’ Then he seemed
To stare at Jon intensely. ‘You
Really need to sleep now.’

Suddenly Jon grew very sleepy, so
Much so, he could not fight it
And he found it hard to stand.
Then he was stumbling backwards
To his bed and everything was
Growing blurry and dark. Someone
Was gently laying him down in
His bed and pulling the blanket
Sweetly over him.

There were whispers and words
Hard to hear. A hand stroked his
Head as he shut his eyes. Then
Someone said, ‘You just had to
Insist…Watch what you’re doing, you
Nearly stepped on my foot you idiot,’
There seemed to be some argument then
On how they laid him down in
Bed? A brief debate, that passed
With something that sounded like a slap.

And back to the dream Jon went.
Beautiful images of a starry sky filled
His head…against mountains and the
Comfort of a cool wind. Set against
This scene of the stars, then their
Faces returned like great luminary
Paintings in the sky of Apollo…
Then Kyrie and Ceres…offering
Words that make riddling sense.

There were dreams to offer hope and
Chance…inspire more. Believe. Deny
The doubt in the heart and mind
No matter what comes or darkness
Challenges. One voice can carry that
Weight. The quarter in the crescent
Moon rises, the quarter in the waning
Moon departs…

The next morning Jon awoke sharply,
Quickly siting up in his bed
Wondering on what just happened.
He pulled himself out of bed
Without yawning and sat there
Thinking for a moment quietly,
Then standing for a moment
Quietly. That was by far one of
The strangest dreams that bothered
Him…The words lingered briefly
In his mind before he reasoned
To dismiss it. The day was
Ahead, there was work to do…
And the animals were calling him
To be tended to.

And again, a normal day passed by…
Until nightfall when he was about
To lock up the barn and head to
The house for bed…A shadowy form
Emerged from around the corner
Of the barn…and then a familiar
Voice called out to him…



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 20JUL2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (20 July 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Valiant: Knock Knock…the Sandman…The Gift…Part 26…

In the following days things began to
Return to the quieter time of the routine
On the farm. It was as if a slow exhaustion
Had set in from everything that would
Allow nothing more. Jon was grateful for
That. He managed to visit briefly a few
Times with Sara’s camp as the sightings
Of the lights continued…but there were
No great revelations shed as some hoped.
By far it was mostly theories and
Speculations for those who made the time
For it…While for others life went on as

The days became weeks like this with
Nothing much to satisfy the people.
Nature and the animals seemed to say
More…again, for those that notice
Such things. There was an uneasiness
That steadily grew in the animals, with
Strange illnesses and sudden deaths
In places…and the predators were more
Active than ever before. The weather
Seemed more hostile than normal, with
Violent storms and pouring rain…And
Odd tremors shook the ground unlike
Ever before. It was as if nature was
Echoing some imbalance in things.
And this would only grow as the mood
In the air with the people would not
Come to a rest.

Jon sometimes wondered on the man
In black’s words about peoples’
Outlook of peace…if it could affect
Nature at all, and if higher powers
Did as well. But everyone had ideas
Ono this, perhaps that’s what faith
Was for…or fate, depending on how
One looks at it. From deep within all
That Jon knew was that things were
Building…for something not so far

Then it came to summer…when everything
Was full and green. It had been some time
Since anything strange had happened…so
It seemed the season must have brought
The chance again…

It was a full one late summer night
When Jon awoke in the middle of
The night out of a deep sleep to that
Feeling that he had no words for. He
Sat up suddenly in his bed and looked
Around unsure whether he was dreaming
Or not. There was nothing to see or hear
At first, only the shadows cast by the
Moonlight coming in through his bedroom
Window. His senses quickly sharpened,
Then he heard that familiar voice…

‘Jon…’ He said from the shadowy corner
Of his room. ‘There is something I would
Like to show you…Now.’

Jon winced and turned his head trying
To deny it. He knew who it was, what
It meant. Things had been quiet for too
Long, there was no point in fighting it.
This visitor just always had the edge,
So Jon could only reluctantly agree.
‘Alright.’ He said with his head down.

Before he knew what was happening
He was getting out of bed, then there
Was this bright flash of light…like
Some giant shining circle of light
Surrounded him, and all at once
He was standing someplace else
With the mysterious Apollo standing
Tall beside him.

