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Hey everyone! Long time no see. I am Ilada and I am the captain of GLS Nine. I haven’t posted here in a while because I experienced a lot of up and downs in life, so it’s nice to update here again.  Here’s a small report of my discoveries in my adventure in the higher realms. I can’t promise this is entirely accurate, but I can assure you, I’m only sharing my experiences of the ascension process and ET interactions in the higher realms and experience altered states of consciousness and parallel realities.

Unlike some soul groups, I don’t work with my twinflame per se. Or I choose not to know it or don’t noticed the difference because a majority of my soul’s work is more concern in using it’s energy to fine-tune the frequency of the higher realms. Each higher realms in the astral plane is like a layer and each layer have it’s own degree of thickness and density.

Since the summer of July, me and my crew of spirit guides are part of the clean-up team. While the work is not entirely dangerous, it’s like riding an energetic roller coaster where my light-bodies and different aspects of my subconscious mind is experiencing different areas on the planet. For one who is not prepared to experience different altered states of consciousness, a lot of physical and mental endurance is required, and a lot of rest and activity to help balance the restlessness of my mind that seeks to balance and ground in the new energies.

There were times, throughout the month that during sleep mode. I felt my soul has visited places with ancient mystical power and connections…Britain and Iceland, Southern California, and South America…places where I spent past lives and have seeded my own starseed energy in each location in previous lives in the past lifetimes.

Then in the later part of August, I work with this team of ETs and spirit guides to help control the rising sea level on the east coast of USA.  I also believe I have also worked with a Being or this place called Tolan and Tolan has to do with Atlantis/Lemuria energy. I felt I’m being telepathically told that Tolan is a “vortex” of energy spirial down to anchor higher ascension energy.

There is also a work of releasing ancient trapped elemental spirits that were sealed by the previous occupants of Negative ETs who have controlled the Earth for eons, and because of the incarnated lightworkers here, that false matrix is loosing it’s grip on the trapped spirits. The last one I worked with an ancient Earth elemental who thanked me of releasing it’s seal, and it telepathically told me it felt the joy of experimenting “multidimensionality”, a gift that it had been denied for so long.

All of these astral trips are not without the dangers and hazards. I have the misfortunate encounter with psychic interferences and discovered nasty 3 etheric implants that leeched on my light-body that prevents me from astral projecting to the higher realms. They often took on the form of looking insect-like beings when I clairvoyantly viewed them in my mind’s eye and they keep telling me that they need to “eat on humans and they should sacrifice human light” to keep them alive. Should you encounter this, I suggest Basic Psychic Protection methods. It took me about two weeks to dismantle them with the help of my ascension guides.

After I took off the implants and cleaned up my space, I met a new GLS named Eight who took me on very trippy astral trips a few days ago. We flew around NYC, my hometown, and checked out the skyscrapers, since Eight is most interested in human architects and it’s buildings. Eight is younger than Nine, and is often associated with teenagers, high schools, math, and geometery, therefore, I figured Eight is a child-type ship. Eight doesn’t speak much to me, and I believe he/she (I couldn’t figure out Eight’s gender) isn’t interested about humans much. I just met Eight, therefore, I can’t get much information about this entity, this entity doesn’t speak much about itself! As of Susan, another GLS that I mentioned long ago, I haven’t been in contact with her either and I do wonder where she went…?

Though to tell the truth, I felt that ships that I’ve been talking to are actually my hybrid children because every time I meditate in trance, I would see those grey-like beings being associated with them. The hybrid children who contained half-human and half-ET DNA. This is my only speculation, of course, and maybe GSL and hybrid children are two separate topics. Still, I can agree it’s all connected and related to being reunited as one huge galactic family!

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    • She’s not injured per se, you misunderstood. I blame myself for not writing clearly. I believed I said she’s a healing ship that can heal the injured. It’s not a physical injury. It’s a vision or telepathic message that I couldn’t decipher correctly. You see, the problem of receiving telepathic messages and visions is to understand the crux of the meaning. I tend to misinterpreted the message a lot and often have to ask what is the Being trying to portray and lay aside my own interpretation.

      As a ship, I believed she is more emotionally “injured” by the fact that I can’t remember her or recognized her. Now, that’s not entirely my fault because sometimes I cannot remember these dreams when I woke up. The moment I recognized what’s bothering her, and remember her, she seems satisfied, and left to other places.

      One thing about what these Aliens Beings and Ships are particular about, when they come into contact with me, is to be recognized by their Creator, their parent.

      Like I said, I haven’t seen her in a very long while, and I believe she went to tend to other Beings as a part of her mission while I’m learning to reconnect to other Beings and ships.

