Ana`s observations

A  Crackled Amnesia

My first conscious idea of the animal and plants  kingdom on Earth for this life time was when I was about 4 years old. I envisioned Africa as it was pictured in books for little children. It was a fantastic world of weird animals that live only there. In my fantasy the crocodile could smile and play the violin , the zebra could be lion`s best friend and the monkey could go to the dentist and to a football match 🙂

As I grew up the things got more complicated and the little Africa – that of my childish memory grew bigger and severer with predators and preys – just like in the “real” life. They taught me that friends do not exist and the life is in fact a race and a fight for survival.

But I kept the vision of my little Africa alive in my heart. I always asked myself why people are born and why they pass. It seemed to me  that there is something hidden. I didn`t want to simply die and diappear in the nothingness. What is the purpose of all that if we simply die. I couldn’t`t stand someone to scream at all.This was a real punishment along with breaking things and destroying something created.Violence is self destructive in its nature. If there was only violence, how can we survive and why the babies are born innocent. It is so easy to get a biscuit from a baby and he/she would smile to you when the biscuit is taken with a smile. Babies know how to Love Unconditionally.

I had a dream that shook me greatly when I was 5 or 6. I was at home – a beautiful palace in a beautiful magic wood full of Light in a lazy summer afternoon, I woke up and I saw the same Light in my room, my amnesia was never meant to rule my current life time. I remembered home where grace and beauty live, where only Love exists. At that early age I realized that I am meant to be of Light.Living in my light became usual to me.

I have overcome so many difficulties and healed so many wounds in my current life. My spiritual path led me to the knowledge of different cultures and teachings that are not studied at school. I have always known that God exists. We are organisms and every cell of ours functions with perfect synchronicity with the others. Therefore, every cell has consciousness. We are Universes. And being so, we must be existing like  cells in a bigger organism that exists in the biggest one – God, the Source, All That Is – in an endless creative way!

Recently I have glimpses of memory from past life experiences when I was one of the creators of the nature on Mother Earth. When this happens I am in peace, relaxed and I feel myself  light as I could lift up and fly. I feel that I can talk with all life on Earth, even with the wind. I can even remember how I looked like during that time and how my friends co-creators looked like. I know that I am a very old soul and I was involved in the creation of the plant and mineral kingdom on Earth. This explains my deep understanding and my ability to feel the plants and crystals.

I have always been looking for people with my understanding and knowledge. this is an inner knowledge encoded in us. And now we all start to recognize it and to gather in groups. This is not by chance, this is a mission, we are here now to help this planet to Ascend. we are here to give her our Love and Light. When you read these words, please, visualize our New Earth -in her pristine beauty as it was eons ago when we created her. Our visualization makes this happen more quickly! What a practical way to finish my revelation 🙂

Love you all!


Crystal  meditation  by Ana

Everything is based on intuition and insight. I will start with intuition – the speech of the Spirit through the Heart. You have to be in a state of presence to hear the voice or your intuition. As SaLuSa says, there are many different voices in our inner world. I call them thoughts. Intuition is different from these thoughts as they are based on different emotions – fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, concern, joy, love, happiness, loud happiness J   All these voices are somehow at the opposing poles of duality. To hear the voice of your intuition you should be balanced or present in that infinite Now moment and to become a friend with Balance.

Here are many stones that I know you may use to develop your intuitive abilities – amethyst, moonstone, labradorite,  blue and violet jade, rose quartz , aquamarine, smoky quartz, obsidian , Lemurians, Super seven, the last two have high Light vibrations and are perfect for meditations.  In general, crystals with violet, blue or white colours are the best because they work with third eye chakra and the crown chakra and are best for communicating with the higher energies.

Amethyst is a very strong crystal for connections with higher Beings from the Angelic realms especially when it is combined with rose quartz.

When you hold your crystal in your hand and you are relaxed and ready for meditation, start with several deep breaths in and slowly out to feel complete relax. I meditate in my armchair mostly.

Close your eyes. Then try to concentrate till all your thoughts concerning your daily activities slowly fade, do not try to get them out in a violent way, be gentle with them, teach them with the knowledge of the Universe that is within you, they need your teaching and when they receive what they want they will go. Now you are One with the Spirit. Open your eyes. The crystal in your hand is both a toolfor connection and your beloved friend that guides you through this journey. Look at it. Feel it, enter in it, become One with the crystal. You are living there, it is your home. Now invite your guest into your home and start a conversation with her/him. This guest is the Spirit and this is You at the same time, try to hear the Spirit. It is not necessary to speak at all, you may receive images, you may receive Light or geometrical figures, listen, be open and you will receive what you need. Feel gratitude, feel that enormous Light that lives in your heart. Remember what you are told. Be thankful to all that comes into your direction and send them Light.



End of the meditation

My experience with the Runes

I will tell you the Nordic story of  God Odin who first received the Runes. Odin wanted the wisdom and the knowledge and so he decided to sacrifice himself in order to receive it. He hanged himself on his own spear and was hanging upside down from Yggdrasil – the Tree /ash tree/of Life for nine days and nine nights, he did not eat nor drink while he was handing from the tree and observing and so he finally discovered the Runes. He threw on the ground nine sticks which formed a Matrix of vertical and horizontal lines. In so doing he received the 24 Runic symbols and his freedom.

