Ana`s observations

A  Crackled Amnesia

My first conscious idea of the animal and plants  kingdom on Earth for this life time was when I was about 4 years old. I envisioned Africa as it was pictured in books for little children. It was a fantastic world of weird animals that live only there. In my fantasy the crocodile could smile and play the violin , the zebra could be lion`s best friend and the monkey could go to the dentist and to a football match 🙂

As I grew up the things got more complicated and the little Africa – that of my childish memory grew bigger and severer with predators and preys – just like in the “real” life. They taught me that friends do not exist and the life is in fact a race and a fight for survival.

But I kept the vision of my little Africa alive in my heart. I always asked myself why people are born and why they pass. It seemed to me  that there is something hidden. I didn`t want to simply die and diappear in the nothingness. What is the purpose of all that if we simply die. I couldn’t`t stand someone to scream at all.This was a real punishment along with breaking things and destroying something created.Violence is self destructive in its nature. If there was only violence, how can we survive and why the babies are born innocent. It is so easy to get a biscuit from a baby and he/she would smile to you when the biscuit is taken with a smile. Babies know how to Love Unconditionally.

I had a dream that shook me greatly when I was 5 or 6. I was at home – a beautiful palace in a beautiful magic wood full of Light in a lazy summer afternoon, I woke up and I saw the same Light in my room, my amnesia was never meant to rule my current life time. I remembered home where grace and beauty live, where only Love exists. At that early age I realized that I am meant to be of Light.Living in my light became usual to me.

I have overcome so many difficulties and healed so many wounds in my current life. My spiritual path led me to the knowledge of different cultures and teachings that are not studied at school. I have always known that God exists. We are organisms and every cell of ours functions with perfect synchronicity with the others. Therefore, every cell has consciousness. We are Universes. And being so, we must be existing like  cells in a bigger organism that exists in the biggest one – God, the Source, All That Is – in an endless creative way!

Recently I have glimpses of memory from past life experiences when I was one of the creators of the nature on Mother Earth. When this happens I am in peace, relaxed and I feel myself  light as I could lift up and fly. I feel that I can talk with all life on Earth, even with the wind. I can even remember how I looked like during that time and how my friends co-creators looked like. I know that I am a very old soul and I was involved in the creation of the plant and mineral kingdom on Earth. This explains my deep understanding and my ability to feel the plants and crystals.

I have always been looking for people with my understanding and knowledge. this is an inner knowledge encoded in us. And now we all start to recognize it and to gather in groups. This is not by chance, this is a mission, we are here now to help this planet to Ascend. we are here to give her our Love and Light. When you read these words, please, visualize our New Earth -in her pristine beauty as it was eons ago when we created her. Our visualization makes this happen more quickly! What a practical way to finish my revelation 🙂

Love you all!


Crystal  meditation  by Ana

Everything is based on intuition and insight. I will start with intuition – the speech of the Spirit through the Heart. You have to be in a state of presence to hear the voice or your intuition. As SaLuSa says, there are many different voices in our inner world. I call them thoughts. Intuition is different from these thoughts as they are based on different emotions – fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, concern, joy, love, happiness, loud happiness J   All these voices are somehow at the opposing poles of duality. To hear the voice of your intuition you should be balanced or present in that infinite Now moment and to become a friend with Balance.

Here are many stones that I know you may use to develop your intuitive abilities – amethyst, moonstone, labradorite,  blue and violet jade, rose quartz , aquamarine, smoky quartz, obsidian , Lemurians, Super seven, the last two have high Light vibrations and are perfect for meditations.  In general, crystals with violet, blue or white colours are the best because they work with third eye chakra and the crown chakra and are best for communicating with the higher energies.

Amethyst is a very strong crystal for connections with higher Beings from the Angelic realms especially when it is combined with rose quartz.

When you hold your crystal in your hand and you are relaxed and ready for meditation, start with several deep breaths in and slowly out to feel complete relax. I meditate in my armchair mostly.

Close your eyes. Then try to concentrate till all your thoughts concerning your daily activities slowly fade, do not try to get them out in a violent way, be gentle with them, teach them with the knowledge of the Universe that is within you, they need your teaching and when they receive what they want they will go. Now you are One with the Spirit. Open your eyes. The crystal in your hand is both a toolfor connection and your beloved friend that guides you through this journey. Look at it. Feel it, enter in it, become One with the crystal. You are living there, it is your home. Now invite your guest into your home and start a conversation with her/him. This guest is the Spirit and this is You at the same time, try to hear the Spirit. It is not necessary to speak at all, you may receive images, you may receive Light or geometrical figures, listen, be open and you will receive what you need. Feel gratitude, feel that enormous Light that lives in your heart. Remember what you are told. Be thankful to all that comes into your direction and send them Light.



