Awakening Is A Destructive Process

Awakening is a destructive process.


  1. Hi, to my good friends of STC. I am writing to all from the Island of Oahu in Hawaii, my wife & I are visiting my Mom here for about 2 weeks, this place & the Islands are very Spiritual and a great place to find oneself & clear ones head of 3rd Dimensional Life & Living. I had forgotten how beautiful Paradise can be, I am wishing all of you were here with us to re-zone life, its so peaceful and great for manifesting. Namaste.

    Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 22SEPT2019 Athabantian Lightship…….. Thank you Captain & Crew.

  2. Good article – thanks Ben! I am still trying to wrap my head around what happened on my “skull day” – Max showed me, in rapid succession, all past lives. There were many of them. I’m not sure if it has any significance, other than the idea that everything eventually gets recycled in the universe.

    Having an awareness beyond society… and all of the illusions that go along with it… well here is your prize: nothing! Not that I need a prize… but the “promised land” certainly seemed better, even if I know it was basically a load of crap… We come here to experience life… seems silly to turn your back on that. We know it’s a scam… and at the same time enjoy falling for it.

    Still… I’m someone who likes to not only drive the car, but know what’s under the hood. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do get frustrated by the zombie apocalypse though. Don’t they see???? Well of course not… they’re zombies… 😦

    • One thing that helps me cope is reflecting on the fact (or what I experience as being a fact) that time itself is an illusion and so in a sense all this has already happened and we’re just ‘going through the motions’. It’s not that that confronts us that causes any difficulty.; it’s our (attached, egoiic) reaction to it that causes the suffering. Another piece of pie? 🙂

      • Mmmmm dutch apple pie!!!! And a full bowl of popcorn to go along with the unfolding drama… 😉 Time – if only they had a wrist watch that you could set slower or faster, depending on your own “personal” time. Letting go of the attachment of the current “time”, ends up having to deal with both “relative time” and the time the clock tells you it is. Great idea for an app…would be very helpful!

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