There are many different runes all over the world, many legends like this one above were told about the Runes.  The major distinctive feature of the Runes is that they are made of lines. Runes are  ancient and their origin is considered sacred, connected with Gods and Spirit. They convey meaning, meaning means thought and thought has an immense creative power. Runes became letters, letters formed the texts and developed in different alphabets, Runes evolved to reach us in their shape of  letters. Many secret societies knew the power of Runes / Knowledge and used it for different reasons. The history of the Runes is so rich and colourful and it is difficult to be told in a single article. Now I am going to share my personal knowledge and experience wit the Runes.

All starts with respect and gratitude. Runes are to be respected and trusted in in order to work with you. Runes chose you indeed. It is a strong and very personal relationship between a man and the Runes. Runes have to be perfectly carved, of drawn, each imperfection brings negative meaning and energy and the wrong Runes have to be burned so that not to cause harm of the person asking them.

Runes answer correctly and that is why we shouldn`t ask them twice the same question, if this happens they just do not tell anything or even lie to us. Never try to influence the answer, you have to be with a stable mind and calm, in a state of balance when ask. It is also important how the runes are situated, reversed runes have the opposite /negative/meaning which is an indication of troubles, delays, failures. When the Runes appear standing straight it is a positive answer. You need your intuition in order to read the message of the Runes.

ALGIZ appeared to me in a dream about an year ago, after this dream I was awakened and started my job as a Lightworker, I gave the name ALGIZ to my S7 and programed it to be of service for Ascension for many people.

My advice – if your first attempts with runes fail, do not give up, Runes know that you are not ready at this moment for their response, try again when you feel a need to ask. I do not ask the Runes often, I use them only when the question is very important and there is not another way but turning to the Runes for help. Runes must to be respected because the Spirit speaks through them.

Walk your own path, my dear friends, stay centered in your heart and trust, Spirit knows what is the best for you and guides you always even though  you feel alone …in fact you are never left alone…just keep on walking this wonderful path of Light

Love and Light


6th of April 2012
Update from Umbro

I was meditating with Leos and I got a message from Umbro

Umbro : This is Umbro speaking again. We are very close to manifest ourselves into the physical as is your common wish. Remember that all that is happening at your physical plane is part of the experience in your 3D reality and yet it is a part of the illusion, only the lessons make sense, we are watching all of you closely, you are making progress, your heart chakras are opening for the Oneness and your minds realize the many layers of existence, the pyramids are means for keeping/storing the knowledge and conveying the energy

Ana – Thank you, Umbro

I have just found out that when I gather my amethyst stone with my rose quartz MaiOwta they form a HEART together! Amazing sign from Spirit! In general this crystal combination brings Love and my particular crystals do more than that …they form a shape of heart in 3D world…WOOOOOW!!!

Here is a picture of a white sapphire …I saw several of them in my dream


My next stage of the trip is about to occur as I had a clear sign from Umbro that TULYA wants a connection and this connection requires my participation and that of  OLA – my new clear crystal sphere. When Leslee was told that Umbro wants to speak with me and the best way is through a crystal ball I ordered one . I started connections with Umbro via my clear crystal necklace first and now when OLA came she came with a piece of Pyrite … do you remember Leslee`s meditation when she saw TULYA as cube and within this cube there were other cubes – the construction of the Pyrite !

Therefore, I have  a clear sign that TULYA wants a connection .  I have never ordered Pyrite, only the sphere but she came with this piece of Pyrite as a gift.

As I said I have experienced a huge emotional cleaning through which I had received some insights / the white star sapphire for example/, this cleancing set the stage for my further spiritual development and now I am preparing myself for what the Spirit has to show me….




Dear Friends
I was wondering whether or not the energies of the moon eclipse will be of benefit to our crystals. There are two opposing beliefs concerning the influence of the energies coming with the lunar eclipses on the crystals. You can find them both on the Internet.
As far as this matter is very important not only to our common work but to the energies as well I decided to ask the Runes.
My question was “Do I have to put my crystals in the open during the Moon eclipse on 6 June?”
The Rune that came was HAGALAZ. This is a Rune without a reverse meaning, so the answer was YES. But the Rune itself is the Rune of destruction, cataclysms and uncontrollable forces. At first I was confused by this answer, it meant nothing to me, I went to have a snack  and after a little while I realized what a precise answer it was and thanked the Rune! Yes, there is destruction…a destruction of the old …everything from the past and this is a process that we cannot control because it is the Divine Plan. So I must forget what I have been taught and YES, I should put my crystals to the open. Because the New “times” are here and the new way of Living and understanding has come

After a sequence of meditations I asked my Guides to reveal to me my spritual vibration/name. The first one that I received was – LONAM
I also feel a close connection/vibration with Lyrians
I decided to look up if this has a meaning here in 3D world , and look what I have found, I smiled when I opened this site
Thank You, my Guides

