Crystal Connections January 2013



  1. Elvi
    Crystal connection – 23 January 2013
    Hi Tauno! I saw some symbols?: Like a ring with four wings, like on a windmill. Hmmm… was it we four there? like you saw us, Tauno?
    Then another figure: a golden ring around a white center, then rays of gold…
    About the cat… I love cats! I have had many, also two black ones. But I have friends who have seen me with a cat (invisible), one friend told me I have a cat with me all the time

  2. Dear Friends,
    I saw extremely green colour and a land of beautiful green landscape, Abi-Qor perhaps
    I could not experience deep meditation , I am so tired also and got some quick visions, I saw the four of us connected and holding hands in a circle, me, on my left is Leslee, on Leslee`s left is Lisa, on Lisa`s left is Elvi, I hold the hands of Elvi and Leslee and in front of me is Lisa this way the links inside the circle form +
    The sign + in the circle is Native American , I include Troy here to explain its meaning to us, please, Troy, do explain
    We were in Space the four of us and I saw a ship and in front of it a small spark of Golden Light, the smaller the dot is the Powerful its light is, Light with Powers like a SUN and at the same time so tiny dot, the Light was just burning
    Love You

    Oh, I remember the Presence of some Tall Beings of other dimension, they were with us and I saw Flying Saucers there

  3. Dear Sisters, although Lisa could not meditate tonight I connected with the Wolf as well as with The Owl and also Elvi`s vibrations that I saw as a clear White Crystalline Energy
    Crystal Meditation 22 January 2013
    I saw a mountain peak, it looked like a crystal point and on the top of it there was a Mayan Pyramid that was shining, then I saw a ladder leading upwards into the Light
    I saw Native American Men, I think of One Soul that had two or three facets, He was the Buffalo and the Bear at the same time, dark brown Buffalo/Bear Skin on his head
    I connected with the White Owl/Leslee/ and the Wolf/Lisa/ and asked for a connection with Elvi and received an image of clear Crystal of White Light
    I saw a crocodile showing its teeth and a little girl angel next to the crocodile, I felt them as One and the same Being, the light and the dark side of the One
    Then I saw the road that was leading to the tunnel, i entered the tunnel and I saw it of pink/orange Light
    I asked AA Michael for help and I saw Him coming to me and giving me the help I needed
    Then I got the feeling of the Sphere, as I imagined my Solar Plexus at the center of the Universe a strange vision came, I saw Myself as a Huge Being of White Light, a mighty Angel, My Higher Self merged with me and it was not necessary to connect with My Future Self because I Am My Higher Self and everything is Possible because I Am a Creator of My Future and My Reality
    I imagined then a World of total Freedom and Good will , a world where People do not need control and we can travel wherever we want and use a free energy, a world where All Are Fully conscious Beings of Light

  4. Yes, double Moon is a Celtic sign, I was not quite sure but now I checked and it is true, in fact triple moon
    Triple Moon Goddess The Triple Moon Goddess symbol represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. This symbol is also associated with feminine energy, mystery, and psychic abilities. There exists a cross association and transformation within this symbol as the triple goddess is a maiden during the waxing moon, mother during the full moon, and crone during the waning moon. The maiden is innocent and young, the mother fertile and loving, yet a fierce protector of her young and the crone is old and wise, but also the gateway to death.

  5. A Phantom crystal appears ghostlike within the body of a larger crystal. Owing to the method of its formation, a phantom has absorbed learning over eons of time. Putting the past into perspective, it points the way toward growth and evolution and is helpful in overcoming stagnation.
    Phantoms come about by an interruption in the growth process of the crystal, which caused an outline to form within the crystal when it continued growing. At some point, millions of years ago, the crystal stopped growing because there was not enough mineral material to continue its growth. When new mineral material became available the crystal began to grow again but a layer of another material may be included in the crystal, outlining where this stop/start process occurred.
    A Phantom crystal symbolises universal awareness. Its purpose is to stimulate healing for the planet and to activate healing abilities in individuals. For this purpose, it connects to a spiritual guide and enhances mediation. It also facilitates accessing the Akashic record, reading past lives and recovering repressed memories to put the past into context. They help understand that growth requires the right materials and is a continual process, even if there are breaks in-between the stages of growth. They help provide the patience and trust needed to remain open to the Divine Love and generosity, which surrounds us – helping us to understand that, even though we may not get what we want, we always get what we need.
    Phantoms can help us trace back down our time line into past lives, adding true understanding to the meaning of the word growth. Meditating on the wispy veils of a phantom helps us see beyond that veil and the illusions that so often hold us back, to reveal our true self and our reason for being.
    The vision of the Phantom quartz is in connection with the Healing and cities of light, in fact they are already activated, i saw it! And are about to manifest, this is the message from the quartz vision i got!

