05-01-2015: Dramatic Skies.

I am Arachanaï

When I came home, I saw this beautiful dramatic sky above our house. Enjoy.


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Double blessed: Double rainbows: Transformation

I am Arachanaï

It seems we are blessed with rainbows above our house. As it happened twice, in the old year and the new year, only 12 days apart, and being the first one on 21-12 , I looked up the spiritual meaning of double rainbows and found this:

The double rainbow is the symbol of transformation. In the commonly seen single rainbow, we see red as the highest and violet as the lowest colour, this is opposite to the alignment of the chakras, and thus symbolizes the descent of man from the heavens. In the more rarely seen double rainbow, the higher rainbow has red as the lowest and violet as the highest colours, this is in alignment with the ascent of Kundalini energy up through the seven chakras. This symbolizes the journey of transformation, from the material to the spiritual, the ascent of life energy.~ The Symbol of the Double…

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Dream 4 October 2014: Space

I am Arachanaï

This is the machine we were walking on the surface with. C - Liesbeth Swenne This is the machine we were walking on the surface with. C – Liesbeth Swenne

I am sick at home but instead of being lying in the bed, I am out on the street walking to get better faster. But I am scared that someone sees me from work and thinking the wrong thing. I am walking in the street behind my old apartment in Hasselt. But this locations is not on Earth, this is a hologram of the city I used to live in. This holodek is situated on a Mothership. But the end of the holodek street has a door opening to space, only separated by a force field.

My friend and I jump through the force field into space. We have a black suit on with a force field that protects us from the dangers of space. We first drift in space and then we have so much fun making somersaults in space. After a while…

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Dream 25 September 2014: beyond spirit

I am Arachanaï

scan0001 The skull appears in the night sky, on the right you see the trails of the man’s soul passing by. Copyright Liesbeth Swenne

My friend and I are in sort of a theme park and we had to deliver our tax papers to a counter that was standing in the middle of a square.  There was a man and a woman behind it and we gave them our tax papers. The lady looks at my tax papers and told me that it wasn’t filled in correct. She tries to explain to me how to fill it in properly, but I still don’t understand it.

After that we assemble with other groups as there is a competition going on in the park. My friend and I are a team and we are getting a map to navigate through the park. We have to follow a certain pattern that will lead us…

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Dream 20 July 2014: Dimensions and vampires

I am Arachanaï

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

It seems I am on a magical market sitting on a chair in front of a table. In front of me is a lady in multicolored clothes. I have a question to her, to bring me to another dimension as I was following a friend. She puts some sand on the table that turns in a watercolor substance of blue and brown colors. She asks me to put my hand on the spot. I feel vibrations running through me and I feel myself being transported to another dimension.

I am in the other dimension, standing on a boulevard. On my left is the sea and on my right sand dunes as far as my eye can see. I am looking for the person ( I soon realize I maybe looking for my best spiritual friend Leslee) I really hold dear. But I cannot fiend this person.

The dream…

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Dream 16 July 2014: The voice of GOD

I am Arachanaï


Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

This has been a very powerful dream, short but powerful. That night my youngest daughter experienced some belly ache and after a while she eventually fell asleep.

I was dreaming that I was walking on a dirt road when I met this seemingly evil man. This man tries every dirty trick in the book to get me in the claws of the dark. As I was walking and talking to this man, we came across a bridge. We stopped in front while this man was still trying to catch me in the dark nets. But he didn’t succeed as I had compassion for him and saw the good side of him, I wasn’t scared either from him.

I walked further and came upon a huge room, with very high ceilings. Suddenly (it was just a inner knowing) a voice came from the ceiling, a voice…

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Dream 9 July 2014: In the world below

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: www.nzicescapes.com

I find myself going into an ice cave , following, walking, gliding down, down the ice blue tunnel. I finally arrive in what it seems in another world. Everything seems so strange and feels strange. A young lady is waiting there for me, she looks beautiful like a princess. It is not so cold down here as she was wearing a kind of attire without sleeves, it looks like gold. She welcomes me but she urges me to put on some clothes and some kind of weird looking shoes to cover me feet and I see she does not have feet as I do. I can’t see it well, but it is a mix of fins and hobbit feet. We are in a building with lots of windows without glass and lots of plants and vines surrounding the building. (this is more seeing/feeling of the interior

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Dream 30 June 2014

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: www.sfx.co.uk

I find myself in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe. A doctor examines me and says why it has been difficult for me to breathe. It is because I have a mild heart attack. Now I leave the hospital, and I find myself in a sort of reception room (It is like a tower where operators work to safely land planes at the airport) and I see a man and a woman with a sort of headphones. The woman said that she had received an extra-terrestrial message and I asked her to just play for me. We stare at a small TV screen and on the screen, what looks like an alien that he has a kind of green plastic mask. Everything feels fake, and I tell them that the message probably is false and that we should ignore it.

The dream changed and I am in…

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Dream 27 June 2014

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: www.fanpop.com

I was in the city and the sun is setting on beautiful clouds. One of the clouds was shaped in the shape of a face and the sun was playing beautiful with different kind of orange shades. So I take out my camera to take a lot of pictures until it is out of side behind those tall skyscrapers. (Funny when I came home I saw almost the exact face in the clouds, colored by orange and yellow rays of the sun)

The dream changes and places me in a sort of twilight zone, between dimensions. I can’t see the dimension I am in very sharp, everything looks hazy. But the scenery feels peaceful, I see a couple of farmer houses with red roofs. Now I walk to the building to my far right and as I enter I see I am in a sort…

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Dream 24 June 2014: Killer Robots

I am Arachanaï

I find myself on an airport and have the feeling that something is about to happen, I can feel it in the air(port). First I hear very heavy footsteps coming my way and when I look up… oh my god…huge drilling machines with legs are killing people. One of those machines is coming my way and I see other machines killing people. All the people run away in panic and suddenly I find myself on the floor, knocked over by panicking people. Then I see this drilling robot bow down over me and start drilling towards my face. Now I have a sort of shield in the form of a wheel in my hand trying to protect myself of this killer robot. The machine drills a hole in the shield inches away from my face. I manage to get up and escape.