My names in spiritual world are LONAM and T***o.
Both names include the mantra AOUM/OM/AUM
T***o I was whispered from Elves and Elvish language; it resonates with peace
LONAM came via meditation where was connected with AA Michael and Jeshua`s energy

Lyra is where I come from

An image of a palace on high rocks by the sea, it was beautiful and so fine
Then saw a landscape by the sea, there was a figure there sitting and connecting with me, one of my Guides

I saw a portal, it was a gate to another time line
I entered and I saw in the Light figures of warriors, one of them was riding a horse and was wearing an ancient Viking`s helmet and arms
I also saw a fighting warrior raised his ax, next to him I saw a bear, actually the warrior turned into bear

Thank you, OLA and Lemurian

Last night/24 July 2012/ before I went to bed I had a meditation, it was not a deep meditation but I got interesting visions about my past lives

I called Jeshua and AA Michael`s energy for guidance and protection and I saw them coming into my vision, Jeshua was in white and I felt the common energy of the Angelic realms
Then the shaman came to me, a Native American shaman, I think He Is one of my Guides too
After the shaman appeared I found myself going up a pyramid with steps as are the ancient pyramids in South America, I could see the stones under my feet quite well, the pyramid was half ruined and under a layer of little round stones
Then like a movie I started to see – a young Native American man, a camel in Egypt, a palace in Europe/I think de Louvre in Paris or Hermitage in Russia but I am not sure/then another palace

Thank You ALL

This is HERA
Crystal Meditation – 23 December 2012
As I closed my eyes I saw a Sphere of LIGHT, strong Golden Light and a Portal, There were beams of Light from the Sphere
I saw how a huge tide was coming to me, like a tsunami of Light, the Light was like an ocean and the waves were Huge and Powerful, this Light flooded the land and saw more Light above, the sky was Golden
I wondered if i am connected with Lisa, I called “Lisa, are you there” – I saw an wolf/dog turned with its left side towards me
I saw Ray of Golden Light coming down to the surface along the trunk of a tree, the tree reached the sky and the whole trunk was shining from the Light, then HERA appeared again, this was the Female Blue Being that I saw in two of my previous meditations
I asked Her about her name and received HERA ” I come from Elven Realms of 6th dimension and I am here to watch and to stand by You, so that to encourage You to keep on going your wonderful path of Light”



  1. Dear Friends, I had a connection with Umbro via ALGIZ
    Here is what I have received

    I was re-programing ALGIZ with the word ASCENSION while observing Her Aura
    Then I felt that I am observed in turn via ALGIZ, I felt the familiar presence of Umbro, He was watching me through the crystal. I saw Umbro`s eyes and His face again

    Umbro – your minds and hearts are connecting in these telepathic trials that are successful , you understand how everything is connected and how to float on the sea of common consciousness that connects the Souls. You are learning how to become fluid and able to transfer energy-thought-feelings

    Tauno – I miss Leslee, I think a lot about her and about the Soul of Light that she has met . Is everything OK?

    Umbro – as Runes have shown to you the answer is TRAVEL, all has ever been well
    and it will be well for ever. Leslee is traveling, all of you are travelling, sometimes it is an inner travelling into your Universe inside and discovering new things on the path, all is as it is intended to be and peace comes with the expanding of the picture that is revealed to you.

    Tauno – Thank You Umbro! Thank You, ALGIZ!


  2. Last night before i went to bed I had a crystal meditation with OLA and one of my Lemurians

    As I am dealing with past life memories now I connected with Tulya and Umbro`s energy and although I did not have a chat I received the following

    An image of a palace on high rocks by the sea, it was beautiful and so fine
    Then saw a landscape by the sea, there was a figure there sitting and connecting with me, one of my Guides

    I saw a portal, it was a gate to another time line
    I entered and I saw in the Light figures of warriors, one of them was riding a horse and was wearing an ancient Viking`s helmet and arms
    I also saw a fighting warrior raised his ax, next to him I saw a bear, actually the warrior turned into bear

    Thank you, OLA and Lemurian
    Before I fall asleep I saw a shaman, He was a Native American

    Love and Light

  3. Dear Friends
    I felt the information about the emerging crystals of Atlantis as a significant part of my mission on Earth Now
    When I have read the message
    I felt an impulse to send my LOVE HEALING and PROTECTION to the crystals because I Know that is True, I have seen underground crystals many times in meditations connected with pyramids / octahedrons

    I was shown the first crystal connected with me in meditation before reading this message , the second one of this couple appeared in my dream last night, here is what I have found out

    1. The natural rough piece of crystal resembling amethyst with tiny silver shining particles in Her I saw in my meditation, This is the Female crystal
    She is dark violet
    Shape – nearly cubic but not a cube, a rough crystal
    Located on the North
    2. The natural clear transparent crystal( resonates with Lemurians/Leos) is the Male crystal. I saw Him in my dream of last night after a meditation with one of my Lemurians.
    Shape – kind of cubic but not yet, with many little crystal points on His surface
    Located on the South
    Location – Egypt
    I Am connected with these two crystals , I do not know exactly where I am – “between” the two crystals or on the North of them, but I feel the male is in Egypt, the vision that I received again of the pyramid of Giza leaves no doubts in me about this location,
    As far as I feel a strong connection with Northern Europe it is possible the Female crystal to be somewhere there and if it is so, I am between them

    Thank You, Spirit!