  6. Crystal Meditation – 21 January 2013
    I saw the EYE, it was beautiful woman`s eye – Blue or Grey/Green colour
    I was travelling through a tunnel, a tunnel/Portal of my own conscious creation, received – “Black Holes are Suns, All Suns are Portals, black holes provide paths to other dimensions and Universes, Your Central Sun is a black Hole and now the whole galaxy is being swallowed to be directed Higher, the closest planets and Suns are transferred first, the Great Shift is about to happen accordingly, every one of you has her/his inner Black Wholes that enable One to travel in the different layers of his/her own Consciousness/Self and your heart/mind connection is the only requirement to achieve this skill and your only navigator because this way the Spirit works”
    I feel this as a communication with my Higher Self while traveling through the tunnel
    Then I found myself among pink clouds and Angels
    Then the tunnel continued and I saw a sign, like the Light between two suns in eclipce, in Bulgarian we have a similar letter that is – Π–, or also it looked like the double moon sign i think of Celtic signs but I am not sure if this is a Celtic sign, I have to check it later, also I connect it with the Butterfly!
    Then I saw giant hands holding Light Sphere that was Shining like the Sun with Golden Light, the Light was very Strong and I saw the Sphinx there – into the Sphere, I connected with the Golden energies of the Sphinx , then I saw Beings that are carved on the surface of Egyptian temples
    I saw a Huge Phantom Quartz crystal Point that was beaming a strong Golden Light, the Light pulsated and was like Sun Light and formed a ring around the crystal, the crystal was as big as a planet and I saw it in Space
    I found myself in a hall with some other Angelic Beings and I got the feeling they are Lisa, Les and Elvi , we were dressed like ancient Greek women and the atmosphere was like of inside of a Greek Temple, Then I saw Jeshua there and a remembrance of the Healing water in the pool emerged, we were in a Healing Place and there was a pool there, then I got the feeling of inside a Sphere , the Sphere of all Possibilities
    I imagined my Solar Plexus as the center of the Universe, the whole Universe was around and I expressed my intent to manifest the Cities of Light on Earth, I imagined my Future Self and all my Loved Ones being in a City of Light, I connected my Solar Plexus with the Solar Plexus of my Future Self, I was next to a healing crystal Pyramid, entering in helps raising the vibrations and aids creative skills, we do not have to leave Home to be inside the City of Light nor to travel, reaching the Cities of Light is via thought and teleportation while at the same time you are at home , some people prefer having Crafts/Houses and this way they travel and are Home , We are totally Free to evolve without any barriers and free to travel , linear time does not exist, everything is in NOW

    • Crystal Connection 21 January 2013

      I hold my intention to connect. I feel arachanai merging with me and we are sitting on the earth. I can feel who I am, the scientist , the creator, the artist… And we have a seed in our hands, and we plant it into the earth, and we water it, we see a small new earth growing out of the soil, a new earth, more beautiful than ever. I ask to see more of Abi-qor and I am in a big place and find myself meditating in front of a huge crystal. The place is divided in rooms, the walls are transparent, I see other people meditating. The crystal gives a certain vibration and I tune into it, what an amazing feeling. You can share your experiences with this crystal , and you can also upload experiences from other beings. I feel the upload of information. I share my experiences with healing qualities of plants. At th back of this place there is akashic records and library. It contains crystal files with billions of info. I still tune into the crystal and feel lifted.

  7. Crystal connection 20 January 2013

    I make a connection , I see a rope ladder in front of me, and as I look up I see it goes up into heaven. I climb it and the ladder goes to the sun, it is a sun portal. Beside the portal there are angels and guides standing , encouraging me to go through. I step through and I feel that my body is scattered around in particles and at the same time, because I am in the sun, infused with extra sun energy. After a few minutes I am reassembled again, and I am feeling quite blissful. Now I feel a beam of light coming from my heart, it goes through the pyramids , connecting with Tauno , through her heart, connecting with Elvi, connecting with Tolan, connecting with Leslee through the heart, and connecting with me again. Between those connection points, in the middle, a vortex is opening because of this connection and this is also the queue for the cities of light to emerge all over the world. Everybody is connected, and cities are emerging all over and everybody looks in awe. I see Obama doing the inauguration and something happens, a strong light blast goes as a wave over the world and everybody is blissful. Then I saw a thousand blue butterflies, a signature of the blue flame of AA Michael, going up in the air.

    • WOW, Lisa, I also walked round the earth and started with the Pyramids to return to them and then Fly high in Space, we did it, my sister, the connection through the Heart! I saw the open flight of the Craft of our Star Family in our skies and everyone was aware of this and it was quite normal
      Love YOU ALL
      ( ( SUN ) )

  8. Crystal Meditation – 20 January 2013
    I was in Egypt watching the earth from above during the Day, I asked to be shown the direction of the other crystal to be discovered and I received Ukraine, I thought of Elvi and something she told me about one of Her Names, perhaps Elvi is about to connect with this crystal
    Then I returned to Egypt and was connected with Isis, Isis spread Her wings , I saw the Earth from above again, I was on a Space ship and Disclosure was done, the silver metallic Saucer Craft was in the Sky and was visible from the land, this was something normal
    Then I connected with some Native American Chiefs that were performing a Holy ritual and one of them pointed at me, I felt the Presence of the Wolf and the Owl, the Owl carried the Spirit of a young Native American Shaman Woman with Angelic vibrations, I saw Santa Muerte too, the Owl connected with the Pyramids in Egypt and became grey , then turned into a Heavenly Bird with long tail and I got the feeling of moving upwards, high over the land into the Space
    Then I saw myself flying over the snowy mountains again

  9. Lately, I’ve not been able to participate “actively” in the Crystal Connection meditations, although I’ve felt strong connections. Much if what I’ve received lately has been about sitting still, accepting, and allowing things to progress naturally. Since I’ve returned to Atlanta briefly, my energy has shifted and I’m receiving more nudges to share.

    In response to reading about Tauno’s vision on January 18, I closed my eyes for a moment and asked to be shown something about our connection. Here’s what I got (from my email to her, Lisa and Elvi):

    I’m not sure how this relates to what you are seeing, but when I closed my eyes for a moment with the intention to connect with this meditation energy, I saw a being, as if a pupa, curled up a little in a soft shell that’s still forming, lying inside the rib cage skeleton of a much larger creature. Sleeping or resting…

    Although it may appear to be a bit of a disturbing image, what I receive about this is that it illustrates a state that some of us are familiar with: the pupa-being, while still forming, and still somewhat dormant perhaps, has outlived its oppressor which seemingly devoured it. Now the oppressor is gone, all that is left is its skeleton as a reminder, but the being (still forming) will be free to do as it pleases once it is fully developed.