End of the meditation

My experience with the Runes

I will tell you the Nordic story of  God Odin who first received the Runes. Odin wanted the wisdom and the knowledge and so he decided to sacrifice himself in order to receive it. He hanged himself on his own spear and was hanging upside down from Yggdrasil – the Tree /ash tree/of Life for nine days and nine nights, he did not eat nor drink while he was handing from the tree and observing and so he finally discovered the Runes. He threw on the ground nine sticks which formed a Matrix of vertical and horizontal lines. In so doing he received the 24 Runic symbols and his freedom.

There are many different runes all over the world, many legends like this one above were told about the Runes.  The major distinctive feature of the Runes is that they are made of lines. Runes are  ancient and their origin is considered sacred, connected with Gods and Spirit. They convey meaning, meaning means thought and thought has an immense creative power. Runes became letters, letters formed the texts and developed in different alphabets, Runes evolved to reach us in their shape of  letters. Many secret societies knew the power of Runes / Knowledge and used it for different reasons. The history of the Runes is so rich and colourful and it is difficult to be told in a single article. Now I am going to share my personal knowledge and experience wit the Runes.

All starts with respect and gratitude. Runes are to be respected and trusted in in order to work with you. Runes chose you indeed. It is a strong and very personal relationship between a man and the Runes. Runes have to be perfectly carved, of drawn, each imperfection brings negative meaning and energy and the wrong Runes have to be burned so that not to cause harm of the person asking them.

Runes answer correctly and that is why we shouldn`t ask them twice the same question, if this happens they just do not tell anything or even lie to us. Never try to influence the answer, you have to be with a stable mind and calm, in a state of balance when ask. It is also important how the runes are situated, reversed runes have the opposite /negative/meaning which is an indication of troubles, delays, failures. When the Runes appear standing straight it is a positive answer. You need your intuition in order to read the message of the Runes.

ALGIZ appeared to me in a dream about an year ago, after this dream I was awakened and started my job as a Lightworker, I gave the name ALGIZ to my S7 and programed it to be of service for Ascension for many people.

My advice – if your first attempts with runes fail, do not give up, Runes know that you are not ready at this moment for their response, try again when you feel a need to ask. I do not ask the Runes often, I use them only when the question is very important and there is not another way but turning to the Runes for help. Runes must to be respected because the Spirit speaks through them.

Walk your own path, my dear friends, stay centered in your heart and trust, Spirit knows what is the best for you and guides you always even though  you feel alone …in fact you are never left alone…just keep on walking this wonderful path of Light

Love and Light


6th of April 2012
Update from Umbro

I was meditating with Leos and I got a message from Umbro

Umbro : This is Umbro speaking again. We are very close to manifest ourselves into the physical as is your common wish. Remember that all that is happening at your physical plane is part of the experience in your 3D reality and yet it is a part of the illusion, only the lessons make sense, we are watching all of you closely, you are making progress, your heart chakras are opening for the Oneness and your minds realize the many layers of existence, the pyramids are means for keeping/storing the knowledge and conveying the energy

Ana – Thank you, Umbro

I have just found out that when I gather my amethyst stone with my rose quartz MaiOwta they form a HEART together! Amazing sign from Spirit! In general this crystal combination brings Love and my particular crystals do more than that …they form a shape of heart in 3D world…WOOOOOW!!!

Here is a picture of a white sapphire …I saw several of them in my dream


My next stage of the trip is about to occur as I had a clear sign from Umbro that TULYA wants a connection and this connection requires my participation and that of  OLA – my new clear crystal sphere. When Leslee was told that Umbro wants to speak with me and the best way is through a crystal ball I ordered one . I started connections with Umbro via my clear crystal necklace first and now when OLA came she came with a piece of Pyrite … do you remember Leslee`s meditation when she saw TULYA as cube and within this cube there were other cubes – the construction of the Pyrite !

Therefore, I have  a clear sign that TULYA wants a connection .  I have never ordered Pyrite, only the sphere but she came with this piece of Pyrite as a gift.

As I said I have experienced a huge emotional cleaning through which I had received some insights / the white star sapphire for example/, this cleancing set the stage for my further spiritual development and now I am preparing myself for what the Spirit has to show me….