  4. Hi Tauno, I was dreaming last night of sanddunes and pools of water in between and the landscape looked very misty and white.
    It is indeed a very beautiful vision and like to hear more…very interesting
    Love Lisa

  5. wow, Tauno…thank you so much for sharing this…how absoutely beautiful and inspiring ♥ am really resonating with it……much love to you♥

    • Thank You, dear Fran
      I continue to think about it and I am trying to find out where this energy came to me from, I was facing East, the Light that I saw with my Spiritual vision was stronger on the right, as if the source of this Light was situated on the South
      As far as I have a strong energetic connection with Pyramid of Giza and Hathor/the Goddess, also RA and some other clues/ and this flat golden land I saw via the Light, I think of a Sahara desert , the crystal/s that wants a connection with me is perhaps situated under this area
      i will try to find out more with the help of the Spirit
      Love and Light

  6. At 10am this morning I felt a strong Light coming into my eyes, I was able to see only the things in front of me, my focus on the objects was like I am watching them through a thin curtain of Light and I could see the movement of the air.
    I closed my eyes and I had a vision, in front of me it was dark but above there was the most beautiful Light, the Light was etheric , liquid or vibrating, like an ocean of Light over me. like a Sky of Light that embraced the darkness
    Last night I was deeply impressed by a channeling concerning the emergence of the 12 Atlantis crystals and I sent them Love Healing and Protection, I immediately received a vision of a flat surface, an area but I do not know whether on Earth or under ocean or in Inner Earth, I have just seen a flat area and this Light above that I saw this morning has the same shape – of a Land
    This experience concerning the Light and my eyes and the visions lasted about 15 minutes
    Love and Light

  7. Hi, Ladies! I haven’t had a chance to read/watch the meditations, but Adrial & Teo’Na have given me lots of hints that crystals can change, and also that they can form as quickly or slowly as they like! I love love love this idea! I hope you’re both well… I miss relaxed visiting with you all… It’s been a mad mad pace for me these past two weeks… But I hope you know I think of you often!

    Oh, Tauno, I forgot to mention – I’ve been working on a video about an experience I had with, and an understanding I reached about, amethyst and myself… It started when I was in hospital, and more surfaced as Konstantinos and I chatted about some “family ties” we have… I’ll let everyone know when I manage to post the video…

    With much love & light, sisters of my heart!

    • WOW, Les! I was connected with you last night, just looking the time when you posted this – 7:51pm, it was 3:45am here/this is one and the same moment/ when I woke up after a dream/feeling of trying to connect with you or you trying to connect with me, I woke up with the thought of an energetic link between us, the moon was full and it was reflected towards my face by the glass of the widow
      What an amazing connection!
      Love and Light

  8. ~Hi Tauno!…i was prompted to re-read Ur Page,once more…The History of Tulya,Umbro and Others has helped me to remember Their Crystalline Embodiments…Very Great work that Ya are Doing here…We are Doing Our Service..TY~

    • Thank You, dear Babajij, I was also re-reading my chat with MaiOwta today
      He is a brave One and remembered to keep on going with the thought of the victory of LIGHT, Umbro was teleported that night right there by the craft, where are All – OLA, MaiOwta, TULYA`s 3D body. Leos and company and of course, the Angels, while ALGIZ – the Center was in my hand, we are definitely on target, my friend 🙂 All of Us
      Thank You for Your Presence
      ( ( POWER OF LIGHT ) )

  9. I wonder if a room full of negativity make you feel unprotected. I remember once I went for lessons (i forgot the name of the style) with some one and his place, I felt so save there, really save.

    Love Lisa

    • LIGHT is the answer, Lisa! Remember always that You Are Great Being of Light and Your Light will be Your Protection
      Try this exercise too – imagine yourself in an octahedron and fill this octahedron with a sense of safety and calmness, the colour of the octahedron may be of your choice, I imagine it like a transparent clear crystal
      This exercise is given to Us by the Hathors 🙂
      Thank You !

  10. WOW Tauno, really powerfull meditations. Love the rose garden, it feels so peacefull. And then the dragon. I watched Lord of the Rings a zillion times (euh…just 5 times) 😀

    Love to you to Tauno. Lisa

    • Thank You, my dear sister of Light Lisa 🙂
      The three parts of this meditation were in three days as felt ready to continue with the next, today I saw a crystal during my meditation, I do not know if it exists here, I saw it quite clearly, it was a natural amethyst crystal with shining silver particles in it , they gave the whole crystal a unique Blaze
      I have noticed recently the same shining particles appearing in ALGIZ
      Do you think crystals are changing structure? If so, I have to conclude that our bodies can change themselves in a similar way
      Love and Light

      • Hi Tauno,
        There is definitely change in the air, and the only thing you can be certain of, that is change.