    Until then, the old rib cage, ironically, somewhat protects and shelters the smaller being while it completes its gestation.

    The image of a phantom crystal with chlorine and carbon inclusions comes to mind also.

    Here are parts of Tauno’s replies:

    “Les, I have received a similar vision on one of my connected meditations- I saw an unborn baby elf in the ground, it was forming in the ground where there were the roots of a tree and I saw a male Elf’s face of a Being lying in the soil and only his face was out and the Elf was wearing a green hood and was smiling”

    “…and the pupa resonates with the Butterfly me and Lisa saw , the butterfly with green and blue/violet colours…”

    The shel of the pupa l I saw was just golden and reddish browns, but in a shape that could be a butterfly πŸ™‚

    (From Tauno again) “Then the Butterfly came into another vision as an Elf, a female elf Butterfly with flowers in her hair and she was in a forest of Green Light
    Your pupa and the butterfly and baby elf are connected visions of One Line”

    “phantom crystal with chlorine and carbon inclusions
    Les, do you feel this crystal in connection of one of the 6couples of Atlantis crystals
    I connected with one of the couple and Lisa connected with Tolan, is it possible you have found another clue?”

    This crystal I saw is one that I have in Pagosa, and it came from the mountain in Arkansas (Mount Ida) where I believe Agnes is connected, in Inner Earth. And it is a double/twin crystal!

    “LES! It is it
    My Amethyst connects with one of the couple that is Purple, female and is under Finland or somewhere in Scandinavia
    The other one is connected with Leos and is white Lemurian under Egypt
    Your crystal shows you a lot, it perhaps is making a connection with Atlantean one”

    I feel there’s a strong connection here, especially since I am physically in Atlanta at the moment. I’ve also been told that one of the main reasons for my coming here now is to strengthen some energetic connections that are here. I think it has to do with Earth here, as well as specific people…

  10. Crystal Meditation – 18 January 2013
    I saw an Orb of Golden Light as a Portal, I got through a Portal and I saw Angelic Presence there
    I was in Machu Piccu and was climbing the rock with the steps
    Then I saw a Mayan Pyramid and a beam of White Light in front of the Pyramid, I had a feeling of entering into this pyramid while I was standing outside
    Then I saw the surface of Earth from above and it was a feeling of freedom

  11. Hi Tauno,
    I got some problem with connection with my cellphone, so that is why I couldn’t reply or sent my connection out. But because it was very hectic yesterday I just could manage a small portion of mediation…

    I saw a series of merkaba’s going from smaller to bigger , like a kaleidoscope, going through my heart chakra, feeling of lifting me up , feeling light, felt so strange like I was levitating in my own body. I felt a connection with you and I felt stars and universes and so on. Amazing feeling.

    Yesterday as I was watching Tv , I thought I saw in the corner of my eye a shadow passing from my bedroom to the bathroom, or it just may be my imagination.

    I don’t now about you all, but this week I feel so excited and I don’t know why… I feel like celebrating even though everything looks the same, but it doesn’t feel the same..if you catch my drift πŸ˜€

    Love Lisa

  12. Greetings everyone!
    Last night I held my Rose Quartz and began meditation after grounding and asking for protection. My intent was to connect with Mary Magdalene seeking assistance and guidance. I asked permission to connect three times. While trying to connect my entire body chilled. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of bright lights. Nothing more.

    I was very calm and flowing with the energy so I followed the meditation instructions posted by Leslee from Lhamo Dorje & Teo’Na. I set my intention to board the Aurora. I visualized the ship as silver and round in shape. As the ship began to land, I could not keep the imagine of the space craft that I visualized. The craft appeared to be translucent, like crystal. So, I went with it. A door opened and I saw light coming from the inside so I walked up the ramp and went inside past one door. I saw another door and imagined someone opening it. The figure appeared as a shadow. I could not get a clear picture. Three times I asked, “what is your name?” I waited and I got Aurora. Wow, did I really hear that? Then I asked, “what is my name? I asked three times and waited. I got Mahatule (spelled how it sounded)

    Then around 5:00 this morning I awoke and decided to meditate. I tried to connect with Mary Magdalene. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of light. Then I had a vision of an Asian man who exited a store and he said to me, she is up there, pointing up. I looked up and saw the word Psychic. Next, I heard these numbers: 2420047. End of visions.

  13. Elvi – 17 January 2013

    A little bit scattered (as me today…) but some symbols: a white horse with a red mane and tail (RED like fire) was running happily, came to a big sea, then started flying (had wings) over the water, still very happy laughing, then lots and lots of white pearls. And somewhere small grey bats, nice ones, then I also saw a ladder, SUN and some planet with a ring (the ring was towards me/us, funny? Big energies. Yes, somewhere a blue mountain, snow, ice, north, beautiful.
    Can anybody explain symbols?

    • Hey, Elvi πŸ™‚ THIS IS Amazing, my Heart, we both saw the ladder, before I meet you online I saw a white Horse twice in meditation and Yes, I have to add Troy to this conversation because His GLS Aeterna carries these Pegasus vibrations
      Horse I connect with the Rune EHWAZ, the Rune of movement and changes, the rune of travelling and changing HOME, this resonates with the ladder and New Earth , We Are Going into the New Earth and experiencing a Spiritual development, also it means Trust and cooperation and a change for better
      bats are wisdom and prosperity
      Thank You for sharing, everyone are welcome to add their impressions , listen to the Heart

      • Lisa has also seen the ladder , in her vision it was a rope ladder ! It is time when we are climbing up the Ladder!

    • This is interesting I hope Elvi can post directly to STC if she wants to! I see the connection here with the Aeterna (the galactic light ship) not only from the Pegasus but also that it physically (inside and out) looks like Superman’s fortress of Solitude, similar theme to the last part of that meditation. It’s quite pretty. Sort of like a crystallized firework explosion made of ice. There is a direct connection here also to the story of superman, and becoming a super / immortal being (which in fact we already are).