Dear Friends
I was wondering whether or not the energies of the moon eclipse will be of benefit to our crystals. There are two opposing beliefs concerning the influence of the energies coming with the lunar eclipses on the crystals. You can find them both on the Internet.
As far as this matter is very important not only to our common work but to the energies as well I decided to ask the Runes.
My question was “Do I have to put my crystals in the open during the Moon eclipse on 6 June?”
The Rune that came was HAGALAZ. This is a Rune without a reverse meaning, so the answer was YES. But the Rune itself is the Rune of destruction, cataclysms and uncontrollable forces. At first I was confused by this answer, it meant nothing to me, I went to have a snack  and after a little while I realized what a precise answer it was and thanked the Rune! Yes, there is destruction…a destruction of the old …everything from the past and this is a process that we cannot control because it is the Divine Plan. So I must forget what I have been taught and YES, I should put my crystals to the open. Because the New “times” are here and the new way of Living and understanding has come

After a sequence of meditations I asked my Guides to reveal to me my spritual vibration/name. The first one that I received was – LONAM
I also feel a close connection/vibration with Lyrians
I decided to look up if this has a meaning here in 3D world , and look what I have found, I smiled when I opened this site
Thank You, my Guides

My names in spiritual world are LONAM and T***o.
Both names include the mantra AOUM/OM/AUM
T***o I was whispered from Elves and Elvish language; it resonates with peace
LONAM came via meditation where was connected with AA Michael and Jeshua`s energy

Lyra is where I come from

An image of a palace on high rocks by the sea, it was beautiful and so fine
Then saw a landscape by the sea, there was a figure there sitting and connecting with me, one of my Guides

I saw a portal, it was a gate to another time line
I entered and I saw in the Light figures of warriors, one of them was riding a horse and was wearing an ancient Viking`s helmet and arms
I also saw a fighting warrior raised his ax, next to him I saw a bear, actually the warrior turned into bear

Thank you, OLA and Lemurian

Last night/24 July 2012/ before I went to bed I had a meditation, it was not a deep meditation but I got interesting visions about my past lives

I called Jeshua and AA Michael`s energy for guidance and protection and I saw them coming into my vision, Jeshua was in white and I felt the common energy of the Angelic realms
Then the shaman came to me, a Native American shaman, I think He Is one of my Guides too
After the shaman appeared I found myself going up a pyramid with steps as are the ancient pyramids in South America, I could see the stones under my feet quite well, the pyramid was half ruined and under a layer of little round stones
Then like a movie I started to see – a young Native American man, a camel in Egypt, a palace in Europe/I think de Louvre in Paris or Hermitage in Russia but I am not sure/then another palace

Thank You ALL

This is HERA
Crystal Meditation – 23 December 2012
As I closed my eyes I saw a Sphere of LIGHT, strong Golden Light and a Portal, There were beams of Light from the Sphere
I saw how a huge tide was coming to me, like a tsunami of Light, the Light was like an ocean and the waves were Huge and Powerful, this Light flooded the land and saw more Light above, the sky was Golden
I wondered if i am connected with Lisa, I called “Lisa, are you there” – I saw an wolf/dog turned with its left side towards me
I saw Ray of Golden Light coming down to the surface along the trunk of a tree, the tree reached the sky and the whole trunk was shining from the Light, then HERA appeared again, this was the Female Blue Being that I saw in two of my previous meditations
I asked Her about her name and received HERA ” I come from Elven Realms of 6th dimension and I am here to watch and to stand by You, so that to encourage You to keep on going your wonderful path of Light”



  1. Dear Friends
    Here is my conversation with Troy that I found very interesting because it provoked a kind of channeled message that came from my Higher Self,
    Thank You my Brother Troy!
    Love and Light