        Me and meditations are not combining so good. I think my mind is to restless and maybe also what happened to me in the past that I feel unprotected, or even though I know I am but. I tried every meditation with zero results. Maybe I am not made for meditations. O well,

        I wish everybody a Happy 4th of July….

        Love Lisa

        • Dear Lisa
          Each one of us has a special talent , if not meditation, then it is another contribution for the Light /the power of thought and intent, imagination and creativity that You have in huge amounts/so that Our combined efforts make Us One Powerful Being of Light with High level of consciousness, our connection in dreamtime mounts our Light

          Meditation is very similar to sleeping, you have to be relaxed and to calm your mind, it is dreaming in awakened state 🙂 this can be learned , start with focusing your sight on an object for two minutes, then four minutes and more, or focus on your breathing…in…out…and you are on your way to learn how to meditate 🙂

          Love You!

  11. My connection with AA Michael`s Energy – Meditation Part I
    I did this series of meditations a few months ago by keeping my focus on a special place on Earth – Mount Shasta
    I have been invited in a beautiful garden with roses, the colours were rose, yellow, orange, green, white, light heavenly colours. I was dressed like an Angel and my hair was long, light chestnut colour, with waves and I had a wreath of flowers in my hair, I felt light and blissful like an Angel and I was a guest there although I could not see the Host nor anyone there. But I had the feeling of being watched as I sat by a table in the garden among the roses. This was a kind of test for my application to visit AA Michael Heavenly Realm. I was tested at a Soul level but I cannot remember having a conversation with someone, this was done telepathically. There was such a beauty there and such a peace that one is unwilling to go after such an experience.

    Part II
    When I felt myself ready for the second level I had the following meditation

    I was in a place that resembles the cave from “ Lord of the Rings” that Gandalf fell down with the Beast in a fight. The same colours and the same fires. I saw a fiery circle. I saw dragons flying and sounds, it was another test. I remember hearing words, magical words, past time memories , but I was calm and strong, I felt my I Am that has a Power able to deal with this energy around, I felt My I AM Presence .

    Part III

    When I felt ready for the next level I started meditation with the intent to meet AA Michael

    I was in clouds, a bright blue sky, pure white clouds and fresh and uplifting energy! Noone there , just me and the feeling I Am in AA Michael`s Heavenly Realms! I had passed the tests and yes, I feel AA Michael`s energy, I Am Here Now!
    Thank You, AA Michael!
    Thank You, my Guides and Guardian Angels!

    • Hi, Fran, I’m so happy to meet you too! It’s so wonderful to be making all these connections! I’m hopping over to your site soon… 😀

  12. Dear Tauno, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful posts with us…I can feel your beautiful light. Thank you for this beautiful site!

    • Dear Fran, thank you for your kind words 🙂 Do feel welcome here with all of us, your Light is strong and your colours are beautiful and together We Are All One!
      ( ( Angel Blessings ) )

  13. Thank you, Les and Babajij ! I feel that we are approaching another stage of our “investigation ”
    Keep Shining, all of you pioneers of inter dimensional connections !
    I Love You ALL!

  14. What amazing day it was today, I have switched off my computer when I had a connection through OLA again, I have to share what I saw. I got the Pyrite, OLA, Leos, ALGIZ and one more Lemurian star seed

    I saw the pyramids again /pyramid in pyramid and next to pyramids/and the world below – the Inner Earth Agartha , the pyramids have an extension or reflection in Agartha, I saw mountains and a countryside below and a Being, this Being was standing still and I think of a gate keeper. Then the being was on something like a bike but still not moving, like in aphoto, but in fact this Being was leading me along a road, I was going straight on , I saw another Being in front of me on the road and the Eye of RA, the Eye was watching me, I said ” Umbro” – I felt Umbro’s presence ” We are about to conclude our gathering, the pieces are here” I saw a thread of Light and I felt that it means connection, I was told that the Pyrite is a representation of one of TULYA`s layers of existence. Then I saw a crystal energy portal of pure White Light , then some more portals of Light

    Thank you, OLA, LEOS, Umbro, ALGIZ, TULYA, RA, Lemurian

  15. Hi, everyone
    OLA is a wonderful messenger of TULYA and Her Crew
    I have a connection with OLA and she is showing me a whole Universe with the Stars, I can navigate through it and meet many Beings and craft…today it showed me a Rune It was TEIWAZ – the Rune of victory, there were two TEIWAZ there and if you remember, my rose quartz MaiOWta also showed me that Rune. MaiOwta navigates GLS ALGIZ and is situated at Her front….can you see the connection and read the message….we all work together and we will be victorious! This is the message I have to share today with all of you!