      I think we’re all injured by separation and loss, and it’s due to the difference of the dimensions and density we live in. If you want to help, Choose Love, and let your higher sense and your vibration gravitate you to the ascension work you’re meant to do.

      • Ilada, Leslee uses a pendulum to help verify the messages she receives. If you’re interested I can hunt down some links to her videos for you. I think she may have posted them on youtube under One River Designs… there may be some on this site as well, under the “Divine-ing” category…

        So for example you can receive the message, and then using the pendulum, ask, “did you mean _____”? and the pendulum will swing yes or no. You can also use it to spell things out for you. I have not tried this method yet, I typically don’t have that much time during the day where I can experiment with things like this (but I would like to at some point!).

        • Hey there. Thanks for the tip, but my spirit guides knows I don’t have the money to acquire a pendulum and they know I disliked using the tarot as a divining tool. Most of my money goes for paying the rent to have a roof above my head. A pendulum isn’t the just one way to divine, you know. So instead, what we do is that I use self-hypnosis, fell into a trance, and then merge with the Being to combine our minds as one and in this state, I can see visions too. In this state, I can ask the Being yes or no questions, and ask to help interpret the dreams.

          Funny, in this way, it’s like I’m being taught not to rely on pendulums as the only method to verify questions and messages they send.

          • Ilada, what you describe is what I do as well. I can also sort of “feel” the unique energy of those I connect to. Do what feels right to you, my friend. 🙂 Actually a pendulum can be anything, including a towel!

    • Yes, Lisa, this information about Tolan resonates with your and mine Spiritual experience , this explains the Spiral/password for GLS Blaze/ and my explorations connected with Atlantis crystals and their location, one more piece of the puzzle fell on place – Tolan is really a crystalline energy and helps energetically via the connection with higher energies and their grounding
      Thank You for this message, dear Ilada
      Love and Light

  2. Thank you so much! That makes all the sense to me now, about being recognized. I read elsewhere she is child-like. I am new to this but my heart is set on it. sort realizing im not ‘new’ after all. I had been as one injured or shut down emotionally myself and learning of this is helping me. I fear death all the time. so if you tell my another higher being or astral being or parent in heaven,family etc is at all hurt or injured I get REALLY scared. Just like there are light workers there are also evil workers and they seem to enjoy playing on this. They specifically write things ive seen on the internet about death and dying but in a gloating sense, of even our ‘out there’ family and it devastates me , I cannot even handle the thought. I had felt that if it was a ‘mind battle’ that I had lost to the point that my other or astral self literally got murdered and was screaming her head off (and I read this on internet too) long story but let’s just say im distressed. what I am HOPING is that instead of her /me dying.. and yes in a horrific fashion (I believe it was a replay of a former horrible trauma) that she simply downloads into me where I am waiting, therefore not dead..but I had to relive the trauma from here in memory.. maybe to heal? hope I made sense. so instead of me uploading into her, she had to come to me for nowhere else to go and I am hoping that this is for the EARTH, rather than us leaving, and ascending.. as many will, that I choose to stay here for the earth. not sure yet, still quite upset! I was surprised to find so much of this in the Bible in verses previously not noticed. about the two sided self, says one on earth and one in heaven and theheaven one gets murdered so that suddenly the earth/daughter one has suffered a ‘grievous wound’ and it says keep crying ‘maybe he will hear you’ but all I did was cry and scream into death by total neglect. basically a sevrely broken heart due to neglect. it says the lord in his wrath through her to earth, he ‘forgot’ his footstool(the earth) and beings/lords dont FORGET the earth, he didnt know it was here! that is what I feel the code is there.. so when your other self gets murdered its traumatic (it says in his wrath he killed everyone and not one survived and all your children lay dead in the streets) but he is saying this to the clueless earth one… and it tells her “daughter, so beautiful and delicate but I will DESTROY YOU!, I have become as an enemy to you, it will seem as though i’m ATTACKING YOU, you will understand later” !!! never had noticed those verses before! and it’s happening to me and i still feel kinda murdered and not quite the same ol me. I wouldnt call it ‘alive’ when everything good about yourself and all you loved.. and the light on your face etc.. you feel is gone, due to a brutal trauma, which is also written about my ‘mother shipton’ wrote:”murder foul and brutal deed when men will only think of greed, ‘given her as to their wives, men will ruin kinder lives” it also says in bible “I will save you from the grasp of the cruel” and even a rabbi told me recently that YES I can be right here on my couch in my living and in hell at the same time. sigh, its much to write here, thanks for listen

