The Trident of Poseidon

I am Arachanaï


It seems that everything is coming together. After reading this beautiful article from Eliza, I got inspired to write. Starting on the morning of the 15th of June, after a year living in this cottage, I see suddenly the trident of Poseidon on the wall of the bedroom,just next to my head. This means that it was only meant for me to see now.

It got me inspired to write about this and doing some research about thespiritual side of this trident symbol and I got some amazing results thatwill get me in the right direction. My surprise is that the trident islinked to dreaming as stated in this article :Dreams in the mystical process

As Poseidon rules over the waters it is also a symbol of deeper emotionsand dreams. The trident also represents birth, life and death – body, mindand spirit – past, present…

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