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention that I needed to do 4th chakra clearing meditation 4 times…in order to reach the effect..these two crazy days 🙂

    Hi, everyone,
    What enormous storm there was in me these two days/some past traumas ocured again for cleaning /, this message explains it ….and now I feel better….especially when I read this
    I am totally amazed of what I have discovered through this process of my spiritual storm….the result is…the getting out of order of my lamp that is on my desk, the bulb silently “died”…wow…did anybody have a simmilar experience? I did not throw anything to my lamp, honestly ….
    Your lamp nightmare 😉

  18. Wow, when I read your update from Umbro I felt goose bumps all over my body! Thank you again dear friend for the chakra meditations. I did the 1st chakra last night. Should I do one a day or all of them each day? How long should I do them?

    Love, light and laughter

    • Thank you 🙂 Dear Vee, I did the whole course once / a month ago/and this time I do the second one but I think that only one cource will be of help…do them one by one starting from the base up to the crown, you may repeat a level when you feel a need to do this…you will find the best way for you
      Love and Light, dear friend

    • Thank you, dear Les 🙂 We must hurry because the sweets are gorgeous there…our friends are perhaps on ALGIZ already that is why it is so quiet here 🙂 and the mint-raspberry sirup that my little crew makes is fantastic , it removes dark spots from the heart and mind 🙂

  19. Tauno – TULYA….TULYA
    We are here, baby
    Tauno – I can feel you, I speak with TULYA`s crew
    Crew – That`s right
    The crystal necklace took a shape of a heart
    Tauno – What do you want to tell us
    Crew – You are doing well, each one of you is a part of the great puzzle and each one of you is helping the others , now you are beginning to realize what collective consciousness is and how powerful your common thought is. Your roles are different in this game and all of you act as One, we have already met although you do not realize it fully. You represent Us here in 3D reality. We can show ourselves in many ways in your everyday life. A single thought of us can indicate a connection….soon you will get used to speaking with us, there are many ways of communication and you have been informed of this during your sleep. We communicate on subconscious way and you will remember how it is because you know it. Time for living in reality of Spirit-Matter is now because Matter is the manifestation of Spirit. You are remembering the Universal Laws and how energy works. Everything is organized precisely and acts in accordance with these Laws. Time is Now for the Great Union
    Tauno – Thank you, Crew. You are welcome on GLS ALGIZ for the celebration
    Crew – We accept with gratitude, dear

    • Amazing !!!Look at the text in bold to see that Hilarion said the same thing today…moreover, I also feel the return of some old negative issues that I have already dealt with and I was wondering why they return…I experienced their energy one more time yesterday….

      April 15-22, 2012

      Beloved Ones,

      The challenges that have beset you for such an extended period of time are now in their completion stages and the end is in sight of these rather disempowering situations. Your tenacity and sincerity in your quest for greater insight and spiritual growth has enabled you to amass great strength as you called upon your inner reserves to see you through these periods of friction and opposition that you might bring into manifestation your own unique and personal power. This you have been accomplishing and soon these situations you have experienced will be known to you as the ‘good old days’ as you move into a greater focus of your true purpose here on Earth.

      Time and again, you have floundered in confusion as what you had previously dealt with came back magnified in intensity to be looked at yet again. We say to you that these events are not entirely of your own karmic patterns as they also encompass the archetypal patterns of disempowering universal thoughts that have become part of the overall consciousness field around the atmosphere of the Earth. As you have been working upon your personal issues, the greater field of consciousness has also been going through transformation, enabling those who follow your path to find their way to the higher realms much more easily than would have been possible before.

      By your willingness and great Love of your fellows upon this beautiful planet, you have been engaging the breaking up and dissolution of these age old patterns of thought and replacing them with peaceful and harmonious energies that affect human thought and inclination. By this we mean that having taken on more than your fair share of karmic miasms that are part of the mass consciousness field and having successfully transformed them to the energy of Love, peace and harmony, you are creating a new way of relating here on this planet. We understand that this has not been an easy time for each of you and we applaud the inroads that you have been and still are making, to walk a different path than those who have gone before in order that a new way of Being in physical manifestation of Spirit begin to take place.

      As you look around you it is obvious that much work still needs to be done and this is where your experience, knowledge and awareness can be of enormous benefit to the people around you. Just your presence alone can bring stability and calm in many trying situations and this is part of your task in the coming days. You can be counted upon to lead and follow through on whatever needs to be done at the appropriate timing. We ask that you tune into your inner guidance to an even greater degree so that you are always on track and in tune with the events that are transpiring. Your first intuitive impressions are usually correct and these should be acted upon immediately. Too often, we see that you begin to doubt yourselves and then hold back waiting for more guidance. Allow yourselves to trust in the flow of motion and energy and you will always be in the right place at the right time doing exactly the right thing.

      This is the way of Being in your New World, discerning the flow of Earth energy, cosmic energy and solar energy and attuning your own energy field appropriately by becoming acutely aware of your own energetic flows is of tremendous help in these times. Life in these days takes on an exciting and exhilarating impetus. Have faith in your own abilities and resources and know that you are always guided from the unseen realms to walk in safety, grace and ease. Take time for re-energizing and renewing yourselves as the need arises and follow the promptings of your heart. All is well, Dear Ones, and always has been.