They stood in a room unlike any he
Had ever seen. It was brightly lit
With shiny metal-looking walls that
Somehow resembled glass. There
Were tables positioned in rows all
Facing one wall that seemed to glow
Like the sun and the moon with tiny
Patterns moving all over it.

In front of the wall stood this tall
Beautiful woman with deep red hair
That fell loosely to he shoulders. She
Was dressed in a pale blue forming
Fitting outfit of precise design. And
Beside her stood a taller man, strongly
Built wit orangey hair and a clean kept
Beard. He was also dressed in a pale
Blue outfit…only his was more stream-
Lined to his form. They both had such
Perfect looking features, it was impossible
Not to notice how they looked. Their
Age was hard to estimate, they both
Appeared so young and fit, yet they held
Themselves like refined elders. They both
Just stood calmly and kindly to each
Other, neither of them even noticed Jon
Or Apollo when they appeared.

Apollo whispered fast to Jon as he heard
His mind notice. ‘No, they can not see us.
Jon. Please watch this.’

Jon then looked to the rows of tables,
Most were empty. Only a few people
Sat at them on the far side of the
Room. When Jon saw them, their
Faces, he froze. He recognized them

‘That girl,’ Jon said nodding to
The pretty blond who sat alone
Shaking her head and rolling her
Eyes. ‘Is that…That looks like…
Julianna! And behind her…That one
Over there,’ he said pointing fast
And excitedly. ‘That one is the one
You brought me to before…Jeff?’
‘I can see him now better in the
Light. He looks like…Heinz!’ Jon
Was so shocked now, the clear
View of Jeff in the light was just
More than he ever expected…and
Confusing at the same time. ‘And
That one, that one there,’ Jon said to
Apollo as he nodded his head. ‘He
Looks like the giant Dark-skinned
Man…Jona? And that one there, on
The opposite side of him…He looks
Like Matthias with long hair! But
The last one, that one over there,’ He
Nodded, ‘I have NEVER seen him
Before…at all.

‘Not yet.’ Apollo mysteriously whispered.

‘What?” Jon asked, he didn’t understand.

Then before Jon could push for details,
The giant dark-skinned man sitting with
Jeff threw back his head and let out a
Long impressive belch.

‘What the hell is going on here?’ Joe
Called out as fought the foggy feeling
Filling his head. He just wanted to
Swat at everything.

‘It’s one of those dreams again.’ Julie
Told him shaking her head. ‘I just
Said that. Don’t you ever listen?’

‘Why am I dreaming this?’ Joe demanded
Ashe turned to Jeff. ‘Oh HEY, I remember
You. YOU, I remember! You told me that
Funny story…So why are we here? Do you
Know why we’re here?’

‘There is something in those margaritas,’
Julie laughed to herself. “I swear this
Always happens whenever I go to that café!’

‘What is going on?’ Joe bellowed again.
‘Anyone going to answer my questions or

‘This is just WEIRD.’ Jacob said as he
Tried to collect himself as well. ‘I…I
Swear this feels familiar, but I can’t remember
It…Not until I’m here…then I remember.’

‘That’s how I feel…’ Jeff agreed.

‘Me too.’ Julie added.

‘Me too.’ Jason agreed.

‘HELLO, Mr. and Mrs. Spaceman?’
Joe yelled. You deaf or what? What is
This? Why is nobody talking?’

‘Because you’re too loud, that’s why.’
Julie insisted with a laugh. She fought
Hard to remember more. ‘Where is
Everyone else? There were more people

‘We’re the youngest.’ Jason moaned
As he struggled to think. ‘The others…

‘I remember 7 of us last time.’ Julie
Said. ‘I remember 7…There’s only
5 now.’

‘Something must have happened to
Them…’ Jacob said as he remembered

‘What is this?’ Joe kept repeating.

‘We will begin soon.’ The red-headed
Woman said to them briefly then
Turned to resumed some discussion
With her associate.

‘Is this like some kind of Alien stuff
Happening to us?’ Jason asked Jacob.

‘It might be.’ Jacob replied. ‘I’m not
Sure what it is. Maybe we all crossed
Paths somewhere before…on a bus,
Or a plane or something. I just know
That I’ve had this dream before.’

‘You mean these dreams could be real?’
Joe asked him then. ‘I remember that
Dream with them little oompa loompa
People, and that crazy looking Willy Wonka.’
Then he threw his head back with a loud
Sigh. ‘He said I was going on some trip
One day, some big important trip into
Outer space one day.’

