Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 23…

A magic moment in some higher plan
Had come…And as if to cry it out,
The forces of nature had resounded in
Thunder and rare-colored lightning and
A rolling wind. Some that saw it from
Afar trembled…but those who sensed
And knew it near somehow recognized
This spectacle as an echo, or the chorus
Of applause from celestial forces waiting
To see what would come next…

The woman in red kept smiling, waiting
For Jon and Matthias to come closer.
She couldn’t explain why she was so
Excited now, she only knew that it felt
Right to meet these new strangers.

Jon looked at Matthias cautiously as
His friend did the same to him. There
Was nothing else to do but talk to these
People now…if only to see what would
Happen. They went forward then with
A shy smile on their faces as every
Person in the camp eyed them suspiciously.

‘This is quite a bunch.’ Matthias laughed
Quietly to Jon. ‘I asked to come here?’

Jon simply grinned back. ‘Yes, it
Was your idea.’

The woman in red just kept staring at
The two of them, studying them…but
Held her thoughts to herself as she smiled
To the giant dark-skinned man hovering
Behind her. He was clearly some kind of
Bodyguard, and very protective of her. He
Said absolutely nothing, his expressions
However, told them that he was ready to
Crush anyone in an instant.

Jon and Matthias finally stopped at a
Polite distance in front of her as the
Crowd closed in and encircled them.
Every single face seemed to stare at
Them intensely. It made both of them
Nervous making it impossible to find
The first words to say.

Then all of a sudden, a voice called out
From the back of the crowd, ‘Jon?’
There was a blond woman trying to push
Forward from the back. She must have
Just joined them and didn’t see the two
Of them arrive. ‘Jon?’ She called out
Again, closer as she appeared beside the
Woman in red. Finally, a familiar face!

Jon could not believe his eyes when he
Saw her. ‘Julianna?!’

‘Jon?’ She said with disbelief, squinting
And blinking at him. ‘Is that you?’

‘Yes.’ He could only answer as he was
Completely dumbstruck by the sight of

‘You know him?’ The woman in red
Asked her.

‘Yes.’ Julianna nodded fast. ‘It seems
Like ages ago…It was before I left the
City. He was an artist…’ Her words
Brought quick relief to the crowd,
Everyone immediately began to relax.
‘Before my employer…disappeared.’

‘Disappeared?’ Jon asked.

‘Things got very strange after you left,
Jon. Very very strange.’ Julianna told
Him. ‘People began disappearing…
Normally that’s not unusual. In the city
People always come and go…. But not
Usually without some kind of sign. There
Were sudden disappearances…Marcel
Went to a business meeting, and never
Came back…. Others vanished after that…
It made me nervous. Then I left, and I
Never looked back.’ She swallowed fast.
‘You were smart, Jon.’

Matthias eyed the beautiful blond then
Looked at Jon. ‘You do continue to
Surprise me.’

‘I never thought I would see you again.’
He said, and before he could say more
She hugged him fast and kissed his cheek.

Julianna smiled and patted his back. ‘You
Look goo. Oh, its good to see you!’ Then
She took a deep breath and turned to the
Woman in red. ‘This is Jon. You have nothing
To worry about. He is a friend.’

The woman in red smiled at Julianna
Very content to hear this. Even the giant
Jona behind her she a big goofy grin on
His face. ‘It seems all is well then.’ She

‘What are you doing here?’ Jon asked

‘That’s a long story.’ She said with a
Short laugh. ‘This caravan travels all
Over. We were travelling west, for Paris,
When word spread about the lights. They
Wanted to see them.’ She looked quickly
At the dark-haired woman, some silent
Exchange in their eyes held her from saying
More. ‘Jon, this is Sara.’

‘Hello Jon, its nice to meet you.’ Sara
Greeted in return.

‘You people aren’t gypsies?’ Matthias
Asked quickly then.

‘Well, no.’ Julianna told him. ‘Some are.
It’s a caravan of mystics…and entertainers.
They come from all over. I met some in
Prague, then we went south and met up with
More. Then those of us that knew the region
Brought them this way…’

‘You sure have travelled a lot.’ Jon said
With surprise to her.

‘I was nervous to stay in any one place
For too long.’ She was embarrassed to

‘Why?’ Matthias asked her curiously.
‘Are you scared of something then?’

‘These people…’ Julianna said slowly.
‘Are interesting. I am sure you will see.
I feel safe with them.’

‘Safe?’ Jon repeated. ‘That’s interesting
To say.’ He laughed, then he smiled and
Introduced Matthias. And people began
Shaking hands with him and Jon, then
Suddenly that fast everyone was getting
Along…and people began resuming what
They were doing before the two of them
Had arrived. A small tight group lingered
Close however, eager to know more about
The newcomers. These were clearly the
Hierarchy of the group and looked on Sara
To guide the conversation.

