1. Lisa – 28 May 2013
    I see birds flying into the sunset. I see around me swimming pool blue walls of water. I see stones lying in the green grass. I am inside Abiqour and I feel happy. I am on vacation, I see Leslee and hug her. The crystal buildings shimmer in the summer sun. Roses fill up the path. I am feeling lost so I find the centre in my heart. I feel empty, feel homesick, I am wishing on a star. Then a white energy comforts me and a smell of sweet comes by-

  2. Crystal Meditation – 28 May 2013
    I saw the chief again, Sitting Bull – Stinting Tatanka
    I concentrated on my Heart Chakra
    I felt the energy ring around it as the emotions emerged on the surface, I felt deep sadness about the loss of so many lives when many Native Americans died, my Spirit connected with this past time and I felt the grief and anger and the deep pain and loss, I sensed all this pain and called the Violet Flame of transmutation to clean and transmute all these pains, I received a message from the Ascended facet of the Chief , this pain and suffering was intended to happen, this is all for experience and learning, I imagined the killers and the suffering women, the roles always change, You are ALL, you are both the killer and the victim, this way the Soul learns and evolves and goes out of the darkness, knowledge comes , and the knowledge comes by suffering, roles change, everything is for learning , the Soul must experience duality to learn that all is one and all is LOVE and then Forgiveness comes, forgiveness to oneself , Man has to forgive himself
    Anubis came to me as a giant figure with dog`s head, he was black with White robe, Then I saw the Giant raven man coming from my right
    I concentrated with my pineal gland then, saw Angelic Being, Jeshua vibrations, connected with higher realms and then got back to Earth, saw the Bear in the mountain
    I stretched my hands holding OLA in my left hand and was holding the hands of Lisa and Petra, I was holding Lisa`s hand with my right hand and Petra`s hand with my left hand
    We formed a circle all of us and started waving hands while holding each other`s hand, we were waving hands like the birds are waving wings and thus we raised the Earth higher , we were flying up our circle and carried Mother Earth with us
    I felt this so tiring but Powerful

  3. I just got a download – all these images and symbols happening so fast, I couldn’t exactly make them out. Maybe there were some interesting patterns there. Best just to get the brain out of the way!

    PinChu – Glad I can help! (-_-)

  4. Crystal Meditation – 27 May 2013


    Again, you all are healing me, raising me up…

    Today, I was extremely anxious for the achieved percentage of my scheduled thesis. I hence dared not to expect I would be able to do a good job this time. After reading your words, again, I cannot but cry, cause’ you just confirmed me again what I saw is that real.

    In the beginning, what I saw were all big birds. Among them the first one was a giant and strong raven. Then a big bird of seven colors. Today, I felt myself too heavy to fly by myself, so I asked the last big white bird that I met to carry me to fly, he/she allowed and I was so happy to enjoy this all thanks to his/her generosity.

    This time, unexpectedly, I saw again a gate in Roman style, very very large and that close to me. I had thought it should be you, my seniors to be able to open it. I hesitated and could not but doubt myself, though I just made it yesterday.

    Today, I saw more elves. I did feel the ones incarnated by Elvi at my right hand. I once saw a very bright pearl contained by a blue vessel in the sky and a dwarf beside it.

    Similar with the moment when I met Troy again after the chaos yesterday, who just filles the very place of Dad, this time in front of the gate, when I was still at hesitation, a Mother just hold me as her baby in her arms in such a great happiness. She waved away all my worry and self doubt. She seemed in the dress of a Sister or Saint Mother Mary.

    Then a baby enveloped in blue swaddling clothes was floating in from the right.

    A little bit latter, it seemed that we just flied together cross over various mountains, pyramids. I saw an impressive water fall and Troy, being a sitting Buddha just kept ascending in the waterfall with a very comforting smile. I then also keep flying vertically, parallel with him , and seemed pass through 6th, 7th, and more ? I cannot believe it! Troy, I know you made this happen, I cannot express how grateful I’m to you !!!

    Among these pyramids, there were three ones aligned and another on which lacks the peak as what we know in Giza.

    Besides, like Lisa, I saw about five or six words/characters which seemed graved on crafts ?! One of them is KG, and another one, a number 58.

    Again, you just strengthened my strength and confidence. How cannot I not love you so !!!

    Dear Tauno, I feel that Shaman chant just gave me some kind of activation, too. Many big hugs to you, my magical sister.


    • Dear Frila,
      the number 58
      1+3 ! here it is again, the formula, the balancing of male and female
      1+3=4 – Petra and You, stability, stone! Great!
      KG? We are about to find out what does it mean πŸ™‚

        • KG – Kingdom, Germain
          Look at Suzannes`s drawing, can you see the 6 ray star/flower at the Heart Chakra! This is what all of us are doing together! Literally all of us who contribute to this site and not only this, we are all over the Planet now, It is Violet this star/flower, the energy of the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation is burning in our Hearts !
          Thank You, Suzanne!
          Love You all

          • God, you just reminded me…I saw one part of it, but not that complete. I won’t stay up late any more. It costs to to to much…My emotion hence gets complicated. I regret so much for being unable to realize more during the meditation. Thank you so much for reminding me of this. How amazing this is to be able to share so many marvelous experiences together with you all. Love you so, Frila

