My astral trips| Release of trapped souls | GSL Eight

Hey everyone! Long time no see. I am Ilada and I am the captain of GLS Nine. I haven’t posted here in a while because I experienced a lot of up and downs in life, so it’s nice to update here again.  Here’s a small report of my discoveries in my adventure in the higher realms. I can’t promise this is entirely accurate, but I can assure you, I’m only sharing my experiences of the ascension process and ET interactions in the higher realms and experience altered states of consciousness and parallel realities.

Unlike some soul groups, I don’t work with my twinflame per se. Or I choose not to know it or don’t noticed the difference because a majority of my soul’s work is more concern in using it’s energy to fine-tune the frequency of the higher realms. Each higher realms in the astral plane is like a layer and each layer have it’s own degree of thickness and density.

Since the summer of July, me and my crew of spirit guides are part of the clean-up team. While the work is not entirely dangerous, it’s like riding an energetic roller coaster where my light-bodies and different aspects of my subconscious mind is experiencing different areas on the planet. For one who is not prepared to experience different altered states of consciousness, a lot of physical and mental endurance is required, and a lot of rest and activity to help balance the restlessness of my mind that seeks to balance and ground in the new energies.

There were times, throughout the month that during sleep mode. I felt my soul has visited places with ancient mystical power and connections…Britain and Iceland, Southern California, and South America…places where I spent past lives and have seeded my own starseed energy in each location in previous lives in the past lifetimes.

Then in the later part of August, I work with this team of ETs and spirit guides to help control the rising sea level on the east coast of USA.  I also believe I have also worked with a Being or this place called Tolan and Tolan has to do with Atlantis/Lemuria energy. I felt I’m being telepathically told that Tolan is a “vortex” of energy spirial down to anchor higher ascension energy.

There is also a work of releasing ancient trapped elemental spirits that were sealed by the previous occupants of Negative ETs who have controlled the Earth for eons, and because of the incarnated lightworkers here, that false matrix is loosing it’s grip on the trapped spirits. The last one I worked with an ancient Earth elemental who thanked me of releasing it’s seal, and it telepathically told me it felt the joy of experimenting “multidimensionality”, a gift that it had been denied for so long.

All of these astral trips are not without the dangers and hazards. I have the misfortunate encounter with psychic interferences and discovered nasty 3 etheric implants that leeched on my light-body that prevents me from astral projecting to the higher realms. They often took on the form of looking insect-like beings when I clairvoyantly viewed them in my mind’s eye and they keep telling me that they need to “eat on humans and they should sacrifice human light” to keep them alive. Should you encounter this, I suggest Basic Psychic Protection methods. It took me about two weeks to dismantle them with the help of my ascension guides.

After I took off the implants and cleaned up my space, I met a new GLS named Eight who took me on very trippy astral trips a few days ago. We flew around NYC, my hometown, and checked out the skyscrapers, since Eight is most interested in human architects and it’s buildings. Eight is younger than Nine, and is often associated with teenagers, high schools, math, and geometery, therefore, I figured Eight is a child-type ship. Eight doesn’t speak much to me, and I believe he/she (I couldn’t figure out Eight’s gender) isn’t interested about humans much. I just met Eight, therefore, I can’t get much information about this entity, this entity doesn’t speak much about itself! As of Susan, another GLS that I mentioned long ago, I haven’t been in contact with her either and I do wonder where she went…?

Though to tell the truth, I felt that ships that I’ve been talking to are actually my hybrid children because every time I meditate in trance, I would see those grey-like beings being associated with them. The hybrid children who contained half-human and half-ET DNA. This is my only speculation, of course, and maybe GSL and hybrid children are two separate topics. Still, I can agree it’s all connected and related to being reunited as one huge galactic family!

Introducing GLS: Nine and Susan! Dream flight invite!

Hello all! It’s very nice to meet you, I would like to introduce myself and my ships, who are my dearest friends on the astral. I am a new poster here, but I’m not new to the Galactic family and crew in other worlds. My Earth/human name is Ilada, but I have an parallel/Multidimensional Sirius ET self who works among the star beings, and his name is Camelon. Camelon also happens to be my walkin soul, and the purpose of this soul exchange is to do light work with the star family when I’m in sleep state or in my meditative deep trance state. If you noticed, my ET walkin soul, Camelon is indeed a name basing on the mystical place, Camelot. As Camelon, I am very well known in the GFL…but as to what or why, as Ilada, I do not know yet. My spirit guides kept his identity as a mystery.

For starters, as of July 19 2012, I, Camelon, as one of the many Captains on the GLS Nine, we would like to formely invite lightworkers to explore our ship  and have fun. As Ilada, I worked with Nine’s energy on and off since last year, but I didn’t learn of his true identity as a star ship until last month.  Before that, I always called him, “My android best friend on the astral” lol, because  the way he speaks to me via telepathy is robotic and electronic.

Nine is primary a celestial ship, and his primary function and mission is to serve as a nexus for a gathering of Light Beings from across the universe. Most of the Light Beings boarded on GLS Nine, their varied missions is to aid and assist unawaken souls on Earth from this ship. The Primary Ascended Master who created this ship is the Being that which you know as Thoth, the Atlantis King, and writer of the Emerald Tablets. Nine is created in the star cluster of Andromeda, but house star beings from Sirius and Pleaides. Recently, I got contacted by the Agarthians of Inner Earth last week who wanted to use Nine for a conference meeting.

Nine is very curious about humans and he enjoys “playing” games with humans and providing entertainment as a healing art form. If you’re familiar with the game, “Second Life” or play many different video games on your planet of Earth, then entering Nine would be just like that  and that most likely you experience one of his hologram decks to play a game with him. You might even see a show with a story that doesn’t make sense or a concert of wonderful music.  Nine is also curious about humans eating habits, because from where “we” from, our star family do not eat solid foods, “we” eat Light from the Source. You may find yourself in a dining room or a food court in your astral travels with him.

Nine is adorgenous but he’s predominantly a masculine ship, so Nine likes to be preferred as “He”.

You may need to use a crystal of your choice to amplify and heighten your vibration in order to board him. I personally used hematite and amethyst. The password (and passwords are used to enhance your intent) to board GSL Nine is: 09991 and you may need it to state it three time. Nine is extremely fond of repeated angelic numbers.


One GLS ship that I also would like to introduce to you, is the GLS Susan. Susan is a feminine ship with a delicate personality. In my astral trips, she often take the form of Tyra Banks.  Susan is a “Heart” ship of “God’s Love”, meaning she responds to people in need or to those who have a troubled “heart” or a troubled childhood. She has a “High Heart” vibe and responds to the purity of one’s intent in the person’s Heart Space. Her specialty is children and healing. She is fond of things that happened in person’s childhood. When I make astral trips to her, I often find myself in a studio where I paint pictures, in a shopping mall, a beautiful garden, the sea, the dolphins, the zoo, the animals or in a school full of children and when I woke up, I often woke up feeling healed and at peace.

GLS Susan is manufactured in Pleiades, in Alcyone. Susan is a much smaller ship than Nine, but that because her primary function as a ship is that of a healer ship. You may need Rose Quartz to amplify and adjust your vibration if it’s your desire  to board her. Her password is: “Rose”.


I would love to know of your experiences with GLS Nine and  GLS Susan, so please use the comment page and let me know! I’ll be answering questions as well. I’m curious of you experiences with my beloved GLS. As of now, we’re not looking for crew members per se, but we’re looking for people to “play” with us on the ship’s grounds and meet other of like vibration!

My blog would be: (sadly under construction, but I’m working on it!).