The thunderheads in the sky above began
To gently roll away to let the afternoon
Sun and blue-sky return. Sara and Jon
Noticed this first and fast, then eyed each
Other. ‘It seems like something is watching.’
Sara said with a nod to him, then to everyone.
‘Why don’t we step aside to my tent where
We can talk?’ And with that she turned
Slowly and led the small group of them
Behind one of the wagons where a large
Tent was set up with a wide-open front
That had a large table with chairs inside.

Sara went inside and waited by the opening
As six of her people followed, including
Julianna, and then Matthias and Jon. Then
She pulled on a rope to close the great fabric
Door for privacy which set them in a more
Soothing, dimly lit scene. An older gentlemen
Unusually well-dressed began lighting more
Candles around the tent while another robust
Looking man gathered goblets and set them
On the table with some wine bottles and
Gestured for everyone to take a seat.

Sara lingered by the closed opening watching
As Julianna chatted and laughed with Jon
And Matthias. It intrigued her that this
Connection between them had conveniently
Taken place. The timing and coincidence
Was just perfect somehow. All that she had
Seen and hoped for seemed to be lining up.
Then she walked up to the table close
To the newcomers and began. ‘So, what
Brought you here I have to ask?’

Jon looked at her calmly and said. ‘My
Friend here was…looking for some
Answers…To be honest, I was expecting
To find others here. We just happened
Upon you.’

‘Others?’ Sara asked fast, ‘A family of
Gypsies? Led by an older woman?’

‘Yes.’ Jon answered curiously.

‘Raya and Baja?’ The older well-dressed
Gentlemen asked. ‘Her family?’

‘Yes.’ Jon said. ‘That’s them. You know

The gentlemen, an older paler-skinned man,
Who appeared to be German, turned to Sara as
If to speak carefully before he went on. ‘They
Will not be coming this way…just now.’

‘Some families are taking other routes
Right now.’ Sara offered. ‘The roads are
Full of all sorts of characters right now.’

Jon eyed her know she knew more, but
Didn’t push to ask for now. ‘Are that
Many curious of things going on?’

‘Words travel fast when things happen.’
People like to see for themselves.’ Sara
Replied very calmly.

‘Most like to see for themselves to spin
Their own tale of things.’ The older
Gentlemen said. ‘However distorted
That may be.’ He laughed at his own
Words then introduced himself. ‘I, am
Josef…I was a peddler of various things
In the towns and cities around here once.
One hears things. I know how people
Talk. Forgive me, I meant no insult
By my words…but I do know how many
Presume so much. Everyone likes to
See things for themselves.’

Matthias leaned carefully to Jon. ‘He
Would know the area very well.’ He
Said to him as they shared the same

‘So many people…’ Jon said with
Fascination as he looked at all the
Faces around the table. ‘So many seem
To be interested in these lights…and
Things…Do that many really talk about

‘You seem surprised?’ Sara asked with
A smile. ‘What, that people would not

‘It’s just that…’ Jon said slowly. ‘You
Have to understand I was always taught
These things were best left alone. That
They should be talked about in private…
To believe in more…is almost like talking

A chorus of laughter followed his words
From Sara’s people around the table. These
Were all men, the only women present were
Sara and Julianna. ‘Young man,’ a tall
Barrel-chested bearded man said. ‘There is
No subject that can not be discussed by a
Wise man…Only the opinions are debatable,
No what is there.’

‘People have a lot of opinions.’ Matthias said
A little defensively.

Josef lingered curiously on Jon’s words. ‘You
Said…things. Lights and THINGS? What things
Did you mean?’

Jon held back for now. ‘I was just saying

‘Come now.’ The bearded man taunted. ‘We
Know better than that.’

‘Hath…’ Sara said, as if saying his name out
Loud commanded him to calm down. ‘We
Are just curious, that’s all.’

‘We all here have seen strange things, Jon.’
Julianna said to reassure him.

‘Maybe we should tell them about the mist.’
Matthias said to Jon. ‘They obviously know
Things too.’

‘Mist?’ Josef repeated as Sara eyed them
Especially close now.

‘We saw things…’ Matthias quickly and
Eagerly blurted out. Then he went on to tell
Them about the mist in the forest, about the
Hooded figured…and about the ghost in
Gretchen’s house. And then he went on to
Add, ‘I kept having dreams…of travelling
To different places…. of being lost, looking
For something. Ever since I was little. I would
Hear these strange stories and was intrigued
By them…But they were always the same, a
Whisper about something here…people
Had feelings, would see a ghost…or
Maybe a random premonition. But it was
Never more than that. They were sporadic
Occurrences here and there, by eccentric
People that tended to over-react about the
Slightest thing. I never saw anything
Substantial…or constant…. Not like THIS,
Not until NOW.’

‘Not until…you came here.’ Jon quietly

‘If you have something more to say,’
Matthias seemed to plead with him as the
Others watched. ‘Please say it…If there
Is something I am looking for…They are

Jon eyed the small crowd that watched
Him now. Yes, they clearly wanted to hear
More. But to what degree did they know
Of things? And what were their intentions?
It was still so much so fast. No matter what
The senses say, trust takes time.