  5. Elvi – 27 May 2013
    I had some trouble concentrating. I will try to prepare myself a little earlier next time…

    I always have my big rock crystal in front of me, and I held two small stones in my hands; a moldavite and a Himalayan herkimer ‘diamond’, and they ‘burned’ my hands.
    I kept seeing an eagle flying during the meditation, high over a lot of land, green and mountainous landscapes. I saw us as a group of indians sitting in a valley surrounded by mountains. We were sitting around a fire.
    I thought of our group and felt very strong presence of healing energy going through everything and everybody.
    The I found myself in a very beautiful, lush, green forest, I did not recognize all of the the trees and plants and flowers. Some trees also appeared to be angels.(very nice, trees are extremely important to me!) I walked on a path completely surrounded by the greenery.
    I saw a tree with very ‘electric’ colors, bright lilac/violet lights and some whitish-yellow lights , a little bit like a christmas tree sparkling brightly.
    The violet is something new for me

  6. Lisa – 27 May 2013
    I see waterfalls coming out from my heart and splash into my womb. I feel the cleansing going on. I created a portal with my crystal to open my heart chakra. It is open and light, golden dust fills up my heart. I am Arachanai, I am the light that brightens your soul, that lives through a stream of golden energies, through earth, through Gaia. The heart beats strong, the raven flies up to the natural totems. The fire circle tends to the water circle, the earth circle to the air circle, the sand blows up in the wind. Sand crystals that shape the future into unknown realities. I fly high above cities of light, I am an angel, I tend to the crystal cities, I am crystal, I shine and I sparkle. I see white butterflies fly up and create a heart shape. I feel the strings of the heart, light is touching them. I see our group sitting on the green grass, in a circle holding hands. We seem happy and we are laughing. In the circle are the four elements of Gaia. We all call up on the four elements that will give balance. We close our eyes and focus on the 4 elements. They elevate up into the air, it is intensifying, then a white energy comes and takes the 4 elements creating a portal and it transports us back to the new earth. We are being send into a new time. The raven settles in the middle of our circle balancing everything . I see the words written in a circle, written in elves, it lights up and then fades away. β€œThe Seal IS made”!

  7. Crystal Meditation – 27 May 2013

    I saw red Light, a labor process , a being was born, Like I was in Mother`s womb , then I saw the Green and White Light of the elven Forest and I got out of the womb
    I concentrated on my Heart Chakra and felt White Light beaming out from it
    I left my Spirit float freely into Space, no particular visions, only a feeling of connection via Heart
    then I concentrated on my pineal gland receiving Light codes and I was taken into the Angelic realms, many laughing and playing Angels were there, dressed in rose colours, they were very happy and welcomed all of us there, I saw all of us connected in a star shaped circle holding hands and opening the Lotus Portal of rose Light, we were high above the surface and opened the lotus Portal over the earth together with the Angels
    Then the Light became green and I called my dragon, He came to me and looked like a Huge craft and took me on his back and we flew together into Space
    Love and Light

  8. Oh, and you also was on that plane, amazing feeling is to look the Earth from a plane flying fast above it

  9. I arrived at the base of a pyramid (THE pyramid?) with Anubis. He let the boat run up on the muddy bank of the river near the pyramid. We pulled the boat up so it wouldn’t drift away.

    Here we are, he said. He went to sit down on a rock near the base of the pyramid. There was a row of columns there, a temple. I stood there, looking up at the pyramid.

    This is where it all started, he said. The very beginning. The pyramid you see here is only half. It represents the one part of duality. The other half is down there. Not below the pyramid… But THERE. In Agartha. This is a connector between the two worlds. The world you live in is the somewhat negative side… The world of Agartha is the somewhat positive side.., you understand that in both places there may be capacity for both positive and negative. But here intuitively, you have partnered with 7 of them to open the gateway between the worlds. For each one of you, is one of them. You even observed the necessary chaos required for the next step, creation of the portal. And so too your counterparts in the counterweight universe, if I can call it that, are serving in a similar way. It is not important “who” – but it connects the first with the last, and everything in between.

    When Selphia (of Agartha) mentioned that the worlds / realities would flip – that is perception from your own point of view, but you need not worry about physical flipping of the earth’s crust. Think about what you are doing now – transforming darkess to light. As this takes hold, you are simply transforming the planet into the place you wish to be. It is evolution on a grand scale. It is what everyone in their hearts truly wants. Ask them. They know, collectively, what it looks like, right down to the… Well, I suppose I might be getting carried away…

    We stayed there for awhile, enjoying the sun. A cool sunny day.

    Later on, I saw in my mind’s eye, the pyramid from above… But like an airplane doing a barrel roll, the horizon flipped.

    I’ll try not to be sick… πŸ™‚

    • I think I got what caused the problem and needed to confess to you all, particularly Troy. Since I don’t have super seven crystal, for connecting you all better, yesterday I just held all the energetic stones of various colors in my left hand for this meditation. In the beginning I felt all these stones [amethyst, smoky quartz, kyanite, Celestine, tourmaline ] seemed to be reactivated, so energetic that I had never sensed before. However, it’s my first time to hold them all together, rather than just grasp only one white crystal point. The energy of these stones which were put together was powerful, however, seemed not harmonious? I won’t do that stupid thing again. So I anyhow need to apologize to you all for this silly attempt, particularly Troy in the center.

      Troy also reminded me of that boat of violet-blue-burgundy red beam that I saw after calling Anubis. The boat to me seemed an incarnation of phoenix.

      Then we seemed in the ocean where I saw whales and dolphins.

      Besides, my first sight was a skull of smoky crystal at my left hand. It’s Leslee, too ?