      Until next week…

      I AM Hilarion

      ©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

      Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

      Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

    • Again, as I read this message my entire body had goose bumps. Thank you to TULYA and the crew. Love and respect for them

      • Thank you, dear Vee…I feel significant 🙂
        Seriously, we all are making a progress here! Thank you, dear Les for creating this blog! Amazing how gathering our intent we make enormous step forward and the communications became more in number….

  20. How wonderful about MaiOwta and your Amethyst!!!
    Also, I just read your conversation with Umbro, and am smiling a very deep and peaceful smile, because I woke early this morning and was given several pages of diagrams describing (somewhat) how things interlace… 🙂
    I’ve had a wonderful night’s/morning’s sleep, and am looking for a busy day today! 😀

  21. Hello Tauno, thank you for your message from your Higher Self about Leslee. We are ONE and as you said, we can heal the planet, ourselves and others. We came together for a great purpose and we are powerful BEINGS.

    I too am trying to balance myself Babajij so that I may hold Leslee in healing light and love.

    Love, light and laughter

    • Dear Vee,
      I only learned today that you had lost your Aunt as well as Kim… I’m so deeply sorry, and send my warmest condolences and comfort to you and your family. I hope you’re felling better, so I’m sending you lots of love and light and peace.
      I’m gonna go look for you and Kim right now, as I go to bed! 😉
      Lots of love, Leslee

  22. I know we can help !
    Good night, dear friends
    See you!
    Do not forget the Prayer, I will prepare GLS ALGIZ for healing flight tonight…now is the time to gather our efforts!
    Love and Light

    GLS ALGIZ :Ready to go , commander Tauno! All systems are on!Crystaline Healing White Light!

  23. …Hi!…iReally have No ReCall the Last SleepDreams…Altho a Few Nights Ago, i Dreamt of Large Cards that were all Placed in Order on a Table…They were White and Most were Face Down…Behind me iFelt Leslee’s Presence…my Left Hand was on a Card,that was FaceUp…when i Removed my Hand, there was a Nice Image of a Golden Cobra Head and the Number 77 was on top…then iWaken…iMiss Leslee and Now Know that She is Being Taken Care Of and Is Deeply Loved… 🙂

    • WOW, thank you! Very, very helpful, it means a connection that you can hardly imagine! Awesome confirmation!
      Love and Light

  24. …iFully Appreciate this MeditationMessage with Ur HigherSelf,Tauno…iAm Trying my Best to Remain Centered as Leslee Goes thru this Process…Ur Message has Great Power and Resonates with Care…Thank You for Being Here…

    • Thank you for being here, too, dear Babajij, you are a great friend, do you remember anything from your last night`s dream…I remember some friends that were there….
      Love and Light to you

  25. Beautiful connection dear Tauno. Thank you and your Higher Self.
    Also, I really would like to see a communication of yours with your parallel being.
    By the way, I’ve just posted my conversation with Iltheos about the near future.

    • Thank you so much, dear friend!
      I am going to read your connection, your Light s beautiful, dear Konstantinos!
      Sending you much Love and Light

  26. Hi, everybody
    I have just done a sequence of meditations and I got an update from my Higher Self

    First there came a vision of a pyramid that was upside down . My HS told me that I was sent an information, downloading from this pyramid, then it turned upright and then i saw an octahedron, the colour was brown as the colour in my meditation when I met Jeshua and Leslee. Yes, I had an update from my Higher Self about Leslee. I also saw my parallel Being that lives in higher Angelic realms, she was kneeling and meditating dressed in white….I was connected with her

    Tauno – I am deeply concerned about my dear friend Leslee, why did it happen to her? I feel difficulties to even write here without Les… I miss her…we all miss her…
    HS – She is now in a safe place. It happened due to her need to develop spiritually, she has made an enormous success and she will continue evolving. It was necessary to her to be in “isolation” to learn how to use her great spiritual potential and to learn to connect from this isolated environment. You all are experiencing different situations in your 3D reality in order to expand God`s knowledge and wisdom, this is your desire at this stage, and your experience is about to give good results. You are Loved beyond Limits, Dear Ones.
    Tauno – Thank you, my Higher Self


  27. Love returned!
    I feel extreme Love today as I am falling in love, this feeling has nothing to do with me but with the world, the new energies are really able to embrace your Being and uplift you spiritually , I felt Umbro came again, and these blue orbs that constantly remind me of their presence, my perception of the beautiful presence of Light increased and I felt Ascension ….yes, I am Ascending …Mother Earth is Ascending We ALL ARE Ascending…WE ARE ONE…WE CAN HEAL the Planet…We Can Create our future NOW
    Have a nice flight and meetings
    See you soon

  28. Hi, it`s me again with a name received from one of Leos` group of 15
    HAFS – one of the Lemurian points, it is easy to make connection with him, he said that he works for the creation of cliffs and rocks of the mountains of the Earth/ I guess he means Inner Earth of the surface of the New Earth/ because these were very high, sharp and clear…they simply grow like trees, plants, they form within the bigger ones and cover the Earth and make her beautiful…HAFS has got a portal the same as Manskez` , he also showed me a picture of the crystal caves that have already been discovered