Julie froze. ‘He said that to you?’

‘’What did he say to you?’ Jacob asked
As he leaned towards her. But she would
Not answer.

‘He told her that California was going to
Have to start serving REAL FOOD.’ Joe
Laughed loudly. ‘No more green pizza!’
Then he turned to Jeff. ‘I was there once,
Went to this pizza place and asked for
The house specialty. I figured, what could
Go wrong…pizza is pizza…And the waitress
Brings me this square piece of bread with
Broccoli and grass and shit on it. What the
Hell is THAT?’

‘Oh, stop will you.’ Julie said rolling her eyes.

‘I’m serious!’ Joe told her. “I don’t want no
Green shit on my pizza! Pizza is supposed to
Have cheese and grease and meat on it, not
Green shit. What am I, a cow or something?’

‘Did you bother to look at the menu BEFORE
You ordered it?’ Julie asked him.

‘What’s to look at with pizza?’ Joe yelled
Then slapped the table in front of him. ‘How
Was I supposed to know they mow peoples’
Lawns and put it on bread and call that pizza?’

‘There are all kinds of things you can put
On a pizza you know.’ Julie told him.
‘Like pineapple-‘

‘Pineapple?!’ Joe howled. ‘OH PLEASE!
Don’t start talking fruit and vegetables
On me with my food now. Don’t be talking
Gardening stuff on my pizza. Maybe they
Do that where you’re from, NOT BY ME.’

‘Yeah, I must admit. I hate that too.’
Jeff agreed.

‘I didn’t say that I liked it.’ Julie replied.

‘If that’s what this is…’ Joe went on
Wildly. ‘If these Space men or Oompa
Loompa people or whatever are trying
To turn me into one of those vegetable
People, THEN FORGET IT. They can
Just keep that stuff back in Mexico or
Where ever they’re from. Just leave
Me out of it.’

‘Mexico?’ Julie winced at his words.
‘What are you talking about?’

‘Where they’re from, Hello Miss
California!’ Joe said leaning towards
Her. ‘Those little pink guys, remember?
Maybe they’re from Mexico. Like one
Of those tiny little villages no one knows
About where they eat roots and flowers
And bugs, like Venezuela or something.’

‘Venezuela IS NOT in Mexico.’ Julie
Said sternly correcting him. ‘Mexico is
A country. Venezuela is a country.’

‘What are you, a school teacher or
Something?’ Joe yelled. ‘I was just
Talking about Pizza!’

‘You think these people are from
Mexico?’ Jason had to ask with a laugh.

‘I don’t know!’ Joe snapped. ‘I don’t
Think about it. Tonto just said we don’t

‘Because I think this is like Alien or something.’
Jason told him. ‘Don’t you remember seeing

‘I remember seeing something like that.’
Julie quietly nodded.

‘Oh sure, Barbie remembers all kinds of
Things with margaritas.’ Joe teased her.

‘No, seriously.’ Jacob continued. ‘Think
About it. How many times have we talked
Like this?’

‘You think this is like some real Spaceman
Thing?’ Joe asked as looked at each of their
Faces. Then he thought to himself for a
Moment, turned fast to look at Jeff and to
Jacob…then he sat up straighter and taller
And raised his hand. ‘I have a question!’

‘Oh My God!’ Julie groaned shaking
Her head.

‘Yes?’ The tall orangey-haired man in
The front of the room asked.

‘When do we get to see the alien sexual
Experiments?’ Joe asked.

‘Dude, shut up!’ Jacob whispered hard
At him. ‘Are you CRAZY? You don’t
Ask them things like that!’

‘Why not?’ Joe asked him with a weird

‘Have you lost your mind?’ Julie snapped
At him. ‘What are you thinking?’

‘Don’t say stuff like that!’ Jason
Whispered fast and nervously. ‘Holy

‘Why?’ Joe asked laughing about it.
‘Relax people, it’s just a dream.’

‘Are you sure?’ Jason doubted.

‘Chill out people.’ Joe only said. ‘What
Are you like my conscience?’ He just
Shook his head and kept waving at the
Two people in uniforms in front of the
Room. ‘Hey Spacemen People, you going
To answer my questions or what?’

‘Oh My God!’ Julie groaned as she turned
Back to face Joe, Jeff and Jacob. ‘Why am I
Here? This is ridiculous!’