      Bats are definitely helper spirits, especially in the “dream world” they share with owls and ravens. Pegasus on an ocean, the ocean could be the unseen energy in the galaxy, the energy “looks” like an ocean in other dimensions. Pegasus is a fairly complex symbol!

      Also these things are expressions of “you” as they are of “me” and we use them as “vehicles” and “protectors” to explore these other realms. They are individualized to us through the law of variation but are also / can be a shared experience.

      • Troy, I think of the pearls also, in one channeled message as far as I remember it was from SaLuSa humans are the pearls , we became pearls that we look for -this is a metaphor of the Spiritual Advancement of the Soul

      • I know what does the sign you saw means, Troy, the triangle with the other lines
        Me, Elvi and Lisa are in a line and Les is on the left, thus we are forming a triangle and the other lines means our connection with more Souls from the left, you are there also πŸ™‚

  14. Crystal Meditation 17 January 2013
    I see green colour, then some shining Sparks of Golden Light in the Green
    The Lotus Portal, pink and white and Angelic Being with Christ vibrations there
    I see us holding hands and moving around the Lotus Portal, me, Lisa, Elvi, Leslee and another One, we are Angels holding hands and in the Circle there is Strong Beam of Light that stretches upwards and connects us with the Great Central Sun, I look up and see the energy going upwards, we fly holding hands around the Lotus
    And also I saw the Pyramids and a reverse Pyramid that was pouring energy into one of the pyramids that are on the land, the reversed one is from Space
    I see a female Beautiful Face in front of me, it is big and hear “We Are Waiting For You”, received the name EMA
    I see two flying saucers, they are silver white
    I see a child with a smiling face going up the ladder, the ladder is from the dark and up there behind the wall is the SUN, The child is me, I look into this new World, the New Earth, I see a Sun and a Sky and blue colour, there are only patterns of Land, we are about to manifest it, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, everything from these patterns, we are the Creators, everything is waiting for Us to be manifested
    I see the Hands of God embracing the Planet with a gentle hug

  15. Crystal Connection 15-01-2013

    see cogwheels again but instead I feel them spinning in my body. I see now spirals inside my body. Vision changes and I see a white rabbit with red eyes looking at me. He turns around and I see his tale and I follow the rabbit through a spiral portal . I am everywhere , every galaxy , dimension , universe … Then i ask the connection between me, tauno and Elvi, and we are connected because we maintain this part of the grid, the network of Gaia . It starts with Elvi , goes through Tauno to strengthen and then ends with me. I see Leslee, she is the middle point and makes a triangle. She is the key to unlock everything.

  16. Crystal Meditation – 15 January 2013

    A road in front of me, I was led by the rune TIR, then I saw GEBO again
    Triangular cave entrance
    LIGHT and I felt Angelic Presence, I was in Space, I saw White Light energy like a cloud in Space and God was Creating
    I saw the Pyramids in Egypt and the Pyramid became bride in white dress and I saw a marriage, there were flowers and the new family kissed
    I saw the Eye of the Owl that turned into the eye of a Wolf, Bear and Eagle
    I felt Love in my Heart and sent it to Elvi and Lisa and to Leslee
    I found myself in a forest and I was very little , there was a big mushroom over me as a cave, it was a beautiful forest
    I felt Light and warmth around my body
    I saw my crystal point Leos, the crystal was bigger in my vision

  17. Elvi`s meditation – 14 January 2013
    I post it with Elvi`s agreement

    Hello Tauno! I sat in meditation tonight, and I feel a lot better now. I obviously had some “centering” problems as I felt as if I was first turning to left and right (when I was not..). I put my little rose quartz beside the big crystal, I think we both need it. Must continue talking to my crystal. In any case I had some pink color here then also I read about archangels, I think I might need Chamuel…
    Perhaps I was also where you felt the white ray into Gaia, I felt my legs were so heavy pulling down. I keep seeing like a portal with crystal or diamond ring around, lots of energy.
    In any case, feeling good.

  18. Hello everybody,
    Lisa, I would like to talk to you about designing a book cover for my e-book if you offer such services. I apologize for getting my message to you this way. I tried to contact you via your email address but it failed. My personal email is: I hope to hear from you soon.
    Love, peace and blessing to everyone

  19. Crystal Meditation 14 January 2013

    I saw Jeshua coming through the Lotus Portal and giving Blessing to us, the Light was pink and I saw an Angel/AA there
    A ray or White Light from me towards the Portal, I connected with it
    I went through a Portal and was in Space, I felt Light and I saw myself meditating but I was Huge, I merged with my Higher Self
    I saw the Earth in the hands of GOD, it was so beautiful
    I was asked a question-the question whether to continue living in the vibrations of the past or to move higher, I made my decision to move higher and I felt an energy of Bliss
    I saw AA, I am not sure who but it was not AA Michael this time
    I saw a Huge flying Seraphim over the Earth
    I saw meditating Humans on the Earth and a strong Beam of White Light came from the place they were sitting and this ray was directed deep into Gaia`s core, the Light was so strong
    I also connected with the White Owl, there were two white Ows there as twins, perhaps Predrag or ALGIZ connected with OcaTawa

    I searched for more information about the Archangels and I feel this resonates with my vision
    AA Chamuel of the pink ray was in my first vision and AA Uriel came next, look at this information

  20. Gathering energy, collected from the planet, is sent as a white beam into the central sun of the galaxy.

    What is strange is that our position in the galaxy, on the outer edge, advances us in “time” from others in the galaxy nearer the sun. Yet in our particular timeline because of the time different, our “now” is their “future”, and conversely their “future” is our “now”. This is a concept of distance – when we connect to them they have already experienced what we are experiencing now. But if we were to travel in a linear fashion to the central sun they are experiencing an earlier part of their history. But all happens in the “now” so the point of ascension will happen for everyone in the galaxy at the same time, even though for them it may not happen for many years after it happens for us.