      You must be fine, my dear Troy.

      silly and guilty Frila

      • Hi, Frila,
        it is not required to have this Super Seven crystal, intention and will are enough to make the connection, my Heart , and you are doing really fine! You are Great, my sister and I love you so much, I can feel your energy and your Strong Light!
        I will e-mail you how to program your crystals for whatever purpose you wish
        You should not feel guilty because there is no guilt, everything is for experience and when something happens it happens to be observed, lived and experienced, this is a gift – everything and we should be Thankful for all the gifts we receive πŸ™‚
        Love and Light
        ( ( SUN ) )

    • Thank You for this connection, dear Troy
      It resonates with what I have received too as far as the pyramids and their “extensions” to Inner Earth are concerned
      I received in meditation about a year and a half ago that the Pyramids have their crystalline structures under the surface, and now I am more and more sure about this vision because it is confirmed by yours
      Your meditation is like a movie
      Love and Light, my Brother! Thank you for joining us, you are a gift also πŸ™‚

  10. Elvi – 26 May 2013
    Strange, I felt myself turning and turning, and all the time I heard a very high-pitched sound. I saw some big white angels, too.
    Then I was in a great big hall, and this is interesting, Tauno, the ceiling was like a parachute (the only way I can describe it), and then there were flowers starting to grow through the ceiling so it broke, and we (many people) went up through the ceiling, higher and higher. There were a lot of white angles, and they were all laughing and having a good time because we got rid of the roof, they were throwing flowers and having fun with us.
    I also saw a flower with a long stem. It had two flowers , and yes, it was like a snow drop, but like ‘twins’, to two directions.

  11. Lisa – 26 May 2013
    Crystal Meditation – 26 May 2013
    I had a brief connection. I saw the pyramids light up from inside out and come to full circle. We also coming to full circle as a group. I see stars in the sky, the milky way. Then I hear the word ‘ NOW’ . Love Lisa

  12. Crystal Meditation – 26 May 2013

    I connected with Angelic Beings of White Light, Big figures standing in front of me and behind them was the mountain
    I saw a flying saucer craft
    Then I found myself flying on a plane high above the surface, I could see the Earth from above and there were people with parachutes around the plane, there was a man on the plane who jumped without using a parachute, no one was able to save him , he soon disappeared
    I left my Spirit fly free and listened to the sound, vacuum , no memories of any vision, my Spirit left my body
    later I heard the water falling, the song of the water gave me a feeling of Angelic Presence again, I saw all of us standing at the edge of a rectangular place, a yard, a churchyard or a playground of a kind, we were standing one by the other and forming an angle of 90 degrees, we were dressed in White
    then I heard the river, I got a vision of a flower, a long light green stem with green leaves and white blossom at the end, a spring flower similar to snow drop I saw and the water was running so crystal and pure behind it
    Love and Light

  13. Crystal Meditation – 25 May 2013

    I felt an Open Portal above me and I could breathe the fresh energy coming through it to me, a Blue energy, I channeled it into the Earth, I was standing there at the top of the mountain to Keep the Portal open , I saw the Wolf in Space, connected with us
    I saw a Centaurus as I went into the mountains of Inner earth, dwarfs there I saw too, the Mountain was green and blue
    White Light , I am surrounded of White Light and float in it like in a cloud of White energy, a slight wind is moving this energy, I connect with the Heart of Gaia
    Troy, Tauno, Frila – triangular Portal, the other members of the Star form 4, this is forming a pyramid of 4 sides , Troy is at the center/top providing connection and we the women balance the structure
    Love and Light

    Meditation under the Open Portal – 25 May 2013

    I said out loud the two statements – cancelling and nullifying all my past agreements and contracts with the dark forces regardless of their content ; my decree that I AM Free and Sovereign Being of Light
    I sensed the Huge Portal above me again, Blue fresh energy is coming, I connect with this energy and I see a blue sky, a young woman wearing Bulgarian folk dress is literally thrown up higher and higher, She is free, I feel the Freedom like a vast blue sky in that I can fly like a bird
    I am channeling the energy of the Portal deep into Gaia
    Love and Light

  14. Crystal Meditation – 24 May 2013
    DNA Light activation codes
    I connected the beat of my physical Heart with the beat of the Shaman drum
    I saw a giant Craw on my left and this is a Crow Man connected with me, at the center I see a Native American standing in the Light and with a Halo, his hair is short and his body thin and tall, then I saw a Shaman doing a ritual, the Shaman was wearing grey fur on his body and his hair was grey too
    I see the Bear of Light giving a Protection as it was my wish, the bear keeps us Protected
    I see all of my sisters and me holding hands in a circle, we are forming a Sphere of Light together
    I see Portal opening, the light is spiraling and I could see steps upwards, I start going up, I am taken higher and higher, I sense this with my physical body like flying
    I Sense Ascension
    I am between the Earth and Cosmos and there is a Line of Golden Light and I am in this Line, my body horizontally situated above the surface as I beam out Light across the Planet, I sense a Portal that is open above us and we and Mother Earth are moving higher together
    I raise my hands to channel this energy into the Heart of Gaia and I sense strong Light connecting with me, I turn into channel and I see a city of crystalline Light structure appearing over the ocean
    Love and Light

  15. This is kind of a “waking dream” – but I’ll post it here anyways.

    I saw a black foot on the bottom of a wooden boat. Even the soles of the feet were black. I looked up, following the black leg up a body clothed in white egyptian robes, and it was Anubis standing in the boat, with me, and he had a long stick in his hand, to propel us along the river.