I find myself now flying in an airplane…

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Dream 18 June 2014

I am Arachanaï

scan0003 A Is my Galactic Pod Ship. B Is the ship that rescues us out of the ruble.

I only remember my dream in pieces, here and there.

The first thing I remember is entering my Galactic Pod ship that was custom made to my needs. See drawing A. I am off to space. The dream changes and I am now in a building on mission, a mission to rescue my family. I found Nolwazi and Sarah and some other family members. But there also others that don’t belong to my family and as we are outside, I am trying to keep the glass door shut so that they won’t come out. The problem is that some of my family was still trapped on the other side and I was wondering how to get them out whiteout letting escape the non member family. But before I could think of something the…

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The Trident of Poseidon

I am Arachanaï

Source picture:deadliestfiction.wikia.com

It seems that everything is coming together. After reading this beautiful article from Eliza, I got inspired to write. Starting on the morning of the 15th of June, after a year living in this cottage, I see suddenly the trident of Poseidon on the wall of the bedroom,just next to my head. This means that it was only meant for me to see now.

It got me inspired to write about this and doing some research about thespiritual side of this trident symbol and I got some amazing results thatwill get me in the right direction. My surprise is that the trident islinked to dreaming as stated in this article :Dreams in the mystical process

As Poseidon rules over the waters it is also a symbol of deeper emotionsand dreams. The trident also represents birth, life and death – body, mindand spirit – past, present…

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Dream Friday the 13th of June 2014 – this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th

I am Arachanaï

Russel Crowe as demon in the movie "Winter's Tale" Source picture: http://www.joblo.com Russel Crowe as demon in the movie “Winter’s Tale”
Source picture: http://www.joblo.com

Wow, when I read that it was a full moon from the 12th to 13th of June, no wonder I had such powerful dream. (*PD is my paranormal detector that said some words when I was typing up this dream)

Full Moon article:Musings of a Full Moon

I was in a student house again with a lot of people and friends. We are in the living room and it is very crowed. We are watching TV but suddenly when I saw some images on the TV and I had the urge to walk out of the house. Also some people wanted me to leave the house. I had this book with copper cover in my hands, the person who gave it to me , made such a beautiful painting on it.

I am standing in a building complex…

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Dream 10 June 2014

I am Arachanaï

Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com

I was in an big white classroom, huge and it felt like round where there was a lot of computers were we were doing art projects on. I was working on an animation movie in this art school. (I felt like I was in this huge ship) As I stood up I could see out of the window my old art school and the art student flat that they were renovating.

It was time to have some lunch and I seem to be in a big eating hall with a lot of tables that were all taken. It took me long time to find any chair and table to sit as I seem to go round this big hall.

Finally I see one empty chair to sit on. I seem to sit with a lot of people, but two guys are standing out to me. The…

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Dream 2 June 2014: A bed of Roses

I am Arachanaï

I am in a student flat and I am ready to go to class, but I can’t find my schedule of what class I have now. I am looking and looking while other students are leaving, but I still can’t find it and I can’t go as I don’t know where to go. Then I suddenly got an idea for what I can draw and got below drawing in my dream mind (and stayed when I woke up)

Dream drawing idea: hands crossed and overgrown by white roses and leaves with thorns. The arms and hands are also white. The leaves will be green , dusted with some snow.

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Then I find myself in the art class and the art teacher was putting different bears on the desk and was making a contest…

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Dream 3 June 2014: Atlantis

I am Arachanaï

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view. This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Just before I went to sleep I asked my guides to show me a bit of Atlantis and got following dream:

I am walking in what it seems an open concept of houses without windows or doors that locks. The pillars, the walls looks like they are from sandstone. I look out of the window (without window glass) and see a green scenery before me with it seems , same housings around me. The feeling of the environment is a tropical feeling. In the house itself I see on my left an elevated floor that seems carpeted with flowers pattern. It is divided by a glass wall and on the other side I see a clear blue swimming…

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Dream 28 May 2014: Adjustment Bureau

I am Arachanaï

Also this kind of scene reminds me of a scene in the Adjustment bureau where Matt Damon walks in the office when the members of the Adjustment bureau are just busy and he catches them conducting some experiments.

Source picture: iankayfilm.wordpress.com

This dream was kind of special, special as what happened in it. The dream begins ordinary, I am on a trip and I am boating in a canoe on the river. The I came to a small waterfall with a bit of a steep slope to it, but I ran smoothly down without accidents.

Now the dream changes and I am making pictures of my surroundings, I see a big gorge with waterfalls and on top a bridge where the sun is peaking through. I want to make a picture but my camera isn’t working. So I am standing with friends ready to make a trip of our life. We…

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Dream 25 May 2014: Meeting with my guides and ET friends

I am Arachanaï


Picture 2014 copyrigthed by Liesbeth Swenne

Before I went to sleep, I was holding my crystal and I focused upon the word ‘Atlantis”

In the first dream I was back again at my parents place, apartment. But now I am in the hallway and I meet up with a sweet lady who is going to help me with my pains. She looks a lot like Lisa Gawlas. Our hallway have two sections, the first one when you com in and find your self in front of a closed double glass doorway. She puts a chair in the first section of the doorway and starts to meditate and suddenly she divided herself in 2 more of herself. The second one starts to play the flute and the third one holds a special stick/wand. Next to the first meditating woman, next to her sits her younger self. The third one pushes the…

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