Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 8…The Hour…The Signs…Disappearances…

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 8…The Hour…The Signs…Disappearances…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]

Date: Thursday, 19-Jun-2014 12:21:14

June…always a hard month for me…
Such a fitting time for things to come I guess…
I can only hope that’s why certain events
Happened in my life, how brutal it was…
Why I’m here…why I want to help, and not give in.

I wouldn’t normally address this, but apparently
I must…there have been a few people
Who don’t understand my posts and oppose them…
Funny how their protests always coincide with
Tempting offers I turn down. Hmm.
Even funnier…How many more people…
Many many more, do not understand but write
Me with Amazing Facts and stories…
If these protesters and debunkers only knew a shred
Of the details and developments they would know how
Foolish they sound.
The truth is my posts aren’t meant for
Everyone. They’re meant to reach the RIGHT
People…People who need help…People who need
To wake up and activate their gifts.
So from now on, my posts are dedicated to YOU
And those who need them.
And I am sincerely grateful for your letters
And support.

And for the record, I share my artwork for FREE…
To Help…And donate to charities whenever I can
Because it’s important to do so.

As for skeptics…I should confess..there was a
Time when I took great delight in
Shattering them…finding the toughest, most
Critical skeptics and breaking them by demonstrating
The proof they wanted…and believe me I did…
And I learned a valuable lesson.
Never convert a skeptic…because they are
Just Fanatics waiting to happen.
There is nothing more pathetic than watching
An arrogant skeptic transform into a whimpering
Coward…then they stalk you for constant
Questions and then want to use you to get rich.
I won’t ever do that again. I just had to know I
Could do it. The truth is we need skeptics…
Believe it or not they serve their purpose…
In their own strange way.
If they bother you, just ignore them and move on.
You have more important things to do…
Your faith is your power, Your life is your mission…
And your journey is a mystery to uncover…

I know I sound strange at times, but I don’t lie.
For years I kept silent, as I was raised to be.
Of course back then, as a child, no one would believe me.
And then you got beaten for telling stories…
I was 11 before I realized you weren’t supposed
To be black and blue from a beating…
Kids in school pointed that out…I guess I’ve been
Tight lipped my whole life. Only sharing with the
Few friends I had who understood because they
Too, shared the same experiences.
Believe me, you are not alone. There are others
Just like you out there…And now it’s time
To find them. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
This is how you’ll find your soulmates. And this
Is how you’ll figure out the mysteries of your life.
By finding the others.
This time of crisis will serve a greater purpose
This way. You need to know that.

So now…
You’ll notice the warning signs I’ve warned you
About to increase…
The weather unpredictable …Don’t trust the
Nature of the seasons as you knew them because
That is going to change…faster than you know.

The Geological changes to come…can not be
Predicted…I’m sorry.
In the past, I’ve warned as I was allowed
Because to warn of predictions can actually help
To prevent them…sometimes…
But not now. This has to happen.
I can tell you, Big Brother, that your calculations
Are so way off…how typical.
I told you the laws of physics do not apply in
Situations like this.
Remember I told you it won’t be safe underground…
Strange how you, Big Brother, and your secret
Societies…crafted all those elaborate underground
Cities…all in the northern hemisphere…
North America…Europe…China…
You honestly think you get to pick and choose
Who survives?
Just how many marbles do you have in your
Bag? I believe you are extremely short in count there…
Oh well.

One thing to watch for …
Strange, Timely, Disappearances…
Soon people from the mainstream will start to
Conveniently ‘disappear’ and be unreachable.
I wonder why.
Now if they were smart, they would seek out
Special people first…But then how many are
Smart these days…
But honestly, be watchful of those disappearances…
And ask Why. Always ask Why. That’s your sign
It’s getting very close.

More lights in the sky will flash…
Those Timely…unpredictable shooting stars…
Like a clock’s bell they will be…
Although only some will hear or notice
Those bells…
Many won’t notice, because many
Don’t want to…don’t want to change that is.

The Best people will be hard to find…but you
Can find them if you are brave and have
Sharp instincts…

Another strange sign…fewer Rainbows.
Rainbows were a covenant from God, that he
Would not interfere in the lives of men after the
Great flood…But now, that the Anakim are
In number on the Earth, and Alien forces
Manipulate man…Heavenly intervention…
Divine intervention must take place…
Which means fewer Rainbows.

Of the 5 Children, The Hand of God,
A new leader was chosen for you…
Surprise…It’s a Girl.
I bet she’ll change things a lot in the Far East.

Dear Mr. Spaceman…
I asked you to step up…you didn’t…
Your hidden agendas betray you…
And will destroy your plans…as well as start
The change and restructuring of the entire
Universes alliances.
So many things to come.
Don’t treat me like a piece of meat…
You better listen.
The Lion Men are nearly here.
And Remember, they don’t understand apologies.

I’m attaching a piece of artwork I did for an
Art gallery one Easter, for children.
I find it very appropriate…think about it.
Think about it very carefully.
It’s called the White Rabbit…like Alice in Wonderland.

That’s all for now.




    • Lovely paintings aren’t they? A full archive is available at nomoresleeping.wordpress.com

      There are a few paintings that actually refer to that specific passage of 5 Children. The accompanying prose to those paintings might be helpful.

      One interpretation is that the “one” mentioned is someone who will take a leadership role. In a “Middle Eastern” country, that “might” involve inprisonment…. but maybe not. I personally interpreted this to indicate that this person would play a similar role to Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. One might come to the conclusion that given the “time” that we are in, she would already have reached some degree of maturity… so perhaps she is a “teen” at this point in time.
      Just as an example…

  1. I’ve been posting these because the images – this image – is starting to do things in my mind’s eye. When I relax my mind, and stop trying to put form to the painting, it starts going wobbly and 3-D. The layers pop out, and it wants to animate itself… And tell a larger story. A multi-dimensional painting… Wow!

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