‘We will begin in a moment.’ The woman
In front answered calmly.

‘What’s the hold up?’ Joe called out
Loudly. ‘Your uniforms too tight or

‘Think about this will you.’ Jacob
Whispered, pleading with Joe to calm
Down. ‘Remember, this has happened

‘So?’ Joe asked.

‘I wrote about it.’ Jeff whispered to
Jacob. ‘I remember, I put it in my dream
Journal. I wanted to write about it…
For some reason.’

‘God, you didn’t show anyone, did you?’
Julie asked. ‘You know how weird some
Get about those things.’

‘So what?’ Joe laughed. ‘Who cares?!
Nobody reads anything anymore. Man,
I HATE to read. All anyone ever does
Is read to talk and gossip and criticize.
Who cares. No one would believe it

‘The way you think.’ Julie just rolled
Her eyes with a sigh.

‘Barbie’s being mean to me again.’ Joe
Said turning to Jeff. ‘Did you write
How mean she is to me? For crying out
Loud all I was doing is talking about pizza
And I get the word trip of guilt for not
Wanting to eat GRASS.’

‘No, you were asking about the alien
Sexual experiments.’ Jason corrected.

‘Don’t encourage him!’ Julie said
Gritting her teeth.

‘THAT’S RIGHT!’ Joe bellowed. ‘What
About that stuff? You Spacemen making
A movie or what?’

‘Dude, stop it!’ Jacob whispered hard holding
His head. ‘Think, will you! God!’

‘Think about what?’ Joe laughed. ‘You
People got to relax.’

‘Oh, like you.’ Julie replied fast.

‘It happens, Barbie.’ Joe said to her. ‘It was
Just a question. What they don’t have
Those on the sunny shores where you are?’

‘UGH!’ Julie groaned.

‘What if this IS…some kind of experiment?’
Jacob whispered to him.

‘When?’ Joe scowled. ‘There’s 4 of us guys
Here…and Barbie…’ Then he paused to
Think and turned to Julie. ‘Aren’t you curious?’

‘NO!’ Julie growled at him. ‘Where is your
Head at?’

‘I’m hungry!’ Joe yelled. ‘Sorry if that offends
You. Man, no one ever lets me do anything.
I don’t want to dream about a bunch of paranoid
People and stuffy Spacemen!’

‘Just relax.’ Jacob insisted to everyone. ‘Let’s
Just think…While we CAN…and discuss this.’

‘What’s to talk about?’ Joe asked. ‘I want to go
Back to sleep. I need to get up early. Man I swear
I am never watching no midget porn again.’

‘Midget porn?’ Jeff squinted and laughed. ‘What?’

‘My friends got it, it was left on the rack.’ Joe

‘My God, where is your head?’ Julie said shaking
Her head.

‘Oh COOL IT, Barbie. I didn’t hurt nobody.
You already gave me the guilt about the pizza,
Don’t go giving me grief on my whole life now.’
Joe told her.

‘I just want to get out of here and go back
To sleep.’ Jason said. ‘I don’t know what
This is.’

‘Who does?’ Joe asked.

‘They won’t let us remember, why?’ Jason

‘I’m not complaining about that.’ Julie
Said then. ‘Why would I want to?’

‘But what is this?’ Jacob asked. ‘Who
Are they?’

‘They built the Willy Wonka Factory.’
Joe chuckled. ‘Maybe the Oompa
Loompas went on strike and they
Need new workers to dress up
In doll suits to make new
Chocolate. God, man am I hungry.
Do they feed us in these dreams?’

‘You are impossible!’ Julie snapped.

Jacob thought fast. ‘We won’t

‘It’s the chocolate, I told you!’
Joe insisted. ‘Hey Mrs. Spaceman,’
He called out waving at her,
‘You want to move this along.
I need to get back to sleep!’

‘Do we even get a say here?’ Jeff
Whispered to them. ‘It seems like
It happens whether we want it
Or not.’

‘Why though?’ Julie asked.
‘Maybe if we stuck together,’ Jacob
Suggested, ‘We can get better

‘See,’ Joe nodded, ‘Now Tonto’s
Thinking right.’ He raised his
Hand and pointed to the people
In the front of the room. ‘Hey,
Mr. Spaceman. Can we move
This along now? Some of us
Want to get back to sleep, we
Got things to do. Barbie over
Here has to shop for a new
Dream house tomorrow.’