    Many of these ideas are just wanting to get out, I am not trying to lecture so much as just set these ideas free. πŸ™‚

  21. Crystal Meditation – 13 January 2013

    I was in a Golden Palace and I saw a decoration of golden leaves and plants, the palace was red and golden and I saw a Beautiful Angel there with Golden Wings
    Then I was in a similar Silver Palace and I saw a Silver Angel
    the Rune Gebo appeared as I think of Lisa and Elvi
    I am in clouds and I see a warrior, a Viking woman dressed in white fighting and raising a sword, she is Giant
    Then I found myself flying over a land, green, mountains, I am flying in Abi-Qor and I am overcoming gravity, the mountain is so green
    I see Angelic Being and the Rune TIR, we are victorious
    I see Heaven coming down on Earth and the two worlds merging, Angels watch this
    I opened my eyes and sent Love Protection and Healing to all Atlantis crystals wherever they are


  22. Crystal Meditation – 12 January 2013
    Lotus Portal, I saw meditating Buddha and Light rays coming from Him towards the Earth
    I saw Light, crackled glass of the 3D illusion behind which there was Pure Withe Light, I entered into a Portal and I saw Beings of Higher dimension dressed in White, they were doing a Healing Work
    The Cat appeared again, Tutankhamen after Her
    I saw the Eye again and this Eye was a Portal that opened over me , I was flying over the Land, over mountain and sea, I entered a land of high rocks and there were white clouds surrounding the mountain peaks, the rocks were dark and the clouds white, I had a feeling I am in Finland, then it came the vision of a Tree, the Tree was high and growing from the land, saw roots and a young plant growing, the Tree was alive
    Then the Eagle I saw on the high green rock, the colours of the eagle`s eye were green and yellow , I feel the Eagle like Elvi, then I was flying again and I got through another Portal of Light
    I saw the three of us connected in meditation – three faces arround a common center

    • Crystal Connection 12-01-2013

      I was 10 min late mediation. I saw stars, sparkly stars and then suddenly I got hit with a powerful white energy blast in my heart area, and I had a powerful connection with you Tauno and also Elvi. I saw us coming together dressed in white , holding each others hand , laughing , dancing , hugging , really powerful connection. Then i am in a corn field , very high, going through. It is night, there is a clearing in the middle of the field. I see Tauno and Elvi around the fire, they expected me. End meditation . I still feel now, as i writing this wonderful blast of energy , feeling as one and still be me … Really powerful. Did you feel this blast too? Love Lisa

  23. We are about to celebrate the transformation
    this is the message from the Sphinx/Bastet and Ra I connected with and the connection with Lisa helped us to have the whole picture, she is responsible for the Kettering πŸ™‚

  24. Crystal Meditation – 11 January 2013
    I saw planet Saturn that turned into a giant craft, a flying saucer of Huge size
    I was in Space and at the same time I was inside a Mayan Pyramid as if the Pyramid was a craft and I had a feeling both of me inside and outside since I was in the pyramid and could see directly the Open Space
    I saw Light and there came an Egyptian Goddess to me, Her Head and crown were like the Sun and then I saw the Egyptian Cat Bastet
    I asked OLA to give me some information and put OLA on my third eye and I had a vision – I saw a giant Lemurian crystal point and received the word “Obelisk” and I connected it with the vision of the carved obelisk with the creatures moving on its surface fast like cars, they looked like beetles/Scarab /, I saw after I had connected with the sphinx in one of my previous meditations, I felt the proof of one of the Atlantis crystals is definitely under Egypt, under the Sphinx and is connected with the Records
    Lisa, it is another proof of the connection between us, you were there in the Library and drank from the pool, now I see I am connected too, we have with you one mission, there are other people that are in this mission too and you know some of them
    The crystal from the North has found a connection too, pieces are falling on place

    • Crystal connection 11-01-2013

      I make connection and I am in a forest, deep green forest. I look around and I see elve houses, lighted with elf fires. First I feel a new presence in my meditation, it is Elvi and then Tauno , I see troy, KP and other people , there is an elf party going on, lots of colorful crystal decorations, big bonfires, lots of laughing and feasting. There are balconies and see people standing on it. They are waiting, there is a ceremony going to happen, more torches are lit, is a coming together of the council of light. The are Chinese lamps floating in the air… End of meditation.

  25. crystal connection 10 january 2013


    Picture source:

    A few minutes before the meditation I got a vision of being on Nova Earth, in the city, the houses and skyscrapers looked like an etheric abstract, fata morgana painting, I feel like am really there.

    Meditation, a vortex of DNA (I was lead to this article as I was looking to express myself better, it is a must to read this: Link) swirls through my body, I see a lizard been thrown out of my DNA and then filled yellow/white light energy.

    The vision changes and now I am standing on a sand dune, I appear to be standing in the desert. It is night and as look behind me I see three pyramids and above a beautiful sparky and starry night. Suddenly before my feet , a sand funnel opens and the sand is been pulled downwards like in a hour glass. Without hesitation I jump and slide down towards the opening, landing in a big sparkly and crystal colorful cave (sun reflects on the colorful crystals) into a very, transparent, fluorescent green water.

    I swim like a fish, going deeper into the cave, down the small rapid waterfalls , using them as a water slide and end up at the bottom of the cave. I see an opening that leads outside the cave. I climb out of the cave and land in a deep green jungle forest, it looks a bit like the forest in avatar, plants and other lights up.