  3. I found this online and I do wonder… I am currently myself experiencing some of this myself for sure.
    Susan has recently come Back from the Dead. It may be thanks to cloning, an Emergency Transformation, a holy miracle, or the foulest of The Dark Arts. Whatever the means, she’s taken the trans-celestial concorde back to the land of the living. But man, does she have a bad case of karmic jet-lag!
    It’s not that Susan Came Back Wrong (her Soul was in her carry-on luggage and she bought traveler’s Body Horror insurance), but that the after effects of being resurrected are making her feel less than her pre-mortem self. Susan may experience physical ailments like tremors, sweating, nausea, and other symptoms of real life jet lag. Of course, being that her resurrection was likely at least skirting the wrong side of the Scale of Scientific Sins, she’ll probably also experience Hallucinations, vivid flashbacks, and phobias related to however she died.
    Where this can get really freaky is if Susan was resurrected with Easy Amnesia of her past life, as is often the case with clones. Even if she’s resurrected from infancy and lived an entirely new life, she may experience Resurrection Sickness when the Genetic Memory of her past life is awakened. In both cases, a Split Personality may develop as the past life tries to assert control.
    If Susan is in a videogame, this will be represented as a drop in her stats and various penalties that go away over time.
    See also Damaged Soul, where bouts of depression post-resurrection affect the resurrected.

    Damaged Soul
    The great love of the hero’s life has died, and the hero simply cannot take the grief. Desperate to have his significant other returned to him, the character delves into things better left unlearned and discovers a way to bring the loved one back.
    Unfortunately, something goes horribly awry, causing them to come back wrong.
    The loved one’s body has been restored, and more importantly her soul came back too. The good news is she isn’t a Soulless Shell. The bad news is, her soul got damaged on the way back to the body. Perhaps it was the very act of dying, or the process of being resurrected. Maybe it was being forcibly torn out of Heaven, or spending any amount of time at all in Hell. Or perhaps it was just brain damage caused by the body’s decomposition. Whatever the reason, the loved one has woken up screaming and insane.
    This can be subtle or overt: the damage may manifest either as a progressively worsening tic, a mental illness, or perhaps a lack of conscience. Or it could manifest as an unstoppable, screaming berserk fury. Unlike a Soulless Shell, a Damaged Soul is extremely motivated: if they aren’t driven to suicide, they are very likely to be pissed off at whoever brought them back from the dead as well as their own unnatural condition. Either way, they’ll be out to put an end to them both.
    Alternately, this might actually be a Soulless Shell whose sociopathic tendencies are due to the conscious mind reacting violently to becoming Soulless. Or maybe Demonic Possession. These unhappy Lazarenes are probably Stepford Smilers, Mad Artists, or Complete Monsters. Compare Resurrection Sickness, where the soul is fine, and side-effects are due to “jet lag”.

    • @ Susan, the human poster, NOT the ship:

      I’m confused. What are you trying to say here? I think you misunderstand my post. Do you mistaken Susan as yourself? Because the Susan I mentioned here is actually my GLS, my Galactic Light Ship, not you. I want it to make it clear that you and GLS Susan are NOT the same being, entity, and spirit.

      How do I know? Because I know my ship’s soul in and out. I created HER in the star system of Pleaides and my Susan has never been incarnated as a human. That is not her function as a soul. Her function as a soul is being a ship that helps humanity upon my orders and under my authority as her Creator. If you incarnated as a human, then most likely you’re not my GLS Susan.

      Please forgive me, if my tone may sound harsh, but I trust you will understand me at what I am saying. If I sound superior in my tone, it’s because I am an physically incarnated ET commander in the dimension that which you call “heaven”, and giving orders and directing orders is what I do among my ranks with my galactic betheren.

      I think your argument is this: If a higher being or astral being or parent in heaven, family etc is hurt or injured, you get scared, worried, and distressed. This doesn’t make sense to me at all, because those Beings don’t have physical bodies like us humans, they have LIGHT BODIES, and those light bodies are spirit bodies that can heal itself and self-regenerate. When humans get hurt, they bleed and feel pain. When an astral being or parent get hurt, they don’t feel pain, but they feel thoughts, emotions, and energy.

      From what you transcribed to me, it seems to me that you’re reliving your traumatic past life memories, and the “mind battle” you’re experiencing is the memories of your soul’s brutal deaths in another body, in another life. This is true, and it is a part of a past life clearing process and past life reviews that all physically incarnated souls are undergoing through as it is a part of your ascension plan. I can deduced then that you are working with your own team of spirit guides and soul family who are healing you and helping you on your unique path and journey, not mine.