    I mentioned to him that everything seemed so real, and he looked at me in humorous ironic exasperation (I never thought I would see this look on the face of a jackal!). He said to me, it’s more real than you can imagine, but don’t be fooled by the illusion… (meaning this was just as much a myth as anything else, I suppose!)

    Shall we go? He asked.

    Carry on, I said.

    I also had a glimpse of a thought that I could have a lot on the journey. Fill the boat with lots of good things to eat, for example… but I chose not to. I appreciated the simpler form. The real-ness of the simple wooden boat. Around me, something like the Nile River – palm trees – I don’t recall any buildings. Maybe a few small huts in the middle-distance, made of mud brick.

    Where we’re going I have no idea, but it seems like it will be a pleasant journey. And I’ll put my trust in Anubis that he knows where to go.

  16. Crystal Meditation – 23 May 2013

    Like you, the energy seemed to be activated from Hear Chakra and circulated there for a long time. I somehow saw a white or silver beam of light emanating from the Heart Chakra to a higher dimension. Yesterday, when writing to you, I couldn’t but recall the second half of the visions that I sensed during the meditation. Now, reading again your post, I hence recall more the first half of that spiritual trip and sense more what was going on…so get to follow you, record it, the solemn initiation to me.

    I seemed started this in a pyramid and after that journey in higher dimension, came back again into another pyramid for finishing it.

    In the course, I saw the buildings of future cities, a white horse approached me, touched me with his head, even once united with me as one. I once asked him if he allow me to ride on his back, he let me and then carried me flying into a forest.

    I saw an eagle also all in white. He / She looks so gentile, peaceful, without no fierceness at all. I somehow feel He/She seems integrated with the characters of White Dove.

    I flight in the end to a pyramid, entered it and was so charged there.

    Then before waking, I saw a very bright white light just in front of me, it looked like sun, but not that flaming. I felt like taking bath in that pure light, so comforted and loved.

    How pleased and honored I’m to be able to experience thanks to you.


    • Dear Frila, you really connected with the same realms where me, Troy and Lisa were, also Elvi, the White Horse/Eagle is a common vision of ours, Great! We are all on target, my sister!
      Love You!

      • God…I couldn’t imagine…that could be true. Thank you so much for giving me such a incredible confirmation. You know, I didn’t pay attention until this morning to the figures that you had post on this page at the beginning of this month, that have to do with “tree”, and “deer goddess,” for the very subjects, I had just consulted Troy last week when meeting up some big block in the course of writing my thesis. It’s something having to do with “tree of life”, mother goddess, “deers”, dragons, phoenix, raven, toad, horse…even Buddha. All the past years, I cannot but just keep searching the myths, figures of trees…Writing here, all the emotions just spurt out that I cannot find more accurate words to describe.

        Looking again at the White Deer Goddess, that Troy also once mentioned to me during our mail conversations, I feel She is looking at me, into me and seems to be glad that you all just awakened me !!! Hugs to you all !!!


      • Besides, it occurs to me that… the song “The Final Countdown” that you just post at the moment that I was so depressed seems also such a divine signal ?!

  17. Crystal Meditation – 23 May 2013
    I concentrated on my Heart Chakra and felt Light vibration beaming out of it , I sensed my Divine Presence in that I AM
    I saw my sisters connected in a Sphere of Golden Light and forming a Star together, halos I saw around their heads
    I was moving then very fast on a ray of Light , I sensed this energy taking me further into the Light on my way Home, like a path in Space made of feathers carrying me further
    I saw some people I know here from my 3D life, they were embraced by the Light, I could see familiar places I have visited here showered and floating in this new energy of Light that is now on Earth
    I saw this energy like a White cloud that is crawling on the streets, entering in people`s houses from under the doorways, penetrating everything and filling the air with higher frequency and making the Shift

    • Such a beautiful song…just like a divine song…Thank you so much, my dearest Tauno πŸ™‚

        • it is about a nightingale chicken and a hero this song, the song of the nightingale is floating far and wide across the country and reaches the hero who fights for Freedom πŸ™‚
          Amazing balance of male and female energies conveyed by song

  18. Elvi – 22 May 2013
    It was so beautiful what you were telling!
    I also saw a craft, with so many symbols on the walls and the floor.
    And I felt light coming through me, it’s spreading through everything on Earth…
    I saw a lot of symbols; like atoms, then surrounded by a lot of orbits, it became more like many stars together, beautiful construction growing… difficult to explain…then the points shooting in all directions in the universe…
    Something like a flower of life, the Earth inside, the flower “hugging” the Earth as to make her feel…