    I follow the little river at the bottom of this jungle and suddenly a rope ladder comes out from the sky clouds. I climb up the ladder and I climb higher and higher until I am standing in the clouds. I see cities of light all over the clouds. Gentle silver ropes coil around my body and gently lifting me up, higher the clouds in.

    I see Jeshua standing before me, and I see him smiling at me. He holds out his hand, hand palm upwards, and I see an energy orb appearing. It takes on the shape of a peace dove, gracefully changes into a fire phoenix ,into fire flames until it is dispersed into light particles. He holds up his other hand, now towards me, an energy orb appears, goes into my direction, it changes into a fire dragon and enters my body. The fire dragon coils up around my spine, head at the center of the back of my neck. I feel a hand reaching into my back and it is sending silver sparks surrounding this dragon, flows through my heart, out of my body. I see dolphins leaping in the air an splashing into the silver pool in front of me. The last image I see is Leslee dressed in white giving me an owl feather.

    I still now, feel the fire dragon coiled around my spine, cooled down by silver spark liquid.

  26. Crystal Meditation 10 January 2013
    At the very beginning I saw a cave with a triangular entrance
    I felt an explosion of Light and realized that Laura is connecting with us, I concentrate more slowly because I feel the new friend from Finland is connecting too and I have to get used with these new energies, I see a human figure, big male figure dressed in black, a monk perhaps, the image is quite medieval
    Portal, my Spirit was like a blue steam going up through the Portal
    I saw the New Earth , I went there through a Portal, I saw myself Ascending, the Bear and Wolf merged into one image
    I saw feet in warm white winter boots
    Then I see the Sphinx and the Pyramid, Portal is there near over the pyramid and this Portal vibrates in Blue Light and I feel an energy from my direction spiraling up through this portal
    I asked what is my connection to Laura and receive this information, we are connected since the times of the pharaohs and our connection was complicated , now we are setting the things right and achieve balance, as I was receiving this I saw an Angel in the Portal, AA Michael, then Jeshua, Jeshua connected with us, I saw a loving Hand and again the silhouette of a Mother holding a Child
    Then I saw some faces, one of them was of a Being from another dimension, then I saw the dark one that Lisa has seen in dream time,she posted a picture of this man with cruel blue eyes and a hat, this time he was dressed as a monk from Middle ages and I saw fear in his eyes and he was going to escape, he was afraid of me and left

    Love and Light

    • Tauno
      January 12, 2013 @ 8:20 am [Edit]

      12 January 2013 Dream vision
      I saw a triangular flat crystal, clear white and in it saw some Lemurian points , they were both crystals and Humans and communicated with me, I remember we were talking and at the back side of this triangular crystal there were sacred carvings
      The dream shifted and I found myself in a church , it was strange that in front of the altar there were situated some crystals of geometrical shapes, I remember a rose cube and a ball of clear quartz, I stepped near the cube, there was a priest in the church and he also told me something but I do not remember what
      Love and Light

      This dream above is a continuation of my meditation, the triangular entrance of the cave, in this cave I saw and talked with the Lemurians, it is amazing how I started to merge my meditations with my dreams, I think this is the process of gathering my astral body and more and more coming whole – physical, Light , mental, emotional and astral bodies together as One
      Love and Light

  27. (using the pyramid / mountain mudra)


    complex spinning geometric diamond-shape
    jedi rebel crescent moon symbol
    sun disk
    egyptian figure with sun disk
    hands raised above head
    wearing a white kilt
    stone coffin
    laying in the stone coffin
    Glowing ankh
    ka-ra (winged sun disk?)
    ka means chi, radiating from the sun
    candle gingerbread house
    mother mary Silhouette/ mother mary in mourning (shrouded in black)
    triangle pointing left with radiating lines from each point, and small line from the middle of each

    At this point I see a number of symbols in rapid succession similar to the Bashar symbols.


    • Troy , I recognize Isis in this – “egyptian figure with sun disk”
      and again the Rune THURISAZ reversed – “triangle pointing left with radiating lines from each point, and small line from the middle of each”
      Mother Mary -“mother mary Silhouette/ mother mary in mourning (shrouded in black)”-I felt utter sadness watching an insane woman on the street a few days ago, she was screaming, her Soul needs healing, later I cried … many people are going through cleaning now
      How do you feel , does my interpretation resonate?
      Love and Light and thank You for joining us, I think there will be some other friends from the North joining us too, gradually we gather more and more Power
      It is so wonderful!

      • Yes absolutely, I wasn’t sure who the egyptian figure was but ISIS resonates, it was a short-haired (bald?) female figure. I updated the character so you could see what I saw. It’s sort of a 2-d / 3-d shape, in a way similar to bashar sacred circuits. Maybe there are 2 symbols there, with thurisaz reversed being one of them? Neat idea!

        • I concentrated on the symbol and definitely there are three lines connected with a common center, these are timelines, the linear time is merging, I also felt the Three Norns/Past, Present and Future/, the future stretches forward /the central left line/till the past and present have extensions

    • Troy, I saw the same symbol like this in your meditation, it was connected with the Pyramid and the Sphinx , the pyramid was on a tilted surface , this sign resembles the Rune THURISAZ reversed, and…at the same time it is not a rune…

  28. So many things I saw
    I saw a white Horse yesterday, then horses and knights and tonight I saw the horse too, it was a magical white Unicorn that turned into Pegasus and flew up, I connect it with the Rune EHWAZ, the Rune of travelling and chanc/ges, the Rune of Spiritual Progress and moving from one place to another, a change for better is about to come, a cooperation and trust will there be, a stable progress
    Then I felt a pulsating Light in my Third eye and this Light surrounded me and I breathed it in and out
    I found myself at the verge of a palace and there was LIGHT beaming from above it, I entered in and I found myself in the Viena Opera House, I felt Angelic Presence, yesterday I saw a DNA spiral too, this is all I can remember now, oh, I remember drinking something in the Opera hall with the Angels, I was drinking something sweet that helped me move higher
    Love and Light

  29. Crystal connection 8 january 2013

    I was trying to get the kids to sleep and @ the same time meditate, not a got thing. Saw the sun, bright, yellow white and @ the same time, it was sparkly silver. I see icy waterfalls, around me on different hights and through me, cleansing, purifying my body. End of meditation.