      It’s really nice to offer your help to another being that is not of your planet, but my ship is my responsibility and therefore, my ship is under my authority and jurisdiction. Thank you.

    • Having a bad day feel like I am here but not here strange goings on, just put my dream in the wrong place Troy can you please delete and put on astral travels thank you.

      • Ms. Blue, you can just copy and paste your dream and then move it yourself. If you want to delete the comment, I can do that for you because this is my post. Is that what you’re requesting for?

        • Ilada, thank you sorry I did not want to go off on a different direction to your post was all as you were discussing Susan your other craft. Much love to you 🙂

          • It’s no problem at all, the dream is now deleted. I just see this as a technical issue. We all have our bad days, and people can get easily confused.

            Though, I have to had it to you. I read your dream and just to let you know, Thailand is my parent’s homeland, and just yesterday I watched a Harry Potter movie. I was thinking, “Well, that was odd, how come she dreamed of some my aspects?”

            • Ilada Maybe I was guided to pop that dream here after all. My dreams link to others here or to their dreams at times. The women in my dream was a native of Thailand who I worked with many years ago she was a beautiful person who came here for her daughters education and went home for 6 weeks every year. I have always wanted to visit this mystical place.

              • Even though it’s an accident, it’s a good accident! Heh, I was thinking what is my connection to these people on Spirit Train Chronicles? Maybe the answer is just as simple as being that we’re all one up in spirit. I keep having dreams about the ships, right? Namely Aurora and the crew of Athabantian, but the connection isn’t particulary strong because I have my own crew and my own ships. And I watch the people here, but in a distant sort of way, because it’s a part of my habit to just watch people coming and going curiously and see how they’re doing, and work from a distance without people knowing the true me.

                Thailand is a mystical place because the people there are deeply spiritual and they respect their ancestors. There are also lots of Buddhist temples too. I think you felt drawn to this place due to the peaceful Buddha energy that you’re seeking on your journey. I felt guided to ask, “Do you crave for inner peace?” Maybe stilling your mind is the answer.

                • Yes I am drawn to the Buddhist Temples. My mother who has passed has a large stone Buddha which she use to rub as she passed. It is still outside the door where she had it placed by my father. I do crave inner peace during my day, at night I have this peace. Funny you mention Aurora and the Athabantian I am crew on both these ships. It is also true we are one, this is something I have felt my whole life, I have never looked at colour,religion,race,nation as anything other than my brothers and sisters who live as I do on Earth. I feel those of us drawn to STC are here because we are linked and are now being bought together as we become close to awakening fully. Much love and light to you Suzanne.

                  • Well, I was drawn to make posts here and make friends here because this is the only spiritual website that not only talks about Earth’s ascension and starseeds, but also the existence of galactic light ships and their function to Earth.

      • Hey my dear sorry you were having a bad day. I have copied your post at your request but I think you may have posted this to the “right” place. There are no coincidences… (-_-) ♥

  4. Illada, your experience with the Archeons / insect creatures are really interesting, it reminded me of The Dark Crystal movie. I also met one of these guys this spring. It was both scary and kind of funny – it appeared to me as a Dalek from Dr. Who, but the top was half-exposed to reveal an octopus-looking creature (this is the Daleks true form). In place of the laser was a chainsaw and an axe, which was still pretty terrifying but not quite as terrifying as a laser. It emerged from this row of white houses that looked like ranchers with picket fences around them. And it was quite intent on doing me harm. So I kind of floated back to my sleeping body and he disappeared – he was not able to harm me once I returned to my body.


    (here’s the link in case the image doesn’t come through…)

    • That’s what exactly it is. I keep dreaming of this spider being on and off. I know it’s not a spider totem, but a chunk of energy and low-consciousness that doesn’t know what to do with itself. “It” telepathically told me it wanted to help people, but don’t know how to do it. Then as the vibrations are slowly raised, “it” ran out of energy and in my dreams, the spider just simply died and have it’s energy recycle into something of more beneficial and reusable. Energy cannot die, it can only be transformed and transmuted!

      I slowly learned that the insect creatures that keep telling “it” feeds on human sacrifice and human light energy for food are actually etheric / astral parasites. They took on the shape as insects because that’s the lowest form they can have and then they leeched on negative emotions to survive, and they tend to burrow into my mind and render it unfocused for my tasks ahead of me. They even sometimes took my memories of my loved ones and transform into them, but they don’t possessed the right facts and the right personality. They’re very nasty piece of energies I have to deal with and hard to remove because they tend to interfere with my ascension.

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