HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our super heroine captain LISA



This DOUBLE 9 has no way to be forgotten, the BIRTHDAY of our lovely, loving & courageous Lisa !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

I guess I’m not the exceptional one who am getting trough some kind of transitional state where I feel somehow vacuum. The eccentric things keep occurring. My mind, even heart somehow get quite calloused, owing to………. Nevertheless, all the thoughtfulness have been realized, even appreciated.

Lisa’s LOVE, super ALTRUISM, STEADINESS, FIRMNESS, along with TENDERNESS mean so much for………..Taking advantage of this occasion, I want to thank you again!!!!!!!

As the last time, I would like and have to charge these songs with my blessing et al…..for the gateways of Mid-Autumn FULL MOON, then Equinox !!!