    • Lisa, I was doing again White Gold alchemy meditation , it is a wonderful connection we did again
      My plan needs improvements as far as the location of the crystals is concerned
      Love You, my sister! Thank You

  30. I received a message that forgot to mention- in my meditation I asked β€œAm I walking the right path?” and received – β€œIf you follow the Spirit your path is always the right one”

  31. Crystal Meditation 8 January 2013

    I saw me and Lisa walking together dressed in white and a huge Elf with wings was around us as our common aura
    Then I saw the Lotus portal open , the lotus had pink and white colour and I saw a new born baby in the Lotus, loving hands were holding the baby
    I also saw a cherry garden and me there as a child/angel
    Then I saw mother Mary with the baby
    Portal opened and I saw the past, a knight on a horse, after him another knights on horses, as warriors and I saw the wolf there, the wolf was angry and aggressive, Lisa, perhaps we shared life time as warriors
    I looked in OLA and I saw meditating Buddha as two Blue orbs, Buddha turned into a Portal of blue and Golden Light and I was taken to another planet`s surface, the planet was golden-silver – blue
    Then I saw the Rune THURISAZ reversed , this was connected with the vision that came of the Great Giza Pyramid and the Sphinx, I saw the pyramid tilted as I was watching it from somewhere in South America – Machu Piccu, the rune reversed is a sign that I am wrong with some conclusion, also I have to be very conscious about making an important decision, I had some doubts about the location of Abi-Qor, now I realize it is not Machu Piccu, perhaps this is the message from the Rune and the Pyramid and the Sphinx to me
    I need help with this matter in order to find the real location of the crystal

  32. Crystal connection 7 january 2013

    I connect with you Tauno, and I see and feel her lovely spirit, I also feel Leslee is there. Waves of energy, vibrations, waves of healing, waves of sound and colors green, blue , violet, white, yellow, orange… are coming at and through me. The vision changes and I am in the sea, first the waves are very rough in the beginning but as times goes, it goes slower and more smoother and then calm water. I see angels, I see my higher self meeting a group of angels, then I merge with my higher self and a feeling of coming home.

    • What a connection we made again , Lisa!
      I also got a feeling of home when I saw the wing and cherry πŸ™‚ we met, my sister and this is so wonderful! I Love You
      Yes, I saw the Owl that is OcaTawa, Les is with us in Spirit
      Yes, the vibrations were healing and we crossed the sea and connected with Machu Picchu-Abi-Qor
      LOVE AND LIGHT, my Hearts

  33. Crystal Meditation 7 January 2013

    As I closed my eyes and concentrated on my third eye I saw the White Butterfly , then cherries and an angelic feather that transformed into Angelic wing and I received” You little cherry, this is You” I got a feeling of home
    Then I was connected with the Sphinx and Pyramids from Egypt and the Sphinx turned into a Golden Cobra that was moving as if She has to tell me something
    I thought of Atlantis Crystals and got a message, the third line is Egypt-Lisa-Machu Picchu, crystal-human-crystal, so the location of the crystal is under Machu Picchu

    I saw Light that was vibrating and a face of a Being there, then Light again and a dove that turned into a White Owl /OcaTawa/, I am connected with Leslee and Lisa is connected with us
    At the end of the meditation I saw Anubis in the Golden Light

  34. Hi Tauno,
    What an amazing meditation, don’t give up my sister, I know it is hard, i am feeling the same thing, but together (and I mean all stc) we will pull through.

    Yesterday I couldn’t concentrate because my parents were going today, so for saying goodbey they opened some champagne to , so I got to much bubbles πŸ˜€ in my head to concentrate.

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, after the message that I have received from the Runes I am not going to give up otherwise my behavior would be irrational πŸ™‚
      Love You
      Let`s show the darkies what our Light can DO!
      Are you Ready?

  35. Crystal Meditation – 6 January 2013

    I got an insight about my dream of January 6th in personal plan
    I was in Space and saw the Earth on my right side
    Then I saw Jeshua , I saw the Earth in Jeshua`s hands as I had thrown it to Him/my depression is big/, I was about to give up my mission/, He was holding the Earth and then I saw Him as a Huge Being of Aquamarine colour above me, Jeshua was holding the Earth as a giant crystal ball above me and thus giving me healing and protection…void…
    I opened my eyes and gazed into OLA, OLA has been showing me the Rune TYR recently and I saw the Rune TYR again and I saw an Angel there, the Angel from above was sending help, then I saw the Eagle, the Eagle and the Angel merged
    Thank You

  36. WOW, Lisa
    I saw you as an Eagle at the Portal, you were white and with feathers on your head
    The Sphinx vision is so true ! I also was connected with the Sphinx in previous meditations, the same Golden energy and Light I saw and an obelisk with carvings and on them I saw Beings that were moving fast like cars
    You perhaps drank of the pool of knowledge and was in the Hall of Acashic Records, this is the Library you were in, lapis lazuli was the stone that was honored more than Gold in Ancient Egypt and it connects with Spirit and the world of Gods
    Thank You for sharing, dear sister
    Love and Light

  37. Hi tauno, i wanted to sent through the meditation but the connection was difficult to sent through as of this morning when I tried it again to sent it from my phone, but failed. Yesterday evening I also fell asleep.