    аз: hope I do not disturb your work troy
    I have a message for you
    cloes: no it is friday afternoon 😀
    аз: ok
    I have a message for You
    and this is
    Turn to the Initiators
    cloes: okay 🙂 always happy to receive messages!
    аз: we should connect with the Devas
    the Spirits that Created our World
    our Lemurian and Agarthan
    are closer to them
    but they are also kids
    and now when i got this message I know
    that we are ready for connection of a higher level
    how do you feel this
    cloes: We are the initiators 🙂
    аз: You wise one!
    yes we are
    cloes: 😀
    аз: we are ready to connect with our own Power and Knowledge
    and this is it
    cloes: Yes, it is an aspect of us and I think it is important to connect with this
    аз: the next dimension of higher frequency
    YouTube video
    Изпратено в 21:59, петък
    аз: I look at the map of the world
    and see where I am located
    and this is amazing
    in my meditations I direct
    my power goes
    cloes: it kind of jumped out at me today 🙂
    аз: to the south-east
    where there is Japan
    energy is wise
    I am listening to him
    cloes: his points about the strange energy we’re experiencing is very good
    аз: about the magnetic fields connecting us during the sleep
    with so many things and levels
    cloes: I wish time were a little less problematic but he talks about that too
    аз: time is an illusion and it has always been
    I start to become disconnected with time
    аз: my physical body is like a clock
    but my spirit
    is not dependent
    my inner world is timeless
    it has been so
    with all of us
    but now
    we realize it!!!!
    this is to
    become aware
    that you are dressed with a body
    and You are not your Body
    you see?!
    we are really multidimensional beings
    cloes: yes it is a bit of a schism 😀
    hopefully we can synch these soon, huh?
    аз: yes of course
    with our new bodies
    this will be possible
    now I am listening
    and as if
    I am getting another message
    along with the man who speaks
    my mind works
    on another level
    and gets parallel message
    as if
    I connect with someone
    cloes: yes I know the feeling well 🙂
    аз: that communicates on a specific level
    it is a kind of telepathy
    it is really a powerful time on earth
    I knew what he is about to say
    cloes: beautiful connection you have 🙂
    аз: I am amazed by me
    аз: now the energy passed
    I am more grounded
    and this is it
    he speaks of USA
    Cabal lose its power
    did you read today`s SaLuSa message
    it is true
    Lightworkers were separated by the Cabal
    but now we gather Powers
    we find many and many Lightworkers
    and join efforts
    it is amazing how
    I connected
    with Light
    People were accused bad
    in fact Spiritual People work with energy
    like us
    Light can be found only by the heart
    not by the mind
    because it Shines even in the darkest places
    and this is its mission
    its destiny – just SHINE
    cloes: so true!
    аз: the religions
    separated the people
    and put labels
    on people
    this is good, this is bad
    this is holy
    this is wicked
    it is the way that cabal work
    cloes: have you seen the merlin series?
    аз: yes
    cloes: it reminds me of this
    Изпратено в 22:26, петък
    аз: it is a fight for peoples attention
    can be manipulated
    but the manipulation is temporary
    the awakening of People
    now people are awakening
    manipulations served the goal
    the goal was learning and knowledge
    now we have learned many lessons
    and got a lot of knowledge
    I feel like I was a manipulator
    in my past lives
    because i have an inner knowledge
    how to connect with someone`s inner world
    and also
    I know the outcome
    of this
    and I know
    that I take responsibility
    because there is a balance in all things
    and I understand SaLuSa`s messages on a deep level
    and know
    how SaLuSa feels
    but this knowledge
    helps me
    in bringing the Victory of Light
    because we dig
    under the foundations
    of all lies
    we can understand their motives
    and this is our strength
    Изпратено в 22:35, петък
    аз: the dark ones are babies by comparison with the higher beings
    the dark ones are of Light
    but they have a lot to learn
    till they realize this truth
    because everything is of LIGHT
    and in fact
    the dark ones can be manipulated
    just like they think they are manipulating people on Earth
    but they have free will
    and should be left
    to learn in their own passe
    Изпратено в 22:39, петък
    cloes: tauno you should save this stuff to a blog somewhere, it’s great
    аз: it is
    a message
    my Higher Self
    I feel
    when I speak this way
    I sense Power
    like I merge with my higher Self
    cloes: this is the real deal my friend
    аз: and this happens
    I am connected
    with highly spiritual People
    like You
    cloes: aw, thanks blush 🙂
    аз: Yes
    You are
    I can sense Your Light
    аз: Many People should connect with the Initiators and connect with the very core of their Being
    this is the purpose for posting this

    End of the transmission 🙂
    But the Beginning of the New Day for all of us!
    Hope You enjoyed the message

    • Thank You so much, my dear friend Fran 🙂
      I am ok, I hope 🙂
      It is amazing because I have also thought of you recently and perhaps you are one more Sun in our circle ? How do you feel about it
      ( ( SUN ) )

    • And I miss Les too, I hope she will contact us as soon as she reaches her destination 🙂
      ( ( LOVE ) )

  2. Dear Friends
    As I was walking at sunset this evening I looked up to the Sun and saw a foot ready for a jump, then saw the other foot 🙂 and a car passed by me with a notice on it
    ” Travel agency”
    Later in the evening I was outside again and I saw the moon
    There was a cloud under the moon and it seemed as if the moon was in this cloud, the cloud was with a shape of a Polar Bear, and there was a huge ray of Light coming from the cloud, the Bear was giving birth to the LIGHT
    What a lovely sign from the Spirit!
    Thank YOU!
    Love and Light