‘God, help us.’ Julie groaned.

The red-headed woman in front
Smiled to her companion. Then
He whispered to her. ‘They are
Colorful.’ Then the two of them
Took a step away from each
Other so that the glowing wall
Could be more clear to them…
As it began to flash and move.

‘What is that?’ Jacob asked.

‘Please watch the screen.’ The
Woman instructed. ‘We are giving
You an education no one ever
Could. To help you.’

‘Education?’ Joe cackled. ‘What
Is this a classroom? That’s CRAP!
Man where’s the candy?!’

‘Did you hear what she said?’
Jacob said in shock.

The scree-wall began to fill
With images…and the room grew
Brighter and brighter.

Apollo then took Jon by the arm
And turned for them to look away
Then. ‘It’s time to go now.’

‘Go?’ Jon was totally confused.
‘What is that? Those people…’

‘That is for them.’ Apollo said
To him kindly as they suddenly
Appeared back in his bedroom
And everything faded away.

Jon’s head felt heavy and it
Became hard for him to see. All
That he could think of then was
Going back to bed, back to sleep.
Then he climbed into bed without
Fighting it…and crawled under
The covers and closed his eyes.
Words just kept filling his head,
To sleep…It
Would all make sense one day…
He hoped.


Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 13JUL2019

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (13 July 2019) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships. You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Ceilidh
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean,  Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, GLS Resolution, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Happy birthday to Ray, our lovely Ben Naga

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This day is not forgotten, and how much we want to bring you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! What the amazing day this is, even in the sense of numerology !!! I’m sorry for this writing might look awkward owing to my long silence, being so affected by the waves and the circumstances. Searching for the pictures, I feel like I could finally take a rest to take an wonderful excursion !!!



I’ve been asking myself how the past days, months, year felt like??? At least, watching the young vlogers’ sharing, I realize how much I’m much older than. Though I’m still so curious about the known and unknown, that curiosity is already so different from that in my own youth and the ones in youth right now.  Watching them and their sharing, I can finally become more  and more optimistic about their capability to make this world better in an incredible sufficiency, for there are already so many resources, such knowledge, skills, crafts being left on purpose by the good ones. Though I don’t deny that I’m still mad for the reality that there are still so many resources being monopolized by.


When I read or watch the materials accessible for me, it feels so distinct that how powerful the knowledge and the language which carries it can be!!! We all see which language is that dominant one. The more ones use it, it can be applied and developed in the more subtle way. It can become a more and more developed vehicle and carry more and more people to the realms where they could hardly imagine they can reach one day. On the contrary, when there are where there are things forbidden to talk,  publish, even to reach for years, even centuries, you can imagine how that writing culture can become and what there is to left to the next generations. So the young ones who can be so amazing for they know how to get what interest them and can help enrich their knowledge and skills via the treasures that were left by. I guess the role of schools will change a lot in the future, for there are more and more resources which are available for the interested ones to get to have self-learning. Something which is seen and foreseen, that how easy the digital can be held up, even destroyed even over night. So for the sake of the future generations, we have better to leave those on papers.


Recently, the images of various kinds of bird just keep popping up, particularly the parrots and Toucans which seems urging me to speak. However, that blockage in me is so hard to break on my own. So, thanks for this precious birthday of Ben Naga !!! Honestly, I once typed the key-word Naga birthday cake, you guess what were brought up to me??? The White Dragon of the HBO show, Game of Throne. Now….for healing my own wounds in all senses, I would rather to charge this sweet donkey to bring that awkward, but sweet greetings & blessings !!!

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Besides, may the persistence of the adorable girls cheer you up, just like they made me !!! While watching it, I asked myself, if it happened to me, I would behave like the younger or older one???  Guess what’s the outcome it turned out to be???









Valiant: Knock, Knock… The Sandman… The Gift… Part 25

A moment seemed to suspend, and
Again, that sound came to bring this
Strange pause…That metallic rolling
Sound of a bell lost in time. Jon thought
He could make a quiet departure, to
Return to the goats in the meadow and
Then for home. There was just some
Sense within him that he had to leave
Just then, enough had been said and
There was still plenty of the daily

Work that needed to be done.

He went back inside the tent and
Humbly told everyone that he had
To get going now. ‘You’re leaving?’
Julianna asked with dismay. ‘Already,
So soon?’