    I think Lemurians have something in common with this 😉

  29. Hi, dear friends. Here is an update from Leos
    After a sequence of sound meditations I tried to connect with Leos. /A few months ago I saw pyramids that were not standing upright, but were slightly tilted as a result of shifting the Earth`s poles….if you have seen the planet drawn by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in “The little Prince” you will have an idea of what I have seen/especially his picture with baobabs , one of them was upside down because of the small size of the planet/ , I saw a little planet /our Earth/with huge pyramids that covered a vast area of the planet/

    Firstly saw a normal pyramid and the space under it, only the top of the pyramid was visible on the surface, under the surface it extended and it was in fact a giant crystal octahedron. At the bottom of this octahedron a giant Being has spread its white wings, at the surface I saw an Angel holding an umbrella, Over the world there was another Angel flying….and there were pyramids in pyramids…

    I think Leos is trying to tell me that our Inner Earth Family is sending us messages, we are Divinely protected and what we know now is a little part of what is about to be revealed. Not everything is on the surface….this message is nothing new because we know this from the various sources of Light but for me it is a confirmation of the veracity of the information received by the channelers

    Love and Light

    • Love and Light to you, my friend! The spiritual means for communication are latent in each human soul, we only have to activate them when we are ready to do it

  30. Tauno -MaiOwta MaiOwta MaiOwta
    M – hearts…one…two…three
    T – Now I understand why I am waiting
    M – Yes, my dear, your prize is in the higher dimension, you could not find what you were looking for here and it is so according to your life plan, you have learned much and you did well
    T – you are showing me flying birds..perhaps phoenix …and a star that gives Light
    M – all of you are Blessed and Loved and you are spreading your wings now
    T – I saw a shining ball in my meditation today, my crown chakra opened and the ball entered through it, many hands reached to this ball from the center of my heart and welcomed it, then I realized that Umbro continues working towards a connection with me
    M – Yes, you will receive it
    T – What is her mame?
    M – OLA
    T – Thank you, MaiOwta
    M – One more thing I have to show you, look at me from above
    T – WOW!!!! TEIWAZ …wonderful sign, NOw I know why you persisted to set you right that way “in order ALGIZ to fly more efficiently” , this is the Rune of Victory
    M – Yes, and look again
    T – A human footprint leading straight on! TEIWAZ and a sign to keep on going! Amazing! I know in what position to keep you from now on! And thank you for the wonderful information

    • Les, you can check this information when you have time for this MaiOta has a face that looks like those Lion people of advanced civilization …I cannot remember exactly their name
      Thank you , dear Les!
      Love and Light

  31. I had a meditation with my rose quartz MaiOwta and I received this, still not quite sure of the veracity of this but I feel that I have to share with you. The news is that rose quartz has its own unique “aura” and I was able to see it, it is Rose 🙂 and it is attractive, Lemurian`s is White and Healing, S7 is purple and connecting, clear quartz is Bright and transmitting

    Tauno – May I enter in your world?
    MaiOwta- showed me a heart
    Tauno -What is your name?
    MaiOwta – MaiO….
    Tauno- MaiOwca ?
    MaiOwta – TA
    MaiOwta – Turn me right so that I can see you with my eyes
    I noticed a face and turned the stone
    MaiOta – This way I can see you
    Tauno – What do you want to tell me, MaiOwta?
    MaiOwta – I was sending to you that dream when you were in the boat, do you remember the pink dress?
    Tauno – Yes, I was very happy in that dream and I had to make a decision, I remember, I had to choose between my instincts and my duties.
    MaiOwta – Your instincts were your heart desire, you have made your choice and connected with that energy
    Tauno – I can guess that you have an instruction to tell
    MaiOwta – Yes, you are right. Now you have seen my face, please, keep me with my face so that I can navigate ALGIZ more efficiently . Trust your heart
    Tauno – Thank you, MaiOwta

  32. Tauno, thank you so much for adding the Crystal Meditation! I think we will be adding a page soon with exercises and meditation techniques, because that is part of what I received this morning too… 😀

    I think I found all of your comments and information today, and it’s all very powerful – thank you so much! I’m quite sure I felt your meditation too, and I think we’re touring Gaia together, with Umbro. It seems we have have done our job so well, now we have more work to do! 🙂

    With much love and light, Leslee

    • Thank you so much, dear Leslee 🙂
      I also feel that we are a great team of Way Showers
      Thank you all for this great honor
      I like to say I Am my mission 🙂 in fact We Are Our Mission Now
      Hugs of Love and Light

  33. Hi Tauno

    That is a very beautiful and personal story and one I feel very close to it. I also believed in GOD with every fiber of my body, especially at night when I was crying in bed of all the pain in my heart and ask GOD to make it stop, I could feel a calmness over me and I knew my guides and GOD were taking care of me.

    Wish you lots of light and love dear sister

    • I also think that we are close souls with you, dear Lisa. I have some significant examples even though I met you not long ago….but we connected in dream time and this is wonderful!
      Love and Light

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