  19. Crystal Meditation – 22 May 2013
    Tulip Shaped hands with OLA
    I called Hathor and I saw Light, as a beam of huge proportions and I made a connection with Lisa, Les and Elvi , I sensed this connection as a Sphere of White and Golden Light and all of us connected were in, no separate figures, we were this common Energy of the Sphere
    three paths , one of them showed me TIR, I followed it
    I did two sound DNA activations and I sensed Portals opening
    Bird of Light, a Giant sitting Eagle over a nest/Portal, the Bird allowed me to enter
    I connected with OcaTawa`s energy and I saw a young Native American Woman dressed in White and she led me to an opened portal to Inner Earth , I saw a man – Adamo also in White, there were other Beings and Humans of Light there, I was going through a portal with crystal structure – clear quartz and I found myself in a place like Ocean or Space, I looked upwards , there was a Presence next to me, a Being of Higher dimension of light blue colour and big eyes was with me, up there I saw a craft, a Saucer shaped craft, then the Portal became vertical, till then I was moving through the portal horizontally, I sensed I am going upwards, higher and higher and I saw Light of yellow and green colour, mostly yellow and golden, then the Bear appeared as a Bear of Golden Light, She opened a Portal and OcaTawa was next to the Bear, The Bear became a Sun
    Then I connected with Tarra again , it is a Sacred sensation for my Heart, so gentle and Loving energy and Unconditional Love to all Life
    I raised my hands holding OLA in my left hand and made ALGIZ
    I sensed a Powerful Light ray coming down to me towards the Earth, I channeled this ray into the Heart of Gaia, I saw many Powerful Angels of Light sending this Light to me, God Hands, a Dove of Light
    I embraced this Light and became a Light channel , I felt my Heart receiving this Light and beaming it out further in all directions
    I got a message that I am here to beam this Light wherever I go, walk and whatever comes to me, it comes to be showered with this Light
    Love and Light

  20. Crystal Meditation – 21 May 2013

    I am in the mountain of darkness , high there on the rocks, I am with Lisa and the others and we are looking towards the new Earth that is visible in front of us in the distance, the New Earth is ready to welcome us and we are still in the darkness for the final preparations at the verge of the Great Shift, I see the Light into the New Earth, the same mountain but a mountain of Light, I am in something like a negative to the sight before us all, I feel myself light and as if I am flying, something like wings are taking me forward, I see a double line spiral, horizontal one shining with golden Light it is like a rope/barrier between dimensions
    Then I felt the Light coming down to the Earth from above and a feeling upwards, I am in the higher dimension in a mountain of White, White rocks – Jeshua`s energy, Angelic realms, I walk in this mountain and I see Tarra – the Soul of Mother Earth, She is in White/Light Grey long gown and with blond hair, looks like an Angel, I feel a Heart energy, the energy of my Heart connects with the energy of the New Earth and draws me nearer to her, I feel a magnetic like force connecting my Heart with the New Earth and I move with a fast speed towards her
    my mind is taking “the back seat”
    Love and Light

  21. Crystal Meditation – 18 May 2013

    I could concentrate slowly, I saw extremely green garden, green leaves and plants all around, then I absorbed the sounds in my Heart Chakra and felt the Light vibrations beaming out of my Heart Chakra
    I saw a South American Pyramid with steps of stone and a Huge Human figure was holding this pyramid into his hands
    The being is a Native American Mayan Elder and he showed us a wheel that is glowing with golden colour
    I saw a river , the current split into two sleeves on the green grass and they took left and right directions and then they merged again and flew together in One river, at the area where they split there formed “islands” of green grass
    Love and Light

  22. Crystal Meditation – 17 May 2013
    I saw a big flying saucer ship and it was landed in the mountain, I sensed the Light vibrations emanating from the craft
    Then I saw many tiny rose colour flowers like tree branches in spring that blossom, the branches were in a vase and there were Light flashes from this bouquet , I see a vase for the second time in meditation and rose little flowers again
    I saw trees, one bigger at the center and two smaller on the left and right, I saw them as silhouettes of White only
    I felt the Light expanding from my heart chakra
    I sensed a Light in my third eye
    I saw an Angel of golden Light
    Love and Light

  23. I also once got the message from Mother Earth just like this. So warm to see this here, and by you. Thank you so so so much !

    • Thunders have many in common with this energy – the energy of the Disclosure πŸ™‚
      me and Lisa share the same opinion
      Les, you are right, Troy, Frila, Suzanne, yes, they do not show themselves when we focus or stare, they come unexpectedly …focus is something from the old paradigm because when focused we separate one from the other and in fact all is connected
      Love and Light

      • Much much love to you, my dearest Tauno. Thank you so much for your permanent encouragement, greeting and sharing. Particularly your words are always so poetic. Having you such a great pioneer, I can hence be more encouraged. I hope to be able to vision more and more light in myself as you. Many hugs to you πŸ™‚

        • Thank you, dear Frila πŸ™‚
          I saw some Angelic silhouettes today when I did not expect , my thought is always connected with the spiritual side of all things even when I think practical things in my everyday life, I saw a White Angel of Light appearing on the wallpapers at home, Later under the window where the Light is coming in and in the Sky like a cloud with Angelic Shape
          These I feel the signs from Spirit!
          Love You πŸ™‚

  24. I saw Adama sitting in his throne, and the image morphed into just seeing him as being made up of golden light. Similar to the Matrix, how Neo saw everything as “just code” rather than as physical things.

    It was weird but I thought for a brief moment, driving in this morning – a pickup truck in front of me looked the same way.

    • This is amazing, Troy! and the picture from Matrix reminds me of the elven Forest!
      Today I had a strange sensation of electricity at the area of my neck , my spine , and I had sound in my left ear
      Love and Light

      • Talk about electricity, I saw this cool ball lighting last night – it seemed to be coming from the farm next to us and there was no thunder. I thought it was an aircraft at first, but it was very localized. And flashed more like lightning and less like an aircraft.

        Well maybe I had one of our galactic friends touching down near the farm… I didn’t stick around to see if I would get hit by lightning though…

        • Funny you talk about lightening Troy This past week I have been woken every night/morning three times outside is so calm still and then this morning at around 2am I saw flashes of light in the sky the thing was they were Blue rays of light.