    • This is true, my sister! Thank You for Your Presence
      ( ( ( SUN ) )

  3. The Air element
    Thanks to the Spiritual People from Andes, Peru

    The Air element is all around us, it is a powerful element and connects all like an efficient energetic internet on a soul level
    Feel Your connection with the air and send LIGHT all around and into the core of Gaia, breathe LOVE from the air and send Your Blessing from your Heart into the air of the outside world , feel your Presence and just BE ..this is all that is needed…WE ARE here Now by a Divine Reason and WE ARE DOING WELL
    Fill the air with JOY and Gratitude
    The Water element

    Water is a conscious Being that absorbs energies, Bless the water with your LIGHT and the Powerful thought for Ascension, send your LOVE to the water and to the big Ocean, All is holographic , everything exists in the Vast Ocean of All Creation

    The Fire element

    Fire is the power of transformation, healing and transmutation and TRUTH
    Use the power of the Holy Violet Fire to transmute all negative energies that still remain on the earth`s surface and this way the negative prevents the positive changes to occur for the benefit of all Humanity

    The Earth element

    Earth is the physical shell of the incarnated Soul, in our 3D physical bodies we are representatives of 3D physical planet, feeling Love we make the whole Planet feel Love, Earth responds to each of our feelings, thoughts, when we are ill, the planet suffers with us, wars and conflicts have poisoned the Earth and now She cleans Herself of this illness , Love is the Healing Power that is required, we need to heal ourselves and thus to heal the Planet


  4. Dear Hearts,
    I have to share my recent experience with the golden orange sphere of Light that appeared in two of my crystal meditations recently. This morning when I woke up the first thing I noticed was a golden orange plasma field near the ceiling of my bedroom, this plasma field was oval shaped and still flat and was floating in the air and I saw it for a second
    The blue orbs are here, the golden ones came too and now it came this golden orange sphere, I feel the changes all around and this makes me feel connected

  5. Hi, dear Hearts
    It is me again with another vision through meditation, this time I used my amethyst cluster to help me to connect with Native American Spirit again

    The visions came immediately after the Sound/Crystal meditations began
    I saw Sitting Tatanka again, He was hunting this time, I saw Him stretching his bow , then I saw Black Crow too, the images moved quickly, Sitting Tatanka came to me and raised hand to greet me, he was not wearing all of His feathers, because he was hunting, then I saw Black Crow – gigantic and an Eagle flying near Him at the top of the high cliff, and He turned into an Eagle, became one with the huge black eagle and flew

    Music, sounds clearing the Heart chakra – I am now in Cosmos, I feel the Presence of Ashtar, He is giving me signs of His Presence again/today and yesterday too- Troy, remember the cup of coffee/
    Then I see my Spirit and a portal in front of the Spirit, my Spirit is Phoenix like , shining with golden Light and I went through the portal

    • Phew that’s a powerful vision Tauno –

      “remember the cup of coffee”… ?

      Yesterday I was treated to greek coffee with cardamom. I just about missed out because my friend (he is originally from Syria) assumed nobody would drink it. I’m like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I think he could likely see me drooling. I will drink any coffee from any part of the world, the stuff he makes is a special treat. 🙂

    • Wow, Tauno, this is so wonderful! We are on such a similar shared journey… I have read back to your July 18 vision, and it seems you were preparing the way for some of my future experiences. Since late August, I have now met both a Shaman and a Medicine Man, from different tribes, and both in Pagosa! And now I’ve met I’wah (I will write a post about him to explain), a very powerful being who plays a key role in our work. Please feel welcome to look for him, I will try to share his image and role before I go to bed tonight…

      And I am so touched that you asked after me! I miss you all so dearly and deeply. I don’t know where the days and hours go. I am learning there is a phenomena called “Pagosa Time”, in which everything takes about twice as long as you expect, and we are always, always, always, “late”… 😉

      Much love to you, dear friend!

      • Look what we have achieved , my heart 🙂 it is wonderful, it is the most unusual and powerful thing in 3D – therefore it is not from 3D – TO LOVE SOMEONE not in 3D way but Unconditionally, it is so because we Love the Light that this Beinbg/s carry inside, Love is energy , Love is food, shelter and ALL 🙂
        We came to know totally different perceptions of Life itself
        “Unlearn what you have learned”
        ( ( Playing Baby Suns and Flowers ) )

      • Definitely the bamboo is involved as well as the crystals, do you remember my dream with bamboo people, I felt them like Us, all of us here

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