‘Maria’s baby said…Angel, when she looked
At you.’ Sara said to Jon kindly but certainly.
‘Those were her first words. Infants have an
Innocence…an unspoiled spirit. If she was
Moved to speak her first words…Then what
She saw…It…is…there.’

‘Angel?’ Julianna repeated as she looked
At Jon.

‘Yes, what was that about?’ Matthias

Jon held his tongue. But he did want to
Say something…It was as if he had no
Control to reveal anything no matter
What he wanted to do.

‘You need convincing.’ Sara nodded at
Him. Then she eyed her company around
The table, she knew them very well. They
Had been together for months. And they
Had seen some strange things happen around
Her…. mind-reading, amazing intuitive
Displays…. her timing, her premonitions…and
The strange accidents that should not happen
So often. But how well did they know HER?
She knew that the common way persists upon
Habit and assumption no what to get through
A day rather than constant awareness for growth
And adaptation and change. Memories can
Collapse beneath routine if a general bliss is
Found, especially in companionship. They knew
Her as much as they wanted to. She had hid
Herself for years this way…and she suspected
Jon knew exactly what that felt like. The
Question was, what was she going to show
Him? ‘We all share the same direction here,
Jon.’ Sara stated surely. ‘And we are reasonable
About it…we make no outlandish claims…
We just seek…more. Perhaps to find some
Puzzle piece to help us solve our own inner
Mysteries….and what we are here for.’

‘Everyone has a purpose, a goal.’ Josef added.
‘Some are satisfied with less, some are in need
Of more. Some would consider us outcasts…just
For our beliefs. So, we find support in travelling

‘Is this a quest you are on?’ Jon asked.

‘We travel and entertain as some would see
It.’ Hath answered more calmly now. ‘But
We keep our eyes open…We just know
There is more to this world than what
Others accept.’

‘That is how I feel.’ Matthias replied
Fast. He seemed content finally with what
He was hearing.

‘You know what we are talking about.’
Hath said focusing on Jon. He clearly
Was some kind of mystic himself, and
Aggressive about it. ‘You wouldn’t
Be here if you weren’t…’

But Sara saw Jon’s face and recognized
His concern. ‘No one is expecting anything
Of you.’ She said to him, and then looked
Sternly at Hath. ‘And no one is going to
Force anything.’

Jon seemed relieved to hear that. To force
Something too fast is just a reckless way
To ruin it. ‘Yes, I’ve seen things…’

‘I have a feeling…’ Josef said slowly
To everyone with a quiet enthusiasm.
‘There is quite a lot to hear here.’

Sara smiled with a slow breath. ‘If I
Show you something…Jon, will you
Trust me enough to share something
As well?’

Jon thought for a moment. ‘That seems
Fair to ask. Alright.’

She turned slowly and went to the side
Of the tent where she opened this large
Wooden trunk. Then she withdrew
This tiny bundle, something
Wrapped carefully in a clean white
Cloth and returned with it in her
Hand and stood beside Jon at the table.
She unwrapped it quietly in
Both hands, lost in thoughts of
Its memories, then took a deep
Breath and looked at him. ‘I
Was found abandoned in a basket
Just outside a farmer’s home in Egypt.
They raised goats. I have no idea who
My parents are…This,’ she said
As she held out a shiny silvery
Bracelet to Jon, ‘is all I have
To tell me anything. It was found
Wrapped in this cloth, with me, in
The basket.’ Then she gave it to him.

Jon took the bracelet carefully and
Gently studied it in the candle light.
There was a strange symbol on it with
A red cross…and an inscription
That he could not read. ‘This is so…
Beautiful. So finely made…What
Is it?’

‘No one could ever read it.’ Sara
Said. ‘When I was…sixteen,
Before I was to be married…
I came across this…stranger, a
Tall pale man, in the market.
He stared at me, watched me…
Then suddenly came up to me, saw
My bracelet and told me what it
Said.’ She paused, still shaken by it.

‘What does it say?’ Jon asked.

‘It says, born…July 21st…2021.’
Sara told him. ‘He said it was
My birthday. That it was English
And that…’ She said, pointing
To the rest. ‘Is where I was born…
Philadelphia…And that my name
Was Sara. And then he nodded,
Walked away…and disappeared.’

‘What?!’ Jon exclaimed. ‘How is
That possible? What does that mean?’

‘How could that be your birthday?’
Matthias asked keenly.

‘I don’t know.’ Sara answered.
‘But I’ve had dreams all of my
Life…of places that match nothing
I see…as if it’s another time.’

Jon thought fast. Then he looked at
The faces around the table…they had
Clearly heard this story, and no doubt
Debated it thoroughly. It was clear
However now…they believed it. ‘What
Did this man look like?’ He asked.

‘He was tall.’ Sara said slowly
Recalling it clearly. ‘Blond…
Handsome…I could not tell his age.’
She studied Jon carefully. ‘Does
This mean anything to you? Has
Anything like this ever happened
To you…or anything like it?’

‘Not exactly.’ He answered. His senses
Told him how sincere she was, they
All were, which brought comfort. ‘I will
Tell you what I can…as long as I remember.’



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