  25. Crystal Meditation – 16 may 2013
    I concentrated slowly because of tiredness and so many everyday activities today
    I saw a circle on the ground, in the surface, the grass in the circle was golden green and white and yellow flowers were forming the circle, and a woman was sitting in the circle, the woman was with brown hair and white blouse, I saw old-fashioned cars of red and blue colours and their windows were shining under the Sun
    Then thoughts from my everyday events occupied my mind, I started cleaning emotions and painful memories realizing that this is the reason they came into my meditation, it is not trouble concentration of mine, it is transmutation, they came to be exposed into the Light for cleaning and transmutation
    Then I saw a path, Angelic vibrations, yellow, white and golden green again and many many flowers and this path upwards looked like a stairway covered with flowers and shining with Light…looked like a lace…so beautiful
    Love and Light

  26. A strong Light as a Sphere of gold
    Then the Tree of Light and this sphere was shining behind the tree
    I saw a Cobra raising her head and I saw the eyes on her skin, then the head of the Cobra became a Scarab and walked right
    Then the Cobra and Scarab turned into a flower, I felt it as a purple tulip
    Love and Light

  27. Crystal Connection – 14 May 2013

    I called Hathor and I moved upwards to the higher vibrations
    A giant Eagle of White Light was flying towards me
    I saw Isis with Eagle wings as She is drawn in Egyptian drawings, a white dove was on her left shoulder
    I feel I can do this with much ease when I relax my body and just try to fall asleep, then the visions come,
    I heard the Shaman singing and I heard the drum too
    I connected with the Angelic Realms again, I saw a ball of numerous golden shining threads split/organized in complicated pattern rotating and forming a ball, it was something like Sun , I feel one of my facets being inside/in the center of this rotating ball and a ring of golden Light was forming around the ball and it looked like a shining Planet with a disk/ring around it
    I saw a Higher Being of Light and I felt AA Michael`s vibrations
    then I saw Isis again, the twin flame of Ashtar Sheran, now I saw Her as a Higher Ascended Being and She was smiling and sending very warm and calm vibrations to the Earth
    I remember at the end of my meditation a vase with little rose star shaped flowers , there were bigger red flowers in this vase too, the vase was golden orange colour with brown decorations


  28. Crystal Meditation – 13 May 2013

    I called Hathor and I felt a Portal in front of me, looked like a giant berry and I could see the red colour of the berry and the white seeds inside
    I remember I was deep in the water, the Ocean and I was in the underwater elven forest, I saw a tree, this tree was alive and a serpent was there too, the serpent was in fact a mermaid with extremely long body, then the snake opened her mouth and bit something, the head of the snake was shining in Golden Light , I remember now Yin-Young symbol in front of the snake
    in the water
    then i saw a dark one leaving his physical form, this dark male being was connected with water , perhaps a mermaid, I felt him as a mermaid with shoulder length brown hair and a beard and a strong muscle body , then I saw a bridge , the Bridge that connects with the Higher realms, I stepped on the Bridge and sent Gratitude and Love towards a Person that helped me before and this energy took a sphere shape and red and purple colour , I was at the verge between 4D Eartha and 5D Earth, then i saw roses and rose flowers all around the bridge and I was taken into the Angelic realms, I saw a stairs and Light of golden colour and Angelic Presence, I saw a little girl Angel with blond hair and flowers in her hair, she was sitting on the ground, then a whole classroom of little children Angels having a lesson, they were sitting on desks and there was Blue aetheric Light on the desks, the Teacher was an Angel of White/Blue Light
    I connected with this Angelic energy and anchored it deep into Gaia through my feet I sensed on the floor, Love and Light penetrated the surface of the Planet and went deep into her crystal core

  29. Crystal Meditation – 12 may 2013

    I called Hathor three times and i saw a Higher Being of Golden Light , then DNA spiral, it was rotating and it was in green Light and I felt more strands being activated , I saw a DNA 4 strands forming a tube, I was in Space
    I saw a rainbow when I was shown the DNA activation
    Then I saw a portal in space, a rectangular portal downwards and I was standing aside keeping it open, I felt it as the portal from 3D Earth towards the New Earth and People moving up through it, I was standing aside and watching and there came Light from the Portal as we moved higher, I saw a serpent/dragon with huge wings of Golden Light and I was taken into the higher realms, I saw My Ascended self as a Being in front of a throne holding two things into my two hands , this is one of my facets and the other of them was shining with white Angelic Light and leading me further into the Light , i saw some faces, Arcturians perhaps, I was taken to the realms of AA Michael and there He came in Golden Light and I saw a Lightning/Sword of blue and golden colour, AA Michael sent a ray of Blue light towards my throat chaKra and I received that my task now is to Speak/Sing, I saw an Angel with a Harp as I was taking this ray of Light sent to me from AA Michael, He was holding something in His hands that was shining with Golden Light, a box or a packet
    I saw my Teacher/Mentor that was giving me instructions but i do not remember them clearly, he was dressed in White and looked like an old man with grey beard and was like cloud/aether and I was there in Space
    I sensed I was going down towards the Earth, I saw the sky and I connected with a Being of Higher Dimensions – Gaia/Tara/the Soul of Mother Earth , I sensed soothing and relaxing mothers energies, I felt calm and refreshed and so good, I saw Her sitting in Her throne in the clouds and connected with her
    I continued moving down to the surface carrying AA Michael`s energies and the energies of the higher realms into Earth, I channeled them deep into the Planet and i felt the ray penetrated it and went out from the other side as a needle of Light into a ball
    I was in this needle and I was surrounded by Light and many Angels
    As I said Namaste I saw a Being of Light that looked Like Buddha