The dark-skinned giant Jona reached
Out and grabbed him by the arm firmly.
Then he grinned with some quiet
Expression in his eyes of understanding.
And although the giant didn’t speak,
He was clearly telling Jon that he really
Liked him and considered him a friend.
Jon shook his head and nodded, then
Turned and left quietly…

As he left the camp, wild thoughts
And images filled his head…of familiar
Faces and bizarre looking places. There
Was such an odd riddle going on here
Between dreams and the waking world.
A moment or task had been done and
Would finish someplace else or in
Another time. He really couldn’t explain
It more than that.

Jon went to the meadow where the
Goats grazed and found them fat, full and
Happy laying about waiting for him.
Their simple nature brought the peace
And content he needed to see…to
Make the strangeness fade away. Then
He clapped his hands and whistled
Calling them, and began leading them

On the walk home Jon just tried to
Breathe and think about nothing. He
Would save the heavy thinking for
Bedtime. He thought by the already
Said and done meeting with Sara’s
People that nothing else would happen
For a while…and then…

He heard the sound of a horse drawing
Near as he was almost half-way home.
Thinking not much of it he simply
Turned to see a beautiful pale grey
Well-bred steed trotting towards him
With a tall noble-looking man dressed
In black riding it. Jon paused as his
Senses shook with quick sudden alarm.
This rider, this man had the presence
Unlike anyone he had ever seen before…
Like some majestic knight of a secret

Jon froze, the goats froze, as the horse
And rider approached then stopped
Directly in front of him. The man sat
Tall and proud in the saddle, but while
He towered over him, he looked at Jon
With a kind wisdom that confused him.
Then he stared at Jon, sizing him up for
A minute, and said, ‘Greetings Young

‘Hello.’ Jon said, but was so stunned
By how noble the man looked that he
Could think of nothing to say. He only
Studied him…He was chiseled and
Strongly built, much more than any
Average man of the day…. with a
Handsome face that was clean kept and
Sharp eyes that did not waiver nor
Hesitate; the man had a strong character.

‘Do you live around here?’ The man asked.

‘Yes.’ Jon answered. ‘Not far from here.
Are you lost?’

‘Lost?’ The man laughed. ‘Lost, well yes…
In a manner of speaking. I am looking for

Jon’s mind seemed to respond on its own
From another side of him. ‘Do you know
What it is?’ He asked.

The man dismounted his horse with a
Smile as he eyed the area. ‘My senses
Seem in a fog. Normally I know things
Very well…But today, I am not sure…’

‘Then how can you search for it?’ Jon
Asked shaking his head briefly in confusion.

The man laughed again and smiled at
Jon. He had no idea why he smiled in
Such a way, nor why his mind seemed
Suddenly absent of all reason. ‘That’s
A good question…I don’t know.’ He
Paused wondering on it some. ‘I am

‘Jon.’ He said introducing himself.
‘You have a strange accent that I do
Not recognize. Where are you from?’

Ladislav paused with a funny expression
Thinking of the words. ‘Isn’t that
Strange…I can’t remember.’

They both stood looking about,
Grinning and thinking to themselves.
Something very odd was happening,
As though things were deliberately
Being interrupted somehow. ‘Well,’
Jon said returning to his former intent
On getting home. ‘I really should get
Home…I hope you find whatever It
Is that you are looking for.’

Ladislav held out his hand suddenly.
‘Jon, wait…’

‘Yes?’ He answered.

‘There is reason I am here…though
Words escape me.’ Ladislav squinted
Fighting to recall his train of thought.
His mission…but all that he was left
To do was scramble for words. ‘Do
You mind if I walk with you…just
Until I remember what it is I was doing?’

‘No, I suppose that would be fine.’
Jon said with a nod, then he resumed
His guiding the goats and guiding them
Home along the trodden path they were
On that most used, apart from the more
Popular main roads.

They walked a while in silence. Jon kept
His head down waiting to hear what the
Stranger would say. Everything just seemed
To be in a blur for both of them. The
Mysterious Ladislav kept looking about
Puzzled as he held on to his horse’s lead
Tightly…waiting for his reason to return.
He was becoming irritated by his confusion
Very fast, but managed to control somehow.

‘Normally I am not like this at all.’ Ladislav
Laughed. ‘Those that know me…They know
How determined I can be…especially when
I am looking for something.’