    Crystal mediation 5 January 2013

    Boudhanath Stupa

    I am seeing Tibetan wishing flags flapping in the air and I see monks meditate in front of the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu. I am also a monk and meditating and transforming into an eagle that spirals up, higher and higher in the sky. I am going through a portal and I see in the distance the pyramids and the sphinx. I fast zooming in and stand before the sphinx, transforming again in myself. The sphinx looks so big , up so close and I see light coming from the sphinx. For a moment I can look into the sphinx and see a lot of treasures. The vision changes and I am walking in a dark way holding a fire lit torch (it feels like a past live memory) walking down (feeling like I am inside a pyramid or the sphinx maybe) and come in a big room filled with golden treasure and a library of strange looking disks. The walls are tilled with lapis lazuli stones and gold. I see in the middle a hole in the ground and in there is a golden/yellowish, honey energy like fluid that gives so much light that it lits up the room. I go closer and I am drinking from it, healing me and making me younger by each drop I drink. I see something in the fluid and I am touching it, and it pulls me in and I am surrounded by this golden energy liquid that makes me quite blissful and happy. I feel the fluid seeping in me , surrounding me, filling me and now I feel the energy going from my heart , through my arm , through me, charging up my crystal and moss agate. End meditation. After this meditation I still feel this energy, blissful around me.

    Love Lisa

  38. Crystal meditation 4 january 2013

    I saw myself in space tied up to a karma wheel. Then karma wheel slowly disolves and Gaia is stretching out her energy arms and gently reeling me in. Down on Earth I am gettting purified by fire,water , air and lay down to earth and merge.

  39. Crystal Meditation – 5 January 2013
    As I was listening to the sounds I had a feeling of levitating into Space
    I saw some portals open , I saw Jeshua at the first Portal inviting us to enter
    Then the second portal was the Portal I was keeping open and many people were going through it and finally I merge with the Portal and become just the energy of this Portal
    the third Portal I saw open was the Portal where Lisa was standing, Lisa was dressed in white and had feathers on her head
    I saw the Yin-Yang Symbol there
    Love and Light

  40. Lisa, I could not concentrate too, too disappointed after December 21
    I saw the Wing of the Butterfly, then Light and I was floating over the mountain/Machu Picchu/, saw some things from the past as I was saying farewell to it
    Then had a feeling of Space, as the meditation was a balloon of air and I was in, I felt the energies but I felt a deep sadness and I cried

  41. Lisa! I am amazed, look at my previous meditation when I saw a dark one leaving physical form, not that your colleague was dark…but I saw a person dead on the craft and before this I saw Your Higher Self as a Huge Beautiful Woman in the sky, the clouds were beneath and she smiled and sent a Blessing from above and She was like a Moon, amazing, I saw this and then You Saw Her giving You the Moon, and I do White Gold Alchemy meditations – connections between the inner Moon and Sun
    ( ( LIGHT ) )

  42. Hi Tauno,

    As I was feeling a little bit better, I tried to connect and see what happens. i had a very short connection.

    Connection 3 January 2013
    I heard wolves crying to the moon. Then I saw my higher self Arachanai carrying the moon in her hands and was coming towards me. She handed me the moon and I took it and it dissolves and went right to my heart. I feel the moonlight overflowing my heart, shining silver rays and then my heart transmuted them to bright shining sun rays and the rays got brighter and bigger until it encompasses my whole body and soul.

    I sent you an email but probably didn’t go through.
    Love Lisa

  43. Dear Friends
    As Lisa experiences a deep sorrow for her colleague and me feeling unable to meditate today, last evening too, our connections will continue when both me and Lisa feel better
    I feel now sadness and I am a bit depressed, music or just thought is able to make me cry, not able to translate
    Dear Elizabeth, your channeling gave me much Light into the Void I entered, thank You so much
    Love and Light

  44. Crystal Connection 1 january 2013

    my meditation: I saw a big bright sun before me, shining upon me. Vision changes and I see a lot of green as far as the eye can see. But there @ the bottom I see a portal and warm orange light is pulsating from it. I call my higher self Arachanai and we stand together @ this portal. It leads to new earth. We stand in new earth, in a field of million flowers, and we see fairies and elves buzzing around. I see seagulls fly over and can smell the salty air. As we come over a hill, below is the sea and sand. I stand in the sand in front of the water and see 4 pillars of water rising up of the sea, coming @ me and now am in the middle of them, they go up and down,and down and up. The merge together were I stand a cleansing me good. It goes through my heart and soul.

    Wow Tauno, nice roundup of pictures of the portals. Yesterday I was thinking of these connections and thought about Tolan. He is also a gatekeeper, so the connection would be then Leslee – Tolan – Tauno – Lisa πŸ˜€

    Happy New Year to you too.
    Love Lisa

  45. Crystal Meditation – 1January 2013

    I saw Light and a Portal opened
    I called Lisa and she came to me through a tube, it was Lisa`s negative side that was about to transmute the remaining inner darkness, the transmutation began and I saw the Wolf, I was the Bear and the Wolf and the Bear brought Light to us and raised our Spirits, I saw a Higher Self looking us from above and giving a Blessing
    Then a female elf Being with wings of a dragonfly appeared in front of an open Portal
    then the Portal was above us and we entered a craft, I remember the crew members there, this was the crew Konstantinos has showed us in pictures, the crew members were working in front of a big crystal sphere that was a kind of a computer
    I saw two or three human figures that were lying and absorbing some upgrades , the figures were in tight light blue costumes
    Later I saw a dark one in this craft that has left the physical form
    I feel the final image is essential… Lisa has left the dark behind Her, me too and the figures being upgraded I feel as the Humanity as a whole
    Love and Light

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