  30. Also I remember being told that the Pyramids of Giza have extensions and they are half seen, they are octahedrons that connect with Inner earth and I saw a Portal under the surface in one of the Pyramids, it is a rectangular portal
    Love and Light

  31. Crystal Connection – 11 May 2013
    I felt the Presence of a female Goddess energy and I smile, red and golden colours and geometrical patterns and I saw Ashtar`s twin Flame giving a Blessing and sending Light
    I remember a Sun/Source of Light beaming rays as rings/waves of Light and each of these ring was an Angel of Light
    Flowers of pink and purple colours I saw in a greenhouse, green leaves
    I was then in the fairy realms and I saw a huge purple tulip above me, I saw a big caterpillar
    Then faces, I felt Ashtar Sheran`s Presence, some more faces too – Pleadians, I saw the profile of a man of higher vibrations with blond hair too
    OLA was shining White Light in my hand and showed me the entrance to Inner Earth opened
    the entrance was emanating golden Light
    then OLA showed me an Angelic being, a mighty Angel of golden Light
    Love and Light

  32. Crystal meditation – 10 May 2013
    I sensed Healing Light vibrations coming from above and moving through my body into the earth, I saw the green ground of Mother Earth
    I was literally under the shower of Light that was pouring down to the Earth
    Bear and Wolf I saw
    I saw a Lightning , like in a thunderstorm
    Then I heard the water falling and I saw Angelic Being of Light, I asked what is the name of this Being and I received – We come from the realities of higher Peace and Love and We Are ONE Energy
    I saw Light spiraling of a Portal, rectangular Portal opened and I saw the Earth from above, fresh blue sky and green and blue ocean below, I could breathe the air of the New Earth
    I saw a clock and it showed 1o`clock, the countdown has begun!
    Love and Light

  33. Crystal Meditation – 9 May 2013
    I had trouble concentration
    I focused on my Heart Chakra and I felt Love as waves of energy beaming out from my Heart, I sent Love to the area of the world that is under the threat of war , I saw the White Dove flying in the sky over this land
    I focused then on my pineal gland and I had a connection with an elven Being – aether one
    Then I saw a Being in white blue lace gown on the left and a red flower/ Chinese rose/on the right that I felt as Yin-Young energies
    I saw a portal opening and a golden rose came from the portal after the figure in dark robe
    the energy was spiraling down as the Portal of Blue Light opened
    Love and Light

  34. I also remember a glass and the Aurora Lights over it and flowers on the edge of this glass, then the portal opened from my Heart and I got a feeling of Space

  35. Crystal Meditation – 7 May 2013

    I connect with You my sisters via the Heart Chakra, I feel Love as I attune my Heart to the different dimensions, I see a being of Light like rays of Goldenn Light , an Angel, Butterfly Elf is here and connects with me, then I see a Human Ascending, A portal of Aurora Lights I see , from my Heart there comes a portal of plasma Lights is coming out of my Heart and I see a human figure Ascending in Golden Light forming Wings
    Rose flowers two rows path is leading me up to the pineal gland and third eye Chacra, the rows cross and merge and disperse
    Then I see a glass over me and rose flowers and two bear paws on the glass over me
    Then the Rune GEBO – we cooperate with the Spirit
    Then I see a Galactic Light Ship, I am taken on board and this ship is transparent and can change shape, I feel Light, I can see some of the crew – one of them looks like an aether Skull of White/Blue Light
    I also remember I saw a book open and a Tree over this book, also
    I got another geometrical pattern connected with us that explains Sirius connections of these 6 women
    Petra me
    This is the triangle, look at the geographical location of ours, then if you draw a line from Petra to me, these are two triangles into the bigger triangle and this is the connection with number 6 – Sirius connection
    What about You might ask
    Well, Les, you are our Guiding Light ! We need You to expand the Grid further and to get inspiration and courage to keep on going and also you are here with us on the same mission Love You, Les πŸ™‚
    Love and Light
    Love you all

  36. I found myself on a wide meadow dressed in light blue dress and running of Joy and Happiness, there came the White Horse and I sensed myself turning into a White eagle and flying
    I saw AA Michael as I was taken to the Higher dimensions , I saw Blue and Golden Light and a feeling of Space like a light Blue Ocean of energy, I saw a snake raising there and a few giant mushrooms of smoky white colour
    I saw Angels – my sisters meditating with me, I formed a crystal octahedron around my body and sent crystal octahedrons to my sisters, I saw Elvi as a white Angel
    I concentrated into my Core then and I saw a Portal before me, the Light was circulating , beaming waves outwardly and then back to the core
    I saw a landscape with Pyramids and connected with the Wolf as I saw a Portal
    Love and Light

  37. Crystal Meditation – 5 May 2013

    Light in the Heart area I saw and my Heart Chakra expanded as a ring of Blue light around my body, I connected my mind and my heart
    I saw Umbro coming to us as a silhouette, He led me on a path of ivy leaves and I saw a triangular Portal, I entered the land of Elves and I was told it is in Inner earth, I saw an elven village, I was in a mountain and i was watching from A HIGH PLACE DOWN TO THE ABYSS, THERE WERE GREEN PINES DOWN THERE AND IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL
    The bear came from down the abyss and I saw myself on a path in the forest that was so picturesque and with a turn right – Reality
    My attention moved into the pineal gland then and I saw an Angel of golden Light
    I connected with the Lion People, they told me they are connected with the Sphinx and they reside in the Sun
    I make a movement with my hands holding OLA in my right hand , then over my head holding OLA with my two hands and I saw a crystal Lotus over my head, then OLA in my left hand and down to my base chakra, this movement I did three times forming an egg shape as I was moving my hands and OLA
    At the end of my meditation I saw a giant Being , like a tree but with face and with very big size and the Being was looking at me
    Also this Being was wearing clothes, I remember Star Wars somehow, dark clothes and something on the head like crown
    Love and Light