‘You must really need what you are looking
For.’ Jon said without thinking. ‘If you are
Searching so much for it.’

‘I think so.’ Ladislav replied slowly. ‘We…
I, am a man of great purpose. I usually never
Rest until I find what I am looking for.’

‘You seem calm now?’ Jon said.

‘Indeed.’ Ladislav said strongly; however
Confused he was inside. ‘Indeed, I do. But then,
Most are always on endless search…Perhaps
That is a common cry among men…To search
For what they need, even if they do not know
What it is.’

Jon nodded with a quiet laugh as he
Vividly just remembered the conversation
At Sara’s camp…The search for answers.
‘Is it something big’ Jon asked him.

‘Possibly.’ Ladislav laughed. ‘I think so.’

‘Maybe it’s more simple than you think.’
Jon replied.

‘Why would you say that?’ Ladislav asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Jon sad. ‘I was talking with
Some friends…They seemed to prefer
Complicated discussion and fast answers.

‘Do you?’ Ladislav asked.

Jon laughed again as he turned to face
Him directly to his face. ‘That a noble man
Such as yourself would ask my opinion,
Surprises me. Sir.’

‘Why wouldn’t I ask you? Ladislav went

‘Most yell or complain and ask questions

‘That is the wrong thing to do.’ Ladislav said.
‘There is no reason in that. Those are demands
Hiding behind words. The wise listen carefully
And quietly…and keep their eyes open…and

‘Do you search a lot?’ Jon asked.

‘For me?’ Ladislav said calmly. ‘That is
What I have sworn to do.’

‘To search?’ Jon wondered aloud. ‘When you
Remember what it is you’re looking for.’

‘Correct.’ Ladislav laughed. ‘Ah, as I have
Said…Everyone is searching for something,
Their place, their purpose. To do so in a world
So big is quite a challenge.’

‘It’s a world full of a lot of people.’ Join

Ladislav held out his hand before Jon
With a wide gesture. ‘No, it’s a world
Full of Individuals, Jon…. Individuals
With their own ideas, wants and intent…
Of many lands, each with their own beliefs.’

‘On a quest for peace?’ Jon said responding
To his words.

‘If people wanted peace, they would have
It already.’ Ladislav said with a sigh.

‘They would?’ Jon replied in confusion.

‘You do not have to search for peace,
Jon. It’s there with you all the time…You
Simply choose to see it or not.’ Ladislav

Jon nodded. ‘I can see what you mean
By that.’ There was a silence between
Them then for a while as they each thought
On their own. ‘So, is it a quest for love then?’
Jon asked him.

‘Normally I do not speak like this.’ Ladislav
Laughed. ‘Most regard me as a man too
Silent and fast and brief with his words. No,’
He said with a laugh, ‘I am not on a quest
For love. Some are…or at least, they hope
Or aspire to find a love that defines who they
Are, or fills them. But I would say most
Are preoccupied with chasing schemes that
Are unlike love, and are just desires instead…
And they call it love.’

Jon laughed and nodded. ‘True.’

‘Well, look at you. You are a young man.
Aren’t you looking for love…or chasing
The idea in some way?’ Ladislav asked.
‘Come now, the young are ALWAYS
Chasing their desires…then settle for
Something akin to love to save them
From running too wild for too long.’

‘No.’ Jon told him honestly. ‘At least
Not now. I just don’t feel it…I’ve tried
But I don’t understand it.’

‘That’s a strange thing for a young man
To say.’ Ladislav replied.

‘Yes, I know. Most don’t believe it.’
Jon answered. ‘What about you?’

‘I told you, I am sworn to a purpose.’
Ladislav said in a strong very proud
Way with his chin held high. ‘From
Where I come from, the purpose must
Come first.’

‘But you can’t remember what you
Are looking for?’ Jon asked.

Ladislav shook his head. ‘This is
True. And that is not like me, I
Never forget things…I have no
Explanation on this.’

‘This is definitely a strange thing.’
Jon told him not knowing what else
To say. And then he noticed how close
To home he was now. He paused in
His footsteps and tilted his head towards
The farm. ‘My home is just over there…
I’m afraid I do not know how else I
Can help you.’

Ladislav grinned then stood still. ‘I
Understand. Thank you for walking with

‘It was nothing. I’m sorry I could not
Help you.’ Jon said as he resumed
Walking with the goats…

But before Jon could move too far,
Ladislav suddenly seemed to regain
some insight to his ride…then he
Called out, ‘Jon?’