  38. Π΄ΠΎ Liesbeth, Leslee, Tuula, Anita, Petra
    Crystal Meditation 4 May 2013

    I saw the four of us holding hands in a circle, me, Lisa, Petra and Elvi connected at the same time, a portal was forming inside our circle, we were connected with the energy of the heart and we were in a wonderful green mountain, high above, I could sense the abyss under our feet, not a physical abyss but that of the portal to awakened mind, Light was emanating from our circle, me, Elvi and Lisa were listening to the sounds and Petra was the top of the triangle, I saw a triangle – the 4 of us in a circle, we expanded and became Huge and held the circle around the planed holding our hands, Petra next to me, I was holding the hand of Lisa and Lisa was holding the hand of Elvi, Elvi was holding the hand of Petra and Petra was holding my left hand
    Pineal Light transmissions , Light in my Pineal Gland
    I remember also a channel formed through my body, I sensed a heavy Light on my head, like a stone, I channeled the light deep into the core of Gaia
    I saw the green mountain from above, I was flying and the pine trees were beneath
    I connected with an old tree and then i was in Space, on board of a craft, there were Beings there, slim and tall, they welcomed me there

  39. Crystal Meditation – 3 May 2013

    I concentrate on my Heart Chakra and I see my Heart as a red coral reef, eggs are alive and soon the little fish start to come up from inside the coral shelters
    the Light becomes green
    My Heart Chakra expands forming a ring of Light around my body and I feel I am both in Space and in the Ocean, I am again in this underwater elven forest and I connect with a Being of golden/Silver Light, a Fairy/Bee comes to me, she has long dark hair and pale face with big dark eyes and her name is Asha, I receive a message connected with Life and “death”, there isn`t a death by chance, all souls agree when to die before they incarnate here on Earth, I see a tunnel in Space
    Then I connect with my pineal and receive Powerful Light codes via sound , I connect with My Higher Self and I have a feeling of going upwards, my physical body sensed a movement upwards and at the same time I felt Light like a feather on the wind
    Love and Light

  40. Crystal Meditation – 2 may 2013

    I concentrated my attention into my Heart Chakra, I felt OLA like water in my hands, Crystal Lotus flower and I felt my Heart Chakra area expanding, emotions started to emerge on the surface and I felt I was crying, I had a vision, I Am My Higher self holding OLA like a Huge pearl in my hand/shell and I am sitting in meditation, my tears form a waterfall and the teardrops are falling down to OLA and thus the cleaning takes place, I AM sitting in a land of beauty, the waterfall is in the elven forest
    Then I concentrate on my pineal gland
    I see a human meditating in my pineal, around the head there is Golden Light
    I connect with the Angels – Sahiel energy I feel
    I hold OLA on the top of my head receiving LIGHT then I stretch my hands and hold OLA over my Head, I form a portal, my Central Channel becomes a portal and the Light goes through it towards the crystal core of Mother Earth, I feel exhausted and I remember to cover myself with the Light that comes from inside of me
    Love and Light

  41. Love the images – very nice!

    I ran into a forest spirit in Gaithersburg several years ago. He basically looked like swamp thing. Invisible but clearly present. He was not happy that his home / territory had been disturbed.

    • Thank You, Troy
      Yes, they are here all the time, they are just Present and we can connect with them, we only have to stay in peace and connect our hearts with Mother Nature and we can see and feel them “talking” with us, they live in a parallel reality alongside us and now the veil is thin
      Love and Light my Brother

  42. Crystal Meditation – 1 May 2013

    I connected with a Green Dragon that was human like standing on His two legs and greeting me
    I saw some portals opening on the right – Reality
    I saw the rune ALGIZ like an Angel of White Light that was giving a Blessing
    I saw the surface of the Earth and a town there, then I felt a spiraling vortex of golden energy pulling me up, I entered this portal, it was pulling me right and up
    I saw another portal opening and a White Horse came down from it to the earth, I continued going upwards and realized that this spiraling vortex is a trunk of a very tall tree, I was going higher and higher and I reached Elven realms, I entered the land of the elves, Higher Beings of Light, I saw a silver ring and I was connected with the same Being that Konstantinos connected, they were welcoming me there and I saw a forest and Light like a Sun there but it was not a Sun, it was a sphere of Light in this forest, I saw a triangular Light that was beaming a ray towards me and connected with my third eye, I absorbed the light and I was told that I have to work towards the connection between this Light in my third eye and my Heart
    Love and Light

    • Meditation 1 may

      A message from White Cloud: connection in the heart is love, love is one, one is universal. I see a white light and my heart is expanding in golden light. I see a green landscape and I look up and see an eagle fly, looking for a place to rest, sometimes it is good to rest. Love is a good place to BE. I see a sky of night stars, the pyramids connecting with the universe. The world stage is changing, we are changing. Our bodies are changing. change is good. Love is all there is. Love,love,love…..

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