Jon turned fast. ‘Yes?’

Ladislav appeared to stand a little
Taller and more serious, but not as
A threat to him at all. ‘Have you
Seen him?’


‘The man…’ Ladislav said carefully.
‘A man of nondescription unlike any
Other…’ He watched Jon for every
Expressive response.

‘A man like that, here?’ Jon replied.

‘Yes.’ Ladislav only said.

‘This is just a little village.’ Jon told
Him. ‘Why would I see anyone like
That here?’

Ladislav eyed him, studying every
Aspect of his manner, then he sighed
And turned and mounted his horse…
Then stared straight into Jon’s
Eyes. ‘In a city one would find
A faceless crowd…In a village
One might find a face…or a
Mystery…Or even a treasure that
Is priceless to find…There are many
Things to look for, I am just one
Man looking.’ He waved to Jon.
Farewell for now, my young friend.
Be well and stay well.’

‘Farewell and Be well, Sir.’ Jon nodded
Back to him. He could see as Ladislav
Rode off, the way he watched him…there
Was some look of very high approval in
The man’s eyes. And that made Jon shiver.

But Jon shook this meeting off and continued
On and returned home. He settled the flock of
Goats in the paddock beside the barn trying
To think as little as possible. He just focused
On work and nothing more. The horses had
To be watered, fresh hay needed to be spread
Before nightfall…Everything needed to be
Checked for the animals, and that was his
Responsibility. There was a constant reminder
Of chores all the time.

Once his duties were done, he joined
The family for an ordinary dinner of
pork stew and bread. They talked quietly
Of grandmother’s burial beneath a shady
Peaceful cover of trees. No one spoke
Much more than that, everyone was still
Locked in their own mindset of mourning,
Coping and planning work to stay busy.

The burial came and went over a rainy
Day. There were tears and simple talking,
Words of comfort and memories to respect
Grandmother’s passing…and then time
Simply went on. Another morning and
Day, the same routines only harder now
Darkened by loss. No one talked much, it
Was all plans and orders.

By night, Jon held to his
Dreams and the drawings he
Had made, they kept him going.
A week passed, and every day
He thought of Matthias, Julianna,
And Sara’s camp…and that
Strange meeting with that noble
Man in black. All of these strange
Things seemed to happen off the
Farm…a step away brought another
Tale, adventures in others eyes…
And yet, in a quiet pace, by
Seeing it…there was peace, if one
Wanted it; as the man in black
Had said. Yet Jon didn’t seem
To have much choice in things
Happening. He still found it best to
Keep it on paper, for now.

And there it came again, on
Another seemingly boring night
As he climbed into bed again
After everyone was asleep…A
Voice called to him from near
Yet far in his room but not,

Jon sighed and rolled his eyes
When he heard it. He was becoming
Far too used to unusual things,
So much so, that he only said,
‘What is it now?’

The tall pale mysterious Apollo
Stepped from the shadowy corner
Of his room to smile at him.
He was dressed so sharp and clean
In a white shirt with dark
Pants…Casual for him, very regal
To Jon. ‘You seem bothered to
See me. Am I bothering you?’

‘You say you know me, and
You’re asking?’ Jon said as he
Climbed into bed. ‘Can’t you
Just tell me whatever it is?’

‘I’ve been watching you!’ Apollo
Said calmly and solid.

‘And that should surprise me?’
Jon laughed.

Apollo just nodded, he understood
The strained meetings between them.
‘There are few words I can tell you,
And I believe you know why.
It will make sense one day, I

‘I see and hear lots these days.’
Jon said to him just as calm.
‘Thinking more and more…the
Place I have in it is what bothers
Me. I haven’t said more.’

‘Good.’ Apollo nodded.

‘My goose and goat are better
Company, their friendship
Is invaluable…to say nothing to
Anyone else.’ Jon laughed.

‘I just came for comfort.’ Apollo
Told him. ‘One day it will be more.’

Jon eyed him curiously. ‘Sara
And her people…What is that?’

Apollo shook his head. ‘I can
Not say. The thoughts you
Have are enough…I should go…
I will be back.’

Jon just nodded his head. ‘Of course
You will. And I will pray for the sense
To it…In the meantime, I have work
To do. I really should keep a goose by
My bed to honk at you.’